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Recap: The Golden Knights came out firing the puck, outshooting the Stars 10-5 in the 1st period. Each team was awarded a power play and only Dallas was able to cash in to take a 1-0 lead into the intermission.

Mark Stone tied the game immediately in the middle period, scoring his second goal of the season :19 seconds in. The Stars would respond with back to back power play goals, making them 3 for 3 on the man advantage. Late in the period Jonathan Marchessault gave Vegas life with his 11th of the season.

The two traded goals midway through the final frame but Stone and his linemates would come through again. The captain tied the game with five minutes remaining and Max Pacioretty broke the tie a minute later. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 15-10-0 with their 5-4 comeback win against Dallas. Vegas will next face the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday night. Puck drop against the Flames is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In an absolutely crazy game, the Golden Knights’ 5-on-5 dominance won out over their incompetence on both special teams. VGK hounded the Stars all night at even-strength and ended up outshooting Dallas 45-23, but it took a furious comeback in the 3rd to find a way to win it. Two games against Dallas now this season, two miraculous wins, and four big points. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Goalie Interference with Mike McKenna
  • I might write about pulling Lehner and the response. (Ken)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Max Pacioretty
* Mark Stone

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  1. JT

    3 goals allowed, all 3 soft, on 10 shots… Ughhh….

    Very little chance of going deep in playoffs with #90 in goal. Nice, likeable guy but very unreliable a lot of nights.. now we will hear from some on here how fantastic he is and how the eye test is just a dream and what we see so many nights is totally wrong.

    Gutsy move by PDB, and once again his move pays off. Guy is just a very good coach. And awesome response by the team coming back in this one, well done!

  2. Pistol Pete

    Making it tough on poor Robin giving up three PP goals. He’s really due for a shutout or one goal against win.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Jack taking notes per usual.

  4. George L.

    I find it wildly bizarre how many people are butthurt over Lehner getting pulled. I don’t think he should have started today.

    This may come as a surprise to some, but we have two goalies.

    • Barbara M

      I am a Knights fan now living in Dallas so I have two teams. Have watched both teams play all of their games. Before the game I said “LB needs to be in net because of the way Stars play. He’s quicker.” On the other hand Lehner had a lot of deflections and less than stellar defensive help at times. As a team, VGK showed a lot of grit

      • Barbara M – one of the more objective and sight full posts on this site. The walrus is in trouble once he has to move and lacks the ability to do so. Yes, the defense didn’t help but he doesn’t need them as an excuse. You were actually very kind concerning his performance. Since you appear to be a knowledgeable fan I bet you laugh at Pistol Pete’ posts and his infatuation with Eichel – he sure isn’t the answer to Lehner’s shortcoming.

        • Richie-Rich

          Eichel is nothing more than a potential unknown at this point. Guys like PP are already hoisting the Cup in victory just because the deal was made. Totally ridiculous.

          • Not at all R-R, in at least some of my posts I have tried to condition my enthusiasm for Eichel knowing full well some would take it to mean winning the Cup with his addition is a foregone conclusion. You’re killing me!

        • THE hockey GOD

          @HD, can’t stop something something you can’t see in first place. Look at replays, no chance on none of those goals. If you were playing you’d be flailing your hands and feet around trying to do a snow angel standing up.

          you know it.

        • Barbara M

          Agree that some people have no concept ; how does anyone think that one single good forward has the ability to improve the performance of his goalie

    • knights fan in minny

      i agree

    • trade

      EXACTLY right !!

      and look no further than the coach of the team. He pulled his ass out of there, rightly so, and said it was on Lehner and the PK, period.

      I have very little confidence in RL as a consistent, reliable netminder. LB has better standard technique with very little unnecessary movement. He does not have to dive all over the place because he is already in position.

      The Vgk are 5 games over .500, and BROSSOIT is the reason for 4 of those 5.

      RL= 10-9 .906 save % 3.11 gaa

      LB= 5-1 .921 save % 2.41 gaa

      and both are averaging about 0.5 shots per minute played….playing behind the exact same players… says it all.
      oh, and Brossoit usually plays the second game in back to back situations, which makes his job even more difficult. and of course when you play sporadically it is very hard to get into a rythym or a groove.

      • THE hockey GOD

        people watching game, and players on the ice say your comment is garbage.

        “““Robin’s the one getting pulled but it’s kind of a shot at the team. Lenny has no chance on those goals.” -Mark Stone””

        “Robin is a team guy. By no means were those bad goals. Lenny was supportive of me.” -Brossoit who said he thought the move was made to spark the momentum.

        and back up goalie nearly blew it letting in a goal on glove side, which you completely ignore in your biased, hate based comment.

        when wiggy biscuit does something wrong, I call it. Last night there was nothing he could do about it.

        • Daryl

          What exactly do you think Stone is going to say? 3 soft goals were on RL. Spin it anyway you want, but he looked horrible today. You say you will call out RL on bad games but I only remember 1 game where you said something negative, every other game it’s been someone else’s fault

          • THE hockey GOD

            even real nhl analysts , including ex players and ex coaches, said it was not RL’s fault. Did you even see any of the goals on replays ? What about the back up ‘s goal ? You probably thought that wasn’t soft ?

            learn to watch the game. The PK team play was horrible, he was screened on the shots, even paulie at bus stop couldn’t catch that bus. 🙂

            when RL screws up , I will call him out, I have done it more than once, you just haven’t been paying attention.

            I like his attitude on bench, unlike some other goalie who will remain nameless, he wasn’t sulking . He was standing up and cheering for his team.

            good team play interaction on the bench supporting each other, unlike others I have seen on this team. What a whole team effort, everyone was into this game, including the European players who didn’t get much ice time.

          • Daryl

            Just admit it, you hate MAF. There wasn’t a single time that MAF was sulking after getting pulled, not a single time. I don’t know why you must constantly bring up a former goalie when we are tking about RL!!!

            But yes I watched the game and I stand by my cment about soft goals. I also watched the adter show where the analysts said RL just wasn’t on his game today and he didn’t play ery well.

            As for the backup goalie, yeah that was a soft goal he let in…. But only 1.

          • THE hockey GOD

            what do exactly think Stone is going to say ”

            i don’t recall players sticking up for MAF in the same way, after he pulled his billy buckner gaffe, costing the team the momentum, and series, against the habs THAT THEY NEVER COULD RECOVER FROM.

            That stabs you right in the gut, MAF lover.>>>>>>

            ““““Robin’s the one getting pulled but it’s kind of a shot at the team. Lenny has no chance on those goals.” -Mark Stone””

            “Robin is a team guy. By no means were those bad goals. Lenny was supportive of me.” -Brossoit who said he thought the move was made to spark the momentum.

          • Richie-Rich

            The hockey God is beginning his final realization that Lehner just isn’t the guy. This will become crystal clear by mid-January as I predicted as LB is put into the #` slot.

          • Daryl

            Again… Listening to what other players on the team are saying and believing it lol

      • Richie-Rich

        Spot on analysis Trade! By mid-January it will become evident that LB is the #1 goalie in Vegas.

  5. Justin

    3 goals allowed by RL, all soft.

    • THE hockey GOD

      that’s on the players in front of RL, all deflections, feigns, misdirection. Not on goalie. Anyone watching the game could see that.

      • THE hockey GOD

        ““Robin’s the one getting pulled but it’s kind of a shot at the team. Lenny has no chance on those goals.” -Mark Stone”

    • THE hockey GOD

      “Robin is a team guy. By no means were those bad goals. Lenny was supportive of me.” -Brossoit who said he thought the move was made to spark the momentum.

      PS TNT after game show was epic, these guys round circles around ESPN and don’t tell me they are the same. Not close.

      • Richie-Rich

        These announcers were all in the tank for the Stars. The way they announced this game you would have thought that the VGK were a junior hockey team playing a Stanley Cup contender. The bias was ridiculous throughout most of the game.

  6. Tim

    I’ll be nice Lehner is just to inconsistent one game good, one game fair, and one game bad hard to win a Cup that way. The infamous Power Play Confucius says no PP no Cup. Let’s see 0-16 against Montreal then 8-58 this season with 2 of those against an inept Arizona team the other night so 8-74 and we still have the same coach running the PP. I don’t get it maybe someone smarter then me can answer that. On the bright side what a comeback fans got there monies worth.

    • THE hockey GOD

      wasn’t RL fault>>>

      “”Robin is a team guy. By no means were those bad goals. Lenny was supportive of me.” -Brossoit who said he thought the move was made to spark the momentum”

      Also, they scored one goal on delayed penalty call, so it’s sort of like a PP. Try to pay attention next time, I hear no doze helps. PK play is what hurt them more than PP this game, PK fell apart, letting players stand around blocking goalie in front of shooting lanes and not blocking shots like they normally do. Missing 23 here is hurting.

  7. So what do we really know, us being the armchair Monday morning quarterbacking “experts” we are?

    “Robin’s the one getting pulled but it’s kind of a shot at the team. Lenny has no chance on those goals.” -Mark Stone

    • Daryl

      Again, what do you think Stone would say? He isn’t going to call out his own goalie. These quotes from players about their own team are useless.

      • THE hockey GOD

        nhl analysts, ex players and ex coaches and ex goalies , post game did not blame RL

        watch the game
        stop hating the players

        • Daryl

          Again, watched the game and post game… They said RL didn’t have his best game. Try again

          • THE hockey GOD

            not the TNT post game analysts, not the ex goalies, not ex coaches, not ex players, not on any post game show I watched; try watching real experts not local know nothing loco pot stirrers.

            “Just admit it, you hate MAF.” I don’t HATE anyone. You are the one who hates RL , hates the FO, and hates PDB. Your posts are full of hate. All the time, every time. Along with delusional misdirection of things that don’t happen on ice. Must have taken too many pucks to the head ??

            MAF played well for a couple of years, I gave him credit for that. I even stuck up for him when they got RL. Then you know the rest of his demise here. I am not repeating his many errors again. you know it. He has done this franchise , and it’s fan base, no favors. You are the one with hots for MAF, as the rest of dumbest fan base here in NHL who love this seven million dollar, billy buckner, loser. He choked repeatedly, he did not get the job done when all is said, and done. He started off king of heap, then he ended up in the dumpster.

            “There wasn’t a single time that MAF was sulking after getting pulled, not a single time.” I guess you missed the backstabbing cartoon, and how he screwed over the organization after he found out he was being shopped around.

            “But yes I watched the game and I stand by my cment about soft goals. ” then you need an eye examination, looks like you are due for one. The TNT (ex players, ex coaches, ex goalie) and Canadian experts did not say they were soft goals. They said they were unstoppable. Get to it, set up an appointment.

            Your posts are delusional, and they have been called out for being as such.

          • Daryl

            So,id they are analysts you don’t agree with, then they must not know what they are talking about? Good to know. I’ll send an email to to NHL Network and let them know. Maybe they can hire you.

            I’ve said multiple times RL is a good goalie, just not a great one. And no I don’t think he is better than MAF. But I’m not the one who continues to bring up MAF. You continue to blame MAF for losses which is completely idiotic, but I take the source into account. There is absolutely no substance to back up those claims. How many mistakes has RL committed which has cost VGK games? How many times has his shortcomings cost VGK games?

            So, was it MAF or his agent who posted that pick? Do you have any proof to back up your claim? That pic is exactly how most of us felt after comments from the FO and PDB

            As for m posts being delusional… It’s always the same with you. If someone posts something you disagree with we are deliaional, need eye exams, or are part of the dumb fan base…. You are the only one in here who is right in your mind. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist

      • THE hockey GOD

        “These quotes from players about their own team are useless” , They didn’t say nearly as much after MAF pulled his many gaffes in playoffs last year.

        as usual, you know nothing.

  8. Beautiful timely goal by Amadio tonight. Nice to see him fitting in over here. Something about the VGK culture often causes players coming in to come to life.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes PP a very timely goal, they were peppering the STAR goalie and really putting the pressure on him. one of several “soft goals” let in by opposing goalie. The RL haters heads are now exploding.

      It was an almost EPIC comeback win, too bad the haters posting here are trying to take it away from team by lying about RL and bashing him again. But what’s to be expected from some of the dumbest fan base in the league ?

      • Richie-Rich

        Let’s get something straight. I am not a Lehner hater. He’s a decent goalie, an above average starter, but isn’t going to take VGK to a Cup victory unless the offense can average 4plus goals or better against the BETTER TEAMS. Not all games, just the better teams.

        No one hates him. Those of us who are critical of him see the flaws in his game for what they are, that’s all there is to it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @ RR “Let’s get something straight. I am not a Lehner hater.” my post was to Daryl not to you, a known MAF brown noser and RL hater, overall delusional poster. I still remember post when RL first came here about RL being out of position when clearly on that particular goal he wasn’t. You heard of eye / hand coordination issues?: I think this is clear case of eye to brain properly functioning issues. You seem to post fairly, most of the time.

          Every goalie has flaws, but to jump on his case for last night’s game was clearly uncalled for. All the goals were non stoppable. Especially when it was pretty obvious pull as WAKE UP CALL for team. A gutsy call.

          PBD made a gutsy 1) wake up call to his team who were playing poorly on D in front of goalie 2) change momentum. The Star coach was not paying attention because he should have done same thing, or at least called a TO.

          You realize the NHL is trying to get more scoring into the game his year, so your comment can apply to just about any team in league. Need to take blinders off and stop being so myopic because some fans here only see one team. They should watch other games around the league to get a more open minded perspective and see what teams are saying about other teams.

          TNT ex goalie Darren Pang “that is not on goalie, that is more of call on the team” and later on in game he called it turning point that lit fire under team to get them to play better, or something to that effect. (not a big Panger fan, to say the least)

          Post game show.
          TNT Anson Carter “definitely not on RL”
          TNT Rick Tocchet” I agree, that is tough call on coach to pull his number one goalie, but the team is not playing well in front of him”
          TNT Paul Bissonette “it’s pay back time for Patches, I am not letting him get away with that ” (after patches mis spoke and implied he was a bench warmer in epic exchange)

          • THg – you without a doubt are nothing more than a long winded windbag. Your continued carrying on and on dilutes your hockey knowledge, that is if you have any which based on some of your posts brings into question. (Notice the small “g” ) LOL

          • Richie-Rich

            EXCEPT – that in the case of the Walrus – it is all about him and the weakness in his game. It is quite obvious that the rule changes alone hurt Robin Lehner. He’ll be replaced by LB by mid to late January as the #1 goalie.

        • Daryl

          It’s useless to say anything to that bone head who thinks he is always right. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him admit he was wrong on anything…. if that tells you anything

          I’ve said on here multiple times that I thought RL was a good goalie. I’ve said on here multiple times that I think PDB is an above average coach. But he continues to ignore those statements. He’s a delusional old man who has a complex.

          If you’ve noticed, he’s taken over for Alex by calling all of us who don’t agree with him the dumbest fans

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ hd (notice small caps) , at least I watch the games and listen to the real NHL analysts and not local hacks trying to stir the pot. Go troll someone else, I don’t troll you.

            While we have people here like Daryl who are clueless and is no more than a stalker troll who replies to my posts , even when not direct to him. Continuing with his unprovoked harassment. He is sick, needs therapy, lots of it.

            Daryl is an idiot and doesn’t realize you can’t stop a puck if you can’t see it. If Daryl was in goal he’d be flailing around like a monkey , doing yoga stances.

            We all know from Daryl’s posts that he has a love affair with MAF and that he hates RL . His delusional posts today more than prove that point leading anyone who reads them that you are part of one of dumb fans.
            His posts are not backed up by facts or anything close to realty.

            A hater, a stalker, a harasser, a troll, not a real fan.

          • Daryl

            Awww….. I’m so loved. Notice how little man has to throw out insults because he has nothing else

  9. So VGK is at their best when they’re defending at a high level and blending in the speedy rush attack when the opportunity is there and hard forechecking for O zone control. I’m pretty sure Eichel can come in and after a handful of games play the VGK defensive structure and be a forechecker. Jack is a smart enough guy–there’s plenty of time to do homework, practice on the ice and get it figured out. The homework part is happening now and the skating at City National is not far off.

    • Pistol Pete

      Readers beware:

      Please know I temper my enthusiasm for Eichel with the assumption there could be a significant period of adjustment both coming back from injury and adjusting to a new system. I do think a fairly immediate impact is possible—as indicated previously, owing to the extended time available for learning on paper and practicing at City National. Wasn’t it harder for Petro being a D to adapt to the new system than for a forward—more variables?

      • Daryl

        PDB system is similar to Buffalo where the D are very aggressive. I don’t think it had anything to do with a new system as it was learning to play alongside new players

  10. Pistol Pete

    This is a nice win. DAL is stingy defensively and was on a seven game win streak. Would be nice to win the next to for a four game homestand sweep before heading to Boston. VGK is 1-4-1 vs. BOS, the sole win coming at home to go a record 3-0 as as a first season expansion team. The OTL was at home as well. Been blanked in Boston.

    I assume once back from North Carolina, Jack will travel with the team for road games?

    • THE hockey GOD

      PDB pulled goalie for momentum change, Stars coach Rick Bowness did not.

      difference in game.

      PS TNT showed Rick Tochhet leave the dias to take a phone call, when he came back the rest of panelists asked him if got the coaching job in Philly. Good stuff here.

      • Daryl

        So, RL was pulled for mome tum change? Is that what the backup goalie told you? hahaha

    • Daryl

      Normally I would agree with you on Dallas defense but they completely blew it in the 3rd. Watching them I have no idea what they were doing. Great comeback win for VGK but horrible defense all around for DAL

  11. knights fan in minny

    hell of a comeback rl is what he is the back up keeper should see more rubber lb is pretty good the amadio kid is starting to grow on me on to the next one

  12. Richie-Rich

    So, it is nice to finally see that PDB is actually understanding the limitations of The Walrus. He’s too inconsistent, but making matters worse is that he’s slower than a koala bear when moving laterally, inconsistent glove and really isn’t going to beat the better teams in this league without VGK scoring 4plus goals or more. Once again proven true after #90 giving up 3 PP goals. Holtby, on the other hand is far superior in net.

    Credit the VGK offense and PDB for making the change in net for this victory.

    As I said early on, it will become clear by mid-January that RL isn’t the #1 goalie on this team. PDB obviously is beginning to recognize it.

    • trade

      I love how some here are quoting teammates. They will never throw another teammate under the bus in public, so that is just ridiculous to post those quotes.

      Actions speak louder than words, and he got pulled to spark the team. THAT says it all.

      • THE hockey GOD

        even expert commenters on TNT said it was not RL fault. So it’s more than team mates. Anyone who watched the game knows the score and what really was going on out there. THE PK SUCKED, and let too many screens in front of net with NO CHANCE on any of the shots. Meanwhile. back up lets in softy on glove side, and all we hear from haters on this board is , well, nothing.


        • trade


          apparently this is Lehner’s butthurt agent. lol

          • THE hockey GOD

            apparently you missed when i called him wiggy biscuit, when he deserves it . You wouldn’t know your butt from a hole in ground , putz.

            learn to watch an NHL game and see what is really happening.

          • Blitz

            You got the hurt butt part right.

          • THE hockey GOD

            completely ignoring what other NHL experts said and going to insult route, your opinion flies in face of everyone else including canadian hockey analysts, ex players, ex goalies, ex team FO officials.

            Learn to watch the game before posting garbage and trolling others on internet because your ilk will be taken to tool shed every single time.

        • Daryl

          Of course it isn’t RL fault….

          • Richie-Rich

            God will continue to talk up The Walrus until he finally is proven wrong. Then he’ll say he knew it all the time. God is, of course, all knowing……..

          • Daryl


      • Daryl

        I said the same thing Trade…. It’s hilarious to see posters on here use quotes from teammates to defend or explain the pull

        • THE hockey GOD

          it’s pathetic here to see the same idiot troll posters here, going by name of Daryl and his other brother Daryl (two epic TV idiots) ; neither of which know a thing about what is going on in the game, spewing their same hate post after post.

          Players, ex players, coaches, ex coaches, players not on team, canadian analysts, best in world, ex goalies all say otherwise calling it a brilliant move by PDB. All of them saying the same thing yet these same trollers are blind to reason and can not see the truth because they are hateful, spiteful creatures filled with bile against anything positive this team does on the ice. Same troll posters here continue to hate, that is all they have. They live in alternative realty where up is down, and dog doo doo smells good to them.

          • Daryl

            Awww….. Is someone upset for getting called out on their BS so they have to resort to name calling???? How pathetic, almost as bad as his Comme ts on here!!!!

            I didn’t hear a single expert say RL was pulled to try and motivate the players. Every single one of them simply said RL wasn’t on his game. But what do they know, thg and his make believe experts he knows says otherwise

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ Daryl , only BS here is YOU as usual.

            You have nothing but hate , delusional, and bile to offer.

            The game was epic like comeback. Just like your watching of game you have no idea what post game analysts are saying. Those pucks to your head are taking a toll. You are delusional because NO ONE ON TNT dais said RL was at fault. I guess you were stoned drunk out of your brain, as usual.

          • JoeinHendo

            I’m convinced “The Hockey God” is actually Robin Lehner incognito. Hates Fleury, can’t seem to fault RL when it’s called for. The only reason VGK isn’t trading spots with the Kraken each week is because the Knights have found a little offense as of late. MAF gave VGK several low-scoring wins and shutouts over the years and was consistently near the top of netminders in number of shutouts. RL has ZERO shutouts this year. I thought he may have had a chance at one the other night against the Flames after 2 periods, but in typical inconsistent RL fashion, BOOM, 3 quick goals by Calgary in the 3rd period and VGK almost gave the game away (yes, I wrote 3 because that 3rd puck barely crossed the paint and should have counted as a goal for the Flames). With RL in the net, Vegas needs to be putting up a minimum of 3-4 goals per game to have any chance of winning. Long gone are those 1-0, 2-1, etc. victories during the MAF days. Vegas scores 1-2 goals now and they’re almost guaranteed to get smoked. RL has terrible horizontal movement, gives up way too many 5 holes, and can’t control a puck as teams routinely score on put backs. Not to mention if he goes down on the ice you can count his time to get back on his skates with an hourglass. RL isn’t a terrible goalie, just very overrated. There’s no question VGK’s chemistry is worse with RL than with MAF, and the coach (he who I shall not name) has a lot to do with that as well. Bringing him to Vegas was like putting Darth Vader in charge of the Rebellion, except without any benefits as VGK hasn’t been back to the Stanley Cup since. Don’t even get me started on VGK’s power plays and shorty goals under the coach who will not be named.

  13. trade

    the litmus test is very simple. If LB was the starter in net last night, and the situation was exactly the same, I would have been screaming for PDB to pull his ass out of there. period.

  14. THE hockey GOD

    don’you start up with me, old friend. Doc will be knocking on your door soon. 🙂

    • Blitz

      @THG, Doc was the only one I really enjoyed giving it to. With you guys it is joyless. LOL. That said , I still don’t miss that guy at all. 🙂

    • JoeinHendo

      I’m convinced “The Hockey God” is actually Robin Lehner incognito. Hates Fleury, can’t seem to fault RL when it’s called for. The only reason VGK isn’t trading spots with the Kraken each week is because the Knights have found a little offense as of late. MAF gave VGK several low-scoring wins and shutouts over the years and was consistently near the top of netminders in number of shutouts. RL has ZERO shutouts this year. I thought he may have had a chance at one the other night against the Flames after 2 periods, but in typical inconsistent RL fashion, BOOM, 3 quick goals by Calgary in the 3rd period and VGK almost gave the game away. With RL in the net, Vegas needs to be putting up a minimum of 3-4 goals per game to have any chance of winning. Long gone are those 1-0, 2-1, etc. victories during the MAF days. Vegas scores 1-2 goals now and they’re almost guaranteed to get smoked. RL has terrible horizontal movement, gives up way too many 5 holes, and can’t control a puck as teams routinely score on put backs. Not to mention if he goes down on the ice you can count his time to get back on his skates with an hourglass. RL isn’t a terrible goalie, just very overrated. There’s no question VGK’s chemistry is worse with RL than with MAF, and the coach (he who I shall not name) has a lot to do with that as well. Bringing him to Vegas was like putting Darth Vader in charge of the Rebellion, except without any benefits as VGK hasn’t been back to the Stanley Cup.

      • Richie-Rich

        Actually, against the top tier teams, say the top 12, VGK has to score a minimum of 4 goals to beat them with Lehner in net. The offense is key if the current edition of VGK are going to have a chance in the playoffs. Their goal tending is the big question mark, but PDB is beginning to see it as well with him yanking the Walrus vs the Stars.

        All you MAF haters, keep talking about him as if he is even an issue or a topic worth discussing. He’s gone and it isn’t even an issue right now. He plays for Chicago, just got his 500th win, is being paid $7 million and is a guaranteed Hall of Famer. That’s all that needs to be said.

  15. knights fan in minny

    the ass clowns are gone we can get along watching the walrus is frustrating at times and head shaking he is what he is the boys are playing good puck lets enjoy the rest of the way

  16. Galdom

    Some truth and common sense here.


    I have made the point before that Robin Lehner is competent and have based that on actual stats / facts, having one of the better save percentages in the league since Vegas entered the league in 2017. The stats are based on a long time frame. For those that think he is incapable of performing in the playoffs that opinion cannot be made based on facts and stats and what he has done in the past including his five shut outs for Vegas two years ago in the playoffs. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but they simply cannot have that opinion based on his résumé. Perhaps those who have that opinion may think that he has declined, I don’t know. I like Lehner but I am not a super fan or anything. I simply defend him or anyone else if something stupid is said about him that is not based on stats or facts.


    Lehner did not have a great game against Dallas. I don’t blame a goalie on deflections. His defence didn’t do him any favours but you want your goalie to make the impossible saves at times as well. He didn’t do that against Dallas.


    I like Marc Andre Fleury and will never forget his contributions to this organization but at times he has been a selfish sulking whiny bitch. That’s a fact. Anything that his agent says or tweets about him is under Fleury’s direction. His agent isn’t doing that for his other clients. That tweet in the playoffs was absolutely selfish and ridiculous. Also trying to block a trade by lying and saying he would retire was also selfish.


    Logan Thompson is nearly 25 years old and has a grand total of eight minutes of NHL experience. For the love of God people need to stop talking about him as being some competent NHL goalie. Again, people are entitled to their opinions but this opinion cannot be made on any stats or facts or résumé. He was undrafted and hasn’t had a sniff of the NHL while Fleury and Brossoit made their NHL debuts at 21 years old and Lehner made his at 20 years old. If management thought Thompson was the answer then they weren’t going to sign Brossoit for triple the salary of Thompson. Ridiculous.


    I think Lehner is capable of being a number one goalie but shouldn’t be implemented as a horse that plays 65 games or 80% of the schedule. I’d like to see Brossoit play more. Perhaps a Lehner (50 games) Brossoit (32 games) split. Pete DeBoer has not done that to this point and I respectfully disagree with that. Lehner is currently on pace to play 66 games. He has never done that before. Brossoit has never played more than 19 games but I would have to think that being a professional athlete in the best hockey league in the world he is definitely capable of starting 30 games.

    By the end of the season both goalies will have their peaks and valleys and Robin Lehner will likely have his save percentage in the .914 to .918 range. Because that’s what he does. He is consistent.

    I have no issue with someone preferring Fleury to Lehner. They can make that opinion based on résumé. You can also make the opinion that Lehner is the better option as well based on resume.

    I personally am fine with either one but have a slight preference for Lehner. I find him to be more consistent. Lehner is never as bad as Fluery is when Fleury is at his worst. And you don’t know when it’s coming. Fluery goes through really long bad stretches, Bad enough that he lost his number one job twice in Pittsburgh because they didn’t trust him. If you don’t like Lehner’s .906 save percentage this year over 20 games in front of an unhealthy roster you probably aren’t crazy about Fleury’s .905 save percentage over 49 games in 2019 playing in front of an elite defense. Management wasn’t either which is why they brought in Lehner in the first place because they didn’t trust Fluery that year. When Lehner is at his best he is never as good as when Fleury is at his elite best. I don’t think Lehner can do what Fleury did last year in the regular season. Flower was spectacular. So again, rambling a bit but I have a slight preference for Lehner because of his consistency. I feel like I know what I am getting with him. He doesn’t have long rough stretches like Fleury does. Lehner will probably bounce back very quickly from Wednesday’s game.

    • Daryl

      While this is somewhat directed at you, it’s also just a open statement… If you base your opinion on how good a player is just by using stats, then you simply don’t understand the game. You basically don’t have an argument so you look for numbers.

      You bring up MAF and his slump in 2019. You seem to forget he had an injury and more importantly dealing with the death of his father. I would agree it took longer than most to get over that loss but everyone is different. The FO didn’t ise faith, as you said, but they panicked. Oh, that was also not an elite defense, not even close. Do you really think that defense can compare to this year’s defense???

      Your other fact about MAF losing his job in Burgh because of a slump also isn’t true. He was acfually playing fairly well, but Murray was on fire. The HC even clarified why he was starting Murray.

      Then you try to use injuries as an excuse. Every team this year has had injuries and players out with covid. Hck, the Pens has 5 starting Dmen out at one time. This is just an excuse.

      As for stopping deflections, not all deflections are the same. Yes a goalie can’t stop all deflections. But if the goalie is in the right position, it gives him a better chance to stop those deflections. So I disagree that saying just because a shot is deflected it isn’t on the goalie to stop it.

      As for Thompson, none of us really know how he would perform in the NHL because hasnt been given the chance. He’s done great in the AHL, it’s just too bad we haven’t seen him n the NHL yet.

      • Galdom

        Numbers mean something. This is why we keep score. The team that scores more goals in a game wins the game. The reason why I like to use stats is that they are factual and don’t lie. I don’t think they are the be-all and end-all. But it simply cannot be argued that Robin Lehner has stopped a greater percentage of his shots than Marc Andre Fleury has over his career. Because the numbers have been tabulated and documented for all of us to see.

        Marc Andre Fluery has a .913 career save percentage. Robin Lehner has a .917 career save percentage.

        I’m not necessarily saying that Lehner is better. In my long winded comment I said I would completely understand if someone made the argument that they preferred Fluery. But I think it means some thing that Robin Lehner has stopped a higher percentage of shots in his entire career then Marc-André Fleury has because I think that’s what you want a goalie to do. Stop the puck.

        How can that not mean something? It’s statistical proof over an extremely long sample size, their entire careers, that Robin Lehner stops a higher percentage of shots then Marc-André Fleury.

        • Daryl

          RL has played in 340 games and is 139-133 with 16 shutouts. MAF has played in 901 games and is 500-286 with 69 shutouts. The more games you play the harder it is to keep perxe tages high. That is why I say you can’t use stats to compare players. Stats are not proof of anything. As anyone who has taken a statistical course in college, you can basically make a stat show anything you want. Anther thing that makes it hard to use stats is they don’t play the same caliber of teams. When one team plays a “statistically” tougher opponent than the other, why would their save percentage be higher?

          As I’ve said before, I do think RL is a good goalie, I just don’t think he is good enough to take VGK to the Cup. He isn’t as good against fast teams and that is what we will see in the playoffs. If RL was a goalie back in the 70s he’d be an elite goalie.

          • Galdom

            Darryl, your points are valid. I don’t think stats are the be-all and end-all but they mean something. They can’t be completely disregarded. as for your opinion in which Robin Lehner cannot take them to the Stanley Cup I also respect your opinion. My beef is with people that think he is awful and that Logan Thompson should take his job. Stuff like that is asinine. It certainly helps to have an elite goalie to win the cup. It usually is a necessity but not always if the team is elite. My hope is that Lehner can be competent enough and the team starts playing better defence in front of him. I am also very pleased with what they have in Laurent Brossoit.

            I think what I am most happy about is over 80 comments and nobody talked about politics.

          • Daryl Taaffe

            I agree with you that RL isn’t horrible and even more so that Thompson shouldn’t replace him. I would haveiked for Thompson to be given a chance over Brissett but what’s done is done. I think Thompson will get traded and be given a chance with another team

      • Galdom

        Four straight playoff years from 2010 – 2014, Fleury had a sub .899 save percentage. One year it was .834 and he couldn’t stop a beach ball. hate to bring up stats again but I use it to make an argument because they are documented for everyone to see and they can’t be disputed. go look it up and try to call me a liar. Yes he was brilliant at times including 2009 where he won a cup. Never said he wasn’t. But I am disputing your claim that he lost his job because Murray was on a hot streak rather than Fleury being bad because that’s simply not true.

        Anyways, it’s nice talking to you Darryl and everyone else. Let’s go Knights. Can’t lose to Philly. That would be a letdown

    • Richie-Rich

      Wow, long article – you should write for Sports Illustrated.

  17. Galdom

    I’ll be quick but another thing on Lehner. I’m aware of his faults. Lateral movement isn’t great. He is frustratingly bad on breakaways. Sometimes the eye test is just not good. I would suggest that the team focus on mitigating breakaways. Every goalie has faults. Positionally he is usually sound and he’s a big man he does take up a lot of the net and again seems to get the job done overall statistically. I’ve never said he was the second coming of Patrick Roy, In my last post I said that Brossoit should play more. I just feel that the criticism has been too harsh and with Marc-André Fleury the opposite. His weaknesses have been ignored. It was a great win against Dallas and sadly all of the posts including mine were spent focussing on Lehner.

    • Daryl

      I agree it’s stupid to keep arguing. If you noticed, I’m not the one who brings up MAF, it’s that other person who thinks he is never wrong. Anytime someone says something negative about RL, he’s quick on here to bring up MAF. I don’t get it. The only time I say anything about MAF is when someone posts things that I do not believe to be true. It’s ousee assumption tto believe MAF had anything to do with the posting of that pic. To say otherwise is pure BS b/c there are not facts to stand behind it. It’s also false to say MAF tried to sabotage the trade by saying he would quit. He said he didn’t want to live his family, he didn’t know much about Chicago and he didn’t want to live there. He said he might retire if traded. Again, to say he wasn’t being honest is pure BS with no facts to back it up. It’s all speculation.

      Again, I will defend MAF when someone posts non truths or lies, but you won’t see me bring him up in a regular conversation. He isn’t aoiet of this team anymore so there is no reason to even talk about him

  18. Galdom

    And how can you say I don’t have an argument. Over my long spiel I brought up several things other than just stats, weaknesses and strengths of goalies. Can it be argued that Robin Lehner has had an injury his entire career, mental illness. At one point it forced him out of the game and into rehab. I don’t wanna keep arguing because it’s been done to death but Marc-André Fleury at times had been really bad in Pittsburgh.

    • Daryl

      The only 2 years I saw MAF with under .900% was his first 2 seasons. Not sure what stats you were looking at. If you are talking about the playoffs they your save% might be correct but your comment about being replaced, especially for when they win the Cup are way off based. In 2009 he started 23 games and a save% over 900. In 2016 he only started 1 game but played in 2 and had a below 900. In 2017 he started 15 games and was above 900. The year he was replaced by Murray he has a save% of 924. So, if you go off stats as you do, how can you say he was replaced because he wasn’t playing good?

    • Daryl

      Sry, but mental health is not an injury. I asked another poster how he has PTSD but nobody could tell me. If you want to consider it an injury, then no team should sign him because he is constantly injured with no way to fix it. That I itself would be a horrible hire for any team

  19. Galdom

    Darryl, I’m referring to playoff stats which is actually more relevant since were talking about who was going to take us to the promised land. look specifically at 2010-11 season to 2014-15 season play off stats. He was awful. I promise I wouldn’t make anything up that couldn’t be proven by it being documented

    • Daryl

      Yes I agree he didn’t play well… I’ll have to go back but I believe the Pens were without ertain offensive and defensive studs in one of those years. But during the regular season his save%was high which is why I dispute he was being replaced for bad play

  20. Galdom

    Now you are making shit up. I’m on the road now but later on I will show you proof although you should be able to look it up yourself that he actually started the first round of the playoffs a couple of times and because he wasn’t good Matt Murray took over.

    • Daryl

      Murray replaced MAF before the 2016 playoffs, it wasn’t during the playoffs… And again he had over a 900 save%

      • Galdom

        And yes, Murray replaced Fleury before game one of the playoffs but again why would they do that if he only played 13 games in the regular season and Fleury played 58 games.

        Fluery had the big contract so they used him in the regular season to justify that but once the playoffs came and they were playing must win games they did not trust him.

    • Galdom

      When I make a point by displaying something that actually happened with evidence you can just retort and make up shit. How do you go from asking me where I got my stats to finally seeing them for yourself when I told you that they were playoff stats and then all of a sudden you have this epiphany that he performed badly because they had injuries. That’s convenient. it’s also untrue.


      2011 playoffs first round. A 106 point Pittsburgh Penguins team one year removed from a Stanley Cup championship and fully healthy loses to Tampa in the first round in seven games. Fluery had an .899 save percentage and was pulled in two games. Pittsburgh was up 3-1 in the series and then Fluery all of a sudden started playing horribly. He was especially bad in game five when they lost 8-2. At the other end of the rink was Dwayne Roloson who has a back up for 75% of his career and he outplayed Fluery.

      • Daryl

        Oh, and BTW…. I believe Crosby missed that entire playoffs….

        What other game was he pulled…. because according to hockeydb, he was only pulled once, and that was the 8-2 game

      • Richie-Rich

        Bottom line. Fleury has 500 wins and will be a Hall of Fame goalie. On top of that he’s a class act and a Vegas Fan Favorite while he was here.

        Like I said in other posts already. You simply cannot compare the career of MAF and RL. One is a Stanley Cup Champion goalie and the other hasn’t been able to find a consistent home since he’s been in the league.

  21. Galdom


    2012 Playoffs. Pittsburgh loses in 6 games to the Philadelphia Flyers. I actually remember this one very fondly because I had picked Fleury in a playoff pool. It may have been one of the worst goaltending performances in the history of the playoffs by both teams. Ilya Bryzgalov of the Flyers was horrible posting an .871 save percentage. All Fluery had to do was be somewhat average and a far superior Pittsburgh team would have won that series. Fluery had an .834 save percentage. I remember this one like yesterday. Pittsburgh lost that series 100% because of Fluery. Not 95% but 100%.

    • Daryl

      I also remember that game fondly b/c I dislike (or did) the Flyers more than any other team. And you are right, MAF had a horrible series, but so did several other players. Crosby, Letang, Neal, Sullivan, Kunitz, and Martin all played just as bad…. it was a horrible game by almost the entire Pens team. Funny how you blame one player in that series when so many played just as bad.

      As for that year itself, MAF did a fairly good job considering they were without Crosby for almost the entire season, Letang missed almost half, Malkin missed several games, Staal missed a third, among others…. and he was still over .900%

  22. Daryl

    I asked where you got your stats b/c you were saying that is why they let MAF go and I showed where he was above 900 every year so that your “FACT” about MAF being replaced b/c he wasn’t playing well was a flat out lie.

    And what exactly does the 2011 season have to do with anything? How is that relevant? You want to pick a game where the Pens gave up 8 goals, only 4 of them were on MAF. Yeah he had a horrible game. Did that game cause him to be replaced by Murray????

  23. Galdom


    2013 Playoffs. After two consecutive years of subpar playoff performances and the 2012 one being historically bad Pittsburgh had lost all confidence in Marc Andre Fleury. They traded for Mark Vokoun and he was there starter. Pittsburgh was swept in the series and had no chance because Tuukka Rask had a .985 save percentage. Pittsburgh only scored three goals and four games in one of the games went to double overtime. Fleury only played about 48 minutes and let in three goals on 17 shots but it is worth noting that they did not want to use him

    • Galdom

      What caused him to be replaced by Murray was that the team had lost trust in Fleury. After a superb playoffs in 2009 he was very bad for the next four years. He got a lot of rope actually, a Stanley Cup will do that.

    • Daryl

      So, wait… MAF was 23-8 with a save% of .916%, yet the Pens didn’t want him nor did they not want to play him??? Didn’t MAF start the playoffs? Vokoun looked amazing. NYI ran into a brick wall during that series. I believe MAF had a shutout in the first game against the NYI. The two losses were both by 1 goal.

      MAF was 2-2 and again, yes he didn’t look great, but and his save % wasn’t high, but he didn’t play horrible, just not great. And Vokoun played amazing. I believe against the Bruins Vokoun also got pulled b/c of his play

  24. Galdom

    My point is that Robin Lehner is more consistent. He’s never quite as good as Fleury at his best and never as bad as Fleury at his worst.


    That gaffe that Fleury made against Montreal in game three is part of a pattern.

    In the world junior tournament Fleury was the starting goaltender for Canada because he was the best junior aged goalie in the world. He was great and when they won he a gold medal for Canada as a 17-year-old and then as an 18-year-old Canada lost to the US because of a Fleury meltdown in the gold medal game. Canada was up 3-1 with a few minutes to go and the game-winning goal was worse than the screwup against Montreal in game three. I was heartbroken. I’m Canadian by the way. Again, at times brilliant and then at times horrible meltdowns.

    • Daryl

      I’m curious… what makes RL more consistent? You’ve shown a few mistakes by MAF and show a few stats, then say RL is more consistent but you haven’t talked at all about the mistakes RL has made. You can’t make comparisons when you don’t talk about the other player at all.

      I admit that MAF has had his ups and downs, but I would disagree to say his downs are worse than RLs. MAF has made some stupid plays that have hurt his team, but he has more great plays that have helped his team. There are plenty of VGK games where if it weren’t for great plays by MAF, the team would not have won. He’s also come up with huge saves late in the game.

      For me, that is one of the huge differences between the two. When the team really needs their goalie to make a play, he’s been able to do it multiple times whereas RL hasn’t. RL will play great and late in a game let in a soft goal MAF might let in a soft goal early on but the team has a chance to redeem itself. RL does it late in the game when the team doesn’t have that chance

      • Galdom

        I don’t think I have anything else really to add. I think we’ve both said that they are both decent goalies. I defend Lehner because I don’t think he gets a fair shake by the fans and probably never will because he is replacing the most popular VGK ever.

        As for the right goalie to take us to the promised land in the playoffs I don’t know if Fleury or Lehner would be capable. We didn’t lose to Dallas because of Robin Lehner. Other than that one horrible mistake in game three against Montreal Fleury was decent enough against Montreal. Against San Jose it would have been nice if Fleury would have made some big stops in game seven during that five minute power-play.

        I think when Fluery made some mistakes they were quickly forgiven and forgotten. but when Robin does they get magnified and he gets raked over the coals.

        I think when this team gets rolling they should be good enough that they just need their goalie to be competent to be successful.

        • Daryl

          I think part of the reason some of his mistakes are forgiven, beyond fans just liking him for his personality, is b/c he will go out and make amazing and unforgettable stops…. They look at it like, yeah he made a bad play, but he made up for it with that save. When it comes to RL, He will let in some soft goals, but he doesn’t make those AWE saves that causes people to forget about his soft goal.

  25. Galdom

    I’m showing a pattern Darryl. I’m not just making stuff up saying Pittsburgh had injured players. This is all to support my argument. I will get to Matt Murray.

    • Daryl

      You are using what a 17-18 year old kid does as part of a pattern??? Come on now, you can do better than that. And you are the one who first brought up injuries. I was just showing you that while in Burgh, they had a lot of injuries to star players like Crosby, Malkin, and Letang as well. As you continue to post, those are FACTS!

  26. Galdom


    In 2016 in the regular season Marc Andre Fleury played 58 games and Matt Murray played 13 games. But then when the playoffs came Matt Murray was starting 21 of 23 games. Why would they do that? Because they didn’t trust Marc Andre Fleury. You don’t find that strange! It was the right decision. Pittsburgh won the cup that year.

    • Daryl

      How do you call that a TRUTH when you have no facts to back it up. That is nothing more than your OPINION!!!!

      Since you like to use stats, MAF was 35-17 with a save% .921…. are you telling me with those numbers then Pens didn’t have faith him?

      Oh, what’s more important, Murray took over for MAF when MAF was sidelined with an INJURY!!!! At no point were they planning on switching goalies. MAF didn’t suit up for the NYR series or the Caps series. He didn’t come back until the 5 game of the Semi-Finals. He came back, played one game, and the continued to use Murray who looked great. I thought it was stupid to even put MAF back in the game as well as Murray was playing. They should have stuck with the hot goalie the whole time.

      So again, you are mixing up your “facts” with your “opinion”

  27. Galdom

    I hate to bash Fleury and it certainly sounds like I am but he was absolutely brilliant in the 2009 Stanley Cup playoffs for Pittsburgh and phenomenal most of the time for Vegas. But man, when he’s good he’s good but when he’s shit he is fucking horseshit. And you don’t know exactly when it’s going to happen. That in a nutshell is my main point. Fleury can kill you at times. Lehner is more consistent, less highs and lows, not quite the roller coaster ride.

    I cannot argue if someone prefers Fleury over Lehner. But I can certainly make the argument that Lehner is more consistent. And as per your weak argument that Fleury should have a lower save percentage because he played more games, I should also mention that over the same time. Period when Vegas entered the league, 2017-18 to present, Lehner has had a higher save percentage.

    • Daryl

      So, the more games someone plays it’s not harder to keep a higher percentage??? That is good to know. I guess a goalie who is only in net for a handful of games with a high save% should be considered just as good as a starter who plays 60 games….

      As for your argument about being consistent, I still disagree…. I’m waiting for you to show how one is more consistent than the other. How many games has RL been pulled from? How many has MAF? I honestly don’t know so I’m asking. I know RL wasn’t pulled when he gave up 6 goals to COL but he should have. MAF had a couple bad playoff series while with the Pens, that doesn’t make him inconsistent. He had a very bad period after his father passed, but again, that doesn’t make him inconsistent. I’m curious as to what you use as a variable when saying something is consistent

      AND…. yes I know you are not bashing MAF. We are simply having a back and forth discussion. One that doesn’t involve name calling. There is nothing wrong with this back and forth discussing our viewpoints

  28. Galdom

    So I was wrong when I said that he started the playoffs and Murray took over. I stand corrected on that point. That’s why I love documented stats that prove that.

    But it’s noteworthy that they decided to go with Murray because they did not trust Fleury anymore because of several bad playoff performances.

    I’m sorry I got worked up and wouldn’t shut up. I just think that Lehner is treated unfairly. Can you imagine if it were he that made that gaffe in game three against Montreal. It would never be forgotten. After Fleury makes that extremely serious series changing screw up, the fan base has chosen to just completely forget it ever happened.

    • Daryl

      I agree that RL does get treated badly…. but some of that is on him and worrying about other players/teams instead of himself. Some of it has to do with others being upset over losing MAF, which is not RL fault either. The error on MAF may or may not have cost VGK that ONE single game, but it did not cost them the series. I still don’t agree it cost them that game simply b/c it tied the game and VGK had plenty of time to come back, including OT. And the reason I say it didn’t cost them the series, is simply the came out the next game and dominated. If VGK had lost that game, then I would tend to agree with others.

      For me, the biggest reason VGK lost that series was b/c they had absolutely ZERO PP goals. Their PP cost them that series. The year before, I believe RL let in a lot of soft goals, which really hurt their chances, but again their PP was horrible which contributed just as much if not more than RL’s play

      • Galdom

        Wouldn’t it be funny if Vegas won the cup and Laurent Brossoit was the goalie that played the most. It would be a complete mind fuck. Fluery and Lehner backers would be in a state of confusion.

        • Daryl

          There would be others on this board who feel that Brossoit should be starting anyway so they would have a field day…. but it would make for some interesting conversations

  29. Galdom

    Our entire conversation really is a moot point if the power-play never gets going. It’s embarrassing.

    • Daryl

      100% agree…. it won’t matter who we have in net, we won’t be winning anything

      • Galdom

        Robin Lehner has a career .919 save percentage in the playoffs over 29 games. Marc Andre Fleury has a career .912 save percentage in the playoffs over 162 games. I am not going to use these stats to try to say that Robin Lehner is superior. That would be wrong. I could try if they’re sample sizes were more similar but it’s not even close. I could say definitively that in Robin Lehner’s small sample size he has been decent in the playoffs. Fleury has won a cup and no one can ever take that away from him and that’s the ultimate goal.

        As for making a clear cut door shut case that Lehner is more consistent then Fluery, I simply can not do that. I feel that at Lehner’s worst he was never quite as bad as Fleury’s worst and at his best he is never quite as good as Fleury’s best. I could try making that case with you by using statistics but as you said we can creatively manipulate stats to make our case. It’s possible that in a couple of Fluery’s bad playoff years that scoring was up in the NHL. That’s possible.

        So in closing I’m going to say that it is my OPINION that Lehner is more consistent and less of a roller coaster ride then Fluery.

        • Daryl

          I’m good with that…. It will be interesting to see what RL role will be with VGK in the years to come

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