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Recap: Vegas needed a strong start to break their three-game skid but the Islanders began the scoring early on. Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner made some timely saves and held the one goal New York advantage after the opening twenty minutes.

The middle period was back and forth with both teams trading chances. Both goalies were flawless preserving a one goal game heading into the second intermission.

Lehner continued to shine in net frustrating the Islanders in the third period. However, Vegas’ defense created a costly turnover which New York cashed in on. The Golden Knights couldn’t get anything going offensively for the third straight period and lose their fourth game in a row.

The Golden Knights record drops to 1-4-0 after losing 2-0 to the Islanders. Vegas hits the road for the next two games beginning on Tuesday in Colorado. Puck drop against the Avalanche is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas conceded early to a team that is not fun to play from behind against. They created plenty of chances, but the age-old story of not finishing them continues for the Golden Knights. Now, it’s a quick road trip against two tricky teams in Colorado and Dallas. They have to find someone who can finish chances, otherwise 1-6-0 could be on the horizon. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York Islanders game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Podcast w/ segment from Dr. Pinegar to recap the myriad of injuries

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Keegan Kolesar
** Robin Lehner
* William Karlsson



Iole: VGK Still A Cup Contender, But Problems Abound On the Ice And In The Stands


Power Play Futility Stat Dump


  1. Richard Santomauro

    Maybe I am just not watching the same game. Kolesar and Lehner STARS? Okay. You have a right to that opinion.

    THE GOOD: The injured got another day to heal. Yeah, that’s it.

    THE BAD: What I saw out there was about as far away from year 1 as you can possibly get. The lack of team chemistry and the passing was simply nothing more than a hot mess. Kolesar simply is unable to put a puck on net, and believe me when I say I am a huge fan in every other aspect of his game. If he solves his inability to score he’s going to be a top 6 skater. Krebs has about a year or more to go before he can physically challenge at this level.

    I have to take a look at the stats, but the big one that sticks out is the lack of a POWER PLAY. IT’S A DISGRACE REALLY. NON-EXISTENT.

    The big question is just how long will VGK FO and PDB be able to use injuries as an excuse? Maybe, just maybe reality will set in by mid-January.

    • Blitz

      Like you said, you are not watching the same game. I agree with Ken’s stars. The top 3 scoring chances in the game were Kolesar’s. Had someone actually scored a goal it would be different. Did someone really do better than that? Lehner stopped a lot of high quality chances. Sometimes one directly after another. To me he could have been the 1 star with Bill 2.

      • Richard Santomauro

        When you are shut out on home ice, no one deserves a star.

        • Blitz

          True, but no one got a star for real. Ken assigns stars as part of his game write ups, win or lose, to inspire thought. Would you rather he didn’t?

          • Richard Santomauro

            I just don’t think he should designate them as “stars”. How about something like

            “The #3 participation trophy goes to …..”
            “The #2 participation trophy goes to …..”
            “The #1 participation trophy goes to…..”

          • Blitz


            LOL! That’s funny, but it is sadly the situation. Participation trophies at this point.

  2. Richard Santomauro

    At the end of period 3, the cameras focused in on MARCHY as he split his stick on the boards in total anger and frustration.

    That about sums up my feelings at this point.

    • Bad Vlad

      Once again who was on the ice for BOTH islanders goals??


      Get that clown off the ice

      Every bloody goal against he is on the ice

      It just gets worse every game

    • THE hockey GOD

      that’s because no. 81 threw the puck right into crest of opposing goalie a few seconds before he crashed his stick knowing fully well realizing he could have easily scored . AT least in this game he wasn’t a minus three and didn’t throw the puck away nearly every single time he touched it like he did in his prior game. Note he didn’t have the A on, McNab did, and he played a decent game.

  3. Frank

    Lehner. Not good enough when it counts. Kolesar. Book is out on him… Fast, hard hitting, aggressive on forecheck…. Can’t score to save his life. Misfit line… Where are you???? Got beat tonight by better goaltending. Plain and simple.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what he said ^^^^^^^^

    • Ulf

      Say what you will about Lehner but thinking this is the goalie’s fault is a rookie mistake. Team defense stinks right now and any hint of a game plan has to be re thought by the coaching staff

      • Daryl

        Nobody is putting full blame on RL, but to say he hasn’t been part of the problem is a rookie mistake as well. His rebound control is horrible. Did you watch the NYI game? Their goalie was able to control the puck after shots and cover them up. RL isn’t able to do that. He hopes his Dmen can clear the puck for him. And that is two games in a row he’s been beat short side. You can’t blame those goals on the defense.

      • Richard Santomauro

        I actually thought RL would play extremely well the first few weeks of the season. He’s actually been pretty shaky out there. He gives up to many rebounds, his lateral movement is awful, and he’s worse than I thought on angle shots from the side.

        He’s right on track for my prediction. He’ll be ousted by mid-January.

  4. Vlad

    Vegas is lucky it wasn’t 7-0 tonight

    2 solid posts and 3 wide open chances right in front of net

    Mccriminals handi work is in plain view

  5. Tim

    You can bitch all you want but no surprise we’ll be 1-6 after our next two games that’s a given. The real game changer will be when we come back home to face Anaheim if we lose that game the boo birds will be out.

  6. WmFCoyote

    This is the sort of play I expected from an expansion team, maybe we were spoiled. The play tonight had no co-ordination and it appeared that the VGK players were satisfied with sending shots from the blue line. How long do we stick with the walrus before making a change. 0 for 10 is not an indication of a good or even acceptable power play. Not an acceptable team effort

  7. Pete Turner

    Whatever methods are being used to coach the team right now, scoring must be the least important part of the curriculum. VGK looks pretty good tonight in every other aspect except the part that counts which is scoring. I don’t go to City Arena much so I don’t observe how the team is being coached but based on the performance so far, it seems they either practice scoring with no defenders or no goal keeper in the net or they just assume these guys know how to.

    Offensive wise, we’re pretty decent at passing the puck out of our defense zone and even in the neutral zone but boy do we suck at passing when we are at the offensive zone. I don’t know what the players are thinking but few are creative enough to envision a path to scoring. All of the shots in that zone are poor passing leading to a turn over or worse, forever passing like a hot potato because no one wants to be the one to take a shot at goal. Everyone suddenly becomes a turnover machine once we are in the offensive zone. This becomes more obvious during the power play. When you can’t even get a good look on an almost 2 minute 5 on 3 power play, all hope is lost. Maybe the coaches need to watch more video, maybe the video coach needs to find a new job elsewhere, whatever the process is, it’s not working and if the best outcome of the process is get the team back to one year ago when we could put twice as many SOG as the other team and still lose, I dare say, it’s about time we need a new approach to coaching this team.

  8. Daryl

    VGK was lucky tonight the score wasn’t much worse. NYI hit the crossbar several times and then it looked like KK switched sides as a couple players missed a wide-open net. RL made a great initial save sliding right to left but the NYI player got his own rebound and fired into an open net but Hague dove in to save the day.

    If course it doesn’t matter how good or bad RL is, if VGK can’t score themselves. VGK had done pretty good looks but the NYI goalie tracked the puck extremely well. Anyone else notice how he controls his rebounds and limits secobd chances? He doesn’t leave it up to his Dmen to clear the puck. That is what RL can’t do, which I have said for several years now.

    Overall VGK didn’t play bad. They just can’t score and have untimely and costly turnovers

    • Richard Santomauro

      Even with Stone and Patches back on the ice, this team as it is currently constructed and coached is not a playoff team.

  9. First five games this season VGK has outshot the opponent 179-175. Realize shots is not always the defining stat, as one example shot attempts needs to be considered. VGK seems to have a history of outshooting their opponent win or lose, usually more skewed than the aforementioned 179-175. Islanders was 42-26. Only the Kings went exteme the other way 25-47, Kraken was 30-31.

    DeBoer needs to solve the scoring problem including the PP. This team has the talent to score including on the PP. Oh, and let’s give Dorofeyev a shot. I have not seen him play on the HSK, and had I, I might recognize he needs more development, but compared to Krebs he scores more goals as a percent of his points than Krebs. I hate to say it, but Krebs seems more of an assists guy although that could change as he advances. VGK needs young players who drive to the net, shoot and score and yes a puck distributing C and Dorofeyev is a C. He’s also added close to 25 lb. (6’1″ 186) indicating he’s moving in the right direction. Bigger, rangier and stronger than Krebs.

    • Again I have not seen Dorofeyev play on the HSK. I’m inclined to think those on the staff that pick Krebs over the other prospects know what they are doing, ie. Krebs is ranked above Dorofeyev for a reason, but consider Glass. Anyways, I bet Dorofeyev is as fast as Krebs too. The guy was good enough to make the KHL at 18.

      Please, feedback on Dorofeyev from those who attend HSK games. Tia.

      • Dorofeyev turns 21 tomorrow.

        • I realize AHL is not the NHL. I also think some players will be able to elevate their game to the NHL level defying the expectations of the organization’s skill evaluation personnel. It takes a few NHL games to find out.

          • THE hockey GOD

            the russians are not ready yet, like i said about no. 42. Last nite the silver knights playes, canuck AHL affiliate, and got shut out 2=0. They played like VGK, even gave up first goal(s) in similar fashions.

            they have no finishers in AHL to help NHL club.

            I am concerned that with all these injuries that they players come back too early. I am especially concerned about Stones’ soft tissue injury, this could be career ender if not allowed to heal. The bone injuries could be long term troublesome. Don’t be surprised if one of these injured don’t make it all way back 100% I hope they don’t play any of them at less than 100% and give them time to heal.

            The youngsters are getting valuable NHL experience now, at expense of W’s and they are competitive for the most part.

  10. Vlad

    And krebs adds another minus 2 to his stats after the defeat

    Along with no shots on net and no goals

    Same story year after year with him

    But it was mccriminals decision to draft him so no matter how bad he’s playin

    • For this season’s five games Krebs is 0/0/-4, so I’m considering your contention. Nine career games 0/1/-3.

      It was reported VGK would not give up Krebs in an Eichel deal. If accurate, not sure I agree with that.

      What do you think of Dorofeyev?

      • Dorofeyev called up for game 1 vs. Kraken,.There was some contraversy around this as he was not given any preseason play (a good indication his play is rated below the other prospects) in that it had something to do with cap compliance. Anyways Dorofeyev went 0/0/0 ( 0 shots) vs. Krebs 0/0/-1 (0 shots). At least Dorofeyev was not on the ice for a GA although Krebs probably got more ice time.

  11. Justin

    This criticism of Krebs is a mystery to me,maybe I need glasses. To me the kid’s compete level may be the highest on the team. He’s flying around outworking nearly everyone. Makes the other guys look like they’re not working as hard. This is a good influence on others. And then his hockey iq is extremely high, he’s making excellent passes but isn’t skating with someone who can jam them in. And too small to be an nhl player? Really? Like Marchy is too small, and kaprisov, and Marchand, and Suzuki, and caufield? Oh and he’s about the same size as Gretzky when he started… Yea small guys can’t play in the NHL…

    And the kid’s played like 9 nhl games so far. We have so much reason to be hopeful to have this player, let’s be real for goodness sakes.

    • That has generally been my view that Kreb works hard with great energy and enthusiasm, has a high hockey IQ and will develop into more of a scorer as he advances at this level, however when I view his junior (63 G/169 A) and AHL stats (1 G/9 A) he’s more a helper and than a scorer. His AHL games played is even less (7) than his NHL (9) so it is a very small pro play sample and too early to tell if he can become a real NHL goal scorer. This is where I look at Dorofeyev (13 G/4 A/+12–27 AHL games) and think the guy can score, let’s put him up here and see if he can outperform Krebs.

      VGK needs more young goal scorers not just high hockey IQ playmakers.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Toughness is the factor that Krebs has yet to develop. Marchy is small but has developed into a grown man. Krebs still has some time to develop. Give him time.

      Let’s face it folks, VGK is in the midst of a rebuild.

    • Blitz

      Krebs gets better every game. Noticeably a better quicker skater than those around him and has a hell of alot more energy than others. I have nothing but praise for the young guy. Certainly blaming him for everything is a douche bag move by the troll guy that showed up here a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Justin

    On another note, I keep wondering why the heck did we let Nosek walk, and then gave up an asset for Howden… And Dadonov. Nosek was productive, it’s looking very clear a lot more productive than Howden. And if Dadonov doesn’t start producing he will be an incredible bust at $5mil per for this year and next. He looks like he has quick hands and a good shot, but nothing falling obviously.

    Miramonov was shooting from everywhere, looked good from offensive perspective he is definitely ripping it looking to score…

    • Nosek was a little more money than Howden. Plus Howden was a first rounder and is viewed with higher ceiling than Nosek in part due to his youth (23 vs. 29). They are similar in career points (Nosek .26/game and Howden .27/game) but Nosek is way stronger on defense at +1 vs. Howden -29. Howden is only 23, was a first rounder and is viewed as a potentially high scorer than Nosek ever will be.

      At this point the VGK coaching needs to go to another level to get the depth they do have to score more.

      • Richard Santomauro

        VGK coaching needs to be put outside the arena and sent packing.

      • THE hockey GOD

        they don’t have sharp shooter, finishers, or scorers or anyone in AHL at this point in time

    • Richard Santomauro

      Dadanov & Howden were McCrimmon duds. Period.

      • THE hockey GOD

        dadanov has had his chances and had pretty good set ups , howden i am surprised that he is not a very fast skater. Too many set up players, no finishers right now.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    first star of game >>>Barry Trotz, the best coach in NHL right now. Best GM is Stevie Y for building the TB bolts and now re stocking the red wings.

    no 42 was no factor as I said he would be, two feeble attempts on goal.
    no 52 played worse though.

    Krebs was on ice for both goals, but he didn’t contribute to islanders scoring, the second goal was due to goalie not covering the short side on islanders best player, krebs kept him wide. And he managed to get puck at a low percentage area on a big goalie that should have had the short side covered. The first goal was not his fault either. He’s learning.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no 14 was contributing factor on islanders first goal, failing to secure the puck with several chances to do so, I may add to the above.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Hague is regressing, that’s for sure.

        • Blitz

          Hague is being asked alot and playing to his ability i’m afraid. Like the team, the d core is wrecked. Hague is no longer a bottom line guy. He is the vet playing with a borderline AHL’er. I don’t think that is his strong suit. Marty and white cloud out our defensive d men are pretty bad off right now.

          The sky is falling and in big chunks.

          • THE hockey GOD

            VGK played two good periods, the second period was a real push. Remember the islanders are one of the best, or the best teams in NHL right now. A very well coached team, and they have Josh Bailey. The fans even have a chant on the Island, only for Josh Bailey. It goes something like this:

            heyyyy josh bailey
            ayyyyy ohhhhh
            we want to know
            when will you score a goal.

            maybe vegas fans can get their own chant going , somewhere along the lines with some original innovation. you tube the josh bailey chant, fans rock it.

          • Blitz


            You are correct. Was just thinking that about how the islanders are pretty darn good. Kind of forgot that fact cause NYI have started the season a little slow. This is the team that almost beat Tampa last year to go to the cup. At the start of the semi’s, last year, I remember thinking I would rather have Tampa than NYI for the finals. I felt then that NYI was a Deboer system buster and we were better against fast/crafty teams like the AVS.

            I suppose the irony is, right now, every team is the Deboer system buster.

      • Daryl

        Notice how the NYI goalie was able to control his rebounds and cover up the puck on shots… RL isn’t able to do that. Instead, he knocks down the pucks and hopes his defensemen, who are also battling with a forward, is able to clear the puck for him

  14. THE hockey GOD

    at least VGK didn’t get blown out 7 to 1 like leafs were the other night, there is real panic mode north of border.

    the VGK recent games are competitive and shows that the team is not as bad as loser leafs

    • Richard Santomauro


      I feel so much better now about 2 points and being in the basement of the division.

  15. Vlad

    Yup krebs skating all over the ice like a chicken with his head cut off

    Accomplishing nothing

    No shots. No goals. And a whole lot of minuses. That leopard ain’t changing his spots

    What an over hyped dud

    • Richard Santomauro

      Actually, I do like Krebs. He just isn’t tough enough or experienced enough at the NHL level. Give him time, VGK appears to be in a 3 to 5 year rebuild. I expect to make the playoffs in 2 years and make a serious run at the cup by 2027. By then Stone, Pacioretty and Martinez will be gone.

      • Pistol Pete

        Might as well pick up Eichel then. So you don’t think Dorofeyev is a top six guy when he’s developed? Only 27 AHL games. Many top
        players needed 80 or more. In your scenario, I can see Eichel along with Krebs, Dorofeyev, Brisson and Dean. Also I am not convinced the VGK can’t turn things around here. Only 5 games in. Will be a way different atmosphere here if and when they fix the (current) scoring problem.

        • Richard Santomauro

          The team is a lot worse off than I originally thought before preseason. Krebs has a future but he isn’t physically ready for top 6 assignments. I like Nolan Patrick, Dorofeyev, Dugan, Cotter, Thompson and a few others. I’ve seen enough of Dadanov and Howden.

          Eichel? At this point with #67 on LTIR, why not? Roll the dice. This is a rebuilding season. We may as well also deal Smith while we can get something for him too.

  16. Vlad

    PAC and stone were in the line in the playoffs and were completely shut down

    Blame their absence all day long but this team is not the team it used to be

    When they handed a junior hockey coach the gm keys the decimation began

    The heart, the soul, the culture, the attitude all gone

    Gallant, fleury, reeves, schmidt, Perron, all character guys gone courtesy of mccrimmon

    It was a good thing while it lasted

    But in about 2 years mccrimmon gutted this team to the level most are at. Mediocre. No urgency.

    And dependent on 2 players which hasn’t worked anywhere else and isnt working here. No depth no heart no soul.

    Its a rickety 3 legged stool

    Great case study of how to ruin success by fixing something that isn’t broken

    Ironic those preaching patience now but not when the team was on the brink of the cup and had a few bad games

  17. goalie trade

    VGK just put Pacioretty on LTIR to open up $7 million in cap space.

    now watch McCrimmon add another piece of shit failure like Shitanov to waste that cap space.

  18. goalie trade

    oh, and as for the scoring chances of limp wristed Kolesar. He can’t score because he can’t lift the puck into the top corners of the net. Every one of his shots was right into the goalie pads along the ice…. and many of the Vgk players do the same.

    It is outrageous (but not surprising….look at the PDB coaching staff, see Spott run) that they are not practicing every day hundreds of shots with a board in front of the net that allows only shots to the top corners of the net to go in. Then, maybe these guys could actually score on some of their chances.

    They repeat the same mistakes and losing shooting strategy every game, so nothing ever changes. Remember the Demko playoff fiasco 2 years ago? well, we still see the exact same lament over poor shooting strategy by Vgk players.

  19. Tim

    Health rumors you never get from the VGK but I’ve heard elsewhere. Supposedly it’s Stone’s back out long term, Patch just put on IR to free up his 7 million is something in the wind? Tuch long term, White cloud long term, not sure about Patrick and Martinez. If all this is true then most will be out at least until after New Years which if we can’t win a game here and there we won’t be in the playoffs.
    Can I get an Amen for Shane Wright we just may be in the drawing.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Tim, I believe all players will be out until beginning of new year. They may push whitecloud and martinez in sooner, but that would be a mistake in my opinion . Need them at 100% , not 90%.

  20. Tim

    Personally I think Lehner has done a good job Barzel made a tuff angle shot on him. They hit posts we hit posts part of the game you can’t hold that against Lehner. We need to get at least one goal a night out of the Misfit line, Then between our D-Men we need a goal a night, Between the other 3 lines we need to get a goal. Sounds feasible but isn’t happening. You would like to think a line of Dadanov, Roy, and Stephenson should generate something but so far it ain’t happening. On our scoring chances lets be realistic we get 40 shots on net but right into the pads or chest of the goalie we very seldom elevate the puck to give us a chance. The bottom line is they can con us by saying look at all the shots but it doesn’t mean shit if they don’t have the skill to place the puck with a good chance to score. Besides the Misfit line all other forwards are just happy to hit the net which is a loser mentality.
    I’ll give you a comparison in baseball game on the line 2 outs batter pops up to second base in his mind just happy he didn’t strike out. Do you see the comparison I’ve seen it all my life there’s players and want a be players and we have a lot of want a be players.

  21. Tim

    I’ve said it before I’d give Pavel Dorofeyev a chance and I mean a 5 game chance not just a couple of shifts. We’ve seen Leschyshyev hasn’t done much and I’m not saying Dorofeyev is the answer but he has a nose for the net and right now a nose for the net sounds better then what we have. Lets face it if your not in La La land were not beating Colorado or Dallas on the road so what better time to give him a shot.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim, you know I agree. Glad someone else is bullish on Dorofeyev. Nothing to lose. If not now then following the loss of the next two games.

  22. goalie trade

    they put 67 on LTIR to open up cap room to make a trade…that is for sure.

    remember, Tampa traded two #1 draft picks and a blue chip prospect for 3rd line grinders Coleman and Goodrow, and it worked for short term success. they won 2 cups, and now those guys are gone to free agency.

    Vgk f.o. needs to be bold as well. they don’t need more grinders, they need a #1 center.

    Patience went out the window when the Vgk went to the Stanley cup finals in year #1…and I don’t see Bill Foley waiting until 2027 or longer for draft picks to maybe develop, and maybe not, as they don’t in most cases.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i will bite

      who will you recommend ?? You think Toronto or montreal are having a fire sale?

      Name some players that are available , now ! IF that is where you are going with this. Finish the thought process, don’t leave us dangling with a proposition and train to Yukon at dead end with no claims in sight except a fat , old eskimo with no teeth holding an old whale bone. Let’s have it all. NOW !

      • Tim

        THG Toronto won’t trade a star but if they did I’d say it would be Mitch Marner he fell out of favor in the playoffs last year.

      • vlad

        a little late right now looking for a magic fix to a problem that was sooo obvious after last years play offs

        mcriminal hs got this down to a 3 legged stool with 2 of them kicked out

        No different than TO…. relying on a few players with 19 other muckers and grinders who can’t carry the team

        common them? newbie nhl gm’s who lack nhl experience and wisdom

        Not many Lou Lamoriello’s around

        • THE hockey GOD

          wow you are starting to sound like THG, even using same lingo like muckers. AND LL is a good GM, too bad Larry Robinson are Scotty Bowman are too old to coach again.

          still waiting for some name.s

  23. Blitz

    Every time I see Mccrimmon I think of Mike Meyer’s dad (Stuart) on the movie “So I Married an Axe Murderer”. Just an awesome character.

    “Heid! Paper! Now! Move that melon of yours and get the paper if you can, hauling that gargantuan cranium about!”

    “Give your mother a kiss, or I’ll kick your teeth in.”

    Here are pics of both (if my links work):


    Stuart Mackenzie:

  24. sb

    Pretty clear evidence as to the importance of Stone, Pac and Tuch to this team. Failed PP? Answer – One hi-end playmaker center who wins faceoffs, can stickhandle and put up 60 assists. Until that player comes along the PP fails. You can bring in 40 more scoring wingers, but until you get a center who can set them up, failure on the PP.

    • vlad

      mccriminal has created such a mess “fixing” something that wasn’t broken

      He is deep into a salary cap corner of his own making

      Amazing foley would turn this thing over to a “I know everything” juniior hockey coach with no nhl gm experience

      Mcphee owns a lot of this as well

  25. Mike StG

    All the ‘sky is falling’ and ‘they won’t make the playoffs’ wailing is pretty funny. A lot of contradictory statements between posters and even within the same posts:

    1) ‘Krebs is mostly a playmaker, not a scorer’. True. Yet, everyone is complaining Vegas needs an elite playmaker and the PP will never be successful without that (although there are several teams that don’t have that elite center who have good PPs, and some teams with multiple elite centers – like the Leafs – who have lousy PPs). So, does Krebs need to be both, or something he’s not??

    2) ‘They don’t have anyone in the AHL who is a scorer’. Yes, no McKinnons, Matthews, Stamkos’s, or McJesus’s – but their highest pick in 5 drafts has been #6. Most of the rest were near the bottom of the first round. Krebs was the highest in post-2017 drafts, at #17. Their 2018-2021 are too young and need time to develop. That is a FACT of Vegas’s young existence. You want to draft a high 1st round player and throw him into the NHL? Think about Petterson (VAN), Hischier (NJD), Dach (CHI), even Nolan Patrick (PHI) in 2018. All been hurt and out for months or seasons early in their NHL careers precisely because they lacked the physical maturity to play at an NHL level. ‘Yeah, but look at Suzuki!!!’ Yeah, look at him now. Boy, it looks like Vegas gave away the farm when they traded HIM!! lol

    3) ‘Miromanov was terrible’. Okay, really? It was his first NHL game . He contributed in the OZ and played well defensively. Can’t anyone give him and the other rookies a break? Or even veteran newcomers who were signed as FA’s or traded for in the offseason – do they have to be magnificent from the start of the season?? Can’t you allow them to get adjusted to the systems and style of play on a new team?? For Christ’s sake.

    4) They were playing 3 rookies last night, against a healthy Isles team that was one goal away from going to the Cup final against the TBL; and the 2nd year in a row they made the final 4 and lost to Tampa. Krebs has maybe 10 games total in the NHL, this was Leschyshyn’s 3rd NHL game, and Miromanov’s first. You have rookies interspersed on lines and pairings that are all mixed up due to injured players out of the lineup (which this game also included Nolan Patrick and Zach Whitecloud). You really expect tape-to-tape passing, clean breakouts and a perfect transition game??

    5) I do agree that Kolesar has made progress in his overall game as a power forward, but seems to not have the skills to finish. Perhaps he develops it, but if not he ends up a younger version of Reaves, although a better skater and without the intimidation factor.

    I’ll worry and start griping like most everyone here if we get to Christmas and they’re still out of the playoffs. But for now I think people should just R-E-L-A-X and watch the younger players as they are given opportunities. In a month or three we may see some positive development and possibly a breakout. Or maybe that doesn’t happen, but at least we should (fingers crossed) have the team back or close to full strength.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Mstg ^^^ what he said (and I never said no. 42 was terrible, but he certainly wasn’t the savior everyone was crowing about- Russians need time to develop in NHL, different culture, different language, different play style, different mindset, etc).

    • Henderson One

      This team, as currently constituted, is not a NHL team. It is between an AHL team and an NHL team. Given that, they played well last night against NYI. Given that fan expectations are high, how long will the fan base and Foley stay with this team? Attendance is beginning to erode and it will not be long until attendance will be a major issue. The Boo Birds will not be far behind. Raiders are taking over Las Vegas. VGK ownership had better wake up.

    • Blitz

      You used my ‘sky is falling’ quote, so I guess you are calling me out, so I guess I need to reply? :) My quote was referring to defensemen in response to a Hague comment and the fact that we just lost more defense men. We have lost 1 to 2 starters a night, it seems, I did not do the math. How is the sky not falling in reference to that? How many more can we lose? Your answer is probably, “well how long are they out”? And my reply would be “I have no fucking idea cause FO thinks it needs to be a secret”. I don’t even know where I am going with this. I am going on vacation tomorrow. LOL

      Besides quoting me, I agree with ALL of your points here. Despite the losing I am actually happy to watch the young guys, but my expectations are low. Krebs gets better every game and VERY noticeable on the ice. Fast, quick, sees the ice, passes well, always around the puck, getting a little better at getting pushed around or , at least, recovering better anyway.

      Leschyshyn is noticeable too. His point blank stuff would have made him a hero if it went in. Probably would have made Ken’s fake stars list. :)

      Miromanov looked fine for game one in the NHL. He was not going to be the miracle that people were making him out to be. Maybe some day. I thought he kept one eye on the d side of the rink, knowing he needed to be responsible and less aggressive and I appreciated that.

      Kolesar is a solid player and I feel looks better this year, but every one hoping to hell he scores goals, for a team in desperate need, is a tall ask. The fact that he was in that position several times last night is a great, but some dudes just aren’t crafty finishers. Unfortunately we have a few of those. Being in that position though is better than not.

      I am not sure about the xmas timeframe. I am just trying to be patient thru this schedule of elite teams before I freak the F out. Where are the door mat teams to make us feel better?

  26. vlad

    give miramanov as many games in the nhl as that pylon krebs and everyone will see what he can do

    Islanders 2-0…. Krebs -2 … AGAIN

  27. Henderson One

    This team, as currently constituted, is not a NHL team. It is between an AHL team and an NHL team. Given that, they played well last night against NYI. Given that fan expectations are high, how long will the fan base and Foley stay with this team? Attendance is beginning to erode and it will not be long until attendance will be a major issue. The Boo Birds will not be far behind. Raiders are taking over Las Vegas. VGK ownership had better wake up.

  28. vlad

    Lucas Raymond had plenty of energy in the second half of his first set of consecutive NHL games.

    It’s good to be 19.

    Raymond had three goals and an assist, and the Detroit Red Wings beat the winless Chicago Blackhawks 6-3 on Sunday night.

    Pylon Krebs doesn’t even have that many shots!! Yet he continues to be given ice time better used by everyone else

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