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Recap: The Golden Knights were back home to face the Florida Panthers trying to break their five game losing streak. Florida took the first lead of the game eight minutes in to the non-conference matchup. Vegas held together and created several quality opportunities which Brett Howden took advantage of. The 23-year-old forward made a nifty move scoring his sixth of the season. 

The Golden Knights broke the tie early in the middle period from the help of Evgenii Dadonov. The 33-year-old scored twice in the middle frame to stretch Vegas’ lead to 3-1. Florida scored late in the period to climb within one. 

Florida tied the game with a mid-period power play but Vegas would quickly respond. Nic Roy regained the Golden Knights lead :57 second later with his 12th goal of the season. Vegas fought off several attacks from Florida in the final minutes and sealed their victory with an empty net goal from William Karlsson. 

The Golden Knights break their losing streak  and improve their record to 33-26-4 defeating the Panthers 5-3. Vegas will get a chance to get back to back wins on Saturday against LA. Puck drop for an important divisional game is set for 1 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: For the first time in quite a while, the Golden Knights put together a game they can truly be proud of. Playing at a breakneck pace against an excellent Florida Panthers team, the Golden Knights matched them chance for chance. There were multiple opportunities for the game to head south, but VGK’s gaps defensively and crisp attack through the neutral zone kept them on the right foot all night. It’s the exact type of game they needed to break the losing streak and feel much better about their game. If they can back it up Saturday, the feeling around Vegas will change dramatically heading into the deadline on Monday. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Florida Panthers at T-Mobile Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Nic Roy
** William Karlsson
* Evgenii Dadonov



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  1. vgk21

    Gutsy win for the Vgk misfits. this team tonight resembled the old season 1 spirit, with effort replacing star power.
    the injury bug just keeps on hitting this team. Beat LA

    • Pistol Pete

      Consider: Janmark and Howden both back in the lineup. Forget the effort. It was present during the 0-5 road trip. Needing more bodies on the ice, a little relief.

  2. Ulf

    Man, nice win but the Knights are no longer in control of their own destiny. Dallas and Edmonton have more games in hand and if dallas wins one more game than Vegas down the stretch – and Edmonton wins the same as Vegas – Knights are out.

  3. Pistol Pete

    After the 0-5 road trip I held my head high and thought 14-6 (96 pts min.) is doable. That was as good a start to the last 20 games as VGK fans could hope for.

    Buying built this, when healthy, Cup contending roster. Monday should be interesting. While there is all this LTIR cap I want to see a top six forward acquisition. Make the postseason and make the tough cap compliance moves in the off season.

    The Thompson start vs. FLA could reflect positioning for the TD whereby Brossoit is traded and Thompson becomes the backup.

    Another Eichel PP unit goal. We still have not seen all of Jack. He’ll better a point a game the rest of his VGK career. I agree to be held to that prediction!

  4. Pistol Pete

    Beautiful goal by Howden. DeBoer had a point about the need to just get bodies in the roster back on the ice.

    Howden turns just 24 later this month.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Nice to see the top line landing 12 shots: Karlsson (2) Eichel (4) Marchessault (6). At first I did not like the arrangement.

  6. I feel for Evgenii Dadonov. I’m sure he’s ashamed of Ukraine, that he hates Putin’s guts. I would not want to be in his position. I know, he’s pulling down 5 mil, still I’m sure the man has a conscience about Putin.

    • I suspect so. It was nice to hear fans cheering him for scoring, instead of Booing him. Thanks fans…


    • I think you meant he’s ashamed of Russia, not Ukraine…I getcha…

      • Pistol Pete

        Of course I meant ashamed of the invasion of Ukraine. Most Russian people are imo.

    • Julie

      Yep, sure he is sad that Victoria Nuland confirmed in testimony to Rubio that there are bioweapon labs in the Ukraine and that there is all that US archive documentation showing the US funded it. But he has to be happy now that Hunter’s laptop was proven accurately belonging to Hunter yesterday after the media and his pop said it was Russian disinformation. The people of the Ukraine, Russia and the US are pawns. Dadonov included.

      • THE hockey GOD

        W.H,O, knew about the labs, whether or not they were “bio weapon” based is a long stretch.

        AG BARR knew about Hunter’s lap top and sat on it, deep state mole POS.

      • Pistol Pete

        I know. Donald Trump is a long time Putin supporter and admirer. Horrific but not surprising that some of his supporters tolerate his admiration of the man.

        • Barney

          Laughable. What a dum ass

          • Pistol Pete

            I probably should have stated than many Trump supporters are not Putin admirers. Sorry if I offended you.

        • THE hockey GOD

          yep 10% for big guy, opps, wrong guy
          javelins for Ukriane
          and big buy sent them blankets

          • No way Trump was winning in 2020. He saw it coming. The emergency orders in battle ground states that allowed ballot harvesting, stuffing and mass mail-ins along with SuckerBerg Drop Boxes all installed in Democratic voting areas. No way DimJoe & the Whore got 81,000,000 votes. No way.

        • Trump’s been the best President since Ronald Reagan. His only flaws is that he is indeed an antagonist. But the think about him I didn’t like is that he came into the presidency absolutely ill prepared to clean house on day 1. Comey should have been the first name on the list to get a pink slip on January 21st, 2017. Making matters worse is that he had to place trust in the likes of McConnell, Ryan, McCain, and other corrupt politicians of the Party of Davos. So many Democrats and Republicans are all in bed with the Globalist Party of Davos (World Economic Forum). They don’t care about America or it’s citizens. They only care about power and control. When Trump wins again in 2024 he needs to already have a list in hand of those who will get the axe in government agencies both employees and political appointees. Clean the House! Drain the swamp this time. You failed the last time. People who voted for Biden/Harris now know that the Hunter laptop is real, that the Biden corruption is real. But still, they do not care. Let’s actually tally the corrupt money that people received from Russia’s Putin. It wasn’t Trump. It was Clinton and Biden, Kerry, Pelosi families. McConnell, Ryan, McCain, Kasich, Bush – all of them getting rich from China. All corrupt. Sorry, but I trust Trump and I also support true patriots like Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Manchin, Kristen Sinema….

          • THE hockey GOD

            RR , Trump is not a politician by any extent of definition. He completely blew AG SESSION pick, and then lost Alabama a key senator costing him some key votes in the Senate. Plus he has a tendency to say a lot of bone headed things that the media and his political enemies completely misconstrued (example that vindman dickhead). His selection of AG s was piss poor, leading up to Bill Barr who completely threw him under the bus. Barr had the goods on Hunter Biden, but he sat on them. That could have given Trump 2020. And Barr’s completely ignoring the massive cheating and irregularities in 2020 election was treasonous.

          • Daryl

            I’m waiting for Trumps emergency bill preventing the crossing if Mexican border to end this month… Can you just imagine how bad immigration will be after that ban???

        • Daryl

          There is no way you can honestly defend anything Biden/Harris have done!!! Forget all about Trump or political parties, just by looking at this administration, how can you defend them

          • Daryl, it’s ok to say the last 6 years have not been good as far as both presidents go.

            Biden has had more than his share of blunders and Trump is ranked around the #41 best president of all time according to most website I have seen if you can find a link disputing that please post.

            I’ll never understand why people always have to stand up for their party when both have been garbage.

          • knights fan in minny

            and blunder joe is a bad father look at his pathetic son

          • Hahaha, party? What party. Both parties suck. If you supported either one of these globalist war mongering corrupt parties then you’re a part of the problem. I had hoped the good people would leave them like Tulsi Gabbard, Joe Manchin, Kristen Sinema, Rand Paul…..and some others who care about our country and aren’t corrupt thieves.

          • Daryl

            VGK Fan
            I’m an Independent. I voted for Obama in his first election.

            As for polls, have you a tually read where that information comes from and what is used to base those numbers? The polls use public persuasion, relations with Congress, persuading equal justice and moral authority. Now, a lot of that perception comes from news media outlets. According to the news, Trump is a racist even though not a sungke comment from Trump is actually racist in nature. This here goes toward public perception of him. If you go to, there are so many lies put out from the media that the website even said they were having trouble keeping up. We all know the relationship between Trump and congress. Trump is a business man and not a politician and he doesn’t know how to play nice with others. Trump also got low scores when it came to his handling of immigrants. News media was all over that issue to point out all the negative. Then you look at Biden and Harris who habemt even visited the boarder and yet you can’t find anything about the boarder and how bad it is.

            Another thing they use for the polls is economic management and international relations. In both category, if you look at polls outside CNN and the like, he received very high marks. How any invasions took place under Trump? What was economic status looking like under Trump?

            Here is something to read:

      • I’m sad Putin is killing innocent people and Julie only cares about a laptop!

        • That laptop is the key to pulling back the curtain on the Biden corruption and his own personal involvement in the disaster that is Ukraine. That’s why the laptop is so important, not just the disgusting stuff on it. But the proof that exists on it regarding the treasonous corruption of the Biden Crime Family. The same family who ran businesses in Iraq, Construction companies to rebuild using our own tax payer dollars. Wake up people.

          • Are you implying Putin is justified in what he is doing?

          • Putin is of course not justified, but then again you can trace this violence all the way back to Daddy Bush, Clinton and Baby Bush not supporting Gorbachev and real democracy in Russia. Instead, they allowed Russian oligarchs/mafia to rise and that brought the eventuality of Putin. So, yeah, Putin is a thug, just like XI is of China. Both of these dictators have had Biden in their pocket, the same for Obama, Bush, Clinton, McCain, McConnell, Pelosi and Schumer. Put this sad situation into the larger context of what caused it and the blame can spread around. Western leaders failed Ukraine when Russia invaded and took the Crimea under Barack Obama. Like all liberals, political events become the history of today. The only time liberals want to look at history is if it is something bad about their political opposition. It is what it is.

          • Steph

            Can everyone talking politics smack take it somewhere else .Like wherever delusional conspiracy people go to do that ? Area 51 maybe? Thanks in advance .

  7. DeBoer deserves a lot of credit for keeping this team afloat amid the season long injuries. Now it’s Eichel. Just horrendous. They have no business still being in the playoffs picture.

    • Daryl

      Luckily they play in the Pacific

    • DeBoer runs an uninspiring game plan and his leadership is obviously not good enough to even develop a team identity that can develop and sort of chemistry. He sits behind his players like some sort of disconnected oaf who could care less about what is going on in the game. No emotion, nothing. Most of the fan base is tired of the shtick.

  8. Pistol Pete

    What a credible performance by Thompson against the top scoring team in the league and two of them were absolutely impossible to stop. Even the first which caught him out of position in a difficult situation was not really a softie.

    • Pistol Pete

      In looking again at goal #1 that may have been a tad softer than I first thought as Thompson appeared maybe a little slow to recover from that sprawl after making the initial save. He’ll learn from that one.

      • Barney

        Seems to be a lot of things that come out of your big mouth you don’t think about

        • Pistol Pete

          See my apology to you above re: correlating Trump supporters with Putin admirers.

      • Frank

        Thompson was good. But there’s no denying the fact that we still needed more than 3 goals to win the game. With our injuries and lack of scoring at times we need the goalies to step up and be outstanding! Maybe steal a game or two. They played a overall solid game against FLA and if they can keep it at that level, perhaps we have a shot. Keep in mind FLA had their “B” goalie in too.

        • THE hockey GOD

          yeh Frank, Knight over played a few of the goals; it boiled down to which goalie didn’t gaffe the most..

          LA kings goalies are much more seasoned (not meaning with salt and pepper)

        • Pistol Pete

          FLA needed 4 goals to defeat the Sharks in OT the game before. And there are top flight playoff type games where both goaltenders are top shelf and allow 3 and more goals. Obviously Thompson is not certified top shelf this early in his NHL career, far from it, but he was damn good that start.

    • If you watch Thompson, you can see the potential. Yet, people on this forum keep looking at the current goaltending as “good enough”. It’s not.

      • THE hockey GOD

        it’s not going to get the job done, that is why they need to make deals in next two days, for future of team; not to make playoffs 33 % chance and it’s not even in their own hands to decide.


          • THE hockey GOD

            bread , you want bread ? $3 for Bread.

            NO sOuP
            for you

            you will have NOTHING
            and like IT

  9. Pistol Pete

    And let’s not forget the game winning hero. Roy really has that SO move down. Very important weapon to have.

  10. JockEnvy

    So we’re just going to ignore the fact that “Handle With Care” Jack Eichel is injured again?

    • Pistol Pete

      Nope. Jack being out is a problem, obviously. Hopefully just bruising, a short term injury. The Kings a tough opponent just got tougher. I suspect the best DeBoer can field is Marchy/Karly/Dad. Maybe Roy instead of Dadonov.

  11. Yeah! THOSE were the Knights we are proud of! I saw a TEAM PLAYING TOGETHER. I saw DESIRE. TOUGHNESS.( good checking/ lots of hits). Thompson was REALLY GOOD… acrobatic saves were fun to watch! I found myself cheering outloud again, when lately I’ve been silent. I truly watched the REAL VGK….REALLY!!
    This game renews my confidence in the guys. Though outmanned, we stood strong and played like we WANT TO WIN!!
    I could be wrong, but did the guys play more Man- to- man Defense, instead of that ineffective ZONE??

    • Oh, forgot to mention the action at the Panther Net was such a positive!! We FOUGHT FOR IT, surprising me ( and the Panthers, I think…) THIS IS WHAT PRESSURE OFFENSE LOOKS LIKE!

  12. knights fan in minny

    where the hell did that win come from logan had a nice game the new guy did some nice things is prince valiant going to be okay

  13. THE hockey GOD

    “This is a big win for the goalie department. I know I haven’t been great, and every goalie coach in their Mom’s basement has let me know that.” -Logan Thompson

    so much for baseless BS about coach “losing the locker room”.

    “He didn’t come back, so obviously that’s not good. We’ll get him evaluated and hope we’ll know more tomorrow.” -DeBoer on Eichel. ANyone not clear on how he got injured ? I would be more than happy to explain it to newby fan base. Looks like broken bones. WTH was he doing down low , trying to block a shot. Should have been up by blue line. Owners box was puking up blood, wine, cheese, cheetos, hot dogs, those lousy pizza slices, and cheese covered tacos junk food. Ten million down the toilet in a flash. It’s like watching your ten million dollar stud horse in shedrow step on a poc rock and WHAM. That is a ham sandwich with a W in front of it. Don’t use injuries as an excuse. I wonder if owners box get a tax deduction?

  14. Barney

    Celebrate the small wins I guess. Dallas has a LOT of games in hand so celebration may be short. If canucks continue winning it’s gonna be tough. Real tough

  15. Vic

    The VGK made Florida look average. My stars…..Dada, Thompson, and Pouliot. Hopefully we see more of Pouliot and less of the other HSK D men. Everyone contributed. Breakouts from the D zone were excellent and checks were being finished.

    On the Eichel injury…..Jack needs to leave the shot blocking to others. Bad luck that the puck found a less padded spot. That’s life.

    • Blitz

      Pouliot played well considering he hasn’t play at the NHL level in 3 years. I hope he sticks as the #1 HSK fill in. I mean they did sign him to an NHL contract. I am guessing that means he has to clear waivers to be sent down? I have no idea. Or maybe it is a two way thing. Regardless, a couple more games and maybe he pushed cogs down a notch. I do think Hutton is eligible to come back next game, depending on his wu-flu condition, but no clue how long hauge will be out.

    • Steph

      Broken bones eichel has .Thumb or fingers.maybe he can play through it

  16. have another donut

    Panther goal #1 was entirely on 7. he allowed his man to get back in front of the net to put in the loose puck as Petro just lazily glided away from his man Verhaeghe, away from the puck, and away from his responsibility on the play. period.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ nut
      yeah I saw that (LT seems to over compensate and get caught way too far from
      his crease) , and then he (no. 7) saved a goal later on in game; his over play has improved. Not making reckless “runs to the border” like he used to do. He also actually body checked someone too.

  17. The best thing that can happen to this Cap-Hell team is for them to win without the big boys. To be honest, I am a season ticket holder who has a very difficult time watching this DeBoering team. It’s been a very difficult pill to swallow for fans like myself who have continued to support a team whose GM continues to flush the heart and soul players down the drain. It’s very difficult to watch the Head Coach of the hated-(okay that’s too strong a word) San Jose Sharks sitting behind our bench. There’s no excitement in this team. DeBoer’s game strategy, his process, all of it is just difficult to watch. I can only wonder how difficult it is for these bunch of millionaires to execute it. Also, more honesty, I have more fun watching the Rangers and other teams who have been the beneficiary of McIdiot’s decisions (sorry about the pun – no not really). There is a reason why DeBoer and Lehner have bounced around the league from team to team to team, and those reasons are all coming to light in Season V. I can see Fleury and David Prior smiling and saying, “I told you so.”!!! So, what shiny new toy is McCriminal going to go after next and which of the original MisFits are going to be shipped off to teams around the league? McCrimmon’s legacy is in Junior Hockey. Foley has to be pretty smart, hopefully he isn’t tone deaf because the fans in Vegas have had enough of the Serial Shopper!

    Okay, okay – haters are gonna say “sell your tickets”! Well, I AM and making a bunch on them – thank you.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i would suggest relocation to New York
      or LA to resolve these issues. LA kings have a lot more shiny “new toys”. And the crowd is peppered with a lot more of “beautiful ” people. None of the
      slob taco eating T mobile “fans’ who sit on their fat A$$es most of the game thinking they are watching soccer match. They don’t even know the words to national anthem (and don’t even sing or remove their caps when it is played), Even the ‘cheerleaders’ are putting on weight, especially the new ones. Stupidest , fattest, ugliest fan base in NHL.

      Some of the best fan bases : islanders, tampa bay, detroit, and calgary (every one wears a red Flames jersey, I mean it’s a sea of FLAMES, uncanny. No fat taco eaters either).

      • Don’t be mocking our Vegas Cheerleaders and Show Girls!

        • THE hockey GOD

          cheerleaders are best for college football games and sleazy B film movies; name one other legit outfit that have cheerleaders (and men? in lizard costume)?

          I DARE YOU !

          • Hey, there are some pretty damn good sleazy B movies that I have seen that blow away academy award winners!


    • Serial shopper– hilarious! Female fans soooo get it! Sadly, it has cost the team. I’m STILL trying to figure out the PDB hire– our main rival’s coach! The unexpected trades. The revolving door of different players. Hard to get behind some of it. Still a fan, of course, just wish mgmt would given that 1st team a better shot at success, instead of the mass migration to other teams.

      • Sadly TS, a lot of the people on this forum back the team regardless of what decisions they make. Looking back, this team may have been struggling at the time of Gallant’s firing, but it was far from being a bottom feeder. I think that they badly overreacted and not the team is seeing the consequences of it.

    • sb

      What is it with this non-stop “Cap Hell” thing? Nearly every team in the NHL has this problem, not just VGK’s. Every good team is maxed to the cap. That’s how you win. Even many of the worst teams are at the cap. That’s the NHL. Colo can’t swing deals. They’re at the cap and McKinnon’s next contract will cost at least two current roster players to exit Colo. Minn. is REALLY up against the cap and will be more so over the next four years. Nearly eveery good team is a the cap, not just Vegas. This non-stop “Vegas is in cap hell” stuff is nonsense. EVERY good team is faced with the same problem. Knock this “cap hell” stuff off and get an understanding of the nature of the game.

      • Daryl

        Not entirely true.. And part of being in Cap hell is the length the team has with certain players and their contracts. How many players make up 50% of the Cap hit? What is that compared to other teams. Also VGK has over paid players who are not performing, like Petra, RL to an extent, Dadanov just to name a few. In fact, none of those guys have pulled their weight since they arrived

  18. Crowd was electric last night and the team played great now let’s start a winning streak.

    If we don’t win Saturday it might be time to move the UFAs and gets some future draft picks.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @VGK fan, the panthers handed the game to VGK. Especially in period three when they made a dumb penalty, the panthers seemed a bit worn out from their long road trip.

      Plus they didn’t have their patented humid induced ‘bad ice’ noted in their South Florida environs.

  19. Mgt is reaping what they have sowed – they have pissed money away on way too many fancy, shiny toys (players if you wonder what toys are). If in fact Eichel is hurt that bad – 10mill down the drain – talk about a huge negative ROI. It is a wonder the first hit early in the game didn’t put him away. It was nice to see them win but in the scheme of things I don’t believe it’s going to make much if any difference in a post season appearance. Missing the playoffs should open Foley’s eyes and the need to make some serious decisions going forward – many pink slips should be getting prepared and reevaluate his expectations. Yes its great to have an owner who is intent on winning and prepared to make the investment; however, he has to get back to how he made his money and it certainly wasn’t allowing questionable investments to be made which has occurred where the Knights are concerned. No question education is expensive.

    • THE hockey GOD


      I don’t think management “sowed’ this unprecedented spat of injuries and covid protocal BS. They must have either let their seed packets go beyond the expiration date or shopped for some bad seedlings at Home Depot nursery.

      I don’t think the pink slips will be coming the coaching or FO, most of it will come in players section. Mainly no 71, no 63, no 26, no 23, no22, no 71, no 39, no.90, no 61, no 41, no 67. no 81( I would have canned him long ago, but he probably won’t go), no 55 (should go, but management likes ‘power forwards that take awhile to develop), no. 27 (should have let him go instead of 89),

      • I wasn’t referring to injuries or covid read again – they pissed away millions of $$$$s on bad investments. Covid covered all teams injuries some more than others. The players didn’t make those stupid Investments mgt did. Foley’s mistake was the mgt team he hired and like any good business man will correct his mistakes – pink slips here they come.

        • sb

          Nonsense. It’s having 11 starters injured. Nothing more than that. No team in the NHL can win consistently with 11 starters out. Not Colo. Not Tampa. If your memory goes back to last September, you will recall that most every follower of the game swore that this was the deepest team Vegas has ever fielded. And that’s a true statement. A month ago, Vegas was in 1st place in the Pacific. Vegas would be in 1st place today had it not been for 11 starters out. So, you’re saying the owner, the GM’s and coach are dumbells because 11 starters are injured? Injuries are the fault of the owner, GM’s and coach? The coach and GM’s should be pink slipped because 11 starters are injured? A month ago VGK’s were in 1st place and 9 out of 10 commentors to the site were congratulating MGT for their success. Talk about fickle.

          • Daryl

            9 out of 10???? There was a very small handful…. You, thg, PP, maybe Galdom, and a couple others. That’s not 9 out of 10

          • Daryl

            LAK are without 8 starters… They have gone 5-3 with missing players

    • THE hockey GOD

      that “first hit” probably jarred his rubber disc, not good

      not good at all

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