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Recap: Philadelphia took the early lead at T-Mobile Arena, scoring the game’s first goal 4:20 into the opening 20 minutes. It took a while but the relentless Golden Knights tied the game with :49 remaining in the period. 

The Flyers regained their lead on a rebound after a flurry of shots on starter Laurent Brossoit. Trailing 2-1, Vegas again tied the game late in the period when Max Pacioretty scored his eighth goal of the season. After 40 minutes the game was locked up 2-2.

Vegas quickly trailed by two after Philadelphia scored two unanswered in the first ten minutes of the period. Pacioretty added a late power play goal but the Flyers went on to win 4-3 at T-Mobile Arena, breaking their ten-game winless streak. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 15-11-0 after falling to the Flyers. Vegas finishes their homestand with a matchup against the Minnesota Wild on Sunday evening. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In a game dubbed by Pete DeBoer “as dangerous trap game as you are going to get” the Golden Knights fell right into the trap. Playing without Chandler Stephenson the Golden Knights struggled to deal with the Philadelphia centers, but the real problem was special teams. They went 0 for 5 on the power play before tallying one very late and allowed 2 goals on three Flyer power plays. That’s a game the Golden Knights normally win. Tonight they did not. (Recap by Ken)

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*** Max Pacioretty
** Brayden McNabb
* Alex Pietrangelo



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  1. John W

    For the love of God, when is PDB and the FO going to give up on the Kolesar project???

    Top line was hamstrung by Kolesar turning the puck over and generally sucking, till he was replaced by Roy, then Bang!, we score.

    And why is Kolesar on the PK?? ?

    I know we are out of options on this guy, but he needs to be replaced by ANY of the young guys – And where is Howden? Howden has 2 goals in 18 games, Kolesar has 1 goal in 26 games…..AND Howden is known as an elite penalty killer……Kolesar is killing us.

    Somebody, please defend Kolesar, or pile on.

    • D M R

      You are 100% right about Kolesar…he should be playing for the Silver Knights, not the big club. Not sure why he’s getting any more chances.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “not sure” DMR, the reason is in order to play for AHL HSK he would have to clear waivers. FO does not want to put him on waivers because he is a power forward and “power forwards take time to develop” in the nhl. And thus they would definitely lose him, like they lost patrick Brown. I would be surprised if KK goes anywhere in near future except they may sit him for a few games. WE shall see. I doubt even that.

        • Richie-Rich

          So, put him on waivers already! Time to give up on this “powerless” forward.

        • THg – where do you get this power forward crap- takes time to develop – he won’t live that long – if he is considered a power forward the knights are in even bigger trouble. What makes you think if he was put on waivers he would be claimed? They need to do something just get him out of here he is taking up space on the bench that could be better utilized. That’s right mgt would have to acknowledge they screwed up – not sure why you continue to defend some of their bone head moves –you profess to be smarter than that which certainly is questionable.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @hd , I see you are being civil to me today. What is up with that ???

            “where do you get this power forward crap- takes time to develop”

            sinbin twitter awhile back quoting coGMGM or some such FO official, making that statement. NEXT TIME STAY AWAKE , MORE COFFEEEEEEE !!!!!!! 🙁

    • Richie-Rich

      I find it absolutely unbelievable that Kolesar is still an NHL skater. Let’s just be kind and say that his performance is “less than stellar” (a lot less).

      As soon as I start thinking PDB is making the right moves he puts Kolesar on the #1 line. Once again he realizes his mistake too late and puts Roy on that line.

      Cotter could do a better job centering that line than Kolesar. Kolesar brings absolutely nothing to the table for the VGK. It is way beyond the point of waiting for this guy to make the transition. Time to move on. There are at least 3 or 4 players on the HSK ready and able to do a better job than Kolesar.

      Lastly, the goal tending remains a huge question. Neither The Walrus or Brossoit appear to be the final answer in net. Once again, goal tending proves my point that the VGK has to score a minimum of 4 goals to be successful. But, hey – Kelly saved $2 million in cap space though.

  2. Kolesar is another one of those situations where mgt refuses to accept and acknowledge they were wrong. It’s not much different than the goalie and PPcoach situation which is hurting the team as well. The PK has gone south despite scoring a few short handed goals. The up coming east road trip should prove interesting hopefully not disastrous.

  3. Tim

    Both posts above are very accurate Kolesar has always sucked and the PP is terrible and fans were booing loudly and I hope they continue. Management continue doing the same thing wrong people on the PP and wrong people on the PK and expect a different result. If they don’t give a shit I sure don’t. I watch for a while and then it’s a wasted PP and a couple of those and I watch something else. As the years go by sooner or later Bill Foley will get tired of getting bumped out of the tournament. If last years 0-16 against Montreal didn’t open his eyes and this year 8-66 doesn’t piss him off then it’s on him.

  4. Pistol Pete

    I knew this was a dangerous game—PHI losing streak was due to end and they are a better team than their record suggests. Would also help to get more saves during the PK’s last couple of games. VGK definitely needs higher end goaltender performances into a prospective postseason. Sometimes I think a goaltender injury would be a blessing in disguise in order to give Thompson a shot. We know they previously determined Thompson is not ready otherwise they would not have traded for Brossoit. This is not to say Thompson would not work given the opportunity. He might but chancing it was a crap shoot. I suppose looking out for the HSK’s season could be a factor as well—I assume though when somebody is viable and needed you bring them up at the expense of the farm team’s roster.

    • Pistol Pete – you are an eternal optimist and extremely kind with your observations – “would also help to get more saves during the PK”. The knights have marginal goaltending and questionable defense many nights. There was nothing to say PHI had to win last night – Vegas was just not good enough to beat them. We can go done the list of excuses, injuries etc. but the truth be known your buddy Eichel is not going to fix the many-issues they have when and if he returns in the short run with is doubtful. Until mgt steps up and makes some changes thereby admitting they screwed up the excuse list will just get longer. It is difficult to believe based on what a successful business man Mr. Foley is that he continues to accept what’s going on. Keep wearing those rose colored glasses like some others on this site who refuse to see the forest for the trees. Oh and by the way Vegas doesn’t draw enough penalties – guess they realize how bad they are on PP!!

      • Pistol Pete

        Biker, Mike StG provides some good responses below. You seem to discount that this team recovered from a 1-4 start doing it deep in injuries. Yeah I’m an “eternal optimist” at the present—this is a good team is why—pure and simple. Sure there are issues, what team doesn’t have them? This game PHI had tremendous goaltending—a more normal level and VGK wins the game. Enough on my positive view on Eichel—you’re beating a dead cat with it! IMO one would have to be a deadhead VGK fan to not be pretty enthusiastic about what Jack brings to this roster. I think the chances of a three month recovery from the procedure is well above 50/50 from my reading between the lines on it—that clears him for contact in early February. If he scores in his first game (good chance won’t happen) and keeps going out of the gate you will be hearing from me pal!


    • Richie-Rich

      Streaks always eventually come to an end. In this case, putting Kolesar on the 1st line, mediocre goal tending, and a continuing horrible special teams was the recipe for this “trap loss”.

      Kolesar is hurting this team.
      Goal tending is an issue.

      There are several young players ready for prime time on HSK, not the least of which is Thompson. Why not give Lehner or Brossoit a night off and give Thompson a few more starts?

      And fire the Special Teams coach!

  5. Pistol Pete

    I’m a little leery of what Mike McKenna would have to say about Thompson’s ability to play at this level beginning any time—little bit of a delicate subject I would say.

    LVRJ ran a recent article on Thompson. Good luck accessing this if you are not a subscriber. I am not because other than their ok VGK coverage, I consider it a POS publication and not worth the fee.

    • Mike StG

      McKenna was clear in saying Thompson’s game is NOT ready for the NHL. I know Granger said the same, and I’m pretty sure Darren Elliot (former NHL goalie) said the same as well early in the season.

      Their goalies are fine. Lehner’s advanced analytics have been elite until the last 3 games or so. They’ve been overplaying him and need to get Brossoit in more often. The main problem is their defense. They play D as a 5 man unit and the forward group being a mishmash of rookies, waiver claims and regulars playing above their ability in top 6 roles is affecting that. As well as Marty being out on D, and Zach for 6 weeks.

      Look at their roster last night. They played 3 waiver claims, had a 4th line center (Roy) playing at 1C after starting a player (KK) who should be in the AHL or at best on a L4 wing at 1C. They were without Stevie, so their top 3 centers were KK, WBK and Roy. When Eichel is healthy their top 3 centers will be Jack, WBK and Stevie. Looks a whole lot different, eh?

      So, the team will be better, incrementally. If & when Patrick returns he’ll be net front on the PP. Howden will be on the PK. When Marty returns his 1 timer on the PP will help and his defense and shot blocking will help both 5v5 and special teams. I think Amadio and Brooks are both keepers, but they’re already overloaded with forwards when healthy. Will be interesting to see who they keep.

    • Pistol Pete

      Thompson is #3—that’s about all there is to it.

      • Richie-Rich

        VGK does not have a #1 goal tender in my opinion. Lehner is an above average goalie and a good #1 on some teams but not a Cup contender.

  6. Don’t like the booing at all. It’s demoralizing to guys who bust their asses game in, game out. Stone, Patches and Marchy need our support, not our boos. Stone is probably addressing the situation, we got veteran players, they know how to handle situations. Remember, we are spoiled, we expect success.

    • Agreed. Been here 45 years, watching UNLV sports devolve into mediocrity, at best– and if you’ ve been bored enough to watch a football or basketball game recently, the stands are EMPTY. Vegas fans have turned against UNLV, and I fear the Vegas hockey fans will eventually turn away as well, if losses pile up. Vegas loves the Knights , as long as they are Winners. The booing is not surprising. Hate to say it, but Vegas fans are a fickle bunch…

    • Blitz

      I disagree to a degree. Fans are paying alot of money to watch a game. They cheer loud when things go good. They get all fired up and angry when things are unfair (awful ref calls etc) and, yes, when things are ridiculously bad they boo.

      If the team has an average power play and it is sometimes up and some times down, fans don’t boo in the down moments. When your power play is the worst in the league and it has cost you a play off series and now deep inside the season it is costing you games and maybe even a chance to go back to the playoff, fans can absolutely boo. The owner and the rest of the FO need to hear what the money thinks. No fans, no team. Somebody has to do something about this. It is not fixing itself.

      The booing is not at the players, its at the *ridiculous* situation this team is in. Do the players know the situation? Yes, of course. Players hear alot of bad shit and are thick skinned. Even in WHL junior hockey people yell some ridiculous stuff at opposing players and they are just kids. That to me is uncalled for, but booing in this situation is letting the FO know the money has grown tired of PP mediocrity and a coaching staff that is unable to fix it. You fired a coach to the fans dismay and this is what you are giving them in return, a coach that can’t figure it out after how many months/years/tries? I think the booing is powerful and very noticeable.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Well the back up goalie has clearly risen to list of candidates to resolve the cap issue.

    His last two games were a ‘real’ clinic on “soft goals”, unlike the RL start the other night in which he clearly did not see the puck and they were not soft goals by any extent of the definition- or called as such by people who are clueless . RL had no chance on those goals. So back up goalie gave a clinic on soft goals, so posters here can see, and learn, what soft goals really look like. RL haters are so blind they wouldn’t know the difference. So forget them.

    In addition, the back up goalie was ill prepared for this game in more than one way. He has given up soft goals in back to back games now. He also had a repeated issue with his gear. His lack of playing time probably impacted his game play, but then again he isn’t a stranger to sitting from his prior years. He needs to get his game straightened out soon.

    PDB had no answer for no. 20 missing from the line up, showing all how valuable the leading scoring for team is. He needlessly scrambled his lines , throwing off all the chemistry for other lines, except line no. 2 which he kept together for most part except when no 10 had a few seconds out there on line 2. PDB realized this wasn’t working half way through the game and scrambled some more.

    Lines three and four, bottom six were barely existent in the game. Excluding no. 63 who played on PP, they had three shots on goal among six players for whole game. That isn’t cutting it. Leading to more candidates on salary cap cut team.

    The excuse for no. 55 is still in effect “power forwards take time to develop”, he probably stopped a goal by positioning himself the wrong way in front of net trying to screen the goalie on PP that hit him. No. 67 who shot the puck was a bit well, you can see look in his face.

    Expect a bounce back for this team in Sunday’s game. As someone said above expect the veterans to step up. Their shot selection could improve a tad. Flyers lost so many games in a row , with their coach change, and up tempo game the odds were in their favor to win one. Especially on this dead cat bounce of a game after high beating streaking STARS – who BTW were shut out by kings the day before in a back to back match up in LA.

    My grades for this game.
    Coaching: beginning of game F, end of game D (have no idea why PDB called a TO
    on an icing when he had the other team tired, unless he wanted to give his own players a rest too)
    Special teams: PK and PP both below F
    Line 1 : B minus
    Line 2 : B
    Lines 3 and 4: C-
    D : overall C, no. 17 still has issues. No 52 probably deserved a shot, but probably gassed from starting three games in a row.
    One positive is that the shots against them has still been improving.

    Flyers , all around: A game. Sort of hung on at the end.

    • Mike StG

      ThG – on #55 “taking time to develop”, #75 is a power forward and never developed offensively in a 10-12 year career. KK loses the puck on the wall by either having it removed from his stick or making bad passes at least 70% of the time, when challenged. At least Reaves could screen the goalie fairly well and was intimidating physically. KK doesn’t screen well, and NO ONE is intimidated by him even slightly.

      Reaves even had a higher goals per 60 minutes average. KK is a better skater but that’s useless given he loses the puck anyway (in every zone). He’s played 71 NHL games, has 4G/17A, shooting% 4.7, FO% is 44, so it should be pretty obvious even to a stubborn FO what he is (besides a Manitoba boy). Columbus picked Texier with the pick they received in the KK trade, so Vegas lost that one big time.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Mike StG. I hear you loud and clear. That is why I put “power forwards take time to develop” in quotes. Opps, there it is. I did it again. They have Luwain, the Jamiacan waiting in AHL, maybe we see him next year ??

        • Mike StG

          ThG, yes I realize that and was supporting your skepticism about their development claim. I don’t see why they keep playing him above his talent level, unless they just don’t have anyone else to throw in there. But I think even some of the HSK kids would be better. I wonder also if they’re just worried about losing him on a waiver claim. But I think that both Brooks and Amadio are better than KK so I don’t see the downside of putting him on waivers to send him to HSK.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @Mike, barring any further injuries to bring up an AHL kid would require a roster move, meaning Brooks, no. 17, amadio, howden , carrier, or KK go on waivers. I don’t see them bringing up someone from AHL as FO/coach seem to be happy with pick up of these waivers.

            the kids are firing in AHL right now, won 5 to 0 in last game

  8. knights fan in minny

    carter hart slammed the door when he had to

  9. LVsc

    55 is a total disaster in every way, as already discussed here.

    63 was supposed to help the PP. He has not done that, he has 1 PP goal, and last night the first Philly goal was on him. $5 Million cap hit this year and next, has to go bye bye.

    and the Vgk goaltending is simply not good enough, as compared to the guy at the other end outplaying them quite often. simply look at the playoffs the past couple years and see backup goalies at that time like Demko and Khudobin outplaying the Vgk guys with far higher reputations. and this year there is no question that the Vgk goalies are average at best. giving up a full goal per game more than last year. from fewest goals allowed in nhl to way below avg today
    from #1 in the league last season to #21 today GAA. says it all. and in save % they are 23rd

    oh, and btw the Vgk just dropped out of a playoff spot last night too.

  10. Blitz

    It’s hard not to be frustrated.

    You tell me the team has amazing depth yet Kolesar, an average AHL player, has to replace the 1C?

    When the fuck are they going to deal with the PP? I don’t know shit about shit, but I can honestly say even I have your slow, obvious, predicable, repetitive power play figured out.

    What’s up with the PK?

    What’s up with the overall defense? Aren’t we a defense first team? Isn’t that the PDB system?

    What’s up with passing and/or receiving pucks?

    What’s up with the goalies?

    These are rhetorical questions. I mean smash some more PDB stats in my face and tell me everything is fine. Tell me how everything is going to be fine when Jack Eichel gets here and fixes all of our problems.

    You guys see the Rangers are a point out of 1st place in the entire league, have the 7th best PP, the 7th best PK, and have cap space. I mention this for no reason.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i thought I heard “let’s go rangers” chants from the rafters in recent games. What is up with that ?

    • Richie-Rich

      Blitz, I cannot wait till the NYR come into the Fortress. I know it won’t happen but it would be nice to see Eichel on the ice for that contest.

      The NYR are way more better prepared right now than this PDB nightmare we are living through.

  11. Tim

    Bill Foley will either see the light or he won’t. His dream of the Cup is fading fast and he’s not stupid but how can he correct the problem is the question. He has to realize our goaltending is average and it goes without saying our PP is non-existent. If last years series with Montreal didn’t tell him you can’t win without a power play then surely this years inept PP has to concern him. He has 550 million invested I don’t have a dime so if he’s alright with it then so be it. Booing last night was loud and I’m sure that concerns management so when we play the Wild and again no PP we’ll get a better feel to the level of anger. We’ve got 4 or 5 guys holding spots on the team who should be gone but management knows best. It looks like Pete DeBoer is set in his ways and the only way to get a change is a new coach. Gallant was fired for a lot less and are you surprised he’s doing so well in New York. We can talk about Kolesar or the other castoffs they have playing but without a fresh set of eyes we’ll continue to bitch about the same thing game after game. Sports is all about producing and when the kids were up they all produced but sent down to help an AHL team to be competitive and sell tickets. I can think of 5 players on the Silver Knights who are much younger and better then 5 who are on the team now.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Tim, GG wasn’t fired after going on a 8-2 run. Again you are over reacting.

      Get a grip.

      More HOT CHOCOLATE !! This time add a marshmellow, to mellow your moood.


      • Tim

        THG no he was fired supposedly after a 4 game losing streak and the reason given was he took the team as far as he could. This is the same guy the year before took us to the finals, the same guy who won the Jack Adams for coach, the same guy who took the Canadien team to a world championship this year, and the same guy who has the Rangers playing like a championship team. Now to me DeBoer’s 8-2 record means shit in the bigger picture and please take off your rose colored glasses. There is no comparison to the two coaches and like I said Gallant got fired for something or someway management was trending that he didn’t like. One last thing his sweater hangs in Detroits rafters as one of there great players where is Deboer’s sweater hanging? Please get your facts right before you tell me to chill.

        • Richie-Rich


          When the final chapter is written, Kelly and PDB will be gone. Write it down, yeah I said it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ tim, boy you really mash peoples mellow. GG was canned also for refusing to change, being too rigid. The NY rangers have had a good core of players , it’s no surprise that they finally got a coach in there to motivate them. The islanders demise seems to be rangers gain. Check back in a few months. The Islanders are due to start rolling. They have too good of a team.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ tim

          “One last thing his sweater hangs in Detroits rafters as one of there great players where is Deboer’s sweater hanging?”

          You and Daryl must go to the same eye doctor. Last month I was there on my trip to Canada, I didn’t see it GG number. There are only handful hanging 1, 5, 7, 9, 10,12 and 19. No GG, he was not good enough, he never will be good enough. His playing career cut short at 32 with back injury. So , like Daryl who is almost always wrong about everything, you need to GET your FACTS STRAIGHT. You both like to throw out stuff to support either your love affairs (MaF and Daryl) or your hate affairs (you vs. PDB based upon your above posts).

          More HOT CHOCOLATE FOR YOU !!

          PS here are the most beloved Red wing players, your buddy didn’t make the list
          1 yzerman
          2 howe
          3 mickey redmond
          4-Nick Lidstrum
          5- Darren McCarty 6 Bob Probert 7- Vladimir Konstantinov
          8-Brendan Shanahan
          9 pavel D 10 zetterberg 11 terrible ted lindsey 12 draper 13 t homstrom
          14 joey kocur (beats out GG, oh my) 15 Franzen 16 osgood 17 Igor Larionov 18 alex delvecchio 19 Fedorov (thought he would be higher than kocur) 20 chris chellios 21 terry sawchuck 22 sid abel 23 Dino Ciccerelli 24 Kirk Maltby !! 25 John Ogrodnick

          • Tim

            I’m glad you used your computer to get the names I only use my memory because I lived it. For your info Gallant when healthy was a 35 to 40 goal scores and yes his sweater hangs in the arena. Not that it really matters and Yzerman and he were on the same line most of the time.

  12. Galdom

    I feel like after every loss we pick someone to be the whipping boy. We are going nowhere until they fix the power-play. That’s a bigger problem than Keegan Kolesar. Kolesar Is being miscast because of all the injuries. I think the fact that he at least gets himself in position for scoring chances is a good thing but it is extraordinarily frustrating how he could never cash in. Because of the Eichel acquisition we are going to need some roster players to play for the league minimum next year. Kolesar certainly has not earned a raise. I feel that he provides value to the team as a fourth liner who is exclusively used only in that role. Once you start moving him up the lineup his value diminishes. Kolesar was a pleasant surprise and good last year and he never played above the fourth line.

    Some quick research and I found that his ice time was 9:33 per game last year in 44 games. This year in 26 games he is averaging 14:19 per game. That’s a massive difference. Although he has seen a huge jump in minutes he is still just 9th among the forwards. Unfortunately it has been necessary due to all of these injuries. Perhaps they could’ve played Carrier and Janmark a bit more then Kolesar. Keegan scored a lot of goals in junior and had a 20 goal season in the AHL. Clearly to this point that has not translated at the NHL level. What has been a blessing in disguise in regards to all of these injuries is that we got to see what some of our depth looked like and we have also have gotten to see if Kolesar is anything above a fourth liner and the consensus seems to be no. When it’s all said and done I think Keegan will slide back into his fourth line role playing nine minutes a game with a bit more physicality and look a lot more like the Kolesar we saw last year. I liked that guy.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    @ Galdom , another well thought out , well reasoned response. I like KK on fourth line too. Another player who nobody bashes much , and is inconsistent, and young is no. 10.

  14. Crusty16

    Need to get rid of Mr Boredom. Take Kelly along with him.

    Power play has been a joke for a few years .playing the same old guys with the same old routine of plays

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