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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted reigning champion Tampa Bay Lightning before the NHL pauses for a handful of days. Tampa only needed six minutes to take the first lead of the game. After a scary collision Vegas captain Mark Stone came back out and tied the game on the power play. 

The offense picked up for both teams in the middle frame. Stone scored again 1:41 into the period to give Vegas their first lead of the game. Nic Roy stretched the Golden Knights lead to 3-1 shaking Norris trophy defenseman Victor Hedman. Tampa woke up and tied the game on two straight shots. After 40 minutes the game was tied up 3-3.

The Lightning took the lead late into a third period power play. Vegas had some chances throughout the final twenty minutes but couldn’t tie the game.

The Golden Knights record drops to 20-12-0 falling 4-3 to the Lightning. Vegas and the rest of the NHL will get some time off and return to the ice after Christmas. Until further notice from the league the Golden Knights are scheduled to play the Colorado Avalanche on Monday night. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: For 25 minutes or so the Golden Knights were slapping the Lightning around. Outshooting them at an incredible clip, generating chances at will and thwarting Tampa’s offense. Then Mark Stone left the game and things started to fall apart. Tampa scored a pair quick and then a ridiculous slapper from Stamkos gave them a lead VGK couldn’t overcome. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Tampa Bay Lightning game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • We’ll try to dive into some film during the mini pause

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Nic Roy
** Reilly Smith
* Mark Stone (while he played)


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  1. Frank

    Goaltending the difference here. Great effort by VGK…… Tampa is beatable….

  2. Galdom

    Other than the result I was pretty pleased as a fan. I’m annoyed by the loss but don’t feel unfulfilled by the game as a whole. It’s very deep roster proves again and again they can perform were not at full strength. The first 25 minutes of the game was ridiculous without Petro. Great teams somehow seem to find a way to win and like Vegas has done numerous times this season Tampa did that tonight. Let’s hope Stone is alright l.

    • Daryl

      Yes we were without key players but so was TB. TB did the same thing to us that we did to the Rangers

  3. Pistol Pete

    Vasileskiy won 36/39
    Brossoit lost 15/19

    Vasileskiy 1.90 GAA playoffs both Cup wins. Scary.

    Unless Lehner can play at his best or Thompson becomes a miracle, goaltending is the thorn is VGK’s side.

    • Pistol Pete

      I mean, I do think Lehner can be really good. Good enough to win a Cup. Just not how he’s played so far this season.

  4. Daryl

    We now know how the Rangers feel

  5. the hockey God

    42 clearly not ready for prme time,, appeared coach didn’t play at all in 3rd period. Their D did a much better job of clearer the net front then our D. VGK missing their top two D men clearly was difference in this day.

  6. the hockey God

    Arnold “the Brain” remains undefeated with a nice Christmas bonus. Whole team gets a holiday break. Sharpening pencils for if NHL opens up again. Looks like NHL is not going to Olympics. Which is a good thing.

  7. the hockey God

    i don’t see 26 playing on top line, coach’s error, and stuck with this error when it clearly wasn’t working. 26 is clearly a defensive forward, fumbles puck on offensive side of things. Missing Boris hurt the team in this game. Many more key players out of line up than opposing team.

  8. TS

    I think it such a shame LVGK cant go to the olympics! I was looking forward to the LVGK vs Bolivia game…

  9. Vic

    Nice effort for the home team. Would be nice to meet them in the finals with both teams at full strength. Face off losses and being out hit every game needs attention before the playoffs. Last night it was:

    Face offs = 40-24 TB
    Hits = 31-22 TB

    Note to coach (again)…
    *Do not put #55 on the ice during the PP. He was on the ice for a minute of one of the PPs.
    Note to Roy…
    *When on a 2 on 1 with #55, please SHOOT and don’t PASS.
    Note to me…
    *PE Bellemare usually can’t score a goal if the net was an ocean, but another dagger goal versus the VGK which turned the game around after that washed up headhunter Perry was left alone behind the net.

    • John Meyer

      What are you talking about washed up , Tampa Bay brings out the best in your so called washed up. You haven’t seen nothing yet wait until Tampa Bay is 100 Percent healthy .Like I said 3-Peat . Go Lightning !!

  10. Tim

    We doubled them in shots but there goalie as we all know is the real deal he made save after save. Missing Petro, Martinez, and Hague didn’t help throw in Lehner and Dadanov and I think we did alright. Of coarse they were missing some important pieces too so chalk it up to a good game and move on. Stone leaving after two goals also didn’t help hope he’s not out long term. Maybe this Covid break will be a blessing plus I’m sure the players love it to be with there families during the holidays.

  11. Blitz

    It was a solid game last night with a pieced together crew, against a worthy opponent. Stone looked to be the piece that would push us over the top, but got hurt. Still the entertainment value was there and so was the effort.

    Damn Vasilevskiy is good. You watch him play and are like damn that guy is legit. He is so ice cold smooth. You watch RL play and I think the exact opposite, then the stat smashers come on here and try to convince me otherwise. It’s interesting to me that great goalies look great. What walks like a duck, I guess…

    Agree with THG above, #42 is not there yet, but gotta give the kids some credit. He had a couple of nice shots at the net (a little wide) and a couple real nice tape to tape passes. I don’t think you can just be thrown into PDB system and thrive. I think he needs several games in a row and some trust to gel a bit. VGK is not in a place to do it. HSK players will never thrive here if the team is built like it is. Maybe after we lose a large chunk of players for Eichel’s insertion will we see a HSK guy installed. My guess is we will pull from somewhere else instead, looking at our track record.

    Wasn’t thrilled about Janmarks game last night. He has been playing pretty good lately, so i get the Stone replacement, but I thought he crushed that line after Stone left. He just couldn’t keep possession, make passes, find open ice etc. I only mention it cause it was really noticeable for me.

    A nice break for xmas will hopefully heal some guys and refresh the lineup. I expect Tyrion Lannister back, but then again I expected him back a month ago. I don’t buy brain issues for a face cut. I would assume more of plastic surgery thing and then less risk of hurting that process. Hell, what do I know. We are mushrooms…kept in the dark and fed shit by the VGK keepers. It would be nice to see the old crew back together in full after the break.

    • Galdom

      Dominik Hasek looked like shit and he might be the best goalie of all time. I agree that Vasilevsky is a beast

      • Blitz

        Hasek was “controlled chaos”! He used to practice crazy saves. Agree that he was one of the best and has a highlight reel to prove it.

    • THE hockey GOD

      the imp ?? who betrayed the dragon queen ??? Hague was HSK product, took a year to get into it, heck. The same for 67.

      They kept trying to go five hole against the TBL goalie, that was pretty obvious, and a mistake.

  12. LVsc

    The team played well, but sagged after losing Stone, and the goaltending was far better for Tampa.

    p.s– I say once again that 55 has GOT to go.

  13. knights fan in minny

    hey moron he is from your hood remember you used to go thugging with him pull your head out BOY

    • TS

      Im just trying to learn…55 is our best player – brings diversity

      • knights fan in minny

        now i really know your a dumb ass

      • I am sorry I’m such a despicable sorry excuse for a human being. I just got out of the loony bin…the docs told me I was found wandering on 5th street, with 6 pairs of granny panties tied around my neck. Confusing. Cops later told me I was also mumbling about being a pro hockey player, but because I knew ZERO about the game, they figured I was delusional. I even lost my job at 7-11 because of it! Damn, I got my malts there for free! Now I gotta actually PAY for it! ( not used to THAT). MY BUDDY Pauly is, unfortunately, serving 90 days in jail for public indecency and intoxication. OH, and i guess he was impersonating a REAL KNIGHTS FAN. He said he’s gonna LEARN how REAL people act while he’s there, so he can be a REAL MAN when he gets out. The guys at the jail have given him new insight about how much jail birds like one another sooooo much!! They even share their cots vwith him! BEST BED PALS FOREVER!!

  14. Just got out of the loony bin…they found me wandering on 5th street with 6 pairs of granny panties wrapped around my neck. So confusing. Cops said later I was mumbling about being a pro hockey player, but since I know ZERO about hockey, I was admitted. My buddy Pauly is unfortunately in jail for 90 days…public intoxication and indecency. But he really likes his cellmates— they are so nice to him– even sharing their cots with him! His cellmates are his new best bros! He’s learning soooo much about being a team player!!

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