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Recap: The Golden Knights allowed the opening goal for the sixth straight game giving the Sharks the first lead. Minutes later Chandler Stephenson evened the score 1-1 with a power play goal.

Max Pacioretty gave Vegas their first lead of the contest 7:46 into the middle frame. At the midway point of the period William Carrier buried a one time pass from Keegan Kolesar to extend the Golden Knights advantage 3-1. The Sharks scored late in the period to get within one.

Nic Roy stretched the Golden Knights lead 6:35 into the final 20 minutes. Shockingly, the Sharks were able to even the score and force overtime. Vegas eventually lost in a shootout missing out on a very important point.

The Golden Knights record improves to 42-31-6 falling to the Sharks 5-4 in shootouts. Vegas picks up only one point and trail Dallas by three points for the final Wild Card position. The Golden Knights travel to Dallas for the biggest game of the season on Tuesday night. Puck drop against the Stars is set for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights put on a forechecking clinic against a team that struggles to break out of the defensive zone. They parlayed that into a bundle of shots and enough chances to put a bunch past James Reimer. However, Vegas fell asleep for a couple minutes down the stretch with the SJS goalie pulled and blew a two goal lead. Then, they couldn’t capitalize on a power play in OT. Then they didn’t score a single goal in shootout. They drop a point and they no longer control their own destiny. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Nic Roy
** Logan Thompson
* Shea Theodore


Iole: It’s Not Just Playoffs Off The Line Now


Twitter Space – April 25th, 2022


  1. A former season ticket holder

    Oh my god

  2. Pistol Pete

    Previous objective: 97 pts
    Current objective: 96 pts

    Previous games remaining target: 4-0
    Current games remaining target: 3-0

    Preds lose vs. CGY and COL in reg best shot

    • Galdom

      They are just not good enough to overcome the whole they put themselves in. Playing at home with the 4-2 lead with two minutes to go and you can’t hang on. SMH!!! Every time they started to dig themselves out of a hole they give up points to shit teams like New Jersey and put themselves back in the hole. Amadio missing a wide-open net and shooting it into Reimer’s pads was painful. Stone missing the actual open net was painful. Does anybody think Dallas is going to give away points to Anaheim and Arizona.

    • Duckboy

      Teams that lose to the devils and sharks at home when they need wins aren’t going anywhere in the playoffs anyway

      Now that everyone is back still looking for this great team.

      Stone is hurt still. Looked like he was going to die when burns got off him. Could barely get up. Why is no one over there pulling burns off from the knights? Btw stone hits the goal that never happens.

      Eichel is not they guy. INVISIBLE tonight. Can’t be invisible in a game u need and get paid 10 mill. It’s like he isn’t the center of attention and is pouting and not playing?

      Lehner is probably laughing his way to 5 mil pine rider next year

      If we miss hope we dump fo and coach, but probably have to live through at least the start of next season with these 3 clowns.

      There aren’t many move to make with all the stupid no move clauses.

      Seeing as this team is nearly at full strength (or at least what will be able to be fielded under the cap next season) has this team peaked?

      Think about it and Discuss

      • DL

        Yes, and if you watch that play after Burns gets off of Stone, after he basically tackled him, you can see Stone mouth the words “F*** Me”.

      • Eichel isn’t even getting the attention that Tuch drew when he was playing, that is how invisible his $10 million is out there.

      • Can’t beat the Devils or Sharks in the Fortress?

        Fucking putrid.


    • Mike StG

      VGK would also need the Preds’ 3rd game to either be a loss or a win by SO, otherwise Preds will win on the ROW tiebreaker. A regulation win or win in OT will get them in.

      In other words, a pipe dream. Time to look ahead to next season.

  3. Stoober

    Bunch of overpaid choke artists.

  4. Danny Gallivan

    total choke job. Stone misses an empty net that could have sealed the win.

    Mcnabb panics and instead of holding on to the puck, he shoots it right to Burns.

    goodbye DeBoer. see ya

    • The lack of game clock management by DeBoer in this game was damning. He just stood back there like he usually does with that stupid ass look on his face like he doesn’t even know what day it is.

      • steve

        wearing his JC Penny loser suit. looks like he coaches. hmm fired by a team in are division we grab him. Never dawned on management there was good reason they dumped him Now next the Hawks have crawford retiring with contract done at end of season and the Hawks trade Lehner. they new he was problem

  5. Frank

    This very well ends the knights playoff hopes. Boy, I hope eichel comes out next season shot out of a cannon or that $10 mil a season is a total waste. Gimme haula, statzny, perron, tuch etc any day right now instead of eichel. Good, but not as advertised, and seems easily frustrated (body language on the ice is horrible). Thompson is still learning on the job and may make a good #1… However not quite there yet. Has to make save on goal #3. Lehner is toast. Look for big changes next season.

    • Galdom

      Yep Frank. Big changes hopefully coming

    • Watch for it….

      Lehner is on this team to play against teams like Dallas….

    • steve

      wearing his JC Penny loser suit. looks like he coaches. hmm fired by a team in are division we grab him. Never dawned on management there was good reason they dumped him Now next the Hawks have crawford retiring with contract done at end of season and the Hawks trade Lehner. they new he was problem

  6. Rob S.

    This team needs to miss the playoffs this year and take advantage of the (longer) off-season to make whatever changes (FO, coaches, players) are needed to get everybody on the same page. Fortunately, they took care of that tonight. Speaking of potential changes (this one behind the bench), why–in the most important game of the year– would you throw Nick Roy out there to start the shootout?!

    • Galdom

      I agree Rob S. I made a comment in the previous thread that the best thing that could happen to this team long term is to miss the playoffs this year although selfishly I want them to make the playoffs obviously. A couple of people shredded me and disagreed which of course is their prerogative.

      • Damn, as fans we always root for them to win and to get in. We root for every player on the ice. We cheer them when they play well and are critical when they’re not.

        Last night they dominated San Jose for most of the game. DeBoer should have called a timeout when they scored that 3rd goal. Why wasn’t there a shift in strategy to clock management (keep away)?

        • I wonder every game that is close, WHY WHY don’t some coaches USE THE DAMNED TIMEOUT THEY HAVE?? That timeout is there to give teams TIME to : STOP the bad momentum. Take a deep breath and Regroup. Plan the next play. Change the trajectory. STOP THE MADNESS. jJeez, how many timeouts are given in Other sports? So if a coach only gets ONE, he better USE IT!

        • RR – You can’t play 57 minutes in a 60-minute game it boils down to that again. When they play to potential, they could probably beat most teams in the NHL unfortunately consistency is not their strong suit which they continue to demonstrate over and over. They had a winning team to start with and have tweeted it to the point where they are now in cap hell with way too many high-priced players. At this point I am not sure they can get out from under as based on the FO not sure that any GM will want to deal with them without Vegas giving an arm and a leg. IMO

          • Original 6

            sure there is and Here how it’s done ✅ Ready. fire De Boer Mc Crimmon and Keep Mc Phee out of contracts . Now u hire Dale Tallon and Joel Quenneville ! Commissioner left door open for Joel to come talk with him to coach again. Hawks Drama with player is over & was mostly FO fault cuz Joel was in stanley Cup finals & was trying to win 1st cup in 50 years vs Fliers. Jets never let GM resign & he was bench coach with Q ! There trade Lehner & Brossoit Get Fleury back to play & school LT !Trade Karlsson keep Dadonov. !

    • Frank

      Yes this…. The team needs to miss playoffs to correct some…. Ahem…. Mistakes…….

      • Oops, I saw a timeout WAS called after Stone went down. PDB must have called it. Gave Stone time to hobble off.

  7. DL

    I believe they mentioned Roy was 3 of 4 previously. Eichel and Theodore didn’t fare any better. Anybody should have been better than a rookie in his 5th game.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ DL
      no. 27 makes same move every time in OT, you would think he would change it up

  8. knights fan in minny

    bring up brisson get his feet wet for a couple of games

    • Blitz

      Their is no cap space to bring him up. No space to fill in for Kolesar either if he is hurt. They will have to bring Cogs in again as a 12th forward.

  9. Galdom

    Why not bring up Brisson. Might as well. Good idea.

    As tough as this loss was it wasn’t at least for me, infuriating like the loss to the Devils. When they lost to the Devils a lot of it had to do with coaching and the terrible decision to start Lehner and his actual performance.

    Yesterdays loss to San Jose did not have anything to do with bad luck or bad decision making. Yesterday’s loss just reinforced to me that this team is just not that good. Yesterday’s loss while frustrating was more acceptance of what they are. If you’re up by two goals against a shitty team at home and in a must win game and can’t hold on then you’re just not that good. I’ve been watching LA and Dallas and they want this. They put in closer to 60 minute efforts than Vegas does. It pains me to say what is true

    • They burn his ELC if they bring him up this year. Best to bring him up in the offseason. There’s no reason to do it right now and burn that.

      • Galdom

        I think a rookie needs to play nine games to burn a year of eligibility from their entry-level contract. I think.

      • Mike StG

        My understanding from Granger is that BB signed a PTO, not a ELC. I was wondering whether a PTO would allow him the option to play with VGK.

        Doesn’t really matter though, because they’ll keep trying to win until the last glimmer of hope is gone. If DAL wins or goes to OT tomorrow that might put the nail in the coffin and they consider it. But even then it’s doubtful.

  10. Galdom

    Further proof that they are not that good is that they are healthier then they have ever been. Reilly Smith is hurt but it doesn’t matter anyways because he will not be on the team next year and you can’t play with a $90 million payroll. Nic Hague is a bottom pairing defenceman that is hurt. Other players that are hurt are a couple of bottom six forwards that are not difference makers.
    Mark Stone is playing. The word is that he hurt himself in the Montreal series and had all summer to recover and still didn’t recover. Will he recover this summer? Their current injury situation at the moment is not debilitating and they can’t be San Jose without Erik Karlsson at home in a must win game. The kings keep knocking teams off in their pursuit of the playoffs without Drew Doughty.

  11. That was an ALREADY defeated team playing last night. They looked like deer in the headlights when Sharks came charging back in 3rd. Eichel was so far off–was he TRYING to play poorly?? Maybe the guys just realized that it was futile at this point….season is over. No excuses for losing like that to the Minnows,I mean Sharks. NONE. Good Grief, we should have run them ragged,, after OUR rest days and Sharks back-to-back games…. NO EXCUSES THIS TIME.

    • Galdom

      Except that they should not have looked like an already defeated team. All they had to do was beat San Jose and take their chances head to head against the Dallas. Be in control of their own fate.

  12. Galdom

    Results oriented business ladies and gentlemen. The hype machine has made most of us think they are better than they are. I don’t know if many of you are UFC fans but they do this all the time, “the hype machine.”

    There was a time where they built Ronda Rousey up where everyone thought that she was unbeatable and can beat half the man on the roster. People believed that. She believed that. She was challenging Floyd Mayweather to a fight. Then it turned out that eventually she couldn’t win anymore against any of the other women.

    This isn’t a Stanley Cup contending hockey team. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was fooled by the hype machine.

    • I was never fooled. Eichel was/is the only legit top tier player on this roster. The rest of them, statistically are not. This team played above their station when they had chemistry, charisma and attitude. That was all shipped out with Gallant, Fleury, Schmidt, Reaves, Perron, Bellamare, Holden, and Nosek.

      • RR – you sound a little like Pete P concerning Eichel – I am not that certain he is that great or as you put it a legit top tier player. Remember they also peddled Lehner as an “elite” goalie and we all know how that has turned out. You seem to be a prove it to me type guy, so I am a little surprised you’re on Eichel’s bandwagon. He hasn’t been the difference maker that PP was promoting so only time (next season) will tell at this juncture.

        • I am only evaluating Eichel in terms of his skating and puck handling ability, which so far is so much better than anyone else on the team. For $10 million, however, he has to put up big numbers in the range of 40+ goals and assists for 80-100 points. He’s certainly NOT shown us that he can do that, yet.

          So, yeah. The jury is still out on Eichel.

          • JoeInHendo

            Eichel’s zero goals and pathetic shoot out effort in a must-win game tells me he’s not worth anywhere near $10 Million. Another extremely expensive McCrimmon whiff.


  14. Galdom

    My last comment. Literally every challenge presented to them last night to salvage two points was a big failure. holding a two-goal lead with two minutes left. actually having a power-play in overtime. Failed Shootout wasn’t great. What did you all think of Jack Eichel’s shoot out attempt. I know what I thought but I can’t find the barf emoji.

  15. DL

    On another frustrating side note, can anyone explain in short all this Lehner talk…season ending surgery, coach doesn’t know, maintenance days, time off for family issues, then he’s on the bench backing up LT. What the Ffff heck is going on?

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ DL- regarding fake report on season ending surgery.
      coach knew, the mob media reporter did NOT KNOW.
      Classic misdirection and gullible fans believed it, despite my pointing out that that report was BULL SHIT. The time line did not confirm that the “coach did not know”. This wasn’t a “coach issue”, it was a FAKE NEWS ISSUE. Get it right.

      • DL

        Fake news? That reached the mothership and other global outlets? That’s quite a feat and what was essentially a horrible prank.

      • That “fake report” came from somewhere and I suspect it was from Lehner himself.

        • THE hockey GOD

          RR if it came from RL himself, how is this FO
          or coach’s fault like everyone was lathering at mouth on over the week end ?

      • VGK Fan


        Turns out the report was correct Iole reported yesterday at 1pm on am 1400 radio yesterday Lehner most likely leaked info he would have surgery because he was pulled form the game after the 1st period.

        With all do respect please don’t kill the messenger. Sometimes where there is smoke there is fire.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    and a miracle was seen on ice last nite. After reported SEASON END SURGERY on RL, he recovered and was actually DRESSED ON THE BENCH. The shredding by the gullible fans on this ‘site’ was laughing stock of the league.

    • Mike StG

      ThG – guess you’re the laughing stock now! 🙂 You spoke too soon and without knowledge. That’s what happens when you ignorantly crap all over the ‘mob media’ and they prove to be right all along. Egg on your face, sir.

      No one ever said RL was having surgery that day. Only that he was having it. It’s likely they had him dress just to avoid the embarrassment that PDB would have suffered if RL wasn’t on the bench last night.

      But let’s be honest, that ploy didn’t fool anybody in the hockey world (except you apparently).


      But, don’t take it too hard man. It’s ONLY A GAME. 🙂

  17. Howard

    When you have 2 games at home against 2 of the worst teams in The NHL and you are fighting for a playoff spot then you only manage to get ONE POINT out of those, you deserve nothing less than to watch the postseason on TV.

    This is what happens when a front office signs everything in site without having the discipline or care to understand The NHL cap. In it’s desire to win, the moronic FO here didn’t understand you need familiarity/chemistry with 4 line depth forechecking/scoring, not top heavy teams.

    As talented as Eichel is, I can now see why his Sabre teams did nothing. Jack lacks something out there.

    Lots of changes coming this off season.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i blame the grape stomper, the FO presents options and path forwards. The Grape Stomper makes the final call/sets policy.

      • knights fan in minny

        your all wound up today thg what will you do when the season is over

  18. Paul

    Should of played Lehner

    • THE hockey GOD

      @PAul, I don’t think it would have mattered, neither goalie
      has played lights out. The coach is at fault for that ? PEople say, they shouldn’t have started RL in last X game(s). I believe last nite’s effort with LT in net proves that it’s not the coach’s fault when either option is let’s say not providing results. Last nite’s game proves that. I’d try to get rid of both goalies and get a no.1 if they can shred Sal Cap. But they don’t have that option. I doubt there will be many major moves in off season. Several minor moves, and ownership / FO will write it off as injury/covid plagued season. They will ride it half way through the next season and re evaluate.

      The irony is that no. 9 is basically their “no. 1 ” draft pick this year, in a year where they will likely have gotten a low number pick due to their not making playoffs! The irony sucks, they could have gotten some one good as this year’s draft is projected to be deep at the top end. Snooze you lose.

    • Paul, I watched the game a 2nd time, and I feel LT played well most all game, up until 3rd and 4th Shark goals…which may not have been all his fault. I still think he was( and is) the right goalie to finish the season.

      • Frank

        Third goal was the one he should have stopped. Beat him clean from almost blueline, no deflection. That gave the sharks hope. 4th was definitely on defense. #7. – if you block a shot, get your whole body infront of it… And Meier was wide open in front, defensive breakdown on the bad deflection/kick off of the boards.

  19. I am going to go back and look, but WHY DIDN’T DEBOER CALL A TIMEOUT AFTER THE 3RD GOAL?

    Also, I am going to look at the game again, but right about the 1:30 mark Ben Hutton skates into the offensive zone and shoots the puck on net from the sideboards turning it over – INSTEAD OF TAKING IT BEHIND THE NET TO KILL CLOCK.

    This team is filled with talent, piss poor coaching.

    Another nail in DeBoer’s coffin. You don’t blow a 2 goal lead with less than 3 minutes left in the game against the Sharks in a must win situation – PERIOD.

    • Howard

      I’m not I’d agree how full of talent this current team is but… I will agree it has enough talent to have comfortably gotton into the postseason.

      I agree, PDB needs to go, but I don’t think any team could take this team to a Cup win, let alone a Cup Final.

      More so than blaming PDB, it’s on the front office here.
      So many uneeded signings that have hamstrined themselves.

      First and foremost, FRONT OFFICE needs the 2 Mc’s gone ASAP.

      In all of this, I see what is happening to team as KARMA – the org deserves this in my strongest opinion

      • GMKM has made this team ALL ABOUT THEM. This is clearly evident. Their hubris and need to feed their own egos about the success of year 1 resulted in the destruction of the team chemistry that they fielded. They now are disgraced owners of a bunch of stars who have zero chemistry and are poorly coached.

        So, yeah, I think this team is getting what it deserves. Foley has a choice. He can either continue down this same failed path or do the right thing for the team and its fan base.

        As a Season Ticket Holder, I am turned off and disappointed. If things don’t change, I am not going to be continuing to purchase season tickets for this hot fucking mess.

        • THE hockey GOD

          RR you have been “turned off” for the past four seasons, nothing new in your post.

        • Original 6

          @Richie Rich. Here’s how u fix hot mess ! sharks fired DeBoer for good reason. & Hawks didn’t keep Lehner with crawford retiring at end of year cuz they new ! McPhee said first year he didn’t want to do contracts like hawks & immediately did them ! NOW THE Solution!! Fire DeBoer & McCrimmon . Hire Dale Tallon & Quenneville! The Commissioner left door open For Q to coach if he came in & talked. Jets GM never left & he was bench coach with Q . Hawks FO was mostly blame cuz Q was literally in Finals vs Fliers and was solely focus on Cup ! Tallon trades Lehner Brossoit gets Fleury back with LT. to school . Trade Karlsson keep Dadonov Fleury plays for less than 7 mil. and there under cap & Now have GM that put HAWKS TOGETHER & Florida with the 2 nd winningest coach ever behind the bench ! Keep McPhee out of the contracts / Foley can make this happen !

          • I would be willing to bet that Fleury would sign for $5 million to mentor/backup Thompson. I would also try to find a way to keep both Dadanov and Karlsson. Centers: 1-Eichel, 2-Stephenson, 3-Karlsson, 4-Roy. Build the wings out from there with 1-Stone/Patches 2-Dadanov/Marchy, 3-Amadio/Howden, 4-Kolesar/Carrier.

            I would like to see Brisson, Rondjberg, Lechyshyn and some others come up to play throughout the season as well. Isaah Saville is the real deal in goal as well and could be the future 1B/2A or used to try and bring in some prospects/pick restoral.

            Dale Tallon & Quenneville? Sure, anything would be better than this shit show we’ve been subjected to. If you cannot beat the Sharks on your home ice in a must win game with a two goal lead in the 3rd period then you should be fired.

          • All you guys can dream all you want that Fleury would ever come back regardless of who (else) is coaching, who is managing and who is playing. It would make for a great story but only more drama from the very onset. He is never again playing FOR Vegas but perhaps IN Vegas only when he dresses in the visitor locker room. I’m sorry but it is a pipe dream, and I don’t know what is in your pipes that you’re all smoking!

      • THE hockey GOD

        @Howard the grape stomper makes policy, and final decisions. The FO merely puts options , a check book, and a pen in front of him. He can opt to NOT sign anything. But he doesn’t understand sports. He made the dumbest over commitment by saying ‘MAF will retire in Vegas”. That is all that needs to be said. CLUELESS grape stomper, must be inebriated on daily basis from his fermented grape juice.

        • Howard

          I agree on Foley and guess what? If he doesn’t make some changes, people will stop showing up to T Mobile, and he will eventually be forced to sell the team.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ Howard, Foley and the VGK will go route of many other has been NHL teams. Take for example The RED WINGS, after the owner died the new owners have not restored the franchise or spent any money at all. Little Ceasars’ pizza is more like 7 11 pizza slices.

            Regina , look out.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @@ RR
      hutton sucks, I have been saying this for a long time. GG blew a three goal lead, the goal at buzzer was a killer.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ RR
      I agree, the team makes very poor on ice decisions, this has happened all season long. Examples from last nite’s game.

      See no. 2 dump a d man into his own goalie, then other team scores a goal with goalie out? See no. 27 wide open on wing, and no. 67 completely ignores him? Lots of poor decisions on ice. Is this the coach’s fault ?

  20. Put this game on the shelf right next to the 5 minute-not-a-major, and the Fleury Blunder. What to call last night’s debacle?

    The DeBoer Lack of Clock Management season ender.

    • THE hockey GOD

      RR not even close to your level of hysteria in comparing to those playoff games , about one order of magnitude less. Those were playoff games, this was not. Plus nothing comes close to MAF’s Billy Buckner’s disaster, nothing. Not this game. SJS scored at the buzzer for all practical purposes.

      Lathering at mouth again. Some levity is needed, your post is way over the top.

    • Duckboy

      DeBoer Clock Block?


      • THE hockey GOD

        the guy is off his rocker dboy, after stone hobbled off a time out was called.

        RR is unhinged , AGAIN.
        MORE COTTON !

  21. It will be 100% more enjoyable to purchase season tickets to watch an excellent Head Coach like Manny and the Silver Knights in their new Dollar Center Stadium.

    • THE hockey GOD

      RR Manny could not run a one armed slot machine, down town, in middle of day, with five keno waitresses helping him.

    • Henderson's Finest

      Unfortunately Manny is out for the remainder of the season on cancer treatments

  22. Blitz

    I said it in-line above but wanted to reiterate here. This is how I understand it, but cap world can be confusing. There is no more cap room to bring any one up. So Brisson cannot just come up for a couple of games. If players are hurt for the next 3 games there is no replacing them. Coghlan is the only available player to fill in for Kolesar or someone else injured. If more than one injured we will play with a short bench.

    Barring a miracle, that we don’t deserve, this season is done anyway.

  23. Here’s what needs to happen for VGK to make it.
    VGK need to go 3-0-0 (96 pts)
    NSH need to go 0-2-1 (95 pts) or worse
    LAK need to go 0-2-0 (96 pts) or worse
    DAL need to go 1-1-1 (96 pts), 0-0-3 (96 pts), or worse

  24. Danny Gallivan

    also needs mentioning that Eichel does not blend well with Stone and Pacioretty. no chemistry between them. and Stone looks like total dogshit right now. the 3rd goal is on him. tipping the puck instead of receiving it and clearing it out properly. and his man scored from the point. then, he blows an empty net that would have sealed a victory. some captain. they lost most of the key games he returned for.

    • THE hockey GOD

      spot on, Stone has a history of choking in big games. He’s a stick man, and he blew it with about the only skill he brings. I expect Eichel to pick it up next year. I ‘d like to see them trade no. 61 and no. 67, as well as get rid of their two goalies. If I were GMGM that is what I would opt for. But two out of those three have no trade clauses. I would keep no. 9 and try to get a couple of speedy forwards on his line. No. 61 and no 67 are slower than molasses at midnight, in the outhouse, on new year’s eve

      • VGK Fan


        Stone has averaged a point a game over the last 5 years and Patches has averaged a point a game over the last 3 years if they can get healthy next season I would not want to move them. But I agree with you if they aren’t healthy.

    • Laying on the puck also caused a stoppage in play when at least 5 to 10 more seconds could have been burned off the clock.

    • VGK Fan


      Stone is clearly injured and most likely shouldn’t even be in the lineup. Just my opinion but in his condition they just might be better with a Henderson call up.

  25. Danny Gallivan

    Eichel needs to work on his slap shot from the left circle. be more like Stamkos or Ovie in that spot. one time shots to beat the goalie. instead, right now he just holds onto the puck, hesitates, then if he does shoot, it is a wrist shot taken after all of the opponent defenders and goalie have already gotten into position.

    the PP and his goal totals and the team win totals would go up dramatically if he was a one time slapper threat from the left circle.

    then, after the opponents start overplaying that shot, he could pass back across like Tampa does, and the Vgk score either way.

    • We need a different coach, His overall record here is good but he fails at key moments including the PP. Eichel needs at least one linemate with whom he has chemistry. At BUF wasn’t it Skinner and/or Kane? Not sure.

  26. SUMMARY OF THE FINAL 3:30 seconds of last nights debacle.

    After the 3rd Sharks goal, where was the timeout? Better yet, with about 3 minutes left where was the shift in game strategy to burn clock? There was ample time during this period for DeBoer to adjust the game plan to burn clock. He didn’t do it. Here’s a painful summary of the final 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

    With 3:30 left in the 3rd period the VGK is up 4-2 and Thompson just made “the save of the game”.

    At 2:53 Amadio takes the puck into the offensive zone and instead of taking the puck to the back of the net he throws a shot on goal (or tries to feed it across to the front of the goal) from a poor angle. It’s stopped and the Sharks take control of the puck the other way. The score is still 4-2 and this was the first lost opportunity to burn more clock. Why not skate the puck to the back of the net and hold it?

    Reimer goes to the bench at about 2:10 remaining in the 3rd period with VGK still up 4-2.

    Bonino scores the 3rd goal at 2:06. Clearing attempt by Whitecloud intercepted by Bonino right before the shot. Whitecloud had clear control of the puck with no one on him. Why not skate with it? Why not toss it out to the red line? Whitecloud actually had 2 chances to clear the puck down the ice. The first time at about 2:12 is intercepted at mid-ice and sent back in. It’s Whitecloud’s second attempt to clear that Bonino scores on.

    At 2:00 the faceoff is won and sent into the Sharks zone by McNabb, Reimer is back in net. Offsides VGK.

    1:40 remaining. Faceoff won by VGK again and flipped to the backboards by Karlsson, Reimer is net. Sharks gain control and flip it out, hand pass by the Sharks stops play.

    1:40 Faceoff in the VGK zone, Eichel line is on the ice with McNabb & Petro (D). Puck is flipped out to the Sharks zone, Patches chasing. Patches almost steals at 1:27 but Sharks regain control and head up the ice.

    1:20 puck is lifted into the VGK zone behind the goal.

    1:10 Logan makes a great save, puck is pushed out to the blue line to the right of Logan at the Boards. Patches is there defending. Couture sends it around the boards but it goes out of the zone to Burns at the red line, Stone chasing.

    56.5 McNabb has a pass bounce off his stick and Sharks get a shot on goal, save Thompson.

    51.8 Burns shot from the left by Burns sent wide to the right of Thompson.

    47.4 Karlsson steers the puck out of the zone to Stone who hits the right post. With Stone lying on the puck the refs blow the play dead at 40.1. Had he kept his feet, possibly could have burned more clock here. Stone clearly says “Fuck me”.

    40.1 Face off in Sharks Zone. Eichel wins the draw. Instead of controlling the puck Petro takes a long shot on goal from the blue line! Puck is lofted to the VGK end where Petro is in control of the puck with 31.3 seconds left.

    31.3 puck is deep in the Sharks zone The last 30 seconds is all Sharks, shots being made from all over the ice.

    I think you can point to poor clearing attempts by WhiteCloud, bad luck for Stone, maybe Stone not lying on the puck stopping the clock and the poor decision by Petro to take a blue line shot on goal at 40.1 instead of trying to burn clock for this disaster.

    • Howard

      The entirety of your post Richie-Rich clearly indicates poor coaching by PDB, so he needs to go.

      Petro, LOLOL, what a poor signing for the money he’s getting. I was against it at the time, but KM is a childish egomaniac so it was expected.

      VGK needs to clean house from coach to front office.

    • THE hockey GOD

      RR the entirety of your post blames one player after another after another after another for poor execution; seems to be a player issue. Poor on ice recognition, is this a coach’s problem or a player problem ? It has been going on all year. Maybe their skill level and hockey acumen level isn’t there? Maybe they are mentally “worn out”? Or past their prime, or just plain not good enough. Don’t you think the coaches addressed this issue? IF so, it’s a player execution problem. Been going on for more than one game.

      • I would definitely blame WhiteCloud for failing to clear twice. But the shots taken by Petro at the 30 second mark and the one earlier by Amadio were uncalled for. The play should have been to forecheck hard and to keep the puck in the San Jose end. I saw none of that from a game strategy perspective at all, and that’s on the Head Coach – including failing to call a timeout to change the momentum when the Sharks scored that 3rd goal.

    • RR – STONE MISSING THE EMPTY NET WAS THE KILLER. These guys are incapable of sitting on a lead. That miss could very well be the end of season for knights . As much as l would like to see them make the playoff it would appear unlikely. Missing the playoffs could be considered a blessing in disguise. From a fan’s point of view looking at the money you save. Hopefully Foley says enough is enough with these guys and takes the necessary steps to right the ship.

    • RR,

      You left out maybe the most important part with just under 40 seconds left #71 has his stick slashed causing him to lose the puck. Burns who slashed stick later gets an assist on the goal instead of being in the penalty box. I was one of the 18,000 in attendance who noticed it. Everyone in the arena noticed it, Lawless pointed it out later after the game.

  27. Pistol Pete

    I want to say Hague is better than Hutton. Hutton’s career +/- sucks Hague’s does not. Hague is bigger and slower but defends better and generates more points. Hutton is signed for two more seasons at $850k….fine as a 7th D.

  28. Galdom

    People, forget about Robin Lehner for a second because he wasn’t playing and whenever he has he’s made the team worse lately.

    Can we all agree that they’re just not that good? With or without Lehner. LA and Dallas are rolling along doing what they got to do.

    You guys realize that the worst teams in the league put up good performances now and then. The Ottawa’s, Arizona’s, and Chicago’s have beaten teams like Florida and Colorado this year. They just don’t do it consistently which is why they are bottom feeding teams.

    It’s all well and good that Vegas slaughtered Nashville a few weeks back and recently beat up on Calgary but they don’t do it consistently. Why? Because they’re not that good. If they were good they wouldn’t just give away points in the standings like they have been doing. Let’s not forget they barely beat Chicago recently. They were down 3-0. Again, sounding like a broken record. It’s because they’re not that good.

    I can’t member which poster said this but someone had mentioned that if Vegas comes back fully healthy next year they will probably make the playoffs and finish anywhere from 6th to 9th in the Western Conference. I agree with that. Let’s not forget Dadonov and Smith should be gone to become cap compliant.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Galdom, neither goalie exudes confidence at this point. LT and RL, both the same, with different initials. LT didn’t get job done last nite. I don’t think either one matters at this point.

      • JoeInHendo

        RT and LT aren’t about the same right now. LT’s recent play (last 3 minutes of 3rd period last night not withstanding) is the only reason VGK had / has a shot at the playoffs and LT costs over $ 4 Million LESS than RL without the off-ice issues. So RL, DeBoer, and McCrimmon should be gone next season and let’s watch as LT probably grows into a great goalie. We already know the expensive disappointment RL brings wherever he goes.

        • THE hockey GOD

          did you miss last nite’s game?
          were you in a coma ?

          Did you miss LT’s games earlier in season ?

          WAKE UP JOE, someone get the smelling salts.

          BTW who brought in LT? McCrimmon ? Yeah, you CAN NOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. Another blathering hysterical lunatic with rabies coming out of the moutn.

          • JoeInHendo

            Did you even bother reading my post? I wrote other than 3 bad minutes at the end of the 3rd period, LT was having a solid game (unless it’s my imagination VGK was up 4-2 with less that 3 minutes left?) . First goal against him was borderline goalie interference but not challenged. Other than Eichel, VGK was playing better in front of LT then they generally do for RL (as I’ve often pointed out) for all but the last 3 minutes as well. VGK had that game, but the Sharks curse once again got them. You like to over-complicate a simple sport. And I don’t even know how to respond to your strange assertion that I can’t like LT since McCrimmon brought him in if I want McC gone. Of course McC brought LT in, that’s what GM’s do lol! Likewise, if there’s any VGK player you want to get rid of, you can’t have that opinion, because you want McC to stay. So, touché…right back at ya big guy! A lot of your opinions have valid points, but with counter arguments like that, it’s no wonder why the majority of the posters here ignore you . BTW, I still think you’re Robin Lehner incognito hahaha.

    • Howard

      “LA and Dallas are rolling along doing what they got to do.”

      LA yes err Dallas? NO! Stars have been terrible lately.

  29. Galdom

    For those who were watching on TV who found it hilarious how the home commentators were playing down that Stone looked like he was in extreme pain when Brent Burns was sitting on him for about a half hour. Dave Goucher was saying he looks fine while Stone was wincing in pain.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Galdom what makes me wince is when no. 81 smacks no. 9 in back on neck every time he scores a goal. Add no. 81 to another VGK that has value and can be traded for a better asset. A loud mouth, hot tempered, player. Did he show up last nite?

      • knights fan in minny

        who do you want on this team since you hate everyone on the team

  30. It’s fair to find solace in the injury days and that no team made the postseason with this many. Even w/o Eichel’s it’s a lot. Even 400+ only four teams made it.

    DeBoer and his staff deserve credit for making the most of the injuries. DeBoer’s overall record remains excellent. He screwed up this game though by not managing it correctly after goal #3 and by starting Lehner vs. NJ. Two of the most crtitical down the stretch and he should have won both. I don’t think Stone is good enough right now for a postseason run anyways.

    No chemistry for Eichel on his lines but that will change next season imo.

    DeBoer has to answer for the PP and I don’t care for how he relates to his goalies. It’s time for a change.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “starting Lehner vs. NJ.” It didn’t matter, LT would not have done better. Last nite’s game shows that. Neither goalie exudes any level of confidence.

      • We’ll never know how LT would have done except I doubt he allows goal #3 for sure and probably not #2. You can never say for sure obviously. It assumes all the same sequences with different goalie, doesn’t happen.

  31. Patch looked decent last night. He’s not exactly slow either. May be best just to ride him out next season instead of replacing him someone like Forsberg for a higher salary. He would be hard to move anyways–too expensive. I know, there I go again shiny toys but Eihel needs wingers who can skate with him. I would like to see them at least bring Brisson over for a practice. That’s really a long shot this early in his development.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Eihel needs wingers who can skate with him” stop reading my posts.


  32. I don’t understand that people can’t get off the Gallant train. Season 2 and 3 sucked with him. Left it all up to the players to figure it out—“the players work for eachother”—not enough on-ice strategy. That worked great the first season having a lot to do with the team rallying behind the city following the shooting and city got getting behind them big time and it was beautiful. Vegas’ first major pro team— it all fit.

    Fortunately the fan support is still there at least for the foreseeable future. I believe fans still appreciate what the Knights have done for the city.

    • THE hockey GOD

      the only thing I liked about GG was that he hated Russian players.

      he’s a goon coach, getting that goon on his new team, loud mouth smack talker, says it all about his style of coaching.


      • Blitz

        So you mean entertaining hockey? Cause it was a fuck load more entertaining back in the day. Vegas used to throw people around, hits, tussles, etc. Now it’s just twinkle toes bullshit. Jesus, there was like one decent hit last night and maybe not even one for several games before that. It’s now to the point that if mcnabb does a hip check it makes the papers. When was the last one of those from Mcnabb, btw? Only hip checking now is these old ass players literally checking their hips. Gallant is the fucking man!

    • Gallant seasons 2 and 3:

      67-51-13 (3 games over .500)

      Season 1:

      51-24-7 (20 games over .500)

      • McPhee looked at blowing the SJ series and the continuing doldrums the first 49 games of season 3 and made the right call. Jmho.

        • So McCrimmon was GM at the time of the Gallant firing (appointed 5/2/19). My assumption, a reasonable one imo, is that McPhee figured heavily in the decision.

          • THE hockey GOD

            PP good thing the grape stomper didn’t put his foot in his mouth and say GG would retire in Vegas.

            MAROOOOOOON !!

      • PP,

        Since you like facts GG never missed the playoffs and made the SCF!

        Lets try to keep it positive!

      • VGK Fan


        I don’t understand your hate for GG try to stay positive.

  33. Henderson One

    Many have said that the VGK have lost to inferior teams in the Coyotes, Devils and Sharks. If you look at it another way, maybe the Coyotes, Devils and Sharks beat an inferior team.

    The VGK are a highly paid, overrated, poorly coached and poorly motivated team that lacks any team chemistry. A total overhaul is required to begin a rebuild from he front office to the coaching staff to many of the players.

    It will be a challenge to rebuild this team. Foley will only move when he sees money disappearing. It will happen first in the purchase of merchandise and then in season ticket holders. He should hope that the NBA doesn’t arrive or that UNLV actually has a competitive basketball team that is able to reach the NCAA tournament. Competition for the sports dollar is here with the Raiders and more is coming. Foley needs to act now if he is the smart business man he has been portrayed to be. Should be a lot of drama for awhile. If there is no action by the VGK the Raiders will completely take over the sports headlines in LV.

    • Another series of dire predictions a number of us do not sympathize with.

    • While I don’t agree that they lost to inferior teams, the fact remains that the roster turnover was too much. Key players like Fleury, Schmidt, Reaves, Nosek and Holden should have been retained in lieu of Lehner, Hague, Coghlan and Hutton.

    • Duckboy

      The raiders ….rofl

      The worst run team in Las Vegas ( and the nfl) are not even close to supplanting the knights

      That says something given my view on the fo of the knights

    • Henderson One,

      As a STH for the past 4 years I can certainly attest to fact that the fan base has changed. In prior years after the last game of the season fans would stick around to cheer VGK on out of respect. After last nights game the fans just left and did not stick around to cheer at all. Some people refuse to see what is actually going on but there is a disconnect right or wrong.

      • Henderson One

        VGK Fan, you are correct. I was there last night and saw 7/8 of fans at T-Mobile leave immediately after the game. That s**t show after the game was remarkable. Two awards given one to Stone and one to Dad. Then “off the back” player sweaters were given to fans (Don’t know how they were selected). Tough to have a celebration after the loss that just occurred. FO did not plan for the loss and the follow on ceremony. Fans leaving was one indication of what is to come if there are not drastic changes to FO and coaching staff.

      • Tyler Durden

        The idiot fan base was leaving early in Game 5 of the finals year one. I was there.
        (STH for 3 years) What idiot leaves and doesn’t get to see the greatest trophy in sports get awarded and skated around the ice?
        VGK fans, and they haven’t got smarter in 4 years.
        Between that and incompetent FO, this organization is a clown show.

  34. R-R, as for your analysis beginning around 3:30 I don’t disagree it was not properly managed by the coach, however the biggest event imo is Stone missing that open net. Whether it was because Stone is not 100% or just bad luck that what is blew the game.

    And what about Burns falling on Stone and pinning him for the whistle with like 40 sec. left. That should not be delay of game?

    Not exactly good luck for the VGK with the spray and pray by Burns deflecting off Petro’s glove over to Meier for the open net. There was also a blatant slashing of Karlsson by Burns that was not called sometime earlier that would have given the VGK another PP.

    Thompson was decent imo with only goal #3 being highly defendable assuming he was not screened.

  35. Tim

    There was a time the Knights had a home ice advantage but those days are over. All we have now is the curse of Gallant and Fleury to haunt us. Bad choices have been made and we need a new GM to sort things out. After that a new coach and I’ve suggested all year Joel Quenneville 3 time Stanley Cup winner would be a perfect choice to right the ship. The players would respect him and revamp the team and work for next year. Bring some excitement back to T-Moble or stand pat and fall father down the pecking order. What do you think Bill were both 77 and running out of time it’s now or never.

  36. knights fan in minny

    the fragile walrus is having surgery now just reported minutes ago

  37. If by the curse of Gallant you mean he never shoukd have been fired, you know I don’t agree. I intrigued by your idea on Joel Quenneville though. He looks really good.

  38. My dream line Pacioretty/Eichel/Stone so far has not materialized lol. He went back to the Stephenson line for those two including starting that way for this game. In the third period he put Karlsson and Marchessault back with Eichel (no sense having Karlsson on the wing). Finding wingers for Eichel is a major concern. Any ideas for the rebuild? You have to begin by building around Eichel.

    • PP,

      I’m not sure if you are serious about your dream line but #61 is clearly playing injured and doesn’t belong on the same line as #9 with his current health. You have to give DeBoer credit for not putting them on the same line.

  39. THE hockey GOD

    Robin Lehner will undergo shoulder surgery and he will miss the remainder of the 2021-22 season.
    Lehner tried to battle through the injury, which he sustained February 9, and the team was hopeful that rest and rehab would allow him to complete the season. He had been absent from practices for maintenance purposes last week amid reports that he was going to have season-ending surgery. Lehner was in the lineup as the backup netminder on Sunday, but now Jiri Petera will rejoin the team to serve as Logan Thompson’s understudy.

    Wow, that is an excuse for poor play if I ever heard of one. JP h as been playing well in HSK.

    First knee surgery on FRIDAY, now this. HE is a warrior and gamer that is for sure.

    At least this reporter got the right body part this time. And it’s official, not fake news from that ESPN dipshit rumor monger POS.

  40. From

    Thompson is 9-5-1 with a 2.64 goals-against average, .917 save percentage and one shutout in 16 games (14 starts). Lehner is 23-17-2 with a 2.83 GAA, .907 save percentage and one shutout in 44 games. He started six of Vegas’ eight games since returning to the lineup April 3 after missing 12 games with a lower-body injury, and was pulled after the first period of a 4-3 win against the Washington Capitals on April 20 after allowing one goal on 13 shots.

    “The decision to start [Lehner] … we pay him to start games like this,” DeBoer said. “It’s the most important time of the year. He’s healthy, he’s fresh. He’s got a lot of energy and we need him at this point of the year. I think after that New Jersey game (25 saves in 3-2 loss Monday), I felt like I wanted to give him the opportunity to bounce back and have a big game for us.

    “In my conversations with Robin and everyone involved, there’s been nothing physically that can keep him from performing for us. There has been no red flags. Nobody is healthy 82 games in. Everybody needs something. … As far as my knowledge goes, and that’s personal conversations with the player, it has not been a play issue. I’m not a doctor. It’s either he can play or can’t play.”

    • Henderson Knights

      “we pay him to start games like this,” DeBoer said. “I wanted to give him the opportunity to bounce back”

      hey DeBORE, it’s not your effin’ job to play guys according to their pay scale. or their bounce back bullshit… is your job to WIN, period. and you blew that by starting RL in games that he lost at home to a shit team.

      now I hope all 3 of you are gone next year….. the trifecta to get rid of PDB, RL, and KM

      • JoeInHendo

        Just proves my point about what an incompetent fraud, perhaps even liar, DeBoer is. Hey Pete, if your excuse is starting your highest paid goalie, then why did Lehner at $5 Million steal starts from Fleury at $7 Million when RL didn’t earn said starts?

      • Galdom

        You are correct Henderson Knights.

  41. What is all this bull shit about next year – none of us I repeat none of us have a clue as to what is going to take place – wouldn’t we all be shocked if the stars (not Dallas) aligned, and they still made the playoffs – not that I think it will happen, as it is about as farfetched as worrying about what next year will look like at this moment. Just saying to get everyone heart going – I think Smith will still be around as he adds more to the team than just ice time. As I recall he has nearly as many goals as patch and others. I do think Foley will be making some changes assuming of course he can find people who want to come here – as credibility and integrity seem to be an issue. Let’s beat Dallas just to make it interesting.

  42. Galdom


    So now the team sends out a tweet that Robin Lehner is going to officially have season-ending surgery.


    Shame on the person who mentioned that “a female reporter got it wrong.”

    Her name is Emily Sadler and she works for ESPN and she also broke the Jack Eichel trade. She’s very good at her job

  43. Galdom

    Get ready for it but management can probably change their mind again tomorrow and lie again and say that Lehner is “fully healthy and full of energy” and will be the back up against Dallas.

  44. Whitecloud had a very poor 3rd period against the Sharks. His passing and clearing attempts were putrid. He’s got to clean that up and make better decisions.

  45. I know Pistol Pete was very high on the Eichel trade. I was worried about his health. So far, the health issues have not been a problem. I am sure PP is wondering when Eichel is going to start bringing in the W’s. The roster has been pretty much at full strength now for a week or so. Carrier is back, but Kolesar may be out. Hague is still not back yet either.

    To tell you the truth, I expected much more out of Eichel the past few weeks. He’s not delivered. Part of the problem is Stone and Patches coming off of injuries. Patches looks like he’s back to 100%, but Stone is definitely still off his game.

    • Galdom

      I have been a little disappointed in Jack Eichel but will truly judge him starting next season.

      William Nylander of the Maple leafs once sat out half a season because of a contract dispute and had a terrible half season. I guess it’s not helpful when you miss training camp and try to catch up. maybe we see the true Joe Eichel next year.

      • Frank

        This is the problem I have with Eichel. He has all the skill in the world. You can see it visibly when he is skating and handling the puck – simply better than anyone else we have on the roster. Huge concern: Attitude and effort. Honestly he was non-existent in the game vs San Jose and looked like he was mailing it in at times. Example: the shoot out attempt for the player of his caliber was piss poor. His body language and demeanor on ice if things are not going his way are not good. There seems to be no chemistry either with line mates, even though de Boer has tried multiple combinations. Based on this small sample size – he is not the right guy to pay $10 million a season to. He could come out next year lights out, but not holding my breath based on what I have observed thus far.

  46. Galdom

    Hey pistol Pete, I know you are a little hesitant to call the front office for what they are which is a bunch of lying cocksuckers. You are try big to put fault on Lehner and you wanted Ken to get to the bottom of it before you commented on it more. You seem to really respect what Ken has to say. Well if you get a chance to listen to his latest Twitter space podcast he is basically and I am paraphrasing here calling the front office a bunch of liars it’s suggesting that they have completely 100% screwed over Robin Lehner. Also feels like they tried to pull a fast one and move Evgenii Dadonov even though he has a no trade clause. This is also what I suspected because the front office just lies about everything.

    And I know what you’re gonna say pistol Pete, that we should be thankful for the first four years blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    No one here said they’re not thankful but we’re not living in the past four years we’re living now where again the front office is a bunch of LYING COCKSUCKERS!!!

    • VGK Fan


      I really enjoyed your post. Many of your comments reflect how a lot of fans throughout the NHL see this organizations management. As for Foley I do appreciate the fact he is willing to spend above the cap to bring a winner to VGK.

      I realized along time ago Pistol Pete is a cheerleader for management who likes to take shots at GG.

      • Galdom

        Thanks, I think a lot of us are very frustrated with what is going on and that is due to really loving the team.

  47. Tim

    For all the Gerard Gallant haters he’s a finalist for the Jack Adams award for coach of the year. We gave up on him for Pete DeBoer our enemy or rival from San Jose who Gallant once called a clown. The Rangers aren’t playing to bad are they? Next we have Fleury the face of the franchise and like Gallant was abruptly shown the door. Obviously now like the lies about Lehner and his condition is he hurt isn’t he hurt and DeBoer lying has just set the tone for a team with no honor or regards to there players or fans.

    • Blitz

      Agree. As far as the lying portion of it. Deboer has been lying to us for a long time. Most people call it coaches speak etc, but telling us that Patches is a game time decision for a month (maybe over a month) last year when it was clear he wasn’t close to playing, is bullshit. If you don’t want to talk about it, you simply say “I am not going to discuss Patches injuries at this time”. You don’t just lie every day for a month plus. Now as a fan, I am not entitled to shit, I get it, but if you want my business, you want me to buy the shit, go to the shit, watch games for tv revenue etc, and generally be a dedicated fan, don’t lie to me.

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