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Recap: Vegas center Chandler Stephenson got the Golden Knights off to an incredibly fast start again, scoring :36 into the game in St. Louis. Red hot Reilly Smith doubled Vegas’ lead six minutes later giving Vegas a 2-0 lead. The Blues woke up after Smith’s goal and scored three unanswered to take a 3-2 lead into the first intermission.

St. Louis added another early in the second period on the power play. It was the only goal of the period and the Golden Knights trailed 4-2 after two periods of play.

The offense continued to struggle for Vegas since early in the 1st period. The Blues scored one more in the final 20 minutes, handing the Golden Knights a 5-2 defeat.

The Golden Knights record drops to 11-8-0 and prepare for their next game on Wednesday. Puck drop in Nashville is scheduled for 5 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A bit of an opposite game from the one on Saturday night against Carolina. In this one, the Golden Knights could do no wrong early, scoring twice and creating their own luck. Then, it completely fell apart and they were doing all the things that make coaches go crazy. A very poor game in the first of four of five on the road. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. St. Louis Blues game at Enterprise Center.

  • Historical look at how defensive scoring reliant teams fare in the postseason
  • No lead is safe

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Mattias Janmark
** Ben Hutton
* Reilly Smith



Adam Brooks Set To Make VGK Debut


Blown Leads Becoming A Common Theme In VGK Games


  1. Net29

    Bear with me here…
    Lehner plus McNabb plus a 2022 2nd round pick to the Blackhawks for Fleury. Salaries add up.

    • Blitz

      There too much pride in the FO to bring flower back. That would be an admission of wrong doing. There’s been talk of Fleury going to Edmonton. If so, that would make a solid chance for VGK to have to face him in the playoffs. Win or lose that just seems bad for this fan base, if it were to happen.

      • Daryl

        The Hawks have sete down and are playing pretty good… They are 6-1 in their last games

        • Blitz

          I figured the hawks were going to be a playoff team at the start of the season, but wow they looked real bad at the start. I think they can still recover and clear are trying.

          Yeah, I guess their shipping off of Fleury probably depends if they can right the ship by trade deadline.

          • Net29

            Fleury had 40 saves the other night. Lehner can only dream of a performance like that.

  2. My analysis continues to be spot on. Against the better teams the VGK has to score 4 or 5 goals. Lehner gave up 3 goals in 3 minutes and the 5th goal was on his inconsistent glove on a shot that he clearly should have stopped. In this game two VGK defenders saved back door high danger chances for Lehner as he was once again out of position and too slow to react. That’s 5 high danger saves for Vegas defensemen.

    After a very good start Lehner got burned for 3 goals in 3 minutes. Not a very good day for him, but this is what I expect from him against top teams in the league.

    • Net29

      No way we go far in the playoffs w Lehner in goal.

      McNabb, Lehner, and a draft pick to Chicago for Fluery. I can dream, right.

    • THE hockey GOD

      blues were on a multi game “losing”** streak, they were not a “better ” team, VGK was on a winning streak. The odds were just catching up to both teams.

      **Since Nov 11th they lost to Nashville, carolina, oilers, ARIZONA, and Dallas, they only beat the sharks in that span. Would hardly call that a “better” team.

  3. Daryl

    After the PP near the end of the 2nd, VGK came out strong and had a great push. That same push started the 3rd but it didn’t last. Not much else to say for this game. Maybe PDB should of had a talking to with his team…

  4. The walrus is a liability you have to live with. Mgt will never admit they made a mistake. All the eichel s in the world won’t fix that problem.

    • Lehner can be a liability, for sure. ” SLOW MO HOCKEY”. But he was left wide open for a couple of those goals. St. Louis outran, outplayed us. Our D has to protect GOAL better. Painful to watch…

      • Daryl

        I out 3 of those goals on RL with one of those being hard but very stoppable. But you are correct, nobody played defense

        • And didn’t the Blues score not one, but TWO short-handed goals? Ugh!!

          • THE hockey GOD

            no none short handed @TS, no 10 played very poorly, no. 2 wasn’t much help; all goals except first one were tough to stop if you go back and look at replays of all goals. Maybe also bozak’s goal, but the VGK d man should have been there but Bozak made a great play on that goal.

          • Blitz

            No short handed goals were scored last night. STL had one power play goal. All others were even strength.

          • Daryl

            You so had O’Reilly’s goal that wasn’t even a shot on net. But no short handed goals

          • Thanks to all for clarifying. . .. I shall endeavor to pay closer attention…

          • THE hockey GOD

            @TS , no worries, here for you.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Can’t say anything positive as not firing on any cylinders on all fronts, so not going to say much except to expect a bounce back in next game against Nashville.

    no3 on perron ? led to first goal, a forward not no. 3 should have been checking him; overall theme bad match ups through out the whole game.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Just won 5 of 6, streaks always end and faster playing with crazy short rosters, the team moves onto the next game. Not Lehner’s best night, struggled actually, I predict Brossoit starts tomorrow and if Lehner continues to struggle look for a more even rotation. I really think there should be an even rotation actually. Who knows Brossoit could even take over starter. Think it’s rather unlikely but if it became possible I would give Thompson some games to see if he can handle it. Difference between Lehner and Brossoit is around $2.7 in cap.

    • Pistol Pete

      Lehner: 8-7 (3.01 GAA—.913 SV%)
      Brossoit: 3-1 (2.80 GAA—.910 SV%)

      • Pistol Pete

        I must say, in reviewing the better records this season I see some pretty impressive goaltending stats, better than VGK. However, we probably need to factor in the injuries. Playing a depleted roster can only put more pressure on the goaltenders and lead to higher GAA’s.

        • Daryl

          Absolute correct…. Missing certain players can make a huge difference. All teams are missing good players but VGK is up there nar the top with missing to most at one time

  7. Blitz

    Just a bad game and everyone is to blame. A couple of chances could have turned it back into a game, but bad luck. Stone missing a wide open net was heart breaking. Stone hitting the crossbar short handed. Reilly Smith not getting the penalty against him on the short handed breakaway. Janmark hitting the post on a open net scramble shove in. All things that could have fixed the negative momentum or at least couldn’t of hurt.

    All d men were bad tonight (really the forwards too lol). I will continue to give credit to my boy Hutton. He started bad and took a delay of game penalty that lead to a goal, but after that, I thought, he got better as the game went on.

    VGK needs to put this behind them and prep for decent preds team. 1 out of 2 on this trip is still good in my book. Do it!

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ blitz– what he said^^^ Stone needs to get one , he’s pressing.

    • Daryl

      As you said, bad game all around. As for a couple plays going VGK way, there were just as many that could have made the game really bad. STL missed 2 wide open, after the obvious missed call for Smith, there was a makeup no call on Petra.

      As you said, put this game behind you, nothing can be done about it now. Come out next game firing on all cylinders

  8. Tim

    Missed the game went to one of my great grand kids birthday party much more fun then the game from what I’ve read. We listened to the game on our way were up 2 zip looking good and the next time I looked it was quite a shock. Oh well off to Nashville hopefully we can pull it out.

  9. stats

    no, the PDB “system” is what needs to change.

    the PDB “pond hockey” system is what needs to change. dmen pinching in risky inadvisable situations, and giving up constant 2-on-1’s and breakaways is what needs to change.

    Lehner is simply not good enough to play wide open hockey in front of. He is a walrus, not a lateral mover.

    It is ridiculous to see slow, awkward skater dmen like McNabb caught in the O zone pinching, while the opponent scores at the other end. or watching the others do the same.

    Roy gave that puck away for a breakaway goal when BOTH of the dmen were down in the corner. Is that the kind of hockey you want the Vgk to play?

    especially when you have top players out, it is more necessary than ever to play a cautious, defensive style of play, and to play to hold a lead, not to gamble it away.

  10. Blitz

    How about the new guy Brooks? Kind of a crap game to have to judge the guy, not that #1 game in PDB system has looked good for any one. They had him out on the PP I believe. That is some trust for a first gamer. PP sucks so bad it shouldn’t matter, but the fact PDB hasn’t sent out a HSK guys on the power play at all this season, but then sends this guy out, makes me think there is something they like about him.

    I though he looked fine. Got around the ice well. Was involved in situations. Hopefully he can wow and earn that spot. For the love of Pete or the peat of sake whatever, someone go and force VGK to kick a dud off the bottom of this team. Lots of chances for it to happen this year, but I am not sure it has. Someone force that shit. Cotter a couple more goals and maybe its him, but right now I don’t think it has happened.

    • I really like Leschshysyn and Cotter. Poor Brooks and Jones didn’t get much exposure….not in that mess of a game.

      I see Reilly Smith picking up his game! Also, had Stone made that short handed goal it would have been a top 10 VGK highlight forever.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ rich- rich, your best post in long time. agree. There is a reason all these flip flopping slip sliding ducks were put on waivers. And everyone passed on them until VGK’s number came up.

  11. Jack Eichel off season training routine after his rookie year.

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