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Recap: Toronto struck quickly in the 1st taking the lead just 1:24 into the game. The Golden Knights killed a pair of penalties before earning a power play of their own. Keegan Kolesar scored from right out in front, his third of the season, to tie the score.

The Golden Knights looked great to start the 2nd, hemming Toronto in their own end for much of the first 10 minutes. However, they were unable to cash in and the Leafs went down and got a pair of their own. Vegas trailed by two and the end of two.

Vegas stormed back into the game scoring quickly in the 3rd. William Karlsson scored his fifth goal of the season to cut the deficit in half. Then, on a 5-on-3, Alex Pietrangelo fired one past Jack Campbell to tie the game at three.

The game would go to overtime where very little happened. In shootout, Robin Lehner stopped the first two, but William Nylander potted the game-winner. Vegas went 0 for 3 in shootout.

The Golden Knights record drops to 23-14-2 falling 4-3 to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Vegas has the rest of the week off with a pair of games scheduled to be played in Canada postponed. They’ll hit the ice again on Monday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights played a pretty strong game as a whole aside from a couple minutes in the 2nd. They suppressed Toronto’s offense as best a team can, but playing as shorthanded as Vegas did, the Leafs were able to score enough to cause problems. Yet another comeback to steal a point for the Golden Knights though, who are suddenly in the middle of a rough homestand. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Troubling revisionist history on Nolan Patrick and the Draft
  • Goalie Interference

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Reilly Smith
** William Karlsson
* Alex Pietrangelo



Eichel’s Debut Gets Closer This Week


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  1. Pistol Pete

    I will be trying to understand will they look at the 3 goals in 17 regulation shots and ask themselves if they need a little quicker goaltending?

    • Pistol Pete

      This has been the trend all year….GA 3 and above. Damn close to above 3 anyways.

      Looking forward to more Thompson talk on Goalie Interference tomorrow!

    • THE hockey GOD

      wasn’t goal tenders fault on any of first three goals. The last two in regular time the D men (7 and 17) were out of position and slow to react to front of net. No 17 has been out of position in a lot of situations. No.7 has been playing terrible D the last few weeks.

      Then again the Leafs have fast players and letting Mathews linger in front of net, as well as letting him go unchecked most of the game didn’t help .

      • Blitz

        If the d men stopped every shot or attempt we wouldn’t need a goalie, but that isn’t the case. Be nice to have a goalie that actually stops shots even if they are hard to stop. Being giant is not a skill.

        Really the fault lies with the offense for once again not scoring 4, 5, or 6 goals.

        VGK play by play: “Amazing save, Lehner flashes the leather”. Reality, Lehner, in good square position to the shot, glove up, doesn’t move a muscle, not even a twitch. Puck hits him center of the glove, he is too slow to close it for a catch. Puck drops down in front of him and he covers it. It was a legit save, no rebound. It was not amazing and there was no flashes of any thing. Being big is not a skill. If he has to move he loses his advantage. Yes 7 and 17 were scramble their asses off, and at times losing the battle, against a fast talented offense. If RL seals the damn post, on the one goal, they don’t score, regardless how beat the d was.

      • Daryl

        At some point your goalie has to make a save. The defense only allowed 17 shots, what more can you ask of them? They can’t stop every shot attempt or always be in the exact right place.

        Most of RL saves come because he is a big guy who basically takes up the entire net. Sorry, but it isn’t a great save when th puck hits him in the chest or mask when he doesn’t have to move or barely moves.

        • THE hockey GOD

          RL had no chance on those goals, has nothing to do with anything you said in above post. THe d men were out of position and they let up. Hockey is a 60 minute game. They had a let down. Can’t do that in this league. Plain and simple. Have to play 60 minutes of awareness hockey at all times.

          Goalie is only as good as defense in front of him, it’s a team game.

          • Daryl

            Again, you can keep defending him, and making excuses for him all you want. At some point he has to make a save. If the defense stops every shot then you and I could be NHL goalies. They’re are very few goals where the goalie has no chance at the save. I’m not saying some aren’t hard saves to make, but that is why they get paid millions and you and I have no chance to be in their skates.

  2. Pistol Pete

    I’m probably falling into the cliche blame the goalie trap, it’s just frustrating to lose giving up few shots and outplaying the opponent in the process.

  3. Tim

    The obvious is both the Avalanche and the Knights have the same problem Goalie. You’ve got to score a ton of goals to win and the Avalanche have proven they can ring up the points so far we haven’t maybe Jack Eichel can help solve that problem.
    My main reason for posting is what I’ve talked about the last few days team energy, jump and how I saw to cure that problem. Let me back up if you recall when the kids came up before we won 5 out of 6 games they were hungry brought energy and I believe gave the rest of the team that extra jump. Fast forward to today we had Eichel, Martinez, Hague, Carrier, Patch, Theadore, Patrick out play one of the best teams and take them to a shoot out. How can that be with so many starters out Well let me tell you. Like I’ve said I’ll use the goalie analogy your starter plays 3 or 4 game and you bring in your sub Why to give the starter a break. What difference is it that every 3 or 4 games you bring in Jonas R., Jake L., Paul C,. Pavel D, Howden, Hutton, etc. they’ll play there ass off energize the rest of the team Why because there hungry. I think it would keep everyone fresh and a little competition never hurt anyone. Another bonus is sucking in all the knowledge, practice time with the big boys picking up tips from the older pro’s, the locker room experience etc. Like I’ve said before you have to think out of the box Anyone can follow the leader. We have now lost 10 home games this year and 1-4 since the start January does that tell you we may have to make a few changes in our philosophy. Before you say it I know we got a point in Winnipeg and Toronto but they were still losses so please don’t get ticky tack on me.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim, not what you want to hear from me but I’ll take the point. Look around the standings and you’ll see top teams with a lot more OTL points than VGK, for example FLA and CAR each have 7. What VGK needed to do was convert more of their several 1 goal losses into OTL’s, but I’ll take the two we got.

      • Tim

        Pistol Pete I get taking the points but anyway you slice it were losing to many games at home latest count 10. That’s not really my point with all our missing players and yes there missing Mitch Marner and a couple lesses players but how could we compete with a make shift team against a good Toronto team. I believe inserting our young players as I’ve said energizes everyone. I used the 5 out of 6 example and look at the Chicago fiasco and look at the difference tonight against a far better opponent. I will;l go to my grave believing periodically playing the kids is beneficial. The biggest plus is I don’t have to hear that bullshit we didn’t have the jump. My cure for that talk is sit them next game play the kids until they feel they got there jump back. I told you Pete I don’t like excuses and I worry about the Knights what other teams do is there business. Good night it’s bedtime.

        • Tim, at least we’ve had some road wins. Offered my druthers, I’d take those over home if I had to choose.

          • Tim

            Pete you’ll get your wish on away games next road trip Washington, Carolina, Florida, and Tampa now that’s a tough road trip. But before that we have the Penguins and Canadians at home so it will be interesting.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Wasn’t goal tender’s fault on any of first three goals.

      Learn to watch the game, other than goal tender.

      The last two in regular time the D men (7 and 17) were out of position and slow to react to front of net. No 17 has been out of position in a lot of situations. No.7 has been playing terrible D the last few weeks. The first one was clear turn over.

      The call up d man from HSK was hardly used, and outmatched. The coach clearly is not using him with confidence.

      Then again the Leafs have fast players and letting Mathews linger in front of net, as well as letting him go unchecked most of the game didn’t help .

      • Alex

        Of course, bad ice is responsible for Lehner having a terrible glove and a “can’t get back up” flop that constantly puts him out of position, and clearly bad ice the reason for his ineptitude on breakways…

        Dumbest fan base in sports history

        • THE hockey GOD

          none of which happened in this last game dumb shit.

          you obviously never skated on ice

          don’t know what a zamboni is

          and have no clue why they stop half way through every period to clear off the ice.

          take your bullshit elsewhere, you have been exposed as a blathering idiot.

          • Alex

            You losers are hilarious! Lehner is horrible at all aspects of goaltending…NOT ONE OTHER TEAM WANTED HIM

            in the universe of dumb fans plaguing VGK, you are one of the absolute dumbest…

        • knights fan in minny

          your the dumbest nog in nlv

  4. Malkin scores two goals and an assist against the Ducks coming back from knee surgery last June, and he’s 35 years old. Can anybody think of a possible upcoming parallel for the VGK? Hint hint the age is not the parallel lol.

  5. TS

    Extra innings hockey is so cool! I’m learning!

  6. Vic

    Probably Kolesar’s best game, but the accidental PP goal doesn’t mean he should be on the PP. Dada was weak on the SO as he didn’t lift the puck….way too passive. Check out Nylander’s speed and aggressiveness to see how to get one’s moneys worth in the SO. It may sound crazy, but signing Kane to a cheap deal is a good idea…..adds grit, scoring, lunacy, former Eichel and Lehner teammate. If his mental health stabilizes, he can provide scoring and toughness needed for a deep run. He may be crazy, but he’s not Antonio Brown quitter crazy.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes, I would say Boris is on the line. Very feeble attempt in SO( with rest of them) , and what’s up with his no look passes. He does it at least once a game, and sometimes more than once. He doesn’t realize he sometimes has more time to look and pass. Often times he just blindly throws the puck to spot on ice hoping someone on his own team would be there. Not smart hockey.

      no. 55 was being praised all knight long by both local ginners on TV and the Hockey Knight in Canada crew. I am sure if they weren’t so short staffed right now they would have put 55 on PP unit no. 2 or 3.

    • Daryl

      Lanes doesn’t have any mental health issues…. He is just a cancer. Talk about a horrible mistake!!!!

      • Vic

        Just the right amount of chemo and you never know. Worth a shot at a good price. The locker room has big boys that know how to handle crazy teammates, if not they don’t belong in the NHL. Any one of 6-8 current players could be replaced by Kane for a major boost. It’s Vegas….the land of gambles. Speaking of gambling, if the VGK sign Kane, it would be a good idea to have him rent out in Boulder City (no gaming). Then during his commute on the 215 he can say his daily prayers.

        • Richie-Rich


          It’s not even worthy to be discussing. Kane’s NHL career should be over just like Antonio Brown’s career – over.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    You losers are hilarious! >>only loser here is you. Your posts prove it beyond a shadow of doubt.

  8. Richie-Rich

    When was the last time RL stopped a 1 on 0? He looked absolutely awful and got totally owned.

    I have already said it, but VGK has to score a minimum of 4 goals to have a chance to beat any top 10 NHL team. Once again, I am proven right.

    The weakest part of this team will continue to be goal tending. Logan Thompson definitely should see more opportunities.

    • THE hockey GOD

      nope, weakest part of team is D, goalie had no chance on three of those goals. Only person who plays reasonable D is no. 2 , and infrequently loses his lane.-

      no 7 and 27 are offensive minded, no 7 has had a terrible last few games
      no 17 out of position
      coghlin ? nope
      no 3 – decent at shot blocking and only one on team who throws a body check.
      no 14 – when playing gets beat wide too often and recovers , sometimes, by using his long reach
      marty- slow but effective, has good shot, but out as you know.

      • Daryl

        Never is RL fault is it? This defensive unit held them to how many shot attempts??? Maybe RL was just getting bored with his lack of play and fell asleep when he was actually needed. At some point your goalie needs to make a save, that is what they are getting paid for. You can’t expect your defense to stop every shot

        • Richie-Rich

          The problem is that Hockey God is so far up Lehner’s and McCrimmon’s ass that he can’t be objective. Sure, we all know that McNabb was out of position allowing for a 1 on none opportunity. The problem is that the Hockey God will simply not admit that Lehner isn’t a top tier Stanley Cup winning capable goal tender. I said that it would become clear that this is the case by mid-January and for me at least it is quite evident.

          Lehner cannot win a cup unless we have an offense that will score 4 or more goals on AVERAGE against top tier teams. That’s it. That is the story.

          The ONLY option now other than scoring an average of 4 goals is to see if Logan Thompson can step up and provide better goal tending. I had hoped Brossoit might be the guy, and he still may be, but he hasn’t proven himself given the opportunities so far.

          • THE hockey GOD

            trouble with you all is you don’t know how to watch a game, you focus too much on your RL hate, watching goalie and not what is going on around him.

            even the TV experts said those goals were not RL fault, the TORONTO hockey night in canadian crew. Are they VGK FO apologists too ?

            And guess who called him wiggy biscuit ?? That’s right. I did. So I call them as I see them. FAir and Balanced.

          • Daryl

            So because they are from Canada they are smarter hockey analysts than anyone else??? Must be b/c you always bring them up. Yeah I’ve heard those exact same analysts say it wasn’t a goalies fault and had no chance at a save after he slid completely out of the crease

          • Richie-Rich

            Robin Lehner makes great saves when he is squared up to the shooter. He sucks on breakaways and is inconsistent on the glove side. He is super slow laterally. He’s a decent goalie, but isn’t the answer. VGK can win a Cup with him in goal but they’re going to have to score an average of 4 plus goals during the playoffs. AN AVG 4+, no less.

            In his defense, RL is giving up fewer rebound chances of late.


          • Daryl

            RL is giving up fewer rebound chances but is that due to the defe sekeeping the puck firtheraway and less quality shits or is he actually getting better at his rebound control, something that thg says isn’t a real thing?

        • The hockey GOD

          No , Toronto defense outplayed Vgk defense. Toronto had lunch, beer, and dinner in front of vgk goal . Twice. While vgk players were stuck eating icein front of leafs goal!!

  9. First period of game last night was terrible. Team looked very confused and not cohesive. Of necessity, looked more like a Silver Knights game. Until 3rd period, game was fairly boring, VGK looked like they had no energy. Did Fleury performance on Saturday night depress this team or what? Get rid of those gold sweaters.

    • THE hockey GOD

      agree with everything you said, including puke yellow uniforms. I think they wore them on purpose to keep the other team from seeing the numbers hoping to confuse the opposing team with rag tag call ups. If not for RL coming up with some big saves it was runaway train, and not into tunnel of love.

      • Daryl

        Yeah, Thank God for RL and his 15 saves hahahaha

      • Alex

        In a sea of dumb VGK fans, you are the absolute dumbest…

        Lehner is horrible….they kept the wrong goalie…there is no such thing as bad ice in indoor NHL arenas…

  10. Tim

    You all battle back and forth about Robin Lehner and sometimes it gets nasty. I think a fair statement would be he has some really good games and them some not so good. Will I trust him to win a Stanley Cup which would mean being consistent for 4 seven game series I’ll say no. Like I said yesterday Colorado is in the same boat great team but you can’t trust your goalie to take you to the promised land. It’s a dilemma for both teams and yes the defense has had there lapses but still the last line of defense is your goalie.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    “At some point he has to make a save.”

    he did make saves, I guess you didn’t watch the game, or were stoned or just like trolling.

    He stopped AUSTIN MATHEWS on more than one attempt, including in the SO. Next time disengage foot from mouth before posting.

    • Daryl

      Yeah he made a few saves, 15 of them to be exact on only 18 shits, with most of those saves fairly easy….

      Keep defending him…

      • THE hockey GOD

        saves on Austin Mathews were not “fairly easy”, obviously you didn’t watch the game.

        • Daryl

          Where did I bring up Matthews? And I think he had 2 tough saves on Matthews, they others weren’t tough. Way to cherry pick your response. Also, which team had more high danger shots?

          • The hockey GOD

            No cherry picking
            You responded to my post in which I mentioned him , twice. Pay attention.

          • Daryl

            But you ignored everyone else b/c they didn’t back up your argument. It’s funny, everyone one here sees how you pick and chose parts of a conversation based on what fits your agenda.

            Good thing to know that only VGK defense has let downs and everyone else’s defense plays great…. Doesn’t matter that VGK doubles the other team in shots on net

  12. THE hockey GOD

    So because they are from Canada they are smarter hockey analysts than anyone else???

    yes everyone in hockey world knows that, and canadian players are best in world too.

    Canada invented hockey, and don ‘t you EVER forget it

    • Daryl

      Sometimes, as much as I hate to admit it, Alex is correct

      • THE hockey GOD

        It’s funny, everyone one here sees how you pick and chose parts of a conversation based on what fits your agenda.

        I don’t have an agenda. It’s not my fault that there are idiot trolls here that make things up to SUITE ther agenda.

  13. trade

    RL is a walrus, a one trick pony, a big body that gets in the way of shots if it does not require too much movement on his part. He is a mediocre goaltender who fits better in the Islander system of defense first hockey.

    He ain’t the worst in the league, but he is certainly not among the top half, not even close, as the stats this season show clearly.

    RL is 31st in save % and 31st in Goals against avg

    the guy last night, TOR Campbell, is at .935, PITT Jarry coming in Mon, at .932………Saros NSH is at .929……….RL= .905

    even Fleury, on a bad weak team, is at .910

    a goalie on a good team has to make timely saves, but more importantly he has to make MORE timely saves than the goalie at the other end each night. so, just because he made one after the bad blunder by 81 giving up a breakaway, RL still did NOT make as many timely saves as Campbell, who stoned the Knights for 10 mins when they made their big push, and made all 3 in the SO, not just 2 like RL


    Vgk have 1333 shots this season, the most in the league…and they have a very decent 10.1 shooting %

    then why all the losses? because they are losing a lot of one goal games, especially at home….and that goes right to the heart of the matter. In those close losses at home they have on many nights outshot and outchanced their opponents by a wide margin, but the weak, spotty goaltending has cost the Vgk losses that should have been wins. The Vgk are averaging 3.46 goals per game, which should be good enough to win most games, but not this year with the wide open PDB dmen roaming, and the subpar netminding.

    How many times this season have the Vgk outshot and outchanced the other team and lost the game?

    on Sat they outshot Chi by 31-21 and lost at home

    last night they outshot Tor by 34-18 and lost at home

    etc etc


    bottom line= I sure hope Jack Eichel can play goalie……..//sarc

  14. THE hockey GOD

    it’s not the number of shots that matter, it’s quality of scoring opportunities.

    that is better statistic, any clown with piece of wood in hand can put puck on the net

    Goalie can’t make a timely save if your d men leave opposing player wide open in front of your own net, that is not the goalie’s fault. Furhtermore if you give one of the top three best players in the league quality chance , one right after another. He’s bound to score. And he did.

    • THE hockey GOD

      plus RL did stop AUSTIN MATHEWS who had THREE tremendous quality opportunities. He also stopped him in SO. And he came up with a few more.

      Sort of demolishes the premise of your post on “timely saves”.

      • trade

        no, it does not.

        I said that Campbell made MORE timely saves than RL.
        THAT is the measure of success.

        and guess what, the stats show that the Vgk gave up FEWER high danger chances than Toronto in that game, 8 for Vgk vs Campbell vs 6 against RL and the Vgk.

    • Thg- still and always should be a small “g”. After reading all this banter there is but one thing to say – vegas will not see the Cup if they are depending on the walrus regardless how many goals they score. He RL the walrus will not take them to the promise land regardless how you defend his inept play. Sorry to break your bubble but that is fact. I don’t think you are on his payroll so give up on the BS and questioning watching the game l hope you are not as blind as you appear. Are you on your boat yet in Newport harbor – if so open your eyes watch your step and don’t fall overboard.

      • THE hockey GOD

        HD spin out, talking about last nite’s game; not SC playoff run which is pure projection on everyone’s part here. Try to stay on topic or STFU.

        • THg- your BS about the walrus applies to all your posts not just last night, the night before or whenever. Recognize the fact that most due the walrus is not all you make him out to be and never will be – weak when you need him most and terrible the rest of the time – one or two good stops doesn’t equate to satisfactory performance and yes there are defensive issues across the board

  15. Danny Gallivan

    Vegas outshot Toronto 28-9 in the 2nd, 3rd, and OT periods.
    but they lost the game.
    yep, cuz Campbell outplayed Lehner

    • The hockey GOD

      No , Toronto defense outplayed Vgk defense. Toronto had lunch, beer, and dinner in front of vgk goal . Twice. While vgk players were stuck eating icein front of leafs goal!!

      • Daryl

        Funny thing is, besides the very first goal, every hockey expert says RL should have stopped the other goals, minus the morons from Canada. But if anyone listens to you, nobody outside Canada knows anthing about hockey or knows how to play hockey

        • Richie-Rich

          The major problem is that Lehner himself admits that he isn’t reliable on breakaways or shootouts. A Cup contending team has to have a goalie that can stop a higher percentage of these high danger shots. Robin Lehner is not that guy. Brossoit isn’t. Give Logan Thompson a shot during the regular season.

          I said that I would make my final analysis by mid-January and I have. It is now time to address this problem. VGK is going to make the playoffs even if they bring Logan up. If they don’t the only other option is to end the current offensive strategy and to focus on protecting the weak goal tending. That means no more pinching in by the defense. Stay back and protect against the deep passes and protect the goalie.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Canada invented the game, schmuck. They are experts, they have ex players, ex scouts, ex coaches with years of experience, knowledge, and expertise. I will take their advise over the arm chair morons who post here. .

          They own the game, deal with it because you don’t even know how to watch a game and see what’s really going on. Your many prior posts prove that. So STFU. When you have something worthwhile to say I will let you know.

          • Daryl

            Awwww is someone a little butt hurt b/c they got called out on their BS so now they must resort to name calling!!!! NHL Network and ESPN both have Canadian analysts on their staff so that kind throws out your argument.

            And let me tell you, these old internet warriors are funny. It’s so easy to trash talk behind a computer.

            And for the record, modern hockey might have come from Canada, but it was derived from another type of hockey I believe in England or the UK. And just b/c its invented somewhere doesn’t make them the best. A pure moronic response to assume that

  16. WmFCoyote

    If the VGK offence can not score 4+ goals a game the chances of winning is less than 50%. RL does not have the ability to move latterly and once down, he is lost. Maybe the FO can make a deal with Chicago, say the washed up Fleury for Lehner and a # 1 Pick. Would be a plus for VGK

    • Blitz

      If there is two jackasses in this world that will never admit when they did wrong it is KM/GM. There is a decent chance we see Fluery in the playoffs this year with a contender like the Oilers. I am sure he will go some where at the deadline. It could be ugly. Sad thing is, if he was here with say Thompson for a backup, he would be the solution to our Eichel cap issue next year, with his giant pay cut he offered.

      • Tim

        Blitz the real kick in the ass is he’s Chicago’s number one trade chip and with the right team Chicago will get a first round draft pick. Getting rid of the Fleury contract we received a box of rocks.

      • Richie-Rich

        Finally. Blitz gets it. The future in goal tending and multiple Cup championships was Fleury/Thompson. Now, we have a goal tending tandem that requires on average 4 plus goals against the top tier teams.

        • The hockey GOD

          The avg goals per game is 6 , do it does not take rocket science to figure 4 is magic number , for all teams. Do you got that right!! Keep up the good work.

          • The hockey GOD

            So , not do.

          • The right move now is to bring Logan Thompson up and trade either Brossoit or Lehner.

          • Alex

            More clear evidence that VGK has the dumbest fan base in hockey…and this guy is among the dumbest, defending a goalie not one other team wanted…Lehner is a disaster…

            From “bad ice “ (laugh out loud funny) to “Lehner is good” (even funnier) to “Canada invented hockey” (uh, it’s now a garbage country that is basically the 51st state and has no impact on why Lehner can’t catch, can’t get up once down, and hears voices in his head) , this clown is the epitome of the fan base – morons…no wonder VGK fan base is the laughing stock of the league, especially in – gulp – shitty Canada

      • Tim

        Edmonton signing Evander Cane and if they get Fleury they’ll be a formidable opponent.

        • Arnold Rothstein

          VGK should sign CANE he would fit in nicely with his gambling issues and drive NHL Bettman to rue the day he let
          sports into a gambling town. He will make
          Pete Rose look like child’s play.

          Cane would be a great addition, and more games will be FIXED.

          If you don’t believe the games are fixed, then go back to watching WWE / WWF. McMahon vs Trump, Andre the Giant vs Hulk Hogan , the Undertaker versus Dick the Bruiser. The Shiek vs. Pampero Firpo, SanMartino Vs Bobby Sheahan. I can go on and on and on.

          The Undefeated Team Arnold

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