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Recap: The Golden Knights took the first lead of the game on Chandler Stephenson’s 11th goal of the season. Evgenii Dadonov and Nic Roy added offense giving Vegas a 3-0 lead after the opening 20 minutes.

Pittsburgh started to warm up in the 2nd period scoring on an early power play opportunity. Less than a minute later the Penguins got within one. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights held a 3-2 edge. 

It didn’t take long for Pittsburgh to tie the game in the 3rd period. The Penguins evened the score :28 into the final frame and took the lead two minutes later. They later added an empty net goal to score five unanswered goals. The Golden Knights had several late pushes but couldn’t close the gap. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 23-15-1 falling 5-3 to the Penguins. Vegas next faces the team that knocked them out of the playoffs on Thursday night. Puck drop against the Montreal Canadiens is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: For 20 minutes, the Golden Knights could do no wrong. They dominated the run of play, they drew penalties, they scored on the rush, and they were excellent in front of the goal. Then, intermission hit, and that was the end of it. Pittsburgh whipped the Golden Knights all over the ice for the final 40 minutes, scoring five unanswered. Brutal loss on what is turning into a miserable homestand. (Recap by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Chandler Stephenson
** Nic Roy
* Brayden McNabb


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  1. Justin

    Houston we have a problem…

  2. Pistol Pete

    Is to blame the goaltender to fall into a cliche trap or do we have an issue? It seems they pulled Thompson to play in the HSK game Saturday—he had a terrible first two periods giving up four and was relieved by Ferguson who skated today and backed up Lehner. One thing is certain—VGK’s goaltending has not been elite. There are other issues of course but….

  3. Tim

    Everyone can play the blame game but the bottom line is your goalie can’t give up 4 or more goals a game. The Penguins took us to school for the last 40 minutes and this road trip won’t get any easier. DeBoer had a problem in the last 40 minutes just like the last 2 year playoffs we hit a wall and he had no answer. Lehner isn’t going anywhere so count on him to get to the finals I’d say is a stretch.

  4. Dennis

    40 games into an 82 game season,

    VGK Goals scored Win Loss
    0 – 2
    1 0 2
    2 0 6
    3 7 5
    4 4 1
    5 8 1
    6 2 0
    More 2 0

    15 of our 17 losses have been when we scored 3 or fewer goals. A while back someone in here commented that we have to 4 score or more goals a game to win. That person obviously knew what they were talking about.

    Just a comment Fleury has 3 shutouts this year on a struggling inferior team. We have no shutouts.

    OK all the Lehner lovers can jump all over me now.

    • Sorry the format I sent this in didn’t hold up, it should have been easier to read.

    • I would have said statistically that the average winning goals scored is three due to the fact that the average goaltender GA is above two and under three. That is, your goaltender allows above two, meaning you need three to win. Lehner remains just under 3 GA (2.95) so statisically speaking average goals scored by VGK of three defends his 2.95 GA (albeit by a razor thin margin).

      Lehner has not been playing very well imo. The reality is in games where VGK scores three goals they can still lose because Lehner allows a softie here or there. That is the difference between Lehner’s current GA of 2.95 and someone closer to say 2.5…an errant game deciding goal allowed. Lehner’s season SV% is a paltry .904—he needs to get back up to his top form.

      • Let’s see what Ken and Mike McKenna have to say on the next episode of Goalie Interference regarding how Lehner is playing and perhaps whether the time is now to try and break in Thompson as a replacement back-up. I think in all fairness to Lehner, he could get back near his peak and stay there. This upcoming roadtrip playing four of the league’s top teams is critical. Will Brossoit be back to pick up the back-to-back start or will Thompson? How will Lehner do?

        • THE hockey GOD

          thompson got pulled in his last game at HSK

          • PPete- happy to read you have come to the realization despite not saying so directly Eichel won’t solve the biggest problem the knights have . Lehner isn’t capable period. You mentioned getting g back to top form, what you see is what you got he can’t kick it up a notch line some have suggested. His first period wasn’t bad – credit where due however he didn’t face many shots. The knights can’t play 20 minutes and expect to win and obviously can’t blame tired as they been off.

        • Let me be blunt…..

          Leaving Thompson in the AHL and not testing him is a disservice to the team and the fanbase.

          The goal tending that we have is now known. It’s an average goalie tandem that cannot beat the top tier teams unless the offense can score 4 or more goals against them.

          The VGK will make the playoffs even if Thompson is given the starting role for the rest of the season. Why not? Why continue to pound your head against the wall with Lehner and Brossoit? Either way they make the playoffs. They are likely eliminated in the 2nd or 3rd round at the latest anyway.

          That’s how crystal clear it is to me.

          • THE hockey GOD

            thompson got pulled in his last game, he can barely survive there; his style of play is similar to RL. No need to throw him to wolves now because the team defense is not good at this point in time.

      • Lehner is under 3 GAA because he doesn’t play top tier teams every night. The point I have made repeatedly is that VGK has to score 4 or more against the top tier teams. Lehner is not good enough for anything less than that against the top tier. The hope is that a healthy revamped offense with Eichel on the ice will push th goals pr game average to 4 or higher against the top tier.

        • THE hockey GOD

          The point I have made repeatedly is that VGK has to score 4 or more>> so does every team in the NHL since the average goals per game is slightly over 6. (6 / 2 = 3). Do the math.

          • No, not for teams with top level goalies like Vasilevsky (TBL) for example. There are about 6 goalies who can be depended on to hold down the top tier teams. Lehner is simply not one of those.

        • Pistol Pete

          R-R as you conceded Rl’s postseason stats are decent. Not sure why you insist he is unable to ever again perform at that level. I have come around to your view that goaltending is an issue this regular season but I’m not ready to concede Lehner can’t ever again deliver his share of SO’s, 1 and 2 GA games when and if he plays better again. Granted he’s no Vasilevskiy (who is?) but you can’t know he’s mired forever in this slump. As you know I agree about Thompson. To guess replacing Brossoit with him is not just a cap solution the FO has on the table but to install a potentially better backup in the process. Hopefully we see him next week on the back-to-back.

          • Daryl

            I have no doubt the RL will turn things around… For a couple games. But that’s the problem, he sustain those games, especially in a long series against really good teams. I still RL will get 1 SO this year and have several good games.

          • Lehner getting back to his former stats is one thing, winning a cup another altogether and that is where I am making my point with respect to The Walrus.

    • It became clear to me that 4 plus goals would be the standard needed with the current goal tending back in mid-December. Last night is just further proof, another game of evidence piling up on just how weak the goal tending is.

      Should VGK try to bring back Fleury? While fans would love it, it isn’t really an option considering the CAP ramifications.

      We can hope Eichel takes this team where it needs to go offensively. That is pretty much the only option on the table for M&M. Neither Lehner or Brossoit is going anywhere. A case might be made to really test Thompson hard, but with just one contest under his belt it doesn’t appear to be in the game plan.

      This team is NOT a Cup Contending team. It is competitive, exciting and can cause a lot of problems for top tier teams, but it is NOT going to win a cup this year and dare I say will likely not even get to round 3.

      Just being honest with my assessment. It’s too early to start talking about next year. VGK is in CAP hell and will be for the next several years. McCrimmon rolled the dice and now Eichel is his last Ace card in the hole to play.

      It doesn’t look good for VGK this year.

  5. Jo Ann

    Dump Lehner. If we want to be a contender, we need strong goaltending. Lehner is mediocre at best.

    • knights fan in minny

      who are you going to get

      • The right play now is to bring up Thompson and test him under fire as the starter. They make the playoffs either way. Thompson is truly an unknown at the NHL level. We now know that Lehner is not a Cup winning goalie, not unless the offense can spot him 4 in the playoffs. Let Brossoit go, test Thompson and have Lehner back up. That’s an expensive back up. If it don’t pan out you are no more worse off than before except you saved nearly $2 million in cap with Brossoit gone.

        They won’t dump Lehner, too much front office ego on the line with Lehner. Lehner isn’t going anywhere this year.

  6. Galdom

    Anybody blaming yesterday’s loss on Robin Lehner is clueless. On the first goal he stopped 2 or 3 shots in close while Pittsburgh forwards were jamming the front of the net and not being moved out of the way. The second goal was a complete missed assignment by Dylan Coughlan. Again, Lehner made the first very good save on Brian Boyle and then the rebound was there for an easy tap in goal by Teddy Blueger. I don’t think that Coughlan and Theodore should ever be on the ice at the same time. The third Pittsburgh goal at first glance looks like one that Lehner should have stopped but The replay showed that the puck was deflected and drastically changed direction. The fourth Pittsburgh goal was also sloppy defensive play. Although Lehner was a little slow with his lateral movement (his weakness) he still did make the first couple of saves. Once again Theodore and Coughlan were on the ice at the same time which I think is a mistake. Janmark who has been great lately didn’t take his man which allowed the wraparound goal.

    I’m not being a Robin Lehner apologist here. He has been subpar this year and is not inspiring any confidence at this point in time that he will be in top form by the playoffs. But blaming him for yesterday‘s loss is ridiculous. Let’s do better guys. I’m wondering if some people are commenting without watching yesterday’s game and just assuming that it was his fault. I would say of the 20 skaters that were dressed yesterday he was no better or worse than half of them.

    While yesterday’s game (2nd and 3rd periods) did make me physically sick, I’m going to throw it away. This team has done pretty good in games where their lineup has been severely depleted. Yesterday was terrible but I’m not going to call it concerning unless it is the beginning of a trend.

    Defencemen usually take longer than forwards to develop. Dylan Coughlan has great offensive instincts and a nice shot but his defence is severely lacking. He’s looking a lot like Colin Miller towards the end of his Vegas tour. He’s not a guy that I would give up on but in must win playoff games he doesn’t start for me and he is way down the depth chart. Probably 8th after Petro, Martinez, Hague, Whitecloud, McNabb, Hutton and Theodore.

    • Good analysis Galdom. LIke I have indicated I am aware of the “blame the goalie” factor and sometimes not knowing any better fall into that trap myself. I probably thought at least one of last night’s goals was soft but your observations disprove that. We agree that Lehner has not been at his best this season. His GA pretty much proves it although poor defense can also cause the goaltender’s GA to inflate and probably lack of defensive support has played a part. Hopefully the upcoming roadtrip will be a 50/50 spit or better. Seems improbable based on this up and down homestand but this team has shown before they can recover from bad streaks.

      VGK is not the only good team to show a bad run recently including three of the four on the upcoming roadtrip:

      WSH: lose five out of the last six including last two at home
      FLA: lose last three including last two at home OTT (8-2) LAK (4-1)
      CAR: lose two in a row at home last week FLA (4-3 OT) CBJ (6-0)—otherwise has won six of the last eight

      Not making excuses just trying to show what can happen in this league.

    • Blitz

      That we are half way thru the season and people still have to try and convince each other that it is not Lehner fault should say enough.

      If you look real hard you can always find someone else to blame, but the bottom line is RL’s job is to stop the puck and what he isn’t doing very well is stopping the puck. It sucks that the defense sucks too and Cogs shouldn’t be in the NHL (right now) and Theodores defense is weak and that the PDB system leaves goalies to clean up the high danger mess. All factors, but RL’s job is to stop the puck and good goalies do that even when it isn’t easy and are left hung out to dry.

    • Daryl

      Rebound control is on the goalie. Your goalie needs to be able to direct rebounds to the cot er, not drop right in front of him. Defenseman sometimes play the puck and sometimes play the player. When you have more than one player near the crease and a loose puck it’s better to go after the puck than a player.

      While at times your Dmen may be out of position, your goalie has to make a save. That is the difference between and elite goalie and an average one.

      The only goal that wasn’t at lest prtilly on RL was the 3rd. That was a great deflection and he had no chance. The wrap around was all on RL. He was too far out of the cease and couldn’t get back.

      VGK didn’t lose b/c of RL but he was just as much of the problem if not more. While Dmen may have missed assignments so did RL

      • Galdom

        If Lehner does not revert back to the form that he had two years ago are we doomed? We might be. I think we just need competence.

        I love the lineup scenario that Ken brought up in his last goaltender interference podcast. A line of Janmark – Karlsson – Smith that gets all the tough assignments. This line goes up against McDavid, McKinnon, etc…

        The other two lines get softer assignments.

        Marchessault – Stephenson – Stone
        Pacioretty – Eichel – Dadonov

        In Ken’s scenario he has the team cutting salary from the backend. Alec Martinez or Shea Theodore dealt

        • Daryl

          VGK really needs Martinez’S defensive play… I’d hate to see him be the one going anywhere

    • Lehner played lights out in the first period, granted. Too bad games aren’t 20 minutes long. I have written Lehner off, not because of last night or any particular game or string of games.

      It’s his entire body of work, watching him play against top tier teams. He simply cannot sustain outstanding level of play to keep VGK competitive against the top opposition in the league. That’s not to say VGK won’t make the playoffs, they will, but mostly because of they are in the weakest division.

      • Pistol Pete

        R-R we’ll get a look this upcoming roadtrip against four of the top teams in the league.

  7. Galdom

    Was just looking at the ice time for the defence core yesterday. Petro (24:17), Theodore (23:05), McNabb (22:11), Whitecloud (21:56), Hutton (15:25), Coughlan (9:31)

    I was going to jump on DeBoer and criticize him for the Coughlan usage and suggest he play Hutton more. I’m glad I looked at the ice times. Coughlan barely played but made himself very noticeable for all of the wrong reasons. With Martinez Hague out I don’t know if there is a better option then Coughlan. Miromanov? Probably not.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I agree 1000 % Galdom, repeat of Toronto game; plus the long layoff due to silly NHL covid rules.

      VGK Blueliners are not getting the job done. No 52 was benched , again, in third period. Difference in game was they were clearing out front of net , and our d men were not (and out of position and not back checking fast enough). Goal no. 1 is perfect example , they crashed the net and were left to hack away at our goalie.

      Plus only two lines had impact, misfit line was, again, MIA. And line no 4 is a joke. Lines 1 and 3 played part of game.

      The average number of goals scored in NHL this up, to over 6 goals a game. So any team, any, needs at least four goals to win (6/2 = 3).

      • Alex

        You dumb ass – this is all because we kept the wrong goalie

        Dumbest fans in sports

    • Not sure why not Miromanov except the coaching staff knows better than I. Biggest factor could be Coghlan’s 60 NHL games vs. Miromanov’s 5 and anecdotally that his defending needs improvement.

      2021-2022: 3 G/8 A/-3 (31 games)
      Career: 6 G/11 A/-6 (60 games)

      Miromanov (NHL career = 2021-2022):
      0 G/1 A/0 (5 games)
      AHL (2021-2022): 3 G/18 A/+7 (24 games)

      Miromanov has a real strong season going on the HSK. Note he averaged .5 pt/game over one KHL season although -20. He has real offensive upside but has needed to work on the defense per the coaches. I would surmise he is getting there.

      Is there room on the roster to bring up Miromonov and healthy scratch Coghlan or does Coghlan get exposed to waivers in the process?

      • THE hockey GOD

        team needs a defensive minded d man, they only have two now. no 2 and no 3.

        calling up another offensive minded d man is not the solution; getting no 14 or no 23 or both would help a lot.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    vegas is not doing it now

    casino/hotel / visitors down

    rink half full, and half of that half were pen heads

    only 20,000 people showed for CES (official number was 40,000 but that is not right). Normally 160,000 people show up.

    The strip is empty, and only hoodlums , thugs, neerdowells are going there. Beware.

    Restaurants and valets are understaffed heavily. Leading to long lead times getting your car, or getting your car parked. Food is waiting under the microwave/lamp heater and arrives cold to your table due to shortage of waiting staff.

    And goobner sissypants is cause due to poor mismanagement decisions. States like Florida are not having continued economic down turn.

    • In all fairness, this IS a rough time in the Pandemic’s course…schools have been on pause, people are playing it safe ( myself included), by staying home more. Again. Question: didn’t the CES limit attendance, and many ” attended ” virtually? The strip is,, indeed a sketchy place now. To your very REAL point, the VGK attendance has been worrisome. Corona aside, fans will usually pack our arena ANY day, ANY time. The team has been less than stellar, and fair-weather “fans” don’t stay around lto watch sub-par games, nor do they pay big $$$ to see poor play. Granted, VGK have had a rough season w/ injuries. But, to beat a dead horse: I feel Fleury’s trade pissed a lot of fans off. He WAS the face of the franchise,( SORRY, ANOTHER CLICHE), and many fans reacted by NOT spending BIG $$$ going to the games. I am STILL disappointed, and I know I’m not as excited about the team this season. YES, things are NOT going well in Vegas. Are ANY big cities doing well, since COVID kicked our global asses??? Look at Europe. Australia. All on some form of lockdown. China? What a JOKE. China has claimed throughout pandemic that they are in total control of covid—yeah,right…they literally BARRICADE people in their homes, no food, no help. China is undoubtedly the EPICENTER of this mess, but the OLYMPICS MUST GO ON!”
      Face it, the entire WORLD is a cesspool of disease, and we are all winging it as we go…


        Not to mention that Im still fat, lonely and broke, pandemic or no pandemic…

      • TS

        Not to mention im still an old lonely fat broke loser

        • knights fan in minny

          and your just a thug piece of trash loser get out and do some stealing today before your welfare check comes

        • I am not fat, loser. I also don’t act like a CHILD. And I SPEAK FOR MYSELF. YOU, on the contrary, are too big a PUSSY to speak for YOURSELF. you hide behind ME!! WE call that PANTYWAIST BOY.

          • THE hockey GOD

            don’t feed the clueless, witless, hapless, troll(s)

            ignore him, or it, or what it is.

            too bad we don’t have the “block the idiots” function on this site.

            my post below may have come out a bit harsh, as I re read it. Can’t edit it either. You make some good points, which I ignored and meant to address.

          • Alex

            Your onlne photos indicate you need to ease up on the donuts

      • THE hockey GOD

        Florida is doing well, states with wise governors are doing well (which means mainly red ones, not blue ones). Even nations like Sweden are doing well. No mask requirement there.

        And no the CES did not “limit” attendance, they had a lot of complaints from people because they were FORCING Them to take the ARM JAB in order to attend. People said SCREW THAT.

        CES then in effort to keep the membership in place and not lose their member base HAD to offer virtual reality again. Like they did last yearl. I know this because I am a member of CES. Any other spin is a false narrative in attempt to “save face” due to their miscue. If they didn’t have ARM JAB requirement in place, more people would have attended in person. Lots of misinformation in your assumption. They also had key note speakers cancel at last minute.

        Florida is doing well, enough said.

        Any one hanging their flag on MAF, who cost this team big time, is clueless and doesn’t understand what he and his agent did to this franchise. Poor play and backstabbing them. Clearly not a team player nor a “face’ of anything. More like a sore loser. Plus the early season game attendance does not support that assumption because a lot more people were attending early on in the season when the VID numbers were declining.

        Foley made a big mistake coming to Vegas counting on low brow fan base to support him with high priced tickets offering a “fake” , “decadent”, hockey experience. The economic swing cycles in Vegas are huge and require very LARGE DEEP pockets to endure. I predict in next recession, after Foley is long gone, the team will have a large amount of money problems and will have to release players because they don’t have revenue to pay large salaries. Then the franchise will become like PHOENIX and be on the cutting block.

        Even my back east fans , hard core hockey fans, who used to come to games are laughing at Vegas, they have had enough. They sees the games as a joke. The fans can’t even cheer here at the games. It’s quieter than midnight at North Pole after Santa leaves. They have to depend upon “clap your hands”, drums banging, cheerleaders cheering,fake noise. Most of time the fans just sit their stuffing their fat faces with cheese covered nachos. The fan base is also, let us say not “camera” ready. Oh you have the few and far between die hard “raider’ like over the top show offs. But not close to fan base in NY, LA, OC or even Detroit have better appearing fans. That is why the TV crew hardly even pans the crowd. All you see are fat people chomping down on tacos. . Don’t mean to stereotype people but Don Rickles once said on Johnny Carsons show “There sure are a lot of ugly people in Vegas’. I guess it has something to do with weather, drying peoples skins? I don’t know. But I don’t see where all these people get their money from looking at the way they dress and lack of taking care of themselves.

        Sorry if I offend “you people” (as Don Cherry would say, whoever “you people ‘ are is still undetermined) but the truth hurts.

        • Alex

          Add fat, taco eating self loathing to this moron who exposes his own insecurities here…this “bad ice” guy is pathetic…

          These lonely old social security fake fans that make up dumbest fan base in sports history are sad

          • knights fan in minny

            how original coming from a malt liquor drinking thug piece of shit nig

        • Thanks for clarifying. It’s ok..we ALL have our views. ( well, all but my DUMBASS DOPPLEGANGER) Glad to share them. harm in disagreeing with dignity!!

    • To Thg: my bro lives in Louisiana, and New Orleans will start requiring proof of vaxxes starting in February. No matter what great PR states talk about, they are STILL in a world of hurt economically. Any state or country that says ALL IS GOOD is just BULL. Florida included.

      • THE hockey GOD

        no one said “All is good”.

        But some places are doing a lot better than others, neo fascism with anti constitutional, draconian measures never solved anything. The people won’t have it.

      • THE hockey GOD

        please no more personal information !!

      • alex

        Even more personal identification information from this Soles idiot?

        How dumb this fan base is!

      • Daryl

        I posted my personal info… I see you are at least smart enough to not come after me

    • THg – well we agree on sissypants a empty suit and bound on driving vegas into the ground. Despite all your ramming the most of the time you are dead right concerning the govenor.

      • THE hockey GOD

        wow two post in a row saying something about THG, thanks for kind words. I haven’t fallen off my boat yet because I AM STILL WAITING FOR SLIP TO OPEN UP !!

        • COVID, the gift that keeps on screwing up our hockey enjoyment – oh and our lives, the economy, education, jobs, etc……


        • No, something about THg – remember small “g”. Gathered you hadn’t got the slip as with your poor eyesight being what it is that is probably a good thing. Keep smiling but stop defending the walrus’ poor play – he is not entirely at fault I grant you that (not any different than some of the negatives you never fail to bring up about others), but a big part of it. The knights have not and will not get the ROI with him they envisioned. Poor eyesight on their part also. The team has a number of issues together with a negative underlying current at play which has a lot to do with their erratic performance.

    • Here’s one thing we do agree on! COVID is a scaredemic, not a pandemic.

      I have been in Mexico since 1 December. I was supposed to fly back to Vegas on Monday the 17th. I did the antigen test last Wednesday and was negative. Just wanted to check. Then on Sunday, the day before my flight which is the rule, I tested positive. By the way, I am not sick, feel great and don’t have a single symptom! Not one!

      Have people died from the China virus? Sure, if you have a comorbidity you’re at risk. I am 67, in great shape and health. If I have COVID, I would not have known it without this test (which I hear is highly inaccurate anyway).

      SissyLack is destroying Nevada’s economy over this? I hope he gets tarred and feathered (analogy) come election time. Two years of this political bullshit is plenty enough for me.

      • Pistol Pete

        You don’t need a comorbidity. Some unlucky people end up on a respirator and now wishing they were vaccinated. COVID is not the same as flu. In any case for me the decision is simple—flu and COVID vaccines every 12 mo. I don’t intend to be one of those senior citizens who dies from pneumonia because they didn’t get their flu shot.

        The politicization of the pandemic is unfortunate. When it hit I immediately thought vaccine. Very simple situation.

        • Luke

          It’s the flu, you panty-waste

        • Absolutely, sir! Like polio, and other crippling diseases( pun intended), the vaccine WAS , and IS the solution.

          • The COVID vaccine is NOTHING like a regular vaccine. It’s an mRNA solution and completely different than the polio, flu or any other vaccine ever deployed. Be smart, know your stuff and don’t just parrot what you hear in the media.

        • I also took the initial Pfizer and booster. But, now I am done with all of the bullshit politics and power grabbing scare tactics. Very simple, time to live our lives. End the mask bullshit and lets get back to doctors and patients instead of politicians and subjects.

      • THE hockey GOD

        R R

        rrrrright on !

  9. Justin

    Watched sports center after the game and one of their top plays of the day was a save by that goalie from Chicago. Damn that guy looks good… And he just got another shutout recently, looks like he does that quite a bit – shuts other teams down and has the ability to take over a game. Can’t remember his name, number 29 or something like that.

    Man if a team ever made a goalie like that available in the market gknights should jump all over it. But never gonna happen cuz no management team would ever let go of a talent like that when you are trying to win now. A mistake like that close your Stanley cup window for years…

    • THE hockey GOD

      MAF had his chance here, he blew it. Good riddance. Sore loser, not a team player, back stabbing SOB.

      • Daryl

        And look what we are stuck with…

        • The Walrus is what he is and yes we’re stuck with him, Time is now to test Thompson. Sorry Brossoit, someone will pick you up.

          • knights fan in minny

            true you have to see what he has ahl goalie of the year is pretty darn good the kid here in minny did it the year before ahl goalie of the year he is not to bad

          • Daryl

            I completely agree… And for those saying he got pulled, it happens even to the best. RL gave up 6 goals to COL last year and just gave up 4 to the Pens. Thompson deserves a chance

  10. knights fan in minny

    dominate the first 20 after that WTF

  11. Alex

    Dumbest fan base in sports…

    They kept the wrong goalie…that’s it

    • knights fan in minny

      and the doctor should have slapped your mom when she hatched you where was your daddy he was probably on the street drinking

      • THE hockey GOD

        knight in minny you left out the following

        His psychiatrist told him he was going crazy. he told him, “If you don’t mind, I’d like a second opinion.” He said, “All right. You’re ugly too!”

        He was so ugly, his mother used to feed him with a slingshot!

        When he was born the doctor took one look at his face, turned him over and said, “Look, twins!”

        When he was born he was so ugly the doctor slapped his mother

        • Hey…what happenedvto ignoring the resident troll?? Lol…thanks for your contribution!! ( hard to ignore him, when he trolls you, huh?? ) Now, where’s that troll delete button…….

          • THE hockey GOD

            @real TS

            I was responding to knight in minny and adding some useful information to his post. As well as recycling some old Rodney jokes.

            Maybe the troll will go back under it’s bridge, where it belongs.

        • knights fan in minny

          well said thg love the sling shot remark

  12. PPete- happy to read you have come to the realization despite not saying so directly Eichel won’t solve the biggest problem the knights have . Lehner isn’t capable period. You mentioned getting g back to top form, what you see is what you got he can’t kick it up a notch line some have suggested. His first period wasn’t bad – credit where due however he didn’t face many shots. The knights can’t play 20 minutes and expect to win and obviously can’t blame tired as they been off.

    • I give Lehner credit when it is due. He saved around 8 high danger chances in that 1st period. I was like, “who is this guy”? But, reality set back in and the Walrus flopped. And no, it wasn’t all his fault. Blame VGK offense for going silent after that 1st period. Maybe Eichel will fix that?

      Prolly not.

  13. Tim

    What the fuck is everyone talking about? Fat people, tacos, the economy around the country and of coarse half the posters are dumb shits. Not a whole lot of hockey talk somehow it veered off coarse.
    Home ice my ass doesn’t seem to energize the team. Were missing key pieces no doubt but that Nashville, Chicago, and last night with Pittsburgh games were a lesson in futility. Coghlan in maybe 15 minutes of ice time isn’t the sole culprit I think DeBoer may be more responsible then anyone. Many things he’s done baffle me like what is Nolan Patrick and other none scorers doing on a PP. At the end of a game why do other teams double shift there better players for more fire power and we have our 3rd and 4th line out there who couldn’t hit there ass with both hands. I’m now convinced that DrBoer when a team changes there defense on us like last night we played confused because the coach is suppose to lead and he can’t adapt. This is DeBoer’s third crack at the Cup if he doesn’t make the finals I believe he’ll be gone.
    Like I said above the goalie is the heartbeat of the team and ours isn’t taking us to the promised land. If you notice Colorado and Edmonton are looking for goalies so there in the same boat as we are named The SS Shit Out Of Luck sunk in Lake Meade May 2022

    • knights fan in minny

      why is patrick even playing he brings nothing i would rather see lyshicin i know i spelled it wrong he is more hungry

    • I think the comments were relating to sub-par play, and low fan counts because of it. That was MY opinion. Covid is a factor, I think. The uncertainty of what covid rules and restrictions do to teams’ consistency. It’s a mess. The “taco- troller” wouldn’t have an actual HOCKEY comment, if his parole officer ordered it!

  14. mcart

    Very noticeable was the fact that once the Pens got the lead they went into SHUTDOWN MODE, and they were very good at it.

    That is a Vgk weak spot, holding a lead. and the reasons are several. Their forwards are mediocre back checkers, they are too soft, and lose too many board battles. Their dmen are constantly roaming and caught out of position. They are scrambling around in their zone instead of controlling the play. And their goaltending is plainly average at best.

    You ask what happened to the team that won the trophy for fewest goals allowed last season? well, the dumbass behind the bench changed the system to play a more wide open offensive system with roving dmen…. and couple that with the loss of half of the goaltending tandem, and you have this year’s disappointing team that now has lost 5 out of 7 at home.

    and after the game vs Mtl they go on a road trip vs 4 of the top teams in the league, Wash, Carolina, Fla, and Tampa . good luck

    Vgk have only won 12 out of 24 home games. That is pathetic.

    By the time that Jack E and Max P and Martinez and Hague get back it may be too late to save the sinking ship.

    • knights fan in minny

      time will tell

    • mcart

      Vgk have allowed more goals than ANY team in playoff spots right now.

      The 9 teams that are worse than them in goals allowed are all non playoff stiffs. It is total embarrassment for the Vgk, who are down there with likes of the
      Blue Jackets
      Red Wings

      • Galdom

        Yikes!!! That is not good.

        • Yet we still have those who are still up McCrimmon and Lehner’s ass as if he is the goalie to take us to the promised land. No ass kissers. It’s January and the season is half over. We now know that The Walrus isn’t the right fit for this team.

          Time for Thompson to be tested by live fire. But will they do it?

          Likely not.

      • Pistol Pete

        The other side of that coin is VGK is second behind only MIN in goals SCORED per game. So the combination of mediocre goaltending (thus far in the season) and at times spotty defense has still not prevented the team from leading their division (albeit the weakest)
        and being in the top ten in wins. So they improve goals allowed going forward. Very doable.

        Anyways enough is enough. In any case there will be some crow to eat around here if this road trip goes well.

    • Dare I say it?

      Maybe it is time for the Head Coach to be Fired. After all, it is January!

  15. Galdom

    It’s too bad that the hockey talk has to veer into political talk but it certainly is understandable with the status of our world right now. I guess it’s hard to not talk about it sometimes and sometimes it’s better just to ignore it.

    What I cannot understand are these keyboard warrior trolls insulting people. I don’t need to say the persons name as he keeps changing it anyways but the only reason I can think why he is doing this is because it makes him feel good. It’s very sad. This pandemic has been shitty for 90% of us. NHL hockey is a nice distraction. If someone needs to insult somebody to make themselves feel better then I feel badly for them. I don’t know this person‘s deal. This person could be an idiot or an asshole but I doubt that. I’m thinking that this person might just be unhappy right now and if that’s the case that is unfortunate. You are obviously not alone in this. I assume you may have some interest in hockey since you comment on this blog. Nobody thinks your insults are funny. Everybody with the exception of a couple of people ignore it. The only time anybody responds to it is with anger and disdain towards you which is what you seem to want to accomplish and gets you off. Again, that’s kind of sad. I can’t speak for everybody but I don’t think that they have been laughing “with you”. I hope in the future you can make good contributions to the comment section.

    Let’s Go Knights!!!! Looking for a bounce back effort after that horseshit loss.

  16. Justin

    Well the good news is Eichel will surely solve the problem. All he has to do is score at least one goal every single game, or 82 for the season. This will make up the full 1 goal per game more than the VGK goalie gave up last year…

    Oh wait, that will be just to get the team even with what they had last year. NM, just bring in McDavid as well and then we should be perhaps back to where the team was last year.

    It’s amazing how all the moves GM’s even lots of good ones don’t guarantee a good chance to win the cup. On the other hand though, just one really bad move can pretty much guarantee you WON’T have a chance to win it for years…

  17. THE hockey GOD

    i blame it on layoff mostly, hard to win a game when you only play one period of hockey and have for all practical reasons no shots on goal for majority of period no. 2.

    Coach also forgot he had a time out.

    I expect a big bounce back in next game.

  18. DL

    Bottom line to this game and unfortunately many more, too often they are slow, soft and not putting in a full 60 minutes.

  19. Alex

    Dumbest fan base in sports…

    They kept the wrong goalie…it’s as simple as that…results can be seen on the scoreboard and in the tons of empty seats at home games

    • knights fan in minny

      the biggest dumb ass in nlv is you alex a waste of life

      • Alex

        You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in the NLV, you racist scumbag

        • knights fan in minny

          why would i come to your shit hole roach infested apartment

        • knights fan in minny

          love being a racist when it comes to you was that your buddy the thug cleveland brown who got arrested today a rap sheet a mile long just another day for your kind

        • Daryl

          How many blacks were killed by other blacks on MLK day????

          • Alex

            How many school shooters are white? How come white are the predominant race on states with large death rows?

          • knights fan in minny

            i heard mlk was a womanizer while he was married classy guy

          • Alex

            We are all about Malcolm X you nazi POS

          • Daryl

            Because there are more white moron.. Percentage wise though, per population, black are higher… But that type of math is too far above your head

          • Daryl

            Malcolm X was a bitch!!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      did you think of that yourself the wrong goalie that 3rd grade education really works when you say something other people say on this site about the goalie hey moron do you know what a goalie is

    • knights fan in minny

      somebody else said that already you just copy people to make yourself sound smart guess what the smart part when it comes to you wont happen pin head

  20. knights fan in minny

    somebody else said that already you just copy people to make yourself sound smart guess what the smart part when it comes to you wont happen pin head

  21. Daryl

    Anyone notice that for some on here anytime RL has a great game, or even a great period, they comment on how good he is and how he can lead this team…. But as soon as he has a bad game, it’s always the defenses fault, or anyone else’s fault butRL????

  22. knights fan in minny

    malcom x who does he play for the usfl

  23. DL

    Most everybody needs to calm down, take it easy, grow up and just plain STOP. Many of these comments are ridiculous. Please refrain from anything off topic and certainly off color. This is for and should be all about the Golden Knights. Let’s just talk hockey.

  24. TS

    But this the the only place where people will talk to me…and Im learning so much! Like why they called MAF the Flour! Something about a bakery! Go LVGK!

    • knights fan in minny

      you just like to egg everybody on because you are a asshole your trying to learn give us a break your to stupid to learn your doing this all on purpose you piece of shit

    • knights fan in minny

      how come your5 baby mommas wont talk to you are you behind on your child support

      • Alex

        Both my baby mommas are white!

        • Daryl

          And both are short and fat with huge asses and they try to talk black… You can have those!!!! They are used to baby daddy’s who don’t work or pay for their kids

        • knights fan in minny

          thats because there fat and dumb and get a real man a white guy so they settle for stupid nogs like you for attention meaning your the booby prize

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