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Recap: The Golden Knights came out firing in Vancouver taking the first 10 of 11 shots. Vegas defenseman Alex Pietrangelo registered his 13th goal of the season on a quick wrist shot. Up 1-0, Jonathan Marchessault added his 28th doubling VGK’s lead. After the opening 20 minutes the Golden Knights led 2-0.

The 2nd period was uneventful. Both teams protected the puck and wouldn’t allow each other’s offense many chances. Vegas held their 2-0 lead into the second intermission. 

Vancouver cut Vegas’ lead in the half quickly into the final period. The Canucks were later awarded a power play which resulted in the game-tying goal. The game needed an overtime to decide a winner. Shea Theodore slipped in his 11th of the season to end the game in sudden death. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 39-28-4 beating the Canucks 3-2 in overtime. The two teams will match up again on Wednesday from T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were in control of the game through the first 40 minutes. Dominating in the neutral zone, generating chances off Vancouver mistakes, and winning to loose pucks it looked like Vegas would skate to an easy win. But the 3rd period was anything but easy as the Canucks stormed back and very easily could have won the game. In OT, the Golden Knights got a bit of luck to go their way as Marchessault slipped and caused a 3-on-1 rush because of it. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks at Rogers Arena.

  • Playing with the lead

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Shea Theodore
* Jonathan Marchessault


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Objective: 98 pts
    Previous goal: 9-3
    Current goal: 8-3

  2. Galdom

    I’ll never understand all of the Robin Lehner hate. Posts like he’s going to let in six goals a game when he comes back. In 40 games this year he has let in more than four goals twice. That’s literally 5% of the time this season that he has let in more than four goals. I’m glad he deleted his Twitter account. I still look at his numbers and I can’t believe how he is hated so much with a .910 save percentage this year.

    In regards to his performance tonight both goals were not his fault. However, I don’t feel like he looked very comfortable and I stand by my opinion that Logan Thompson should be starting every game until he falters. I think Logan has earned that. They played too much of the third period short handed which kept the Eichel line off the ice and killed their rhythm.

    Edmonton is laying a beating on Anaheim. Let’s hope Seattle can beat Dallas tonight.

    • Lehner’s turtle on a half-shell performance was not pretty, but he did get the job done. He’s not going to win games against the top tier in this league, at least not a series. It’s not that I hate Lehner, it’s only that he’s proven himself, at least to me, that he isn’t the right fit for this team. By the way, credit Theodore saving Lehner’s ass in OT. If he hadn’t lifted Horvat’s stick that was going to be the game winner.

      • Julie

        Exactly right.

      • Kevin

        Glad Theo got to the stick, but shouldn’t he have not let anyone past him to begin with? Seems we see a lot of breakaways with 27 trailing the breakaway guy. It makes me cringe … like watching a WR in football get behind a safety.

    • The problem I have with RL is that he has no idea where his rebounds go so he cannot set up for the next save. When the other team is behind the net he looks like a blindfolded kid swatting at a pinada not knowing which side they will emerge from. Plus the rolling around the crease like he is on my 600lb life on TLC does not shout athletic prowess.

    • Sounds like the panda’s mother wrote your comment. I don’t really know where you get your stats.. But I’ve watched every game this ygame this year and Robin Leonard is not an asset.. We need We need more cap space and littered salary would be a great place to start.. I do agree with you Logan Thompson should be starting until hes until leaf falters..

  3. Galdom

    I hope Stone comes back soon

  4. knights fan in minny

    like him or not lehner was good tonight how many break aways has janmark had in the last few games you have to bury one of those

    • THE hockey GOD

      don’t say that

      you will
      jinx him for next start !!! Doncha know ?

  5. THE hockey GOD

    wow 52 55 and 46
    hardly played in that game
    and no minutes in
    period 3

  6. vgk21

    They are still alive, but McNabb did all he could to choke that game in the 3rd period. The 2 vet dmen from LA really disappointing in that one, inexcusable meltdown by veteran players.

    and PDB system of sitting on a lead and no forecheck in the 3rd.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ vgk 21
      yeah was thinking the same thing. 23 has lost three steps, and no. 3 couldn’t clear a three foot wide sidewalk covered with one inch of snow. Pathetic. HAve you also noticed that no. 3 isn’t hitting anyone with authority since he came back? Looks like he is far from 100% . It’s like a jockey riding a horse with out a crop, or with a feather whip.

      • vgk21


        and I don’t like the 7 dmen crap, it means that they are going out there with a different partner too often, and thus no chemistry or teamwork.

  7. knights fan in minny

    the krak up on dallas

  8. LVsc

    Seattle beat Dallas 4-1

    Vgk still in 8th

  9. I have to say that this team has guts. The unsung heroes are the guys who stepped up when our big guys have gone down, our depth has obviously saved this season from being a disaster. We have beaten teams that are mostly in tact and we are absolutely the walking dead and probably shouldn’t of won. Damn, Marchy is as game as they come, he just fights every second of every shift. I absolutely loved Alex Tuch, but Eichel really is a talent, a big time player. If we make the playoffs, I will be as proud of this team as our Cup team of 17-18, we have no business being in this position, it’s been nothing but scratching, clawing and bleeding to get this far. Our guys just don’t quit. That’s how I see things.

    • Pistol Pete

      Amen Mark. Giving credit where credit is due. I’m afraid only a relatively select few are able to do that here. We’ve been hearing whining about lack of effort for significant stretches this season. Very unfair.

      • Agree 100%. Irrespective of the result, it never was a lack of effort. Everyone has really pulled together, otherwise, we would of been already out of playoff contention. Guys literally have been called off buses to fill when our guys that have gone down. Everyone has produced. It’s alot of fun now, every game now life or death survival. We really have no business being in this position. Sheer intestional fortitude.

      • Pistol Pete

        Very unfair and above all, unrealistic. Typical disgruntled fan whining. Not the reality of the locker room or the ice.

        The uncertainty of the TD does create tension but that is not the same as not playing hard to win.

        • There were several weeks there when this team was AWOL. That stretch was damn ugly. Those couple of weeks made the difference between where they are at now — struggling — and being a sure thing.

  10. You know, Mark. If The Walrus can step it up going forward and just “win baby” he will win me over. I have to admit that I didn’t like the move, and he’s certainly got a lot of problems on the ice in his game and off. But, hell, he was in the crease tonight and played well despite the “turtle on the half shell” antics.

    I am going to try and wipe the slate clean on Lehner going forward. But please, let’s figure out how not to have him rolling around on his back all over the ice!

    • Agree with your thoughts to a degree. Everyone loved MAF, it hurt losing such a magnificent talent. Lehner was put in a no win situation, following such a legend. Lehner will never be the acrobat MAF was, he’s just slower and more lumbering, but he looks drenched after every game and it’s not because of a lack of effort. I wouldn’t want to follow a legend, it’s unfair but this is life in the NHL. We are extremely lucky to have Thompson, our “3rd” goalie is like the other guys who stepped up and produced. This is a dogfight, I mean, I’m worn out watching these life or death games but we all should agree, it’s alot of fun. What I keep thinking is the other teams must be saying to themselves we can’t beat Vegas and 1/3 of their team, their top players, are out. That’s has to be frustrating.

      • Just get in and get healthy. I am surprised some teams aren’t purposely tanking knowing what is in store for them if VGK gets in and is healthy. The bitching about the LTIR loophole won’t go away.

  11. sb

    Eichel haters, Theodore haters, Lehner haters all running for cover. Silenced for awhile.

    • Pistol Pete

      sb you forgot Petro and Stone. If it’s a big salary out come the “can’t buy a Cup” paraders/haters. Not a realistic view of the world not when most/all of the top teams have a select group of players with large salaries.

      • It is interesting that realists are considered haters in your eyes. Actually a better term than interesting is “sad” as you have a very jaded outlook on life. Toronto has a ton of money tied up in a few players for some time and look how they have done. Has all the big dollar additions got the knights any closer to winning the Cup than the original fun to watch knights – l believe the answer to that question is absolutely not. Being a realist doesn’t make you a hater or any less knowledgeable hockey fan. It does suggest you recognize it’s big business where ROI is very important.

        • Hd! The voice of reason!

          • RR – how did operation go – hope yours is as successful as a number of people l know and are now living pain feel after so many years of knee trouble.

          • The operation was a success. Just the medial compartment was replaced. I am working on the swelling and pain. Lots of ice and hydrocodone. Start physical therapy Tuesday evening. Thanks!

        • Blitz

          Don’t be a hater-hater-hater! Get out of here with your common sense and reasonable logic!

        • “Realistic view of the world” means VGK is not the only team with cap tied up in the top four to five players. Most notably it’s worked very well for TBL and not as well for TOR which is the most extreme example. You believe the VGK did not advance their fortunes by buying talent. Not all fans agree and in any case the injuries has made it difficult to determine if the strategy would have worked this season. I like the Eichel investment because of the uncertainty surrounding the futures of Pacioretty and Stone.

          You’re entitled to your “realistic” outlooks just as myself and others are to ours. You stated with around 16 games remaining that VGK had a ZERO chance to make the playoffs. ZERO. We’ll see.

          • The above is a response to Hdbiker7851, eight posts above this.

          • I agree PP, things are looking dim but there is a decent chance we move up to 3rd or possibly even 2nd place. There are a lot of moving pieces and we only need one of those teams to falter while we go on a run.

            Let’s hope Calgary puts a beat down on the Kings tonight.

          • PP – CORRET me if l am wrong l don’t believe the knights have come as close to winning the Cup than the original crew. WITHOUT the .million dollar investments since that time. With all your statistical knowledge is that true or not. Simple question Yes or No.

  12. Arnold Rothstein

    voice of reason
    Replying to
    Three clutch games in a row on the road.

    Gotta keep it going. Great to see Lehner back and playing well. Unbelievable stop of the first shot in OT.

  13. LVsc

    an optimist sees the glass half full

    a pessimist sees the glass half empty

    a realist says “use a smaller glass”

  14. Woody

    VGK has to much money tied up in older players that can’t seem to stay healthy. The young players called up to play in their places is why we are a far as we are.

  15. Galdom

    Calgary 3
    Los Angeles 2
    Final Score

  16. Edmonton has Sharks, Kings and then Colorado coming up. Things are tightening up. Vegas just needs to keep on bringing home the points.

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