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Recap: This game doesn’t deserve a recap. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: U-G-L-Y is really the only way to describe that one from a VGK standpoint. Oh well, game didn’t count anyway, thank goodness there’s only one more of these. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes preseason game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Shea Theodore’s contract is aging like fine wine

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Robin Lehner
** Chandler Stephenson
* William Karlsson


Goalie Interference w/ Mike McKenna Coming To!


Shea Theodore’s Contract Looks Better And Better By The Day


  1. THE hockey GOD

    is it just me but upon further review of last two exhibition games I swear
    that the AVS coach looks like Shemp Howard, and that the AZ coach looks like Curly.

    Tell me I am wrong.

  2. on further review

    Having a roster full of veteran players on big comfy contracts, with no real challenges to their job by any kids, is plainly demonstrated last night by that disgusting display of no hustle, no work ethic, no desire, no effort, no leadership, and worst of all, an obvious carryover of pisspoor play vs Montreal, where the top 6 forwards went missing in action, and are still in that same cruise-control mode.

  3. Tim

    My eye test tells me the following 17+ thousands fans don’t come to T-Mobile to watch that display of mediocrity. It happened in game 6 against Montreal and it happened again last night. I understand they were changing lines but the intensity wasn’t there. I keep watching this Diliberatore kid and the more I see the more I like him. He ‘s not afraid to move the puck up ice and he’s not afraid to shoot and covers his D-zone well. To me he’s mature beyond his years. We play Seattle and then LA and then 4 days off before we play St. Louis hopefully by the St. Louis game Roy and Theadore are back. This kid from Arizona holds us to one PP goal tells you all you need to know about our firepower. I can’t imagine what Foley thought watching that game last night he had to be furious. Heads may roll early if we get off to a bad start.

  4. Arnold Rothstein

    now parleying the kraken with la kings


  5. Daryl

    Exhibition game or not, that was ugly. You shouldn’t have any stars for that game

  6. Blitz

    Not alot of great things from last night.

    -Krebs is all energy, kid puts it out there. Made good plays here and there. Had a bit of in your face fire a couple of times, which showed some grit. I see the ceiling and it is high. Its a long season and the kid is looking better every game.

    -Patrick had a couple of nice plays, but was unnoticeable more than other preseason games. I put him as a pro because I was watching old hockey fights during the game and Patrick had several in his career (whl/nhl). Not that he is a heavy weight (and shouldn’t be), but most of the fights he started and was the aggressor, and handled himself well. He has way more grit than I would have guessed and again a super high ceiling.

    -Diliberatore – looked comfortable. Showed some really crafty offensive plays.

    -Karlsson/Steph/March – really nifty PP goal. We certainly need more of that.

    -Dadonov 5 mil? He gets a pass because it’s a new team and he needs time to gel and to learn a terrible PP scheme, but not seeing the full potential yet. He did rob that guy on the break away. That was pretty excellent.

    -Stone – has any body seen Stone? Went MIA after AVS series. I am ok if he is saving himself for the regular season.

    -Lenher – apparently made one play and made Ken’s stars because of it. I don’t think he was awful at times, but not a star. 2 goals scored under his pads, sweet. After the shenanigans this week there is no pass from me. If he is not excellent he is a giant liability! He was pulled before the shootout (precautionary?) last week and it was cancelled this game…hmmm.

    • THE hockey GOD

      he was pulled because he took a puck to the head, wiggy biscuit led in one bad goal; not deserving of one star. But not playing that bad either.

  7. on further review

    De Boer said, “he liked parts of our game tonight”

    what was that Pete, the parts when the horn sounded and the 3 periods ended? cuz that was the high point for the Vgk

    PDB better worry about his own job, and forget the PR bullshit spin…. that dog won’t hunt

    btw, the Vgk just recalled young Dman Kaedan Korczak today.

    • on further review

      a Coyotes team that was led by washed up, cap-dumped, mostly 4th line retreads like Roussel, Beagle, Erickson and Ladd

    • Blitz

      I assume the recall is to let Korczak play the last game of pre season. Honestly I was hoping Pouliot would get another chance. I thought he showed alot in his one game. Good passer, smooth skater, tough in front of his goalie, made some good plays, NHL experience. He looked the part.

    • THE hockey GOD

      korczak is down on my list, he has not done much to stand out either way.

      I put him behind the starting bunch of d men in following order
      Bischof (injured)
      Miromanov- the russian
      coghlin (if he blows a tire one more time I am going to throw something huge
      through my Motorola TV set)

      I am sure I left someone off the list.

      • THE hockey GOD

        oh yeah, Pouliot, I would put him above or equal to coghlin on the list.

      • Tim

        THG Your list is 2OK except for Bischoff I don’t see him in our future. Diliberatore and Miromanov can play and will be up sooner then later. Like I said were Loaded with good D-Men many young ones and then Martinez and Petro as the older more experienced. Our problem is our forwards and centers are MIA most of the time no continuity. I not that high on Patrick I actually think Patrick Brown is much better I like his hustle.

        • Blitz

          I like Brown, but they are totally different players. N. Patrick has a legit chance of moving into the C1 spot on this team (probably C2 on other teams) and has 1st PP line skill. Brown is a solid forth line player. Good all around, gets goals with grit. I liked him on his limited PK use last year. If he can make the team he will not be higher than L4 and maybe a spot on the PK and that is ok. I think without Howden (not sure what is going on there, injury ect) Brown gets L4, but then again what about Krebs, Carrier, Kolesar, etc etc. Lot’s of mouths to feed on L4. We’ll see.

        • THE hockey GOD

          fair enuf

  8. B-Rad-Lee

    This was the first time in five years that Linda and I left early. We are STH and the performance of our players in that game did not make us believe there was anything else left in the bag of trix.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @brad, that is why fans in long time NHL areas don’t pay good money to see games that don’t count barely getting 1/4 quarter of fans in their barns. Maybe the fledgling VGK fan base will learn that in time, or maybe they have more money to flush than in other blue collar working man cities ?

    • DC

      Exactly my impression while watching VGKs in SLC a couple of weeks ago.

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