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Recap: It didn’t take long for the Golden Knights to get on the board as Keegan Kolesar fired home a nifty feed from Brett Howden. Vegas got numerous odd-man breaks through the rest of the 1st but couldn’t extend the lead past 1-0.

San Jose answered back early in the 2nd, but the Golden Knights responded with a classic Misfit Line transition goal by Reilly Smith. After two, VGK had only conceded 10 shots on goal.

Smith tacked on another one early in the 3rd on a beautiful play from Jonathan Marchessault and William Karlsson. From there, the Golden Knights clamped down on defense allowing almost nothing of danger the rest of the period.

The Golden Knights win their 30th of the season and earn Pete DeBoer his 500th career victory pushing their record to 30-20-4. Next up is an Eastern Conference foe, the Boston Bruins. Puck drop at T-Mobile Arena on Thursday is at 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis:  San Jose is terrible. VGK baited them into giving up transition chances all night, and the Sharks obliged. I still wouldn’t say Vegas has broken out of their scoring funk, but they finished enough to win this game. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Misfits vs Pacific: Still ridiculous

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Karlsson
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Reilly Smith


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  1. I dare say that the Coyotes are a better team than the Sharks right now.

    My 3 stars are the same, but give a 1/2 moon to Kolesar for finally hitting the net.

    Lehner wasn’t tested at all.

  2. The big Zzzzz

    SJ Sharks are the ultimate slump busters

  3. Blitz

    Old “Keegal” really tightened his game up.

  4. DL

    Wish they could play all 82 vs the Sharts.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Us Monday morning experts can expound
    all we can about how ARI, SJS, MTL, SEA, NJD, CHI, OTT, BUF and PHI suck and who is the absolute worst. but one thing these coaches know is that if they don’t defend they can get beat any night. VGK defended well for 59 min. vs. COL and defended well tonight. Yes, have to score PP goals, especially in the postseason.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Eichel needs to start hitting the corners he’s always going for. I’ve seen him practice. He hits a lot of iron.

  7. Frank

    Eichel definitely not there yet. Dadonov needs to take a shot or two. Misfit line rules the day. Lehner…. Meh. Sharks suck. Knights need a healthy pacioretty and stone to compete with the likes of COL.

  8. Daryl

    It wasn’t the prettiest game, playing against their backup goalie and a team with the most rookies, but it was a win, and that’s all that matters right now. What worries me is VGK lack of scoring in sustained offensive zone coverage. VGK looked good in transition and not so good in offensive zone pressure.

  9. À WIN, even against the lowly Sharks, is a relief. The team played well, and didn’t give the Sharks many scoring opportunities. Nice to see the Misfits scoring together! The team kept their cool, played focused– no sloppy turnovers leading to Shark goals. Easy WIN..on to tougher competition…

  10. THE hockey GOD

    Pundits on both networks kept reiterating getting back into playing rhythm after February stop and go schedule and number of players out of line up; something that has been repeated here on this forum for those sophisticated fans who “get it’.

    March has an uncanny number of games in short period of time; lets’ see how the VGK comes together. Bruins will be a tell.

    • Daryl

      I guess if you say something 2 or 3 times it’s reiterating? They talked about it as many times as they talked about SJS playing with the most rookies and without their 2 defenseman. One of their comments came at the beginning of the game when they were repeating what PDB said.

      Keep the excuses coming

      • THE hockey GOD

        Actually it was said by more than 3 times, and across a variety
        of networks, which you hillbillies don’t get. And even if you did you couldn’t wrap your brain around it, because you don’t have one. Your posts prove you have zero hockey acumen. That is big word, go look it up. Take your time. See you in about five years.

        Only excuse here is your poor excuse of being a stalker and a moron.

        • Daryl

          I think you took too many pucks off the head as you were pretending to be a goalie

          All I hear from you are excuses excuses excuses

          • THE hockey GOD

            *** loser stalker from mayberry RFD, Gomer is his real name^^^

          • Daryl

            Thanks for the insults… That’s what you do best. You should stick to that instead of hockey

  11. Arnold Rothstein



    INSIDE STORY: Haula and Nosek BACK IN TOWN.

    GAME LINE: rising Bruins crush rising KINGS in 7 – 0 in LA on Monday and fall to DUCKS on let down and back to back last night 4-3 in last minute of play on cheap penalty call (normally NHL “officials” swallow their whistles in third period in close game). Expect a bounce from Bruins.

    HOME TEAM: VGK experiencing franchise first string of injuries, never seen before forcing strong coaching staff to adapt as the organization and fledgling fan base are trying to comprehend and emotional handle the situation. Almost every single player except for McNab has been out of line up at one point or another during the season. That is an incredible amount of adversity to manage. Their top offensive minded players have been out for an extended amount of time. That includes Stone, Max Patch, and Marty. The organization does not have the depth to replace the scoring lost. Despite the addition of Jack Eichel, the team is still down three to one. That is a big dent in the line up. They are struggling to consistently put the puck in net. The coaches have instituted a defensive style of play to try to keep scores low because the team can not afford to “run and gun” against the top teams in league. The last three games indicate that the team has trouble scoring goals and only way to win is play a strong defensive structure for 60 minutes. Goal tending has been strong for the most part. Special teams are in the middle of road, for the team to win they must demonstrate a strong PENALTY KILL. PK is the key to lack of power play. Statistically if you can keep the other team from scoring a PP goal then your odds of winning game increase.

    Look for bounce from Bruins, a team playing on uptrend right now. The Bruins play against the Sharks, Kings, and Ducks indicate that the Pacific Division is weak to middling at the most. Which means a little effort by VGK could put them back into second place even though three point jumps are hard this time of season because MARCH VGK plays 15 games with ONLY TWO (LA AND DUCKS) against division rivals.

    ARNOLD the HOCKEY BRAIN and oddsmaster signing off

    PS so far we only lost two units out of 30 this whole NHL season on VGK plays. No ego, just FACTS

    • Daryl

      A tually, they are down 2 to 1… They would have had to trade a top player or multiple lower players in order to play Eichel. And there are numerous teams, like the Pens, who have been out a number of star players and have still played well, while playing in better divisions

      • Arnold Rothstein

        the PENS are far far far far far down on list in man games lost,

        you seem to post a lot of garbage all the time.

        Man games include more that “star players”


        Arnold the bRAIn calling out the
        stalker idiot on this board.

        • knights fan in minny

          arnie your so bitter

        • Daryl

          How far down the list are they???? You come in here and talk about lines and this and that even though most of the time it’s after the games are played.

          You are in the same line as thg… Both if you with this self ego calling yourselves these idiotic names trying to convince others you are so smart. And uts sad you have to take after another old person who’s losing his mind and calling someone a stalker. Is that really the best you got?

          Let’s hear more excuses? Instead I’d the coach manning up and just saying we aren’t playing very good right now, he has to throw out injuries, inhuries that every team has. Wasn’t SJS just without 3 main starters? I didn’t hear their announcers crying about being down 3 players as a reason they aren’t very good

          • THE hockey GOD

            boy simple concepts elude Gomer, ARnold.

            Vegas has to date over 300 man games lost, Pens and SJS slightly over 200. That is a huge difference. It’s not about one or two players, it’s called MAN GAMES. Not STAR PlAYERS lost.

            Get a clue, let me help. The first step out of hillbilly hell is putting on a pair of shoes. Now what is difference between a hillbilly and a redneck ?

          • Daryl

            How many of those games were Eichel? And again, when a player is out long term like Martinez, you can’t keep using a player being out as to why the team isn’t able to gel with one another as everyone has had time to get used to each other.

            Keep the excuses….. And the name calling, coming

  12. Tim

    Well the good news is we beat a helpless team the bad news is I of little faith go into every game as a 50/50 chance at best. After the Chicago and Arizona debacle I have zero confidence that any said game can be put in the win column. Stanley Cup I think trying to make the playoffs will be hard enough. The irony of all this we may be the 8th team in which means one versus eight would match us up against Colorado in the first round. Now that would be a kick in the ass.

    • THE hockey GOD

      good don’t get your hopes too high
      because the the large fall will dent your head.

      how about red wing game !

      EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND= classic Mickey Redmond line with OT winner. Classic. Now there is an organization with real fans, great broadcast team. Ozzie ice shack is great. Maybe VGK could have something , call it Reeves Hooker Ho Shack and dress it up with tatted white trash wearing Tilted Kilt outfits serving hot wings and BS during intermission. Sure would beat the lousy show they have now.

      PS the “pundits” are giving Eichel ten games to get ‘game ready” (sort of puts those clueless posters here to shame who say otherwise. Owners will be served smelling salts until ten games come. Hopefully he doesn’t get hurt from coming back too early.

  13. B-Rad-Lee

    This is why you can’t break up the Misfits.

  14. Galdom

    Darryl I do think the Vegas injuries are pretty significant because they are to some top-flight players. I think mentioning that is not a weak excuse. The Pittsburgh Penguins have been a bit of an anomaly the way they have played this year through injuries. They deserve a lot of credit for that. I think Mark Stone, Max Pacioretty and Alec Martinez missing virtually the entire season is enough of a valid excuse for the VGK to not be the Pacific division regular season champions. I do think they should definitely make the playoffs even with those three players out.

    • Daryl

      I agree 100%…im not making light of the injuries. My points are the players not gelling because of injuries which I completely disagree… And I say that because, like you said, these players have been out for awhile which has given them plenty of time to get used to playing with other players. By no means am I making light of injuries in general

      • I understand the injuries. What I completely do not understand is the constant tweaking of the lines and the roster, and that is exactly the point Daryl is trying to make…….

        -How many times did DeBoering break up the misfit line only to realize that was stupid?

        – How many times has DeBoering put #55 on the top line when he knows that is the dumbest place to put him?

        – How about the constant experimenting with Rondjberg, Lechyshyn & Miromanov? Make a damn decision already and let these guys at least try to play for a week or two together!

        – Stephenson has been on line 1, line 2, and line 3. Why not line 4 DeBoer?

        There’s no rhyme, no reason and no stability. Yet, somehow we are still in playoff contention (barely), which I find to be pretty lucky.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ignore gomer , he talks out of two side of his mouth; makes things up that don’t make sense. And when you try and explain things to him he just doesn’t get it. His latest lie “players out too long”. The VGK have had over 300 man games with varying lengths. From Covid to bone breaks.. He’s clueless. He makes up more excuses than anything one else, and then says others make up excuses. What a hypocrite !

      • Daryl

        Hey everyone, it looks like I have a stalker now. I wonder if I should start calling him Gomer as well? Maybe I should start calling him other names and telling him he didn’t know anything about hockey because e doesn’t agree with me. He is such a hypocrite. I’ve never seen anyone make so much stuff up

  15. Perhaps Kolesar is becoming a finisher after all fulfilling the coaching staff’s conviction of him becoming a scoring power forward and he’s still just 24 turning 25 next month. Just a beautiful release on that goal. I’ve watched him in practice–his sniping is improving.

    • Daryl

      He’s has a good release, I’ve watched Sestak of his shorts… His release is not the problem, it’s hitting the back of the net. And scoring on a bsckup AHL goalie doesn’t mean he found his way.

      But you never know, something could have clicked and he could have figured it out. It would be nice. I was all about him replacing Reaves at the time

    • Kolesar has 6 goals amd 12 assists this season, 53 games. The good news is he hasn’t been injured. What I find unforgivable is DeBoer putting Kolesar on the top line. He’s a 4th liner, period. And that is where he should stay until some real improvement is shown.

      • Daryl

        How dare you question the great PDB. You know that is not allowed on this site

  16. Pistol Pete you are awesome and the epitome of positive thinking in regards to Keegan Kolesar. Lets hope so! He was Matt Barzal’s right winger in junior with the Seattle Thunderbirds and scored alot of goals. Even if that doesn’t translate I still see a useful 4th line role in his future.

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