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Recap: The Golden Knights took the opening lead against the Edmonton Oilers 3:24 into the game. Nic Roy deflected in his first goal of the season off a point shot from Zach Whitecloud. Edmonton tied the game five minutes later on the power play. After the opening twenty minutes the game was all even 1-1.

Vegas regained their one goal advantage on another deflection from the point. This time Nolan Patrick picked up his first of the season and his first as a Golden Knight. A few minutes later the Oilers scored two straight goals to take a 3-2 lead.

Nic Hague got the Golden Knights back in the game with a laser from the high slot. The Oilers broke the tie again and never gave up the lead. Edmonton added an empty netter to finish off the game with a 5-3 victory.

The Golden Knights record drops to 1-3-0 after losing 5-3 to the Oilers. Vegas’ next game is on Sunday night against the New York Islanders. Puck drop is scheduled for 7P. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Well, on the plus side, this was the best game the Golden Knights have played this season. On the other side, they got out-talented by a very good Edmonton team and couldn’t avoid the turnovers enough to keep up. Plus, to make matters worse, they suffered ANOTHER injury, this time to Zach Whitecloud and according to DeBoer “it wasn’t good.” (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Edmonton Oilers game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Trying to come up with something positive… or I’ll just rail on the power play. Haven’t decided yet.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Brayden McNabb
** Peyton Krebs
* Nic Roy


Can The Golden Knights “Find” Three Goals Per Game?


Despite Injuries, DeBoer’s Eyes And Stats Agree VGK Creating Enough To Chances To Score


  1. Rob S.

    Brayden F-ing McNabb the third star of the game!? For which team? While he wasn’t as horrible as he usually is, Edmonton’s entire 5-on-3 episode in the second period was a direct result of McRib standing behind his goal for more than 20 seconds, then half-assing a pass right down the middle of the ice–which didn’t even reach to the blue line–to the other team.

    McNabb is pitifully slow, he’s clumsy (falling down on his on at least 3-4 times a game), he makes bad puck movement decisions slowly, and he’s a walking (or skating) turnover machine. And we keep running him out there like he’s a competent NHL D-man! I know he’s (relatively cheap) and he’ll hit people (if he can catch them), but I swear he’s got pictures on somebody high up in the organization.

    Now, over to Bad Vlad so he can tell us how horrible Krebs was tonight.

    • Tim

      At&T went out went to Knights streaming that was out picked up the Edmonton feed from Canada no problem enjoyed the rest of the game.

    • THE hockey GOD

      his play was slow because VGK were making a line change so, know all the facts.
      Also, his pass was bad, not due to “slowness”. but due to line change. He didn’t make only bad pass, no 14 did too. Why not mention no 14, that led to direct goal. Both should have gone up the boards, not to middle or cross the ice, granted.

      Vlad doesn’t know the numbers of half the players on the ice.

  2. Rob S.

    Also, nice job by AT&T Rocky Mountain SportsNet. I haven’t seen an outage like that–apparently with no backup whatsoever–in probably fifty years. If it’s really that much of a shoestring operation, perhaps the Creator should buy it, too.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i switched over to the Canadian broadcast were they giving VGK a lot of accolades for being down so many players, it was better than reading posts of haters on this forum. They even interviewed Wayne , the great one, in between the 2nd and 3rd period about his new job. He said the Oilers PP unit, stats wise , was better than his old HOF PP unit. He also said Muckler the Coach/GM used to say it’s not about the numbers but about the timing and when to score a PP goal.

      I am still waiting.

      • Alex

        Dumbest fanbase in sports

      • Tim

        THG I agree the Canadian feed broadcasters were very objective and gave us a lot of credit for hanging in there with all our injuries.

  3. We got no shot until we are healthy, none. Think about it, Tuch, Stone, Patches , Martinez and now Whitecloud. Really, we have no shot. It’s sad to watch really. If we were getting our asses kicked with our full team, I would panic. We just need to stay maybe a little below .500 until we are healthy. We got a 50/50 shot to be near .500, but their is only a 10% chance that will happen.

    • Bad vlad

      AT&T did Vegas fans a favour

      Can’t believe krebs didn’t ride to the rescue ha ha ha

    • Ulf

      Just shows the team really isn’t as deep as advertized. Sure many teams would have probs with top 2 scorers out, but they’d also have a deeper farm and bench to pull replacements from.

      • THE hockey GOD

        this is typical for a new franchise team with little time to develop players; so far they only lost one good player they drafted Suzuki. Correct me if I am wrong.

        It takes years to develop depth in an organization, especially one committed to winning now at all costs.

        On the other hand it gives the youngsters some playing time in NHL to gain a feel of speed and timing of the game.

        • Daryl

          What organization ate the Silver Knights?

          • ulf

            exactly. VGK drafting low isn’t helping, but ownership and management decided to go all-in on a fast ascent rather than the steady as she goes build up of prospects….it’s a vegas-style risk all right. Either win pretty early into your history, or be prepared for a long build sooner than later.
            Their draft picking isn’t that great either.

        • Vlad

          Mcrimmon has gutted this team. Turfed the coach. Screwed the goalie and shipped out the heart and culture of this team.

          Good thing he has hockey DOGS fave … kerbs

          Ba ha ha ha

          • THE hockey GOD

            go troll someone else, moron, you have no hockey acumen . You can’t even get the players right half the time, nor do you know what team are you looking at the other half of the time. That is what happens from over consumption of vodka.

            drinking vodka 24/7 rots your brain cells, back to Moscow with you.

  4. Tim

    I thought like the Blues game there playing hard the problem is there’s so little margin for error. Blues game Petro gave them the goal winner tonight it was Hague we have to almost play a perfect game. PP 0-9 and moving right along. I guess as the injuries mount more and more young guys will get some quality playing time. We all know every game will be a struggle so as long as they play hard I’m behind them.

  5. Vlad

    See it for what it is….

    Even you Hockey DOG

  6. Bad Vlad

    If anyone has pictures of someone with a sheep and Velcro gloves it’s the krebs mcrimmon kabal

    Good thing miramanov with 6 preseason goals is still being kicked to the curb…. Who needs those goal things with krebs .. it’s about the process…

  7. Big Bad Vlad

    Miramanov 6 per season goals

    Krebs on the ice for 10 goals against this year … incl HSK


  8. Herby

    Since PDB came to Vegas the PP sucks…..
    Stick to my prediction pre-season prediction: Lehner will have a S% below 0.900

    Hope Miromanov will get a chance….finally.

  9. I wonder if Dorofeyev is ready for another shot on the roster. Scratch Howden and see how it goes? Four goals in his first three AHL games this season.

    He’s now listed at 186 lb., 23 more than this scouting report, so he’s gaining that muscle mass and strength.

    “Dorofeyev is a very creative winger. He has outstanding hands and is very difficult to defend in one-on-one situations, both off the rush and in the cycle game. His quick dekes, changes of directions, and ability to change angles with the puck opens up passing and shooting lanes. Dorofeyev has very good vision and passing skills and can be a playmaker from the wing. He works the half-boards on the power play controlling the play and setting up teammates. He is also willing to battle along the boards and fight for loose pucks. He is also willing to take the puck to the dirty areas of the ice. However, Dorofeyev will need to get stronger in order to play this game at the next level.”

  10. Jake

    Since the team is filled with injuries and disappointing performances how about a feature article on Vegas draft pick Jackson Hallum who seems to be “the real deal” of Vegas young talent. He is with The Green Bay Gamblers, has an amazing reputation in this part of the woods, having played HS hockey in Minnesota.

    • Pistol Pete

      Hallum is way young but yes a very decent prospect if he proves out on the HSK. Dorofeyev is advancing now at the AHL level and was good enough to make the KHL at age 18. KHL is said to be second behind the NHL. I’m probably swimming upstream with Dorofeyev. They would bring him up if ready. Most players need at least – full AHL season, usually more. Marchy needed four. Patch played something like 80 AHL games before coming up for good.

  11. Derek

    They stink…this is what happens when you hire a loser coach and give away the heart and soul of the club…

    Magic over – they are now the Ducks

  12. Julie

    I agree with all of the above, plus those shiny helmets are a problem. 🙂 I just can’t take those things seriously. There is still time for things to change. Maybe not this year, but …

  13. knights fan in minny

    give the back up his shot

  14. THE hockey GOD

    Following game recap of the hall of shame, and players who need to up their Game. The A wearers (19, 7, and 81) should rip them off and start over:

    19 – made a very poor penalty 190 feet from his goalie, that led to a goal. Uninspiring play and leadership. Needs to up his game.
    81- timing on passes is way off, needs to just shoot the puck every time until he learns not to give it up every single time. Needs to up his game.
    7- boy, all over the ice, even blocking his goalie view, missing the puck, and leading to a goal, very inconsistent. Not known as quick starter, though. Needs to up his game.

    Honorable mentions –
    walrus- left out to dry on go ahead goal, but when will a game saving play come up ?
    14- got a goal, but gave one up. He’s only 22, should know better than throwing puck cross rink into traffic. Why the coach didn’t put him on point on PP when he had his big shot going for him is beyond me.
    55- no shot, made a few good plays, but absent most of time.

    Overall their best game of season, but still not putting in smart hockey for a full 60 minutes. The injuries and mental stress of long playoff runs deep into June may be impacting this team. Still they are getting closer hitting three posts, which is more of a timing issue.

    With a complete healthy roster this team would have won both Blues and Oilers games.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no 81, no 19, no 71, no 7 all minus three.

    • Bad Vlad

      Just like they did in the playoffs last year… with everyone in the line up??

      Wonder how much gallant and reeves are lovin their record in NY?

      • knights fan in minny

        3 or 4 games in vlad whats your point maybe you should leave this site and join the rangers site mr bitter

  15. Daryl

    Prob the best game of the short season…. And the Oilers justooked lazy half the game. VGK will find a way to win a game here and there but until they get some players back, don’t expect much. Best we can hope for now are no more injuries.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Daryl, very positive post. Congrats.

      Oilers weren’t lazy in second half, they were on the back end of back to back game having played prior night in Arizona. Now they are in Vegas having two team bonding events, and going to Raiders game on Sunday. I believe they fly out Monday or Sunday night. Oilers and Blues are hottest teams in NHL. Islanders, Habs and a few others are not. A sports writer just wrote “panic time in NHL” and Vegas was not even listed. Bad Vlad must be drowning in his vodka because no one is agreeing with his hate.

      • Richard Santomauro

        The Knights played well enough to win, but it was a lack of goal tending and poor passing and positioning by Hague that determined the outcome of this contest. Sure, credit the Oilers. They won the game and took advantage of the mistakes and below average goal tending.

  16. Big Bad Vlad

    What? No participation medal for Krebs hockey DOG?

    Surely after turning the puck over leading to Draisital’s goal he deserves one!

    What’s going to be the excuse when stone and pac are back and nothing changes???

    • knights fan in minny

      how do you know nothing will change can you see into the future mr bitter

  17. Richard Santomauro

    GAME 4 vs EDM (HOME)
    The Good, the Bad & The Ugly

    GOATS & STARS Since this was a loss and winnable game let’s start with the GOATS:

    #1 GOAT goes to The Walrus himself (see below for detailed analysis)
    #2 GOAT goes to the Misfit Line who failed to garner a single point and was -3 +/-.
    #3 GOAT goes to Nick Hague who triggered the game winning goal by Kassian.
    Perpetual Goat: McCrimmon for #29 shame.

    #3 STAR goes to the Belles who were once again awesome during pregame warmups. I am pretty sure they will get a star every home game!
    #2 STAR goes to Nolan Patrick who has looked very good all year and likely the best move made by The McCriminal (#29 SHAME).
    #1 STAR Nic Roy who had 2 points in 13:58 of ice time and was +1 +/-.

    WAS THE $2.5 million in goalie savings worth it? Well, if you gauge it by last night’s contest – NO! But, on the other hand, I think we’ve found an entirely new group of misfits. Let’s call them the Misfits 2.0 (Patrick, Krebs, Howden, and Dadanov). The original version, Misfits 1.0, didn’t live up to their expectation in terms of goal scoring. Making matters worse Misfit 1.0 was a -3 in +/- and didn’t score a single point.

    The 1st goal scored by Hyman was on Robin Lehner who was completely out of his crease.

    The 2nd goal scored by Hyman from between the circles is on the defense, credit EDM on that one.

    The 3rd goal scored by Draisatl was on the Walrus who failed to catch and secure a long shot from the blue line. The rebound hit Petro and bounced directly to Draisatl who buried it glove side. The shot should have easily been caught with no rebound as there was nothing blocking the Walruses vision on that shot. Poor goaltending – period.

    The 4th goal and game winner by Kassian is on a bad pass turnover by Hague, but we all know……DeBoer knows and Lehner himself has admitted that he sucks at OT shootouts. No shit. I don’t blame him for the 3-on-0 the last game, but getting burned 5 hole on a 1-on-0 further cements in the Walruses own mind that he sucks at anything-on-0. You would not expect a starting goalie in the NHL to readily admit that he sucks at that aspect of the game.

    And there is the analysis. I would give ½ of the blame on the game winner to Hague for a bad pass and being out of position.

    • Daryl

      Patrick had a good game but he’s been invisible up until now.

      As for the goals, I give partial blame on the 2nd goal to RL as he went down to his knees and never got back up. While the goal itself wasn’t on him, if he had stood up he would have taken away more of the net… btw, the shot was high and went in

    • THE hockey GOD

      agree except on the third goal, no. 7 blocked the view on walrus, the canadian broadcast clearly showed he lost sight of puck. So he lost the sight of the puck. The announcers said as much, they also noted as you should have that RL was having trouble handling the puck all night. Probably because the Oilers are a skilled team at putting the puck on goalies in locations on pads, or glove, or stick, giving them an advantage. The Oilers noted RL difficulties and took advantage of it. He also made some good saves. But as I stated above he seems to lack the tendency to come up with game stopper as the opponent’s goalie did time and time again.

      it is known RL is not so good on one on ones against players with good hands.

      • Richard Santomauro

        No, what I am saying is that his vision wasn’t blocked on the initial shot from the Blue Line. That shot was not handled well and the rebound went off of #7. Granted the shot itself was not on Lehner, but that shot should have never been allowed had The Walrus eaten up the initial drive from the Blue line. That was my point.

  18. Richard Santomauro

    How the hell you give McNabb and Krebs stars in beyond comprehension in my opinion.

    Question> Why activate Miromanov and not play him?

    Points/Commentary> Nic Roy looked fantastic last night. He needs more ice time and should be moved up to the line with Janmark and Stephenson.

    Krebs is fast and his passing has improved but he is still getting thrown around out there like a rag doll. Let’s hope he doesn’t get smashed up because he has a future, but that future is NOT NOW.

    Still not impressed with either Dadanov or Howden.

    Lehner *(&#$%(%&)(#%_)___!!!!!! KS

  19. Richard Santomauro

    Oh shit, almost forgot >>>>>>>>>

    Add this to my analysis.



    • Daryl

      0-9 on the PP but what are they since they last scored a PP goal? And let’s not forget they had a 5-on-3 PP and got what, 1 shit on goal?

  20. Richard Santomauro


    Plus/Minus through Game 4
    Smith – 5
    Marchy -7
    Karlsson -6
    Petro -6

  21. George L.

    This is not the time to panic. This is the time to fire DeBoer, Spott and McMuffin.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @george ? How is that not panicking ? So bring in a completely new team and screw things up some more ???

      ok got it.

  22. Richard Santomauro

    Lehner’s SAV% is about to dip below .900 and GAA has ballooned to 3.59. I am not surprised. I don’t see a lot of upside. I expected him to be better this early in the season and to collapse toward December. He’s exceeding my expectations in a bad way.

    • goalie trade

      Lehner is leaky and shaky. His REBOUND CONTROL is poor. He cannot cover a rebound in front of him, instead he looks like he is searching for his contact lenses on the ice as he alligator-arm short reaches for a loose puck.

      His good 1st period vs St Louis was more of an exception than a regular occurrence.

      and he got beat thru the legs by that ex-4th line goonface Kassian. RL made him look like McDavid

  23. Tim

    Miromnaov will be in the lineup Sunday only because he’s the next man standing. I wonder if they’ll bring up Diliberatore as the 7th D-Man. Leschyshyn and Howden are up for the following reasons Jake L. was a second round pick in 2017 and hasn’t worked out but they can’t move on from that mistake. Howden former first round pick were going to revitalize and it isn’t working but don’t tell management that. I think Krebs played well like I said more of a passer then a scorer but knows the game. I believe Pavel Dorofeyev who has good vision and has a nose for the goal is a much better option then Howden or Leschyshyn but they’ll keep beating a dead horse.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i’d bring up Hayes, team needs a d man on d, not an ex forward on d.

      i believe the others will get a chance as the injuries mount.

  24. goalie trade

    How about Reilly Smith? He had at least 4 point blank chances to score, and on the first 3 he shot the puck right into the goalie’s pads.

    He looks like he is taking shooting lessons from Kolesar

    last year of his contract, he may be gone by the deadline.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no 19 ‘s biggest error was taking a foolish penalty 190 ft from his goalie giving PP goal to Oilers and giving them momentum at key junction in the game.

  25. let's go McCrimmon

    Why does that PP idiot Spott still have a job? maybe he and McCrimmon can go to Brandon and run the Wheat Kings.

    the PP just cost the Vgk again by failing on a 5-on-3

    but they not only failed to score, they never even came close….they embarrassed themselves with a totally disorganized, clueless hapless lack of effort, execution, or urgency.

  26. knights fan in minny

    nice deflect on the roy goal

  27. Vlad

    Mcrimmon has done wonders with the team!!!

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