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Recap:  The Golden Knights limped into Toronto for their first of a four-game road trip. The Maple Leafs started the game with heavy pressure in the Golden Knights zone eventually taking the first lead of the game 11:31 into the period. Vegas was outshot 13-4 but kept it tight, trailing 1-0 after the opening 20 minutes.

The Maple Leafs took advantage of an early power play and star forward Auston Matthews made it 2-0. Matthews added his second of the game under a minute left in the period to stretch the Leafs lead 3-0.

Vegas couldn’t slow down Toronto’s rush attack and the gap widened early in the final frame. The Maple Leafs continued to bring pressure and defended any threat by the Golden Knights. Vegas’ winning streak comes to an end with a 4-0 defeat in Toronto.

The Golden Knights record drops to 4-5-0 after losing their first game since October 24th. Vegas travels to Ottawa as they continue their road trip. Puck drop against the Senators is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights keep getting more shorthanded due to injuries and they keep looking it on the ice. They simply looked outmanned from the drop of the puck until the game was through. Oh, and the power play looked as bad as ever, which is saying something. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Toronto Maple Leafs game at Scotiabank Arena.

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Peyton Krebs
** Nic Roy
* Robin Lehner


Dispelling Two Potential Reasons For The Never-Ending String Of Injuries


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  1. Alex

    Lehner is so weak…slow, lumbering, and a nut case

    • Hockey nuts

      Did you even watch the game? No goalie is going to keep the puck out of the net with that defense and constant turnovers.

      • Richie-Rich

        Watch the game? You do realize that there are 49 goalies with better SV% and GAA? Lehner’s headed for a GAA of 4 and a sub .900 SV%. Those are not good goalie stats, I don’t care what the defense is like. Those numbers are putrid.

      • Daryl

        I watched the game…. He completely misjudged one shot and how 2 go straight thru his legs

    • Blitz

      The announcers are like “great save”, but…uhh…Lehner fell backwards with his feet shooting out in front of him and hit the puck with his feet. It was pathetic. You want to see good goal tending watch the black hawks game from last night. Fleury was lights out. That is good goaltending with actual skill. Dude’s poke check and lightning fast glove were on point.

      Lehner is not responsible for tonights loss, the team was hot garbage, but he also didn’t help keep it within a reasonable score. He gets to eat the same shit sandwich as the rest of them. Its Deboer’s own secret recipe.

      • Richie-Rich

        McCrimmon owns the goal tending.

      • Julie

        Fleury was great in the St Louis game as well. I hope with the win last night, he sees a better year ahead. I read an article that the Oilers might be interested in him but that was a couple of days ago. I’ve seen Lehner’s bobsled save before. I can’t decide if that one or the jazz-hands save his first year in Vegas is my favorite.

        Pete DB has been there long enough to prove or disprove himself. My guess is Foley’s impatience to get the SC may send Pete home soon enough. Especially if what/when/how Gallant is any barometer.

        • Blitz

          I don’t remember the jazz hands save. I remember the “use your head” non-save. Ugh.

          The black hawks looked good last night, even dangerous offensively. Fleury and their defense are starting to gel a bit. I think they will pull their season around if they keep trending in the right direction.

  2. Richie-Rich

    Lehner gets a star? For what? He continuously gives up bad rebounds.

    It is becoming more and more obvious that saving the $2.5 million in exchange for forward retreads was a big mistake. Lehner losing his job by mid-January is looking more and more likely.

    Great goalies keep teams in games. Lehner is not the guy. Brossoit and/or Thompson are the future in goal for the VGK.

  3. Richie-Rich

    A+ goal tending? What are you smoking? Must be good stuff.

  4. phantom major

    meanwhile, Schmidt 2 PP assts and Stastny a goal for Wpg after 2 periods.

    and Suzuki with #1 star for a goal and 2 assts for Mtl in their 3-0 win.

  5. phantom major

    D+ goaltending, an F minus team effort

    the Vgk NHL’ers played down to the level of their minor league teammates……. instead of lifting them and leading the way, they failed miserably with a putrid effort.

  6. Richie-Rich

    When will Bill Foley say “enough is enough”? At some point he steps in and sends both McCrimmon and PDB packing. The off season acquisitions were awful.

    Patrick Brown, one of the bright spots got shipped out.

    Paul Cotter who looked great in pre-season got sent down to HSK.

    Howden and Dadanov have not really provided much in terms of points at all.

    Nolan Patrick, while he looked good, also has not provided much in terms of points.

    I didn’t think it was possible, but the Power Play has actually gotten worse. There’s no rhyme, no reason, no strategy at all to the offense 5-5, PP, 4-4, IT’S A HOT MESS OF COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE. It’s directly attributable to piss poor coaching.

    But, McCrimmon and PDB will stand behind the shield of injuries…..

    That will work for awhile, but this will eventually pass as soon as Bill Foley has had enough of it.

    • Net29

      Bill Foley will pass before we even sniff the cup again.

    • THE hockey GOD

      patrick brown wasn’t shipped out, he got taken on waivers

      • Daryl

        Exactly, he was put on waivers and everyone knew he would get picked up. If VGK wanted to keep him they wouldn’t have put him in that situation just like they didn’t for another certain player

        • THE hockey GOD

          patrick brown wasn’t shipped out, he got taken on waivers

          • Daryl

            If they wanted him they could have kept him, just like Kolesar

        • THE hockey GOD

          patrick brown wasn’t shipped out, he got taken on waivers.

          he was placed on waivers before, no one took him last time he was on waivers.

          Spot with your spin out, that is all you do, most of it BS

          • Daryl

            You’ve said about 5 times how that Brown wasn’t shipped out… YES we ALL know that!!! But if VGK wanted to keep him, they would have done the same thing they did with Kolesar!!!

            Keep spinning your BS!

  7. Richie-Rich

    Soon Bill Foley will have had enough of this McCrimmon and PDB joke.

  8. phantom major

    there was not one guy dressed for that game who should be untouchable in ANY trade

  9. Daryl

    To be fair, Ken made that statement about A+, goaltending when the game was 1-0 and he did make some good saves. Eevn though he was slightly out of place that first goal was t on RL. I do think he should have been able to stop the next 3 though the 3rd goal scores was a tough one

    • Richie-Rich

      The stats are the stats. VGK goal tending has gone down hill. Fleury isn’t playing any better but he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

      My prediction stands. Lehner will be done by mid-January.

  10. Bad vlad

    Krebs only a team leading -2 tonight… again… can’t believe they keep losing.

    Those pics of someone with that sheep are paying dividends

  11. Big Bad Vlad

    Players with 40% of team scoring are injured

    Where are the players with the other 60%

    Keep giving an obscene amount of ice time to players like Pylon Krebs who haven’t scored a single goal this season and who are team leading minus players and it’s laughable to think Vegas will score goals

  12. Tim

    Taken to the woodshed tonight by a better team move on. To analyze a game when a third of our team is on the IR is pointless.

    • Vlad

      Yup bury the head in the sand

      Ignore it and will get better

      Sharks… 7 players out and beat Winnipeg

      Penguins… 5 of top 6 out and winning

      But not Vegas. Excuses excuses excuses

      • THE hockey GOD

        pens lost to lowly devils the other night, Sharks have most of their good players in line up; plus VGK is new franchise with no depth.

        apples to oranges bull shit spewing from your know nothing mouth yet again.

        • Vlad

          Do you believe the shit that come out of your mouth?

          Vegas wishes they had a player like Crosby or Malkin

          How’s the view with your head shoved up your ass

          • THE hockey GOD

            pens lost to lowly devils the other night, Sharks have most of their good players in line up; plus VGK is new franchise with no depth.

            apples to oranges bull shit spewing from your know nothing mouth yet again.

        • Daryl

          Everything is apples to oranges when making a comparison… unless it’s you making the comparison then it’s all valid

          • THE hockey GOD

            so an expansion team with no depth is same as team who has been in the league over 50 years.
            OK got it.

            Boy your head is buried up your stinking butt more than the rest of us posting here.

        • Daryl

          I forgot the Silver Knights were a new Organization also!!! My bad!

    • Galdom

      Agreed Tim. Patience is required for this spoiled fan base.

  13. DC

    This is how VGKs played in a preseason game against the LA Kings in SLC a couple of months ago.

  14. Vic

    Let’s have some fun on a miserable hockey day…..
    *Expect a win % of about 20-25% until 1/1/22. That’s life.
    *Shea is not the same player since the day #7 arrived.
    *Ken mentioned players fearing a trade…..You want loyalty, get a dog.
    *Howden, Hutton, Janmark, Amadio….in the words of Hyman Roth….’They’re small potatoes’.
    *Which is more insane….Complaining that a player gets a secondary assist versus a primary assist, or, complaining when 5 of the 9 goals by Cody Glass came on the power play? Have you ever seen a player win a faceoff, and then another player gets it and sends a pass to the eventual goal scorer? Which assist was more important? Or, tonight Fox from the Rangers dashed around some guys set up Panarin who set up Zibanejad for the goal…which assist was more important. Not convinced? Ask Gretzky or Oates about assists. Regarding PP goals versus 5 on 5 goals, I bet most of you would love to see any sort of a goal.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Vic, who is Hyman Roth ? Is he GM of the Devils ?

      I like small potatoes , roasted with peppers & onions & a bit of spicy cut up sausage and nice bottle of red wine.

      The was a team loss, their best player was the goalie. no 27 was terrible, no. 7 wasn’t that good. RL had no chance. The Toronto coach had key match ups and he could not pass up putting his best lines against VGK rookie line. I don’t know why PDB put three rookies out there at one time (52, 15, and 18), No 14 was continually beat to his left wide, probably should have sat him.

      Even the Toronto announcers weren’t giving the VGK any respect this game. They were most disrespectful set of announcers against VGK that I watched this whole season-here are some gems they bombed out on the air :

      “Toronto is not going to let them back into this game, like they did against red wings the other night. not against these guys”
      – “Campbell has their number, notice how the fans keep chanting “soup” after
      every save”.
      – “toronto is out shooting them 10 -0 half way through the first period, it’s going to be a route”

      -“who are these no names, they have a bunch of nobodies playing tonight”

      “look at all these AHL rookies in their line up, 15 , 18, they are getting NHL experience but they are taking baby steps”

      “toronto is coming after them wave after wave after wave, this should be 8 to 0 shortly”

      -“Karlson is a big piece of their team, without him, they dont’ have much of a chance”

      “they took our Amadio, when they put him on waivers after half their team comes back, Toronto gets first chance and we’ll take him back”

      -“Lehner is playing well, but it is not enough, this team that is too banged up”

      • Vlad

        Sounds like you and mommy need a safe space

        Did mommy not cut up your supper in smaller enough pieces for you last night for the game?

        Very post you claim krebs and the rookies are the next coming of Christ and when they get exposed for what they are you cry like a baby

        When stone and pac get back and are shut down it will be a thousand other non sensical bs excuses

        If you can’t cope with an announcers opinion or ones on here why don’t you piss off you spoiled baby

        • THE hockey GOD

          my response was to VIC, not so some faceless man without a brain or single molecule of hockey acumen in their whole body

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Vic
      no 27 hasn’t been same since no . 7.

      I think it has more to do with his surgery / bout than no. 7 coming here. He hasn’t been same player, since that incident.

  15. Ulf

    To be fair, those who are consistently harping on Lehner this year must be relatively new to the game of hockey.
    It’s always easy to say goaltending is the issue because it’s the last player in front of the puck before it goes in the net.
    But it’s not that simple.
    VGK’s defensive strategy and skills – as a whole team – have been Swiss cheese for a long time. This is made worse by the injuries and lack of depth out squad has in key positions like center.
    You saw it for the playoffs last year. Absolutely no commitment to back checking for one – the other team would rocket by our squad and get odd man rushes with alarming regularity.
    Lehner didn’t have the strongest back half of the game but he’s not the major problem. It’s coaching and player buy in (or in some cases lack of player speed/smarts).

    • Vlad

      Sounds like Toronto ….. players stink the joint out then blame the goalie

      The person to bitch at is that useless terd mcrimmon.

      Took something not broken and “fixed” it

      I’m sure he will be throwing Pylon Krebs in net soon to save the team

      Vegas had a full line up in the play offs and the result wasn’t any different. The legs on the 3 legged stool were giving way

    • Richie-Rich

      Well choose the cause. Maybe bringing in Petro and dumping Schmidt and Holden wasn’t too smart.

      The truth is that the VGK FO ripped the heart and soul out of this team. That’s a fact. To put it simply, they want to buy a Stanley Cup. The more they spend the further away from that goal they get.

      And Lehner is not the answer in goal. He has too many flaws in his game.

    • Daryl

      While I do somewhat agree with you, you can’t just remove blame from a player either. RL has always had issues with rebound control and its been really bad this year. That’s on him, not what happens around him. Last game VGK gave up 7 high danger chances in the first period, 3 on one play and RL stopped two of them. The first shot hit bm square in the face and bounced out, the 2nd hit him square in the chest and when he dove for the rebound the 3rd shot missed an open net. RL did a good job on the first two just by being in the right position. As I’ve said multiple times, RL is a good goalie, but he isn’t good enough to lead a team to the Cup. I think if he played back in the 80s when teams had an actual checking line and slower, stronger players RL would fair a lot better

  16. Herby

    Lehner is playing pretty well at the moment
    RESULT SV 0.906 GAA 3.13

    Imagine what happens to his stats when he does not anymore…..

    I stick to my bold pre-season prediction:

    Lehner SV% below 0.900 at the end of the season

    And do not get me wrong, I put this only partially on Robin. At the end it is a team effort and if you cut out the heart and soul of a team you get a bunch of Zombies.

    • Richie-Rich

      Lehner is currently ranked 49th in terms of goalie performance in the league.

      That ranking is SHIT.

  17. I can’t get past the Fleury gaffe game 3 vs. MTL and how that may have cost a trip to the finals.

    • This is to say Fleury was not taking the team to another finals. Had his chance last season and blew it by giving it to a guy with an open net. Made the finals 2017-2018 and things did not work out. Fleury goaltending was not going to be the difference maker this season.

      • Daryl

        The biggest blame for not going further is the PP, which is the same problem we have now. In gave, it’s been pretty much the same problem we’ve had since PDB took over

    • ulf

      Fleury’s partly to blame on that one, but again it was a pure lack of team defensive effort that was the real issue. Even at the time it was clear.
      Somehow, in the dying minutes of a game where VGK was leading 2-1, the Habs were allowed to have 3 (!) skaters deep past the blue line while the 2 VGK defenders were gliding casually for the pass and giving them no notice. Not to mention there was no back checking Knights forward helping out either.
      The puck rolled on Fleury – not saying he’s blameless, but the point is late in a one goal game, ANYTHING can happen. The team had absolutely no defensive drive and passion, and it was a team mistake more than anything.

      • Pistol Pete

        You’re right but still it was a mental error, one a goaltender can not afford to make in that situation. A careless error. The worst time to make it.

        • Ulf

          While I agree it wasn’t the best look and I’m not even a big Fleury fan, rolling pucks can screw with you. I’ve only played goalie once (usually a winger cos I’m not the greatest skater in my old age) and the weird bounces and rolls can mess with your best intentions. And no matter what, all goalies look like they did a major screw up when it could be a simple puck edge that bites up at the last second.
          Maybe he could have played it better, but the team should be reducing all risk factors that late in a tight game.

        • Daryl

          As Ulf stated, the puck rolled on him. It wasn’t so much a me tal error as it was just a bad play. It’s funny how one (not saying you) can say this was all on MAF when Petra tried to make a cross ice pass which led to a turnover and cost VGK a game but that wasn’t his fault b/c the puck rolled on him!!!

          Maybe we should blame Petra for VGK not going further since his error cost VGK a game???

      • THE hockey GOD

        yes ulf, and you left out that the HABS had nothing offensively going in that game. All they were doing when they got the puck was dumping in behind VGK hoping the goalie would flub it. And eventually he did.

        • Daryl

          Was t the score 2-1 at that point? Looks like a very close scoring game to me

          • THE hockey GOD

            i never said it wasn’t, I said that all habs were doing at that junction in game was repeatedly dumping the puck in because nothing else was working for them offensively .

        • Daryl

          And they were still getting shots on net

    • Vlad

      Would be nice to have a player that plays every game error free

      It’s a team game

      But yes that one left a mark

    • Daryl

      And I still don’t see how people blame MAF for not getting VGK past MTL. His mistake allowed MTL to tie the game, not take the lead but even if you want to blame him for that loss, they still came out and won the next game. It’s like blaming RL for VGK not getting further because he gave up 6 goals to COL… Yeah sure they win games after that but they just couldn’t get over that embarrassment. See how much sense that makes?

  18. Full roster or not TOR has been a tough play for the VGK. I believe it’s 2-5 and have never won in Toronto. So this is nothing new. Leafs have been a strong team the whole time just suck in the playoffs.

  19. THE hockey GOD

    and today a 8 am Father Malcahy will be scheduling a nine hour Novena for the remaining faithful. Special healing prayers will be included.

    Vlad wanted to bring a goat, but Father said no to goats, there will be no blood shedding at today’s special service.

  20. Mike StG

    Most of the criticism here is just over the top. Look at the Pens in last place, missing Sid, Geno, Rust. Imagine Leafs without 4 of their half their top 6, say Mathews, Marner, Tavares, and then add Muzzin to that on D. Imagine the Bolts without Stamkos, Kuch, and Point, and then add Sergachev on D.

    The team is decimated by injuries. No team however deep can put up a winning record, as the cap prevents stacking a team with elite highly paid players. So now let’s rag on the new guys since they don’t fit seamlessly and immediately into a new team and structure. Let’s bitch about the coach because the team struggles while playing 3 or 4 rookies every game (at least 4 who played their 1st NHL game during the first 9 games). Let’s complain endlessly about Lehner no matter how well he plays, when he’s basically in the same position Gibson has been in the last 3 seasons with the Ducks – bombarded with high danger chances every game.

    Let’s face it, the team will struggle for the next 6-8 weeks. We should just support them and look for any kind of positive developments that happen with new and young players during this upcoming period.
    It’s possible something will gel, or someone will break out.

    The only criticism worth leveling IMO at this point is with the power play. Not so much the scoring, as their best scorers are injured. But more on the zone entries. The drop pass wouldn’t be so bad if the leading player actually made a decent drop where the trailing F could pick it up with momentum and speed. Watching sloppy drop passes that are 8-10 feet off, requiring having to skate east-west just to retrieve the puck, is getting pretty aggravating. The defending team is just standing there in their DZ enjoying a cup of Dunkin coffee while watching the clown show, waiting for Vegas to arrive 15 seconds later. Half the time on PPs seems to be spent screwing around just getting to or thru the NZ. I do agree that it’s time for a different approach (read: coach) on the PP.

  21. Vlad

    Vegas was a rare team. They had a unique culture. Players had heart. Played for each other. There was a special soul

    The team went into a tiny slump and mcrimmon decimates the team

    Gone is the culture, heart and soul. Now it’s a job like every other team. Players show up not knowing what mcriminal will unleash next

    3 originals left. And they have about 3/22 of that special “thing” the team had.

    • Richie-Rich

      I call you out on bullshit posts, but this one I agree with 100%. I think McCrimmon panicked over the bullshit 5 minute major when the defense and Fleury allowed those goals. Then he made things even worse when the team had a short slump when Fleury lost his Dad.

      We had the Coach of the Year and a very good goalie in net.

      In the future the VGK and it’s fan base will look at the firing of Gallant and bringing Lehner in as the major turning point in the eventual decline and demise of this franchise.

      At the end of the day the responsibility belongs to Mr. Bill Foley. He was ultimately responsible for the debacle of allowing a Junior Hockey GM become the face of the VGK Front Office.

      The moves made this off season was just the last part of the operation to rip the heart and soul out of the Golden Knights franchise.

      • Alex

        For being part of the dumbest fanbase in sports, this post is actually spot on correct…

        The mystique of VGK is gone…they are basically the Ducks

  22. Vlad

    Best thing about the injuries is that for the coach and gm it is career extending. They will milk every last drop of it and pin every drop of blame on it

  23. Tim

    What I can’t get my head around is as unorganized we were in Toronto supposedly the Jack Eichel trade may come down today and it’s Calgary or us. With 3 more starters out of the lineup if they pull off these trade we will become unwatchable. It’s hard for me to believe they will make this trade but they may do it.

    • phantom major

      Become unwatchable?? what the hell do you call last night? watchable? gimme a break. after that disgrace last night there is not one guy dressed in that lineup who deserves ANY keeping consideration….why? so he/they can to continue to loaf thru the next 6 weeks too.

      not one guy hustled or showed any leadership or desire. 27 was so pathetic that he got benched after 5 seconds for fumbling an easy perfect faceoff win on the PP. and that was after his previous PP shifts were worse than awful and downright embarrassing. who gives a F if he gets traded? it would improve the PP, just by subtraction.

    • Daryl

      Depending on who they would have to give up, VGK may not have enough wins to even make the playoffs… Then would the trade even be worth it?

      • Vlad

        Well true but the time to leave as is was before mcriminal started fixing what wasn’t broken. Nuts how foley was fine with turning this team over to a junior hockey coach with no nhl gm experience when the team was so close. What a mess he’s created. And now he’s built a 3 legged stool with 2 of the legs easily kicked out. Bad decision after bad decision.

      • phantom major

        absolutely. instead of waiting, for who knows how long, for neverquitemakeit prospects like Krebs to maybe improve one day/some day, they can wait for Feb, when Eichel and all the rest of the injured guys can return and make a playoff push. if they don’t make it this year, only because of a bad start, then they surely will be back to a good team next year…AND they would be able to analyze the last few months of the season to see exactly what else is needed to improve, like a coaching staff that would not have any more excuses.

        • phantom major

          a trade for Eichel would actually be the best thing for those fans who hate McCrimmon and/or PDB because it would put them on the spot bigtime, they would have nowhere to hide, and no excuses if it goes bad.

          • Daryl

            The PDB supporters would still come up with excuses… he’s new to the team and it will take 2 years for him to get adjusted, he needs time to gel with other players, he needs time to learn PDB system, etc. It won’t matter. How long have we’ve been using PDB PP system and it hasn’t worked, yet their supporters keep saying they haven’t had time to practice and make it better. The excuses never end

        • Richie-Rich

          My prediction is that VGK will either move or outright cut Lehner by the end of this year. I don’t see VGK making the playoffs this year. They are way behind the power curve and PDB has no effing idea as to how to coach the offense or the power play.

          Next season we will see Brossoit and Thompson in net. Who will win the starting role? Who knows, but it will be better than watching the Walrus give up easy rebounds and flop around on the ice like an upside down turtle on a half shell.

          • Daryl

            If VGK doesn’t trade away the team to get Eichel, I still think they can make the playoffs. Remember, VGK plays in the Pacific so that gives them a HUGE advantage. They should be able to win enough games with the players they have to make a run for it when the players return. It all depends on if RL can keep his head on straight. He will have to play better than normal and not have mental let downs like he started to in the last game. If all that takes place, VGK will make the playoffs. They will most likely lose in the first round but they will get there

          • Richie-Rich

            VGK is not going to be in the playoffs this year.

            They got Eichel who likely will never play at the same high level before his injury.

            But, Tuch and Krebs isn’t going to be enough to solve the salary cap math. We’re likely going to have to say goodbye to Reilly Smith and Shea Theodore – FOR PICKS.

            I am rather glad this decision has been made. It’s over and now McCrimmon will have to live with it. He rolled the dice on the future of this team and his own career.


    • Mike StG


      Likely package would involve a 1st rd pick, Tuch and at least 1 prospect (maybe Dean or Brisson). Possibly Krebs, and almost certainly Theodore. Tuch is already on LTIR, they picked up Hutton to add more depth to the D in case Theo goes. They added Amaddio, who at least has a decent track record as a bottom 6 defensive forward and would replace Krebs. That’s about $10M going out, with Krebs a minor loss on the front end and Theo more so (although based on his play this year it won’t be much of an impact).

      A deal is doable without a major impact to the team, especially as injured players gradually return to the lineup. Not saying I support an Eichel deal, just that they will work it out if they really want him.

      It’s up nlikely IMO that Reilly is part of a deal. Last year of his contract, so what would BUF be getting? Just this season? If you were Reilly would you re-sign in Buffalo or head to free agency? Yeah, neither would I.

      • Daryl

        If VGK gives up Theo, Smith, and Krebs, I don’t think they have enough talent to win enough games to make the playoffs this year. Then you throw in Tuch or even switch out a player for Brisson, I think things could get really bad. Then you have to take into consideration you have a full line of players who basically haven’t played all season. And on top of that, you have Eichel who hasn’t played in 2 years and needs to learn a new system with new players. There is no guarantee how well he would play back in Buffalo without those factors and it would only be worse completely starting over.

        If VGK makes this trade, it won’t be for this season… it will be putting all your eggs into next season

        • Mike StG

          Daryl, I don’t think Smith will be involved in a trade. The Sabres will want certainty, since they’re giving up Eichel with 4-1/2 years left in his contract. Reilly is a UFA so he could tell them to take a hike and go to free agency.

          I think if Vegas does make a trade it will be Tuch, probably Theo, and either Krebs or Kolesar. Then add a 1st round pick. There are the 4 pieces.

          As far as whether they can make it to the playoffs, I don’t think there’s any question about that. By the end of this year or possibly even mid-December they’ll have Patch, William and Zach back. And reports are that Stone is likely to return in a couple of weeks or less.

          Theo hasn’t contributed much anyway, and Hutton is a serviceable defenseman. Krebs plays hard but hasn’t produced even 1 point in 9 games. And Tuch is out for at least half the season. Kolesar is a developing power forward but has limited offensive upside. Amadio could take his spot and nothing would really change in the bottom 6. So losing any of those three wouldn’t impact the team much, or at least not enough for them to miss the playoffs.

          As I said, I don’t really support an Eichel trade. I think they’d be better off waiting until the end of this season when cap issues wouldn’t be as much of an issue. Then just play with the team you currently have and hope for the best. Maybe upgrade at trade deadline. If they DO make a trade in the next week or two it’s possible Eichel could be playing by March and who knows what impact he might have?

          • Richie-Rich

            This trade is over, but the salary cap math still won’t work.

            Say goodbye to Smith and Theodore – for nothing but picks. IF VGK can move Smith at the trade deadline. If not, Smith leaves as an UFA and we get nothing for him, which is likely going to be the case.

    • Richie-Rich

      This team has been unwatchable for quite some time, really.

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