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Recap: The Golden Knights looked to end their losing streak by hosting the LA Kings for their third of four matchups this season. Vegas’ offense started off hot scoring two goals in the 1st period. Top forwards Max Pacioretty and Reilly Smith gave the Golden Knights a 2-0 lead. LA cut the lead in half late in the period trailing Vegas by one in the opening frame.

The Kings evened the score :30 into the 2nd period with a power play goal. Pacioretty regained Vegas’ lead adding his second of the night. LA tied the game 3-3 late in the period and took the momentum into the 2nd intermission.

Both teams played conservatively and defensively in the final period. Neither team allowed any quality opportunities and the game needed an overtime period to decide a winner. LA took the two points with a beautiful passing sequence for the game winning goal.

The Golden Knights record drops to 28-18-4 falling to the Kings in overtime. Vegas hits the road for the next two games beginning in San Jose on Sunday evening. Puck drop is set for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights had a strong game in the offensive zone but they struggled to get there and stay there with any consistency. They took advantage of their chances when they did though. A few transition chances and a power play goal let the Kings back in it. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings at T-Mobile Arena.

  • 50 games, 73 different forward lines

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Max Pacioretty


Goalie Interference – Episode 18


50 Games, 73 Unique Forward Lines


  1. I have seen more entertaining and better play in the ECHL than I am seeing out of this VGK edition. Of course the Lehner lovers are going to pin this on Brossoit (which, of course he deserves to shoulder some of it). And the Eichel lovers are going to say “just give Jack more time, you’ll see”.

    That was pretty shitty hockey out there. Sure they got 3 goals but the rest of the game, every single facet of play was pure shit minor league passing, lethargic, not getting to the puck, turning it over, stretch passes to no one or the Kings.

    I had a few beers and watching this game just made me sober. Totally not entertaining in any way with very little to cheer about.

    Actually, Brossoit made some fantastic saves even though he could have saved at least 1 of those in regulation. I liked the play of the top two lines. They need to keep those two lines together.

    There were so many shitty players out there I am not going to even name them.

    New York Jets fans have a saying, it’s J-E-T-S — which equals Just End The Season.

    I for one am tired of watching this crappy edition.

    Oh stop effing crying Richie! There are a lot of games left and we are a shoo in to win the Pacific, uh, I mean make the playoffs……

    My stars

    The Bums
    Did Stephenson have 2 penalties? I think so
    And too many others to name……

    • Joe Taylor

      So idk if this post is sarcasm or not but I’d have to say I disagree with your take and I’m a Kings fan who has never liked Vegas since their inception. There are so many variables that teams are dealing with this season and as Ken has highlighted, the massive amount of line combinations which can affect chemistry has been pretty ridiculous from the sound of it. I’d be interested to see which goal you believe Brossoit could have stopped because you’d be hard pressed to find one to blame him for. With all of this in mind, Vegas is still 10 games over hockey .500 winning percentage so it isn’t quite the time to panick. Things could change as they stand today, they’re still in a good spot overall

      • Well Kings fan, I think you have to have a lot of time on your hands to be on the SinBin Golden Knights forum. I am retired and have all kinds of time on my hands but I would never waste it on a Kings platform….

        But hey, appreciate the feedbak.

    • Henderson One

      Brossoit has a major weakness high which all teams have and will continue to exploit. This team always has had a country club culture. PDB needs to shake something up.

  2. DL

    VGK has the players, skill and sometimes luck, but often no identity, consistency and sometimes suck.

    • Oh, I agree. On paper the VGK has a power house team.

      Then, what’s wrong………


      • Ulf

        It’s the coaching for one. We are getting close to DeBoer’s usual half-life expiration date. You’ve seen it in his other stops.

        • Craig t

          So correct. The same play every time up the ice. Play the wall get checked turn over. The same ol’ show. Deboer good for a few then no motivation and no direction. Does he even speak to his players during the game?

          • DeBoer is apathetic behind the bench. And yes, the breakouts from their own zone are horribly executed. They continuously press to try and push the puck forward when a simple back pass to relieve the pressure would be a better option. This is no doubt a coaching strategy, never retreat and always push the puck forward. It’s a horrible game plan strategy.


      • RR – simple truth to many millionaire players who are looking forward to retirement which the money bags in vegas provided. Money doesn’t provide the energy , attitude etc necessary to make a winning team. All in all very sad. As everyone knows the unknowns the original team was twice the team the current one is. Despite what some rose colored glasses posters think this is not a a vegas hater fan this is a true vegas fan who deals in reality. They don’t even deserve to make the play offs. They fired previous coach for less so can’t imagine PDB sleeping well nor should he. It’s a sorry and sad situation to say the least.

      • joey g

        its the coaching style you have a offensive power house that you play a defensive style of game

  3. I need to credit the Kings. They had the most productive preseason and really improved their team. And for a 36 year old goalie, Quick is playing well for them. The Kings were faster to the puck, had much better passing, and they were solid in the offensive zone. Their team chemistry and identity is already set and will only get better as the year progresses to the playoffs.

    I still think the VGK will make the playoffs but if they continue playing like they are it might be as a wild card, and then a 1st round exit.

    I can just imagine what DeBoer will be saying after this one….blah blah blah blah. At least Gallant would be tapping his fingers on the microphone stand. DeBoer looks dumbstruck behind the bench. He’s got no clue right now.

  4. Okay, it is now time for someone to actually say it.

    The year 1 and 2 teams, with all that space under the CAP, were 1000X more exciting to watch under Coach Gallant than this powerhouse CAP busting edition.

    And therein lies the problem, as I see it. I know I will be getting blowback, but the results stands for itself and the evidence backs me up. Go ahead and cry and call me names.

  5. Daryl

    Is just love to know what all 3 VGK players were doing in OT. Not a single one of them were hustling and Brossiet had absolutely no chance!!!

    • That was just another crappy hockey game Daryl. Moving on, no need to discuss it. It needs to go into the bin of history and never spoken about again. Horrible horrible lethargic shitty hockey.

      • Pistol Pete

        R-R, pasted below is my response to you on the Avs game (your last post). And yes, tonight was a BS result. I wish Stephenson did not have that stupid unsportsmanlike conduct in the closing seconds of period 1 setting up the PP to open period 2. Anyways I agree with you on the lack of chemistry. I really hope DeBoer can address that (assuming we are reading that correctly and just not overreacting to a tough stretch).

        Here’s that paste (in quotes). Oh one other point—I can think of at least two hockey experts who did consider that a playoff quality game, albeit one COL did deserve to win.

        “I know you’re right R-R the VGK got outplayed at a number of points in the game but they could have scored about three or four more themselves if not for Keumper. That’s not an excuse just the way it is. I agree though there are issues in chemistry and execution and if so the coach needs to address that.”

        “What I want to understand about Gallant is why did he not call-out in game 7, why was their overall level of play in season 2 significantly lower than season 1, and what about the malaise in season 3 losing 4 in a row after clawing back into first place? He was absolutely the perfect man for the inaugural season but then struggled mightily.”

        • Pistol Pete

          call TIME-OUT I meant

          • So, firing Gallant was over a 4 game skid and a failure to call a timeout. Okay. But, I would argue that the Gallant coached teams with a much lower salary base were 1000X more entertaining than watching this powerhouse cap bloated team with no chemistry and no identity.

            You can regurgitate the reasons why Gallant why fired over and over again, but you cannot take away the play on the ice. The year 1, 2 and even the year 3 team rosters were much more exciting to watch than this DeBoering shit. These loaded roster looks just as lost and confused as the Coach.

            Dare I say that it is a lack of desire? There seems to be no chemistry between the bench and coach a.k.a. Bednar and his players.

        • PPete – they played the kings you were there what’s all this other shit about the aves etc. They played like a bunch of lazy kids . There is absolutely no acceptable excuse. Period end of story. Please don’t buy into their BS any longer it’s making you look like a fool which l am sure you are not

  6. Blitz

    I thought the game was entertaining early on, but it looked like nobody gave a shit the 3rd and OT. Maybe Carrier and a shift here or there for others. Well maybe we can beat the Sharts sunday and then we can talk about how awesome the vgk are.

    • If you mean in the first 3-5 minutes then maybe, but the passing, puck handling, energy and decision making was horrendous almost through the entire 60 minutes. The Hockey Gods were trying their best to set VGK up for a win. They were lucky to be tied after 2 at 3-3. The Kings skating, passing, forecheck, NZ defense, every aspect of hockey was superior other than the goaltending, which I will call a draw. Both goalies let in a stoppable.

      • Blitz

        If I am entertained it not critical every play/pass is perfect. It’s cool to see Eichel show spots of what makes him good. Smiths goal was great and Patches 2nd. Scoring was back and forth with some good goalie work on both sides. So up until LA tied it at 3 I was entertained even if somewhat of an ugly game. After that it was a snooze fest and didn’t seem like VGK even cared, even in OT. When the fire should have gone up it went down.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Well, hopefully the VGK can beat the Sharks on Sunday, the Coyotes Friday on the road trip. and keep it together for the Avs on Saturday at home. Knights have done well historically with B2B albeit not last time vs. Flames on the road. The Avs will be a tall order but also an opportunity to make a statement.

    • The Sharks can be dangerous on any given night. You don’t lose to the Coyotes with this roster – period.

      • Pistol Pete

        Some folks will be singing a way different tune if the VGK wins the next three games. It’s a tall order to do a B2B vs COL but if they play as well as they did on Wednesday they have a chance. It actually needs to be play better than they did in Wednesday but still…

        • Nope. This stretch has me convinced PP. Win the next three games, you mean 2 against bottom feeders? This team is a paper tiger and we have a paper tiger coach.

          Prediction. Foley gonna be pissed and there will be a complete house cleaning in the off season.

          Best to get something for Smith now before the trade deadline.

          • I meant a different tune if thet beat COL. Could happen. You would bet against VGK that game? I would not.

            On Smith, you’re right if they don’t trade him before the deadline they get zilch unless they choose to resign him which I assume is possible to keep that line together.

            If Stone’s condition forbids him from returning in the regular season there does not have to be any moves for cap compliance, therefore no need to trade Smith, therefore I doubt it happens. My prediction.

            If they can right the ship as far as defending and winning games, I have Martinez leaving. As solid as he’s been as a Knight him and Dadonov is enough cap for Eichel heading into next season. Who else they have resign, Hague comes to mind, I am not sure.

          • Sorry PP, but VGK isn’t going to beat COL, I will be at that game and cheering for them, but right now I wouldn’t be putting any serious money on the Golden Knights.

  8. Achmed

    Feels like VGK are heading in the wrong direction

  9. DL

    Night after night, game after game, they have 20 players, sometimes even less, on the same ice at the same time but certainly not on the SAME PAGE. All season 36 different players suited up playing their individual styles but rarely a 60 minute TEAM GAME, game after game, night after night.

  10. One thing is certain, if DeBoer can’t get this cap bloated team to gel and play at the level they are capable of he isn’t going to be around much longer. I would like for him to stop using the terms We did this, or we didn’t do that…..

    I want him to start shouldering some of the responsibility and start using phrases like I failed to prepare this team for ……..fill in the blanks……

  11. Is The hockey GOD alive? He’s normally the first to jump on this thread to defend the front office and coaching, the geniuses that they are.

    Come on man, I hope you’re okay. It’s not like you not to be mixing it up!

    • THE hockey GOD

      sorry i fell down the steps today, see my post yesterday

      not very favorable.

      If VGK were trading on NYSE a short sell trade would be looking good just about now.

      more below.

  12. Well, per VGK FO rules, one more loss and DeBoer gets fired, right PP?

    • R-R, I don’t sit on the board in the front office so I can’t comment on why Gallant was fired except my sense is it was the right call. Who am I to question McPhee’s judgement. Look, he knows way more than us about how to run an NHL team. Maybe you’ll point out he was perenial contender with the Caps and could never get over the hump proving he’s ineffective. Easy for us outsiders to say. He sure built a good inaugural team here, we have to give him that.

      I still needs to be explained to me why DeBoer is a failure just becauce we are slumping at the present when he’s made the conference finals both his seasons here. Not that it works all the time, systems never do, but he has brought a more analytical approach than Gallant was capable of at the time. I assume the NYR has deployed analytics and Gallant is using then with the help of his staff, but DeBoer by his nature is more inclined for it. The guy has a couple law degrees so we know he’s not a mental midget. Good enough player to get drafted into the NHL too.

      Not exuses, excuses, excuses from me R-R, I can face facts and want results too.

  13. DL

    Credit to the Coaches and this dream team of former Captains and All-Stars for being in playoff form and ready as shown by their difficulty in scoring and when they do also blowing leads.

  14. I received my notice via email today from VGK that my 2022-2023 season tickets will begin charging on the 20th of February! Nearly $13000 when the entertainment value is about half that with this cap bloated roster and shitty coaching. And I am locked in…..

    • knights fan in minny

      this season is not over and they want money for next year already what a joke i was a season ticket holder for 26 years for minnesots gopher hockey they started that crap a few years back that was enough for me no longer have them to much greed

  15. LVsc

    This is a poorly coached team. the evidence is obvious.

    the fact that the team looks confused and disorganized in non-5 on 5 situations is the telling factor

    iow, on the PP, the PK, the OT 3 on 3, etc etc

    the players look like strangers thrown together, no chemistry and no structure

    and some players are regressing, and some are floating and coasting. maybe PDB needs to pull a Paul Maurice and hand in his resignation.

    when your defensive zone exits consist of flipping the puck skyward to the opponent in the neutral zone, then you are a poorly coached team.

  16. knights fan in minny

    the squad needs to start looking in the mirror and decide who they want to be no easy road to the playoffs

  17. THE hockey GOD

    1 1 3 “ain’t” working
    If it weren’t for LA fans in building the rink would have been, well half empty, or half full.
    if they don’t fix this soon, it words of Major Hochstetter “HEADS ARE GOING TO ROLL” !!

    I believe the romance is over.

    The summer wind came blowin’ in
    From across the sea
    It lingered there so warm and fair
    To walk with me
    All summer long, we sang a song
    And then we strolled on golden sand
    Two amigos
    And the summer wind
    Like painted kites
    Those days and nights, they went flyin’ by
    The world was new
    Beneath a bright blue umbrella sky
    Then softer than a piper man
    One day, it called to you
    And I lost you, I lost you
    To the summer wind
    The autumn wind and the winter winds
    They have come and they have gone
    And still the days, those lonely days
    They go on and on
    And guess who sighs his lullabies
    Through nights that never end
    My fickle friend, the summer wind
    The summer wind, the summer wind
    The summer wind

    • I actually do many of Frank’s songs myself on my professional Karaoke system. This is a good one. Love NYNY and My Way as well.

      Well DeBoering, “MyWay (your way) is shit”!

      We are halfway through the season and we are definitely not seeing the results of all that CAP $$$$$$$$$$$$, that is for sure. I figured we wouldn’t because you cannot simply buy a championship. But, hey, I live here and I am a season ticket holder, so I cheer them on. But this shit? This is deserving of some pink slips (DeBoer, coaches, Kolesar, Hague, Theodore among others). This shit continues and McCrimmon can go back to Quebec Junior Hockey where he belongs.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i thought summer wind was appropriate for current situation between fans and whole organization.

        Can anyone say Regina ?

      • Pistol Pete

        R-R, you are just so unforgiving when things go badly. Even if this board had an ignore feature I would probably not use it on you because I basically find you worth reading. Just have to remind myself you are you and not to allow It to demoralize me lol.

        Btw yesterday was just my 35th game. Season three my wife and I did partial season tickets which was tough for us because of our jobs. Anyhow that is the deepest in we got on the tickets. Since then it’s been a game at a time.

        • Unforgiving? Demoralized? Huh? It’s hockey, but those damn seats do cost be nearly $13K. I get it, for you the cup is always half full. You want to believe that the FO and Deboer are doing the right things because you are a supportive fan. I don’t have a problem with that at all.

          Then don’t have a problem with me when I give you my own analysis as to the state of this team. Just acknowledge my points and either agree or disagree based on your evidence.

          For me, I just hated to see this team torn apart and thrown to the wind. Sure, DeBoer has done well, but he hasn’t taken the team as far as Gallant did in year 1, plus he has a ton more talent (at least on paper).

          • THE hockey GOD

            “DeBoer has done well, but he hasn’t taken the team as far as Gallant did in year 1,).”

            I would disagree, for all practical purposes the team beat the AVS, and that was a ticket to SC finals, except bettman jacked the league divisions all around to favor the canadian teams. So I would put an asterisk around last year , like Roger Maris 61 home runs.
            There is no doubt in my mind if the NHL didn’t jack the divisions, VGK would have been in real finals during a normal year.

          • Pistol Pete

            I do sit here with the glass always half full—good way to put it. If I had $13k tied up in tickets I might feel differently. As far as acknowledging your points, agree or disagree, on your first post in the game, I disagree with about everything save Brossoit making some good saves. The situation is just too fluid to commit the team to down the toilet at stage of the season. I do think they are in a danger zone and need to start to pull it together.

          • Huh? What? Duh? The NHL schedule was purposely put together to favor the Canadian teams? Do you hear yourself? 0 for what on PP? When we went to play Montreal we were all drooling over the forthcoming sweep of the Habs…..

            And then DeBoer and his ragtag raggamuffins laid a big shit on the ice and got their asses handed to them handedly. In that series, you could already see the rot beginning to decay in the offense. The DeBoer game plan sucks. Tilt the goddamn ice and get a goaltender that is a lot more mobile with less holes in his game than SpongeBob.

  18. Pistol Pete

    As far as “chemistry” do the best teams such as COL, FLA, CAR, TBL, NYR, when they lose and they all do, are they lacking chemistry that game? I assume so in some sense.

    What is the consensus on our captain being out and possible impact on team chemistry and identity? Not making excuses, it just is what it is. Besides, he’s exactly a point a game this season across 28 games +7 has missed 22 games. Some here I know think I like to make excuses but really just pointing out some facts. Obviously missing your captain for 22 games is not great for team chemistry not to mention offensive production.

    I am not convinced at all this is all DeBoer’s fault although I do think he needs to do something to pull things together more than they have been since that really decent road trip vs. top East teams. The coach is one of the first to blame though.

    • PPete – they got along fine without a captain so give up on that line of thinking or excuse. Please call it as it is. That is the difference between a fan which you suggest you are so act that way

      • It’s not fair of you to frame my citing the captain issue as an excuse when I even qualified it as not being one. You’re killing me buddy, killing me lol.

        So you believe being without the captain is not even an issue? It’s a challenge albeit surmountable.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    with such high expectations, I am disappointed, extremely disappointed.

    the fan base has been spoiled for so long; losing streaks happen. Teams with character find a way through it.

    • Pistol Pete

      I’m an optimist when it comes to the VGK. They’ll find their way through to at least the second round.

      What I find a bit comical about the overall sentiment here is how marginalized the team became under Gallant relative to the astounding success of the first season. DeBoer has a good record here, winning one division title, nearly two (almost President’s Cup) and making the conference finals both seasons. He’s definitely done SOME things right. We’re waiting with bated breath to see if it can go all the way.

  20. BIG Bad vlad

    Krebs… surprised the hockey dog and the other morons here aren’t beating the drums to get Krebs back.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I never had an opinion on Krebs, as I recall either way. Except for time he was in wrong spot and wrong time and got hit in head with puck.

      I have always thought
      giving up players on any trade is bad idea; especially for organization with very little depth or players ready to step in on NHL level. oh you said Hockey dog., my bad.


  21. Vic

    Not a good looking game at all.
    *Kings looking like the VGK from season 1….Lots of speed, excellent transition, hitting, and fore checking.
    *Goalie coach needs to work with LB explaining that there are times when he should hold the puck for a faceoff to calm things down.
    *Dada and Janmark are busts. Time is up boys.
    *Whitecloud and Martinez missing obviously is a killer.
    *The VGK have forgotten how to win which points to coaching problem. The lack of speed, passion, energy and desire is not where it should be. Even teams out of the playoff picture have more energy and desire.
    *Game was lost when the score was 2-0, VGK actually won the O zone faceoff and the Kings player beat everyone to the puck and Hague swung and missed him (took a penalty but didn’t stop him). Hague is regressing. Suddenly the D-men are having trouble holding the blue line.
    *Eichel of course adds much even though he is rounding into form. We will all question what was given up for him and who else will be lost due to cap. As many stated here, the price is very high.
    *Many red flags, and it feels like the VGK are headed in the wrong direction. Still time to correct things for a run, but first thing on the list is to learn how to win again and maybe make the playoffs.

  22. Their 3 on 3 performance was a joke and pathetic at best. You could see the score coming for the kings who obviously wanted a win more than vegas.

  23. Tim

    To say our home record sucks would be an understatement obviously our full house every game has little effect on how we play. The pacific division smells blood in the water knowing we’re beatable there all going to step up there game. It’s all about team chemistry and we don’t have much of that.

  24. DL

    Don’t look now but CAL, EDM and LAK win again!!! The Pacific standings are scary close. Two points from first or two points out of the playoffs.

  25. Pistol Pete

    Yup Kings we’re decent last night. I’m watching the game tonight after attending it live and all I see is a lot of finesse and effort by both teams. All the complaining around here about lack of cohesion or team effort is basically an excuse the fans make for their team not pulling the win out in OT nonetheless.

    • You weren’t watching very closely. The passing and decision making was horrendous. Kings forechecking was outstanding and they defended the NZ. The only thing that prevented a blowout was the play of Brossoit.

      Finesse? The stretch pass attempts were awful as were the attempts to get out of their own zone.

      Take off those rose colored glasses PP. I saw a powerhouse cap bloated VGK team get totally ruled out there other than the score.

  26. Pistol Pete

    Btw it was Eichel coming into the zone on the PP
    and muscling his way along the boards that set up the chain of events that lead to Patch’s goal.

    • Now that’s a fact. Eichel’s outstanding effort and play up the boards did set up that goal by Patches. He basically did it all on his own, Patches just had to finish the shot. I saw some flashes out of the top 2 lines in the Kings game, but not nearly enough for the price.

      • Daryl

        This is exactly how Eichel scored his first goal… Stephenson did all the work, thanks to blown defense, and all Eichel had to do was finish

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