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Recap: The night began with a wonderful video tribute to Blackhawks goaltender and Vegas fan favorite Marc-Andre Fleury. Vegas didn’t take long to get going as Ben Hutton scored his first of the season five minutes into the game.  

Chicago picked up the pace in the middle frame scoring one early and one late. Fleury stopped all 12 second period shots to hold a 2-1 Blackhawks advantage. 

Fleury silenced Vegas’ offense in the final period to preserve a 2-1 Chicago victory. The former VGK goaltender was sharp in net stopping 30 of 31 total shots on net. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 23-14-1 falling 2-1 to Fleury’s Blackhawks. Vegas next faces the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday night. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Uninspired is the word that jumps to mind to describe this game for the Golden Knights. On a night where you’d expect them to be rearing to score on their buddy, they just looked like they were content to play an easy game and it didn’t turn out that way for them. It’s not often we see three consecutive periods without the passion needed to win in the NHL, but that’s what we got tonight. (Recap by Ken)

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*** Shea Theodore
** William Karlsson
* Ben Hutton


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  1. Daryl

    The Hawks had no business being in this game but VGK looked like they would all rather be somewhere else. A very disappointing game to say the least. This should have been an easy 2 points. I get that VGK plays in the pathetic Pacific but that is no excuse to give away points like they did.

    • TS

      I was rooting for Flour, but was very disappointed that Reaves wasn’t played by the Hawks…

      • Are you as CHILDISH as you seem, dude?? Exactly HOW OLD ARE YOU? Your continuing immaturity in pretending to be ME is PATHETIC. As an educator, I would guess your age at, maybe, 13 or 14. GROW UP!!

        • Alex

          Uh, “special ed” isn’t an educator…it’s a babysitter…hence the abysmal pay per Transparent Nevada…

  2. This was just a game where VGK did not roll over their opponent as they basically did NYR, however to say they were not there is not how I see it—there were chances some good saves by Fleury, missed the net etc. In viewing the condensed game at I would say VGK could have won the game by a goal or two, just was not in the cards. Not an excuse, but in a good season teams lose around 25% of the games and they can be against teams with bad records—this was one of those.

    • With respect to motivation, however that may apply, TOR will be a big challenge and I would expect more of a NYR type game albeit not as lopsided in the score. The team will know that have to beat teams like TOR to go all the way—motivation or whatever. Like Ken, I shy away from assigning degrees of “effort” as I don’t think a lack of it per se ever really explains an outcome..

    • PPete – I was sad to see Vegas not tie it up and have OT and shoot out that would have made it more interesting. I can say without reservation MAF could play a very long time with a good team in front of him as his athletic ability hasn’t declined much. If Kelly isn’t kicking his ass getting rid of Fleury and keeping the walrus he should be, but that would show he made a bad decision which obviously he would never admit. Wait till MAF is playing for Edmonton, if that happens, with their fire power up front, and Vegas’ inability to adjust, not sure Eichel’s presents, if or when will help much – Just a thought and by the way that doesn’t make me any less than a huge supporter of the Knights.

      • Daryl

        If MAF can somehow find his way to EDM, they are going to be a scaring team…

      • Pistol Pete

        Fleury did have a great season that amazing first VGK season. In the end it was not enough—-not saying he was the not enough. If course there was the SJ game 7 debacle where he allowed 4 goals in under 5 min.— again not saying he was the not enough. Then there was the MTL game 3 gaffe. Whatever the reasons, VGK was not winning the Cup their first 4 seasons with Fleury on board. Lehner is sort of in his third VGK season and the jury is still out.

        • What is truly interesting is everyone seems to forget mistakes take place all the way down the roster including the coaches and also whether you want to believe it or not it takes a team to win the Cup. Unfortunately for any goalie every team has a fall guy and goalies are an easy target. Go back and look at all the situations mention Pete you may find it wasn’t just a goalie. MAF in your example above who was the entire reason they didn’t go further. It is amazing people don’t recognize the fact that he was responsible for getting them to the play-offs. I hope you notice mistakes that can come with Eichel on the ice – he is also human and bound to make mistake or two. In my humble opinion Vegas can’t win the Cup with the walrus in goal but like you said the jury is still out. I will also add if by chance MAF were to go to Edmonton Vegas will not get by them if it comes to that. Only time will tell. Keep smiling Pete we may not agree on things but that is ok.

          • Blitz

            MAF was the main reason we even made it past the first round last year. Everyone seems to forget this team shit the bed in the first period almost every game that series and Fleury was stopping high danger chance after high danger chance until the team got their legs and started playing in front of him.

            The Avs series he was awesome too and a big part of that win. Lehner played the most embarrassing game I have seen him play, in game 1, but got to write it off as being rusty (and maybe he was, so be it).

            Drives me crazy, because almost to a man, VGK stunk in the MTL series and the PP was no existent.

            MAF is still an elite goalie and holy crap is he agile AF. We could have had him for pennies on the dollar next year, but instead we got a mental case, a high dollar backup, an overpaid old d man (who missed most of the season to this point), and a offensive guy that is supposed to fix the power play, but hasn’t been close. BUT at least they pissed off and alienated the fan base.

          • We agree it takes moe than goaltending to win a Cup and yes without Fleury it’s doubtful VGK would gave made it to the Finals. In the end his goaltending was not enough but what else is new?

        • Daryl

          I think that is a fair assessment. VGK doesn’t get where they did without MAF but that is also true of how the team played together as a whole. Them not winning with MAF isn’t the fault of MAF but the fault of the entire team, including the coaches.

          Now, I personally do not think RL is as good as MAF. I don’t think VGK really has a good chance with RL or PDB, but if they don’t win the Cup it won’t be because they have either of those two, it will be because the team as a whole was not good enough to win the Cup.

  3. JR

    No one wants to state the obvious? Ok, I will. They kept the wrong goalie!!!

    • knights fan in minny

      you could be right

    • That has been the obvious day one – thanks for bringing that to everyone’s attention as I know many would disagree with you on this site. Something to do with looking at the world thru rose-colored glasses and reality.

  4. Pistol Pete

    Pacioretty and Eichel are the only true snipers on the roster. It helps to have one or the other, performances like that vs. NYR notwithstanding.

  5. Richie-Rich

    The Hawks 2nd goal was on Lehner. From long distance he just misjudged it once again showing his inconsistent glove. The defense played well enough to win, the offense was putrid. This was a winnable game. I just don’t think there was enough passion for this long awaited reunion with MAF.

  6. Justin

    I’m new to watching hockey and don’t know much, but wow Chicago’s goalie looked really good. He was cat-like quick and battled so hard. He recovered in a split second every time a puck was shot at him. And his glove saves were so effortless and sure handed, where it seems our goalie can’t catch the puck many times w his glove.

    Wow if only the vgk could ever acquire a goalie like that…. Of course I’m probably dreaming because management of smart teams would never give up a goalie like that… Would they???

    • TS

      Im new to hockey too, and I see what you mean! I did miss the 4th period however when my station cut away after 3 for some reason

    • sb

      MAF is writing that endorsement check to you right now. Pretty obvious set-up.

  7. Richie-Rich

    It was simply raw justice that Fleury would outplay the younger and not-as-good Lehner on this night. It was even more eye opening to see an easy to stop 2nd goal get by Lehner’s glove as the game winner. Lehner is indeed younger and cheaper, and on this night it showed.

    Kelly McCrimmon will forever be hated by many fans for how he dealt Fleury and Gallant, notwithstanding the business side of these deals. No need for the Fleury haters to comment on this post. It’s just one fans opinion and I have a right to it. So, just move on.

  8. Vlad

    No cup coming to Vegas this year

    • knights fan in minny

      how do you know

      • Alex

        Because this moron left all her personal information on this site, so not believing even VGK fans could be that dumb, I used google and looked her up…now, I would never repost that information herein a rare moment of non-dumbness, she removed the info…but I would never repost it…would not be cool…making fun of this super ignorant fan base is easy and hilarious…

        Super dumb, broke and lonely sad woman…typical VGK fan base member

        I will give her one thing, however…unlike you, she does not appear to be a virulent racist…

        • knights fan in minny

          was i talking to you no i was not you piece of shit human being crawl back under your rock george was a thug

        • knights fan in minny

          only racist against trash like you get to thugging boy

        • Daryl

          Daryl Dalton…. I live in NLVG. I was born around 1975. I’ve got no issue posting my personal info for anyone dumb enough to come find me. I won’t give my home address but I’ll give an address I’m willing to meet anyone who wants to show up, even if it’s to play a thug sport like basketball

  9. mcart

    after a great performance vs NYR, we get this unacceptable display of play down to your opponent level hockey.

    no, this was Demko part 2

    iow, the crappy Blackhawks, a miserably weak team, who were on a bad losing streak, just deployed the old trap routine on the Vgk. They played hang back, containment, clog the middle defense….and the Vgk just meekly complied with their opponents…. by playing listless, soft, meek, and weak perimeter hockey…a disgraceful display of futility, on home ice, by the Vgk.

    This was reminiscent of the playoff failures vs Vancouver and Demko (yes, I know the Vgk barely won game 7 but were stifled for games 5, 6, and 7 by the tactic) , Dallas and Khudobin, and Montreal. the same tactics were used by those teams with the same results. Just trap and the Knights fold like cheap suits.

    Where were the board battles, the rebound goals, the tip ins, the wraparounds, the crease chaos, the scrums after whistles, the driving to the net and drawing a penalty??? huh?

    no, they were all missing because the Vgk just went through the motions, with an embarrassing display of perimeter half-effort.

    This gives me no confidence at all that anything will change in this year’s playoffs, because it has been proven again that all an inferior opponent has to do is trap and hang back and the Vgk will meekly comply with their tactics.

    PDB= Pretty damn bad

    RL= really leaky

    • Tim

      mcart, well said not much to add and this doesn’t make us Debbie Downers it merely shows our weaknesses that never seem to be corrected. Read my post below hits on all your topics.

    • sb

      The difference will be a hungry Jack Eichel. Remember, this guy was Captain of his former team. He is a extraordinary, talented leader and is motivated to become a Champion. Just turned 25. He’ll be leading this team by example for the next 10 years. He doesn’t play at half speed. I am certain he will push Stone, Pac and Piet. He won’t sit back. He will lead. He took a lot of s____ to get outta Buffalo. He wants to win. He’s that difference maker that brings the Cup to Vegas.

      • Oh brother another Eichel savior believer – what he was or wasn’t, is no guarantee as to what he might or might not be going forward -that is reality. I sincerely hope he brings to Vegas what believers want to think but I can also state it will take more than a Eichel to have a parade down Las Vegas boulevard. Just remember there is many a slip between the cup and the lip and anything can happen.

        • hdbiker I suggest you try “reading between the lines” a little bit when it comes to these bullish Eichel statements. Do you really think we don’t realize nothing is guaranteed? Geesh. The point is, any rational VGK fan should be excited when it comes to the arrival of Jack Eichel. I’m pretty sure you are in that camp, its just that your neverending berating those who are bullish really doesn’t accomplish anything, in fact you’re only potentially setting yourself up to eat crow.

  10. knights fan in minny

    the boys played uninspired flower did his job

  11. Arnold Rothstein

    the fix was in

    pretty obvious the boys didn’t want to embarrass the visiting goal tender.

    Arnold, undefeated for season, next game will be a winner for TEAM ARNOLD !!

  12. Tim

    I tried to tell you all yesterday that to win a Stanley Cup win or lose you need a 60 minute effort. You of the Shane Hnidy belief you can’t play like that every night. Hows that working out for you January’s homestead were 1-3 but that’ fine to some of you not me. Yesterday we had 60 minutes of no effort and to be in the arena except to pay tribute to Flower you might as well flush the money you spent on your ticket down the toilet. I watched Toronto and Colorado yesterday Toronto was in complete control winning 4-1 then they played scared Colorado double shifted there stars and beat them. The Toronto announcer like some of you after the game made the all to familiar statement of at least we got a point. Thats why Vegas and Toronto will never win a Cup because you need the killer instinct and neither team has it. I believe Tuesday Toronto will come out smoking after there embarrassing loss to Colorado and we’ll be 1-4 to start January. For some of you that’s OK because all we have to do is make the playoffs and magically we’ll turn into this dynamo team and march through the playoffs. You are how you play and you can listen to Shane Hnidy’s bullshit and I don’t care if he played that’s a loser mentality. You can quote any team and say well they lost to so and so it happens. It happens when you give a good effort but to have very little effort it will surely happen like last nights Chicago game. Keep believing there are games you don’t have your jump and I’ll show you a team looking forward to the draft when they get eliminated from the playoffs.

    • THE hockey GOD

      I tried to tell you yesterday that these players are not machines and can not play, in your own words “balls out” every game. Impossible, to expect as much is not realistic. And if done, will lead to immediate burn out and flame out in second season.

      • Daryl

        I expect these professionals to play has hard as they can EVERY game. While some games they may not have the same jump as they did in previous games, that doesn’t mean it’s ok to take a game off. As long as they give their entire effort, even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it, then they are doing their jobs. But at no time is it ever acceptable to take a “play” off and not give it their all

    • I watched the game. There was plenty of effort. Things just did not fully gel that time. Learn from mistakes and move on.

  13. LVsc

    To account for the disparity in games played, let’s look at the real Western Conference standings……… by WIN %

    1 Colorado .710
    2 Nashville .667
    3 Minnesota .667
    4 St Louis .643
    5 Vegas .618
    6 Calgary .606
    7 Anaheim .581
    8 Dallas .581
    9 Winnipeg .561
    10 Edmonton .559
    11 Los Angeles .557
    12 San Jose .542
    13 Vancouver .515
    14 Chicago .414
    15 Seattle .364
    16 Arizona .258

    • LVsc

      So, if the VGK were in the Central division, they would be in serious danger of missing the playoffs.

      also, when have the VGK ever been so awful at home?
      12-9-1 = putrid

      they were 21-5-2 last season

      22-11-4 in 2020

      24-12-5 in 2019

      29-10-2 in year 1, 2018

      • Justin

        Comparing last year vs this year not really hard to figire out when you consider most of the losses are 1 goal losses and our goalie last year gave up a full 1 less goal per game than our goalie does this year. That equates to a lot of wins, home or other. Really as simple as that.

      • sb

        Much of that is explained by the injuries to Line 1 players. Missing Martinez and his overall terrific play really adds to the losses. March will be a very good month for the team in the standings. Goaltending ………… the weak spot on the team. Gonna have to win games 5-4, 4-3.

        • THE hockey GOD

          goal tending is fine, weak spot is d , and forwards not coming back to back check. No 7 has been terrible for past few games.

        • Daryl

          Considering EVERY other team VGK has face has had those exact same issues, it sort of makes the argument invalid. Yes I know VGK has missed more players than other teams, but all teams have been short. Some have been shorter than VGK at times.

          But you are right on the goaltending… that is a weak spot for VGK

    • THE hockey GOD

      points percentage is preferred calculation, per NHL site under column header P%, check it out.l

      • Daryl

        He said win% but what he was showing is points% ….. he may have used the wrong term but his numbers are correct.

  14. LVsc

    Vgk save %= .904 which is tied with the lowly Buffalo Sabres for 22nd in the league

    Blackhawks= .899 which is 28th in the league

    • LVsc

      High Danger Save % measures goalie saves on tougher shots

      VGK high danger save %= 80.71 which is 5th worst in the league.
      only NJ, Seattle, Montreal and Ottawa are worse

      • Pistol Pete

        I would like to see Thompson get some starts. It’s not a stretch that he could supplant Brossoit and move up from there.

  15. Tim

    You guys give me a headache with your percentage bullshit all that matters is you get the W. During the coarse of the year no one gets more shots per game then the Knights but if there routine shots into the goalies pads or breadbasket who cares there not going in. All that percentage garbage is nonsense give me a team who take half as many shots but there quality shots any day. Big game tomorrow anyone want to bet on the outcome. Toronto 5 Knights 3 is my prediction and I’m being kind at 3.

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