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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Ottawa Senators to try and string together a two-game winning streak. The first 20 minutes were open with 32 shots combined. 

Vegas took the first lead early in the middle frame when Jonathan Marchessault scored his 24th of the season. The Senators tied the game minutes later to take a 1-1 score into the 2nd intermission. 

The 3rd period tightened up as both goaltenders were flawless. Late in the period, Vegas was awarded a power play which they took advantage of. Jack Eichel scored the game-winner with six seconds remaining. It was the center’s third goal as a Golden Knight. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 32-21-4 defeating the Senators 2-1. Vegas will hit the road for the next five games starting in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. Puck drop is set for 4 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In a game that was described by Pete DeBoer as a “playoff-type game” the Golden Knights experienced some of the same issues they’ve seen in the actual playoffs. Luckily, in this one, they got an elite goaltending performance from Robin Lehner and were able to stick one in just before the horn. Not a ton to like about that game other than the fact that Vegas came out on top and Jack Eichel was the hero. (Recap by Ken)

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  1. Daryl

    It’s a win…. We’ll just leave it at that

  2. DMR

    That game looked like an interminable slog through wet cement. S-L-O-W and basically a snooze fest. It’s a good thing Lehner played well because he sure wasn’t getting much help!

  3. Henderson One

    It is too late in the season to make a coaching change, but has PDB lost this team? They are playing without passion or the type of drive that a champion exhibits. Usually when this trait appears so often it is a symptom of a greater problem.

    • THE hockey GOD

      team seems to play a lot better on road this season for some reason; who would you hire as replacement ?

  4. I have already given up the Meatball/Walrus/Panda….. BUT, tonight you have to give him credit for a game well played. The goal wasn’t on him. Likely could have been called dead, slow whistle. More concerning is the lack of chemistry, poor passing and inability to get on the same page deep in the offensive zone. With that said, Eichel is the real deal (better be for $10,000,000)! In the first two periods Eichel made several fantastic passes to line mates who simply weren’t able to play at his level and that includes Pacioretty. Theodore had another horrible game, poor passes and out of position. I want to point out, however, that Ottawa was pretty awful. I think they were on a back-to-back. Forsberg played as great a game as Lehner did. That winning goal by Eichel was fantastic. Marchy continues to shine every single game. He’s the hardest worker on the ice along with Carrier and Smith. That MisFit line looked quite dangerous in the 1st period.

    • THE hockey GOD

      RR slo mo , slow slow slow instant replay, and the Canadian announcers revealed that the Walrus pushed the goal into his own net when he slapped his glove down.

      But at end of it all the Hockey Night in Canada crew gave
      no. 1 star to RL
      no. 2 star to Ottawa goalie
      no. 2 to no. 9 of vegas

    • Not sure scoring a gaol late in the game makes one (Eichel) the real deal – your talking 10 million – no ROI there.

  5. Galdom

    I’m not gonna mention that Marc-André Fleury got bombed for six goals against Tampa. I really hope nobody mentions that because I’m definitely not going to. It’s irrelevant because he doesn’t play on his team anymore. I’m just concerned about what Vegas does.

    Lehner was absolutely spectacular and a goalie is supposed to steal a game once in a while so we really needed that. I’ll leave it to everyone else for the rest of the negatives. I don’t know why Ottawa on the second game of a back to back was completely dominating us in our home arena.

    I’ll defer to Darryl and just say it’s a win and leave it at that. they still appear broken to me.

    • “I don’t know why Ottawa on the second game of a back to back was completely dominating us in our home arena.”

      Really? We outshot shot them 42-40 and that being dominated? I’ll watch the whole game and get back to you. I think it’s more like your disappointment that the VGK was unable to score more goals in a game against a bottom feeder at home. I agree but will take the win.

      I see plenty of passion and chemistry in the Misfits line. The Eichel line is a work in progress, at least Patch is back, and I see no lack of desire and finesse on Eichel’s part. The third and fourth lines are trying hard imo and searching for the chemistry that comes with stability. Dadonov a new member to the bottom six. I feel being the $5m guy he is, although he’s not playing like one the last 17 games, is due for a run, which mark my word will happen especially if he can bury his shame over Putin’s actions.

      This team just continues to have trouble playing near their peak, certain intangibles are in play probably, and it does not help to be without their captain on the ice not to mention his scoring.

      • Galdom

        As soon as I wrote that I realized that there was a typo but I didn’t want to correct myself. What I meant to say is that they dominated us in the third period. And that is unacceptable. Ottawa has lost five in a row and they’re playing in the fortress and in a second of a back to back they dominated Vegas.


        A bottom feeding team that has been getting their ass kicked on a regular basis completely outplayed us in the third period. I think at one point Vegas went 11 minutes without getting a shot on net.

      • Daryl

        Out shooting a team doesn’t affect who dominated who, it’s more about the shit selection. I’m not debating who dominated who. Overall, I don’t think one team dominated over the other, which is sad considering how bad OTT is.

        And to say Dad is not playing well b/c of Putin is a HUGE stretch considering he hasn’t played well long before this Russian fiasco.

        One last thing… If this is a playoff style game according to PDB, VGK is screwed!!!

    • Galdom, he definitely stole one for us. But , as I realize RL had a challenging game, he often looked typically clumsy, falling down/ difficulty getting up. And the OTT goal that slid right between his skates was a blooper. Idk how he stops a top- tier team, esp with our lack of scoring to counter.
      One positive was the tandem of Eickel and Patches– I HOPE Patches is back for the duration– we sorely need him. Marchy is irreplacable– he brings his intensity and A game every game. Carrier proves he is a warrior every game.
      Hope Mcnabb is only out a brief time– his D is critical.

    • Since you need to bash MAF, I thought I would give you some facts.

      VGK 2 wins 16 losses when scoring 2 goals this season.

      MAF, 4 shut outs this season
      MAF, 7 games allowed 1 goal
      MAF, 8 games allowed 2 goals

      Just the facts no opinion.

      I thought Lehner was awesome last night and I believe you can root for Lehner and not be MAF hater.

      • The MAF haters are all butt hurt and have their woke feelings hurt like a hemorrhoid rash over the so-called “sword incident”, which I thought was quite funny and more importantly well-deserved. At the end of the day, Fleury brought much more than just good goaltending to Las Vegas. He became a symbol of hockey passion, excitement and energy for the fans as well as for his teammates.

        On the other hand, Robin Lehner has never been very well accepted anywhere he has played and in the long run his career will not be remembered or honored in the same way. Why? Because Robin Lehner is an overpaid backup goalie pretending to be a starter on a Cup Contender, neither of which is true right now.

        Good game last night Robin, against an awful hockey club on a back-to-back. I have to say that point blank save was fantastic. But swiping a saved puck into your own net? I get it, Walrus don’t have hands.

        That’s just a bit of retaliation for the MAF haters on this list! Take it!

  6. Vic

    Worst hit Eichel has taken since his return was tonight after he scored by his teammates. Come on guys…hit the other team like that. It was nice to see the emotion though. and thanks #90 for stealing one.

    • When they play a game like that against CGY, COL, FLA, TBL, CAR — then we can call it a steal. That was no steal. Walrus played as expected against a team with hardly any firepower at all.

      Ditto on the team knocking Eichel to the ice!

      The passing and decision making are still not playoff caliber and it is more disturbing when it is this bad against teams like Ottawa.

      It was nice to see Holden and Brannstrom. Holden is a better defenseman than Coghlan.

      • Vic

        It was a steal as the Sens skated rings around the VGK in period 3, and #90 saved the 2 points. As THG mentioned….it took a late ticky-tac penalty to help steal this one as well.

    • knights fan in minny

      so right on the hitting vic i did see hague finally lay a hit on somebody

  7. It’s probable imo that Dadonov feels shame over what Putin has done and it’s affecting his play.

    • Julie

      Yeah, blowing up US Bioweapon labs in the Ukraine probably doesn’t sit well with him. That must be it. Putin is a sob, but there is more to this story.

      • Tells us all where you stand on everything.

        All I was trying to do was inject a little optimism into Dadonov’s slump, not start a debate on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine which I assumed everybody here is against (I really never thought Europe would ever again see anything that resembles WWII). After all, Dadonov’s 27 goals/year in FLA did land him a big contract. After having a poor year in OTT the VGK picked him up and as a reminder he did have a good run earlier in the season with Gary Lawless who I admire calling him a finisher. If does not really make sense he is finished, never to be productive again. Something is bothering him. I think with Patch back they should try him as 1RW. When he’s productive he’s more productive than Roy has yet shown himself to be (the two goals in ANA was fantastic though).

      • We agree Putin is an SOB, but “more to the story” does not include the Russians “blowing up US Bioweapon labs”. That is Russian propaganda, hence a conspiracy theory pushed by right wing media. Google it and find out.

        Sorry if I brought the Russia invasion into Dadonov’s slump, but something is clearly bothering him. He had an excellent run earlier in the season with Gary Lawless who I admire calling him a “finisher”. I say put him back up with Eichel as RW and give a few more games to see if he can contribute. I like Roy and his two goals vs. ANA, I like him all around, but he still needs to show he can score in a league with Dadonov, not the Dadonov of late, but the Dadonov of before.

        • Maybe just maybe DeBoer putting the $5m Dadonov down on the 4th line was meant as a wakeup call. Let’s face it, Roy is a 3 or 4 C, not a top line winger. It would not surprise me at all to see Dadonov at 1RW tomorrow. I believe he’s a C who can play either wing. I have not watched all of the OTT game, but Patch had 5 shots, Eichel 4 and Roy zero. In the ANA game for the top line, Eichel had 4 shots, Roy 3 and Dadonov 2 (with one assist). Give Dadonov time as Eichel’s RW and good things should happen. He’s speedy and can score, more of a finisher than Roy has shown thus far, the excellent in of the net ANA goals notwithstanding.

          • Julie

            Good grief, you post more than a teenage girl getting asked to the prom. If you don’t want a response, don’t post anything.

      • Vic

        I agree Julie. When 99% of the media and politicians are on the same side, then one does need to dig deeper to research Ukraine and it’s ‘angelic’ leader. Following that road map will lead to all sorts of angles. Same playbook as the virus crisis which has disappeared like a fart in the wind.

        • Julie

          Exactly right. My husband’s family is originally from Laviv and Stry in western Ukraine. We get periodic updates on a lot of things happening lately on their side. The Ukraine has been a hotbed of corruption for the US. Both sides have things happening and the US has had it’s hand in the cookie jar. All documented if one takes the time. Of course, there is disinformation out there. Just takes time to sift through. I certainly don’t want my son going to the Ukraine to fight for something we should stay out of imo.

          • My first response to your post I thought it was edited out by the moderator, that’s why I posted the second one. You didn’t respond to my allegation that the bio weapons labs is disinformation by the Russian government. I’m conviced it is.

            Sorry to hear your husband’s family is from Ukraine. My best wishes to any of your relatives affected by the events. Yes, I was under the impression Ukraine is well known for it’s corruption in the government. With respect to allegations U.S. interests participate in it, I can’t comment on it other than to say it’s possible. I will say citizens of any country are not always correct in their assumptions. Imo conspiracy theories abound here, especially it seems in Trump Land. It’s pretty amazing how people just latch onto them like they are fact. Anyways, that happens everywhere, always has and always will, it’s just reached new levels in the U.S. I do my best to navigate through mucky waters. Do OK at it I would say.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    VGK puck luck returns, with very bad official penalty call in last minute of game, the visiting team was not happy about that; probably a “payback call”.

    RL labeled first star of game by Hockey Night in Canada TV crew despite giving up a suspect goal.

    No.9 got mugged by his own player no 67 after scoring winning goal, what is up with that ?

    • Blitz

      Wasn’t it the movie Major League where Dorn punches Vaughn in the win celebration, but then hugs him? Maybe its the same thing. The classic somebody’s been messing around with some ones ol’ lady.

      It was a great last second goal by Eichel and good to see the guys celebrating so chaotically, it means maybe they do give a shit and that Eichel is fitting in. As a fan, I was happy to see it, just don’t damage the goods.

  9. Henderson One

    As I indicated I believe it is too late for this year. I do not have a replacement in mind but do think it will probably happen at the end of the season if they do not make the playoffs. Injuries no excuse for the lack of passion exhibited too often by this team.

    • I agree. Day late and a dollar short. Winning over Ottawa by one. Ottawa. Better than losing, but still.

  10. Tim

    Joel Quinville was my choice for coach months ago a couple of Stanley Cups but would the league let him come back after his issues in Chicago. I watched the game last night very painful to sit through 3 periods and two intermissions and the scores one to one. We just can’t score so it’s like watching grass grow not sure I’m ready to do that game after game.

    • THE hockey GOD

      qyeerville is done, never liked him as player or as a coach. Over rated.

      • Tim

        THG, He brought Florida back into prominence until he has to resign. No small feat since they were considering moving the franchise because of lack of support.

  11. OTT has a poor record but they have taken down a number of wins against division top three teams including CAR twice. They also beat DAL twice but DAL is a mere WC prospect.

    TOR 3-2
    PIT 4-1
    CAR 3-2
    TBL 4-0
    CGY 4-1
    CAR 4-3
    WSH 4-1
    MIN 4-3

    That yesterday’s game was close is really not surprising. OTT is a team that can give the best teams a close game.

    • Daryl

      They’ve also lost 5 in a row, 8 of their last 10 and were playing a back to back. At no point should that game Ave been that close. I’m OK with a 2-1 win but having to win it on a last second effort of a penalty call, which was correct, but probably shouldn’t have been called at that point in the game, is not acceptable

  12. Henderson One

    If this team makes the playoffs, it will be interesting to see how many season ticket holders opt to pay the inflated playoff prices to see this team or pass and wait for next season..

    • Henderson Knights

      if Dadonov is still on the team after the deadline, then they are not serious about winning.

      • They are serious about winning. I agree repalcing Dadonov at the deadline is possible but it may cost them. It’s also possible Dadonov knowing that is possible has affected his performance, but it could also be a motivator. We’ll see what happens over the next seven games heading into the TD. If DEBoer moves Dadonov up to 1RW tomorrow and the next seven games go well we will all be singing a different tune!

  13. THE hockey GOD

    push button pete with more “gimmicks” in last nite’s game

    Jesse Granger
    DeBoer put Carrier back onto the 3rd line, and they immediately put together a shift spent entirely in Ottawa’s zone, and generated Vegas’ first shot on goal in a while.

    Stephenson, Amadio and Carrier have great chemistry for just getting put together a few games ago.

  14. I checked Dadonov’s points this season.

    First 39 games ahead of the 14 game pointless streak: 21 pts = .54 pts/game. This is a pace ahead of Karlsson’s current .5 pts/game for the season.

    .54 pts/game is probably middling for a top six forward, and that was the first 39 games. For the season he’s 22/55 = .40 pts/game. Sub par for top six, probably at or above par for bottom six.

    Dadonov’s career is 244/390 = .63 pts/game which is definitely top six but not outstanding. Goals to total points is 114/244 = .47 which is above average by a good margin.

    I’m repeating myself but he’s worth another look on the top line. He knows performing could be the difference between staying or getting moved at the TD. Should be a motivator. If ever he can score it will be with Eichel who given time stands to elevate the play of the entire roster.

    • Dadonov is really the only one on the roster with the career scoring stats to fill in for Stone w/o breaking up the Misfits. Janmark has not been nor ever will be the scorer Dadonov has been, and I really don’t think Roy can deliver as a top line winger but it will be great if he does.

      • Galdom

        Pistol Pete, what you are saying is logical and supported by stats. Unfortunately for the VGK and their fan base he has been doing absolutely nothing for the past 2 to 3 months

        • Pistol Pete

          He went 14 games heading into ANA on Friday with not one point. That is a bad streak and tough for fans to take when he’s $5m, but it doesn’t change the fact that things will improve, possibly and hopefully dramatically. I will be surprised if Roy is the answer for 1RW. Seemingly so vs. ANA but less vs. OTT. I will be surprised if DeBoer does not give Dadonov another shot with Eichel. On paper he is really the only guy even if Janmark was available. Let’s see if Dadonov can step up heading in to the TD. I’m sure you’ll remember this discussion if he does. This is in the hands of DeBoer and Dadonov, not the fans.

        • Daryl

          Like Galdom said, in this day and age, it’s a what have you don’t for me lately philosophy. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just that it’s the way it is

    • THE hockey GOD

      he has no shot, it’s like he’s sweeping a curling broom out there, very painful to watch.

      • Good point. He did score 81 goals in three seasons with the Panthers. I think he must have benefited from the right linemates. We knew that about him, that he does better with better linemates, everyone does. Even if he can’t snipe he can still score. He’s shown that.

  15. Robin Lehner warm ups

  16. Galdom

    Ha ha Richie Rich. Nice!

  17. JoeInHendeo

    Garbage win, but a win no less. I was also cringing when Patches tackled Eichel by his neck on the game winner with 6 seconds left. Of all the places to wrap that guy up lol, DeBoer needs to remind his players that it’s fist bumps for Eichel only, but Pete probably won’t even do that right. This long road trip will be the make it or break it span whether VGK makes the playoffs or not. Since DeBoer’s destroyed our reliable dominance at The Fortress, we gotta hope VGK’s luck on the road continues. Seeing a few bottom feeders on the upcoming schedule isn’t that reassuring either, considering Knights lost to Arizona last week and struggled to a literally last seconds win last night as well. VGK seems to play down to their competition way too much, which is definitely a coaching deficiency. Good to see Eichel starting to get his groove back plus get a PP goal. I just wish DeBoer knew how to tap into those positives and motivate the Knights. Lehner had a good game against a team with not a lot of firepower, but again, it’s a win, I just hope he can put a couple good games together.

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