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Recap: The Golden Knights took control early in the game scoring twice on the Ducks in the 1st period. Nic Roy opened the scoring and Adam Brooks doubled Vegas’ lead.

Mattias Janmark scored the only goal of a messy 2nd period. Both teams were handed a dozen penalties in the middle frame for roughing and fighting.

The game settled down in the 3rd but Anaheim spoiled Vegas’ shutout scoring in the waning seconds of the contest.

The Golden Knights record improves to 22-12-0 defeating the Ducks 3-1. Vegas will face off after the New Year on Sunday against the Winnipeg Jets. Puck drop is set for 1P. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights whipped the Ducks all over the ice from the moment they dropped the puck to the second the game ended. Complete and utter domination to ring in the New Year. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Anaheim Ducks game at T-Mobile Arena.

  • Happy New Year!

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Brayden McNabb
** Mattias Janmark
* Nic Roy

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  1. knights fan in minny

    good win by the patch work squad roy had a strong game sweet hit by nabber

  2. Blitz

    That is my kind of game. Chippy, fighting, my team dominating a good team. Would have liked to see LB get the shut out.

  3. Pistol Pete

    With Patch out need we Eichel more than ever on the PP. He could be ready for the February makeups. Also, with Patch out will be easier to fit his cap in, especially if Marty remains on LTIR.

    • P Pete – I sure hope Eichel doesn’t disappoint you, I would hate to see you have to eat your words – No, I have not forgot and yes I will be the first to recognize you if you are right – that said we have to come to some understanding as to what impact exactly means. I think six opportunities at PP today and I don’t recall a goal!!!! WE do agree with Patch out the Eichel situation is some what improved if in fact Eichel is about before play-off time – I would not be surprised if it wasn’t till then. TB pulled it off why not Vegas after all Vegas is about gambling.

      • Pistol Pete

        Eichel will play ASAP depending on his condition. He’s said along 3 mo. after surgery is possible, time will tell. Quick impact is something like his career near pt/game within 10 games. It’s a no brainer he’ll help the PP, how soon is anyone’s guess. I am in the camp that has him playing well ahead of the postseason.

        • PPete – you’re an optimist of the first order and really have nothing to base your assumptions on and that is all they are – past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance. Probably the most logical statement from your post is ASAP depending on his condition, a major factor in his return no question, however which is only partly correct -you neglected to add and take into consideration the wishes of the FO. They have a huge problem they have created and the longer they can put off a decision on a solution will benefit them if the team continues to perform. They would rather have the cap issue play out on its own come play-off time – it is all to do with managing risk and reward. IMO you need to look at the big picture not just your desire to see Eichel on the ice sooner rather than later – the longer he has too completely heel benefits everyone as back/neck problems are risky and cap problem disappears. You don’t have to agree but think about it – it is all about what’s good for business.

          • Daryl

            My biggest question for PP and anyone else who thinks Eichel will help the PP…. Our PP unit has top tier players and a Center that is playing like a 1C,so I don’t quite quick how Eichel is going to make that much of a difference where this is concerned. If Stephenson wasn’t playing so good then I might be able to see their point, but that isn’t the case. On top of that, Eichel will be on a new team with new ayers and a new system, to think he will jump in and make a big difference is a little speculative to say the least

          • But hdbiker how about Pacioretty’s operation? It seems likely he’s out past the point when Eichel is ready to play. That has a bearing on the cap situation. Btw, I don’t see my “optimism” as important here. The overriding factor is how talented Eichel is. It’s a no-brainer to get him in the roster ASAP. They’ve figured out the cap.

  4. Galdom

    Happy New Year’s to my fellow Golden Knights army members.

    Cheers to 2022. Can’t wait to fly into town for that Stanley Cup parade

    • PPete – past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance. I notice you neglected that part of the post and I addressed the Patch earlier – that doesn’t change the risk reward situation where Eichel is concerned. If they are getting by as they appear to be at the present the potential risk far outweighs the reward, so why go down that path. Could that all change tomorrow certainly but not at present. I did read your optimism is not shared by some concerning his contribution regarding the effectiveness of the PP. Your statement ” The overriding factor is how talented Eichel is. It’s a no-brainer to get him in the roster ASAP.” I would think the first line of this post addresses that and speaks to your optimism. Not having him on the ice at present benefits all – avoids potential injury which has been prevalent on the team thus far so why run the risk? He has years left on his contract to prove his worth.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    congrats all around , fans, players, FO, coaching , forum people etc for finishing the year on high note.

    hope it continues through the next year.

    And a Happy New Year to all !

  6. Daryl

    I saw two parts to this game. For one, VGK completely dominated this game from the start. Really, it wasn’t even close. Good win. I still don’t see how a team that S overall basically .500 is in 2nd but oh well

    The second part to this game was ANA didn’t even look like they wanted to play. They couldn’t make the simplest wide open passes. They had so many unforced error it was embarrassing. Twice they had a wide open net and couldn’t even get the puck close. They would skate to the blue line then just shoot the puck on over and over again with nobody racing to the open puck. I have no idea what they were doing this game. Yes some of it was the pressure from VGK, but half was just horrible play by ANA

  7. John W

    This was a significant week for the Knights. The guys showed 2 pretenders to the Pacific crown, which team is the BOSS. Today’s game was a serious Ass-Kicking. The score wasn’t anywhere near reflective of the VGK domination. Thoughts as below:

    – Knights totally frustrated the Quacks, as evidenced by their obvious frustration in starting several scrums. VGK acquitted themselves well in all the fights.

    – Forward depth continues to be a huge strength. Tons of shots, even with Stoney and Patch on the shelf.

    – Although not on the scoreboard, Pietrangelo was an animal on the defensive end, and his return had a huge impact on a strong defensive effort,

    – Brossoit. Great game, other than a very Fleury-like mishandle, which thankfully didn’t lead to a goal.

    – Roy, rapidly become a very dangerous offensive player, right before our eyes. When Eichel “arrives”, our center depth becomes one of our biggest strengths.

    On to Sunday, hoping to see a chance for LT in the net…..If Lehner remains hurt, LT has next.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Roy is like jeckyl and hyde, streaky. Needs to be more consistent.

  8. Tim

    Another great win it looks like Janmark is playing to keep his job not only his goals but hustle, nice passing, and protecting the puck. Man does McNabb lay the wood to the opponents? I hope we play Sunday but not sure the Jets can cross the border I hope so. With so many star players out and still field this type of depth it’s a credit to management. Not much else to say see you Sunday.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    you got that right, give duck player big assist on Janmark goal; Drysdale (from Beverly Hill Billies??) passed the puck right to him in feeble attempt to clear puck from danger zone near the net with his goalie down in the crease.

    • Daryl

      ANA did that 3 or 4 times in this fake…. they made perfect passes directly to the wrong team. lol

  10. Galdom

    Peyton Krebs just made an absolutely sweet play and set up Alex Tuch for a goal today. I don’t care about Buffalo but maybe this deal could work out for both teams.

  11. Blitz

    Krebs beautiful pass to Tuch for his first goal of the year. Tuch’s reaction in the celebration huddle when he found out it was Kreb’s pass was priceless. Good stuff.

    Its like a Knight’s game without the Vegas:


    • I posted below on the VGK Sabres but neglected Haula and Nosek on the Bruins. Neither one having much impact over there at least not base stats wise. But yeah, cool having five VGK players on the ice.

  12. This game was fun to watch. The team is almost back to full strength (with Pacioretti out for indefinitely). But I have one question that nobody can’t or won’t tell me. WHERE IS MARTINEZ AND WHAT IS HIS STATUS? Can you give me an answer? Thank you!

  13. OT:

    Tuch gets a goal and assist, Krebs an assist in Sabres 3-4 loss to Bruins. Cody Eakin not having much of a year over there (8 pts/ 28 games/-7).

    Ahh, the hapless Kraken, losing to Canucks 2-5 at home. Sure aren’t a VGK story, not even close. Seemed at the very start they could to be decent but it hasn’t worked out that way.

    • Ron Francis was a truly great hockey player but so far has found limited success in management. Did not think his expansion drafting was for the Kraken was particularly good. Definitely no George McPhee.

      • Daryl

        To be fair, teams were much Beyer prepared this time around. I think if the seating order was reversed, VGK wouldn’t be nearly as successful either

    • Daryl

      They sure don’t have the heart that VGK did

      • Alex

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        • knights fan in minny

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