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Recap: The Golden Knights came out strong against the Kings at T-Mobile Arena. Late in the period Evgenii Dadonov gave Vegas the first lead of the game with his 15th of the season. 

Just :39 seconds into the middle frame Chandler Stephenson doubled VGK’s lead 2-0. LA got within one mid-way through the period but Vegas responded five minutes later. Mattias Janmark regained the Golden Knights two goal lead with a shorthanded goal. After 40 minutes Vegas held a 3-1 advantage. 

The Kings had several chances heavily outshooting the Golden Knights in the final period. Logan Thompson was strong in net to preserve Vegas’ lead. Alex Pietrangelo and Michael Amadio sealed the game with two late period goals. The Golden Knights win back-to-back games for the first time since March 6th.

The Golden Knights improve their record to 34-26-4 dropping the Kings 3-1. Vegas will try and make it a three game winning streak on Monday in Minnesota. Puck drop against the Wild is set for 5P PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: For the second straight game the Golden Knights looked like the Golden Knights, but in different ways each night. In this one, they were stellar through the neutral zone and made life very difficult on the Kings the whole night. Penalty killing was a massive story as well with the Golden Knights killing off three while adding a shorty. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Chandler Stephenson
** Mattias Janmark
* Logan Thompson


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  1. knights fan in minny

    lt is the man keep giving him the crease

  2. vgk21

    LT was outstanding today…very solid goaltending.

    The Knights could not get out of their own end in the first half of the 3rd period

    they lost too many faceoffs, too. 22-41

  3. trade

    oh yes, they should buy, but not any big name guys. just a couple of minor trades to add some depth

    • Pistol Pete

      Trade, you don’t think they should pick up
      Forsberg as a hedge against the uncertain future of Pacioretty and Stone? It could well be out of their reach. I’d give up Brisson. Adding Forsberg may make it more feasible to land the run they need. Dallas has 4 games in hand, Preds too. That for the WC. They might still be able to place in the division if things go their way.

      • trade

        no, I don’t think Forsberg will be traded.

        maybe a big defensive forward like Nic Paul of Ottawa who can score a little, or Lawson Crouse of Arizona. they would not cost too much

        • Pistol Pete

          His re-signing is coming down to the wire then, right? That does probably mean the door is still open? I notice this season is his best so far more than a point a game. Basically he’s been a 60’s for 82 games which is strong but I wonder if NSH is concerned this season is an outlier. I’m sure he wants a lot.

          • trade

            he is playing right now vs Toronto. I think they would have held him out if any trade was imminent

      • ulf

        gee why don’t the Knights get McDavid and Draisatl too:)
        Forsberg isn’t going anywhere this year, especially with Nashville well in the playoff hunt and Vegas just hoping to make it and not guaranteed.

        Over the summer who knows, but he’s likely staying – both parties want to work it out.

        • I think some people are just becoming shopaholics. Gotta have every new shiny toy out there. VGK already has a solid team, especially when healthy. If they can get to the playoffs and returned the walking wounded to the ice then it is going to be exciting. We do not need any additional forwards, period.

          This team’s issues are on defense with average goaltending at best. This should improve with a return to the ice with McNabb and Martinez.

          If McCrimmon is shopping it’s going to be for goaltending or a defenseman. Having to score 4 or more goals against the better teams in this league on average is not a cup winning recipe. Get a strong defenseman. I don’t think there is going to be a viable goaltender available by the trade deadline. I have talked about Grubauer, but that’s highly unlikely unless McCrimmon is going to pay the massive price in terms of talent it would take to get him. Spencer Knight isn’t going anywhere and Georgiev is too a high risk and would also cost.

          My bet today is that the VGK does very little if anything at the trade deadline. Maybe a minor league prospect? I doubt it.

        • Galdom

          That’s right

    • Pistol Pete

      Patrick and Howden were excellent depth adds. Patrick has continued to be plagued by post-concussion syndrome but Howden who is not quite 24 is having the best season of his career looking more and more like a first rounder.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Depth scoring and another Eichel PP unit goal on a beautiful pass to Stephenson in front of the net. I attended the game. When Eichel is on the ice anybody who knows anything about the game is always watching the guy to see what he’ll do. He’s that smooth and fast. Good defending and Thompson looked like the real deal for the second game in a row. Looks like Brossoit may be the backup now.

  5. Kevin

    Amazing how all the negative Nancy’s aren’t around after a win

    This is why certain people run teams, and at the other end, are the critics living in their mother’s basement (credit to LT for that one).

    Seriously, there are still deficiencies, but today and yesterday showed they are better than that 0-5 road team, but we also know they are missing some key folks that would make a deep cup run extremely unlikely. It’d be very nice to make the playoffs, and then from there, just see who is ready and take it a game at a time…on any Sunday… ya know?

    In the meantime, it’s kinda nice to be in here when it’s peaceful! 🙂
    Go Knights Go

  6. vgk21

    Hutton +3, he adds smooth veteran presence to the Vgk blueline, and he fits well with 7

  7. Thompson is showing his confidence, great feet and hands! The fans appreciated his effort.. Janmark was missed…Great return by him. Dadanov also played well. Great to see Stephenson score. All in all, pretty solid game by all….on to the next one…

    • Pistol Pete

      I always harbored the hope Dadonov’s “demise” was premature. Scoring 81 goals in three seasons was not a fluke.

  8. Daryl

    LT played a great game and made some great saves… If it wasn’t for Petra getting beat, LT would if had a shutout!!!

    I saw where someone mentioned VGK still having a lot of starters out, well let’s not forget that LAK were without 8 starters tonight as well.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    The best chance the VGK have of making the playoffs lies with the LA KINGS because they are only team that have played the same amount of games as VGK. All the other teams have games in hand. Too bad they don’t play the Kings again in regular season. The Kings are also in a mini slump. VGK are only four points behind them. VGK will need some help with their own division rivals in taking a number of games from Kings over the course of next few weeks. This will allow VGK to creep up into third place in their own division, and hopeful LA kings would creep out of first three positions and vie for a wild card spot.

    I don’t see VGK making any big deals. The Panthers are making a big run now.

  10. Tim

    You can’t gloss over that 5 game road trip was a disaster now that we’ve won 2 in a row. Watching the games I’ve come to the conclusion were paying certain guys way to much money. I don’t see much difference between Hutton and Theadore one making 750 thousand the other making 5 million, Same with Karlsson and Howden 750 thousand the other making 5.9 million. There are also others but that gives you an example of young waiver guys that aren’t much worse then our higher price players. You can also include Amadio, Patrick, Kolesar. Leschyshyn, Rondjberg, Cotter in the cheap catagore.

    • Tim, I see a difference Hutton has 11 points and Theodore 37 points. Most people in NHL think #27 is underpaid. I agree he is having a down year but there is a huge difference between Theodore and Hutton.

      Yes, you are correct about #71 this year. I would point out #71 always draws the opposition best line but he does needs to produce more goals.

      • Daryl

        Theo has 37pts in 60 games while Petra has 35pts in 62 games….

        Just something to think about

    • Tim – you are absolutely correct. They have foolishly invested their money in players that are not that much better in others. Put yourself in place of a guy making a million and tell me your going to give it all watching the guy making 8 million and he is no better than you. Ask yourself if your going to give that extra to win when the multi million guys aren’t performing. The huge disparity in money is a huge deterrent to a team chemistry especially when the big money guys aren’t performing which has been the norm this season. There has been exceptions but few and far between. I am all about investments that reap the best ROI and l can tell you give he 5 at 2 mill each versus 1 at 10. I will come out ahead every.time.and win besides because those players have something to prove.

  11. Ulf

    Great to see a win, but the knights still aren’t in control of their own destiny. They have to hope Dallas and/or Edmonton lose a number of games, then we have to win a bunch of games ourselves. Still possible but it will take help.
    With today’s win and Dallas’ loss the door to the playoffs cracks open a little more, but no guarantee yet. Hope the fire under their bums keeps burning.

  12. All the LT haters can STFU now. He made a case tonight about his value. Dumbass McCrimmon will probably trade him for a bag of pucks though.

  13. The only move I think is coming is Reilly Smith being traded for maybe a prospect and a pick – and it won’t be to a contender.

    • Blitz

      Why would someone want a hurt player that is going to be a UFA? Unless u are confident his injury is almost over, but I doubt you, or any one of us, have the vgk injury decoder kit.

  14. Every game is a playoff game for the VGK.

  15. “We didn’t know until almost game time (that Eichel would be available),” Vegas coach Peter DeBoer said of the center. “But he gutted it out. He’s a guy who can play with some pain. That’s what he’s doing with a lot of other guys. It’s that time of year.”

    • More vrom DeBoer on Eichel:

      “I’ve been really impressed with him. His battle level. His will to compete. His willingness to play a 200-foot playoff-type game for us. Now, he’s willing to play through some injuries in order to be out there helping us.”

      • “I didn’t have to do anything, just put my stick there,” Stephenson said. “That’s the kind of player [Eichel] is. He’s an All-Star. You can be anywhere. Even if there are three guys, four guys in front of you, he seems to be finding you. His game seems to keep getting better and better.”

        “It’s fun to watch.”

        • Daryl

          Just curious…. Do ou ever get tired of these posts? It’s almost as if Eichel is the only player on the team. About every one of your posts is about him

          • Pistol Pete

            Future captain and face of the franchise. As R-R notes below, Stone might be the only forward on the roster capable of playing with him. He’s the best skater, mover, stick handler and shooter on the team. I would say he deserves my undivided attention.

          • Daryl

            Maybe…. But one player isn’t going to win you a Cup

  16. 11 pts in 16 games is decent but Jack is not yet @ 100% efficacy.

    • Daryl

      Why is he not? He’s had plenty of time to get back 100% and he’s had ebiugh game time to be there also. No excuses at this point

      • Pistol Pete

        Has anyone made excuses? I just don’t think he’s returned to 100% but then I view the VGK through rose colored glasses you know that!

        • Pistol Pete

          I might have asked Daryl whether he thinks he’s @ 100%. My impression early on is that the sniping is not quite there. I was taken right away by the puck battles and holding on to the puck.

          • Daryl

            I do think he is playing at 100%. I think he’s had enough games n net his belt gets in VGK to dust off any rust and he’s had plenty of time to work on his shooting. His passing may not be 100% due to having different linemates but he’s physically at 98% there.

            I think he’s played great so I’m not knocking on him at all but I do think what we are now, worth the team around him, is what we are going to get

          • Galdom

            I think Eichel is 100% physically ready but the hockey IQ and timing probably isn’t 100% back yet.

      • So, a bit of perspective here. Eichel is still not playing up to his $10,000,000 price tag. When he gets to that then I will be cheering. He’s good, better than we have seen and I would daresay he is a man on an island out there most of the time because there really isn’t another forward on the team worthy to play on the 1st line with him other than maybe Stone. That’s a huge point considering how much CAP McCrimmon has spent on the top 6.

        • Pistol Pete

          McCrimmon succeeded McPhee as GM May 2, 2019. Except for Eichel, McPhee was GM when the top six was signed, not McCrimmon.

          I support the Eichel signing. He’s destined to be Captain and the face of the franchise. At some point they will need to buy more talent for the top six.

          • Stone has several more years in him if he stays health and is a good top line forward. Patches, injury prone, maybe another year. Marchy is the only other forward who I think would play well enough consistently. Dadanov is streaky and inconsistent.

            Karlsson and Smith are good 2nd liners but Smith is likely gone either tomorrow or after the season.

          • Stone will be the Captain as long as he is here, second in line would be Petro, third Eichel just my opinion. I think Eichel has looked great recently and will continue to improve I’m happy with the trade.

      • Howard

        Actually Daryl, you are very wrong. It can take months coming back from an injury as Jack had and layoff to get back to where he was before. Also, need to get the other injured players ‘healthy.’

        I’m impressed with Eichel’s 200 foot game and his toughness. He’s a better player than I thought actually.

        • You can see the skill level. Eichel is at another level altogether. Only Stone comes close to being able to skate with him. I think Marchy is okay as well, but Stone is a lot more smoother.

          The only concern I have about Eichel is his attitude. I have no history on the guy, but rumors have been swirling for months now that he isn’t really a team player. I have seen the frustration on his face when players are not in position to receive a great pass from him or they fail to get him the puck. He wears his negative emotions on his sleeve and isn’t big on expressing positive emotions. At least that is what I have seen so far.

        • Daryl

          Actually Howard, that is only your opinion. Eichel himself said he is 100% and back in game “shape” so are you calling him a liar? His shooting should not be affected by his surgery at this point… his passing only slightly bit that is because of new linemates every other game.

  17. vgk21

    Vgk have 18 games left. they very likely need 96 pts to get in. they have 72 now. that means they need to go 12-6 to get in.

    they have 8 games left that would classify as skeptical….. based on opponent, where they are, or recent history with them.
    for example, the next 3 games are in Minn, Wpg, and home vs Nashville. if they win 2 of those, it would signal a good chance of making playoffs. if they lose all 3, it would put them in slim chance land.

    maybe a small trade to provide a spark….. to show the players that the f.o. has not quit on them.

    • Pistol Pete

      It looks like getting Janmark, Howden and even Patrick back in the lineup helped. On that road trip they needed bodies and better goaltending. Now they have more of each.

    • Every game now is a playoff game and that is how they should look at it. Unfortunately, the injuries combined with poor play defensively and in goal along with ineffective coaching has the team on the edge of missing the playoffs altogether.

      VGK really isn’t even truly in yet with several teams having the inside track with games in hand.

      There’s still hope but the prospects are not looking very good.

  18. THE hockey GOD

    Sources say Claude Giroux notified #Flyers he was only willing to accept a trade to #FlaPanthers. That was his team, the destination. Florida knew that.

    vegas no longer that shiny object drawing interest

    • Mike StG

      ThG – Giroux wanted to go to a team closer to home, so Avs were out. Vegas is even further, and they were never included in potential teams he might be traded to. It’s also been suggested if he continues to play after this year he might sign in Ottawa, where his roots are.

    • Sooner or later the shit way players are treated here gets enough publicity around the league.

      Could be the beginning of the end for the Vegas run. It’s been a good run. Tonight will be just another playoff game. Every game is now a playoff game.

      Logan Thompson is going to have to be perfect.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    meanwhile, the look back time machine now shows

    James Neal RW, St Louis Blues
    Jan 2022
    James Neal has been assigned to Springfield of the AHL.

    Neal has two goals, two assists, 31 shots and 17 hits in 19 appearances with the Blues this season.

  20. LVsc

    from Seravalli—

    Lehner could miss remainder of regular season with patella fracture (knee cap)

    • Pistol Pete

      Looks like they’ll split tomorrow and Tuesday Thompson and Brossoit. This is getting very interesting as far as the goalies. All eyes on Thompson for sure. After the CBJ game I thought Thompson was a pipe dream. After these last starts there is reason to believe he could be more. Hope they give him the start tomorrow.

      • knights fan in minny

        some times all they need is playing time

      • I’ve been watching Thompson now for a while. He’s got great game, but he’s green and the inexperience and pressure is going to be huge factors.

        At this point, win or lose, Thompson is going to get some great exposure and experience. This is a good thing.

    • Mike StG

      LVsc – per Granger and Ken they talked with RL at the last game as he was WALKING to the seating area. He scoffed at the suggestion has a broken knee cap. You’d think he at least be on crutches or in a brace if Seravelli was accurate. As someone suggested, maybe the FO is smoking out a mole by spreading disinformation among certain staff VGK staff members to see who’s leaking.

  21. knights fan in minny

    poulliat on waivers according to tsn

  22. knights fan in minny

    mrazek on waivers a possibility

  23. LVsc

    Vgk put Pouliot on waivers. that can mean only 1 of 2 things, either a dman is returning from injury, or more likely they are getting a dman in a trade

    • Mike StG

      LVsc – It’s more likely they waived him so his salary doesn’t apply to Vegas’s cap total tomorrow. That would seem to signal they have some intentions to act tomorrow.

  24. LVsc

    question—-are ANY of the injured Vgk players skating in practice or morning skates?

    there is no info at all about this subject.

  25. Mike StG

    ThG – Giroux wanted to go to a team closer to home, so Avs were out. Vegas is even further, and they were never included in potential teams he might be traded to. It’s also been suggested if he continues to play after this year he might sign in Ottawa, where his roots are.

  26. LVsc

    bad news—-Dallas beat Wash, in Wash

    now they are 1 pt back with 3 games in hand

  27. sb

    Should trade Karlsson for Forsberg. Move Chandler to Line 2 center. Doubtful that Nashville will allow Forsberg to walk away into free agency. With the $6 mil savings and $5 from not resigning Smith or moving Dadonav, VGK will have enough to resign 27 year old Forsberg in the off season.

    • Howard

      LOLOL! Nashville, a team in the hunt this year is going to trade away Forsberg for Karlsson? Is this comedy hour here?

      • Galdom

        Yeah. That’s been a conversation on here for a while. Karlsson for
        Forsberg. I just seen Sebastian Maniscalco comedy show on Saturday and he was hilarious but Karlsson for Forsberg is funnier than anything I have heard for a while.

        Nashville is dying to get a guy who has five years left at 5.9 million per year who is declining at a rapid pace every single year and now looks like a 10 to 12 goal scoring third line center. And for that they’re going to give us one of the elite snipers of the league.

    • Didn’t Forsberg sign with Ottawa today?

  28. Galdom

    As of 3:30 PM eastern time it doesn’t look like Vegas was able to get anything done but I was hoping and praying that they would get rid of Evgeni Dadonov. I appreciated the gamble that they took on him but it’s time to cut bait. I don’t want to see his face, I don’t want to see his jersey, I don’t want to see him skate, I don’t want to see him anywhere near the VGK.

    • Dadanov was playing great the past few games, but he’s been inconsistent most of the season (actually pretty non-existent). Not sad to see him gone at all.

      Rumors flying that they are trying to come to an agreement with Smith on an extension of his contract. This will be good. If he wants to play in Vegas he’s going to have to barter. Come on man, you’re making $5 million and you’re not going to get top line money. Take a 1 or 2 year extension, no pay raise. Well, maybe free Pepsi-Cola!

    • Daryl

      Thought he was off to ANA

  29. Galdom

    Dadonov to Anaheim. No other details released.

    Good on management for not being stubborn and admitting a mistake and eliminating the contract.

  30. Galdom

    Official trade!!!

    The Golden Knights have acquired John Moore and Ryan Kesler from the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Evgenii Dadonov and a conditional 2024 2nd round pick.

    I don’t know what the condition of the 2024 second round pick is.

  31. Galdom

    So we had to give up a sweetener to get rid of that useless abortion of a player. Oh well, moving on

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