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Recap:  The Golden Knights fell behind early when the Seattle Kraken scored on their first power play of the game. Alex Pietrangelo tied the game off a point shot under :30 left in the opening period. After 20 minutes the game was knotted up 1-1.

Both offenses were quiet for 19 minutes of the middle frame when the scoring picked up. Seattle took the lead :31 seconds remaining but Vegas came back and tied the game :15 seconds later.

Shea Theodore broke the tie immediately to start the 3rd period for the Goldren Knights. Less than a minute later Reilly Smith scored Vegas’ first home power play goal of the young season. Seattle pulled their goaltender with close to three minutes left but Robin Lehner stood tall and preserved a 4-2 victory.

The Golden Knights record improves to 7-6-0, taking the first game of their six game homestand. Vegas’ next welcomes the Minnesota Wild on Thursday for their first meeting of the season. Puck drop at The Fortress is scheduled for 7P. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In what will go down as their best defensive effort of the season, the Golden Knights weren’t exactly lighting the world on fire offensively. However, they did well enough to get constant traffic in front of the net which led to a couple soft goals from Chris Driedger. All in all, that’s a game the Golden Knights needed to win, they fell behind twice, but were able to grab the two points. (Recap by Ken)

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** Shea Theodore
* Chris Driedger


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  1. Petro is a stud. A terrific passer, a competitive guy, not perfect, but a great player.

  2. VGK Fan In Minnesota

    I was wrong about Petro. Most of the regular last year I would scream at the TV what a waste of money he was.

    • Daryl

      He’s a good player but for me he still tries to do too much and makes some horrible passes and decisions. I’m still waiting for him to show his worth. He scores a goal that never should have gone I but he at least made the shot on net.

      • Richie-Rich

        Petro had a bad delay of game penalty called on him in the 3rd period last night.

        Also, last night for the first time in my life a “face off violation 2 minute minor” was called on #10 Roy!

        Also, I think it was Marchy who got a 2 minute unsportsmanlike minor for grabbing the face shield of a Kraken player.


        • THE hockey GOD

          that was no. 20 , not no. 81

          • Richie-Rich

            Yep, that’s right. Stephenson. He looked surprised that he got called for it. probably a good call….

        • Blitz

          Stephenson on the face shield grab. It was a dumb penalty. Glove wash the dudes face for a sec, don’t grab and yank on his shield. Vet’s costing the team with garbage stuff, they should know better.

          The face off penalty, WTF was that?

          Petro penalty was at least an accident, but not sure why he thought he could put the puck off the glass in the way he did it. Seems like a high risk move and it totally was.

          • Blitz

            Sorry it reads like I am asking you about the face off penalty. I saw the penalty. It just seems like a stupid rule altogether. I hate when dumb rules cause problems. Golf is almost entirely a game of stupid useless rules.

  3. Ducks, Sharks and Kings. Surprise surprise.

  4. Good move bringing up Cotter for Amadio. Getting more HSK players ice time is exactly what we want to see right now. I like Paul.

    • He landed a shot too. Hopefully he plays against the Wild and scores.

      • Richie-Rich

        Yep, Cotter had a great chance but failed to bury it. Would have been a big one for him if he had. I like him better than Howden and Amadio.

  5. Great composure! I like Dadonov’s play— he knows how to work the crease, and his goals are the result. We sorely needed some fresh offense, given our injury troubles. The only problem was the game wasn’t available to regular viewers!! What’s up with that?? Sure hope it isn’t a trend…

    • Pistol Pete

      ESPN+ is bad news. Even if one is a subscriber and you stream to a big screen can you record it? I never stream to a TV. I think most of the entire schedule yesterday was exclusively ESPN+ . Really don’t understand why the NHL would allow that knowing that many fans are not subscribers. Seems really stupid on the surface of it.

      • Pistol Pete

        Dadanov…we already knew he can score.

      • Blitz

        It was a shit move by ESPN for subscribers IMO. I am in Oregon and do most of my watching via ESPN+ (used to do it unless the game is national. I watch most games on my TV thru the ESPN app built into the tv. The stupid thing is you cannot start the game from the beginning if the game is live. Last night I didn’t start watching till 9pm. I had to have my daughter start the game live and then rewind it to the beginning so it didn’t spoil it for me. If the game is over you can watch the “on demand” for a few days. Get this though, if the game is blacked out live then the game is blacked out on demand, even like 2 days later.

        Really just the worst app/experience. ESPN sucks! was sooo much better and they didn’t cut games off right at the end if it was a ATT broadcast.

      • THE hockey GOD

        agree, they were so bad they completely missed the deflection off Theodore’s stick into the net. And whenever they called in their “retired ex official rules analyst” his feed was garbled, delayed, or truncated. Hockey Night in Canada is so , so much better.

  6. Pistol Pete

    The Wild is going to be another test, another hill to climb.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    my takes –
    —first goal, not a rebound issue, no. 7 got his stick in way
    —ESPN relegates NHL to it’s back up “espn plus?” more like Espn minus, airing
    college thug basketball games on his main flagship stations; their analysts are pretty bad (except for Barry Melrose place who looks like he’d rather be some place else) and their announcers are the worst.
    –VGK continues to take bad penalties , no 20 and no. 7
    — RL continues to play well bailing them out, especially early in games
    –I see no reason for delay of games called due to poor NHL rules on glass heights in the d zone, make the glass higher a lot higher in d zone !!
    –i don’t see no. 55 on PK, too slow, too big, I don’t see it.
    — No 10 pleasant surprise on first line!
    – is no 21 a power forward ? 11 games , 4 sog, 44% FO, plus /minus zero >>shaping up to be fourth line grinder
    –no 23 seems a step slower this season, but still leading defender on blue line
    — no 46 and no 15 games are coming together, paul cotter played OK.
    –those “only a 50 -50 team” red wings are in second place and beat the mighty Oilers last night. Looking like they will make the playoffs this year !
    – not so hot teams >> pens, habs

    look at standings and ducks sharks kings are ahead of VGK

    • Blitz

      ESPN sucks. The Jack Eichel interview during game play was super painful last night. They couldn’t decide if they wanted to play by play or talk to Eichel so they did some mixing of both.

      I see the young guys doing good things too (growing). I thought Cotter brought a little grit for his first game and won a couple of puck battle etc. Good ice break game for him.

      A couple of nice hits last night. This 2021 team has been so soft in the hit department, but a couple of real blasts last night. I swear every broadcast they say Kolesar is the replacement for Reaves, but I am not sure he has laid a real hit all season and zero people are intimidated by him. So I wish they would stop saying that. He is better at real hockey and worse at the tough stuff. Nothing like Reaves.

      I do not look forward to the MIN game Thursday. First legit team we have played in a while.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ blitz I agree, I think Reaves replacement in still in AHL (or on trade line), they have one kid from Jamaica on the HSK who will probably get a call up next year if still with the organization.

        Kolesar, no 55, is more of a power forward but unless he starts putting puck in net he will be relegated to a fourth liner. Only have two players who hit on team: no 3 and carrier. I expect them to have their hands full for the WILD game, they never match up well against them. They could barely keep up with last place expansion team Kraken. I guess one can say at end of November we will know if Kraken will be good or not. So far it’s a ‘not’, which says a lot about excellent job the FO has done for the VGK organization in comparison.

        • Blitz

          Interesting I didn’t know about the Jamaican kid. Says in juniors, WHL, he led his team in goals, points, and +/-. Sure it is juniors, but says the guy can do more than scrap. I always admire a guy like Tom Wilson. All the BS aside the dude is rare in that he can play and be a feared guy, not just look like the slowest guy on the ice trying to hit stuff.

          I love the rough game of hockey and hate to see it fade away over time. I hope this team can get some one to protect Eichel etc, but can play a better shift than Reaves. Kolesar is miles from that spot. Hague shows he CAN dance, but definitely doesn’t have that personality. Maybe the Jamaica kid.

          As far as Kolesar and the 4th line. I personally don’t see the need for two guys like Kolesar and Carrier. I am sure one is better than the other at some things and vise versa. Both can find themselves in a good spot to score, but neither have finishing skills. Carrier is the better checker. Not sure who’s the better defender. Anyway, when healthy I wonder if one gets pushed aside for young guy.

    • Richie-Rich

      That 2nd goal by the Kraken?

      100% weak glove, a constant source of inconsistency by The Walrus.

      Say all you want to about Lehner “saving” the team, but the truth is that he is not a playoff goalie to take this team to a cup championship. Too many holes in his game, too inconsistent, too big, too slow to react, immobile and a flopper.

      Robin Lehner is a good goalie, average to above average at times with a fantastic save now and then. He’s not the goalie for the future and that will eventually become evident.

      For The Walrus to win he has to have 100% dedication to defense in front of him. That means a lot of 1 goal wins down the road against the top teams.

      I expect to win 2 maybe 3 of the next 10 games. Let’s see if that prediction holds. Worst case is that we won’t win any. And yes, this prediction is mostly based on the injuries.

    • Daryl

      #1 was absolutely a rebound control issue. The 2nd goal was also all on RL. You can continue to blindly defend RL just like you do the FO.

      DET will still be lucky to make the playoffs. Yes they are in 2nd now but once they get to the meat of their schedule they will start to decline.

      As for the Pens not being hot, you are correct but remember they have more cap money out than VGK or any other team. They are without 3 starting defensemen and 3 starting forwards which include Crosby and Malkin. I know in your opinion Crosby isn’t a star but to the rest of the NHL nation he is

      Just like DET, ANA and SJS will be near the bottom come playoff time

      • Daryl

        The rest I agree with

      • THE hockey GOD

        no.1 the puck went off no. 7 stick TWICE in front of the net and in front of goalie pads, watch replay closely.

        • Daryl

          I saw it go off the goalie then hit 7 stick and then back to the goalie but at no time did RL actually control that rebound. He should of done a better job, even grabbed it but he slowly bounced off his pads. I still feel like that was a bad rebound

          • THE hockey GOD

            hard to control a re bound when the d men, no.7, deflects the puck with his stick when the other player is process of shooting the puck, the goalie has no idea where the puck is going to go.

            this “control the rebound by goalie” stuff is another topic, not going to go there now, but in my mind , in a nutshell, most of it is BS in today’s style of game.

        • Daryl

          You really think rebound control is BS???? You can’t be serious! So, bad ice is thing but rebound control isn’t? Where do you come up with this stuff?

          You are entitled to your opinion on these things I guess

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Reilly Smith comments on the smart hockey and buy-in from the young players in the lineup- “I think the rookies have come in and done an unbelievable job, and we’re winning because of it.”

    Rookies included in above statement : Krebs (traded), Coghlin, Rondbjerg, Leschyshyn.

    • THE hockey GOD

      and nolan patrick, that is five rookies in line up, is he still considered a rookie by NHL rules ?

  9. Tim

    Like everyone a win is a win we’ve just got to keep chugging along. Fortunately I have the streaming channels but it is confusing that it was on ESPN+ I guess they want you to subscribe again it’s all about the money. I’m glad Paul Cotter got to play instead of Amadio who’s not in our future plans. Anyone who doesn’t think Lehner is not doing a good job isn’t watching the game and this nonsense he’ll be done by January is nonsense unless he gets hurt which is always possible. Petro and Martinez leading the back end were lucky to have them both. Next up The Wild one game at a time philosophy. Surprisingly the Pacific division is better then expected we’ve got to be in the top three or were shit out of luck.

  10. Daryl

    I didn’t get to see the 3rd period, but VGK was outplayed almost the entire 2nd. RL made some huge saves and looked good but both goals given up were weak

    • Richie-Rich

      The VGK offense came alive in the 3rd period. Truly, there was a golden last minute in the 2nd period after the Kraken scored a goal with about 30 seconds to take the lead. VGK scored the equalizer just 15 seconds later. From that point forward the VGK were the better team offensively. Defensively they were quite a mess throughout the entire game. Yes, Walrus made some good saves but the two weak ones, especially the softie glove miss, are worrisome. The better teams in this league are going to eat Walrus alive. He won’t be able to stand up to it.

      I remain impressed with Leschyshyn and Dadanov is beginning to come around. Howden? Still not impressed with him.

      Good news is that Patrick and Stone have been back at the practice facility.

    • THE hockey GOD

      both goals were caused by poor penalties by VGK in first place.

      The first goal was off no. 7 swiping the puck in front of goalie pads- go watch replay in slo mo – very clear; the kracken player moves puck from his backhand to his forehand and moves towards center of ice towards no.7, no. 7 puts his stick down and hits the puck and kraken players stick, then instead of moving straight the deflection moves off end of goalie’s pad. Hardly a ‘rebound control’ situation off this deflection. The second goal slo mo replay shows that the shot is about one foot above the ice level. RL moves his glove hand, but that is tough glove hand position for tall goalie. That shot was placed in goalie no man’s zone based upon position of goalie at that moment in time – tough for stick side or pad save, and requires goalie to move his glove downward. RL was holding his glove at his shoulder level, and he sort of snaps at it and goes down to knee at same time. I would say it would more of bad angle and not covering that side, then an error with his glove hand. Go watch replay in slo mo. If you have the Canadian website slo mo 3d views you can see all this clearly.

      • Daryl

        So what you are saying is that neither goal was the fault of RL?

        • THE hockey GOD

          on the first goal, he was victim of circumstance, I don’t know what he could have done better

          and the second goal he was out of position, he could have possible 1) come out farther to challenge the goal scorer, but it was power play so he was staying back in his net or 2) held the short side better. I have more issues with second goal than first goal. Both goals he was playing deep in his net. On the first goal, if a different goalie was in nets, perhaps a MAF type goalie , maybe a poke check would have been in order since the o man was right down in front of him bringing puck from his back hand to his forehand. I probably would have gone with shot from back hand. But RL is supposed to study these players and know their tendencies. This was a power move to front of net. So the second goal let in was definitely worse from what I saw than the first one.As someone who used to play goal, I liked to keep my glove low, not at my shoulder like RL had his. And then move it up if the puck goes in that direction. Making it easier to catch, like a baseball player would . But he’s s Swede and he never probably played baseball, so I don’t know what he was holding his glove hand near his shoulder . Instead of moving his glove hand he drops his whole body down, thereby dropping the position of his glove in the process. Low shots to the stick side are there for 1) stick to stop or 2) pads to stop, not the glove normally unless it’s a low velocity shot. I was not happy with the execution of goalie at all on that second goal.

          • Daryl

            I completely agree the 2nd was worse and more his fault than the 1st,but I’m still not letting him get a pass on the first

      • Richie-Rich

        blah blah blah blah blah….glove glove glove glove glove glove. And that’s the point —- GLOVE.

  11. LVsc

    Stephenson and Roy are doing very well at Center. in fact, 20 is the leading scorer on the team with 13 pts in 13 games, and a +5…….and Roy has 8 pts in 11 games and a +5

    and Carrier played a strong game last night. 2 assts and a +2

    2 guys who are not holding up their end of the bargain are Kolesar and Janmark.

    Those 2 guys need to help out and score some goals now and then while the team is injury riddled. they have a combined total of NO GOALS, 3 assts and a MINUS 5

    • Blitz

      I was down on Roy last year (sometimes very verbally). I alway considered him a “vanilla” player, and even expendable. This year he has impressed me. He had a good finish to the playoffs last year and a good offseason, came into preseason looking great. So credit where it is do. I like seeing guys surprise me and glad he is. He is doing a good job filling in for wild bill.

      Janmark to me is the total dud this year. Invisible. We have a team of HSK players right now and I notice them, Janmark not so much. Kolesar, while I agree with you, at least has had some high chance scoring attempts, but he is very much my vanilla guy right now. Both of these guys have all the ice time they can handle right now and neither are shining.

      • Daryl

        Kolesar is a FO player…. They even said as much regarding the general manager when he was in charge of another affiliate

        • THE hockey GOD

          what’s a FO player ?? face off ? Face less ?

          I don’t like his face either, but that’s another issue, it’s sort of a longish face, like a jelly bean or string bean face. Reaves had a good face, always smiling and laughing, he had a good attitude.

          • Daryl

            Sorry, Front Office. He played Mc before in theower levels. They said on the air that he used to play for him and he expressed how pleased he was when they were together before

            I like Kolesar if he could just learn to hit the net. We saw what happens when you hit the net on Petra goal

          • Blitz

            @Daryl, I feel like you are confusing Kolesar for Patrick or one of the other Brandon Wheat King guys. Kolesar played all junior for Seattle Thunderbirds and Mc was in Brandon. Brandon only plays Seattle once a year so even that doesn’t say alot about the exposure he had to him. Maybe there was some other tournament etc that the comments are referring to. Maybe a common hangout at a back alley Chinese foot message parlor. Yeah let’s just go with that.

          • Richie-Rich

            I think you’re right. It would probably do Kolesar some good to lighten up and knock a few heads around.

      • Daryl

        Maybe you are correct… I just thought I heard them something about Kolesar being connected to someone in the FO in his minor days

        • Blitz

          @Daryl, just watching Goalie Interference and they talked about Kolesar and Brandon. So the connection is that Kolesar is actually from Brandon, even though he didn’t play for Mc and the Wheatkings, he is from that town. So there is the connection you were talking about. You were not confused. Sorry to derail ya. 🙂

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