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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Nashville Predators looking to snap their two game losing streak. Vegas didn’t take long to generate offense. Mattias Janmark gave his team a 1-0 edge 1:31 into the game. Later in the period Nic Roy doubled Vegas’ lead with his 13th goal of the season. 

Evgenii Dadonov gave the Golden Knights a 3-0 advantage in his first game back in the lineup. Nashville got within two but Jack Eichel responded with his sixth of the season. All three 2nd period tallies were power play goals.

Leading 4-1 the Golden Knights defended well limiting the Predators chances on net. Vegas Chandler Stephenson took a one-time pass from Eichel on the power play to score the Golden Knights third man-advantage goal of the night. Late in the game Alex Pietrangelo tapped in VGK’s sixth goal of the game. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 35-28-4 dropping the Predators 6-1. Vegas will play a matinee on Saturday against the Chicago Blackhawks. Puck drop against Chicago is set for 12 PM (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Dominant. That’s really all that’s needed to be said about this one. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators at T-Mobile Arena.

  • An inaccurate article (this will make sense when it publishes)

Kevin’s Three VGK Stars
*** Logan Thompson
** Jack Eichel
* Evgenii Dadonov


Zack Hayes’ Wild Ride To His NHL Debut


Dadonov‘s Back But League To Address Voided Trade At GM Meetings


  1. Pistol Pete

    Dadonov stepped up. God bless him!

    Three Eichel PP unit goals including an Eichel-like snipe (finally).

    Thompson great 35/36 = .972

    Picked up a point on Kings.

    Did DeBoer tweak something?

  2. I bet they gave some thought to renting Evander Kane. Well, they probably should have shouldn’t they have? That would have made the best line mate for Eichel ahead of Stone and Patch, plus they played together in Buffalo. Kane is controversial but talented—big, physical and can score. He scored again last night.

    23 pts (15 G/8 A) in 26 games.

    I realize with his proclivity towards casino gambling he was a potential can of worms but still they probably should have made him an offer.

    • Galdom

      Very good win. Credit to them. Good for Dadonov to come back and perform and not sulk. Unfortunately I think it’s all too late. This is a lost season. Obviously injuries is the biggest contributor to what has gone wrong but I still can’t forget that guys paid to score went extended long stretches with doing nothing offensively this year and that’s what ultimately killed this team. I still want to know who is paying William Karlsson to produce like a fourth liner for 5.9 million. In a six goal game with 19 minutes of his time he still can’t get a point by accident. Also credit to Logan Thompson who is making Laurent Brossoit obsolete.

      • Pistol Pete

        Galdom, just have to keep winning games to make it in. 11-4 very doable imo. I am not abandoning ship (not accusing you of doing so per se lol). Strong support at T-Mobile after those two shut-out losses on the road. Looks like I’m not the only one not giving up!

        • Duckboy

          Good win. Like a different team.

          Could go on 8 game streak here

          CHI sea sea van VAN ARI van

          12 pts in next 7 games keeps things alive

          Barely. Still really tough from here.



  3. Thompson updated stats:

    Season: 4-4 GAA 2.77 SV% .918
    Career: 4-4 GAA 2.72 SV% .919

  4. sb

    Jack Eichel! Exactly what this team has been missing. A PP quarterback. Smooth entrances into the zone, controls the puck, draws defenders to him, makes incredible passes, sets up wingers for the one timer. Finally a center who can work the triangle on the PP. Eichel to Marchy to Dadonov. Text book powerplay set up. I look forward to seeing Eichel work this with Stone and Pac. After four years, finally filled the big hole on this team. Welcome home, Jack Eichel.

    • Plus he’s huge on 5 on 5. We haven’t seen that so much yet 19 games in but we’re talking a guy who went out injured last March, had no camp, no pre-season and missed the first 47 games of the season. It’s in the mail.

    • Credit McCrimmon and the FO for acquiring him. Future captain and face of the franchise. They’ll make the cap work, in fact I put something together yesterday where Patch, Karlsson and Smith are gone and Forsberg comes in @ $9.5m. Forsberg may re-sign with NSH and Patch may get past the chronic injuries although I doubt it. Forsberg would be the ideal free agent to sign imo. I don’t what else will be out there actually.

      Eichel is also good about getting out into the community. Good guy.

      • Galdom

        They’ve become too top heavy salary wise which is what the maple leafs did and they’re going to have to surround top end talent with cheaper options around them. It’s fine to do the math with Patches already gone but you need him because they don’t have elite snipers. Not having Patches is what has killed them. Riley Smith has to go, I can’t forget his extremely long stretches of doing nothing offensively. They are stuck with Karlsson because of the contract. 5.9 million for five more years for no offence is untradeable. To have five straight seasons of regression (not over exaggerating) suggests there is no real hope for him either. Karlsson is the one really bad contract on the team. We’ve had some guys who have had off years that will bounce back next year but nobody with five straight years of regression and another five years left on the contract.

        • Pistol Pete

          You have a point about Karlsson’s tradeability. Anything is doable just gets costly. As understand it Eichel’s sniping is about the equal of Patch’s. Here’s their career S%:

          Patch: 11.3% (high: 14.44% 2013-14)
          Eichel: 10.4% (high: 15.9% 2019-20)

          Note Eichel’s season high is higher. It’s very possible moving through his prime that his career average will surpass Patch. In any case their sniping is similar.

          Forsberg: career 13.1% (2021-22: 22.6%)

      • We don’t need 4 players making up almost 50% of are salary cap just ridiculous.

    • Daryl

      I guess you missed every other PP VGK has been on…. But ok

  5. Nice to see Miromanov and Hayes up here and holding their own.

  6. Galdom

    I’m not big on the nostalgia talk. I don’t give a shit about the misfits. And I don’t see what a 38-year-old goalie could contribute to the future of this team. Whenever I talk like that people think I am a new fan which is not true I’ve been there from the very start. But nostalgia isn’t going to fix the team. I love what Karlsson did in the past but he’s useless now as a top 6 forward. Taking him off of Eichel’s line actually helped Eichel.


    I hate Logan Thompson’s goaltending style but he is getting the job done for now. I hope it continues. When it comes to goaltending that’s the one weird position that’s very hard to predict. I’ve said in the past it it doesn’t really matter what the goalie looks like as long as he makes the saves. In regards to Lehner, Fleury, Brossoit and Thompson I think Brossoit has the best and cleanest goaltending style when it comes to positioning. Brossoit has a clean looking stance, Doesn’t get out of position or look spastic like Fleury does sometimes, has much better lateral movement than Lehner, but go figure Brossoit is the worst of those for goalies.

    Dominic Hasek always looked like he was having an epileptic seizure but he made the saves. So I really don’t care what a goalie looks like if he just makes the stops. I acknowledge that Lehner looks funny but he stops the damn puck at a career .917 save percentage. Logan Thompson keep up the good work. A very small sample so far and I am sceptical but I got my fingers crossed and I’m hopeful.

    • Pistol Pete

      Galdom, I have Karlsson traded and Smith not re-signed in order to get under the cap and look towards a Forsberg type guy who let’s face it would be mammoth with Eichel. It will take trading Patch to get something like that done because let’s face it he’s probably plagued by injuries up to his retirement. The discussion changes if Patch can move forward and stay healthy (doubtful imo).

      • PP,
        Your suggestions leaves about 6 million to sign 7 players.

      • PPete – your as bad as the vegas FO always looking to acquire another shiny toy. Eichel., now Forsberg they have pissed away more money and still can’t match what they started with – a bunch of rejects who had something to prove which as you know they did.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Worth a repost imo. Just a reminder.

    Eichel having had enough of Ericsson Ek (6’3” 207). Over before Ericsson Ek can get his gloves off.

    • Daryl

      And here I thought you were posting something actually worth watching. Eichel basically jumps Ek and couldn’t even knock him down. I think the hockey goof could throw punches that hard.

      Sorry, you did your boy no favors posting that video

      • Pistol Pete

        Smoked him in the Combine too.

        • Daryl

          Don’t think anyone has questioned who was the better player… And the combines don’t really mean much

          Do you have his poster on your wall or a pic of him as your wallpaper?

          • Real VGK fans are excited to have Eichel here.

          • Daryl

            Who isn’t excited about what Eichel can bring. But one player doesn’t make a team. VGK still has to lose anoher player before anther star player can return. Eiche will be the captain and star of this team soon, but until they shed more cap space, this team won’t fully exceed. They are way too top heavy on their payroll

  8. Pistol Pete

    Nice to see the tremendous support for Dadonov at T-Mobile. Real fans appreciate how well this franchise did the first four years and ones like yours truly will stay supportive through thick and thin. Being aggressive paid off but along with the risk comes mistakes and setbacks.

    • PP,

      I was at the gane the appreciation you mentioned was only for #63 and for how poorly he was treated.

      Our coach was booed by a large number of fans when he given his 1,000 game tribute.

  9. Kegel

    VGK are going to win the cup this year great win lmfao.

  10. Galdom

    Interesting prediction Kegel. I would have to disagree. I still think that they will miss the playoffs.

  11. Daryl

    Don’t get to see the game but nice win. I see LT is tearing it up. And died this mean VGK has fixed their PP (in just 1 game)

  12. THE hockey GOD

    smashville played a very dirty game all night long, lots of sticks at opposition player feet

    coach retains locker room

    • Daryl

      Yep, all it took was 1 game for the coach to get everyone back on board lmfao

  13. Steve

    nobody mention 2 more injuries took place last night. will see what they are today but they running out of players that r from original line up

    • THE hockey GOD

      nothing on no. 41

      updates on no 21
      S Retweeted
      Vegas Golden Knights
      He has no injury to his neck or spine.
      Show this thread Retweeted
      Vegas Golden Knights
      Head Coach Pete DeBoer: The update on Brett Howden is he has full movement and we will know more tomorrow. #VegasBorn

      >>looked like he was tripped by smashville player, to me.

  14. Pistol Pete

    Of the remaining 15 games the depleted roster VGK today would go in the clear dog vs. only CGY, WSH and STL. DAL and EDM are iffy as well and are key matchups in the postseason race. The other 10 VGK would be the favorite today. Obviously there can be no repeat of losing road games vs. dogs. 11-4 (96 pts) or 10-5 (94 pts) is not out of the question and OTL’ s add a point. We’re asking to win all the dog games or substitute another of the other games for each loss.

  15. THE hockey GOD

    Marc-Andre Fleury will have to make some adjustments after the first in-season trade of his 18-season NHL career, and there isn’t much time for the new goalie for the Minnesota Wild to make them.

    That’s part of the challenge facing Fleury after being acquired in a trade from the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday in exchange for a conditional first-round pick in the 2022 NHL Draft.

    “It is a little bit [nerve-wracking],” Fleury said at his introductory press conference in Minnesota on Monday. “Just to get comfortable again and with not that many games left before playoffs start. Things [have] to happen quick.”

    Fleury is expected to make his debut against the Columbus Blue Jackets in a home game on Saturday. At that point, the Wild will have 20 games remaining in their season.

  16. Pistol Pete

    Sorry to be redundant or bothersome by posting this again. Everyone who reads me knows I was pushing for the Eichel acquisition and now that he’s here I project him one day to be team captain and face of the franchise.

    This video is for the fans and bashers alike
    lol. Fans so they can have something to look forward to and the bashers so they can slight it in whatever fashion they choose, if they choose.

    Enjoy…I still do!

    • Pistol Pete

      Kane will be a UFA. Have the feeling EDM will offer him a contract. Honestly I think VGK should consider it. Something tells me he’d rather be in Vegas and yes there are risks to consider there. He’s a bright well spoken guy with some issues, issues that imo he will outgrow as he continues to mature.

      • THE hockey GOD

        yes he can open his own website with Floyd (Mayweather), call it Bet with Cain and Floyd “we take the vig, you get the (hair) cut”. Bald style, like in that commercial with “Chuck” (Barclay)

    • Pistol Pete

      The one he beat Fleury that was Gallant’s last game.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    Putin ‘loses his FIFTH general’: Top commander who bragged the war would be over ‘in a few hours’ is killed in Ukrainian strike – as Kyiv continues to take out Moscow’s elite troops

    Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev killed in a strike by Ukraine, sources said.

    The goons are not doing so well with generals on front lines.

  18. THE hockey GOD

    “I am still WAITING “

  19. Danny Gallivan

    Big Vgk win, but the other playoff bubble teams continue to pile up points.

    important note= Eichel did not take faceoffs, probably because of his injured hand. That actually helped him, because he was not spending any time or wasted effort wrestling with opposing centers on faceoffs, he was instead using his skills to skate around the Preds, especially on the PP. He is great at the cross ice pass thru the seam, thru the box to the shooter in the right circle, which happened to be 20 last night. He is by far the most talented player they have ever had, but it is tough to get into game shape after a year off, and it is also tough to gel with AHL players of lower skill, or bottom 6 guys, which let’s be honest, that is what the Vgk are using a lot of during these injuries.
    Bottom line= keep him away from the faceoffs, and he will be more productive like last night.

    • Pistol Pete

      Interesting insights. Thanks for posting.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ^^^ this guy watches what is going on !! No. 9 cross ice proficiency allowed him enough space to scare his PP goal !! Nice observation ! DG

    • Mike StG

      DG – Eichel’s shot also helped there. He has an excellent shot. On the cross ice to 20 there was no seam so he moved in closer from the left circle. Saros moved toward the post and the D collapsed down thus opening up the seam, which is when he snapped the pass across. The threat of his shot caused that. He’s going to be hellafun to watch for years. His skills are off the charts.

      • Mike StG, I agree Eichel will be fun to watch for years to come. You can use him as a baromoter to tell who are the real fans that post here vs. the bashers (folks who post pretending to be fans but are really not). Some loyal fans disagree with spending the money on him but ten gets you one they appreciate his ability and skills like the fans who are glad he was acquired. The bashers on the other hand take every chance to slight the guy. Pretty sad imo because even a basher should know enough about the game to recognize talent when it’s staring them in the face.

  20. Tim

    15 games to go with a 35% chance of making the playoffs. After that 5 game road trip with losses to Philly, Buffalo, and Arizona it’s hard to see anything positive happening. I love the logic of don’t kick ass from game one you’ll burnout but the last 20 games when your in deep shit it’s time to play hard and get you ready for the tournament. The scary thing is some of the posters buy into that myself I’m from the school of kick ass and take names from day one. It will be an interesting summer and remember Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and this team isn’t the definition of entertaining.

    • Pistol Pete

      When they came back after. going 0-5 and beat FLA it’s tempting to be more upbeat. They have to know they need to win all the games they are favored to and will be playing their butts off to do it. Whatever happened in the 0-5 trip can’t happen again. How they played the Preds is good enough.

  21. Kevin,
    Stop by and see me in Section 11, Row M 13&14. This will likely be the last game I go to for a while since I am having knee replacement surgery next week.

    This was an excellent effort all around.

    Did DeBoer finally solve the power play woes? Sure looks like they were getting more shots closer to the crease! I’ve liked Logan Thompson since he came up from the SC Stingrays. Seen him play and he has all around excellent skills. He will only get better with more time and experience.

    • THE hockey GODv

      be well RR, bring some cookies !

    • Pistol Pete

      Hopefully DeBoer has solved the overall scoring problem inasmuch as he can. They really need it these final 15 games.

  22. knights fan in minny

    where the hell did this win come from i saw none of the game maybe i should stop watching i was watching the ncaa hockey tourney

  23. Top four player salary totals:

    TOR: $40.5m
    TBL: $35.4m
    VGK: $35.3m
    WASH: $34.5m
    COL: $31.6m
    PIT: $31.5m

    I may have missed a team at say $30m and higher.

    • Daryl

      And of those teams listed how many of the top 4 are producing? My concern is more about the next 4. How many are I using $ for a third liner? How many will be paying almost $10m for a defenseman until he is almost 40?

      If Eichel can produce pre injury, he’s worth his pay… Some of the others, not so much

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