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Recap: The Bruins took the first lead of the game six minutes into the 1st period. Vegas competed hard and took several quality chances on net. After the opening 20 minutes the Golden Knights trailed 1-0.

The Bruins extended their lead in the middle frame 2-0 but the Golden Knights responded later in the period. Center Jack Eichel cut Boston’s lead in half with a beautiful drive to the net for his second goal of the season. Vegas was behind after 40 minutes but carried momentum in the second intermission.

Boston turned it on in the final period. The Bruins stretched their lead 4-1 scoring two additional goals. Jonathan Marchessault scored VGK’s second goal of the game but the visiting team tapped in an empty net to seal their victory.

The Golden Knights record drops to 30-21-4 falling to the Bruins 3-2. Vegas’ rough patch continues pocketing only five points in their last eight games. The team will take a quick trip to Anaheim for a matchup tomorrow night with the Ducks. Puck drop is set for 7P.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were outclassed by the Bruins in every facet of the game. It was most noticable in the neutral zone where Boston controlled what VGK were trying to do and it make the game tougher from there. You don’t often want a back-to-back on the schedule, but this one could be a blessing if they can go do what they normally do to Anaheim tomorrow night. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Boston Bruins at T-Mobile Arena.

  • This team MUST get better in zone on offense.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Jack Eichel
* Reilly Smith


“Best Time Of The Year, It’s Balls To The Walls”


Golden Knights “Predictable” Scoring Problems Continue


  1. Galdom

    I think they’re just not that good. Lehner was average at best maybe a tick below, he has to be outstanding right now because the team can’t score. I’m getting tired of seeing Dadonov set up with tape to tape passes and him not doing anything with it. I still don’t think Kolesar should be on the power play but I’m not even gonna get on him because nobody is doing anything.

    This is very sad.

    • Daryl

      Boston and Washington…. Two teams I wish VGK would play amazing games. I can’t stand either of them. You pretty much summed it up Galdom

    • Daryl

      And as much as I agree with you on Kolesar, nobody else is playing like they eaerve to be on it wither

  2. Daryl

    Where’s the Defender???

  3. I don’t have the words to describe just how far this team has fallen from year 1 and 2. That team tilted the ice with speed, crisp precision passing, passion and excitement. This current DeBoering version isn’t worth 25 cents on the dollar for my season ticket price. That 25 cents is good enough for the pregame show only.

    Once again, my analysis proves right. VGK has to score 4 or more goals offensively whenever Lehner is in net against the better teams (which of right now is every team other than San Jose).

    Last point I will make on this shitty performance:
    Swayman makes $925,000 a year (and next year)
    Lehner makes more than 5 times that at $5,000,000 a year. He’s slow to react, more often than not out of position, gives up to many rebounds and can’t move laterally faster than a slug.

    He’d make a great backup goalie somewhere for about $3.5 million. I already wrote him off in January. I guess I just should stop pounding this drum, but he’s a deadweight hanging around the neck of McCrimmon & McPhee.

    What would I do? Cut bait and play Brossoit & Thompson going forward. This team isn’t even close to looking like it is coming together. Playoffs look nearly impossible watching this hot mess.

    Lastly. I am super happy that Haula and Nosek have found a winning playoff ready team to play for. Good for them. Combined, they are making about $4 million.

    We have a bunch of overpaid underperforming millionaires.


  4. Frank

    Not good enough at all. Misfit line, not good enough. Lehner, not good enough. Eichel, a goal, but nope good enough. No team chemistry. No identity. No grit. Trades have killed this team. Welcome to mediocrity.

  5. Henderson One

    The overall roster of this team is made up of a highly paid Super Star; many aging, highly paid, injury prone veterans; several NHL caliber players and more than a few players just north of AHL caliber. That is not a formula for a team to be able to compete for the Stanley Cup. The coaching staff does not seem able to motivate this team. The future does not look good. Good luck Mr. Foley in achieving the cup. You will have more success in creating a video with you in a starring role in a helicopter.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Season two @ 55 games: 30-21-4 (identical to this season 5)

    Season three the historical low point @ 55 games: 27-21-7

    So we’ve been at this low and worse.

    Are we giving enough weight to missing the two
    top line wingers. Eichel had four shots and Dadonov and Stephenson had zero each. Does that tell us anything?

    I agree about the goaltending and with R-R on
    Brossoit/Thompson. Let’s hope RL goes on

    One other thing: this Bruins team is pretty decent. There was hope @ 1-2 and RL made some key saves and let in two softies. We need more elite goaltending.

    • You gotta love PP,

      He’s still a believer. Eichel has had enough games and he actually made some great setups today, but he simply doesn’t have the wingers. I really think at this point you have to move Smith and Marchy up to line 1 with Eichel.

      I am not sure what you do about line 2, and line 3 and 4 is just pure shit.

      So, the reasons why this team is failing:
      1. Lehner
      2. Patches & Stone out
      3. Marty out
      4. Line 3 and 4 suck anyway
      5. Spott
      6. DeBoering

      I could go on, but not making the playoffs is a real possibility. Change my mind by going on an 8 to 10 game winning streak….. I have to check, but if we lose tomorrow night we drop out of even the wild card.

      Winners tonight?

      • Galdom

        Yes, give Eichel some good players to play with. Dadonov doesn’t even have a point in 12 games

        • So, you put Marchy on line 1 with Eichel and Patches if he comes back. Then, you fix line 1. But the misfit line hasn’t been that great at all with Karlsson & Smith. You basically have a team with 1 good line and that is NOT a playoff team.

        • JW

          I believe #63 doesn’t have a point in the last 15 games.
          We traded for this absolute loser. $5mm for nothing. He gets knocked off the puck, only knows and tries wrap around, or clogged passes into three defenders and his scoring skills and hands are complete shit. We had 6 players starting that make the league minimum. Don’t blame RL. Turnovers, panicking, and slow decision making with puck management along with terrible puck and outlet skills by our backend are our problem. Shameful.

          • Daryl

            It’s not about blaming RL individually, he is just part of the problem as a whole. He did not have a very good game

  7. I hate to say it but this team sucks right now and is in a far too long steep decline. Nothing much impressive with this team. No next man up mentality and results as in years past. Even the regulars are struggling bigtime.
    Spirit, swagger, systems, quality, shots, scoring, speed, hits, fight, big saves, 60 minutes, starters, cap space…all missing from this team. They have become a bore that can’t score. For now the skill and the thrill is gone.

    • Pistol Pete

      A little upside is that if they can win tomorrow they’ll be in second place one point ahead of the Kings lol.

  8. Pistol Pete

    What I do think is a little transparent is bashing the team for how lousy they are on a
    loss streak and then when a win steak shows the criticism morphs into praise. Nothing changes except playing better. Welcome
    to the always volatile world of fandom lol.

    I knew this game was going to be tough if for no other reason than only having beaten BOS twice. Of course it does not help to be missing the two
    top line wingers and one D.

  9. Galdom

    Pistol Pete, I think there seems to be a bit of a lack of desire as well as just slumps. And that is totally not what has been in this franchise’s DNA. I think that is what is so very disappointing.

    I don’t think this team is a Stanley Cup contender. I think it would be a huge mistake if they gave up future and got aggressive at the trade deadline to just try to win one or two rounds.

    They don’t have to do a total rebuild. Pacioretty comes off the books soon. There are some nice pieces. Whitecloud, Hague, maybe Thompson, Theodore has had a down season but he is still young.

    Jack Eichel keeps getting a little bit better each game and his skill set is really exciting. I have a slight concern that they are going to burn him out a little bit too quickly to salvage and unsalvageable season.

    • Daryl

      That is my biggest issue… There doesn’t appear to be a desire. I don’t know what else to call it.

  10. Galdom

    As much as losing Alex Tuch could be painful especially with his extremely reasonable cap hit, I still think he is injury prone. For a young guy it’s not like his injuries have been fluke injuries like getting hit with a puck. They’ve got to get Mark Stone right because fully healthy the guy is an incredible player.

  11. Pistol Pete

    Btw way I loved Eichel’s breakaway goal.
    Looked like he deftly let the puck slide in that five
    hole. Stephenson as fast as he is is not even close to EIchel’s level but can be potentIally be a decent RW for him, but not Dadonov on LW. With Pacioretty a potential injury liability going forward it would not surprise if they planning a
    big TD move especially if Lehner can be moved ( a big if). Fact is, both Pacioretty and Stone could be closer to the end of their careers than anybody knows.

    • Mike StG

      PP – For the 2nd time in about a week there was a VGK scout at a Flyers game, leading me to wonder who they’re interested in:

      Martin Jones?
      Yandle or Braun (or heaven forbid Ristolainen)?

      Could be Lehner is dealing with an injury that makes Jones a consideration.
      Could be Patch and/or Stone may be done for the season and Dadonov is looking like he’s just not a fit for their top 6, making Giroux an option.
      Could be Marty won’t make it back this year and they’re looking for a veteran Dman to fill that role.

      We shall see if something happens between the teams.

      One other reminder: in December Vegas went to Boston and beat the Bruins 4-1. The Bees were only short Marchand on their roster, and Vegas was missing Marty and obviously Jack. Tonight Vegas was missing Marty, Stone & Patch (and lesser impact players Janmark & Patrick) and lost 5-2. I wouldn’t say the sky is falling.

      By the way, tonight EDM lost to the Hawks, CGY lost to Montreal (!) and the Avs lost to ARI. Vegas lost to a very good Bruins team that is fully healthy and in midseason form. And that was with 2 waiver pickups and an AHL call up playing, in addition to all the injuries.

      As I had said about 2 weeks ago in several posts, I do think the team is missing something – call it drive, or cohesion or bond or whatever. It’s all business and little to no heart. And like Frank & George I think it’s mostly to do with all the trades they’ve made the past few years. I don’t know they can get that back or get to that place any time soon. It will probably take a few seasons, if ever.

  12. George L.

    I’ll say it again. The players on the ice are not DeBoers players. His coaching style is officially wrong.

    He’s pissing away what talent there is with his “point shot and a prayer”

    The trades and impending trades have gutted this team. Foley’s win the cup at all costs has annihilated the chemistry of this team.

    Congratulations to the front office. You have destroyed what you built.

    • I think George hits the nail right on the head. The players did not respond to the moves that were made. Chemistry is gone and injuries have made it only that much worse. Face it, the MisFit line is not close to its former performance other than Marchy. Is Marchy an elite line 1 winger? Patches? Stone? No, not really. Not a single one of them would be on the 1st line in Colorado or Edmonton for that matter.

  13. Tiki Owl

    Lack of desire? Lack of intensity? What Fleury brought to the team chemistry and work ethic even when not starting in a game.

    • Galdom

      If the solution was to have a French Canadian goalie around just smiles all the time and has his agent write mean-spirited tweets when he doesn’t get his way then the Blackhawks would be better than a 27th ranked team

      • Vegas Baby

        Now, now, Gal, it appears the hockey world has moved on from terrible tweets and apparently, several teams are very interested in Fleury today. Surely, if that tweet were a career-ending fiasco, we wouldn’t be seeing an elite goalie on a low-ranking team being considered today, now would we?

        Besides, blaming Fleury for Chicago is like saying Lehner is responsible for the current Vegas Keystone Cops performances, right? Can’t have it both ways, but looks like you are trying. Good luck!

        • Galdom

          I’m not blaming him for Chicago I was trying to say that him not being here isn’t a reason why VGK lack chemistry and intensity. They are professionals that need to provide desire and intensity themselves. If Fleury were some kind of desire and intensity generator like Tiki Owl is insinuating then Chicago would be better. Fluery is just a goalie. His impact would be and how he stops pucks, he can’t make them have more desire and intensity and make them score more goals. Ridiculous.

      • Blitz

        Perhaps it’s time for you to get off twitter if so easily offended by pictures. No one gave a shit about the deboer stabbing picture, besides it was true. Perhaps now we need a picture of Deboer humping the VGK logo, because that is also true.

        • Galdom

          I’m not offended by anything. I’m not on Twitter. You don’t have to have a Twitter account to view Twitter. I don’t have any social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. I’m just providing opinions like everyone else on here.

          About a month ago you told me to go fuck myself because I called you and others out when Lehner had that great road trip.

          • Blitz

            Yeah because it hurt your feelings others don’t think Lehner is very good so you choose that one winning moment (his only shutout) to call a list of people out, myself included. So I told you to go fuck yourself for being a douche. I did not call you out, you called me out. Then you turned around and cried over some other post and said you were done with this site (comments specifically), but that was bullshit cause you never stopped posting. It does make me feel good that you are still all butt hurt and for the record I didn’t say anything about you having a twitter account.

        • Galdom

          Hey Blitz. This may sound like a crazy concept but people have opinions that differ from yours. Saying that nobody was bothered by that tweet is bullshit. And it’s okay that you disagree with me and had no problem whatsoever with that tweet. I’m not gonna ask you to get off the Internet because your opinion is different than mine.

          • Daryl

            I think the only pertain who was affected by that tweet was possibly RL, but even he knows that an agent is only looking out for his client. While I completely agree with the tweet, the timing was in poor judgment

          • Galdom

            Blitz, my butt hurts and if you feel good about it? That is some creepy shit! Why are you even thinking of my butt?

          • Quite logical, Galdom. I honestly cannot understand all the macho animosity men show against other men. I like getting along. Opinions will always differ, but we are lucky enough to live in a country where we’re ALLOWED that freedom. WITHOUT judgement or condemnation.

          • Blitz

            @Galdom, I really don’t know much about you or your hurt butt, but if I had to do a profile on you from your posts I would say you were one of the people involved in this gerbil fire:



          • Galdom

            Thanks blitz. I enjoyed that YouTube clip. That was pretty funny

          • Blitz

            @Galdom, yeah that is a classic radio clip that I have laughed at for years. Armageddon!

            In all honesty you aren’t the worst poster on here and this site doesn’t need more people trolling, so I am going to quit bagging on you etc. Please do the same. Doesn’t mean we won’t disagree from time to time, and that is ok, but I will going back to normal posting mode now (which is some kind of pessimistic super intelligence on my part).

  14. Could it be that Foley and mgmt have had the PRIZE on their minds, but NO real IDEA how to earn it?? The 1st season was improbable. Spectacular. After that, Mgmt proceeded to add/ subtract players, changing (fine-tuning??) the team. But, maybe they went TOO FAR. Traded too many promising players, chasing the “golden ticket”. They acquired older, though proven, players with few top-shelf years left, and injuries have caught up with them,, sidelining them most all season.I feel it was mgmt’s IMPATIENCE to win a CUP that led to their revolving door of players, with this season being the messy result.
    No rose glasses re this season. Write it off. Mgmt will have the off-season to reassess and hopefully FIX the problems.

  15. Galdom

    They are very impatient

    • That’s VEGAS for you…always wanting it NOW, no time to WAIT FOR IT. The city is a drive- through, express-line, get-it-quick place.( can you imagine drive-through weddings? We got em.). Impatience is our way of life. Fans wanted instant success, like mgmt did. It’s all we know here, it seems.

      • THE hockey GOD

        and decadent too, owner’s box has
        blood in stool, dry heaving, smelling salts weak, now hives.

        the team is all around not good enough, and needs to have
        a re start. No team meeting ? Why not ?

  16. THE hockey GOD

    I agree with all commenters except RR and George

  17. THE hockey GOD

    when will NATO step up and put an end to hitler in Moscow ????

    • NATO is a paper tiger. Germany continues import their oil and gas from Russia and the USA is importing 675,000 barrels of oil per day as well.

      Party of Davos. Democrat Global Corporate Communists and Republican Corporate Global Socialists are the dumbest in all of human history. We are the victims who continue to turn over our lunch money to the bully who is beating us to a pulp.

  18. Arnold Rothstein

    Arnold wins another one , and taking the profits
    and rolling it on DUCKS

    as VGK is reeling with no
    end in sight.

  19. Galdom

    Rested Ducks team beat the VGK 4-3 in OT. Vegas players work hard amid desperation and spend the majority of game with puck possession but continue to have problems cashing in. In the mid to later parts of the game fatigue sets in and Vegas takes penalties and the Ducks cash in on the power play. They get the single loser point and the slow burn continues.

  20. On the bridge of the VGK Titanic. But we have Eichel! Send Eichel to the bilges, he will stop the flooding!!!!! No, Foley threw the baby out with the bathwater after the “not a major” incident. I have seen it many times in the military. When something goes wrong leaders make radical major changes to try and correct/prevent it from happening again. As a result, the chemistry of this team has been completely shredded. The ONLY player who might be a starter on line 1 of EDM is Eichel. The rest of them are not top line forwards. The reason why the VGK was so good isn’t because of their legacy, it was because they were impassioned to win and had chemistry instilled into them by a great NHL coach.

  21. Galdom

    Rested Ducks team beat the VGK 4-3 in OT. Vegas players work hard amid desperation and spend the majority of game with puck possession but continue to have problems cashing in. In the mid to later parts of the game fatigue sets in and Vegas takes penalties and the Ducks cash in on the power play. They get the single loser point and the slow burn continues.

  22. Vlad

    Mean comments…. just mean

  23. Galdom

    I think we all agree that Evgenii Dadonov sucks. He has no future here. I’m sure both management and players wish his contract expired this year.

    So why not give Eichel a better option than a stiff that hasn’t had a point in 14 straight games. Either break up the misfits and put Marchessault on his left wing or bring up a kid with offensive instincts who is hungry.

    Cotter or Dorofeyev–Eichel–Stephenson

    Miromanov–Whitecloud (McNabb is hurt)

  24. Just vlad

    On a cheery note great article on sports net about Nick Suzuki

    The kid is a machine

    Played for Ryan McGill in OHL

    Vegas should draft a player like Suzuki

    Not a POS like Krebs

  25. Vlad

    Vegas approached hawks re Fleury… hmm… maybe!!

  26. Galdom

    Nothing would surprise me. It would reek of panic and Vegas would heavily overpay (prospect, draft picks) which seems to be the narrative of this organization’s recent history. As much as I have enjoyed these four years and great playoff runs I don’t want them followed by a decade of crap and bottom feeding. They have given up enough futures. Time to just roll with what they have whatever it is that they have.

    • Daryl

      I don’t think that article tells us anything. The chances of MAF coming back to VGK is about zero still think if the right team called he would go. If one of the teams from up north or a team from DC called I do think he goes.

    • THE hockey GOD

      i like their pizza reviews, one bite, everyone knows the rules. They are funny.

  27. Pistol Pete

    Two of the best lose to two of the worst:

    COL to ARI in regulation and CGY to MTL in OT.

  28. Vlad

    Vegas can try to make the play offs again next season

  29. Galdom

    This is becoming a creepy predatory site. Stalkers, Blitz talking about my butt. I’m gonna do my best and pretend that never happened. And just focus on hockey.

  30. Justahockeyfan

    You Vegas fans are sad. Your team is still in playoff contention and all this site does is cry, cry, cry. Wen Cup, Wen best team ever.

    Why be a fan if you can’t handle some adversity. Your team is 9 games over .500. But its complain, complain, complain.
    Why follow a team if you hate the players, management, owner?
    And why would you have season tickets if you feel that way about management and the team?

    Get a hobby or find another team. Better for your health.
    Unless this message board is just of bunch of trolls who root for another nhl team. Then these comments make sense.

    • Daryl

      I didn’t know fans weren’t allowed to have opinions? Didn’t know we had to like every player, every coach, every decision? I guess we all should just keep our mouths shut and go along for the ride…. Kind of what a certain portion of the US is doing with their great leader

    • Why, you ask? The players who were the heart, soul, glue and chemistry have been sent packing by McCriminal. These players had passion and better yet, they put VGK faithful fans into the seats at T-Mobile.

      I have been a season ticket holder since year 1 and can tell you that more and more seats are empty or being filled by visiting team’s fans.

      Now, that’s the truth.

      I would rather watch a team that is at least passionate for 60 full minutes with a coach that plays all out tilt the ice hockey than this DeBoring version. That about sums up my feelings on it.

      If this is a business, then Foley is letting his front office run it into the ground.

  31. Galdom

    This is becoming a creepy predatory site. Stalkers, Blitz talking about my butt. I’m gonna do my best and pretend that never happened. And just focus on hockey.

  32. Tim

    What I don’t understand is why some posters compare us to other teams losses to make them feel good. I only care about the Knights and what I see I don’t like. We have no unity it’s Helter Skelter on the ice with no plan of attack. The Pacific Division as I’ve said before smells blood in the water and there all coming for us. Tonight will be another Ground Hog day as John Gibson will take his turn in shutting us down. With all the money we’ve spent and all the draft picks we’ve given away we are an average team at best. You don’t think Nosak and Haula enjoyed beating us last night Karma baby. Lehner, Dadonov, Patch, and Martinez at 22 million a year are killing us. Throw in Wild Bill’s 7 goals Ouch, and how many other guys haven’t scored in the last 10 or 15 games far to many. I feel sorry for Petro he misplayed his hand coming to this dumpster fire and Mark Stone who has spirit may be done with his back issue. Going to T-Moble hope you enjoy the show because the games are brutal to watch. Foley is going to make wholesale changes the only question is will it be now or after the season. He’s to good or an owner to put up with this nonsense.

  33. Galdom

    Well said Tim.

    I think they have three options and I’m curious to see which route they will go.

    Option 1) stay the course with this roster for the season and do nothing substantial at the trade deadline and do not give up anymore future. Give the players themselves a chance to get themselves out of it. Improve within. this is the option that I think they should proceed with.

    Option 2) be aggressive at the trade deadline and continue to go for it all by landing a big fish like Claude Giroux.

    Option 3). Start to tear it down and get some assets to replenish the future of this team. Trade Reilly Smith to begin with.

    • I would go with option 1 for now.

      If we are still struggling at the trade deadline it might be time to consider option 3.

      • Tim

        Galdom, Option one with tweeks, At over 30 sign Reilly Smith for 2 years at 3.5 million or trade him by the deadline he’s been making 5 million those days are over. Trade William Karlsson at the deadline 43 goals first year 7 goals this year with term left should get a first for both Smith and Karlsson.If Martinez ever gets back trade him with a couple of years of term left should get us another good pick. If someone would be nuts enough to take Patch he’s gone sweetner needed whatever he’s done. Trading those 4 gives us 22 million to play with assuming Stones out for the year. Marshie goes balls to the wall the other 2 Misfits not so much. I was a big Martinez fan but 50 stitches and he’s out for the year and Patch is hurt every third game enough of that shit. I’m not a big fan of Roy but he’s not worth much 4th line center at best.

  34. Just to reiterate, the true VGK low point occurred January 2020 in season 3. Having won four in a row at home to go 24-15-6 and into first place, they then dropped out of first place losing the last three of the seven game homestand and lost the first of an eight game road trip (at Buffalo against a terrible team–Eichel scored) resulting in a 24-19-6 record (one game under .500 @ 49 games). At this point the FO decided they needed a coaching change. As I have said many times Gallant’s failure to call timeout in game 7 vs. SJS the previous season may have been a mark against him. Whatever magic Gallant brought to the team in season 1 had vanished. The chemistry was gone for the time being at that point?

    I’m still not completely sold on the current purported lack of chemistry or desire to and fight to win. They are not just getting outplayed, not defending well enough all the time. To have Eichel and not Pacioretty and Stone as 100% healthy wingers hurts the scoring punch obviously. Not sure about the Misfits line other than that Karlsson is continuing to prove he’s not delivering another 43 goal season. And I mean the goaltending—sadly I have come around to the notion Lehner is not the answer.

    • I actually think neither Brossoit or Thompson would have given up four in that game.

    • Meant “They ARE just getting outplayed”.

    • I could be wrong but I think the low point you mention was just after Fluery’s father passed away.

      Not sure why you are bringing it up?

      • Fleury’s father passed 1/3/19 more than a year ahead of the VGK low point I paint, leading up to Gallant’s firing. Why do I frame this? Well it’s even a lower point that the one today. 24-19-6 is one game under 500. 30-21-4 is 5 games over 500.

        The only actual lower point for the team was season 2 where it took until game 27 to go over 500 (14-12-1). The next game they dropped back to 500 (14-13-1). Finally the next they went over 500 for the remainder of the season finishing 43-32-7 clinching third place over ARI game 79. Season 2 was way tougher than season 1 with Gallant blowing a 3-1 series lead vs. SJS and failing to call timeout in game 7 blowing a three goal third period lead. Season 2 was a massive struggle that carried over into season 3.

        • Website i just saw state its was 11-29-19.

        • VGK Fan

          LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — The father of Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury died this week at age 63. According to an online obituary, Andre Fleury died at Hotel-Dieu de Sorel, a hospital in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, on Nov. 27.Nov 29, 2019

  35. JoeInHendo

    January 15th, 2020. The day VGK’s current fate was sealed. Gerard Gallant, the coach who took a bunch of cast-off “Misfit” NHL players comprising the Knights in their first year of existence to to the Stanley Cup Finals was fired. Don’t forget Gallant had also been tapped to be the WC coach in the NHL All Star game when he was fired. VGK’s downward spiral since that terrible day has been a direct, causal breakdown of a pissing match between Gallant and Foley and Co. Foley thought because he caught lightning in a bottle in 2017, that he was smarter than everyone else. That a real coach like Gallant (unlike the pretender we have for a coach now) was expendable. We’ll, we’re all seeing how utterly wrong Foley was and still is. From the second he was named coach I HATED the move to bring DeBoer in, and not just because he was coach of our instant arch rival Sharks, but because DeBoer already exhibited a pattern of taking established, winning teams and going BACKWARDS with them after the first year (Devils, Sharks) and never winning a cup (sound familiar?). Fleury and Gallant were close, and though Fleury maintained a good mask of being happy in public, he made his deserved displeasure of Gallant’s firing known to management. Foley and Co.’s egos now coupled DeBoer’s ego destroyed the chemistry of VGK as they began their quest to prove to the most important player on the team that they were in charge. All of a sudden distraction-causing Lehner arrives and starts taking major playing time away from Fleury without ever really earning it, resulting in the “backstabbing tweet” from Fleury’s agent. Then the current Venezia goalie Fleury traded away to Chicago for basically a bag of pucks. Everyone’s screaming “why are you letting Fleury go for nothing?!”, we’ll, it was a message from Foley and DeBoer to Fleury of what they though of him. A team owner, team manager, and head coach, who never won a Stanley Cup, telling a 3X SC winning goalie (who was also the unanimous fan favorite) to basically go F himself, just like they did with NHL history making Gallant. Egotistical, no fire in his belly DeBoer as coach. Team chemistry destroyed over losing Fleury. Distracted, expensive ($5,000,000 for ONE shutout so far this season), Tweeter Lehner not concentrating on his job (complaining about his pay, throwing other teams under the bus a week before the season starts). Multiple dud moves made by VGK since Gallant was fired (including trading away players like Schmidt and Reaves who brought heart and emotion to VGK). Obviously those in charge have no idea what they’re doing. I’m not even going to get into VGK’s lack of offense, poor defense, lack of physicality, pathetic PP’s, and apathy since DeBoer took over. Injuries can be a factor, but aren’t the reason for most of these issues. These players dislike playing for DeBoer, and it shows. Egos in management not listening to the talent, this non-team (because they don’t play like a team under DeBoer) was destined to fly apart just like it is now.

    So far this season the bottom line is this:
    Rangers – Gallant’s 1st year
    Knights – with DeBoer

    • Spot on as to how I feel. The Deboer, McCrimmon and Lehner lovers will simply continue to use the injury bug as an excuse for the lack of passion and chemistry.

      We know better. I will be watching and rooting for the Rangers in the playoffs since it is likely VGK may not even make it.

      Foley has this commercial about his wine fields and the bank he uses and talks about LOYALTY. LMFAO………. It’s obvious he is a decent businessman, but as a sports franchise owner? He sucks. Love the pregame shows though.

    • What your view on Gallant vs. DeBoer does not address in the constant seemingly irreversible decline beginning season 2. How do you explain them being under 500 the whole start of the season 2 until finally game 29 they go over 500? Gallant can’t rally his players with Nate Schmidt out of the lineup? Then what about not calling timeout when the Sharks score the first goal during the 5 min. major? Gallant was a great fit for the first season, remarkable is more like it, but his approach of letting “the players work for themselves” did not hold up. Coaching is more complicated than that.

      • Daryl

        Gallant not calling a timeout ultimately lead to his firing. Should it have, absolutely not. But what is just as bad was VGK not scoring a single PP goal last year. To me, that was a bigger issue and that coach should have been fired. Not just for that stretch but for the fact it’s been an issue for years

      • JoeInHendo

        @ Pistol Pete
        As you know, all teams, no matter how well coached, have ups and downs and the rest of the NHL were no longer caught off guard by VGK to start their second season. The key was that Gallant is an excellent coach and made adjustments to bring the Knights back to being dominant the second half of season 2. VGK were we’ll on their way to a second Finals appearance until that fateful “5 minute major” 3rd period against San Jose. I tend to believe in the law of averages. Gallant wasn’t given nearly long enough to prove he could win the Cup, especially given the Herculean task he accomplished that inaugural season. He deserved better, just like Fleury did. What I’ve watched since DeBoer took over is a lack of constant passion from most of the players and a consistently atrocious PP, which is magnified by Lehner allowing multiple goals nearly every game. The days of VGK regularly winning those 1-0 or 2-1 games are long gone. No one expects a single player to hype up the entire team to a win, but that scenario wasn’t needed as most of Gallant’s players usually played with an urgency that he could tap in to. I only used Schmidt and Reaves as the latest examples of VGK getting rid of emotional, fan favorite, opposite-of-DeBoer players. The unexpected firing of Gallant and the way Fleury was let go make no sense unless you consider egotistical owners, managers, and coaches making those decisions. Law of averages coupled with the eye test tell me we are worse off now with DeBoer. Ask yourself this question: “Has all the unnecessary drama VGK’s endured over the past 2 seasons been worth it because DeBoer has this team well on its way to the Stanley Cup?” An honest answer kinda makes my point.

    • Henderson One

      Great summary of how we got where we are. If Foley is not too busy doing his latest video, he should clean house after the season beginning with the Front Office and the Coach.

  36. Andy Kelleher

    Past time to stop chasing the super stars and build from within. The present cap issue will be with the Knights for several years. Knights will need to trade more good skaters to get under the salary cap as injured players return. All players are no doubt wondering if they will be sent packing. Team performance indicates they are preoccupied with their possible trade.

    How fitting in the VGK lose to the Sabres, two Sabres goals were scored by VGK

    Is it time to look at the GM and Coach that need to be replaced?

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