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Recap: The Golden Knights returned home from their four-game road trip to host the Buffalo Sabres. Vegas didn’t wait long taking the lead scoring :33 seconds into the game. Reilly Smith scored his 12th of the season to make 1-0 VGK. Brett Howden doubled the Golden Knights lead late in the opening period taking a 2-0 edge into the first intermission.

Jonathan Marchessault notched his 20th goal of the season with an early period power play making it three-goal advantage. Keegan Kolesar stretched Vegas’ lead to 4-0 with a shorthanded goal. Former Golden Knight Alex Tuch broke through late in the frame to get the Sabres on the board. 

Captain Mark Stone regained Vegas’ four-goal lead scoring in front of Buffalo’s net 1:14 into the final period. The Sabres snuck another one by Robin Lehner to get within three. However, that would be the last goal and the Golden Knights went on to win 5-2.

The Golden Knights record improves to 27-16-2 defeating the Sabres 5-2. The NHL All-Star break begins giving Vegas a week to rest before their next game. The Golden Knights next game is on Tuesday,  February 8th in Edmonton. Puck drop against the Oilers is set for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Sabres are bad. The Golden Knights are good. The game played out exactly this way it should have with Vegas taking an early lead and then controlling the game throughout. (Recap by Ken)

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*** Reilly Smith
** William Karlsson
* Brett Howden


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  1. Daryl

    I am surprised that RL was in net. I really thought that Thompson, or ANY other goalie would have played. This is the first Buffalo game I have watched and I knew they were bad, but holy cow are they bad!!! I think they could be the worst team in the NHL. VGK should have gotten a shutout, not blaming any player, just saying as bad as Buffalo is, they never should have scored.

  2. Tim

    The old adage a win is a win. Poor Alex Tuch you could see in his interview he’s very sad he’s not a Knight it’s business but I always liked him. The Shuffle off to Buffalo crowd is in trouble they may have the worse team in hockey. With all there early draft picks they have had through the years there still an embarrassment.

    • Galdom

      Yes. Buffalo still has managed to win 14 games this year. They are garbage but they could still beat you if you don’t put a professional effort. I think there are four horseshit teams that equally bad. Buffalo, Arizona, Montreal and New Jersey. Watched a bit of the New Jersey / Toronto game today and they are really terrible.

      • Those 4 teams really blow. We should thank our lucky stars that we don’t have to put up with getting our asses kicked constantly. That kills morale. If we think about it, our depth has saved the season. We were down about half our team and our younger studs kept us afloat, the AHL guys are really unsung heroes, it could of gotten really ugly early this season. Obviously, we can’t keep all of them, I think, we can trade a few and get some draft picks, they proven they can play, their must be interest, like this horrible team in Buffalo or NJ. God those teams suck. Even the Hanson’s bros couldn’t save those teams.

    • knights fan in minny

      i was thinking the same thing it could be a long rebuild alex has the choice not to resign he is playing great nice shot for his goal

  3. Buffalo really sucks. Like someone said, all these great picks and they really suck. I know Tuch is from that area but it has to hurt getting your ass kicked constantly like this. Family and friends are important, but he probably misses Vegas a little. I know I miss him, he had moments that no other player could have because of his size and speed. Damn, that guy could flat out play. Go Krebs too, WTF ?? We gave you two talents and you guys still suck !

  4. Nothing like kicking a person (team) when there down – real class – thank your lucky stars it’s not Vegas. I felt bad for Tuch being traded he was young, big, strong talent unfortunately hit a little with the injury bug when here but huge potential. He could very well be a player buffalo can build around along with aa couple of others. While l don’t know whether a post l read on this site about Eichel being toxic was fact or sour grapes l hope that’s not the case Vegas doesn’t need any more dissention. Buffalo were winners before they can come back who would have believed vegas was eliminated last year in playoff by Montreal. Show some class Vegas fans there is no point in kicking a team when their down – there is always winners which to have that there must be losers be grateful for being on winning side at the moment.

    • Galdom


      Do you think anybody likes Vegas? Everyone’s jealous of all their success coming so quickly. Let’s see how much respect other fan bases give Vegas when they go through a tough time. for Buffalo to be that bad for so long means they are a loser franchise and the Eichel debacle is embarrassing. I can’t believe that they let the guy suffer for so long instead of letting him get the surgery that he wanted on his own body. And why should an expansion team that has only been around for four years have more depth than Buffalo. What the hell has that franchise been doing for the last decade??

      • Don’t be surprised to see Buffalo be a very good team in the near future. They have the lowest Cap of any NHL team and even had to pick up a control to meet the league minimum.

        • Mike StG

          Agree with Daryl on this. Thompson at 1C, Krebs 2C, also Middlestat. They have a lot of young talent, including Dahlen. And there’s a decent chance they land Wright or Cooley in the draft. Plus they have Power already in the wings. Give them 2 years…

      • 100% agree, it seams when it coming to drafting talent, these guys can’t pick their nose.

      • sb

        Buffalo – bad management and Owner. Vegas – great management and Owner. Rejoice that you are a VGK’s fan. Like Toronto was, two decades of failure. Hard for fans to stick with teams like that.

    • I blame ownership in Buffalo. Why can’t they ever win ? I’ve talked to Buffalo fans and their embarrassed. I feel terrible for Tuch, that young Christian stud never deserved to be traded, but this sometimes is a business. He’s a tremendous player that has absolutely no help. Personally, since I don’t have a trust fund, I wouldn’t pay $5 to watch a team get hammered night after night. We are very lucky in Vegas, we are an elite team 5 years now, Foley and the 2 Mac’s have made good moves though sometimes I get pissed like tossing aside MAF. We know that the Knights are committed to winning, these teams that suck year after year, can they say that ? I work for my money, I will spend it on a team that’s committed to winning.

  5. Tim

    Galdom, Vegas will never go through what Buffalo and the other bottom feeders are going through Why because Bill Foley won’t allow it. It’s that simple we have the best owner who will do what ever it takes to be competitive.

  6. Tim

    On another subject. I’ve been playing GM thinking about our cap issues and here’s my take on how to overcome the problem. First I would sign Reilly Smith for 2 years he’s 31 so I’d give him 4 million per year and keep the Misfit line together for 2 more years. My 3 trade candidates are Alex Martinez ( 31 ) who I love and is a warrior but 3 years at 5 million I don’t see it. My thought is we’ve played basically the whole season without him and I think we have a deep defensive core now and in the minors. Dadonov ( 32 ) 5 million has to go we may have to add a sweetener to trade him but oh well he was a mistake to sign in the first place. My third option would be Patch ( 33 again a guy who hasn’t played much this year and has injuries dating back to last years playoffs. I’m not sure he can stay healthy. I know he’s a sniper but if he’s always in rehab whats the point. We paired dearly to get him but sometimes you got to do what you got to do. By trading Patch you clear up the Jack Eichel slot as I will show below. We need to drop two players wave Amadio, Hutton
    First line / Smith, Karlsson, Marchy ( Now if you keep Patch he’ll slot in the second
    Second line / Stephenson. Eichel, Stone ( line and everyone moves down one slot
    Third line / Janmark, Roy, Carrier
    Fourth line / Howden, Patrick, Kolesar
    Petro / McNabb Now if you keep Martinez he’ll slot in and Coghlan extra D-Man
    Theadore / Whitecloud
    Hague / Coghlan
    I’d say it’s a given Dadonov is gone and you pick your poison between Patch and Martinez and if you don’t like my lineup and you feel Reilly Smith should go that’s your choice but remember this. Boston has the Production line and we have the Misfit line and to my knowledge the other 30 teams can’t claim a distinction known by the whole hockey world except for Boston and Vegas. To me that’s special and I don’t want to lose it.

    • Galdom

      Sounds pretty good. I absolutely love Alec Martinez as well. But he’s very old and very expensive.

    • Don’t see moving Patch–isn’t Matinez and Dadonov enough? That’s Eichel’s $10m. The balance if any can be picked up by waiving a depth guy. Also replacing Brossoit with Thompson is around $1.5m. I’m not worried about this. The FO has had plenty of time to figure it out, Think we’ll be happy with it. Think it will be Patch/Eichel/Stone adding a point a game more than without Eichel.

      • Patch and Stone will be at their most dynamic with Eichel. Could be wrong but I doubt it. I’ve watched Eichel in practice. The shot is unbelievable and it’s clear why he places second to McDavid in the speed contest. I doubt there is a better athlete in the league.

      • Tim

        Pistal Pete, I said 2 out of the three yes Dadonov and Martinez would be enough just had another option only because of patches injury history.

    • Great points, I love the Misfit Line too ! We sacrificed alot for Eichel, hope he produces and stays healthy !

  7. Richard Santomauro

    Tuch is getting a point per game. He’s producing in Buffalo.

    The jury is still out on this trade deal. Tuch’s actually setting the bar for Eichel, a point per game. Let’s not forget that Tuch was a bottom six winger and wasn’t given the opportunity to become a star in Vegas.

    It will be interesting to watch his career going forward in comparison with the great Jack Eichel.

    • Daryl

      I agree with you… It would have been interesting with all the vhk injuries to see how Tuch would have done after moving up on a better line

    • Mike StG

      The other problem with fitting Tuch into VGK lineup is that he is a RW and was terrible playing on the other side. Vegas already had Stone and Smith at RW, so there was no real expectation that he could break the top 6 other than injuries.

      I have no doubt that he’ll be very successful with BUF especially with Thompson at C. They make a great tandem.

    • sb

      Major difference between Tuch and Eichel. Vegas didn’t need another goal scorer. The hole in Vegas was a 1st Line Center who is a set-up man – an assist man. A quarterback. Eichel is a first rate Center who picks up assists. Adding Eichel to Pac and Stone creates a dynamic first line. Maybe the best in hockey. Best move then is to move Stevie to Line 2 and trading Smith. He will get some team to pay him $5 mil for five years, but his goal scoring is declining. Smith is 31. Eichel 25. Team’s getting younger and much better.

      • Daryl

        I wouldn’t necessarily say VGK is getting younger… Yes they have some young talent but look at their star players…. Petra-32, Martinez – 34, Stone – 29 (almost 30), Patches 33, Dadonov-32, McNabb -31, Lehner – 30, Smith – 30….. That’s not a very young team and they are only getting older with some of these guys under big contracts for years to come. I believe VGK is in the top 3rd for oldest average NHL team

  8. Howden keeps rolling, now just shy of half a point per game this season 16/33. Watched him effortlessly glide backwards from deep in the O zone towards the blue line waiting for an opening near the end of the game and realized he can really skate. Are these last few games a flash in the bucket or is he beginning to elevate his game permanently in the direction of his first rounder potential. Carrier/Howden/Kolesar has been excellent.

  9. Tuch:

    152 pts/+22/268 games (.57 pts/game)

    One could argue more points and higher +/- if on top six consistently,.

  10. Vic

    Agree Pistol Pete. After hiding my eyes anytime line 4 was on the ice, the past few games I found myself looking forward to seeing Carrier/Howden/Kolesar. Happy they got almost as much ice time as the other lines for a change. They seem to have a chemistry. Was happy to see Tuch and Krebs look good on a horrible young team.

    • Pistol Pete

      Yes Vic. I have always liked Carrier size and speed even if he’ll never score much and Kolesar is well Kolesar still hoping for some offensive upside. Howden though he may challenge Roy for 3C especially if he can get above half a point a game and stay there. I may be dreaming but he could become a 20+ goal guy. If one compares his first three seasons to Karlsson’s they are about the same. May seem a stretch to compare them but when a first rounder goes on a run it causes one to wonder.

      • Pistol Pete

        A 23 year old first rounder.

        I will totally understand if folks chime in that they just don’t see it. Wishful thinking I know!

      • Daryl

        So, with Eichel possibly taking over 1C and Stephenson moving to 3C what happens with 4C?

        • Richard Santomauro

          1C Eichel
          2C Karlsson
          3C Stephenson
          4C Roy

          • Mike StG

            Err, maybe…

            I’m inclined to think they keep that 4th line together (as long as they continue playing like they are) – Howden-Carrier-Patrick. Then construct a L3 of Stevie, Roy and KK. Roy plays better at center so Stevie and KK would be wingers. Or Patrick on L3 and KK on L4.

      • Guess I sort of forgot with Eichel as 1C moves Stephenson down to 3C assuming Karlsson does not get traded (which is possible). With Karlsson still in and Stephenson as 3C leaves either Roy or Howden as 4C. Roy woud be the favorite with Howden moving to wing. Howden is shaping up to be a keeper wherever he plays and may be more versatile than Roy who seems best at C.

        • Dadonov and Janmark are both possible trades which would free up a wing spot for Howden.

          If the plan is to activate Eichel for EDM/CGY next week we will be hearing soon on the trades.

  11. Mike StG

    A few comments on the comments:

    Tuch: I loved having Alex on the team but you can’t compare him to Eichel. What has everyone been saying the past 2 or 3 years, including some posting here? Vegas doesn’t have a elite C and needs one to win the Cup. Tuch is a winger and there are some plenty of good wingers out there. Elite centers not so much. THAT is why they traded Tuch and Krebs for Eichel. So it doesn’t matter that Tuch scores for BUF, Vegas got their #1 center. Krebs could very well turn out to be a very good C but Vegas is in ‘win now’ mode, not win in 2 or 3 years.

    Signing Dadonov: Contrary to comments often made regarding this, almost everyone agreed that Vegas also lacked depth scoring. That vulnerability was exploited by both DAL & MTL. So (not having any guarantees they could land Eichel) that’s what the FO did. They traded for Dadonov, Howden, Patrick to give their 3rd & 4th lines added scoring dimension. Remember that Tuch would be on L3 with Dadonov and likely Roy (or Janmark). When the Eichel deal was made it changed that whole approach. But it wasn’t a mistake to upgrade their bottom 6. And who cares if you have to give a puck to move a player? Jack is 25, signed for 4 more years. So between him, Wild Bill and the other centers they’re stacked down the middle for years to come.

    Trades for cap compliance: So now they’ll likely trade away some of the depth forwards to make room. It makes most sense to me that Dadonov, Janmark have to go – that’s 7M. Their current roster adding Jack will be 26 and the max allowed is 23. So, right off the top 3 players have to go and that’s 2 of them. That leaves them with another 2.5M or so to cut. So, one more depth forward can go on waivers, hopefully they can keep him and assign to HSK. They could also waive Coghlan or Hutton or perhaps Amadio. But hard to see them trading Marty. They gave him term and he brings a steadiness and calm to the D like no other on the team. He is the backstop that Petro needs to activate with more success. One other option is they could play with a short roster – maybe 22, to help. On Marty, Granger reported that he may be having long term Covid issues, and that could potentially keep him out indefinitely. They have a lot of options without having to break up the misfit line. Like another commenter here I think they resign Reilly Smith, but probably not until all the other moves are made so as to minimize leverage of other teams.

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