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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the struggling Montreal Canadiens attempting to break out of their three game winless streak. Chandler Stephenson opened the scoring with his 12 goal of the season. Late in the period Montreal took advantage of a loose puck and tied the game 1-1.

Midway through the second period William Karlsson broke the tie on a Vegas power play. It was Karlsson’s sixth of the season. A few minutes later the Canadiens evened the score 2-2 with a power play goal of their own.

Montreal surprisingly took the lead six minutes into the final period but Vegas would take advantage of another man-advantage. Jonathan Marchessault tied the game scoring a second VGK power play goal of the night. The game needed overtime to decide a winner. Defenseman Shea Theodore ended the game 4-3 with a beautiful individual move in front of the Canadiens net.

The Golden Knights record improves to 24-15-1 defeating the Canadiens 4-3 in overtime. Vegas travels east for a four game road trip beginning in Washington. Puck drop against the Capitals is set for 4 PM on Monday. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a grind, and the Golden Knights gave up two leads but they were able to gut it out with a pair of power play goals and the OT winner. Robin Lehner had one of his worst games of the season. The only real positive from this one is how much possession of the puck Vegas had, amassing 53 shots. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Montreal Canadiens game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Alex Pietrangelo is good

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jonathan Marchessault
** William Karlsson
* Shea Theodore


Vegas’ PP Shows Success Against Conference Contenders


Vegas Needs Better Shots Not 40 Or More Of Them


  1. phantom major

    RL sux, plain as day. He is too slow moving laterally, can’t get back up, and he just spits out rebounds. a butterfly goalie is supposed to ABSORB the puck, and control the rebounds and freeze the puck for a whistle.

    He gets outplayed badly every night by the guy at the other end, even if it is a backup, or a rookie, or a no-name.

    I have had it with the walrus. He is a drag on this team, a hindrance, not a help.

    • DL

      Agreed. And I have a new nickname for RL. Instead of the Walrus, change it to Spongebob Squarepants. Because he just drops on the deck and flops like a fish.

  2. DL

    This team can win or lose games. Lehner can win or lose games. When is the last time he STOLE a game, or has he ever??
    Makes me think of Fleury or others that on occasion can single handedly shut down teams including getting the shut outs.

  3. Galdom

    In 2019-20, Marc Andre Fluery was very bad. He was killing them with a .905 save percentage in 49 games. They figured they couldn’t trust him in the playoffs which is what precipitated the Robin Lehner trade.

    I’ve been defending Robin Lehner because of the poor play of the defence in front of him but his performance tonight excluding the overtime was horrible. So what are the options? I’m thinking the only one is Robin Lehner himself to get his game back. The trading for a goalie option isn’t there like it was two years ago as we are going to have to shed salary just to make room for Eichel. I think Brossoit’s ceiling is as a back up.

    Glass half full is that we are in the Pacific division and we have time to not panic and let Lehner figure this out.

    • Alex

      Dumbest fan base in sports history…THEY KEPT THE WRONG GOALIE

      • Daryl

        Whether they kept the right or wrong goalie(which I do agree with you) is irrelevant at this point. All that matters now is how can they proceed with what they have

        • I believed they would loose, fortunately l was wrong. It could have gone either way but coming out with the win hopefully their upcoming road trip. I am sorry to say as l have posted before the FO needs to figure out a way to take Lehner out of his misery. He just doesn’t have what it takes and if he ever did it’s lost. The knights could very well miss getting in the play off let alone winning the Cup if they have to depend on him. Do l have an answer where they can get a replacement no but the FO created the problem and needs to correct it one way or another.

          • Pistol Pete

            Hdbiker7851, if you thought VGK would lose that game, that tells everything about how you view the team, namely that they suck.

          • Justin

            HD you are of course right, but I’m depressed to think this is likely not fixable as what team on God’s green earth would take a goalie that plays on a middle AHL level, but get’s paid $5 mil a year? Absolutely no one of course. They didn’t want RL when he had good numbers built when he played for the best defensive team in the NHL (NYI), and now he has numbers that are literally on par with guys you can hire off the street that are not even currently playing in the NHL. He gets outplayed every night by guys that were picked up off waivers,,,

        • Test Thompson next week in 3 of the 4 games would be a good start.

          Nothing to lose.

          • knights fan in minny

            he has to face the fire sometime

          • Daryl

            While I completely agree…. It would show complete lack of trust in RL from the coaches and the FO

          • PPete – I wasn’t the only one who was concerned about them possibly losing last night – they are two teams, and you never know from one game to the next which one will show up. They very well could have lost last night. I posted at the time stating if I was wrong, I would be the first to admit it – guess you missed that post. I have been around hockey my entire life and witnessed the good, bad and the ugly and right now it’s a toss-up which one defines the knights. I have read your posts for a while and your belief help is on the way with Eichel right around the corner – don’t be shocked if you don’t see him before play-off time assuming they make it that far. They have serious issues which Eichel won’t cure – he may help but he won’t get them over the hump unless the FO addresses the glaring issue which they may or may not be able to fix. Time will tell I guess.

      • Justin

        Alex the fan base is not all that dumb because 90% of them totally agree with you. There is no doubt you are correct on this point.

        And for the 5 or 10% that supported the move, they sure are deserving what they”re getting now….

        • Daryl

          As soon as VGK had both goalies the smart move was to get rid of them and money wise the only smart move was to get rid of MAF. The mistake VGK made was bringing RL in in the first place… Not the trading of MAF

          • The VGK made a bad sports decision and a bad business decision to initially get Lehner and then to keep him and trade Fleury. Sports wise we are seeing it play out on the ice. Business wise Fleury would have been an ambassador for the VGK for years after his playing days were over similar to Brooks Robinson and the Baltimore Orioles.

      • knights fan in minny

        your mother kept the wrong worthless kid meaning you they kept the wrong goalie thats all you have wonder boy your so stupid

      • Agree, the dumbest fan base in the history of sports kept the wrong goalie. Honestly, a bunch of inbred drunken hillbillies knows more about hockey that these Southern Nevada hicks, these East Coast phonies that relocated to Southern Nevada. Long live MAF !

      • What’s really funny, most of these drunken hillbillies think WWE wrestling is real. Our heroes as kids were Gretzky, Hull, Howe, etc… These inbreds love Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and The Undertaker. They also vote Democratic, these boozers can’t figure out who robbing them blind, they think Biden is a genius. That really confirms that their inbred.

    • Thompson, probably a long shot, is hurt is my understanding—injured I assume during the recent 5-2 HSK loss where he was pulled after giving up four in the first two periods (pulled because he was hurt?). Ferguson is the VGK backup at the present—geesh! If Lehner does poorly on this road trip, Thomspson is the only real hope assuming Brossoit is a dead end.

  4. Bummed

    Eichel for Fleury straight up trade????

    Sounds insane and very depressing, but which player would have a bigger impact in making the team A LOT better at this point???

    • Lehner for Fleury straight up.

      • The only way that works is if Chicago retains 2.5 or more million of Fleury’s salary. Even then, you are probably talking a player (Smith possibly) and a pick or two.

        Fleury lands in COL, EDM, PIT, ANA or LAK – that’s my bet.

      • It’s quite possible, and would be a smart move for Chicago to start a bidding war for Fleury between the Kings, Ducks and Knights.

        Fleury (with Chicago retaining up to $3 or more million for Smith, Coghlan, and say Cotter or Lechyshyn and picks?

        It’s definitely interesting. At this point in the season we can see Smith struggling to even make points out there on assists.

  5. The Hockey Toad

    Can’t win a cup with one trade or player acquisition but we’re seeing how one bad management decision sure can guarantee you won’t win it….How many more years will RL be the goalie here, 4 more? Ughhhhhhh,…

  6. Daryl

    There is no excuse for VGK to need OT to beat an 8-25 MTL team. I don’t even know what to say

    • Galdom

      Monday’s loss to Pittsburgh was the most deflating loss of the year. This would have been even worse.

    • Well, no Pacioretty/Eichel/Stone—no real 1st line, that does’nt help. No Martinez and Hague. Lehener once again was not elite—a few really good saves but at least one softie, per usual. Hopefully Lehner can get back to more like what he was when Fleury was around, otherwise hope for a miracle with Thompson. I still think there is some chance Lehner will come back around—more than just hope, hopefully.

      • Daryl

        Yes no Stone, Patches, and Martinez, but they had the great Petra. And Eichel doesn’t count yet. The game was against the worst team in the NHL, so still no excuses.

        I also believe RL will have a small stretch where he turns things around, but like usual it won’t last. I’ve said this multiple times, RL can be good enough to beat the beat teams once, just not in a full series.

        • Whew….holding my breath through an entire game isn’t easy…we squeaked by, now on to some REAL teams….

          • THE REAL (dumb) TS

            I also had to hold on to the tin foil and rabbit ears on my Sony Trinitron but still couldn’t get that 4th period to come in!

            The good news is that I released (incredibly dumb yet again) MORE personal information about myself on here, leading to more google to find a loser sibling!

            The absolute DUMBEST fan base in sports

          • TS

            So dumb…and released more personal information even after all this! Loser sibling too! Wow

          • To my shadow figure: WHO CARES?? the ONLY one who cares is YOU! BURY IT, ALREADY! GOT ANY ORIGINAL THOUGHTS RELATING TO HOCKEY, BY CHANCE??

          • Alex

            Oh man, you are so dumb

        • Eichel does count, we gave up Touch, so he counts.

          • Alex

            Dumbest fan base in sports history

          • Daryl

            He hasn’t played in almost 2 seasons and not a single ice time for VGK, so no he doesn’t count. The only thing he counts for right now is increasing the time missed on the team so others can say VGK isn’t playing well b/c of all the players out

        • Daryl – Lehner turn around – that train left when Vegas picked him up when no other teams, he had played with wanted to keep him. Bottom line he is not what Vegas needed or needs now. Sad to say he is a huge liability – nothing to do personally just performance wise.

          • Daryl

            I completely agree with you… When I say turn things around I mean he will have a very short stretch where he will play great, possibly even get a shutout, bit then he will go back to how he’s been this year

    • Here is the truth. The no name Montreal goalie made Lehner look like shit stopping 49 of 53 shots many of them high danger shots from the VGK.

      That needed to be said.

  7. Tim

    I’d say there’s been a lot of deflating games this year. This game just adds to the pile of horse manure. At goalie we have no options and after this year we still have 2 more years on his contract hows them apples. I don’t think Lehner will come out of his funk so we have to ride him which means we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs. These next 4 games will determine how desperate we are and if they run him out of the arena then were Screwed- Blued-&-Tattooed.

    • THE hockey GOD

      wasn’t goalie’s fault (rinse and repeat), I will let you know when VGK have goalie issues

      stay tuned
      same bat time
      same bat channel

      goalie did great in OT

      • Alex



        This is the same idiot that thinks “bad ice” is a real thing in indoor NHL arenas

        • knights fan in minny

          get off line boy its time for you get outside and do some thuggin liquor store is probably open now

      • Yes Lehner was great in OT and he stopped a high danger chance at the 3:20 mark of period 3. But his save pct was .888 and he continues to show weaknesses that are worrisome.

        On the other hand, Montembeault made Lehner look like shit. A no name goalie once again plays head and shoulders above Robin. If Robin had been in goal for Montreal he would have been pulled before the end of the 2nd period, that’s how bad he sucks.

      • Your sell by date has expired.

    • Yep, Sponge Bob Lehner Pants will have his last chance to redeem himself against 3 of the 4 elite teams next week. My prediction is that he is going to get crushed since I already have given up on him about a week ago.

      Are we stuck with him? Probably. But it doesn’t have to be. There are other options, but this FO won’t embarrass themselves by admitting they fucked up.

  8. Pistol Pete

    I heard Eichel is on the road trip. Makes sense for him to be with the team given that his activation is only a few weeks off. He can learn and help the team just by being there. I assume players on LTIR can skate practices on the road.

    I saw Jack practice last Monday. He’s fleet as hell with a huge shot. Always one of the bigger men on the ice—6’2” 214 is comfortably above the league average.

  9. TikiOwl

    Anyone still wondering why no team other than Vegas was willing to give RL a long term contract?

  10. Justin

    Eichel for Fleury straight up trade?

    Sounds ludicrous doesn’t it…until you think that at this point Fleury would have way more impact in winning you more games that Eichel possibly can. Eichel is not gonna score 1 goal every single game. But Fleury likely would prevent one more goal per game from happening.

    Management can’t win the cup with one single trade, but wow we’re seeing that you sure can guarantee you won’t win it with one single trade/decision. Alex always says dumbest fan base in all of sports. Well he’s definitely wrong about that, but if his changed his post to “most damaging decision by a management team in all sports”, well many of us just may have some agreement on that one….

    • I like this idea a lot. The only problem with this is that Chicago would want VGK to eat some salary.

      But, I do like your thinking.

      Fleury & Thompson in goal was always what I thought was the right move until McCriminal traded for Sponge Bob Lehner Pants.

      Fleury is likely headed to Edmonton, Colorado or maybe even LA or Anaheim.

      • Daryl

        EDM is a goalie away from being a very good team. They will be very scary if MAF ends up there

  11. knights fan in minny

    dadanov is making a statement for staying on this team lately not playing to bad killer 3 game in a row coming up hurricanes and panthers are outstanding the newly named keeper better be ready

  12. knights fan in minny

    alex you clue less moron do you know what a goalie is

  13. THE hockey GOD

    OT performance:

    no 27 A ++
    no 90 A+ (no 90 is the goalie, btw)
    no 10 A+

    The team defense was poor , again, allowing the HABS to crash the net for 2 of 3 their goals. The VGK did not get going until half way through the final period. Finally got their legs and timing after long layoff. Good wake up call for send off to road trip.

    No. 7 was slow on power play to cover a man in front of net (didn’t figure out where to go until it was too late) and he ran into linesman leading to another goal. On that goal no. 17 was clueless in front of his own net letting puck bang off his skate instead of taking the man in front of net. Other defensive missed assignments led PDB to bench no. 17 after misplay for most of one of the rest of that period. Funny how people only look at one player on ice without seeing what rest of the team is doing. No 46, the call up, hardly got any playing time.

    There is no depth on defense in the VGK organization from AHL of big d men as Kayden , one of their top draft picks hasn’t played since November. Bischoff hasn’t been seen in nearly a year. And Hayes hasn’t played in awhile either.

    Those are the real stories. Deal with it.

    • Alex


      • knights fan in minny

        hey broken record they kept the wrong goalie did you eat paint chips as a kid

        • THE hockey GOD

          @knight in minny, I smell something funny, like burnt rubber. I don’t see or hear anything. But that smell is awful.

          Did someone let the troll out of their cave again ? Somebody get the lemon pledge out and clean up that awful smell. AND GET THAT TROLL PUT INTO THE CAVE WHERE IT BELONGS !!

    • I do think we need to take a look at the entire organization’s defensive depth. Injuries certainly have impacted this team. That’s no excuse for Sponge Bob though. Once again he was outplayed by a no name goalie who stopped 49 of 53 shots and a large majority of those high danger. That’s a .924 save percentage on 53 shots versus .888 on 27 for Sponge Bob.

    • Daryl

      I just want to make sure I have this correct…. None of the goals were again not on RL? I bet those Canadian analysts told you this

      I just don’t understand why RL isn’t up for every goalie award their is!!! His numbers aren’t very good but none of it is his fault

  14. Tim

    Watching the game last night I was impressed with our play. These waiver guys we picked up play hard every night. I’m talking about Hutton, Howden, Amadio, and yes I’ll through in Kolesar in that group. I know we have effort problems and all this we don’t have our legs bullshit or we’ve got to many injuries doesn’t fly with me. I’m a 60 minute man every game interesting last night Shane the color guy made a point they need a 60 minute effort Hello haven’t I been preaching that all year. My high school locker room like most of you had a saying on the wall ours was ( When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Get Going ) That would be a fitting sign to put in the Knights locker room. I believe our biggest problem is scoring only Marshy and Patch are scorers everyone else chips in occasionally. Even Smith and Karlsson have maybe 7 or 8 goals each as much as I love them the scoring touch is gone. Eichel should help the scoring I hope but the elephant in the room will still be the goalie.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Can anybody really make the argument against, that for a team in just their fifth year of operations, they’re damn good?

    Besides the remarkable way Foley went about creating this team and building the fan base from scratch, it was a good move to acquire an AHL and home them here.

    • Pistol Pete

      “AHL team” that is.

      Ken we could use an edit feature—especially us senior posters lol.

      • THE hockey GOD

        yes good point Pete. They were having issues with Chicago, being close to home helps. But now they go on the road. So there are pluses and minuses.

        When you are on east coast it is hard to call someone up that is nearly half way across the country. Chicago served a better location for back east road games. But that is only one plus to Chicago based AHL team that I can think of.

        I hope Foley didn’t spend his entire wade mortgaging the franchise , because you have to pay the piper some time down the road. It would be interesting to see where they stand 3, 5, and ten years down the road because every team goes through down years.

    • Daryl

      I agree they have done a good job but they also didn’t start from scratch. They had a few decent players they made trades with then they took a chance on a few players, like Martinez and Stephenson, which worked out greatly. I was wrong on Martinez, I liked his style of play and thought he was good, but he eeended up being better offensively than I thought he would be. A lot of ppl questioned the Stephenson pickup, but that was the one that I really kiked

      I’m not sure having an AHL team in their backyard really makes a difference. When they had to send players up and down every other day, then yeah, but we also know those players didn’t actually leave every time

    • Galdom

      Damn good

  16. phantom major

    Reilly Smith has ONE GOAL in his last 19 games, after a decent start to the season it looks like he is playing his way right into a trade.

    • The only problem is that his value is way down because of his production. Maybe he will light it up next week?

    • Blitz

      If Smith was primarily a goal scorer that would be an issue, but since he is one of the best forwards at EVERYTHING ELSE, scoring goals doesn’t matter that much. Not exactly sure why people can’t see past goals being the only metric. I guess we are at a point where we have to score 6+ goals a game to win so maybe scoring is the only thing that matters.

      • 6+ is an exaggeration. It is actually 4. And yes, Smith is an elite FWD at every aspect of the game except piling up points, which of course is his job being on the 2nd line. We are lucky that we are in the Pacific division.

  17. Vic

    Boring game to watch, and thankfully Shea solved Ken Dryden. Maybe the road trip will wake the boys up to play a level above the competition for a change. Goal #2 by Toffoli is indicative of what’s going on this year as #90 has his right pad deep in the net while kneeling, sprawling and floundering. Passionless hockey is dangerous. Next we get to watch Tom Wilson with almost no answer when our guys get bounced around. Then we see three teams who have the ability to force coach Pete to look for a cab at the airport. On Wall Street, we call this downdraft a correction, but will it turn into a depression? Waiting for injuries to be over is joke as there will always be new ones and the flu will continue to bite.

  18. Okay, it’s getting later in January and I have already made the call over a week ago that RL isn’t the answer. Once again, I am proven right in this game as bottom feeder Montreal scores 3 goals on him on 27 chances, an .888 save percentage.

    To his credit, he made a great save at about the 3:20 mark of the 3rd period and he was solid in OT.

    Still, the short sided goal under his blocker was inexcusable as his vision wasn’t blocked and all he had to do is move to his right with that Walrus body to make the save. But, of course the Walrus cannot move like that.

    I noticed Ferguson was backing up again tonight. That is a bit odd as I don’t think Brossoit is injured or on COVID restriction. Anyone? Is it possible that Brossoit may be moved before or at the trade deadline? I see HSK picked up another goalie.

    Might we see #36 Thompson before too long?

    It’s the right move, but I don’t see the FO giving up on The Walrus this season.

    Other observations:
    – Miromanov played well even though that short handed goal came while he was on the ice from his side.
    – Coghlan impressed defensively for a change
    – Reilly Smith continues to be frustrated and Wild Bill pulled the trigger just a bit too early on that breakaway.
    – Dadanov is amazing.
    – Petro flipped the burger over the glass for a penalty. It was a clear penalty. All he had to do was backhand that one around the net to the other side of the ice. He’s a great player but just sometimes……well we have all seen him brain fart.
    – Marchy? What can you say, the guy is an MVP player, a winner.

    The next 4 games will be a huge test. Personally, I hope RL is in goal for every single contest. For me, this is the last chance at redemption for The Walrus. These are top tier teams capable of putting up a six pack against Lehner in every single game, which is what I actually think will happen.

    My prediction is that Lehner will give up a minimum of 15 goals if he plays in 3 of those games, the WSH/CAR games are back to back next week. It will be interesting to see who will start the BTB contest; Brossoit, Thompson or Ferguson?

    I will be stoked if VGK can win just 1 of those games next week, and if they can get an extra point in OT then 3 points next week should be considered a win.

    • THE hockey GOD

      anyway who watched the game and blamed RL for any of goals is clueless

      • Alex


        So dumb! It’s all on that nut case who can’t get back up, can’t secure the post, and has a bad glove side

        • knights fan in minny

          hey moron you have nothing original you copy things everyone else says do us a favor get off line you must have a couple of colt 45s in the cooler go sit on the porch with your loser friends

      • Color me clueless then because I would take Montembeault for Lehner straight up and maybe even a 2nd round pick for him as well.

        • THE hockey GOD

          most of shots he faced hit him squarely, whoever puts up the “high quality’ or “danger zone” chances clearly is off.

          He was repeatedly beat up high on all the goals, not good.

          • Daryl

            Most of the high danger shots RL faces hit him squared in this body, but his rebound control, even though you say it isn’t a thing, is horrible. And RL continually gets beat glove side

      • Daryl

        Of course none of the goals were on RL… I don’t think he’s let in a single goal all season that were his fault

      • Blitz

        You need to change your picture to a heavy set old man with a cigar. You both like to defend RL to the end and call everyone names. Same same.

    • THE hockey GOD

      thompson is in covid protocol, don’t expect him out that soon

    • THE hockey GOD

      replay clearly showed no. 7 puck was clear off his stick, then hit the opponents player stick causing it to flutter like a butterfly.

      the officials were terrible again last night, getting in way of players and making soft penalty calls keeping the lowly habs in the game and trying to make it competitive match.

      all these old people watching on their tiny monitors need bigger monitors or a visit to eye doctor

    • Daryl

      My thoughts on the upcoming road trip… If VGK is supposed to be a Cup contending team they need to win more than they lose on this trip. And if RL is supposed to lead this team he needs to play every one of these games to prove he is that leader. If he misses a game, to me it shows the leadership doesn’t fully trust him

      • WSH/COL on Monday & Tuesday. I doubt Lehner will play in both. I expect to see Ferguson on Tuesday with Brossoit and Thompson out. Hard pass on that game.

  19. trade

    Goalies who would be available cheap, with low cap hits, and have played well this season. there is Anthony Stolarz in Anaheim, who has the same stats as his starter Gibson, who is very good.

    then there is Jeremy Swayman in Boston, who is now the 3rd goalie with Rask back.

    Stolarz= 2.66 — .919 Ana
    Swayman= 2.26—- .918 Bos

    and for comparison their starting partners

    Gibson= 2.59—-.918 Ana
    Ullmark= 2.55—.915 Bos

    and now the walrus

    RL= 2.95—.903 Vgk

    and his backup

    Brossoit= 2.78—.900 Vgk

    oh, and you say who wants RL? well maybe Edm, who are desperate right now for a goalie.

  20. trade

    Brossoit is listed as day-to-day with an undisclosed injury since Jan 4

    • trade

      Logan Thompson is listed as Covid protocol day to day since Jan 18

      • knights fan in minny

        its getting frustrating not knowing day to day who your going to have healthy

        • trade

          apparently Martinez and Pacioretty are going on this road trip to play, and Eichel is going to bond, not play

          Whitecloud another key guy on d that they miss. don’t know if he will play in next game.

          • trade

            also Hague, who is +11, the best on the team except for Whitecloud who is +13

            Petro played far better with Hague as his partner than the past several games without him…. Petro dropped from +7 to only +3 since Hague has been out

            of course, Martinez was his best partner from last season

          • Daryl

            Petra always plays better when he has a partner who can stay back and help his ill timed offensive rushes

  21. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    DeBoer- “We’re finding ways to win with 7 or 8 really key players out of the lineup. It was a big win tonight, and everyone helped and contributed to it.”

    • Daryl

      Anyone notice how PDB almost always brings up being short where as most of the other coaches hardly do. How often did the Pens bring up being without Crosby, Malkin and Letang??? Some coaches are just full of excuwes

  22. THE hockey GOD

    The South Carolina Stingrays announced that goaltender Logan Flodell has signed a professional tryout contract with the Henderson Silver Knights on Monday. This is Flodell’s first call to the AHL.

    Flodell, 24, signed his first professional contract with the Stingrays on December 29, 2021. Since then, the native of Regina, Sask. has appeared in three games for South Carolina, posting a 1-2 record with a 2.37 goals against average and .909 save percentage.

    In his pro hockey debut, Flodell blanked the Icemen on New Years Day, posting a 23-save shutout in a 1-0 win over Jacksonville.

    The 6-foot, 180-pound netminder has a sparkling resume prior to playing professional hockey. During his time at Acadia University, Flodell’s performance earned him a spot on the USports All-Canadian Second Team and AUS Most Valuable Player, as well as honors on the AUS First All-Star Team.

    The Stingrays return to action on Friday, January 21st as the team heads to Jacksonville, Fla. to take on the Icemen at 7:00 p.m.

    THG:: ” contrary to current trend of NHL playing with oversized gorillas between the pipe, Flodell is a not as big as these monsters. “

  23. Galdom

    People, you are taking a too simplistic approach to this goalie situation and how we got here. This “we chose the wrong goalie”, thinking is flawed. Two years ago we brought in Robin Lehner because Fleury was playing very badly and couldn’t stop a beach ball. Sadly I’m sure his father‘s passing had something to do with that. They knew they could not go anywhere with the way he was playing and made the right decision to go with Lehner who had a strong playoff run. Last year they made the right decision yet again to go with Fleury who also had a decent enough playoff run. Other than that gaffe he wasn’t losing games for us. In both years it wasn’t goaltending from Fluery or Lehner that knocked us out it was lack of scoring. I’m sure we can agree on that.

    The definition of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity. We could have gone status quo and probably would make it as far as The final four before dropping out again because of lack of scoring.

    NOW, this is where the “ they chose the wrong goalie“ thinking is flawed. If Fleury and Lehner had the exact same contract and cap hit I am pretty sure they would have kept Fluery especially coming off a Vezina trophy. However, if they deal Fluery the extra money saved allowed them to add additional scoring punch. There is no Dadonov if Fleury is still here. And perhaps it might not even be that quite that simple. I also think they were entertaining offers for Lehner. The interest may not have been there because of the term on his contract. I think what they definitely did not want to do was keep both and have $12 million in goaltending. SO THIS WASN’T A CHOOSING LEHNER OVER FLUERY thing. In fact, I’m sure they prefer Reilly Smith over Dadonov because he is a better all-around player but it might not play out that way because of contractual situation’s. They may have to deal Smith instead of Dadonov.

    Up here in Toronto they do the same exact thing every year. They keep saying that they believe in their core and don’t make meaningful changes and they keep losing in the first round. it is insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

    So, I believe the logic around moving Fleury rather then Lehner was because then they would be able to add scoring and again change it up so they don’t just do the same thing again and lose in the semifinals. If they had the same cap hit I’m sure they would’ve kept Fluery.

    Obviously this procedure has made the team worse because Lehner is not playing very well. If your goalie is a sieve then you have no chance. That’s obvious. I have never preferred one over the other. All I’ve ever said is that over their entire careers their numbers have been similar. That’s a fact.

    I couldn’t predict that Fleury would be a sieve in 2019-20 and elite in 2020-21 much like I couldn’t predict that Lehner would be better in 2019-20 but a sieve this year.

    I love long playoff runs and it has been a blast but I think going status quo would not have got us over the hump. Unfortunately unless Lehner turns it around we are screwed. In hindsight, if I knew Lehner would struggle like this I’m probably keeping Fleury and not adding Dadonov. It’s possible that Jack Eichel doesn’t happen either if they don’t move Fleury.

    Did you guys know that Robin Lehner would have the worst year of his 10 year career this year?

    So my long-winded point is that they didn’t prefer or choose Lehner over Fluery. What they and I thought is that they would both provide similar performances (based on their career sample sizes) and that Lehner would be doing it at a smaller cap hit.

    In essence, at this point in time it appears that they may be wrong.

    • Alex

      Dumbest fans in sports on display yet again here…THEY PICKED THE WRONG GOALIE

    • Daryl

      The only one on here who keeps saying they kept the wrong gialoe is Alex. I disagree with you on it being smart the FO brought in MAF, I think they panicked. But I 100% agree on moving MAF after they acquired RL was the right move. I also think all the kther transactions could have happened if they still had MAF, the deals and players involved would just have been a little different

    • Galdom – the cap hit difference was 2 mil – so all your post boils down to that – was that worth the risk with Lehner knowing that no other team he played with wanted to keep him around = FO panicked when Fleury lost his dad and had a bad time. Yes, I know he blundered in the Montreal series last year but that wasn’t the entire reason Vegas failed – most know that with the exception of a few who believe the walrus is elite and can do no wrong. The retired ex-goalie provided some info concerning retirement which was news to all I would think – retirement from midget league hockey I was not aware existed!!!!!

      • Galdom

        Well up to this point it would seem that it wasn’t worth the risk. Hopefully that changes in the second half

  24. Since December 1st, Sponge Bob has a decent record at 7-3-1, but his save percentage is .872 during that period with 266 shots against and 34 goals.

    Credit the offense for overcoming this putrid performance between the pipes.

    The analysis is correct. With Sponge Bob, VGK has to score at least 4 goals against the top tier teams (oh, and Montreal too).

  25. Galdom

    We are lucky we are in the Pacific and as painful as some of these losses are they aren’t critical to making the playoffs. Finishing second in the division might be better than winning the division because then you are guaranteed to face a Pacific division opponent in the first round. this management team seems to make the right decisions 75% of the time which is why we have been an elite franchise to this point. I think they are locked in with Lehner Because of the contract but if they have no trust in him whatsoever I’m sure they will exhaust all avenues like a Jeremy Swayman, etc…. But I think the panda is our guy and I’m rooting for him to get on track.

    • Sorry, Sponge Bob had several months to prove himself and he has failed the test. Time to stop banging that drum and make a change. I would at least.

      I would go shopping for a deal and just might send both Lehner and Brossoit packing to make room for Eichel. Thompson is ready to at least back up or prove he can. VGK is going to make the playoffs, period, even if both Lehner and Brossoit are dealt.

      This team cannot win a Cup with this goal tending.

      Since 1 Dec, Lehner’s save pct is .872, 34 goals on 266 shots.

      • Galdom

        Richie Rich, Numbers don’t lie. It’s been bad. I can’t make a sensible argument to say otherwise.

    • Galdom

      Actually .886 since December 1st, not .872. But bad anyways

  26. Galdom

    When Lehner let in that third goal yesterday I woke up all of my neighbours with my screaming and cursing. It’s frustrating. He was great in the overtime but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t even gotten there.

    Part of being a professional athlete and making all that money is taking criticism and being booed from the fans. You’ve gotta have thick skin. Not for everyone. But….. do we really have to have disparaging nicknames for him like walrus and SpongeBob. What does that accomplish? He hasn’t posted on Twitter in a long time because people are probably sending him horrible messages. Let’s remember that he’s still a human being.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no goalie in league would have stopped that third shot

      • The Montreal goalie would have, and did stop several shots like that.

        • THE hockey GOD

          not really, he missed all the shots up high

          • One thing is for sure, you are just relentless. The Montreal goalie posted a .929 save pct and totally outplayed Sponge Bob. He looked sharper. Walrus had some timely saves especially in OT. Truly, I don’t know how MTL lost that game in OT. Theodore’s moves and shot was fun to watch.

      • Come on man! Sponge Bob is making $5.5 million and has a .872 save percentage since December 1st. Stop defending him. It’s over.

    • Damn, I grew up near NYC and was a Yankee fan. The heckling is all part of the game, but of course we didn’t have social media back then. The sports writers would be the ones to put the hammer down on players.

      Lehner’s raking in $5.5 million for an .872 save pct since 1 Dec. I think he can handle the ridicule just fine. I don’t feel sorry for him. If he had proven me wrong I would have been the first to buy his jersey and get it autographed.

      That didn’t happen.

      This is professional hockey and I pay $13,000 a year for my season ticket seat and believe I have the right to heckle.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I coined the walrus , when doc insisted on calling him panda (which is his real nick name).

      Walrus is a badge of honor, not a put down.

    • Blitz

      So his feelings got hurt on Twitter. Maybe he should get off Twitter. The dude’s a fing kneeler!

      • The entire kneeling this is bad for me. I am a 30 year US veteran and kneeling during our anthem or disrespect for our flag is nothing more than misdirected ire.

  27. Galdom

    Fair enough. I hope and pray he turns it around. Will be good for all of us. I will buy you the jersey..

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