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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a quick start taking a 2-0 lead in the first 6:40 of the game. Zach Whitecloud opened the scoring with his seventh of the season and Max Pacioretty added his 16th in his first game back from injury. Arizona cut the lead in half trailing Vegas 2-1 into the first intermission.

Evgenii Dadonov gave his team a 3-1 advantage just :38 seconds into the middle frame. The Golden Knights played well defensively and received timely goaltending from Robin Lehner.

Brayden McNabb extended Vegas’ lead in the final period scoring his third of the season. Jake Leschyshyn scored his second of the year and Jack Eichel recorded his 11th as a Golden Knight.

The Golden Knights record improves to 40-29-4 defeating the Coyotes 6-1. Vegas picks up another two points to total 84 with nine games remaining. The team will travel to Vancouver for their last divisional meeting with the Canucks on Tuesday night. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas didn’t even really have its best stuff and it was still plenty to get past one of the worst hockey teams the NHL has seen since VGK have been in the league. 2 points is 2 points though, just ask Dallas. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Arizona Coyotes at T-Mobile Arena.

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* Zach Whitecloud


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Objective: 98 pts
    Previous goal: 8-2
    Current goal: 7-2

    Gift from Stars crapping themselves at home vs. Devils! VGK even, DAL two games in hand notwithstanding.

    Want to say it would be nice to get Howden back but great to see Leschyshyn net one on his record fifth game shot!

  2. Daryl

    I didn’t watch the game but I see it turned out pretty much as expected. Arizona is last in goals, last in defense, last in PP and last in PK. I figure this would be a good game to skip

  3. Henderson One

    If they had only done this when they faced coyotes in Glendale things would look better.

  4. Pistol Pete

    That the Coyotes are worst team in the league is irrelevant. The Knights needed to win this game and move on to the next. It is nearly always possible to find some kind of downside, in this case that VGK beat a poor team discounting the value of the win. Actually, all the matters is winning not even who the opponent was. They need to keep raising their level with this road trip coming up. Yes, there will be some good teams they have to beat. It’s going to be a battle.

    • Daryl

      I didn’t say anything negative…. I zoning stated a fact based on stats as so many on here like to use. I didn’t watch the game.

      If I wanted to be negative I would have come on here and talked about how bad the PP looked against the worst PK team in the league…. they’re were several posts on Twitter about it and considering they were 0-3 with no high danger chances it’s pretty safe to say it looked bad. I also saw several posts about your boy Eichel not looking too good in this game, but I don’t know if I actually believe those

      • I think we already kind of were aware of the fact that ARI is worst team in the league, but thanks for the reminder just in case some of us might need to temper our expectations going forward. Anything you ever want to say that is negative, don’t hesitate, go for it. No reason to project positive if you don’t feel it or for whatever reason…no problem!!!

  5. This is what the last 9 remaining games look like:

    12 APR @VAN – Should be a win, but they thrashed us on the 6th pretty badly. The outcome will depend on which team shows up to play on the ice. (GAME 74, WIN, 86 pts, OBJECTIVE 98 pts)

    14 APR @CGY – Calgary is locked and loaded. This team is a true contender. They’re not likely going to be beaten on home ice. (GAME 75, LOSS, 86 pts, OBJECTIVE 98 pts)

    16 APR @EDM – Edmonton has pulled away out of reach of VGK, but LAK is still within striking distance. This is another game that I don’t like. It truly depends on whether or not the VGK are going to come out and play a full 60 minutes, solve the PP woes and play solid defense in front of the Walrus. (GAME 76, LOSS, 86 pts, OBJECTIVE 98 pts)

    18 APR NJD – This should be an easy home win. But when you get beaten by bottom feeders regularly you know that this isn’t going to be a gimme. If the VGK is serious about making it in they WIN this game. (GAME 77, WIN, 88 pts, OBJECTIVE 98 pts).

    20 APR WSH – The CAPS are coming to town with the Ovechkin goal objective in mind. Don’t you wish we could just simply adopt their approach to the PP? The CAPS are pretty much locked in to the 2nd wild card spot in the east. By the time this game is played we should know if they are in position to challenge for the 1st WC or 3rd place in the MET. They have 2 games in hand vs PIT and are 4 points behind. This game will be a bell-weather game for me and a MUST WIN for the VGK. Prediction: LOSS. The VGK has been too unstable this year. The CAPS are just a much better team. (GAME 78, LOSS, 88 pts, OBJECTIVE 98 pts).

    *****This makes the WSH game extremely important with 4 games remaining. 98 pts can only be reached by winning out including this game on 20 April.

    24 APR SJS (LAST HOME GAME) This home game against the Sharks is another must win game. You put this game in the WIN column if they beat WSH on the 20th. If not, then it could be a toss up. (GAME 79, WIN, 90 pts, OBJECTIVE 98 pts no longer reachable. I will be returning to my season ticket seat for this game after being out for knee surgery since 1 April!

    26 APR @DAL the first of a back-to-back and a big decision for DeBoer. Does he play The Walrus in net? I say, yes, he has to. He has no other option if Lehner is healthy. The bigger question is whether or not Lehner can be trusted to play the next day against CHI or not. In my opinion, no – Lehner is not built for back-to-backs – but what do I know. Obviously this is a must WIN game for the VGK. GAME 80, LOSS, 90 pts, OBJECTIVE no longer reachable. I am predicting a loss here because the team simply hasn’t played well this year.

    27 APR @CHI We will all likely know by this time whether or not the VGK has a shot or not to get in. GAME 81, WIN 92 pts with only 2 pts still on the table. Will 94 points be enough to get in? I don’t think so.

    29 APR @STL We play a game against a team that has been better all year. This is a tough game and another MUST WIN. GAME 82, LOSS, SEASON ENDS with VGK at 92 pts.

    For the VGK to get into the playoffs with 92 pts one of three things has to happen.

    1- LAK gets only 5 of the remaining 18 points on their table. Basically, they have to go 2-7, or 2-6-1. That would put them at 90 or 91 pts. VGK would squeak by them.

    2- DAL gets only 7 of the remaining 22 points on their table. They would have to go 3-8, or 3-7-1 giving them 90 or 91 pts. Again, not likely going to happen. 5 of the remaining 9 games are against teams that VGK will be underdogs. They will need to win 3 or 4 of those 5 games AND win the other 4 in order to have a realistic chance of making it into the playoffs.

    Odds are still heavily against the VGK, but will improve if they can go on a big undefeated run and get some help.

    3- NSH gets only 5 of the remaining 22 points on their table. They would have to go 2-9, or 2-8-1. That would also put them at 90 or 91 pts. Likely not going to happen.

    This is the worst case scenario with VGK being able to still get in. It’s a very unlikely scenario, which means that the VGK is going to have to win some of the games I have them projected as losing.

    • Galdom

      Good morning Richie Rich. I don’t know if any of these games are gonna necessarily be easy. Even the bottom feeding teams have players that are playing for jobs next season. I watched the Devils – Stars game on Saturday afternoon and Dallas had their hands full. The Devils gave them all they can handle.

    • Julie

      Hi, RR, I think you just wrote SinBin’s next article! Well done!

      Some out of town family wanted to go to Sinatra’s last week and brought some friends who offered me their season tickets for when they don’t go. I think for the Caps game. I’m excited to go.

      • Julie,

        If that’s your first game in Vegas get ready for a great time. Some say the pre-game show is goofy. It is, but it is different and some old timers don’t like different. They don’t like the Vegas Belles and the cheer leading, or the mascot or the Fortress or the Golden Knight. Fine, be a hater. But you cannot deny that the experience is unique – and fun especially for kids, which I think is important for the game.

        I had to sell the last month’s worth of tickets due to my knee surgery, but I will be going to final home game. I will be in my seat Section 11, Row M, 13 and 14.

        Joe Pane comes down and chats with me sometimes. He’s in the next section over. He does a pretty good post game analysis as well.

        The CAPS game is going to be the tipping point in my opinion and rightfully so since we lost to them in the SC final in year 1. Winning that game could be just the catalyst this team needs to make it in and start a serious playoff run.

        I think we have a lot of talent on this team. I am also enjoying watching Lechyshyn and Rondjberg play. These two have a lot of potential. I would like to see Carrier and Stone back on the ice. I am not sure what that will take in terms of roster movement for cap compliance.


        • THE hockey GOD

          fake hockey experience, real hockey fans back east laugh at vegas “production”, not a real hockey experience with real fans at all. Just a bunch of fat, ugly, taco eaters cooling off from outside heat thinking they are at a “football” soccer game or watching ice follies. Stupidest “fan base” in all of sports. Plus they bring their stupid little pukes , who have no idea what is going on, dancing in aisle “look at me” “look at me’ ” i am a boy, no I am a girl”. Bloody hockey games is not place for clueless kids. They belong in school learning about how to hate America, how to be confused about their gender, and critical race theory on how terrible their race is. Welcome to loony town.

    • Pretty sobering buddy. Let’s hope for the unlikely!!!

    • RR,

      Thanks for the breakdown I see it going the same way unless we get a few more guys back from injury and RL can steal a couple games like he did on the east coast trip in January.

      The big problem I see the Kings play 7 of there last 8 against games against teams already eliminated from the playoffs.

  6. Galdom

    If they would’ve lost yesterday there would have been 65 comments already. Lol. The human race is very disappointing sometimes. I think people love to complain. Pistol Pete you are right that they still deserve credit for beating a legitimate NHL hockey team. although they are one of the worst teams in the league they still have legitimate NHL talent like Clayton Keller, Lawson Crouse, Nick Schmaltz and Karel Vejmelka. Your upbeat personality is refreshing on this forum.

    • Arizona has some good young players and they are obviously playing the wheel testing different goaltenders. I bet they wish they had a prospect like Thompson!

      This week is going to be telling. On the road against VAN (who beat the snot out of us on the 6th), then on to 1st place Calgary followed by 2nd place Edmonton!

      We should pretty much know where this team stands by then. They need to win at least 2 of those games if they are going to remain at least somewhat in contention for a playoff spot.

      • THE hockey GOD

        Thompson is 25 years old , he is not a prospect by any definition of the term.

        • I am just classifying him in terms of his status as being undrafted and his contract. I think we all can say that he’s got a legit future in the NHL. How that plays out is still to be written.

          If the VGK does get into the playoffs they should carry all 3 goalies with them for the run. What they do with Brossoit/Thompson in the offseason will be the question. Robin Lehner is obviously here for the long term as the VGK starter as long as he continues to play at least as well as he is playing.

          • I do question why Lehner has played several straight games, with no talk of Thompson any longer. Does this mean LT is now just another a bench warmer, even though he did a damn good job when we needed him most? Does mgmt forget him, like yesterday’s lunch??

          • McCrimmon and DeBoering have no choice other than to play Lehner. If they don’t they tell the entire fanbase, the team and the locker room that they’ve lost faith in their chosen one.

            So, they’ll ride Lehner until hell freezes over.

    • I don’t see how being critical of a team is classified as “complaining”. This team had major problems coming into this season. The Vegas Golden Knights have enjoyed great success for 5 years despite the numerous problems and questionable roster moves. So, as a fan, it is still fun to watch this team when they do win. The power play continues to be an inconsistent shit show out there. I attribute that to poor schemes, constant injuries and juggling of the roster due to front office tweaks.

      The goaltending and defense has not been stellar this year. Yet, the VGK could still go on a hot streak and get into the playoffs.

      Are you kidding me?????? For us to even be talking about the possibility of getting into the playoffs is a credit to these players. They have at the very least kept the season interesting. The days of coming to the rink expecting a win are over, the glory days of the first several years are over. Most of the fan base, myself excluded, has backed the moves of this front office and the team has responded by struggling to remain relevant.

      The next 9 games will complete the final chapter of Season V and will either be the end, or the beginning of a playoff run. Every single VGK fan wants the story to continue. The Defense is now healthy. Can they play well enough in front of Robin to bring home at least another 7 wins? Of course we are all rooting for success, all of us. We want The Walrus moniker to go away. Win win win, and let’s see if Robin can smile and enjoy the game. It was nice for the cameras to show Robin talking to a youngster during warm ups before last nights game. That’s the side of Robin Lehner that needs to get out into the public domain. Win more, smile more.

      These last 9 games are going to be very fun to watch and will be interesting in terms of building for the future.

      • Vegas Baby

        Richie-Rich, it’s only “complaining” if you a) don’t agree with their opinion or b) you are right in your analysis which is different than what their dissertations state.

        • Yeah Baby,

          And I know my own analysis is just a fan’s version and isn’t necessarily right. But, it’s my opinion. The hatred and vitriol notwithstanding, I do appreciate the posts of people like Pistol Pete who is eternally positive!

          McCrimmon, DeBoer and Lehner have to win a cup before I jump on their bandwagon. So far, from what I’ve seen, the team that I spend a lot of money on is going in the opposite direction and not in a small way. This front office threw the entire baby out with the bathwater. I’ve never seen a team strip away so many key pieces including a successful head coach in such a short period of time. Is it working? The pro-McCrimmon, DeBoer and Lehner bunch on this thread say “wait wait wait the success is coming … if only….we can get that new shiny toy…..that one shiny toy will bring the cup to Vegas….. No, it’s not working. The wins, the losses, the statistics, the rankings, all of it is headed in exactly the opposite direction from where McCrimmon says it is going.

          But, hey, people can believe and have faith in it if they want to do that. It’s their right and I don’t bash them for it. But, if you talk about your feelings you are labeled a horrible human being, disappointing, or much much worse by some. IDGAF means I don’t give a fuck what they think. I will continue to call it as I see it until I am proven wrong. And if and when that happens I will admit that I was wrong.

          Until then. Just win baby. Prove me wrong. So far, I am not seeing it.

          • Julie

            RR, you are logical and back it up without trying to force your opinion down anyone’s throat. Others here are like that. Then there are posters who only want to convince you they are right which I think stems from lack of confidence in themselves, tbh, and think insulting you into submission is a normal tactic. I appreciate your take and I get a lot of insight from your analysis as I have become somewhat of a hockey junkie. It’s much appreciated by fans like me.

          • Julie,

            I associate their lack of confidence with tiny appendages if you get my drift! Watching them melt down over posts on this board makes me wonder how they get through their everyday lives!

          • RR, just keep on doing what you’re doing! Most of us appreciate your candor!

          • RR,

            I enjoy reading your comments I always find them insightful and you call it like you see it which is what most fans want to hear.

    • Some like to complain and some are here to never post positive about a game, the team or whatever. What you are implying that it is human nature and I would agree.

      • Above is a response to Galdom’s post:

        “If they would’ve lost yesterday there would have been 65 comments already. Lol. The human race is very disappointing sometimes. I think people love to complain. Pistol Pete you are right that they still deserve credit for beating a legitimate NHL hockey team. although they are one of the worst teams in the league they still have legitimate NHL talent like Clayton Keller, Lawson Crouse, Nick Schmaltz and Karel Vejmelka. Your upbeat personality is refreshing on this forum.”

  7. THE hockey GOD

    Canceled BOLO on alleged “lost” locker room.

    Turns out locker room was never lost.

    BOLO = be on lookout for

    • Daryl

      Yep, VGK beats the worst team in the league so how could PDB have lost the locker room?

  8. Sorry, but I’m still not sold on DeBoer. I think he likes to ride the coattails of others. That’s been his schtick for as long as he has been coaching. He racks up wins on the backs of teams that are already built and in place and then moves on as the team regresses. Win a Cup and change my mind.

    I look at it this way. Used to be, watching the VGK was fun. They tilted the ice and shocked the hockey world with a bunch of so-called misfits under Coach Gallant. The DeBoer version of the VGK is very hard to watch, a nail biting affair with a game strategy that is boring on both offense and defense. On the other hand, watching the excitement in New York right now with the Rangers tied for 2nd place in the entire league with 100pts is fun. You can see the difference in the attitude of the players on both teams.

    But, yeah, let’s chalk it all up to injuries and just move on, nothing to see there. I was glad to see Gallant and then Reaves go to the Rangers, which was the team I rooted for my entire life. I grew up in north Jersey where you are either a Rangers, Islanders or Devils fan.

    I spent 30 years in the military and in towns around the USA watching ECHL and WCHL teams as well. I relocated to Vegas in 2016 and was one of the first to purchase Golden Knights season tickets. They’re my #1 team, but the Rangers are still there in my heart as my original NHL favorite.

    Win a cup DeBoer, change my mind. Win a cup.

    • THE hockey GOD

      everybody here knows you are full of hate, glass half empty, stomach ulcers, looking at life with glasses covered in fertilizer.

      nothing new to see here folks

      • No one’s laughing with you, can you hear them? They’re laughing at you. You’re one twisted nut job. But we love you anyway.

        • THE hockey GOD

          embrace your inner misfit

          you want too, you rrreally rreally want too !

      • Daryl

        Everyone here knows you are not all there in your head so we try to give you some leeway

    • R-R as you know the problem I have with the “old” VGK is that the magic seemed to slip away beginning and through season 2 and by was getting no better by Gallant’s last gasp of air after game #49 season 3. I’ve been through all this before so I’ll spare you and other readers the details lol but I had to remind you. Tia.

    • R-R you wrote:

      “I look at it this way. Used to be, watching the VGK was fun. They tilted the ice and shocked the hockey world with a bunch of so-called misfits under Coach Gallant.”

      That was great when the team was blowing through the conference season 1, that remarkable season 1, but the magic seemed to slip away beginning and through season 2 and by was getting no better by Gallant’s last gasp of air after game #49 season 3. It was time for a change and it has gone pretty well since, this season’s injuries notwithstanding. I’ve been through all this before so I’ll spare you and other readers the details lol but I feel compelled to remind you. Tia.

  9. have another donut

    Here is the tweet of Ken Boehlke above….he runs this blog. I completely agree with this tweet.

    “This is the 31st ranked penalty kill in the NHL. VGK do not have a dangerous chance in 3 power plays.

    It is incredible that we are a full season off an 0 for series power play performance and it’s still this pathetic.”


    True…..and yet the f.o. shills still defend PDB and Spott

    • have another donut,

      Not sure you know this but posting anything negative is frowned upon even when you simply state facts.

  10. vgk21

    Moneypuck odds as of this moment—

    chance of making playoffs=

    LAK 87.3%
    Dallas 76.4
    Vgk 41.6

    projected pt totals=

    LAK 97.7
    Dallas 97.1
    Vgk 94.2

  11. Tim

    Obviously a big three games in western Canada this week. I Guess the best approach is one game at a time. With all the injuries and line shuffling we look at times like a chicken with his head cut off which in some games prevents us from putting the puck in the net. These next nine games with our spotty goaltending they better drop a 4 spot every game and make there vacation plans.

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