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Recap: The Golden Knights looked to shake off Friday’s loss by hosting the top-seeded Minnesota Wild. Vegas took the first lead of the game with Zach Whitecloud’s fourth goal of the season. Both offenses kept generating, but Minnesota tied the game with one second left in the period. The game was tied 2-2 hearing into the intermission.

Minnesota took their first lead of the game :09 seconds into the middle frame. Whitecloud evened the score on his second goal of the game and Max Pacioretty regained Vegas’ lead scoring his tenth of 2021-22. The home team held on to a 4-3 edge after two periods of action.

The Wild forced a tie early in the final period but Mark Stone gave the Golden Knights a 5-4 advantage with their second PP goal of the game. Alex Pietrangelo sealed the win with a late empty net score.

The Golden Knights record improves to 16-11-0 after defeating the Wild 6-4. Vegas hits the road for four game East Coast road trip. Their first stop will be in Boston to face the Bruins. Puck drop is scheduled for 4 PM.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis:The Golden Knights were far from perfect tonight, but they succeeded in areas they’ve had issues in recently, namely special teams. Lehner had a shaky game and the defense in front of him was not great until the final 20 minutes of the game. They don’t ask how, they just ask how many and for Vegas, that’s two in a row this season against the Wild. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Minnesota Wild game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Max Pacioretty has been in the league for 14 years, he’s still honing his skills, and it’s paying off.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Chandler Stephenson
** Max Pacioretty
* Zach Whitecloud



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Pacioretty’s Commitment To Improving Himself Paying Off Early This Season


  1. Pistol Pete

    I hate to say it but a goaltender injury (hopefully short term) would be the chance for better or worse to call Thompson up. These 4 GA games concern me. Lehner can do better ie. bubble playoffs where he scored four shutouts. I would say fwiw that he did OK at the end when it counted the most ultimately.

    • George L.

      That’s only because we outscored his mistakes.

      If our power play or kill didn’t come through his own goal would be devastating.

      • trade

        exactly right. I have very little confidence in RL. He is not the type of goalie to play behind the PDB wide open, dmen run around, pond hockey style defensive system. and he showed how erratic his glove hand is last night.

        But the guy who has shown he can play acrobatically in that system, facing 40 or more shots many times, and come out as the league top goalie, is Logan Thompson. Yes, he has rebound control issues, and he needs NHL experience, but he won’t get it watching from Henderson while RL allows soft leaky goals

    • Daryl

      I would love to see Thompson get a few games to see how he does

    • Pistol Pete

      Fact is if Thompson was ready to play at this level they would not have hired Brossoit. Thompson’s preseason was not so hot giving up four to each of SJ and COL—SV% not great either.

      • Blitz

        The entire team was hot garbage in the preseason. I wouldn’t use that as a real test for Thompson.

        I think they picked up LB and paid the extra fee cause they didn’t feel RL was reliable. Between injury and mental aspects he missed alot of games previously. I think they picked up a higher priced goalie backup that they feel can handle the starting load if RL is out for long periods of time, and then call up Thompson as a backup. While I think that is a smart move it doesn’t say alot about the decision to keep RL to ‘save money’. They saved less than a million total, fractured the fan base, and frankly didn’t get the best goalie to make up for the holes in this teams D play.

        • THE hockey GOD

          they should have taken the goalie that the red wings got, but he’s like LT young and inexperienced.

        • I woud be fine with Thompson getting a shot as backup but it will require Lehner or Brossoit being injured for it to happen unless one of them does just horrible.

      • Daryl

        If you went off preseason play, half the team wouldn’t look ready for the NHL

  2. John W

    Great game by line 1. Have to consider NOT breaking up the Stephenson line once Eichel appears……

    Quick note for all you Dadanov doubters – PP goal and a GREAT assist, between the legs to set up Whitecloud on his 2nd goal. Also has 3 game winning Goals. He has played every game and is tracking for 24 goals and 20ish assists. You guys sure he’s expendable?

    • Blitz

      Dadinov was my 4th star tonight. Thought he was sharp. Showed a great physical 200ft game, A+ assist, and a great pp goal. Very noticeable

    • Daryl

      I never had doubts with his scoring, it was his defense that concerned me. It’s all if is good offense outweighs his bad dedense.

    • trade

      and he immediately gave back that PP goal to Minn with a stupid high stick penalty in the neutral zone

  3. Justin

    My goodness gracious Robin let’s in goals sometimes that it seems no other goalie in the NHL might let in. He can be really bad sometimes.. well quite a lot it seems. Nice, likeable guy but wow gknights have very small chance of going deep w him in goal unless he really turns it around. When you give up at least 2 soft goals a night you are in deep deep trouble against good teams…

    Nice win, good to see some offense clicking.

    • Pistol Pete

      Lehner’s career playoffs are a very respectable 2.19 GAA .919 SV%

      He should ultimately be able to do better than the last few starts.

  4. Tim

    Petro is the man controlling the puck making things happen. Dadonov, Carrier, and of coarse Whitecloud nice games. Finally the PP and PK looked good. Lehner like I always say is like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. Overall big win from a good team.

  5. Henderson One

    Need to cut down on the unnecessary penalties!

  6. Julie

    The VGK squeaked it out and we’ll take the win. The trouble with Lehner is that he’s really inconsistent in the same season. Always has been. On the ice or off, Tim is right, you never know what you’re going to get. Maybe skipping the Olympics is the right call for him. But, he managed it well enough this game.

  7. Galdom

    That 4th goal that Lehner let in was terrible!! I can’t defend that!! A little flukey that he directed a wide shot into his net but it still made me sick. We got a four game road trip including a back to back. I think this time Lehner has to get some of the easier assignments / weaker opponents to get his game and confidence back.

    December 14 – Brossoit against Boston
    December 16 – Lehner against New Jersey
    December 17 – Brossoit against the Rangers
    December 19 – Lehner against the Islanders

    Powerplay getting better. I am dreaming and salivating at a scenario in which we can circumvent the cap Tampa style and not dump salary and keep this roster intact. We need Dr. Nick Riviera from The Simpsons to make this happen.

    • THE hockey GOD

      every so often a goalie is allowed a billy buckner MAF moment, don’t you think ? (that was pretty bad moment, up there with one going off his head, and the time he held his goalie stick upside down)

      • Vic

        We really must be twin sons of different mothers. As soon as I saw the Wild’s goal #4, I thought about Billy Buckner and the dreaded first baseman’s mitt. Hoping RL settles down as any playoff run depends on him. He does seem a little off this year (goals he usually saves making it through, slow to bounce back up after sprawling, his clearing passes are winding up as turnovers, and poor body language).

      • THg – that first line a goalie being allowed a BB MAF moment – don’t you think ?is a strange remark coming from you – well maybe not as a walrus lover as he has had way too many of those moments. Unfortunately You just can’t let the pass go it appears. I thought you were moving to California to live on a boat and perhaps drift out to sea and disappear like Doc supposedly did !! Keep smiling brighter days are ahead.

  8. VGK goaltending in the preseason:

    Lehner: 0-3 (GAA 3—SV% .8920
    Brossoit: 2-0 (GAA 1.5—SV% .950)
    Thompson 1-1 (GAA 4—SV% .879)

    Thompson did not show great in the preseason. With an injury and he gets called up as the backup he could do well. The coaches can never be sure until it happens but I doubt they consider it a great bet at this point in his development.

    • Lehner playoffs 2019-2020 (in the bubble):

      GAA 1.99—[(4) shutouts—(1) 1 GA—(3) 2 GA—(7) 3 GA—(1) 4 GA]
      SV% .917

      Together with his 3-0 (GAA 1.67—SV% .940) 2019-2020 regular season VGK debut, this was a decent showing by Lehner. Would be nice if he could return to this level.

      • Lehner was also decent last year’s regular season (2020-2021):

        GAA 2.29
        SV% .913

      • Why some triy to defend the walruses performance is beyond l belief. What he did yesterday or the year before or the year before that means nothing if he doesn’t step up today which he probably can’t and as demonstrated that’s the case. The knights are in trouble if they’re depending on him to get them in the playoffs let alone raise cup.
        For the record this only speaks to his lack of performance, not a hate post as some think anything negative about hiim is just that.

        • Tim

          Hdbiker, Well put were in the now and now isn’t to good for Lehner. Like I’ve said they can say he stops more shots then anyone candy coated anyway you won’t the bottom line is he gives up 4 goals a game and that’s not going to take you to the promised land.

        • This is simple, not rocket science, so why does it have to become complicated? His last two seasons stats are posted as a reminder, proof, that Lehner’s first two seasons with the VGK he performed well. He’s off this year a number games, it’s obvious, plain to see. Of course, look around the histories of today’s best goaltenders and a plethora of “off” areas can be found–do the inevitable downswings show these players can’t deliver when it counts the most? Maybe–one small example is Vasilevskiy having a poor four game playoff series against Columbus.

          If Lehner stays mired in this stupid slog Deboer will have do something.

    • Richie-Rich

      Goal tending is the obvious weak link for the VGK. The bad news is that there isn’t a roster move possible that will fix it. It is what it is. VGK is going to have to live and win or lose with the goal tending that they have. There is a lot more pressure on the offense now because they know that with the goal tending they have that they have to score at least 4 goals against the better teams to have a chance to win.

      • R-R I really doubt Lehner’s GAA will remain at 3.00 and above for the whole season. Teams have to average above 3 goals/game to support their goaltending which will average at least 2.50 GAA. The teams in the top half of the standings average 3+ goals year in and year out so supporting a GAA under 3 is no problem. Sure, the GAA’s closer to 2.50 are seeing more 1 and 2 GA and that helps the team win with 2-3 goals, but to assert the VGK needs to score 4 to support Lehner is a stretch. I might buy that if Lehner’s GAA was consistently 3.00 and above but it won’t be or he’ll be out of a starter job.

  9. the hockey YAHWEY

    congrats to winnipeg blue bombers for another grey cup win and to the VGK
    for squeaking out another victory with great team play all around. Even forcing the opponent goalie to give up soft goals. That is name of game in NHL today, whoever can score the most “trick” goals.

  10. HutHut

    I was at the game. It was fantastic. My only (snark) comment is, after listening to the Lets Go Wi-Yuld chant, since when does the word “Wild” have two syllables?

  11. Tim

    Being objective to win four 7 games series with Lehner doesn’t seem possible. He is who he is and we tied our wagon to him and we don’t have many other options. Brossoit is a backup for a reason and Thompson would probably fold on the big stage. As the old Laurel and Hardy saying goes ( This is another fine mess you got us into Stanley ) It’s funny every time you think you know who there going to trade they start playing well and you change your mind.
    Carrier has played well all year.
    Janmark has been very active of late.
    Dadonov great net presence
    McNabb puts fear in the other team.
    Reilly Smith having a good year.
    These are the main names that have been tossed around and personally I don’t want to lose any of them.
    I still like my conspiracy theory of keeping Alex Martinez on the IR until the playoffs that’s 5 million that we wouldn’t have to deal with. They can say he has double vision or whatever to keep him on ice. After what Tampa did last year and if we pulled off the same stunt there would be a rule change next year.
    I still say the team as it is is good and to add Eichel obviously it will be better and we can live without Martinez our blue line is fine and the elephant in the room would be Lehner.
    Lastly Bill Foley at 76 wants to win now and with his success financially to eat 5 million on the Martinez contract is chump change to him and it would make all these decisions much easier. You all may think I’m out thee but do you have a better idea I’m all ears.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim
      still cranky I see. Cranky after a win, cranky after a loss. Hey , isn’t there a country n western song about that ?

      Relax and take a chill pill, there are three months of hockey left before the REAL SEASON begins. So far we have played less than two months. Most of it injured.

      I see the NHL is giving Canadian teams a break again with Flames getting a number of games off due to the “flu”, I mean covid. Arm jabs aren’t working, they aren’t real vaccines, boosters more like it. FDA changed definition of vaccines recently because the arm jabs weren’t cutting it under the traditional definition. As if they didn’t have players to step up from the AHL. Stockton HEAT is hotter than asphalt pavement on a August day on the Strip.

      • Tim

        THG, You know sometime your OK and sometimes I get the feeling your just a dick, Calling me cranky when all I’m doing in my last post is how we can keep everyone because it would be to hard to choice. Now what the fuck does that have to do with cranky where I’m sitting it’s a positive thought. You know I wasn’t going to get into it with you but here’s a reality check. I’ve been on this site since the beginning and I never bash anyone and I’m telling you this because I’m not bashing you but here are some facts. When you first came on this site you had so many fucked posts thoughts and in general always so way out comments. Then for some reason you made 180 degree turn and your posts became sensible and made sense which was much better the the old THG. Now your reverting back to your old ways of just throwing shit out there that isn’t pertinent to any posts your answering. I don’t know maybe your bi-polar who the fuck knows but I’d advice you to read other peoples post clearly and answer appropriately and not go off on some fucking tangent.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @Tim, relax pal. We are all friends here. Except for Doc, and that paulie thug hater. My posts were never “out there”, ever. I got a 9.2 out of 10 rating on my posts One bite, everyone knows the rules. Here that crunch sound when my posts get published? That is sound of perfection, angels singing from high heaven, gospel and soul music combined. Music to the ears!

          Hot chocolate ?


          PS you should see what the fan base of other teams are saying about their teams. Everyone is cranky. It seems.

          • Tim

            THG, I have no idea where you got a 9.2 rating. I’ve never heard of Sin Bin ratings.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ tim, who said they were sinbin ratings ??

          • Tim

            So if there not Sin Bin rating please don’t tell me you made up a rating to pat yourself on the back.

        • Dylan

          I’d go with…


          Major Dick, even.

          Poor excuse for an Epidemiologist, also.

  12. Richie-Rich

    My analysis about the goal tending continues to ring true. Against the better teams in this league the VGK is going to have to score at least 4 goals per game consistently to be successful and go deep into the playoffs.

    I think it is probably fair to say that the FO isn’t going to make any changes with respect to the net minding. Even if they wanted to they are in cap hell and don’t have any option other than to let it play out.

    The last goal scored by the Wild was totally on Lehner as the shot wasn’t even on net at all. He flubbed it and fumbled it right on into his own net. Inconsistent glove rears its ugly head once again. Good thing the offense was able to bail him out.

    Kudos to Stephenson for a 4 point night and Whitecloud also was a nice surprise!

    • R-R I really doubt Lehner’s GAA will remain at 3.00 and above for the whole season. Teams have to average above 3 goals/game to support their goaltending which will average at least 2.50 GAA. The teams in the top half of the standings average 3+ goals year in and year out so supporting a GAA under 3 is no problem. Sure, the GAA’s closer to 2.50 are seeing more 1 and 2 GA and that helps the team win with 2-3 goals, but to assert the VGK needs to score 4 to support Lehner is a stretch. I might buy that if Lehner’s GAA was consistently 3.00 and above but it won’t be or he’ll be out of a starter job.

      • Of his twenty games, nine were 1 and 2 GA [(2) 1 GA–(7) 2 GA]–so he has had strong games this season. Three of these were in the last nine games, the other six in the first eleven games. The 1 and 2 GA games are normally ones where the goaltender has saved the game for the team assuming offensive production is the average 3+ goals.

  13. They gave away their solution – l realize some will or could disagree with that but reality is reality. Those same individuals are the ones that believe the walrus can do no wrong or make excuses for him.

    • The “Walrus” has definitely been in the wrong six out of last eight games allowing 4/3/2/5/3/2/5. The two 2 GA games were winners as would normally be the case. Yup, he’s allowing too many goals recently and admits it. Unlike some on this board I am not yet willing to assert that it’s beyong his capacity to deliver 1 and 2 GA performances against the best teams in the league. Dont forget, defensive support is a big piece for any goaltender–too many high danger chances and the GA goes up.

      I will say this season is a test for Lehner. Starter on one of the best teams. If his GA does not come down, DeBoer will have to do something about it. If he makes it through to the playoffs we will find out once and for all if Lehner can control his GA.

      • Richie-Rich

        I agree with just about everything in your comment PP except it is what it is. I have been “asserting” all along that the VGK cannot win with Lehner in goal (against the better teams in this league) unless they score 4+ goals per game. He’s not going to bring his GAA down to 2 against the better teams.

        The bottom line here is that the VGK cannot win a Stanley Cup with its current goal tending tandem without them scoring 4+ goals against those teams. So, there are only 2 options.

        Option 1, which is the status quo must get to 4+ goals and FIX THE PP. A healthy Eichel should help in that department. Getting Marty back on defense should also help too. I hate to say it but the 4th line isn’t going to help much in regard to the scoring needs. Kolesar is dead weight and continuing to experiment and trying to develop this so-called power forward is a waste of time and counter-productive to any chances of winning a Cup this year.

        Option 2, which is also a gamble is to give Thompson some NHL games to see how he does. You start by letting him play a few against the bottom feeders like th Coyotes and a few others. What we do know is that Lehner and Brossoit are already established knowns. Lehner hasn’t found a home in his NHL career and the reasons for that are now quite obvious by VGK fans. Brossoit is a good talent, but also not consistent enough to be a Cup Champion net minder.

        Defensive support is what it is. It’s not going to change much unless there is a sacrifice on the offensive end. The offense is just starting to click. Tweaking that now? I don’t think so. Eichel can (should) make the offense and PP better.

        Fix the goal tending and fix the PP. That’s the answer. Don’t try to cover up the flaws of this goal tending tandem. Outscore the opponents. The new “no-cross-checking rule” should provide even more opportunities once Eichel and Patrick are back on the ice. (Oh, and one more time — put Kolesar on waivers or trade him),

        • I pretty much agree across that including giving Thompson some looks–but an injury notwithstanding is that not a vote of no confidence to Lehner and Brossoit?–well, maybe just Brossoit as he can be scratched on the backup’s start day? We still differ in that you are firm on Lehner being incapable iof a GAA of 2 against the best teams. I guess his historical results support that to some extent, but imo you’re calling what remains an unknown. Let’s see what happens on Friday for starters. I assume Brossoit starts Thursday. Rangers should be decent test.

  14. Dylan

    They probably should have held onto Marc-Andre Fleury, eh?

    500 wins in net. 500.

    Vezina Trophy last season. Just months ago.

    Nahhhhhh, McCriminal and DeSnake have…

    The Walrus!

    Maybe Gallant isn’t such a bad coach, also?

    Just pitiful management at the top of VGK rottinv fish. Fish always rots from da head…

  15. Vic

    Tonight on the NHL Network…..Nice salute to Fleury, and then talk of possible trade to teams in need of goalie help at or before the deadline (EDM, COLO and MINN mentioned as probably in the hunt…not the VGK wink, wink). Would make for an interesting playoff run to find him in the net of the enemy. Would be pretty ironic…might need to go through Fleury to win it all?

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