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Recap: The Golden Knights jumped off to a good start, creating opportunities and playing tight defensively. Vegas held Winnipeg without a shot in the first 12 and half minutes of the game. The home team began to warm up and outshot the Golden Knights 9-1 down the stretch and scored two 1st period goals. 

Trailing 2-0, the Golden Knights cut the lead in half off Nic Roy’s 11th goal of the season. Thereafter the Jets would respond three times in the middle frame to take a 5-2 advantage into the 2nd intermission. 

Vegas fought back picking up a power play goal from Alex Pietrangelo and an even-strength goal by Michael Amadio. However, Winnipeg sealed their victory with a power play and a shorthanded goal in the final period. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 32-26-4 falling 7-3 to the Jets. The Golden Knights finish their five-game road trip 0-5-0. Vegas travels back home for the next two games. Puck drop against the Florida Panthers is scheduled for 730 PM PT on Thursday night. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Another night, another disaster. The Golden Knights cannot seem to do much of anything right at this point and the season is slipping away in a hurry. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Winnipeg Jets at Canada Life Centre.

  • “With or without you” records

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Not tonight. No one deserves praise.

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  1. George L.

    VGK have a nut allergy.

    • the hockey God

      what is a nut allergy ? should i add it to my list of BIS, dry heaves, hives, runs, heavy drinking, runs, and ajida (angina). Foley five year plan going in wrong direction.

      looks like it will take five years to first miss the playoffs.

  2. Steve T.


  3. Star Trek, Dr. McCoy>

    “They’re Dead Jim!”

  4. JockEnvy

    DeBoer and McCrimmon have lost this team. There’s no trust. No passion. No effort. Its very clear that Gallant was fired because he didn’t share this view of “shiny new toys” with McCrimmon and McPhee. They lost their identity after year one. Front office is pissing away this window that may already be closed.

  5. Galdom

    Remember when they were a playoff team with Robin Lehner.

    • This love affair with The Walrus is too mushy for me. With or without him, this team sucks….

      Edmonton is leading Detroit 4-2 (last I checked) and will add to their lead. Dallas got shut out so they hang on to the 2nd wild card by a thread. WPG now 2 points back, DAL 1 point back.

      Prospects don’t look good with FLA coming into town Thursday and then the Kings on Saturday.

      Buy, Sell or Hold on Monday…..

    • Uh oh, Detroit and Edmonton are tied 4-4!

    • Daryl

      RL is 2-3 in his last 5 games with wins against OTT and SJS… Yeah this team was so much better with RL. His. 909 and 2.77 is so good

      • Frank

        He is good, but not great. We need great right now and unfortunately it’s not on this roster.

      • Galdom

        But do you remember when they were a playoff team with Robin Lehner

        • Daryl

          I thought they weren’t a playoff team because of injuries (as some have said)

          Even not being able to score, how many more wins would VGK have if they had more 1 goal games or better yet, shutouts?

        • VGK fan

          Truth is RL was a below average goalie this year, which was not entirely all his fault considering the D and low offense production.

          If RL would have played as well as he did in his first year with VGK we would probably have at least 8 more points and still be a playoff contender.

    • Frank

      Robin Lehner matters not in this equation. Our goaltending this year (including him) has sucked… Not to put a too fine point on it. Oh for the days of Flower.

      • JockEnvy

        My god. Leave Fleury out of this. You either die the hero or live long enough to become the villain. Two seasons ago Knights fans wanted him gone. Then he had a resurgence. This year, in front of this team, would look exactly the same as it does right now and people would be calling him washed again.

        • Daryl

          While I agree we should be leaving MAF out if this… There were very few VGK fans who wanted MAF gine

          • Frank

            Yup. But sure let bygones be bygones the same as our stanley cup aspirations………

        • Frank

          Ummm which knight fans wanted him gone??? Did you take a poll??? And I beg to differ as he is a better netminder any day than Lehner, Brossoit or Thompson.

          • JockEnvy

            I’m assuming that you didn’t look at FB, Twitter, and anywhere else that people were able to comment on his performances that season because the fan base seemed to be over him, or atleast saw the decline and the cap room he was taking up. No one saw him coming back and winning the Vezina. That’s why they traded for Lehner. He looked old. He looked tired. Then when Lehner started looking bad that postseason, everyone jumped back on the bandwagon. He would be an upgrade over both guys right now, just from a leadership standpoint. His stats aren’t significantly better than Lehner or Brossoit and the Hawks lineups look similar to what he would have right now in Vegas. I love the dude and he was the heart of this team but he’s not going to save us from the overflowing sack of crap that McCrimmon rolls out there.

          • Frank

            @Jock Envy… Yup. The team in it’s entirety sucks now… Injuries have decimated this team. It now needs a goalie who is the teams heart to steal a game or two. Right now due to bad decisions and worse trades we don’t have that…… Oh well.

          • JockEnvy

            You nailed it. This team does need someone like Fleury because they have no heart. They have no fight. Stone is out but he is passive. DeBoer acts like a man that goes home to his wife sleeping with another man and just casually walks by the room and say, “Hey Jim. How’s your folks” and proceeds to sit down and eat his plain wheat toast and drink his 1% milk. The Misfits had an identity. This team is defined by your exact comment, poor decisions and bad trades. The franchise and the fans deserve better. I just hope Foley has the sack to get rid of the dead weight.

    • ssejhill

      Remember when they were a playoff team WITHOUT Jack Eichel? 4-8-1 since his debut in the lineup. Great talent … terrible leader.

  6. where the Buffalo roam

    let the trades, the coach firings, and the retirements for the lame and the halt begin

    • JockEnvy

      If they don’t can McCrimmon and DeBoer, this team will never grow and this will be a yearly theme of disappointment

  7. DL


  8. Scott Yardley

    If they don’t get a goaltender and bring back Brandon Pirri the season is over!

  9. the hockey God

    Greg’s List
    want ad section
    application site: Summerlin National City Rink

    no experience necessary

    • the hockey God


      must see puck, must stop puck, must stand up on skates, must hold stick in correct position, must catch puck with glove hand, must be able to stop re bounds, must be able to skate side to side,

  10. Daryl

    I didn’t watch the game but so many goals in such a low number of shots… And then wamhat is Kolesar doing? Will someone tell him to stop fighting, he is embarrassing himself. Maybe VGK can hire someone (Engo?) to teach him how to fight

    • the hockey God

      81 another hot head bone head penalty

      • Daryl

        I saw he had a 10min misconduct… Was wondering what it was for

        • the hockey God

          he slashed a player, in retaliation, yelled at ref for not calling penalty on other team, ref gave him 10 minute misconduct with about 11 minutes or so left in game, another bonehead move because VGK had momentum and just scored a goal to cut the deficit

      • Blitz

        He is pissed and I am ok with that. He should be fucking mad. If more players had heart they would be able to survive this mess. Ain’t no reason to bag on March for acting out in literally the worst losing streak he has seen as a knight. Did he cost them the game, hell no.

    • where the Buffalo roam

      not only did he lose the fight, but he gave Wpg momentum when they were sleepwalking the first half of the period.

      he needs to go right effin now

      • the hockey God

        that was kopitar, opps i mean kolisar, another ill timed dumbshit ryan reaves moves

        giving other team the mo

        you are correct WTBR, bad move

      • VGK Fan

        Why is Kolesar starting a fight when we have out shot the Jets 7-0 to start a game?

  11. the hockey God

    Jesse Granger
    Pete DeBoer is clearly not happy with the goaltending lately- “He just didn’t get in front of enough pucks. It’s pretty simple. I’m not a goaltending expert but you’ve gotta get in front of a couple.”<<<<Capt . Obvious

    • Daryl

      Damn…. I want to thank him for pointing that out for all of us. You know what that reminds me of???? Harris soeach about Ukraine

      • the hockey God

        i am really pissed at orcs, the ukrainians are treating their POWs with respect while the orcs are torturing and holding hundreds of ukrainians hostages. They took 500 people hostage from their homes and moved them into hospital. They have not let the Chenobyl workings leave, 200 of them, holding them at gun pointe and over the radiation levels allowed. Where is the UN ??? Where is the EU forces that is responsible for Europe ? The euroPEONS are losing their continent by not standing up to Valdof Putler.

  12. Vic

    Two options….
    1. Do nothing and wait until next year. Sell off some players, but this is getting tougher as most of the players are in decline, for something/anything in return. The VGK may have to pay the other teams to take some of these guys (take my dead weight please).

    2. Fire coach and his staff and the entire front office. Bring in Joe Febeets, Vinnie Boombatz or John Tortorella to coach. Bring in Brian Lawton, Joe Febeets or Vinnie Boombatz as GM.

    Turn out the lights.

    • the hockey God

      @ Vic I am all in for Binnie Boombatz, Peppie Lapew, and Jean LaFoote (that was good cereal , but when I was kid I liked Capt. Crunch, crunch berries, and frankenberries- all cr ap that I can’t eat now.

    • Blitz

      I think you have to shed players at the deadline. Get some value, rebuild the pieces you need. If you wait till next year you won’t get as much value. If they think they are going to keep the same group then there is no help and we could be the Vegas Golden Sharks in no time. Reality sucks and the glory of the 1st year knights is over. It was a great ride.

  13. LVsc

    DeBoer—“I’m not a coaching expert, but you’ve got to get in front of a couple of teams or get fired”

  14. the hockey God

    Boris Badanov tonight

    led the team in


  15. Let’s do the math…
    Out of 20 games remaining, how many do they need to win to make the playoffs???
    My calculated guess is a whopping 15.
    That is a tall task for any team nevermind VGK which is now comprised of the walking/skating wounded, both physically and emotionally, also half the roster being scrubs, and no experienced proven goalie.

    • Kevin

      The tough part is Dallas … because they have 4 more games and are only 1 point behind us. Here’s how the math works and why that’s scary:

      Let’s say VGK sudden rights things a bit and manages to go 12-8 in the last 20 games … a serious improvement over the prior two months, especially if you look at the schedule … but we’ll go with it. That gets them to 92 points.

      For Dallas to get to 93, they need 25 points in 24 games … just over a point a game…which is exactly the rate they have been playing at all season. (67 points in 58 games).

      So, even if VGK play exceeding well beyond their recent history, all Dallas has to do is maintain their season average and they catch VGK … not too promising.

  16. David Wytcherley

    Run Deboer out of town on a rail now.

    • David Wytcherley,

      I am with you. I didn’t like the move when they made it. I’ve heard all of the reasons why it was done, and I still don’t think it was the right move. With that said, PDB is going to get a pass this year due to the injuries.

      I wish that the injuries didn’t happen because I think that even with a fully healthy team that his game plans suck. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Bringing in the head coach from the team that knocked us out of the playoffs also was an unforced error by the VGK FO. To this day, I still do not understand how that move was going to do anything other than turning fans off. Sure, go ahead and make the case about the NHL being a business. Well, I have been a season ticket holder since year 1 and I can tell you that I see more and more visiting team fans in seats this year and since PDB was brought in, and even more so since they sent Fleury, Schmidt, Reaves and Haula packing.

      Now, do I think that the VGK would be any better off under Gallant and with those players that are gone? Who knows! No one does. You can make the case statistically, but the bottom line is that the only way to make the case is for the moves they made to actually work.

      Case in point. Eichel’s been on the ice for 14 games and we have 4 wins I think. The team, despite the injuries, looks a lot worse right now. Marchy has been imploding out there and is so frustrated that I think he needs to go on LTIR for an emotional breakdown.

      I sense that this team is beginning to come apart at the seams……and it could be very ugly.

  17. Kevin

    You need defense. It failed at the blue line, and it failed between the pipes. Look at the lines of defenesemen tonight and holy cow. Alec, we sure could use you. Theodore’s constantly turning it over…and it seems he’s always trailing the attacker on breakaways. The shorthander tonight was a Theodore pass that got tapped to neutral, and 27 is again in the picture right behind the guy breaking away and scoring (not to mention he hasn’t scored since Jan 20 … which is TWENTY games ago). In goal … what options does PDB really have? Two C+ goalies are going to give you just what we got tonight … 7 goals on 23 shots. They are who we thought they are… ya know?

    The point is, if they dont get at least some of the bodies back from injuries very soon – looking at you Martinez, McNabb , Stone and Max – it’s over for this year … and so VGK should get rid of a few to get the cap space straightened out, pick up a few draft picks and ride it out.

    Ugly to say, but this team is spent and reality is, maybe they need to miss the playoffs in order to re-motivate themselves as a team. Quoting Steven Tyler from back in the 70s: “You got to lose to know how to win”

  18. Pretty simple GA 23 last 5 games, GF 11 – they can’t score, and they can’t stop the opposition. Vegas has surrendered 18 goals the last three games – so much for Rickie’s theory concerning what is necessary to win. Better decide who you are going to cheer for in the play offs as Vegas won’t be there. Sad to say in some regard missing the playoffs may not be a bad thing as it will open eyes to the reality necessary to raising the Cup and it doesn’t start spending millions of dollars for a few players. Find some rejects interested in proving themselves like the initial group and see what happens – one thing for sure it couldn’t be any worse. Having been around hockey longer than I care to remember It’s time for Foley to realize it’s time to clean house and start with a clean slate IMHO. I realize it will be difficult for him, but he will have to reconsider his expectations and goal.

  19. Galdom

    I’m not trying to annoy anybody by bringing up Robin Lehner. If I bring up things that are true and it annoys people then it’s on you people for getting annoyed at the truth.

    TRUTH – League average save percentage this year is .908 and league average goals against is 2.87. If anyone disputes that I’m always happy to post links. I like to support my argument by actual facts and truth.

    Robin Lehner has a .909 save percentage and a 2.77 goals against average and he has not done this behind a strong team because the VGK sucks. He has provided slightly better than average goaltending. Is that below his usual standard? Yes it is because he is a better than average goaltender over his career. I’m not gonna call him elite because he’s not and I’m not gonna call him a workhorse because he doesn’t handle heavy workloads and he is more of a tandem goalie where he should be playing 50 games maximum with a decent back up handling the other 32 games. But what he will generally provide is above average goaltending and this year it has only been slightly above or just average. This is the truth and the numbers don’t lie.

    My comments about Lehner are generally to the fucking idiots who kept saying that he was the primary problem with this team when that has always been far from the truth. My comments about Lehner are to the people who bring up other goalies to replace him who are performing far below league average and far below anything Lehner has ever performed at. My comments are about Lehner are to people who think that Logan Thompson or Laurent Brossoit are better which is just laughable. My comments are to the people who don’t understand that Lehner provided competent goaltending in the 2019-20 playoff run and virtually the exact same numbers as Fleury provided in the 2020-21 playoff run. Marc Andre Fleury has also provided league average goaltending this year. That’s not a shot at him, he’s 38 years old but it is actually the truth. Fluery has a .909 save percentage and 2.90 goals against average.

    So there it is. It’s not a love affair with Lehner. It’s a whole bunch of truth and if that annoys you then you are annoyed by the truth.

    Do you wanna know what I find annoying? People saying stupid shit like build get rid of Lehner who has provided average NHL goaltending and build around Georgiev who has struggled badly and has always been slightly below average and Logan Thompson who is an AHL career goalie. Now that’s annoying!

    If you want to tell me that Lehner is not the number one goalie you envision for Vegas because you want someone who is an elite top 7 guy in the league who is a workhorse that plays 65 games a year and has a 920 save percentage that’s fine but that guy is not available. You generally have to draft and develop that guy. But saying that Robin Lehner sucks when that is simply not true because he has provided far above league average goal tending his entire career and even this year he has just been just average. So I don’t have to talk about Robin Lehner until the moment someone says something stupid and not factual about him. Then I will pipe in with the truth which is apparently annoying.

    • VGK Fan

      The league average includes backup goalies. RL is a starter and they mention that in the broadcast last night he is in the bottom ten among starting goalies in the NHL.

      You are the only one bringing up RL.

  20. Galdom

    That’s the link which shows what league average goaltending is this year.

    I know that math isn’t everybody’s strong point but it’s not very difficult to look at what the league average numbers are and look at Robin Lehner’s numbers this season and see that although he has been performing lower than his usual standard he has still been at a slightly above average league rate.

    Am I happy with that? No, he wasn’t handed the reins to perform at an average rate but he definitely doesn’t suck and he definitely isn’t the primary reason as some have suggested for the teams downfall.

    Take a look at some of the beloved players that are bumbs. Karlsson gets paid $5.9 million and he’s under contract for five more years. He is at best third line centre worth $2.3 million. Did you guys see him get set up for an open net yesterday and he couldn’t even score? Riley Smith When healthy is a nice player but just like everyone else on the team he has gone stretches of going 10-15 games without a goal.

    I will shut up about Lehner unless someone says something stupid and not factual.

    Lehner is part of a large group this season that has performed lower than their usual standards. Say that and I won’t argue. When you say that he sucks and is one of the major reasons the team has underperformed is when I will speak up with “annoying” truth and facts.

    • Vegas Baby

      Glad you have finally come around. Welcome aboard!

    • JockEnvy

      I am absolutely here for this. People bash Lehner but, before last season’s reinvention, Lehner had actually come closer to being a Vezina trophy winner than Fleury. The people that talk about Georgiev see potential. Having him as Lehner’s backup would be sensible but as a replacement number one or in tandem with Thompson is pointless, as he’s showing right now how he would look in tandem with a goalie that has similar stats to Georgiev.

    • Galdom,

      Please do.

      This team has a lot more problems than just goaltending. I cannot believe how much a difference Hutton, McNabb and Martinez makes on D. Solid defensemen who rarely get beat. Last night’s contest was an example of what you get when you have offensive minded defensemen all around. That includes Petro, Theodore, Coghlan, Hague and Whitecloud.

      So, I am going to admit that the defensive woes are the number 1 concern right now, but the goaltending isn’t good either with or without Lehner. I think we have a better chance of making the playoffs now with a healthy RL, but that ship has sailed.

      VGK FO has to be circling the wagons right now before the trade deadline evaluating whether or not the current wounded will be able to rejoin the team or not for the playoffs.

      If the answer is yes, do they look for a goaltender and defenseman or two on the market. If not, are they sellers? If they are going to sell, they should be dumping at least 2 if not 3 of worst defensemen (Theodore, Coghlan, Hague). I didn’t get to see much of Pachal last night, but it was hard to see anything positive in that game.

      I think going after Grubauer and Chara would be the best fit for this team. Seattle would be asking for a lot to ship Grubauer to us, possibly too much.

    • Blitz

      The only fact I need to make my decision.

      I’ve have relatives that have died for old glory, just so these 4 non-american pieces of shit can disrespect it. You will never change my mind.

      • Blitz,

        I feel the same way about this. The only reason why I haven’t stopped watching hockey is because this bullshit isn’t widespread. Kneeling and disrespecting the U.S. Flag is what I call misguided ire. The Flag and our National Anthem both represent the original fight against tyranny for freedom, but also the fight to end slavery in 1865. Since then, the USA has continued to struggle and make great progress in ending racism and to pass laws that make systemic racism and discrimination of all types illegal. As a 30 year veteran of the US Navy’s submarine force, I have lost friends, family and shipmates defending this nation and the freedom it stands for. So, yeah, I get angry when I see it happening. It’s wrong, but I also served for the right to free speech, which gives everyone the right to be right or wrong and to speak out about it. In this case, their disrespect is offensive and wrong. You want to protest against non-systemic racism that still exists? Then, okay, I am standing by your side protesting in front of a police station, courthouse or elsewhere against the “individuals” who continue to harbor hatred in their souls against others. If you want to disrespect America’s Flag and Anthem, you are disrespecting the very symbols that promote what you are asking for. It’s misguided and absolutely the wrong thing to protest. It isn’t unifying, it’s divisive and you will never achieve your aims by doing it. Believe me, if the NHL came out like the NFL I would be turning to something else for entertainment. But, but, but my rights my rights my rights…..well yes you have the right to do it and I have the right to flip you off, turn it off and spend my money elsewhere. I used to love football, but I turned that shit off long ago.

      • Daryl


        I’m in the same boat and I have lost all respect for any of them

  21. Dylan

    Do I see…14 games with EICHEL as a VGK? And…10 losses?

    Huh. Apparently you can’t “build a team” (or win that often) when you treat the NHL like “Fantasy” Hockey?

    Who knew??

    PS — TUCH (and even KREBS) look pretty good since they left that Toxic Dysfunctional Mess.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @Dylan , Eichel = nms (not much stock) , medical staff leaving owners’ houses last night found vast evidence of BIX, dry heaving/retching, uncontrollable shaking, hives, ajida (acid reflux indigestion), hives/skin rash, runs, and excessive ranting.

  22. THE hockey GOD

    Rangers fans boo the crap out of neofascist goobner of NY

    “Tonight, we would like to salute Gov. Kathy Hochul, the first female governor of New York state. Gov. Hochul began her career in public service in the greater Buffalo area, served in Congress and was twice-elected lieutenant governor,” the announcer at Madison Square Garden said Tuesday evening ahead of Hochul’s puck drop.

    The arena erupted with boos and jeers against the governor as she was introduced and walked to the ice wearing a Rangers jersey.

  23. THE hockey GOD

    VGK “new franchise” moment have arrived. They officially are now worse than the Kraken.

    And with no relief in sight. Well there is one thing, if I understand this correctly, and VGK lose all their remaining games, they may retain their 2022 no.1 draft pick if they manage to get it back into top 10.

    Golden Knights
    Golden Knights-2022 draft pick, no. 1


    Sabres (protected top 10)


    Traded • Jack Eichel • conditional third round pick (2023 third round pick if Golden Knights 2022 first round pick is not in top 10, else 2024 third round pick (?-?) to Golden Knights for • Alex Tuch • Peyton Krebs • first round pick (protected top 10 in 2022, unprotected in 2023) (?-?) • conditional third round pick (2022 third round pick if Golden Knights 2022 first round pick is not in top 10, else 2023 third round pick) (?-?) on 2021-11-04

    • THE hockey GOD

      VGK now ranked at no. 15 in draft for 2020 , with pick going to sabers

      Determining the NHL Draft Order
      All teams missing the playoffs are in the Lottery
      Teams with the least points get more chances at winning the Lottery
      The 1st overall pick is awarded by a drawing of ping pong balls. A team can only jump ten spots, so only the top 11 teams are eligible for the 1st pick. If a team in the 12-16 range wins the first drawing, the first pick will remain with the worst team

  24. Tim

    Our biggest problem is that for sure Patch and Lehner are done as hockey players . With both having term and unable to stay healthy we’ve got 12 million dead money right there. I don’t care in your opinion if you thought they were good or bad players but we can all agree they are way to injury prone. I think thats our number one problem. Second problem will Stone and Martinez ever come back healthy? That’s 4 quality players with a lot of cap ( 26 million ) maybe never playing again or not at the level they once did. Everything else can get fixed but I don’t see how we can continue to carry that much cap without them in the lineup or in the lineup just going through the motions.

    • Mike StG

      Tim, it’s not that big of deal (re: Patch). Worst case scenario they buy out the last Yr of his contract. If Martinez can’t play again then he just stays on LTIR until the end of his deal. If Lehner can’t stay healthy in a #1 role then they’ll have to get a mid-priced 1A/1/B goalie to be a tandem and try to slog through that way.

      There are always options. Personally it seems to me that Stone should probably just have surgery for a more permanent fix (assuming surgery would do it). With the term remaining better to bite the bullet now so he can be productive later.

  25. have another donut

    question—-what the hell has happened to William Karlsson?

    He went from 43 goals wonderboy in season 1 to now a backhand passing defensive slug who now resembles the 4th line center with 5 goals that the Vgk got from Columbus in the expansion draft

    hey Wild Bill, or should I say Mild Bill, your golden locks are not enough to warrant that nearly $6 million annual cap hit. You seem to be joined at the hip with 19 and 81, so when are you gonna produce with other players too?

    • THE hockey GODv

      he got married and now he appears to be three steps slower than when he first entered the vGK lineup

      five years takes a lot out of the Euro players.

    • Blitz

      I think there is alot to say of what Turk and his style of game got out of alot of players. Bill had an amazing year followed up by a good year under Turk. Switch coaches and it is trending downwards. Theo is the same or maybe even worse or you could even look to players that are already gone and declined since their days with Turk. Doesn’t mean this is PDB’s fault and it doesn’t mean it isn’t all on Bill or Theo, but for what ever reason they are not the same players as early on. As much as I would like to see both kick ass again in Vegas, it is probably time for both to move on and this team to rebuild around their cap crushing non-transferable players.

      Also keep in mind that PDB system is more defensive and Bill is the best defensive center on the team. He is asked to be the defensive guy alot and that doesn’t necessarily transition into goals. Same story with Smith.

      • JockEnvy

        Ah yes. PDB and his defensive system full of offensive defensemen that give up 23 goals in a 5 game stretch. Front office doing its finest work lol

  26. Rick

    It’s been done, I think Doug Harvey did it in the early 60’s after he left the Habs. But, Ken, I don’t see how it works logistically. Hockey HC’s make more in game decisions than in any other major sport and they interact more with their assistants also. I’m not saying it from the perspective of – it’s a crazy idea – or – I saw my first NHL game in 1973 (I did), get off my lawn – or – I’m an opposing fan (I am) and you born with a silver spoon newbies have no clue or anything like that.

    Here’s the best way I can explain. I don’t know what the junior hockey scene is like in Vegas but the simplest way to understand is, go to at U19 or U15 game, – boys or girls – and ask to work one of the penalty box doors or even just sit in one while someone else does it. Even teams at that level (and lower, all the way down to U10) will have an HC and two assistants, one each to run the F side and the D side of the bench. Observe the interactions between the 3 coaches and their very defined roles. I’m pretty sure you’ll understand.

    If you have it in your head that Stone being there would help then you’ve very likely come to the conclusion that DeBoer needs to go, whether you consciously realize it or not.

  27. Mike StG

    Anyone else notice that Boston is lining up Nosek at 1C and Haula at 2C tonight? That’s hilarious. Of course, Erik has been 2C given Krejci’s departure from the NHL, but Nosek is replacing Bergeron out with injury. 🙂

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