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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to rough start in Vancouver. The Canucks scored on their first shot after Alex Pietrangelo was called for a tripping minor. Vegas stuck to their game and got some luck late in the opening period. Mattias Janmark fluttered the puck on net and it fortunately bounced off Alec Martinez into the Canucks goal. The game was tied 1-1 heading into the first intermission. 

The scoring picked up in the middle frame. Vancouver regained their lead 1:27 into the period and added another two minutes later. Michael Amadio responded quickly for Vegas to get his team within one. Unfortunately, the Canucks took advantage of a 2-on-1 and held a 4-2 lead after 40 minutes of action.

Shea Theodore gave Vegas life by scoring five minutes into the final period and he tied the game with :42 seconds left in the period to send the game to overtime. Vancouver went on to win 5-4 in OT to pick up the extra point. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 40-29-5 after falling 5-4 to the Canucks. Vegas picks up one point as their trip continues on Thursday night in Calgary. Puck drop against the Flames is set for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were mightily outplayed in the 2nd period but they were definitely good enough in the 1st and 3rd to overcome it. They were able to push the game to OT due to yet another goal with the net empty, but the OT session was rough. In the end, it comes down to special teams, where VGK didn’t kill and they didn’t capitalize on the PP chances. One point is ok, but they really could have used both. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena.

  • Special teams has put VGK behind the 8-ball

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alec Martinez
** Evgenii Dadonov
* Shea Theodore


Pacific North Teams Won’t Make It Easy On Visiting Knights


Chronicling VGK’s Failing Power Play Overhaul


  1. Pistol Pete

    Previous objective: 98 pts
    Current objective: 97 pts
    Previous goal: 7-2
    Current goal: 6-2

    Remains a tall order.

  2. Galdom


    The power-play continues to frustrate the hell out of all of us. Tonight’s loss probably just eliminates Dallas and Nashville out of the equation and now we are just chasing Los Angeles. I don’t have any comment on Mark Stone and I think it would be unfair as it was his first game back and anything that he was able to provide is going to be better than Jonas Rondjberg. I really liked their first period and it was unfortunate that they took those penalties. The second period was a disaster. I was flipping back-and-forth between games and the Dallas Stars played a full 60 minutes tonight, the VGK did not. It looks like they are trying to create a bit more traffic in front of the net instead of playing that perimeter game but they still are not very good at that in spite of the Amadio goal. Although Lehner was hung out to dry on some of those goals the third one in particular was weak. Robin Lehner made A couple of big saves in the third period to keep Vegas in it but all in all he just wasn’t good enough. I guess like a lot of his teammates tonight. I do believe if Logan Thompson was in net it could’ve made the difference tonight. I don’t know if you all recall but I was saying that Thompson should play every single game until he has a bad game, but when they went with Lehner after he returned from injury I still thought that Thompson should play some of the games down the stretch. Pietrangelo didn’t have a strong game. If I name each player one by one this could go on forever but as a whole they didn’t put 60 Minutes together which is kind of inexcusable at this time. I don’t expect them to dominate for 60 minutes as there is another professional team out there trying but too many mistakes cost them tonight. I’ll end this with a positive since the playoff dream is still not over and that is the great game by Shea Theodore. He kept the playoff dream alive tonight.

    Western Canada is supposed to get some horrible apocalyptic blizzard coming and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if the next couple of games were postponed and the team got to practice a little bit and actually have some games in hand for once.

    • VGK fan in Summerlin

      I agree on pretty much all your points Galdom, and do recall you saying that they should have stuck with the hot hand in Thompson which I 100% agreed with of course. Why they switch off from the hot hand just defies understanding.

      Getting off in the hole really puts the pressure on the guys. 1 goal on 1 shot to start the game for Vancouver. Then goal, goal, at one point I believe they had 4 goals on 11 shots. I agree the d let him down as well and not saying all soft. In fact that first one was a very well executed bang-bang power play goal. Left me wondering why the VGK almost never can get a clean one like that, it really was PP execution 101. Lehner finished the game with .815 save percentage when the season was on the line, just didn’t look comfortable. And the ot goal he dove for a puck he had literally no chance reaching and fell over, leaving the net totally free.

      Don’t even know what to say about the power play. The only solace if they don’t make the playoffs is we pretty much know they just can’t go far if they get there without at least a PP that’s somewhat effective, better goaltending, more consistent D, etc.

      Oh well, don’t be surprised if they come back and beat Edmonton and Calgary, they often play very well after these let down games and if they could get 2 out of 3 on the Canada trip we’d all think it was a great result. Already got 1 out of 2 possible points maybe they could come home with 5 of 6 on this trip.

      • Jim

        why they switch from the hot hand is explained by this… is not about what is best for the team, but what is best for an individual player’s ego, contract, reputation, vet status, and feelings.

        yes, it has nothing to do with winning, but hey, you surely don’t want schmoozer De Boer to get anyone, even a reporter, upset with him, do you?

    • Galdom – a little late to be worrying about practice – if they haven’t figured it out by now they could practice till the cows come home and not sure it would make any difference. Vegas plays a full 60 minutes so seldom I am not convinced they know how – or maybe a better statement would be not interested in doing so. I like you believe Thompson should be playing, he certainly deserves and earned the opportunity. It would suggest they made a mistake a while back when Lehner came on board and you know aa well as anyone this group would never admit to that given the bill of goods they sold everyone at the time. They have a rough road ahead so the best we can do is hope.

    • THE hockey GOD

      the PK lost them the game, not the PP
      17 , 2 and 7 were horrible.

    • I am going to step in to say that the following players deserve some credit for their play last night (Eichel, Martinez, Theodore, Karlsson, Marchy, Amadio, Dadanov and Lehner). The Stone, Stephenson, Patches line sucked, the PP sucked, the PK sucked, 3 on 3 they sucked in OT. You know I am not a Lehner fan but he stopped a lot of high danger chances last night, so I am giving him a star as well.

      An unsportsmanship penalty on Patches. That was awful. You don’t put your stick into someone’s neck – ever. Just a stupid penalty. I hope the team has a fine for that shit.

  3. Galdom

    An extra thing I want to add is that I think they should start Logan Thompson next game against Calgary. I think he deserves it for that nice stretch of games he played to keep this team in the race.

    • As much as I like Thompson and have issues with Lehner, I have to disagree. As a coach you don’t put a rookie in net when you have a healthy $5 million dollar starter. That’s a recipe for getting your ass fired.

      • Frank

        So is sticking with the starting goalie when he is obviously struggling. Carefully analyze Lehner’s play from last night. He’s not tracking the puck very well at all and his form is awful. How many rebounds were just left in front that he for some reason did not see? The anticipation is not there. As a goalie, you have to anticipate the pass on the 2-1. He did not even bother to move in that direction on the fourth goal. How many times was he on his back flailing around the crease? Hesitation to play the puck almost cost him dearly on a couple of plays in and around the net. Point is – he is not a confident goaltender right now and we need more than solid goaltending to run the table down the stretch. The first goal was a bang bang power play goal – I don’t fault him there – it was a one time well placed shot. Second goal is a shot that beats him clean – then hits the post and he cant get back in time to stop the rebound chance. He NEEDS to stop the first shot there. Bad Goal. Third goal is inexcusable. Completely loses sight of the puck when it’s right in front. Both stick and pads not on the ice allowing the deflection to squeak right in between his legs. Very poor form. Fourth goal – 2 on 1 – does not anticipate the pass and pays the price. 50/50 on that one as the defenseman in that situation needs to lay out to block that from getting through. Last goal – he is left out to dry in front, however, if he stays upright and moves with the player laterally he has the chance to make a stop. Instead he flops down on to the ice to make it real easy for the player to lift the puck into an empty net. Overall – not a great night from Lehner. Needs to be much better IMHO.

      • Daryl

        Thompson should have stayed in net until he had a bad game or the back to back IMO. Rookie is not, why take out the hit goalie

      • Doc G

        Sorry wrong answer, we have a marginal 2 million dollar backup who is being grossly overpaid at 5 million. The Review Journal sports page has the perfect picture on the front page today. It shows the game winning puck flying into the net over Lehner’s back as he lies face down on the ice. How many times have we seen that?
        It’s not Lehner’s fault he is being so overpaid that blame belongs to our (I hope soon to be former) GM.
        Thompson shows signs of being excellent, it is possible but not probable that he could be another Jordan Binnnington in the playoffs. Staying with Lehner is a certain early exit.

    • Galdom, YES, LT SHOULD START NEXT GAME!! AGREE TOTALLY!! ( I said the same thing yesterday– give LT the ice time…he EARNED it!

  4. Ken – you are very kind – the issues this team has continue. Vancouver gave them every chance to win with the penalties they took but as usual I am not sure they could score on the power play if the net was empty – very sad. It was great to see them tie it up however to no avail when wins are so important. Given the teams they are chasing both won this evening, things are looking a little bleak. On to Calgary who just continue to roll along.

    • Galdom

      Jets-Kraken Game cancelled tomorrow due to biblical blizzard coming. Stay tuned. Western Canada getting blasted

  5. Eugene Nuts

    Eichel is the worst mistake in VGK history. Overrated and overpaid. There is a reason why he never made the playoffs.

    • Wrong. If you looked at the stats and the game, the Eichel line played much better than the former top line of Stone, Stephenson and Patches.

    • Eugene,

      As a season ticket holder who seen every game at T-mobile Eichel has played he is clearly the best player on the team. I suggest give Eichel time and you will love watching him play.

  6. RR and PP – it appears our discussions earlier today were more in line than you would like to admit I am sorry to say. The head had concerns despite the heart wanting a win and unfortunately as normally the case the head is the realist and the heart – wishful thinking apparently. The overtime goal was a typical situation where Lehner is concerned flopping around like a fish out of water. He made some great saves this evening but not the one that really mattered the most. The door is closing much to my dismay hopeful they will find a crack in the window that will let them in.

    • DL

      Lehner, not Panda, more like SpongeBob, because he drops on the deck and flops a fish.

    • hdbiker7851, you wrote:

      “it appears our discussions earlier today were more in line than you would like to admit I am sorry to say.”

      Did I state or imply earlier I expected VGK to win this game?

      “The head had concerns despite the heart wanting a win and unfortunately as normally the case the head is the realist and the heart – wishful thinking apparently.”

      Really? You’re being delusional if you think I was not able to get past my heart and envision VGK being able to lose this game.

      I’m not sure you realize what a challenge I have viewed these last 16 games and the odds against making the postseason. When you claimed then that the team had a ZERO chance to make the playoffs I had to give you the poetic license to make the claim.

      Something about posters projecting positive like rooting at a live game is that unless they know zilch about the game, they also understand the potential downsides. It can be frustrating at times to read the obvious being stated over and over again, a good example being the underperforming PP. I’d rather they email McCrimmon about it than bitching and moaning about it ad nauseum.

    • Biker,

      I didn’t expect the Stone, Stephenson, Pacioretty line to play so poorly. I have to question the health of both Stone and Patches. They were a complete mess last night, not even average. If they could have put in at least an average performance the VGK walks away with the 2 points. I think this line was -2 or -3 for the night.

  7. Frank

    Power play: Pathetic
    Lehner: Putrid .815 save percentage
    Eichel: non existent most of the night
    Still came close to winning. The next two games will tell the tale of the season….

    • THE hockey GOD

      penalty kill
      is what is killing this team, the tying goal was a power play situation

      • Daryl

        The thing goal is not the same as app situation. The PP is horrible. They couldn’t score against the worst PK team in the NH and they couldn’t score one last night

  8. Brian Scro

    Are we just going to gloss over the blatant cross check in OT that led to the game winner?

    • Not a penalty for me. Happens 100 times in a hockey game. It’s a shove, not a check. Legal play IMO.

      • Daryl

        I completely agree… Let’s not be I’ve if those fans who feels the need to blame officials when they lose

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes Brian, OT is a crap shoot anyway. Canucks were over due to win one.

      HUGHES 1
      ten million dollar man 0

      he was face planted reminiscent of Schmidt , 88, in Dallas playoff series. Only difference is 88 wasn’t whining about it. The owners were seen keeling over in their stools. One of them was yelling incoherently “turn those machines back on”. Another one was heard mumbling ‘we are paying ten million for this? For what? I didn’t see him out there, is he a ghost. Where do we go to get our money back?”
      “Holy cow, we was ROBBED. This guy stinks”.

      Clearly not in same category as Mathews, McDavid, and that crazy demon on the Avs.

      No. 9 . like so many players in this game , did NOT SHOW UP. If not for three pucks hitting the iron and about 5 spectacular saves by goalie this game could easily have been 8 on the board for Vancouver. no. 2, no 17, no 7, no10 were horrible. 61 and 67 were obviously still getting their timing back. Other than 20 , can anyone else win a faceoff ? In your defensive zone.

      I have no idea why the coach took 63 off the no. 1 power play late in game, that was a mistake as was the no. 1 power play unit staying out there the entire time during last the power play is not good, not good at all. I didn’t see him out there after he was flying around making plays in period three.

      • ThG response

        OT. Yeah, the 3 on 3 in OT was not good at all. Turn over created the chance, poor passing decision.

        EICHEL CROSS CHECK. By the time the cross check happened it was game over anyway. Lost the face off, did not control the puck and when they had a chance to control it they just gave it away leading to the winning OT goal. Lehner flopping and twitching notwithstanding. Is Eichel overpaid? Well he certainly isn’t producing like Stamkos, Mathews, McDavid, or other top 1st liners. He’s got skills, no doubt about that. Is he worth $10 million? I said he wasn’t when the trade was made and I stick by that. When you’re paying a guy $10 million dollars you expect him to post up some multipoint games when the team needs it. So far, despite the obvious skills – he’s not delivering the WINS.

        LEHNER. For the first time, probably ever, I agree with you on the Panda (notice I did not say Walrus or Sponge Bob). Lehner posted an .815 save percentage, but he stopped a helluva lot of high danger chances last evening.

        FACE-OFFS. The VGK FO% was actually 52% to VAN 48%. But those FO wins weren’t “timely”, I get that. To your point.

        Eichel 33%
        Roy 67%
        Leschyshyn 57%
        Stephenson 76%
        Karlsson 30%
        Marchy 50%

        DEFENSE Agree, 2, 17, 17 and 7 were not very good and invisible for most of the night.

        OFFENSE Agree, Dadanov is the hot hand and should be out there on the PP! I have to question the health of Stone and Pacioretty. They’ve had plenty of time off. I get the fact that it takes time to get the legs back, but they ABSOLUTELY SUCKED last night. I pin the blame squarely on the backs of the 3rd line which was a miserable -5 or -6 for the evening in total. That was the worst performance I have ever seen out of that line and there is no excuse for it given the magnitude of the game last night. You have to wonder if Stone and Pacioretty have anything left in the gas tank at all. It was that bad.

  9. Pistol Pete



    • Pistol Pete

      So I’ve come around to DeBoer’s decision to not start Pacioretty and Stone up there with Eichel. Pacioretty is injured—Stone is rusty and who knows about his back. Eichel really needs a young big body winger who can score goals—a young Pacioretty. Perhaps Ken and Mike McKenna will broach this subject tonight.

      Already covered this but it bears repeating. Had they rented Kane they make the postseason. Just rent him for a run and weigh the risks of signing him later. Who should have cared about the short term baggage? A huge opportunity missed. Played right into the Oilers’ hands. Brutal.

      • ulf

        Believe me there are many things to complain about around the FO but Kane isn’t one of them. It wasn’t up to Vegas. Kane chose the Oilers of his own free will. Not everyone has Vegas (or Toronto, or whatever) as their first choice.
        Kane obviously liked what the Oilers offered him in terms of opportunity and chose them above any other team.

      • PP

        I love ya man, but continuing to bring up the not shiny Kane toy thingy isn’t relevant any longer and certainly isn’t interesting. But, I get the overall point. The Stone, Stephenson, Pacioretty line is obviously not clicking, injured, maybe even finished! Their lack of performance last night is the reason why the Golden Knights lost this game. That does not bode well for the Thursday contest or the game versus Edmonton this weekend.

        If the Stone, Stephenson, Pacioretty line doesn’t return to its former level of performance then this season is over.

  10. All you h ave to do to beat Lehner is get him on his back or on his face. His ability to get back up is killing us!

    • THE hockey GOD

      the vancouver announcers were not kind to RL, but they were VERY unkind to no. 17 and no. 2 for letting players get behind them and letting pucks bounce off their skates into the net.

  11. Steve T

    Fat Lady is warming up

  12. VGK 4, VAN 5 F/OT

    Let’s first break down the game stats.

    RELYING ON THE DEFENSE TO SCORE. The first thing that jumps out is the fact that the defense once again had to step up on the offensive side of the stat sheet. (Martinez 1G/1A, Theodore 2G). The premise for bringing Eichel to Vegas was that the Defense would be able to focus more on defense. The other goal during regulation came from Amadio (1G).

    EICHEL 1A (+/- 0)
    JANMARK 1A (+/- 0)
    KOLESAR 1A (+/- 0)
    DADANOV 1A (+1)
    KARLSSON 1A (+3)
    STONE 0/0 (-1)
    PACIORETTY 0/0 (-2)
    ROY 0/0

    VGK 1st GOAL, 4th LINE Martinez(1), Janmark(13), Kolesar(16)
    VGK 2nd GOAL, MISFIT LINE Amadio(9), Marchy(32), Karlsson (18)
    VGK 3rd GOAL, Theodore(12), Dadanov(19), Martinez(5)
    VGK 4th GOAL, Theodore(13), Pietrangelo(28), Eichel(9)

    The stats don’t lie. The Stone, Stephenson, Patches line sucked last night – big time. But the real story of this game was the Canuck power play (2 of 3) and the VGK continued PP ineptitude (0/3). The power play continues to be an embarrassment.

    GOALTENDING. I hate to admit this, but Panda actually played a decent game. Sure, he might have saved one of those goals but he also made quite a few amazing ones. I still think he needs to keep his feet, which is a major weakness. (I had to get in at least 1 dig, right?). Sure, an .817 save percentage sucks, but place an asterisk on that goalie stat. Poor defense and a disappointing (to say the least) effort by the Stone, Patches, Stephenson line is to blame.

    STARS OF THE GAME. Elias Pettersson continues to be a thorn at the most inopportune time. He has single handedly (nearly) destroyed the VGK chances to reach the postseason. On the VGK side, I hand out stars to Martinez, Theodore, and the MISFIT Line. The OT goal wasn’t on Lehner either. He played extremely well despite the save percentage. I give him half a star for this game actually.

    PLAYOFF OUTLOOK. *****BLEAK***** The Golden Knights picked up a point on Edmonton, but lost ground against the Kings, Stars, and Predators while the Canucks continue their amazing run and hopes of getting in. Face it, this was a must win game (2 points not 1) with the Flames and Oilers up next. The VGK has 8 remaining games and in my opinion can only afford to lose 1 of those 8 if they are going to get in. The OT loss to the Canucks only further amplifies the importance of Thursday’s contest against the Flames. I was pretty high on the hopes that Stone’s return was going to be the catalyst to a long winning streak beginning with a total dominating performance against the Canucks. That didn’t happen, which makes me wonder just how healthy both Stone and Pacioretty are. They looked awful for most of the game and the stats show that.

    • THE hockey GOD

      spot on RR,
      you left out the terrible play by no 17 on that 2 on 1 play, he went for the right guy but still could not stop him from scoring. He was useless for most of the night.

      • THE hockey GOD

        VGK still have a game in hand on LA, three points behind them. LAK been hit by injury bug recently.

        The only have two really tough teams, out of their remaining 7 games, left to play AVs and Canucks (last game of season, if Canucks are still in it by then).

      • I normally expect better our of 2 and 17 on defense. That was definitely a breakdown. It happens. The real story of last nights game was the complete lack of performance by the Stone, Stephenson, Pacioretty line. In fact, Patches taking that unsportsmanlike penalty was pretty damning on its own. That line owns the loss last night in my opinion.

        • ulf

          It’s a lot to think that Stone and Patches are going to come in and “dominate” after so long a time off. They need more games to get up to speed. Questions are: is it too little, too late, and are the healthy enough to keep playing?

  13. Blitz

    Almost zero mention of ol’ number 7. He was directly responsible for 2 high danger chances that scored. I think this guy has talent, but he is responsible for so many high danger give aways and other blunders. Drives me nuts. Good thing this team is married to him forever, till death do us part. Can’t wait till the talent part fades over time and only the blunder part remains. To be fair some of the blunder part is probably from the over aggressive dmen in the o-zone. So maybe a change at coach/system will fix some of it.

    • Blitz,

      Bringing in Eichel was supposed to free up the defensemen to play better in the NZ and DZ. He hasn’t produced like a top tier 1st liner, although he has shown glimpses of his ability at times. The defense accounted for 3 of the VGK goals last night. Not much has changed. The VGK forwards are not producing results and the Stone, Stephenson, Patches line was non-existent last night, completely invisible. That was a surprise to me. I did not expect that line to play as shitty as it did.

      • Blitz

        Stone was literally in his first game back from missing almost half the season with a back injury and Patches is in his 2nd game back from a long break and injury. How hurt still are these guys? We don’t know. They are playing only because the team is in a bad spot. You should not have expected any thing from this line other than a moral lift.

        • Daryl

          Is they ate that injured they shouldn’t be playing or play them with 4th line minutes. I could see them being rusty to start the game but usually you get better as the game goes along. Birth have been practicing for awhile now as well

    • THE hockey GOD

      “17 , 2 and 7 were horrible.”

      no coach will ever change no. 7, none.

  14. Jim

    Pathetic PP, pathetic PK, pathetic 3-on-3 OT

    disorganized and demoralizing.

    what do all these things have in common? shitty coaching in their situational hockey.

    all the Vgk can do is the 5-on-5 neutral zone trap crap, like robots

    but they cannot kill penalties cuz PDB has the forwards running around and stupidly chasing the puck at the point while the closer to the net, more dangerous shooters stand wide open. it simply creates a 4 on 3 close in chance from a 5 on 4 situation.

    season over. and the same cast of losing GM, losing coach, flopping fish goalie, and washed up vet players, will be back for another season of hope to scratch out a wild card spot, LTIR hockey, with declining interest from the fans.

  15. Tim

    Anyway you cut it Lehner gave up his second 5 spot in a week to Vancouver looking forward to 3 more years of flip flopping at 5 millions. The long term health of the team doesn’t look good. Patch is done and if you don’t think so your a fool. If Stone’s back is bad and can’t be corrected another big problem. Dadonov 5 million contract has to go. Reilly Smiths 5 million will be off the books, William Karlsson’s 5.9 million needs to go I’m not sure you posters realize how dire our situation is. We need to replace players with mid-20’s players who can skate and put the puck in the net not our over 30 crowd who get slower every year.

    • Daryl

      RL made some great saves but he d rossi gave up a very easy goal and another that he should have stopped. Stop those 2 goals and VGK wins. VGK also got very lucky on Martinez goal.

      But, VGK losing had nothing to do with RL. They took stupid penalties that put them on the PK which failed 2 out of 3 times. Then you have the PP that failed 3 times. VGK lost because of special teams. It’s that simple

  16. vgk21

    And how about that idiotic, stupid pass by Kolesar? it is typical of what happens when your offense relies on forced, high risk, low quality, cross ice passes and perimeter play, instead of going to the net with the puck and crashing the crease.

  17. vgk21

    current Moneypuck odds of making the playoffs—-

    LAK 84.5
    Dallas 83.5
    Vgk 35.3

    it’s over. LA has an easy schedule the rest of the way after tonight vs Colorado…

    what gives anyone the idea that the Vgk can beat Calg, Edm, Wash, Dallas, or St Louis?

    after the last 2 Vancouver fiascos, it looks grim

  18. Karl

    i have been a long time lehner supporter. as i spectator (and not an expert) it seems like he is the type of guy that has the ability to thrive off negative energy. from early on in his career dealing with mental health and later with his dad… and then covid… time and time again he would take this negative energy and focus it on something productive: playing great hockey.

    the lehner we have seen this year is different, and why is this time different? he is getting all this negative energy and instead of responding like he usually does (playing great hockey), he plays worse and worse until he essentially surrenders and deletes his twitter… giving up. the only way i can describe his performance in last nights game is “giving up” he just surrendered. yeah, if he didnt make that save in the 3rd it never would have went to overtime… but thats the only save he had to make all 3rd period. the rest of the team dragged him into overtime and he literally fell on his face.

    now is he hurt? he looks it. half the time he needs to use his stick to get up off the ice… so why is he in net? is it physical or mental? i understand we need him… but we need the lehner we are paying for and not what we are getting.

    deboer road dell after the knights chased him out of the arena 3 games in a row… and they ended up winning that series with a 5 minute major, which wasn’t a major. and then they promptly lost the next series. is that what we should expect from lehner? winning a few game sin post season (if we even make it there) in spite of lehner? or should we put him on LTIR for the rest of the season and roll the dice with thompson?

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