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Recap: It was a night that Vegas fans had been waiting for months. Jack Eichel made his much-anticipated debut in a Golden Knights jersey three months after being acquired. The game with the Colorado Avalanche was instantly entertaining as both teams getting early chances and great goaltending. After the opening 20 minutes the game was locked in a scoreless tie. 

The 2nd period picked up right where the first one left off. Vegas goaltender Laurent Brossoit was sharp in the second stopping all nine Avalanche shots in the frame. After two periods of action the game stood 0-0. 

Colorado took the first lead of the game :41 seconds into the final period. The Golden Knights had several quality chances down the stretch but couldn’t solve Avalanche goaltender Darcy Kuemper. Colorado added a late power play goal to finish off Vegas 2-0.

The Golden Knights record drops to 28-18-3 falling to the Avalanche 2-0. Colorado spoils Eichel’s debut who ended the night with 22 shifts and 17:24 in ice time. Vegas next faces the LA Kings on Friday night at T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights hung in there defensively as they withstood numerous dangerous waves of Colorado attack. Offensively, it started out nicely for Vegas but diminished as the game progressed. They were settling from shots from the outside and couldn’t generate enough traffic in front. When Colorado took the lead, the Golden Knights pushed a bit harder but never truly looked dangerous enough to score. (Recap by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Laurent Brossoit
* Ben Hutton


The Delicate Balance Of Juggling Lines With Jack Eichel’s Return


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  1. Pre-game I thought maybe VGK would have the fresher legs and be able to take it to Colorado who is on a back-to-back. Nope. VGK looked and skated like shit, got beat to just about every puck and the passing was horrendous.

    Game summary. Passing – F, Shooting -F, Defense -C, Goaltending -B. Eichel looked smooth in his first appearance. Brossoit played well enough to keep the VGK in it but the team chemistry is sorely lacking. Too many faces too fast and way too many line changes. Golden Knights have zero identity. Lots of talents but each player is playing as an individual. I rarely saw any 3+ multiple passes unless it was on a PP. Colorado was quicker to the puck, stickhandling and passing was superior. DeBoering just stands there looking dumbstruck, no emotion at all. Personally, I am not happy with the direction of this team. I am a season ticket holder and the team was 1000X more exciting with Gallant behind the bench.

    Now, from the glass half full perspective. Eichel looked smooth in his 1st appearance. I was impressed. He didn’t get a point but it is going to take some time for him to build some chemistry – if DeBoer stops effing around with the lines. Patrick going out was part of that problem. Brossoit played great, well enough to win. In the meantime we are not that many points behind CGY but we don’t want to have to fight for a wild card spot.

    • R-R, that is unfairly critical imo, not across the board but broadly speaking. I have only watched the first period but there were a number of near VGK goals, the least of which was not Stephenson’s shorthanded breakaway. It went scoreless for two periods agsinst one the league’s very best teams with I believe good goaltending on both sides playing a big part. Yeah, with Eichel coming in and no Stone, DeBoer is experimenting with his lines to find chemistry hoping to uncover some hidden gems. Obviously moving Marchy off the Misfits line is an example which did not work this time. He’ll mess around with it until with Eichel they win a few games. I have no problem with that. I respect DeBoer–think he’s a smart coach.

      • Pistol Pete

        I agree with you about Eichel. He is exceptionally smooth which has a lot to do with how good he really is. If you have watched any of his highlights you can imagine what the fans have to look forward to.

      • No RR is not being unfair yes it was zero zero for two periods and yes they bounced the puck of the post a couple of time, and yes there was no impactful presences from Eichel. RR called it as he saw it and was pretty much dead on. No excuses just said what many were thinking . Take off the rose colored glasses it will help you be more objective. PP -l realize you didn’t address your response to me but you and l have had numerous discussions about the knights. This team has a long way to go to be a true contender. Chemistry starts in the locker room and the continued upheaval doesn’t do much to help that.

    • Walt23

      I agree that the team looks scrambly and disorganized when the familiar lines are broken up by injury or other factors.

      The team structure and chemistry seem to be line-centric rather than team-centric, thus the lack of cohesion and smooth play when lines are mixed up for any reason.

      But there is one other glaring weakness that has persisted for years and is getting worse—the lack of forwards who will go to the net hard, with and without the puck. other than Carrier, a 4th liner, they have no one who will crash the crease, create chaos, draw penalties, screen the goalie, create tipins and re-directs, score on rebounds, and generally harass the goalie.
      Opposing goalies have a rocking chair easy time of it when they come to Vegas, because the perimeter fancy passing Vgk will not get in their grill even a little bit, so they can just easily stop shots that they have a full look at….and it is usually one and done with the Vgk offense. the only thing they worry about is the occasional Vgk breakaway, but the Vgk forwards seem to have gone to the Kolesar finishing school, which means no finish at all.

      • Galdom

        Agree with Waltz23 100%

      • LVsc

        yep, I agree with Walt that the team needs more grit.

        The playoffs are won in the trenches, in the corners and the net front battles. Guys like Pavelski and Perry etc become way more valuable than the fancy dans

        a couple trades for low cap hit guys who play gritty should be done before the trade deadline.

  2. The much anticipated Miracle man didn’t make much difference. Just saying l believe Tuck had points in his debut with Buffalo and hasn’t look back. Chalk up another loss.

    • Ok buddy I did not get my chance to call you and the other Eichel easrly impact doubters out when he scored his first game, however if you have followed me recently I bought into the presumption that tempering expectations in the early going is the judicious course to take. I mean, when a guy has not played for close to a year, no preseason games. Anyways, to use a little hyperbole it would not surprise me if he scores on Friday lol! See you then!

      • Sounds like you think trading Tuch for Eichel was a bad move. With Eichel’s career nearly a point a game and Tuch’s a bit north of half a point it’s hard to imagine it not being a good trade. Eichel is as fast or faster, smoother, stronger, a better stickhandler, better shot and playmaker, overall a better player. I like Alex, like him a lot, but he’s not in the same league. It does remain to be seen if Eichel lives up to his potential here in Vegas, I will give you that.

      • PPete- my good friend your telling .e something l have alluded to all along. Yes l have noticed your back peddling so assumed you were coming to the realization he would not be the be all to end all. I just find it interesting the knights never gave Tuck the opportunity to excell like he has gotten in Buffalo. That trade could very well turn out to be a much better deal for Buffalo than many believed. Only time will tell. The knights have more issues than just Eichel being in the line up to solve.

  3. TDubs

    Not only that, but Krebs is turning into the elite playmaker he was scouted as. Vegas never gave him a chance and now he is positioned as a top six forward playing a ton of PP. VGK lose this trade

    • Krebs made it onto the Sabres roster because they are a shit team. I liked Krebs as a prospect here although I was beginning to have doubts ala Cody Glass. He’s gotten a start over there but 8 pts in 23 games -13 is not exactly earthshattering. Top six forward BUF maybe, not VGK. I’ll admit he could end up half a point a game or better but he’s got a ways to go.

      • And VGK did not give Krebs a chance? Not only did he skate continuously in the bubble, he got 13 games 1 pt -5. We hoped he might show a little more. We liked him but were becoming concerned he could become another Cody Glass.

    • Galdom

      Vegas wasn’t down on Peyton Krebs. They would have preferred to keep him. The only ones down on him are impatient idiots. They like Krebs very much which is why they drafted him and projected him to be a top six forward. I guess Buffalo didn’t wanna give away Eichel for free. The nerve of them.

      Buffalo’s ask was a proven young top six forward (Tuch), A young prospect with top six forward or top four defenceman potential (Krebs) and draft picks. Vegas obliged which is why the trade was made.

      Were you under the impression that Buffalo’s ask was Tuch, a garbage washed up prospect and the draft picks and that Vegas gave up Krebs because they thought he was a garbage washed up prospect?

      Whether you think Vegas gave up too much is a matter of opinion but they thought very highly of Krebs.

      • Galdom can’t tell if your Krebs comments are pushing back against mine. I did not mean to trash him as I honestly do feel he was worth more development over here if the room for him could have been found. I did see some people whose opinion I respect suggesting he was going a bit slow and could end up like Glass, who could too btw end up a legit NHL’er. I was more responding to DTubs who suggested Krebs was becoming elite and that VGK missed out by trading him in the Eichel deal. That is a stretch imo. I do think I’m correct that a team like the Sabres has more room for him than the VGK at the present.

        • That wasn’t directed to you. That was directed to everyone who was saying he was shit when he had barely started his career. I agree with you that he has a better opportunity on Buffalo because they are crap.

          • Daryl

            He also has less pressure on him which allows him to just go out and play

    • Blitz

      Krebs is a better passer and has better vision to make the pass than most VGK players. I have watched a few buffalo games now and he makes cross crease passes that I never see with this team. He has a ways to go in all areas, but is taking the steps to get there. Buffalo is a hot mess, but they are giving Krebs ice time and some day it will pay off for them and their young team.

      • Good point. How many cross crease passes did you see recently from Vegas? I was watching closely and there were very few. There were some attempts to get the puck to the top of slot but the lack of accuracy is evident. Most of the passes are up and down the boards and to the back of the net. That tells me that opposing teams are easily pushing Vegas to the outside. Attempts to break it have been useless.

      • “Krebs is a better passer and has better vision to make the pass than most VGK players. ”

        I don’t agree with that.

        • Daryl

          I’d say not better than Stone and some of the other guys, but Krebs has looked extremely good since the move. I think Krebs put too much pressure on himself when in VGK. When he went to Buffalo they had lower expectations and he was able to relax more and just play

  4. Daryl

    VGK plays back to back games (Flames) and certain posters use that as an excuse as to why they didn’t look good. COL played back to back and it didn’t seem to matter. I’m sure excuses will soon follow.

    As for the game, not exactly how I thought it was going to go, not necessarily the outcome, but the emotion. I really thought VGK would come out with more energy

    • Nobody is making excuses. I only watched period one so far, but lack of energy by VGK coming out? Not. If you listened to Ken’s game commentary on Twitter he indicated for the first two periods it was as good as it gets in terms of pace and quality of the game as far as fun watching it. Guess you did not see it that way. I mean you seem to come out and bash the effort when really it was something akin to playoff quality hockey. VGK did not manage to score this time but came close several times. Not an excuse but with a new 1C, Stone out and the coach experimenting with line combinations, the fans are ready to move onto the Kings on Friday and beyond.

      • Daryl

        There was a lot of back and forth, but COL beat VGK to just about every loose puck, they won most of the board battles and according to the announcer COL controlled more of the offensive zone. VGK had some good chances but minus a few solid chances, VGK never really looked like they had a chance to control any part of the game. And notice I didn’t mention Eichel at all in any if this

  5. Galdom

    I have no comment on Eichel. To say something negative is absolutely ludicrous since the guy has just played his first game in one year. It would also be insulting to do so and I think the human race deserves better.

    I thought they played a somewhat decent game, not great. I think they were the better team for the first 25 minutes then Colorado slowly took over. Colorado is not looking for a goalie by the way. Darcy Kuemper is pretty good. It’s a tough break when you only get 17 seconds of Nolan Patrick and then you have to mix lines the rest of the game. I would’ve preferred a better second and third period since Colorado was on the second of a back to back. Laurent Brossoit played a strong game.

  6. So, the PDB “shell game” was uninspiring. A bit confusing for the players. And a disappointing lack of scoring. The shuffle experiment was less successful than hoped– maybe with time . But rather than shuffle the entire lineup for Eichel, maybe coach can find a way to fit him into OUR game and working lineups. Eichel will be an asset ANYWHERE PDB puts him. But I feel we should stay with what works, and what the players are confident with. Points and wins are sure to follow.. just my view…

  7. THE hockey GOD

    I have one excuse- the team was off too long.

    They are certainly not getting any breaks , putting Brooks on waivers and seeing Patrick go down. No breaks at all. Not like the breaks they were getting their first five seasons. The worm has turned.

    What is this PLOP PLOP PLOP the sound of ??? The owner(s) staining their panties. Why ? Ten million down the toilet. For an elite player advertised, the skill set was not there. No speed, no stick handling, no checking, no shots (well one). Ok, he hasn’t played in what , a year ? Still no evidence of life.

    For ten million they could have gotten no. 92 of AVs.

    That is this the sound of “ROFLMAO” ? The buffalo sabres and their fans.

    What is this the sound of BAM BAM BAM. The door shutting as GMGM and co GMGM leaving the building.

    What is this the sound of RRRRR SHOOOOSH RRRRR ? Trucks driving the franchise to Regina in the next 3 to 5 years.

    What is this the sound of ? Empty seats at T mobile. The ten million dollar man did not inspire much in change in attendance.

    This franchise is in trouble if things do not turn around in next couple of weeks.
    Flames in first with two games in hand, Kings and others breathing down their necks. VGK skilled players not performing at same level as opposition skilled players.

    The skids will hit the fans sooner than later, methinks.

    Disappointing to say the least.

    Any one see the Florida game, and repeated references to the “bad ice”. Now that was an exciting game.

  8. knights fan in minny

    fun game to watch tough loss LB had a good game in the crease the squad had chances kuemper slammed the door shut

    • Julie

      I liked Brossoit too. Only 2 goals and that was in the 3rd. He held them off as best he could. I wish the scoring was a bit better.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @Julie, yes . Goal position is not the issue with this team. Despite many people trying to say it is. No. 1 in Henderson has been playing, despite letting in five goals in a 7 to 5 win recently.

  9. Vic

    Colorado clearly an elite team playing at their peak right now. They throw the puck around exceedingly well, especially in the O Zone where it looks like the puck is on a string. They have great speed, sharp passing and anticipation of where the puck is going. The D to D passing is astounding of course when Makar is involved. The VGK hung in tough without 2 key D men, with only 11 forwards, and if not for Kuemper, they may have stolen a point or 2. Amazing that Hutton has been so solid this year. Petro third star….I don’t think so. Carrier played more like a third star. MacKinnon a visit with the league for the knockout elbow to the head? Should be. Was it a major penalty? Doesn’t matter as the VGK probably wouldn’t have scored. On to the next game.

    • The hockey GOD

      Agree Vic. Petro sucked fog Doo Doo. More troubling is that no one on Vgk stepped up after that vicious hit to head. Vgk turning into Regina wussies rightin front of our very eyes.

      • Blame McCriminal for shipping Reaves out. Kolesar is a pussy and most of the fights he has been in he’s gotten his ass kicked.

      • I assume you know where Regina is LOL

        • THE hockey GOD

          some place I can’t get too in my boat !!

          Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The city is the second-largest in the province, after Saskatoon, and is a commercial centre for southern Saskatchewan.

          European settlement began in the 1880s as an agricultural community and served as a distribution point for farm materials and produce. As the settlement grew and became established, it was renamed Regina (latin for “queen”) after Queen Victoria, who was the British monarch at the time. Regina became a city in 1903.

    • Blitz

      Hutton has been awesome and gets almost zero credit in these comments. Even RR a couple of post down, took the time to list all the defenseman with Cogs included but no sign of Hutton. The guy is making $760k a year and is the best defensive defenseman on the team with Marty and Whitecloud out. I don’t get it. Sure Mcnabb makes thunder hits and the other dmen score every once in a while, but if you want a guy in your d zone, at this point in time, you want Hutton. Cogs flubbed like 3 clearing passes last night and put the team in more trouble. He is a defensive liability and turns it over alot. The comparison is not even close. Sorry for the rant, but good post Vic, I agree.

      • LVsc

        I totally agree on Hutton. He is a far better dman than 52, he can play on any pairing and in any situation, and he is a bargain

        • You know what, you are right. Hutton plays great quiet defense. No big hits, not a shooter, not a fore checker. Sort of reminds of #88 now gone…..except for the bubbling personality of course.

  10. So, now, all you McCrimmon & DeBoer ass kissers now are backed into a corner. The Kings are up next on the docket. DeBoer has to win this game convincingly. He stands back there behind the bench with this smug ass look on face as if he is coaching at a Cup level. What he has is a bunch of high paid individuals, a team with zero chemistry and worse — zero identity.

    I can feel that I told you all so moment coming on.

    The good news? The team is still loaded with some very good talent on the big club and in Henderson.

    Just dump McCrimmon and DeBoer and the future could still be saved. Getting out of Cap hell won’t be too difficult.

    1-It’s too bad, but Smith has to go before the trade deadline as the first step.
    2-If Stone has a back injury it could be a career ender. Retire at age 30? He’ll never play at the same level if the injury is bad.
    3-Lehner’s a bust and at $5mil he’s way overpaid to be a backup. This one is tough because the only way to move him is to eat some of his salary. A legacy to McCrimmon.
    4-Janmark has been pretty invisible and there are good options to replace him from the Silver Knights.
    5-The team is set at C now with Eichel (1), Stephenson (2), Karlsson (3) and Roy (4).
    6- Defensively the team has some good talent although injured (Petro, Martinez, Theodore, Whitecloud, Hague, Coghlan plus some good talent on Henderson.

    The next few weeks are going to define the team this year. There will be no Cup this year. VGK will make the playoffs as a bottom seed or a wild card with a first or at best second round exit. And this is my cup half full feelings.

  11. Frank

    Tough to tell. Colorado is an elite team right now. We hung in the game with them. Brossoit was solid, despite giving up the two goals – one of which he had absolutely no shot on stopping. The theme remains – VGK can not put the puck in the net (and they had some really good looks in that game). Judgement reserved on Eichel, but he did not have “it” this game (a hard ask for a guy that just came back after surgery and a year off). VGK are contenders, but right now are not looking like Stanley Cup material.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Frank, I hear ya buddy. But team is also touting their Russian (?) coach that is supposedly great at bringing players back from layoff. No 67 hasn’t been flashing the ice either since he came back.

      They have a whole month and half to figure things out.

    • A reasonable assessment Frank. A lot can change between now and the postseason, hopefully in favor of the VGK. They definitely need to do better.

  12. Blitz

    Apparently I am in the minority and think Vegas played well and it was a good game and entertaining for 50 min. LB was great, but Kuemper was stellar. Landeskog’s goal was sick, ridiculous, and damn near unfair. Their PP goal was how PP goals should look from a talented offensive team.

    Vegas had offensive looks and high danger chances all night Kuemper and the post shut them down. VGK’s offensive game sucks for the most part, but I thought it generated some great chances last night. The negative, patches is still invisible.

    Dudes already down on Eichel, really? His first game in well over a year on a new team/system and against a top team. He was fine, especially early. He will be fine going forward.

    Not impressed with the 2 min penalty on Mackinnon. League always cries about head injury and cracking down etc. It deserved a 4 min penalty at the very least or Mackinnon taking one to the head, just like it.

    Summary: AVS are a top 3 team in the league, VGK simply is not. Vegas played hard and stayed with them for 2+ periods. AVS ultra talent finally broke thru, the end. Fun game to watch, but wish vegas could have scored at least a goal.

    Fun time:
    –MacKinnon, Landeskog, Rantanen = 22.5 mil cap
    –Eichel, Pacioretty, Dadonov = 22 mil cap

    Who are you taking?

    • Frank

      Easy…. MacKinnon Landeskog and Rantanen all day everyday and twice on Sunday. No disrespect, but Dadonov does not even deserve to be mentioned with the other 5 players……

      • knights fan in minny

        agreed frank

      • Blitz

        Agree about Dadonov, but sadly this is our L1 for the foreseeable future. Even more sad is that Dad out played Patches last night IMO. I guess the many injuries this season have taken a toll. I *think* Eichel can pull both of these guys right again with time, but at 7 mil and 5 mil cap hits these guys need to be much better.

    • Galdom

      Yup. What Blitz said.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i am taking

      guy lafleur.

      BTW they should change the name of the Norris Trophy to Bobby Orr trophy, he was way better than Norris by a mile.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    @blitz, I would agree mostly, but AVS starting taking the game in hand about half way through. And most of VGK chances in last half of game I would not consider high quality scoring chances. Mainly one and done plays.

    If Hutton is best d man on this team , then this team is in serious trouble.

    • Blitz

      This team IS in serious trouble. I said Hutton is the best ‘defensive’ d man on this team ‘right now’. I also said with Marty and Whitecloud out although I would argue that Hutton is on the same level as Whiteclould defensively. Martinez is probably a better defenseman when he is not crying to himself about his scar and making excuses why a cut to the face has kept him out all season, but he also makes like 6x the money. Petra could be that guy if he didn’t think he was a wing, abandoning his position and giving up high danger chance after another. Theo is defensively deficient. McNabb maybe. Hague no, probably close but a much slower skater. Coghlan fuck no.

      • Daryl

        I agree with you Blitz, although I would say McNabb is better, but either way, defensively, those two have been playing the best. Petra, Hague and whomever else you want to mention are too focused on offense.

        • Blitz

          I have no problem with McNabb being better, he probably is. Just trying to get a point across. Hutton has been very good, but no body (sometimes Ken) gives him any credit. Agreed there’s no flashy offense here, just solid defense in the d zone almost what a defenseman should be. 🙂

  14. THE hockey GOD

    WHY DOES A TEAM CLAIM A PLAYER AND THEN PUT THEM BACK ON WAIVERS (a team that needs a forward , btw) , they got another deal going ?

    Brooks is back on waivers for #LeafsForever
    If nobody claims him, they can assign to AHL
    If anybody but #VegasBorn claims him, he would be on their NHL team.
    If #VegasBorn claims and nobody else submits claim, they can assign him to their AHL

    Got it?

    no my head is spinning

    • THE hockey GOD

      ok Toronto wants to send Brooks to minors, so in order to do so they
      have to run him through the waiver mill once more.

      So we’ll see if a) someone else wants him or b) if Vegas really wants
      him back and will put in a claim for him

  15. THE hockey GOD

    i can see the writing on wall for the worst post season (if they even make the post season)
    – covid
    – injuries (trading for damaged goods- 61, 67, 9 and fringe over rated players – boris and janmark
    – other teams got a ) whole lot better in same time frame b) hot
    c) goalies standing on their head d) none of above e) all of above.

    I was expecting a BIG bounce back from Flames game, got 30 minutes of hockey at most. And a very rusty team with no timing. Very little coordinated puck control.

    And what’s up with 81 on PP. They had him down low by the red line. He should
    be in high slot, off side of circle ready for one timer.

    I have lots of issues with this last game, lots of them.

    Someone may marginalize body hits, and say well statistically they don’t do much in won loss column. But on the ice they matter, they can be a momentum changer. The stats say a lot of things, one thing not mentioned is that VGK has gotten out hit. And their injury toll has risen because of it. (except for blocked shot that broke the chief’s (No. 2) foot. )

  16. Blitz

    I was just googling to see when the next game is and saw this article title:

    “Avs make Eichel return a moot point in shutout win over Cap-circumventing Vegas Golden Knights”

    Interesting what other teams think of VGK and we technically aren’t even to the real cheating phase yet. I mean Stone could be back in 10 games and we would have to trade, but I think it is clear to all what is actually happening.

    So even worse is if you click on the article the picture they use is disgusting, seriously:

    (if you don’t want to click on it, the picture is Patrick laying damn near unconscious with Mackinnon skating away)

    • ColHockeyNow is a highly meanspirited organization. Reminds me of Fox News. Probably other cities have equally nasty hockey media, however.

      • THE hockey GOD

        fox news does not report on hockey

        you were probably thinking of CNN or LSDnbc, or maybe one of those alphabet stations ABC, CBS, CBC or perhaps the old Don Cherry show on Hockey Night in Canada?

        Twitter? Twatter? Facebook? The drudge report ?

        • Pistol Pete

          Fox News is mean spirited imo. That was the parallel. Nothing to do with hockey.

          • Pistol Pete

            Mean spirited was the Fox News parallel. Like this forum at times
            I’m afraid.

          • Daryl

            There is absolutely no difference between Fox News and CNN… The fact that you would even bring up politics and more so Fox News says a lot

            On that note, I thought about fkyikkg out to see some friends still living in COL and then driving up for a VGK game but due to gas prices being so hi, I don’t know if the extra cost is worth it

      • Daryl

        Really? Fox News? Sorry, but not even close

      • Hoss

        Mean spirited stfu and put on your big boy pants this us hockey

      • Hoss

        Mean spirited stfu and put on your big boy pants this is hockey

    • Good article Blitz and right on which is the sad part. No rose scored glasses there. I wonder when Foley is going to say enough is enough as much as he wants to win the Cup integrity has to come to the forefront sooner than later. They don’t have a team capable of winning and they.just keep spending money like drunken sailors. You can’t buy team spirit necessary to win the Cup and the disparity which exists almost preclude that from happening.

  17. This board has it’s share of whiners, bashers and contrarians. I know…I see the VGK only through rose-colored glasses (the biggest message board cliche of all time lol). Damn…brutal here a fair amount of the time. Why do I bother except to pick up an insight here and there (even once and awhile from posters I don’t favor). Guess I hang in there–peruse for the insights and only respond when it’s worth taking the time to do so. If I disagree and know the debate will lead nowhere (happens a fair amount), don’t bother.

  18. Turk Broda

    it looks like several veteran VGK players are “Toews-ing” their way into an over-30 downhill slide from injuries and age and wear and tear.

    I don’t even recognize Patch or Stone or Karlsson any more. they look like they lost a step and a bunch of desire after their injuries this year.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I expect a big bounce back in next game

      hey wait a minute, I said the same thing after the bashing by Flames.

      • Blitz

        The flames got good (didn’t see that coming) and the AVS are top 3. It sucks to lose to them, but better teams often win is the sad truth. Now you are right I too expect a bounce back next game vs LA. If they can’t beat the lessor teams to keep in the mix…

        • Pistol Pete

          All this going back and forth and how good teams are—all that matters is how things go come playoff time. Teams that look like the best now are often not the ones to advance. We should all know that by this time.

          Excepting a couple reasonable posts, this game elicited some of the most inaccurate, biased VGK-hating commentary I have yet to see here. Obviously participation in this forum includes a segment that resents this organization’s early enduring success. One of the darker sides of human nature—jealousy breeds resentment and hatred.

          • Blitz

            What fuck are you talking about? You need a tissue or something? Perhaps bowling is the sport you should follow.

          • THE hockey GOD

            HEY I LIKE BOWLING
            don’t pick on BOWLING. I nearly bowled a 300 game once. Except the pin setter nailed the 10 pin bowl to the floor and it wouldn’t topple even during a 9,0 quake !!

            How about curling ? OR corn hole tossing ?

            BOWLING?? please.

          • I have a 299 bowling ring and a watch for winning the GA State Championship in bowling 1998. 11 straight power strikes and then a solid 10 wrap around on the 12th roll.

      • A footnote: I attended Thursday practice…goalie Thompson was the only G practicing. Thompson took a puck hit right to his…privates..down on his knees for awhile. Obviously in a world of hurt, frustrating him, and he had to STOP after a few minutes. If he ends up hurt. Then we’re down to one gialie..OUCH!

  19. Pistol Pete

    As Jason indicated in his piece in the Petro podcast, that was a playoff-level type game. I made the same claim earlier.

    • PP – if that was a playoff performance then be afraid, very afraid. The difference in performance on the ice was a lot different than the score or the shots on goal indicate. The Avalanche, on a back to back, completely dismantled VGK in every aspect of the game except goaltending. Brossoit played great in goal or it would have been 5 or 6 to nothing.

      Too many faces too fast. Stop mixing the lines and put together a lineup that will be the one going forward, especially lines 1 and 2 on offense and top defensive line.

      Tonight the VGK will face off against the Kings in what I believe to be a must win situation. They haven’t scored in more than 139 minutes. That needs to change and needs to do so in the 1st period. This team is packed with talent but they are not playing together with any chemistry or identity.

      • Pistol Pete

        I know you’re right R-R the VGK got outplayed at a number of points in the game but they could have scored about three or four more themselves if not for Keumper. That’s not an excuse just the way it was. I agree though there are issues in chemistry and execution and if so the coach needs to address that.

        What I want to understand about Gallant is why did he not call-out in game 7, why was their overall level of play in season 2 significantly lower than season 1, and what about the malaise in season 3 losing 4 in a row after clawing back into first place? He was absolutely the perfect man for the inaugural season but then struggled mightily.

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