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Recap: Both teams traded chances in the first period but neither could break through. The game was scoreless after a tight opening 20 minutes.

Vegas’ offense broke open in the middle frame. The Golden Knights defense picked up three goals, two from Zach Whitecloud and one from Nic Hague. Rookie Paul Cotter later stretched the lead with his second of the season.

Reilly Smith scored his sixth goal of the season putting the game out of reach five minutes into the final period. Detroit added a late second goal but couldn’t get any closer.

The Golden Knights record improves to 10-7-0 with their 5-2 victory against the Red Wings. Vegas’ six game homestand concludes after their match up with Columbus on Saturday night. Puck drop is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: After a fairly even first period, with a couple miserable Vegas power plays sprinkled in, the Golden Knights exploded in the 2nd. They scored just about every way you can including a pair from Whitecloud. Vegas added a fifth goal and then it turned into a game of pond hockey. Excellent game for the Golden Knights in all three zones. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Detroit Red Wings game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • VGK’s struggles against the Eastern Conference paused for a night

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Nic Hague
** Mark Stone
* Zach Whitecloud



Learning Lessons From Evgenii Dadonov’s Hot And Cold Start To The Season


Vegas Catching Up With The Eastern Conference


  1. LVsc

    the Vgk injury dark cloud was lifted by Whitecloud.

    great effort tonight by all the guys.
    now 10-7 with 20 points, tied for 6th with a western conf playoff spot.

    and welcome back, Cotter

  2. TheChosenOne

    Nice effort by the Knights!

    Marchessault, Karlsson, Pacioretty, Carrier, Patrick, Eichel, Theodore & Martinez out of the lineup and they still play this well!

  3. Tim

    Two points are two points once again one game at a time. Cody Glass was a bust and the jury is out on Payton Krebs out first round picks then we get a fifth round pick in Paul Cotter and he’s better then both of them. As the old saying goes you win some and you lose some. Jonas R is another keeper there doing a nice job easily can replace Janmark. Lehner another solid game defense still gives up to many chances need to tighten that up. Someone still has to explain how Kolesar is on the PP. Columbus next and they have a good goalie so we’ll have to be on our game.

    • Mike StG


      On Kolesar, he obviously is there to screen the goalie on the PP, and won’t be there when injured players like Patch, Marchie and William return.

      What I can’t imagine is them even keeping him on the roster (except maybe as the 13th forward). He’s constantly taking penalties, losing the puck, getting pinned along the boards as he fiddles around with the puck, dusts off the puck before shooting and passing allowing goalies and defending players to neutralize basically anything he does. Passing it to him is like just giving the puck to the other team. He has zero finishing ability, and he seems to have worse hands than Reaves. He plays at AHL speed.

      So what if he’s from Manitoba?! He really should be a trade piece in a deal that happens at trade deadline.

  4. Howard

    I’m kind of confused on why people want to see a topline here of Stone, Eichel, Pacs?

    Eichel and Stone are both more assist/playmaking orientated so they are redudant on the topline. The topline should be;

    Pacs, Eichel, Marchy. 2nd line should be;
    Stone, Stephenson, Dadanov

    (Smith will sadly be trade for cap space)

    Marchy is a shooter/scorer, Pacs is a shooter/sniper, Eichel is more an assist playmaking C1.

    Stone is a playmaker, Stephenson is a speed scorer, Dandanov is a scorer/shooter.

    You want to run 2 lines out there with playmakers and scorers. Keeping Stone on topline makes them redundant with Eichel, assuming Jack is 100% his former self when he comes back.

    Karlsson – C3
    Roy – C4 – mix and match bottom lines with a really good 1-way C3 there for depth scoring.

    A topline of Pacs, Eichel, Marchy is very similar to The Bolts topline. This topline should see Marchy scoring a ton, similar to Bolts Point.

    • Howard

      Man, hate u can’t make corrections on this site after posting. I meant to say Karlsson is really good 2 WAY player, not 1 way, lol?

    • I can’t get around having Stone’s stick and hockey IQ setting up Eichel. Throw in Pacioretty for additional goal scoring insurance. Dadonov/Karlsson/Marchessault. Deep possibilities IMO for the bottom six.

      • sb

        That’s because Stone won’t be setting up Eichel. Eichel will be setting up Stone and Pac. That’s the way this works. Pac and Stone are the goal scoring wingers and Eichel is the assist man – the very thing that has been missing on the PP the last 3 years.

        • Mike StG

          sb, I just don’t see the value in stacking one line like that. Their skills aren’t necessarily complementary either.

          One of Eichel’s gifts is his ability to skate the puck into the OZ and both create and score. With his speed Stone won’t be in the zone for him to pass to. I think Jack would be more effective with speedy wingers at F1 & F2 on the forecheck, giving him options. I’d also be for Patch playing on his wing, with his wicked twister. It would open things up.

          Stone’s gift is being able to find players in the DZ or NZ and hit them with accurate passes in stride, which is partly why Stevie has been so successful with him. But when Eichel is on the ice I’d think you want him controlling play. I don’t think Karlsson should play 3C and thus it seems to me he should center a line with Stone. William’s speed would enable him to basically take Stevie’s place. They both have about the same finishing ability, so the Karlsson/Stone line would still create a lot of breakaway scoring chances. Stevie at 3C would be a difficult match up for teams (like Gourde was with Tampa last year).

          Just my thoughts on it. Probably wrong. :)

    • Mike StG

      Howard, I agree on your Eichel comments. It would be a great line but if the oppo stops it L2 isn’t a huge threat. Recall what Vegas did in last year’s playoff series vs Avs in shutting down Nate et al.

      What I don’t understand is how everyone is writing off Reilly as being traded. They can simply do what TBL did last year (recall $18M over the cap?), and also with Seabrook. They traded for Seabrook this last offseason and used his $6.9M of LTIR to help keep their team intact until the playoffs when the cap is lifted. Probably could include Janmark and pick(s) to reduce the cap issue even more in a single trade. Maybe Patrick will end up on LTIR as well which would help some.

      If this is their all-in chance with the core still together then who cares about draft picks the next year or two? Eichel is 25 y/o and with Stevie and William they’re set down the middle for several years.

      If the current L4 keeps playing like they have been I think they should keep that Brat Pack as is. I liked Howden acquisition from Day 1 and he’s looked really good at 4C.

    • Blitz

      I actually posted something similar yesterday. I agree, I think you get more value with them separate, making two awesome lines. Perhaps bring them together on the PP if that is beneficial.

    • sb

      Karlsson third line center???????????? I don’t think so.

  5. Hopefully Cotter stays up after that performance. Second game in a row that Janmark can’t finish on a breakaway—definitely not the finisher that a number of Knights are, maybe even including Cotter (we’ll see hopefully).

    An even bigger test for this depleted lineup on Saturday.

  6. Good to have Mark Stone back. When he’s on the ice good things are more inclined to happen including setting up D men to score.

  7. Daryl

    VGK did better than I thought but basically as I had predicted. That PP is going to be the death of us. At some point we have to stop making excuses for our PP

    • sb

      The answer to the PP is EICHEL – a first rate assist man. The Number 1 thing that has been missing the past 3 seasons.

      • Daryl

        The PP is missing more than 1 person. Will Eichel make a difference, yeah without a doubt. Will he fix the PP? No, not at all

      • SB – Eichel can’t do it on his own. – the other 4 regardless who they are have to get their shit together or Eichel will be no better than the others. Your assuming that will be the case – good luck i wouldn’t necessarily bank on that.

  8. Blitz

    Nice to see a team fire on all cylinders last night. The biggest play of the night was dropping Kolesar from L2. It took PDB way too long to see what was clear to others (not just me). On the flip side Janmark has no finish skills either. I do think Janmark is getting back to his game though. I am seeing a lot more plays in general out of him and that line was at least in the mix last night with him on it.

    Alot of obvious stuff from last night. Stone’s getting back on his game, Whitecloud excellent game and 2 sweet goals, Hague and Cotter goals excellent. Really all the goals last night were good looking goals. Petros open goal save was huge!

    The other stuff: I like Hutton. I really do. I miss the tough stay at home d guy. Mcnabb sometimes. Engelland yes. Hutton yes. Everyone else NO! Hutton seems a little skinny, but plays tough. Destroyed a red wing with an excellent clean hard check and zero hesitation to drop the mitts. Saw him blast a couple of guys in the crease last night too. Wins corner puck battles. Seems ok on zone clearing. I am sure others with a great hockey eye could shoot down some things, but I like the stuff I see and that I am not seeing from the other d men. I like grit. I miss grit.

    Cotter shows he can score. Two great looking, talented goals now. However, going back to grit. I love the grit, I love the fire. He has that Marchy intensity. Little guy, but constantly putting his body into people, not just using a finess-ful stick all the time and avoiding contact. Plays with emotion.

    Good game! Fun to watch! Keep it up boys! War Knights!

    • Pistol Pete

      Blitz, Cotter is listed a good deal bigger than Marchy who is listed on NHL as 5’9” 184. Listings I have seen for Cotter range from 6’0” 191 (ESPN) to 6’1” 206 (NHL)—Elite Prospects and Wikipedia 6’0” 198. I will say he sort of looks smaller?

      I agree with those who suggest Kolesar needs to go. It seems like Cotter for one is better or at least could be fairly soon.

      • Pistol Pete

        I like the Cotter/Howden/Rondbjerg line. Howden is first rounder with 193 NHL games under his belt so he’s a legitimate leader with less experienced linemates. I think I prefer Cotter and Leschyshyn over Rondbjerg. There could almost be a Cotter/Leschyshyn/Howden 4th line. I have Howden on the right wing as the other two are left shots. All three are listed at C actually.

        • Pistol Pete

          Over the last four games:

          Cotter: 2 G
          Leschyshyn: 1 G/2 A
          Howden: 1 G/2 A

          Not bad for a pseudo 4th line.

      • Blitz

        Threads getting older so you may not see my reply. I can’t look at the stats for size. It seem like size is always a strange mis-truth or straight up lie. Leschyshyn is listed as 5′ 11″ so now your telling me Cotter is taller than Leschyshyn. That seems crazy just going from memory. Røndbjerg is 6′ 2″. That seems about accurate for him. Anyway, I am going to have to pay attention now to this. It is very important. :)

  9. This was an overall great effort by everyone.

    Power play still sucks.

    Give Petro a dozen stars for the save of the night!

    So, what’s changed?

    Is Lehner any better? NO
    Is McNabb playing any better? NO
    Is Stone playing any better? NO
    Is Smith playing any better? NO

    So, what’s the difference? We saw this same difference in the 2nd period against the CANES. The difference is that the new and younger players are beginning to produce. Whitecloud was outstanding last night. Cotter? The VGK FO should get this guy a regular spot in the line up. Let’s compare Cotter and Kolesar………………..

  10. THE hockey GOD

    Hurricanes 4 VGK 1
    Hurricanes 2 Ducks 1>>>>projection barring any future

    Ducks 3 VGK 2

  11. Stone looks to be back at 100%. His puck handling and passing were crisp! This is the Stone that we expect to produce during the playoffs all the way to the Cup!

  12. Henderson One

    Great game. Picked up two points from a limited Red Wing team. Every point we pick up with this depleted lineup is great and will mean there is less catchup when we reach full strength. There was effort by all in the game against the Red Wings.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    what happened to Rich Sackoftomatoes ?

    he gone?

  14. sb

    The writers of this blog have from time to time attempted to plant the false idea that Vegas is losing it’s fanbase. Well, no. That’s completely untrue. One of the more accurate ways of measuring fanbase is the paid attendance at T-Mobile Arena. There has been no decrease in paid attendance in 2021. In fact, the Knights are playing to home game attendance of 103.8% of capacity, meaning standing room only. Sold out plus 4%. That clearly is not a sign of a shrinking fanbase. The VGK’s have the highest percentage of paid attendance of any team in the NHL. The question is what are these writers planting untrue rumors about Mr Foley’s team? These writers have also falsely claimed that the ‘team has lost it’s focus’. That’s untrue. Mr. Foley stated from Day 1 that his objective was to win the Stanley Cup in six years. As we all know, that is still the team’s goal – win the Cup in six years. These Sin Bin writers also claim that NHL players don’t want to come to Las Vegas because MGT stabs players in the back. But they never name one NHL player making this claim. To the contrary. Stone, Pac, Lehner, Pietrangelo, Janmark, Martinez and Eichel have all said they are thrilled to be in Las Vegas and have resigned contracts to stay. Sin Bin writers also rumored that Russian players don’t want to come to Vegas. Untrue. Dadonov said he was thrilled to play in Vegas. And of course, MAF cried that he loved Vegas and never wanted to leave. So, just who are these NHL players who don’t want to join the Vegas team? C’mon, Sin Bin writers. Why are you guys deliberately trying to undermine Mr. Foley’s team and his investment? Why are you guys trying to injure Mr. Foley by planting lies about his team? MAF?????????

    • Daryl

      How many times are you going to write almost the exact same post??? There have been a few players who have said negative things about VGK. It is well known that MAF wanted to retire in VGK mostly b/c he didn’t want to move his family. Engelland (yes I brought him up) chose to retire from hockey instead of going elsewhere b/c he didn’t want to move his family. How many players on a current roster will say they don’t like where they are? By asking current players you aren’t proving anything. NOW, I’m not saying players want out of VGK or players don’t want to go there, just showing how your logic of asking current players is flawed.

      As for attendance, they are still season tickets available and original tickets avail for sale for every random game I pulled up. If you watch a game, there are plenty of empty seats. So what does that mean?

  15. Daryl – you neglected to point out -Lehner was never kept by previous teams and Vegas game him is retirement package. The could be said for PETRO and the latest addition. Money talks and bull sh-t walks it is really that simple.

    • Daryl

      Correct, nobody else was willing to give RL the long term contract he wanted and VGK was the only team willing to give Petra that longterm contract with a NT clause

    • Mike StG

      Guys, I think it may be time to stop dredging up the so-called bad decisions on signing RL and Petro.

      On Lehner, he is almost universally recognized as playing really well since the net actually became his. McKenna, Granger are just 2 examples. He’s faced more high danger chances than any goalie in the league, he’s top 5 in GSAx, his save% is .917. All this while half the D corps has been out injured. I don’t know what would make you happy, and I doubt you will ever give him the credit he earns. He’s not Vasi, but he also doesn’t make $10M.

      On Petro, almost every hockey analyst has him playing elite level hockey, carrying the defensive load thru the injuries. He’s also benefiting from the change in team defensive strategy, which lends to his strengths. And regarding his contract term, I don’t believe either of you are writing checks to him. So, if Foley and the FO are willing to put their eggs in that basket to get the team back to the Final and a possible cup then why can’t you just support that?

      Just let it go, man. Or don’t – but just know that your narrative has lost its relevance, even if it ever was legit.

      • Daryl

        I don’t think you actually read my posts. I’ve stated multiple times RL is playing great hockey. For the most part our defensive unit has only missed a couple players which is concerning considering all the high danger chances they are going up. I’ve also never said RL wasn’t a good goalie, I just don’t think he is good enough to get VGK to the Cup. Yes I do think the FO panicked when they signed him, but that isn’t on LRL

        As for Petra, again, I’ve said he is an elite player. Yes I think the FO pretty much screwed the team in the long run but they are a win now at all cost mood. I do have issues with Petra game basically being a run around defender. He has been responsible for a lot of the odd man rushes and high danger chances against, but in today’s hockey, the only thing that matters is offense. Analysts continue to talk about his great offense but very seldom do you hear them mention his defense.

        I do agree it’s pointless to being up the two as they are now on the team. I basically only bring them up when talking about the FO. You don’t see me bashing either player

      • I am tired of continuously pointing out the flaws in Lehner’s net minding capabilities. They are not going away. Just hope that Hague and Petro are watching the other end of the net like they have been.

        In fact, unless prompted I won’t talk about it again until it’s “I told you so” time.

        As far as Petro goes, he had a shitty first year and didn’t start to up his game until late in the playoffs. Since then he’s been absolutely fantastic for the most part. Worth the nearly $9 million?

        Look, at the end of the day Stone, Patches, Eichel, and Petro are going to take up close to 40% of the CAP. Damn well better be winning a cup in year 6 as projected.

  16. Pistol Pete

    CBJ is one of only eight teams that have a regular season winning record against the Knights including OTL as a loss (VGK 2-4-0). For example VGK vs. COL is 8-8-1 counts as a VGK losing record. I believe there is also a 3-3-1. So VGK over their four season + history has a winning record (including OTL as a loss) vs. 24 teams or 75%.

    • Daryl

      I’m too lazy right now, but do you know tgte record for Western vs Eastern teams?

      Either way, that is a retry good record

  17. I think that Lechyshyn, Cotter, Rondjberg have all three proven themselves to be keepers. I think that Carrier and Kolesar should be looking at hiring real estate agents and moving companies.

  18. In the 2015 NHL Combine Eichel outperformed McDavid on 6 of the 8 tests. Pro Agility Left and Wingate (bike) were the two where McDavid scored higher than Eichel. Of course it can’t be disputed that as it stands today McDavid is the higher performing hockey player.

    Eichel had the highest combined score (176) of all participants in the 2015 Combine, finishing in the top ten of seven of the tests.

    • To clarify, Eichel outfperformed McDavid in 6 of the 8 tests where they both finished in the top ten for that test. It’s possible McDavid got a higher than Eichel in the only three tests that Eichel did not finish in the top 10. In any case Eichel was the highest scoring participant that year. A freak of an athlete.

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