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Recap: The Golden Knights allowed a goal under a minute of the game for the first time this season. The Blue Jackets added another on the penalty kill to carry a 2-0 lead after the opening 20 minutes.

After some heavy pressure Keegan Kolesar scored his first of the season to get Vegas within one. Kolesar’s goal was the only scoring change in the period and the Golden Knights trailed 2-1 after two periods of action.

Vegas began the 3rd period on a power play but the home team couldn’t get one across. However, Reilly Smith tied the game shorthanded with his seventh of the season. Mattias Janmark broke the tie picking up his first goal of the season. The Golden Knights scored three unanswered goals to defeat the Blue Jackets 3-2. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 11-7-0 and go 5-1-0 to finish their six game homestand. Vegas travels to St. Louis for a Monday night matchup with the Blues. Puck drop is scheduled for 5 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a tale of two games. Vegas couldn’t do much of anything right in the 1st period, but they completely turned it around in the 2nd and continued into the 3rd. After being unable to win any board battles, struggling to exit, and giving up loads of chances, VGK turned it on in the 2nd and flipped the script completely. They were excellent for the final 40 minutes and got help from a timely shorthanded goal by Reilly Smith.  (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Columbus Blue Jackets game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Utilizing the long change to flip games in the 2nd period
  • Series of in-depth PK breakdown videos (next week)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Laurent Brossoit
** Keegan Kolesar
* Reilly Smith



Golden Knights Adding Variety To Power Play Entries


Adam Brooks Set To Make VGK Debut


  1. Justin Fisher

    I had a dream… a crazy dream….

    I dreamed that Keegan Kolesar scored…

    I dreamed that he scored by lifting the puck rather than hitting it into the goalie’s pad …

    This had to be a dream right?

  2. Pistol Pete

    If we can just solve these slow starts. Nice to see KK finally put one home. Janny rewarded for nine shots! Another impressive depleted roster win…is this team deep or what?


    I know, Roy better as a C. Multitude of possibilities for 4th.

    • Pistol Pete

      Yes will hate to see Reilly go if that is how the FO has to do the cap. Seems like it will have to also be Martinez or Theodore. Would hate to lose either. Is Martinez on a no move contract?

      Tell you what though, Eichel is going to be worth it. That extra scoring punch is what is needed postseason including PP.

      • PP. – you have no idea at this point whether eichel is the savior you are under the impression he will be. It is wishful delusional thinking. You can hope all you want but that as you know won’t translate into reality. Sit back let’s see how it turns out and concentrate on who’s on the ice at the moment

        • A healthy roster is top drawer without Eichel imo so it’s not a matter of being a savior, he’s just likely to add the missing element that will make it more feasible to go all the way. Might be able to do it without him. Look, expert concensus is VGK has been missing a #1 C. It’s that simple. Imo it’s more speculative that he won’t be productive and fit into the system than that he will. Research ADR yourself and you’re likely to conclude it’s the same as replacing the damaged disc with a new one that will function normally for a lifetime.

          And I am concentrating for now on winning with the current roster, but it’s not possible to not consider future ones.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @PP 3rd and 4th liners make difference in playoffs, everyone knows how to stop the no. 1 line in playoffs for the most part.

        • Pistol Pete

          3rd line: Janmark/Stephenson/Roy
          4th line: Carrier/Howden/Kolesar

          Looks pretty deep to me.

          4th line wildcards: Cotter, Leschyshyn, Patrick, Rondbjerg (many think Kolesar needs to go but we’ll see,
          his scoring could still improve)

          • THE hockey GOD

            except three quarters of players you mentioned have been playing on first and second line !!! Carrier isn’t playing at all now.

            projection into the future is useless at this point in time.

  3. Galdom

    Isn’t it nice to see Keegan Kolesar have a bit more puck luck?

  4. John W

    My quick takes:

    1) Great work by Brossoit. A very professional back up Goalie. Looks like he can be trusted. Important.

    2) We need to find a way to keep Reilly Smith. Clutch scoring and very defensively responsible. Hopefully he won’t have to be sacrificed on Jack Eichel altar.

    3) Coughlin got out-played by Hutton, (by every defender for that matter) Very weak in the first 18 games. Starting to think his future might lie elsewhere.

    4) Sure, Kolesar scored, but the credit goes to 15. At this point, I would take Ronjberg, Howden, or Cotter over Keegan. Fast and works hard, but hands of stone.

    5) Another great coaching job by DeBoer. Need him to continue as he re-integrates the injured players back into the mix.

    10-3 since our 1-4 start.

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah, Brossoit, he’s a decent backup.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @John W
      agree with all, but on your point #1 – he was shaky in first period and he was having issues handling the puck because a) rusty from not playing b) players not used to how he handles puck. More than once no7 went back to talk to him after he mis played puck. Hutton is not the best on D either. Coupling 17 and 52 is not good practice. I said a few weeks ago if 52 blew another shot I ‘d eat my hat. Now I am down, not one, but TWO HATS. And both on same shift. He’s still a young kid, I remember no 14 screwing up a lot in his first season. I would give him another season under his belt before passing final judgement.

  5. Blood and guts, our young guys are amazing. Every team has injuries but we have been gutted, decimated. We just need to be strong, our young guys are hungry, this is their chance. Keep us in the hunt. As an aside, these young guys could become good trade prospects, to pick up future draft picks. All these Silver Knights have stepped up, we have a deep organization, it’s a good problem to have.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Mark, I really like play of no. 15 I think he’s been most consistent of bunch. Jones didn’t show much in first game. Penalty he took was stupid.

  6. Timothy Sudick

    Just wanted to say that I am ecstatic with our team so far this year. I know there are a few haters/trolls on this board who hate to give any credit to anyone who wasn’t on the inaugural year team (let alone the coaching staff & front office), so too bad that they can’t enjoy this fantastic recent run. Every night, we field a team that is about 50% of our ideal starting lineup, and the rest are made up of HSK’s and waiver claims, but yet somehow we have an 11-7-0 record so far. Even if we were 7-11-0, I would be fine with that, based on all of our injuries. Absolutely love that different “B-level” players seem to step up every game. And if anyone doesn’t think that our Lehner/Brossoit combo in goal has been overall rock solid (especially considering all of the high danger chances we have been letting up this season), then they are hopeless MAF-nut-huggers. My goal would be to keep the record at or above .500 until Karlsson/Marchy/Martinez/Pacioretty/Theodore are all back (Eichel will come later, and is hopefully icing on the cake – although I realize that means letting either Dadonov or Smith go), and so far they are exceeding that target. Go, Knights, go – Go Knights, go!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      the myth of GG being a “players coach” was shredded in last game as he tore into his star player on the bench in front of the whole world to see.

      • Daryl

        Bring 3a players coach doesn’t mean you don’t lay into your players when they need it

        • THE hockey GOD

          “players coaches” do not rip into their players publicly especially in the manner GG did, this was a not a player’s coach move by any stretch of the definition of “player’s coach”. It’s a cheap shot move , and everyone who saw it knows it.

          • Daryl

            I guess we have a different definition then…. I guess a players coach isn’t supposed to coach and tell at his players

          • Daryl

            Maybe PDB should have ripped into his players tonight after that performance!!!

      • Awww, did the star player cry crocodile tears? Give us a break. Your outright disdain for Gallant is awful. Gallant has taken VGK further than DeBoer and that’s why fans like myself will hold him in higher esteem than DeBoering and his shit piss poor power play.

        Maybe DeBoer should get a little bit pissed and light some fires under some players.

        • THE hockey GOD

          post was about player coach, that myth dispelled, which you did not address

      • THE hockey GOD

        “I guess we have a different definition then…. I guess a players coach isn’t supposed to coach and tell at his players” For the idiot that you are, you wouldn’t know the difference based upon your posts here. I think it is clear that you think a “players coach” is one who embarrasses their star player in front of international audience NOT !! That is NOT definition of a “players coach” btw, not even close.

        • I could care less the personality of the coach, just effing win. Bear Bryant of Alabama is my idea of a “Coach”. Players don’t want a pal, they want to win. If they’re going to bitch and whine then ship them off to Arizona and let them howl with the Coyotes.

        • Daryl

          Nope, a players coach isn’t allowed to light a fire under his teams’ ass when they aren’t playing up to par…. they are supposed to cuddle their players.

          A players’ coach stands behind his players and defends them when the FO tries to inject their will into what a coach should do. PDB is a yes man to the FO, Gallant was not. There is your difference…

  7. Thanks Ken for another excellent Periscope. On the concern of the challenge of Eichel fitting into the team’s (DeBoer’s) system, I will be blindly optimistic and project that Jack will develop into a top level 200 ft. player. Because Buffalo was obviously a poor defensive team for all of Eichel’s tenure there, and because he came in as a star offensive talent, he did not have sufficient motivation or the team defensive system to develop into a top level defensive forward. Jack is a smart guy and will have plenty of time to study the system and work with the coaching staff to prepare himself for integration even ahead of when he starts skating again which should be around January 1, 6-8 weeks before he’s ready to play a game. He’s already keenly aware the DeBoer system revolves around two way forwards and that he needs to address his shortcomings. Think of all the games he’ll be watching and the tutoring and consulting that will take place even before he’s ready to skate. Jack has a golden opportunity here to be a driving force to win a Cup. I will be surprised if he does not develop into the level of two way forward and play the System that the team needs to win a Cup. It would not surprise me if he comes out the first handful of games as the rust is coming off his game and show he’s playing the system.

    One of differences here vs. a normal trade where the player is not on LTIR, is that coming in on LTIR provides a long interval to learn the team’s system ahead of playing. It’s like taking a semester of classes.

    • Eichel’s -69 is a testament to playing 375 games in a lousy defense structure. VGK is the opposite.

      • Just to clarify I should say Eichel will be ONE of the driving forces required to win a Cup not the only one. A team is many moving parts. That the VGK has been missing a #1 C is beyond dispute. It’s definitely A piece.

      • Daryl

        -69 is also a testament to a player that almost exclusively plays offense. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing or talking bad about him, but he also part of that defensive unit that you say wasn’t very good

    • Jake

      Eichel playing in Buffalo with poor stats and something to be desired =

      Any offensively talented player in the NFL playing for the Detroit Lions and accumulating dog crap stats.

      Same graveyard, different things to toss around, pucks and footballs.

  8. KnightFullOfStones

    Must say, I was really thinking Dadonov would be just some used up player who was basically a body to throw at the net, attract a defender away from one of the stars, or just spell one of the “big dogs” for a bit… man oh man I have surprised myself and him me…He seems to really have a nose for the puck, and whether it be dishing or scoring or having very good scoring chances, he is always right there in the mix. I really think one thing SORELY missing last year was people crashing the net and getting a screener in front of the goalie/following up on loose pucks/poorly handled shots…offensive rebounds are GOLD in basketball and just the same here. Look at Kolesar last night and Dadonov’s goal Thu for two quick examples… we need more of this and he seems to be leading the charge and others are jumping in as well after seeing his success so BRAVO! Also, I admit I am intrigued by the whole split Eichel/Stone/Pacthes up into basically a 1a and 1b line instead of a 1,2…. I think its actually a great idea especially as you can keep trying diff players in the spots other than those three until you finally find your Golden Geese lol. I am REALLy enjoying one of the ONLY great things to come from this injury onslaught that we have been enduring and that is the fact that we get to watch these young players who would other wise be getting minimal and NO NHL ice time play there damn hearts out and really bring some of that excitement and emotion that most veterans lack (besides Stoney of course lol). Even just the slight, albeit it noticeable disregard for their own safety that some/most of them have when it comes to playing/taking risks….for example… last night I was loving seeing a random Golden Knight go charging towards the G or a Dman when they are waiting on a line change or waiting to kill time/set up… Most veterans wont waste this energy trying to bumrush the other teams guy because it has such a minute chance of having any affect on the play that would benefit your team and it wastes energy, risks injury flying at someone who you are 99% sure is gonna sidestep or pass right before you reach them… but some of these younguns dont really care lol. i love it. Even how they will go FLYING into someone to finish a hit, obviously missing the chance to get possession of the puck even if they did knock the man off the puck,…but that wasnt their goal tbh. They just wanted to show that they can be physical, and if you cant get your minutes or arent on the ice enough to showcase your skills effectively enough then you gotta show PDB that you are worth considering keeping around when/if there is an open spot when the regulars are healthy. A bi product of these “cannonball runs” as I have taken to calling them lol, is that the other teams man was rushed into passing badly, stick handling poorly, or even just freezing up and absorbing a much harder hit than they should have about 50% of the time just because they were soo surprised and caught off guard by these younguns using this somewhat-useful-in-AHL-“skill” on them. Granted this isnt something I think you could gameplan or continually use, but thats probably even more to the point…. its not planned, there is no reactive move that you have practiced before against that because its not something your rarely EVER see at this level…..but ill tell you guys what….Almost like a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade it was so damn refreshing to me seeing the utter commitment and fire come through. Keep it up guys, we notice and appreciate all your cannonball skillz!

  9. knights fan in minny

    no one hurt thank god

    • THE hockey GOD

      no. 2 took a puck or stick to upper body and had to leave in period 3, but came back. We will see if this is lingering issue.

      Best part of the game in my opinion was RL STANDING UP from his back goalie perch on the bench AND YELLING at (his team? other team? refs? I have no idea), but after that the VGK really picked up their game. He was not happy about something.

      PS and that play was OFF SIDES, have no idea what the call on THAT WAS? Player bringing puck BACK ON SIDE ? I don’t know what rule book says about that. But 26 was clearly off sides before bringing puck back in o zone ON SIDES>

      • THE hockey GOD

        “The Blue Jackets challenged for offside. According to the NHL Situation Room, the play prior to the goal was ruled offside, but the linesman did not whistle the play dead. The officials could not review that play, but only the latest entry from the Golden Knights, where Janmark was ruled onside.”

  10. Blitz

    Great win last night! Fun to watch when this team owns another team after going down 2 in the 1st.

    Random Thoughts:
    -Reilly Smith is so good. I say it alot of games, and will continue to say it. I don’t see this team being better without him. I would take two 5 million dollar Smiths over one 10 million dollar Eichel. I still feel like that is what the year one team was. A bunch of middle tier high value low/middle cost guys.

    -Ben Hutton, I will say it again, the guy does his job really well. He is defense first. I watched him like a hawk last night. He absolutely owned the area around the net. Broke up a ton of o zone passes and turn them the other way. Disrupted guys trying to get in scoring position. Got the puck going the other way cleanly. He even had some chances offensively (shots) and did a good job keeping the puck in and distributing in the o zone. Anyway, non scoring, non offensive d men get no love here, so I am going to change that. Cogs continues to not look like much to me. If VGK sees what I think I see, I imagine Hutton becomes the 7th d man. Maybe even a replacement for McNabb (cough cough Eichel fallout), but we’ll see.

    -I would not have gave Kolesar a star last night. Maybe because he finally scored ???, if you look at it individually and not as a team award. His goal was good, but that feed from #15 was stellar to set it up. Without that feed he would still have 0 goals. He did raise the puck off the ice, so I will give him some credit, it was a nice goal and we needed it.

    -I think Janmark should have been the 2nd star, if not 1st. He had his first goal, had one strange one called back (rightfully so). He had *9* shots on goal! The dude was very noticeable all night. Glad to see he is finding his game.

    • Pistol Pete

      Sorry Blitz, two Reilly Smiths does not equal one elite #1 center. But…I hope they find a workaround so they can hold onto Smith. He’s always been an important all around asset.

  11. Tim

    Another team effort equals another two points. It’s a good thing were keeping up because the Pacific division is really competitive. St. Louis and Nashville on the road and hopefully when we come home for Edmonton next Saturday we’ll have Patch, Marshy, Theadore, Martinez, and Carrier back baring anymore injuries. It will be interesting who they send down if all these guys come back by next Saturday.

  12. That first period was completely flat, but credit Columbus for coming out strong. VGK was pretty much focused on positioning and mechanics and were completely out of the flow of the game.

    I was in my seat in Section 11 Row M. The effort in the 2nd and 3rd period was great.

    Power play?
    Still sucks.

    I am not sure why Brossoit gets a star. I would give a star to Kolesar for figuring out where the actual net is on the ice. Hopefully he’s imprinted that on his brain.

    • THE hockey GOD

      stone really sucked, especially in first period. surprised you didn’t jump all over his case.

      • Not Stone’s best performance for sure. I have no issues with Stone’s game other than the entire first line just disappeared late in the playoffs last year. Petro had a shitty last year but began to pull it all together late in the playoffs and has played great since. Nope, never been down on the top line at all.

        Other than a Cup, VGK is getting what they paid for.

      • LVsc

        totally agree. and i like Stone, he is one of my favorites. but truth is truth. Stone looked like the bad Montreal playoff version of Stone in the first period.

        He needs to have an opponent make him mad to get his game going, just like when little Garland submarined him, or when the Columbus player knocked him down in the 3rd period, and he jumped right back up with a vengeance.

        Stone is just too mild mannered at times, and he is NOT at his best when he is coasting and playing soft on the perimeter instead of driving to the net.

  13. Tim

    The Reilly Smith dilemma one of our most loved players who besides Mark Stone was a favorite to be made our first team captain. With an expiring contract of a little over 5 million does he have to go with our cap situation? I’m sure he knows he’s on the hot seat and I’m sure he’s concerned. To rectify the situation would he take a two year 3 million extension. I’m sure he could get more on the open market but he’s been here 5 years team seems to be heading in the right direction and it comes down to how much he likes living in Vegas. The only issue with that is Dadanov is making 5 million for this year and next and how would that sit with him? I guess if not welcome to the New York Rangers.

    • THE hockey GOD

      what Smith dilemma ? He wears the A, stop projecting into delusion. It will only rot your brain.

      • Can’t you ever stop with the personal attacks? What is wrong with you.

        • THE hockey GOD

          i didn’t attack anyone personally, “it will only rot your brain ” is not a personal attack. geez.

      • Tim

        THG, what you miss on my posts or anyone else post is it’s fun to project who may leave, who may stay who. may be brought up. Your missing out on the fun by being serious about things we have no control over. Why would having fun giving ones opinion rot your brain if anything it stimulates the brain.

    • Let’s face it. VGK is in CAP hell. It would be difficult to retain the services of #19 even if he puts up 60 points this year. If Smith were to put up numbers in that range there is no doubt that he’s going to be looking for a pay raise. The problem is that the VGK bank account is dry. In terms of CAP space the VGK FICO score is under 400.

      It’s possible that Smith could bring in a #1 draft pick and more in 2022. I hate to see him go, but his future as a Knight does not look promising. When Eichel gets activated, it would likely take a lot of player movement (Kolesar, Carrier, Janmark, and possibly a player like McNabb) to just get CAP healthy WITHOUT Reilly Smith in the mix.

  14. vgk21

    Great comeback win.

    Who would have thunk that after 18 games, if Stone and Karlsson had a total of one goal between them, and the team would have 8 players out injured, including almost ALL the top guys on the team, that the Vgk would be at 11-7

    kudos to the Henderson kids who have filled in admirably

    • THE hockey GOD

      CBJ completely imploded, forgot to play D for last half of game.

      • THE hockey GOD

        I thought VGK TV announcers were bad, that was until I caught the broadcast from CBJ home team TV announcers. TERRIBLE !! The worst in league of homer announcers. But still have a way to go to catch up to worst of worst, ESPN.

  15. sb

    Regarding the Cap situation, have some faith in MGT. Notice that even after the Eichel trade, none expressed concern over the Cap. After four years of success, give these guys some credit and have faith they have a plan. Of course they have a plan. That’s why they went ahead with the trade. Smart teams learned a lesson with Tampa’s sidestepping the Cap. McCrimmon hinted at this – “you never know who might be on IR.” He telegraphed the strategy. Don’t be surprised to see VGK take all the Top 9 forwards into the Playoffs including Smith, just like Tampa did. Foley, McPhee and McCrimmon have been pulling off miracles since Day 1. Have faith and get your spot reserved for the Cup Parade down LV Blvd on June 10th.

    • I would take a look at what I could get for Smith at the deadline. Other left handed players who might take over for Smith:

      * Dadanov
      ** Cotter

      HSK prospects left handed

      Neither Dadanov or Cotter are legit 2nd liners yet but I can see him or Cotter eventually filling that role.

      At some point FO has to think about the ages of both Stone and Pacioretty and thinking longer term. But, yeah it would be nice to be able to have Smith for a Cup run!

      • Daryl

        Let’s be honest, the FO doesn’t care about the long term future. They want to win now no matter the cost down the line.

    • Daryl

      You mean they have a plan similar to last year when we had to play with 15 players?

      • Tim

        That plan cost us the Presidents trophy and probably contributed to us running out of gas in the Montreal series.

      • Tim

        Here I disagree with you we’ve got some young guys coming as in Ivan Morasov and Brandon Brisson who look very promising plus what we have down on the farm. I think were loaded with D-Men and these two will help our forward situation.

    • Galdom

      Management is usually making the right call. And with Seattle’s lack of success it further reinforces that

      • Daryl

        Can’t really compare VGK and Seattle

        • THE hockey GOD

          sure you can, Galdom just did. VGK is outlier, for any other comparison to any other expansion team. A testimony and tribute to FO and success achieved proving it is not easy to do.

          • The 1st year is definitely a tribute to Foley, McPhee, Gallant and the Misfits. Will never forget.

            McCrimmon gets to join that group (at least for me) when he wins the Stanley Cup. Till then……. his legacy is nothing more than a junior hockey coach and general manager

          • Daryl

            Tis comparison, as you lik to always say, is apples to oranges!! Try again

          • THE hockey GOD

            this comparison is about as “apples to apples” in sports as one can get, anyone who says otherwise is full of it.

          • Daryl

            So, when someone tries to compare something that you say, it’s apples to oranges. But, when it’s something you agree with it now becomes Apples to Apples!!! That’s good to know.

            When Vegas had their expansion draft it was the first time that draft has ever been done that way. Teams were not prepared for how that draft was going to go. For Seattle, teams were better prepared. Therefore apples to oranges

        • Blitz

          There are major similarities, but I agree you can’t really compare. You can in the sense that they both had the same tools, in place, to work with. Vegas pioneered this style of expansion and because of that got to take advantage of teams panicking. “Don’t take an unknown player, instead take this player and we will give you this player too and/or picks.” Take Reilly Smith and Marchy so you don’t take ???. Wow! Take Wild Bill, a 1st round pick, a 2nd round pick and David Clarkson, so you don’t take ???. Wow wow!! That was a huge mistake that teams learned from this time around. Teams also got wise and tried to leave high salary players out there to protect highly probable targets, knowing that the high salary players probably wouldn’t get picked up. On the flip side, I think Seattle had way more high end players to choose from if they wanted to put themselves in cap hell year one.

          It was interesting to see the two drafts. I have to admit I am glad Seattle didn’t replicate the success.

        • THE hockey GOD

          So, when someone tries to compare something that you say, it’s apples to oranges. But, when it’s something you agree with it now becomes Apples to Apples!!! That’s good to know.

          When Vegas had their expansion draft it was the first time that draft has ever been done that way. Teams were not prepared for how that draft was going to go. For Seattle, teams were better prepared. Therefore apples to oranges…..

          both teams had same set of NHL rules apples to apples

          • Definitely NOT apples to apples. VGK was exempt this draft, plus teams learned from the first round in 2016.

          • Daryl

            I guess you didn’t read much about the expansion draft where EXPERTS from everywhere, including Canada, said you couldn’t compare what VGK did compared to what Seattle would need to do… AND WHY!!!! Apples to Oranges. It’s actually that simple, just listen to ANYONE who doesn’t call himself thg

  16. Galdom

    I was against the Jack Eichel trade. Especially seeing as some of our prospect depth is further along than we thought. However, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. We need to get over that final four hump and get back into the finals. So in that respect I certainly understand the Eichel acquisition and I support it since I trust this front office. I for one have loved the work of the front office from the inception of this team. I know a lot of you don’t share that opinion which is fine.

    • So, you were against the Jack Eichel trade but understand it and you support it since you trust this front office.

      Which is it? Against it or support it – or both?

      Or are you like me? I was against this trade and now that it is done I am hoping Eichel returns to the ice at the same level of performance. I’ll jump aboard the Eichel train and Front Office Trust train if it all works out and brings us a Cup.

      • Galdom

        I guess like you. Originally against it because next year our third and fourth lines may be madee up of minimum wagers and I didn’t want to be top-heavy like Toronto which can’t pass the first round. But I’m coming around now that I see we can have cheaper guys round out the roster next year

        • THE hockey GOD

          I too am against it, and before I am for it I would like to see Eichel perform. Therefore until that time comes I am against it. Considering that they gave up three players for one player, that is a very difficult pill to swallow.

          enuf said

  17. Galdom

    I think the Vegas Golden Knights do a good job of moving players off the roster at the right time. As fans we can have opinions but it’s a good thing we don’t actually run the team because most of us due to human nature make decisions based on emotion. Ryan Reaves, Nate Schmidt, Marc Andre Fluery, Erik Haula, Colin Miller, James Neal are all examples of players that didn’t overstay their welcome. If it was up to the fans Fleury would be our starting goalie into his 40s because he is so “likeable”. In a strange way these injuries could have been a blessing in disguise to be able to view our depth. Richie Rich is not wrong about assessing the future of Smith and Pacioretty and their ages. The only thing that annoys me is the lack of return in moving these guys. Since other teams know we have to move them we don’t get much.

    • I actually was of the opinion that MAF would play 2 more years before handing off the responsibility to Thompson, but the FO decided to go in an entirely different direction that likely won’t even include Thompson. I believe Thompson is either a RFA or UFA at the end of this season.

    • Thompson will be a RFA at the end of this season.

  18. Daryl

    I’m with you… You keep MAF for a year and resign him to a much lower contract and wait for Thompson to take over. Reaves was a fan favorite but he needed to go. I would have like to of kept Haula. Neal would have been a good pickup for 1 more year.

    Some on here just want to bring up MAF when we say VGK shouldn’t have signed RL. The two are not related

    • The only reason I bring up MAF is in the context today of what VGK FO will do with Logan Thompson after this season. MAF is gone and its water under the bridge. The bigger question is whether or not Logan remains a Silver Knight or is possibly brought up next season.

      Brossoit is signed for $2.23million this year and next. That likely means at least 1 more year in the minors for Logan – or he’ll be sent packing off to another team in a trade, possibly with Reilly Smith? Logan is getting $800K this year for playing for the HSK.

      It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • THE hockey GOD

      your perverted love affair with MAF is well documented here, and your mind is closed because of it , that being you said your head is buried so far up MAF’s keyster you can’t see the light of day.

      • Daryl

        Wait… I didn’t think we were allowed to reply to posts that weren’t directed toward us!!! That is what you said, isn’t it???

  19. Galdom

    Here is the thing with goalies. I don’t know about you guys but I have watched hockey my entire life and I honestly cannot figure out if a goalie is good by watching him. I rely almost exclusively on numbers. I’ve seen goalies that look really funny like Hasek who looks like he’s having an epileptic seizure but is very effective. In regards to Laurent Brossoit, The eye test tells me that he plays a more positionally sound game than Fleury or Lehner yet he is a back up.

    Bottom line about Robin Lehner is that he stops the puck. He looks funny doing it but he stops the puck. On the NHL .com website I did some research and took all of the goalies since 2017-18 who have played at least 72 games. A total of 60 goalies qualify and Robin Lehner is 8th in save percentage. Five years is a pretty good sample size. Marc Andre Fluery also ranked very high at 12th. Lehner has done this in front of both good defences and weak defences like Chicago.

    Lehner’s .919 save percentage is tied with Hellebuyck then ranks just ahead of guys like Tuukka Rask, Semyon Varlamov, Frederik Andersen and Marc Andre Fluery.

    Long story short. Lehner makes the saves

    • THE hockey GOD

      a good goalie is as good as the defense in front of him, an exceptional goalie is good despite the defense in front of him

      Fortune cookie of the day: Cornfucous say “man who eats crackers in bed, feels
      crummy all day”

    • This is great analysis Galdom and I thank you for it, but, the question that still remains to be answered is that if Lehner is so good, 8th on the list, then why has he never found a home? Why has he been bounced from team to team?

      Too many questions remain about that point alone.

      Then there are the other obvious flaws in his game that fans like myself question (slow, inability to move quickly from one side of the net to the other (what I mean is that he’s not just slow, but likely the slowest in the NHL including backups), then there is the inconsistency with his glove.

      All of these things add up to wondering if Lehner can actually take a team through all of the Stanley Cup rounds and win a Cup as THE #1 GUY.

      Sure, he may be #8 based on overall long term statistics, but that’s not what I am looking at. As far as Brossoit goes, I agree. I don’t think a team has ever given him a chance to be #1. Of course, as fans we’re not experts. Logan Thompson is also very sound in his game, but he’s still in the AHL.

      And that’s my unqualified opinion. The way I change that is when Lehner plays a full season and takes this team all the way without the obvious flaws getting in the way.

      Just Win Baby!

      • Galdom

        I think the reason why he wasn’t given a chance until he came to Vegas is because he looks funny just like the Blackhawks gave up on Hasek because he looked odd. (Style). I agree with everything you said. Takes too long to get up when he goes down, very awkward. It doesn’t inspire confidence. But somehow he gets the job done. I think he had five shutouts for us in the playoffs in the bubble.

        Should be a good game against St. Louis tonight.

        • St Louis definitely can bring the high quality danger chances. It will be a good test for Lehner. Just make sure Hague and Petro are on the ice to cover Lehner’s slow / back side. They have 3 high danger shot saves already between them with Lehner in net that could have been the difference of 4 points in the standings.

        • Howard

          All of the above is wrong – RL wasn’t signed anywhere because of his well-documented mental issues, namely being bi-polar. VGK decided to take the risk and sign him longer term, nothing else to add to this.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @howard, I would add one more thing to it, VGK FO gave RL plenty of time to see how he would perform knowing fully well that one of the two goalies had to go. MAF was the one who had to go, RL proved himself over the tenure of time when he and MAF were sharing the goal. IF he did not perform , RL probably would have been the one to go.

          • Daryl

            In order for RL to be gone someone had to pick up his long term contract, which would have been extremely hard if impossible.

          • THE hockey GOD

            In order for RL to be gone someone had to pick up his long term contract, which would have been extremely hard if impossible.>>>as impossible as someone picking up MAF’s contract ??? Players are dealt in NHL everyday, and it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Take your ill timed hate trolling elsewhere, it won’t fly here.

          • Daryl

            Awwww did someone get their feelings hurt??? If you think a team taking MAF with one high year left on his contract after winning the goalie award was going to be harder than trading a journeyman goal in a long contract you are completely delusional!!!

          • One thing is for sure. This is the last stop for RL. If he doesn’t pan out here his marketability will be shit. So, let’s hope for his sake and the fan base that he does win a Cup here in Vegas.

            At this point that is the best possible outcome.

          • THE hockey GOD

            Awwww did someone get their feelings hurt??? If you think a team taking MAF with one high year left on his contract after winning the goalie award was going to be harder than trading a journeyman goal in a long contract you are completely delusional!!!

            >>ur a fucking idiot, your posts prove it, go troll someone else a$$hole, my reply was to howard not you dickhead

          • Daryl

            Awwww… someone is a little butt hurt and embarrassed b/c he was shown to be wrong so you comes back with personal attacks and foul language. HAHAHAHA

      • Galdom

        And the very last thing on goalies, I hope Lehner takes us all the way but it pains me to say that Fleury let us down a bit against Montreal. That picked handling gaffe was not a minor thing. That was absolutely soul crushing. We could have been up 2-0 in that series.

        • I have to agree on MAF. The 4 goals against “not a major” moment and the Billy Buckner puck gaffe against MTL was devastating to VGK. Who knows, we may have had 2 Stanley Cups already if not for those!

          MAF had a great career and we love the player, but I for one am wondering if VGK is headed in the right direction in terms of goal tending. I am very high on the future of Logan Thompson. I am obviously not convinced about Lehner (but that could change) and I think that bringing in Brossoit was a mistake even though he is a great back up. VGK likely could have had Thompson for $1.25million instead of the $2.3million they are paying Brossoit. What’s a million dollars? Well VGK is in CAP hell and they’re going to have to make some major adjustments when Jack returns, unless they keep him on LTIR until the playoffs.

        • I guess they could trade Brossoit at the deadline and bring up Thompson as back up to help clear some cap space. Smith, Kolesar and Carrier are also options at the deadline to help the CAP problem. I would have to do the math, but Smith is $5million, Kolesar and Carrier are likely close to $4million between the two of them. That’s $9million. Brossoit’s contract would likely be what would put them over the top – if they think Thompson could fill that back up role.

        • Daryl

          Here is my issue worth that comment. I would 100% agree with you if two things had happened. The first, if that mistake put VGK behind and they lost because of it. That goal only tied the game. VGK still had the rest of regulation and OT.

          Secondly, and the main reason, VGK came out and won the next game. How can anyone say VGK couldn’t get over that mustake when they won the next game?

          If you use that excuse, then you could say VGK never got over the 6 goals and loss to COL. Or, do you remember early in the playayoffs when Petra tried a cross ice pass and it was icked off which led to the game winning goal? Maybe VGK never recovered from that play

        • Howard

          2 to 1, not 2-0

        • Blitz

          Fleury f-ed up in one game and the team couldn’t make up for it. The team fucked up most of the MIN series and Fleury made up for it. The entire 1st line disappeared the MTL series. The entire team power play disappeared the MTL series ~0~ PP goals in 6 games.

          To blame a goalie for one mistake when the only reason you are even in the semi-finals is that same goalie is fucking asinine!

          • Daryl

            THANK YOU!!!!

            Now be prepared to be insulted by the blind clan

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ blitz, MAF’s 7 million a year, and didn’t bring the cup. Time for him to go after RL proved he could play. MAF was ran out of Pittsburg for the same reason. MAF screwed up too many times. In finals against Caps he screwed up big time. AGainst Dallas he came up short, against Wild he made a gaffe that nearly cost them game, and against HABS his gaffe sucked all the momentum from team in close series. All the real NHL fans back east called it for what is was. Billy Buckner play in playoffs. MAF blew it, he was getting paid 7 million a year, he was here year after year after year. He didn’t get the job done. And his AGENT was the worst. Him and his agent cost the team a valuable pick or player. MAF did no favors to this fan base or for the FO . He was a cry baby whiner when he wasn’t playing, he and his agent put out a back stabbing cartoon which did no good for team. Certainly not a team player. Good riddance to this cry baby, after reviewing all the damage he did to this franchise I am glad he’s gone. Those are the historical FACTS. IT was much more than ONE MISTAKE when you consider the whole history of this sorry sack of shit. Anyone who can’t see that if fucking insane.

          • Daryl

            I guess THG’s love affair with RL will show us ALL!!!! According to him, MAF made all the mistakes and is the reason why VGK didn’t win the Cup. He doesn’t blame PDB for anything and every other mistake made meant nothing, ONLY the mistakes the MAF made. He probably spent a lot of alone time when VGK finally shipped MAF out….


            Once again, The Walrus gives up 4 goals, 3 in 3 minutes. Too slow. He also had his D make two saves for him on high danger chances. The score should by 6-2 right now.

            Teams like St. Louis will always expose Lehner’s faults. The only way VGK can beat these teams is to outscore them.

    • Daryl

      You should never rely exclusively on stats. Stats are easily manipulated and very seldom tell much of the story.

  20. Speaking of Jack Eichel:

    Buffalo selects Jack Eichel 2015 draft:

    LIke Connor McDavid, still improving, not peaking yet.

    • This was the same year the Sabres acquired Lehner.

      • Obviously the potential difference maker for Jack will be being on a good team. As I mentioned earlier that his two way game will improve and quickly is a no-brainer (imho).

    • Wow, this guy isn’t peaking and is already on the stage with Connor McDavid. Let’s put him on a box of Wheaties too. Why not? Oh, and put Kelly on the box with him crunching down on those flakes.

      Come on man. Keep your hopes reasonable. That way, if his post-surgery performance isn’t back to 100% you’re not disappointed. I’ll start getting excited about Jack when he gets through the major milestones.

      – Get back to skating
      – Full contact
      – Taking that first big major hit in an NHL game
      – Getting back to his goals per game average

      I’m not celebrating just yet. Yes, I see the cup half full – not full or overflowing. Connor McDavid……


      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Rich rich, you see a cup ??? I don’t see a half empty or half full cup. The cup is still in the sports store , sitting on shelf, waiting to be purchased. Let alone being half full or half empty, it is sitting there fully EMpTY at this moment in time ! 🙂

  21. Buffalo has to be the dumbest sports enterprise in all of history (other than the New York Jets NFL team) to let Eichel and Lehner get away. Wait, how many Stanley Cups have their names on it?

  22. Tim

    And the Gold goes to THG 17, Silver goes to Richie-Rich a close 16, and taking the Bronze at 12 we have a tie Pistol Pete and Daryl congrats out of 83 posts you 4 have made 57 of the posts. So 26 posts were spread out between all the other posters. Now we know who the windy guys are HaHa.

    • THE hockey GOD

      ty , and where does Tim , and Doc stand ?

    • Wow, not much to do eh? I am making money in crypto and in the market while you’re busy counting up how many posts people are making.


      • Tim

        Richie-Rich at 76 what else do you suggest I do? One thing I have is time since I made it out of the service at 20 every day is a holiday since then. I lived a different life then you everyone has to walk his or hers own path.

  23. Eichel outperformed McDavid on 6 of the 8 combine tests. Pro Agility Left and Wingate (bike) were the two where McDavid scored higher than Eichel. Of course it can’t be disputed that as it stands today McDavid is the higher performing hockey player.

    Eichel had the highest combined score (176) of all participants in the 2015 Combine, finishing in the top ten of seven of the tests.

    • Pistol Pete

      Correction: Eichel did have the best performance of all participants scoring in the top 10 of seven of the ten tests, however the total score of 176 is not accurate. That was his score on one of the tests….there is not a total score for the event…not that I know of. Anyways, Eichel is one hell of an athlete.

  24. Tim

    THG, I try to come up with new ideas not the same old shit and I do it in fun not nastiness like I told you keep it a fun site. Big game tonight but as we know there all big games with our makeshift team who by the way I’m very proud of.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim I don’t have issues with you, it’s idiots like Daryl who repeatedly troll and jump on responses not made to him that are nasty ones. That is why I reply with tongue in cheek to you, and with nastiness to idiot Daryl who repeatedly trolls here with stupid posts.

      • Tim

        THG, No problem talking Knights is fun but to beat the same subject to death it’s time for a little humor. I’ve heard enough about DeBoer, Management, and Lehner how they all suck to last a lifetime.

      • Daryl

        Sorry, I didn’t know this was a liberal site where were don’t have the freedom to past and reply to anyone…. Thanks for the info

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