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Recap: The Golden Knights geared up for the first time without Max Pacioretty and Mark Stone in their lineup as they hosted the undefeated St. Louis Blues. William Karlsson stunned the Blues by taking the lead 8:17 into the game. Reilly Smith fed Karlsson a cross ice pass to open up a shot and a follow up rebound. Vegas goaltender Robin Lehner was outstanding in the opening period and held a 1-0 advantage after the opening twenty minutes.

St. Louis tied the game early into the middle frame scoring off a rebound. Lehner held tight for the remainder of the period and the game remained 1-1 after two periods.

The third period continued to be a back and forth affair until the Golden Knights made a costly turnover in the neutral zone. The Blues took advantage and nabbed the 2-1 lead. Vegas fought back but couldn’t bury the equalizer. St. Louis added an empty net goal late in the game to secure a 3-1 victory.

The Golden Knights record drops to 1-2-0 after their tough 3-1 loss to the Blues. Vegas will prepare for their next game on Friday night against Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers. Puck drop is scheduled for 7P. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The undermanned Golden Knights simply weren’t good enough at any point during this game. They consistently gave up too many chances and they couldn’t generate enough offensively despite generating loads of shots. They are going to have to figure out how to play without their best two scorers and their first crack at it wasn’t successful. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. St. Louis Blues game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • A deeper look into exactly how they allowed each breakaway and odd-man rush. Is it a one-off or is it symptomatic of something worse.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jonathan Marchessault
** William Karlsson
* Robin Lehner


How Much Lost Offense Can Vegas Make Up?


Uncharacteristic Defensive Lapses Haunting VGK To Start Season


  1. Tim

    My análisis Lehner stood on his head can’t play much better if not for his goaltending it would have really got out of hand. Misfit Line played consistent good job. Petro and Martinez played great I’ll include Hague he least got some good shots off. Roy makes the blunder of the game on that turnover. The rest of this team has NO chance of scoring they just run up and down the ice creating zero grade A chances and if they do they choke on the shot. Theadore this great skater how many times did a Blues player beat him to the net. Lehner can only do so much and there’s no guarantee he can keep pace. We have Edmonton, then the Islanders, then Colorado, then Dallas all have firepower except the Islanders but there a tuff team to play. Realistically we can easily lose the next 4 games. After that we play the Ducks and if we lose that game then it’s desperation time for management. Martinez got hurt tonight who knows how bad. I give management credit they’ve given us a good team and a fun team but injuries and the lack of true centers may be our downfall.

    • Vlad

      Management has given us a good team?

      Seriously? Mcrimmon has gutted this team

      The culture, the character… all shipped out the door

      Players can’t trust mcrimmon or foley.. gallant, fleury cases in point

      • THE hockey GOD

        mccrimmen didn’t make that errant pass last night leading to winning goal, nor did he get his two top players injured, nor did he put the schedule together that had this team resting and a bit rusty longer than the other team. The “other” team just beat the best team in conference (and president’s trophy winner last year) a few nights ago also. VGK only had one line that played together in the line up.

        a lot of crazies here posting

      • Richard Santomauro

        I am in 100% agreement Vlad.

        The direction of this team isn’t toward the playoffs, just the opposite. That’s my gut feeling. I think it is totally ridiculous for the FO and DeBoer to say that they have improved the team this off season.

        McCrimmon needs to be sent back to junior hockey, and DeBoer should go with him.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no. 23 had been hurt, even in pre season. He looks a step slower this year.

    • Richard Santomauro

      I thought that 3 on none turnover was Petro’s not Roy’s? That’s what I heard last night. Am I wrong?

      • Tim

        Richard your right it was Petro not Roy but in real time I saw Roy on the side and thought it was him my mistake.

    • Daryl

      That TO which cost VGK the game came from Petra.

      I agree on Lehner, for the most part he played a great game and kept them in it. He did get extremely lucky several times with STL flat out missing the net, but I’ll take that game anytime. STL seemed to have the same problem VGK has had in the past and shooting directly at the goalie.

      Our PK did not look very good in this game eden when STL didn’t get a shot. They were able to easily carry the puck into the offensive zone. They either made a horrible pass or completely missed the net on their shot which allowed VGK to clear the puck.

      Krebs looked pretty good most of the game. I still think he is too small still for the NHL.

      VGK had way too many TO which basically cost them the game (Petra). I’m still not a fan of the free roaming by the Dmen. VGK got lucky that STL wasn’t crisp on their passes or they would of had several odd man rushes

      • Richard Santomauro

        I think Krebs may even be taller than Marchy, but he’s not half as tough physically. Yet.

        • George L.

          I think small isn’t height, it’s meat on the bones and toughness.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Krebs is only 20, he’s a boy playing with men.

          My main concern is that he gets hurt again, he needs to learn to use his energy better. Coming back to the bench completely winded after every shift shows he’s 1) either out of shape or 2) not spending his energy on ice efficiently 3) wears his endurance down later in the game having spent most of his energy earlier.

    • Walt23

      Roy did not make the turnover that gave St Louis the 3-on-0 breakaway and winning goal.

      It was PETRO who gave the puck away with a dumb, spinning blind hope pass thru the middle of the clogged neutral zone. It was a product of the coaches insisting that the dmen try to overcompensate for the injured forwards out by doing more than they should, instead of just dumping the puck in

  2. Vlad

    “We’ve got to find 3 goals a night”

    Ba ha ha earlier debouer said it’s the process that matters not the wins

    Need goals? Start by sending krebs packing. A 1-1 game and out comes krebs, turns the puck over and the blues bury the go ahead goal. Another minus for mcrimmons obsession. No different than the last 2 games with the HSK. A whole pile of minuses and not a single goal. Mcrimmons fantasy needs to end

    Why is miromanov not playing?? 6 goals in preseason and the coach is saying he needs to find goals?? Dumb and dumber are steering this ship into the abyss.

  3. THE hockey GOD

    “krebs, turns the puck over and the blues bury the go ahead goal.” no. 7 turned the puck over with errant pass into middle of ice. Krebs is no. 18

    If no 27 can’t get pucks through the lane in NHL, what makes you think Miramanov can??

    You realize that team’s top two players are out ?? That is not co GMGM fault.

    • Daryl

      Krebs did turn the puck over leading to an odd man rush, but probably did the correct thing and his the STL player which may have saved that goal… It led to astll PP.

      But your are right it was Petra with the TO that cost VGK the game

    • Daryl

      That TO by Petra just cost the team the season…. They dobby be able to overcome it and every loss from here on out will be because of it

      • Richard Santomauro

        I have been around hockey my entire life and I simply don’t have a lot of hope for this years edition at this point. Could that change? Possibly. I will continue to pay for my season tickets regardless because sooner or later McCrimmon will be exposed as the rookie fraud that he is and he’ll be sent packing.

        For those of you out there who think fans should shut up and just cheer. Bullshit. Those seats cost me $13 grand. I think that gives me the right to be critical. So take your idealism and shove it.

      • Blitz

        Petra Buckner…Petra Buckner…Petra Buckner…Petra Buckner…Petra Buckner…

        • Daryl

          Petra is a great player and everyone talks about his offensive skills yet they all seem to forget all the TO’s he’s given up and how he’s responsible for so many odd man rushes b/c he jumps up in the offensive zone at bad times

          • Blitz

            100% Agree! I know he is a good d man and gets alot of praise from the media, but he blunders several times a game. Most of the time it is a loss of possession or maybe just a break in flow, but sometimes it is this. I think his deep offensive pushes tax this team big time.

    • Vlad

      How many goals did miramanov get in pre season? How many did krebs get? Yet for a team desperate for goals who is called up?

      Oh right! It’s the “process” not the wins…

      See it for what it is not what want it to be

      • Richard Santomauro

        Miromanov looked great during preseason, much better than Krebs. Why he isn’t playing is beyond belief. At this point it couldn’t hurt. Neither Hague or McNabb bring any offense to the table. Hague just a bit more than McNabb.

  4. Richard Santomauro

    Wait, wait wait wait a minute!!!!

    I thought we dumped $2.5 million in goalie salary by shipping the Vezina Winning Future HOFer off to Chicago in order to solve (1) the power play drought and (2) the lack of scoring depth at F?

    Sure, not having #61 and #67 in the lineup hurts, but there wasn’t much to cheer about in terms of offense.

    Let’s talk about the Good and the Bad.

    The Good:
    – The Walrus played much better than I expected in this game. If he can continue to play at this level he might yet win me over, but it is just one game. Let’s see if he can continue this level of performance into January.
    – Team Defense played well blocking shots, back checking and clogging the shooting the lanes. They played well in front of the Walrus.
    – The energy on the ice was there throughout this entire game, even during the first 7 minutes or so in the 1st period as the Blues were beating them down.
    – I especially like the energy of the young players out there.

    The Bad:
    – The DeBoering offense sucks. It’s sucked for a long time.
    – VGK is now 0-7 on the Man Advantage. Problem not solved McCrimmon.
    – VGK got beat down for nearly the first 7 minutes in period 1. They weren’t just beat down, they got bully spanked. Only the Walrus kept that beating from getting bloody in terms of scoring.
    – That analysis of Nolan Patrick was a shock. The #2 pick of 2017 has less than half the points of at least 10 others drafted that year. I wonder why because he is always in the right place at the right time. Maybe it is his stick handling and vision but he doesn’t seem to be able to find the open man or the net out there. He has a high hockey IQ and skates well but that’s where it seems to end.
    – Dadanov? Did he play, I didn’t hear his name called but maybe once or twice.
    – Krebs got thrown around like a rag doll out there. He has a future in this league, but that’s not this year.
    – I know WhiteCloud has bulked up but he got smashed up pretty good by the Blues forecheck. I was surprised to see him get up off the ice after that bone crushing hit on him late in the game.
    – The game losing turnover by the highest paid player (#7 is the highest paid player, right?) was absolutely reminiscent of the Putridangelo turnovers from last year. Pin this loss on #7 – period end of analysis.

    Summary: All of the off season moves the past few years #61, #67 and #7 have led to a 1-3 start so far. In the meantime, the Misfit Line continues to roll on with minimal injury and continues to produce at a high level.

  5. Vlad

    Who was at the top of the stats for give away and turnovers last night?

    Here’s a hint…. He also has the most minuses with the HSK..

    Need another? Lucky to get 1 shot a game

    _ r _ b_s

    Meanwhile the player with 6 pre season goals is stuck in the AHL

  6. Vic

    *Why is Kolesar ever on the ice for a PP? Ever?
    *Two referees…can you stay out of the way of the players?
    *Despite everything, the VGK hit the iron twice, and it took a razor sharp Binnington to nail the victory. The guys gave all they had, but it won’t be enough most nights until the injured players return.
    *Krebs has a bright future but blows up like a house of cards whenever touched. Guys swat him around like a fly. He needs to be a passer for goal scorers and there aren’t enough of those here now. He needs to gain some weight.
    *Besides the Misfits, we have 3 lines of non-finishers (Capt. Obvious here).
    *PP – the VGK Play better 5 on 5. Blues PP (and most other teams as well) should be used as a guide as they throw it around like it’s on a string for at least 1:45 of every PP. The VGK can’t even get set up. Jeez…spend some time learning (re-learning) how to set it up, and then maybe some shots and goals will follow (maybe).

  7. let's go McCrimmon

    the Vgk f.o. sucks. why? cuz they acquired during the offseason Dadanov (Shitanov?) Howden (should be minor leaguer) and Patrick (Glass part 2)

    he wasted the entire $7 million cap space he had available on 3 turds that did NOTHING last night, or on any other night, when the team was depending on the lesser lights to pick up the slack.

    meanwhile, Perron continues to star with the Blues and beat the Knights.

    this team likely won’t even make the playoffs, with the shitty PDB training camp and preseason dragging them down, and now all the injuries putting them in an early hole that will seal their fate

  8. Tim

    Blaming management for the injuries of Tuch, Stone, Patch, and maybe now Martinez isn’t giving them a fair shake. Where we could criticize them is after 5 years our lack of young talent being able to step in and help out. Part of this problem was caused by giving away draft picks in all our trades. I know for Tatar we gave a first, second, and third, in the Patch deal we added a second round pick, correct me if I’m wrong but I think we gave a second for Lehner and Janmark add whatever ones I’ve forgot and it lowered our chances of getting a chance at a good player. Knowing how management thinks don’t be surprised if they go after Kessell from Arizona another player on the back side of his career but an experienced player the Knights can plug in for short term help. The question is what draft picks will we have to give up since Arizona or any other team will know they have us by the balls. If Martinez is out I’m sure Coghlan will replace him and they’ll probably call up Miromanov. Another kid they should give a chance to and won’t is Pavel Dorofeyev he is young skinny kid but he has a nose for the net and could he be any worse then the Patrick, Howden, Krebs or a few others I can mention. I’ve just talked about these two Russian kids because in DeBoer’s own words we need to find some scoring. As I’ve said before unless Lehner can stand on his head and perform the way he did last night the next 4 games could be lost very easily then we’ll be 1 – 6 which could be the beginning of the end for this year. What will the crowds look like if that happens?

    • Richard Santomauro

      A 1-6 start isn’t season ending, but how they play will tell the story. There is a strange fixation on Krebs, or is it just me? He’s improved since the 1st game of the preseason but you can tell that continuing this experiment right now may do him more harm than good.

    • Daryl

      The only time I see it fair to blame management on injuries is when you don’t have enough talent down the line that you have to overwork your starters. Being this is the very beginning of the season, even if VGK doesn’t have that talent coming, you can’t blame anyone for the injuries

  9. George L.

    Looks like it’s time to show the Sharks 2.0 Coach (DeBoer) the Door! He has shown his ability to destroy a system and not instill one.

    Watch the VGK games v Sharks in years 1 and 2. VGK are now the Sharks. Defense blue line shot heavy. Offense line anemia.

    The power play isn’t working because every team in the NHL has not only watched DeBoer in action, but has memorized the style of play and knows exactly where to skate to disrupt the flow.

    DeBoer has teamed up with McMuffin to implode our team.

  10. LVsc

    Krebs is a fancy passer. PERIOD. he is not a shooter, he is not a grinder, he is not a bottom 6 checker…. the ONLY way he can be successful is to play him on a top line with guys who can finish his passes… iow, with Stone and Patch… but injuries makes that impossible right now… and besides, Krebs needs to bulk up and gain more AHL experience and confidence first anyway, before he can play at that level

    maybe he will end up in Buffalo after all

    • THE hockey GOD

      @LVsc, they said the same thing about Cody. He got hurt, he bulked up, he got slower. Then he got traded.

      Too early to be traded, give him a couple of years.

      • LVsc

        THg, your posts make it look like you are shilling for the front office, as you defend them at every turn.

        please, tell us of any criticism you have of the Vgk front office? any? or are they perfect?

        • THE hockey GOD

          @LVsc, historically – if you go back in time I chastised them for:
          – letting perron go (although he obviously didn’t like Vegas)
          – letting Neal go
          – the whole Tartar trade fiasco
          – trading suzuki instead of Glass
          – getting reavo, playing reavo, paying reavo too much
          – not liking Russian players (under GG)
          – not developing forwards in their “minor league” system
          – not liking any of their minor league coaches (prior or this one)
          – putting Glass in WHL
          – not getting any muckers
          – not getting enough ex SC winners on team
          – bad ice in spring months (play off time)
          – bad fake hockey experience at T mobile
          – not trading MAF sooner

          what else ? I think I have been fair. I will call them out when I see it.
          So far the franchise has done what no other franchise has ever done in their history. Too many jump on / jump off band wagon fans posting today. Get back to me at end of December and we’ll see what kind of team we have for the rest of year. Rest assured FO will make changes if things are not going well at that point in time. Right now the jury is still out on off season changes. Changes do not happen over night, to chagrin of many jumpers.

          • Daryl

            Without a doubt the FO will make changes come trade deadline… .they will panic like they have in the past and make a bad trade or acquisition which will hurt the team in the long run

  11. THE hockey GOD

    it’s not how you play at beginning of season that matters , it is how you play at end of season (playoffs).

    too many band wagon jumpers posting here today after only three games into season.

    get back to me after 25 games , after their top players get back playing, after their bottom six lines have time to play together.

    so far 55, 21, 41, 18,15 and 63 haven’t shown much; it takes more than three games to make a final determination on all these players; all except one who have just joined the team.

    • THE hockey GOD

      bottom six players, making up two lines that is

      BTW they hit two goal posts, and one cross bar ; that could have made the difference in game of NHL BETTMAN parity ‘on every given Sunday” . Note use of word “every” instead of “any”.

      • Daryl

        BTW, STL missed several wide open net chances and flat out missed the net… it could have been a lot worse. It works both ways

  12. Walt23

    The coaches’ style of play of the Vgk d corps is a big problem right now.

    They say they want them to do MORE on offense, but that just leads to more turnovers and breakaways like last night.

    No, especially when you have your top forwards out, you need to tighten up DEFENSIVELY.

    after all, they are called DEFENSEmen, not OFFENSEmen, eh DeBoer?

    the current mantra to the dmen, and the team as a whole, should be no pinches, no gambles, no breakaways, no 2-on-1’s, no odd man rushes against, no neutral zone cross ice passes.

    Make the opponents shoot everything from the perimeter under close checking pressure, and then clear the rebounds. Trying to win every night 1-0 would be the proper mindset. Turn it into Demko type hockey. Use what works against you, for you instead.

    the Vgk were the top team last season in fewest goals allowed. They need to get back to THAT style of play to succeed. Quit trying to make McNabb etc into Bobby Orr.

  13. Pistol Pete

    Does anyone recall season 2, the 1-4 start including losing the home opener and not getting above 500 for good until around game 26?

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