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Recap: The Golden Knights started off the game well jumping all over the Blues by not allowing a single shot on goal for the first nine minutes. Mark Stone converted a power play goal to give Vegas the lead, but former VGK David Perron equalized a few minutes later.

In the 2nd, The Blues struck two to give themselves leads of 2-1 and 3-2, but goals from Jack Eichel and Zach Whitecloud sent the game to intermission even.

Vegas came out firing in the 3rd getting goals from both William Karlsson and Jonathan Marchessault early in the period and then adding another from Eichel and an empty netter from Max Pacioretty.

The Golden Knights finish the season with a record of 42-31-8 and finish in 4th place in the Pacific Division with 94 points. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas actually played pretty well in a game that didn’t matter. But, the game didn’t matter, so who cares what actually happened in it? (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. St. Louis Blues at Enterprise Center.

  • Kevin Iole’s final Sunday column of the season

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Zach Whitecloud
** William Karlsson
* Jack Eichel


Family-Like Atmosphere Around Golden Knights Appears To Have Disintegrated


Iole: VGK Offseason Agenda


  1. vgk21

    no joy in Mudville

  2. Pistol Pete

    That felt good and is one more point (94) than season two where we finished third in the division,

    Jack Eichel comes through the most when we need him the least lol.

    14 G/11 A/+3 (34 games)

    2022-23 here we come and it won’t just be Eichel!

    • THE hockey GOD

      enough with the positive waves PP
      you’ll wake the trolls and haters !!

      • knights fan in minny

        were coming to hate you thg wacko

        • THE hockey GOD

          knight in minny, down deep we all know you really love the THG

          foley = owner= wine maker = grape stomper

          not too hard to figure out , is it really ?

          • knights fan in minny

            shut up stupid go back to dream land

    • Pistol Pete

      That was a 82 games pace of 34 G for Jack.

      But one component for 2022-23.

      • PP

        I agree with your comments on Eichel he just needs to improve his defense.

        • VGK fan, I agree his defending needs work however I have seen him backcheck effectively many times. His speed is an asset when it comes to the 200 ft. game.

    • Pistol Pete,

      Yeah! 4th place awesome let’s have a parade!!

      • Pistol Pete

        We’re moving on VGK fan, moving on. Looking forward to seeing Morozov and Brisson at camp.

        • I guess I don’t see your need to take shots at season 2 if we are moving on?

          • Right, just like to point out with the negativity surrounding this one that season 2 was not great. Discounting the injuries this one would have been markedly better imo. Mostly I have never understood defending Gallant when the downward slide was clear including continuing into season 3.

          • Come on man, downward slide sounds like a complete collapse, of course it wasn’t. Team’s go through slumps, you don’t fire a coach during a slump.

            Gallant was fired for one reason and one reason alone, he probably pushed back on some of the moves planned by McIdiot. Period.

  3. the Hockey God

    you know it doesn’t take much effort for writers to do their due diligence, regarding VEGAS loyalty.

    Here from reddit is turn over rate . as you can see VEGAS doesn’t make top ten. I call bull shit yet again on mob media, fake news writers who constantly fail to check ANYTHING credible. The number at end is turn over rate percentage.

    2 Ottawa 93
    3 Buffalo 92
    4 Detroit 90
    NY Rangers 90
    6 Vancouver 89
    7 New Jersey 88
    8 Arizona 87
    Chicago 87
    Montreal 87
    11 Minnesota 86
    12 Toronto r 85
    13 Los Angeles 84
    14 Carolina 81
    St. Louis 80
    16 Calgary 80

    vgk conspiracy nut jobs are going to hate those percentages.

    • knights fan in minny

      wrong there going to just hate you whack job

      • THE hockey GOD

        what did I ever do to you ???

        NOTHING, I stood up for you when that clown Alex was butchering you to pieces.

        Now you stab me in the back, like MAF??

        • knights fan in minny

          i dont need a ass clown like you to stand up for me

        • knights fan in minny

          the problem is you think your so much better then everyone else on here nobody likes a little bitch look in the mirror boy

          • THE hockey GOD

            i never ever said a bad word about or to you

  4. It was pretty clear that with MIN winning that STL was pretty much mailing it in by the end of the 2nd period. I am not taking anything away from VGK though because they played a very solid game.

    My 2021-2022 Outstanding Players of the Year

    My top 2 Forwards, top 2 Defenseman, and Goaltender

    1- #81 Marchy
    2- #28 Carrier
    3- #27 Theodore
    4- #7 Petro
    6- #36 Thompson

    There is no joy to be had.
    Let the offseason begin and head roll and fall (hopefully).

    There needs to be a cultural shift in this front office away from treating players like a slab of beef. It’s one thing to lie to the fanbase, but to disrespect a player on your roster, that’s not cool.

    Although I definitely think KM needs to be sent packing, I think the most at risk of being fired is PDB due to his inability to adapt, poor power play, lack of scoring strategy, and overall his disrespect for Robin Lehner in the past several weeks. He is not goaltender friendly. You thought the fanbase couldn’t stand him before? It’s a lot worse now.

    • knights fan in minny

      what about chandler

      • I picked 2 forwards and 2 defenseman. It was a toss up for me between Stephenson & Carrier, but yeah he scored more points but also went for stretches of invisibility. Carrier, when healthy was never invisible. If I was going to pick 3 forwards then Stephenson would have been up there for sure.

    • THE hockey GOD

      R R
      fair enough, but no. 7 is a stretch, I didn’t see another D man as worthy.l

      Go back and review the goals against VGK and when no.7 looks to the rafters like he did last night. You know that the goal was his fault. He looked to the rafters a LOT throughout the whole season. Strat stats had him as a 4, close down defender when he played last for Blues. Last year he went to a 3, and this year he will likely be a 2. He’s going the route of 88 who completely flopped in Vancouver, was rated a 1 (he was 5 in Vegas 2017, then dropped like a rock). 88 couldn’t stop a bus at a bus stop. That is what happens to D men in NHL when they mature with age/injuries/. Marty no 23 will likely be a 1 this year. He lost two steps. It is pretty obvious.

      Next up, tell us where VGK need help. Player wise.

      I say they need a bona fide , non prima donna ghoulie. LT could be back up, not
      ready for prime time.

      They also need a good face off man.

      They need two new d men.

      They need a couple of power forwards.

      They need two play maker forwards to go with No.9

      I would keep core players , no 20 , no 27, no 26, no 19 (if recoverable), no. 2, no. 9, no 14, and build around that group of players.

      Fringe players no. 10 (makes too many penalities), no. 81 – not a big fan is a one trick pony and costs team in important games by a) not showing up b) making a hot head penalty), no. 7 – needs a rebound season, no. 21 – could be a gem if not hurt too badly, Coghlin – i like his offense, this year was a learning year.

      I’d bring up LT permanently as back up, and give roster shot to AHL no. 16 Dorofevev and Ivan Morozov(russians), no. 15 and no 46 (who played extensively), no. 43 (cotter), no. 6 Korczak, no 29 deliberatore (if recovers from injury). That is seven possible roster shots.

      I’d get rid of all the rest.

      But you know that isn’t going to happen. They will keep 61, 67, 90, which is probably a smart move to keep some veteran experience around. No. 71 they will probably keep too.

      I would also get rid of kolesar and bring up Luwain as enforcer. But that probably won’t happen until next year. He needs to get about 10 more AHL fights into his system so no one in NHL will be able to go with him.

      All in all, in realty, the VGK will only probably make a couple of off season moves
      since they are in Bettman’s NHL’s SAL CAP hell.

  5. knights fan in minny

    the misery is over let the off season fun begin

  6. Herby

    This game means less than a pre-season game. Nothing on the line at all.
    And suddenly….the team can perform and Eichel can score….

    People tend to forget that Eichel is a rookie, when it comes to play important and meaningful games. He never had to play such games in his entire career.

    Hope he learned from this season…but I am not very optimistic.

  7. The Rob Show

    Now everyone go too sleep and start dreaming of next season

  8. I don’t want to overhaul this team. Unfortunately, we have to lose a couple of guys bacause of Crap issues. Karlsson may have to be dealt and I love the guy, but he’s not producing. RL gone, I have mixed emotions but Thompson is our future. I want Smith back, he’s so good when healthy. We got a few guys that are Cap friendly we have to keep and at I think at $1.7 Carrier is a keeper, blazing fast, tough as nails and just never quits, never. Kolesar is Cap friendly too, he’s tough, we need that. Roy, Hague, Whitecloud, Coughlin, all Cap friendly, game as hell. Top end guys we have to keep. Patches, Stone, Marchy, Petro and Eichel. No doubt on those guys. Guys on the bubble. Martinez, with a pay cut. Dabanov is tricky, he’s dangerous, but disappeared at times. Patrick, kinda a lost cause. Amadio, he’s cheap, gutsy. Leyschyan ?? Stepped up and he’s Cap friendly. McNabb, expensive, I like him but he could be dealt. It’s food for thought, the one that hurts is Karlsson, he just disappeared at times, I love the guy, so many great games, but we have to shed Cap space. That would hurt losing him. Any thoughts, not sure on Cap space with the ones I want to keep. Oh, one more thing, we need more loyalty from management, dumping guys because you can has really hurt, guys that can produce. We all know the names.

    • Pistol Pete

      Mark, largely agree with your assessment and sentiment. I thought the word is Foley is generous with and well liked by the players. I hope he meets with the team to discuss the controversies and then goes public on it. I don’t see why the VGK can’t mend a few fences here. I don’t see Foley parting ways with McPhee and should not imo, however there could be changes below him.

      • Pistol Pete

        Mark, something I would like to add is hopefully Patch/Eichel/Stone works out 2022-23 as that would appear the best means to exploit Eichel’s potential. Last year of Patch’s contract and needless to say there are concerns over his and Stone’s long term health. If any one factor stopped the team from making the playoffs it was the health of those two even given the sub par PP. I had been pushing to trade Patch and sign Forsberg (if he decides not to re-sign with NSH) however to be realistic that deal probably is not practical given that it will cost to move Patch. Eichel needs a young power winger big time, that is for sure.

        • PP,

          I agree with your comments mostly. I just don’t think there is a need to move a guy who has averaged a point a game over the last 3 seasons Patches was on pace to score 39 goals.

      • THE hockey GOD

        “Foley is generous with and well liked by the players.”

        wow the conspiracy writers and idiot haters won’t like that.

        ” I hope he meets with the team to discuss the controversies”

        you mean made up bull shit, he knows it, everyone on team knows it.

        and then goes public on it” He won’t call out the mob media, they need to be though, he’s no Donald Trump. Most of this shit stirring is done by writers who don’t do their due diligence at all.
        Fake RL having knee surgery story on Friday.
        Fake FO blew the Boris deal, when NHL admitted it was their fault.
        Fake “loyalty” story, when stats show VGK is way down on list.
        Fake MAF stories, many of them , covered here extensively.
        Fake RL stories – jury is out. I ‘d like to hear what RL has to say about it all. To me it appears to be a SAL CAP issue.

        Then we have ‘anal lists” like Elliot Freakman , who is no more than a rumor monger. Like fake news, he fails to reveal his sources.
        Emily Kaplan of ESPN who got the RL story wrong because she couldn’t wrap her head around SAL CAP over hanging issues.
        Jason who doesn’t do his due diligence and buys into conspiracy crap.
        Kevin Iole who calls vegas fans “unsophisticated”, then starts drinking the spiked kool aid.
        “Lots of noise” over players trying to gut it out. More BS stories.
        “family environment” ROFLAMO , still laughing about that one.

        • Thg – long winded says nothing as usual. It is unfortunately with his hockey experience in the pee wee league 100 years ago as a goalie you would they he would be more knowledgeable. Guess that is expecting to much.

          • THE hockey GOD

            HD I said a lot, too bad your ADD kicked in after the first sentence.

          • Julie

            HD, I think he’s angry. I saw something similar in Gangs of New York. It starts when they are young. Something bad happens and they are messed up and angry for life and don’t even know it. Either that or Howard is right and he really is GMP – explains why he is still angry about Walsh’s tweet and his insatiable jealousy of MAF. :). But if you don’t take him seriously, he is slightly entertaining.

        • the hockey YAHWEY

          you are only one really here, who “gets me”. These posters here take themselves WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

          I am not angry, and I am not RL as someone said, or MAF as someone
          much earlier said when I thought he was good for VGK, or GM, or GMGM, or Ken or who ever else said I was somebody.

          I am who I am

          • Thg, if you would JUST PLAY NICE, people would respect and appreciate your rather frequent posts a LOT more. Derogatory comments and name- calling do NOT endear yourself to the rest of us. It may be amusing to YOU to piss people off, but NOT for us! You wonder WHY people respond to you with anger?
            Come on, dude, lighten up!

          • THE hockey GOD

            I only attack those who attack me first. I never said anything to minny. And he/she/it goes all GI JOE.

            I am like Donald Trump, if someone attacks me out of clear blue sky for no reason, they will pay for it.

      • JoeInHendo

        3 moves Foley needs to make ASAP:

        1: Fire McCrimmon and put McPhee back in as GM,: since McPhee assembled the Golden Misfits, VGK needs to find out if that was a fluke or if McPhee is legit.

        2: Fire DeBoer and hire…. anyone but DeBoer. Pete has sucked all the life out of our Knights. He’s either an incompetent coach, or an evil genius and his plan to destroy VGK from within worked to perfection. Either way, he’s taking VGK in his trademark reverse.

        3: Trade Lehner. Regardless of reason, Lehner is too distracted to be a consistent NHL goalie. VGK needs to let Thompson, especially at his price point (about $4 million less than Lehner), try to develop into a starting goalie. He performed as well as, if not better than Lehner, and not paying Lehner to tweet and kneel for our Anthem will help in getting VGK back in line with the salary cap.

        I know VGK has multiple other issues, but work on these 3 first, and then concentrate on the remaining staff / players’ evaluations.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Mark, I hear ya buddy. See my post above. We are on same train.

      • knights fan in minny

        i bet mark is thrilled to be on your train mr know it all

        • Arnold Rothstein

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          Fuck Joe Biden is running theme in colleges. We all know why that is case.

          Ignore the socialist loving scum bag evil cult member.

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          Arnold the Brain

          • knights fan in minny

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • THE hockey GOD

            wow arnold you really woke up the bigot and racist. Thanks for kind words.

            Obviously minny has issues. Never said an unkind word to him, and all he does his attack people without cause or reason.

            Woke maybe ??

            twitter /status/1519889374594441216

  9. I meant Cap issues, but kinda funny because it’s Crap !

    • knights fan in minny

      so your saying you dont attack people thg your a liar how about daryl and galdom ripping on people is your hobby you get some kind of sick thrill

      • knights fan in minny

        this site has a issue listening to your boring babble hgt

        • THE hockey GOD

          Appears you are one having issue.

          This site also recently has turned out to be a source of it’s own ‘boring babble; and conspiracy theories. Maybe it should change it’s name to SIN BIN SITE of WILD A$$ UNCONFIRMED CONSPIRACY THEORIES, RUMORS and the OUTER LIMIT , X FILES FOR FAKE UNSOPHISTICATED FANS who don’t know anything about hockey ?? Would you be their no. 1 fan ???

        • Julie

          Knights Fan, I am sure you are not stressed by Arnold and the hockey devil. When they have to get that low to try to insult someone they have lost the argument and look ridiculous.

          • THE hockey GOD

            I have no idea what the fake knight fan in minny is going all hate
            on me for.

            I never said an unkind word to him. Seems like he lost his playoff bet on Knights or something. Turning out to another harassment issue and stalker issue.

            Maybe I should be honored to have earned such a place in their heart ??

      • THE hockey GOD

        i never ripped or insulted galdom. I agree with him about 90% of time.

        Daryl is a sick stalker, like you are turning out to be (posting smack without a reason) , and he deserves every thing he gets in return. He like you doesn’t even live in VEGAS and really is clueless about hockey. Furthermore I am not a bigot or racist like someone pointed out, that you are based upon your inter action with Alex and TS. It appears that you have issues.

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        • knights fan in minny

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          • THE hockey GOD

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        • knights fan in minny

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          • knights fan in minny

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          • Thanks minny, I appreciate that! I have trouble understanding all the ” misunderstanding” of the fans, finding fault with others’ opinions. We’re ALL VGK FANS. We need to ACT like we are!!

        • knights fan in minny

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          • THE hockey GOD


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          • THE hockey GOD


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        • Thg, you HAVE defended me, when Pauly, aka Alex, trolled me relentlessly. Interestingly, it was you, Minny and Daryl who spoke on my behalf at times, and it was Arnold who finally took action to STOP IT. I was FINALLY able to express myself WITHOUT judgment and harrassment. I appreciate the support. I Really do.

          • Arnold Rothstein

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  10. Pistol Pete

    We only fell 5 pts below what was required to make the postseason. Damn and they way the team played last night is really the good team we are, it just was not to be down the stretch or earlier such as the 0-5 road trip. The PP was a big piece although it did pick up the last 3-4 games. No lack of effort all around.

    2022-23 will be good.

    • I tend to agree, I’m not throwing in the towel !

    • Pistol Pete

      Maybe if we didn’t finish the season by only winning 4 of our last 11 we would have been in the playoffs.

    • THE hockey GOD

      three points PP. and I was going to say they same thing, that winter road trip when whole team had flu really did them in. PK is more important than PP in those games.

      • knights fan in minny

        it should be the hockey fraud who babbles on and on

        • THE hockey GOD

          sounds like you are one doing babbling, you only made one post that made sense today.

          About Red Wing coach,

          rest of it is noise, whining, stalking, and psycho babble. Seek therapy you need it.

      • Daryl

        So, the losses down the stretch that could have out VGK in the playoffs meant nothing… This season all came down to that one stretch that you mentioned??? Good to kmow

  11. LittleSmiffyUKFan

    William P. Foley II A Military Man.

    KEN Maybe this will help make him see.

    Commander DeBoer with his head in his hands sobbing due to the fact he is being out manoeuvred on the battle field. Captain Stone hold up in a trench with his men waiting for his command. Captain Stone has been compromised shrapnel to his back His communications are down no air support coming.

    Captain Stone has no choice but to send his depleted first unit of Marines over the top.
    Karlsson Dadonov Marchessault Stephenson
    Roy Carrier Amadio
    They pick up there rifels and over the top they go.
    shooting there enemy from distance but unable to hit anyone.

    The enemy new they was coming and clogged up the middle with heavy fire.

    Captain Stone gave the signal to there Sniper
    Pacioretty who was positioned high on a roof top

    Sniper Pacioretty new it was Time to pick up his OLD BANGED UP RIFLE that’s been with him for many years and set his sight on the enemy targets. He knows his brothers need him, to come to there rescue. As he steadys his breath and about to squeeze the trigger……… His trigger finger lock’s in position and is unable to shoot he is rendered useless.

    Captain Stone New this was a possibility it wasn’t the first time Sniper Pacioretty had let them down.

    Captain Stone sends his depleted second defensive unit over the top.
    Pietrangelo Theodore MacNabb Whitecloud Coughlan Thompson

    There mission to stop the enamy getting in to are trenches and compromising are position in the Pacific.

    The defence unit failed miserably with only Thompson the youngest of the team putting up much of a fight.

    Captain Stone finally gets through to Comand Tower.

    McCrimmon And McPhee answer the call…….

    Don’t panic Captain Stone we have Seal team 6 Eichel in your area he on his way.

    Captain Stone replys we need a plan B! Seal team 6 Eichel is in the infirmary with a laceration to his neck. No go I repeat no go!

    McCrimmon And Mcphee reply….. OK…. air support Coming Captain Stone …….. More like Friendly Fire McCrimmon says under his breath

    McPhee Let’s out a Maniacal Laugh! Operation Stanley Cup Failed!!

    • Pistol Pete


    • THE hockey GOD

      funny UK fan but a stretch , you left out the most important part. Capt. Stone was in MIA and AWOL most of the season, and spent other half in M* A * S * H unit .

      • LittleSmiffyUKFan

        THE hockey GOD

        LOL…. Absolutely true Capt. Stone was in MIA and AWOL most of the season, and spent other half in M* A * S * H unit

        Lets hope I don’t have to add this to next seasons missions report.

  12. Great war analogy! Very clever–I appreciate all your effort! And appropriate, considering the time in history….on to next season…

  13. Tim

    Pistol Pete I’ve got to say you are a die hard fan always positive about the Knights. That’s a good thing myself I’m a little more skeptical I think the team has many issues and with a lot of teams improving we may be in the rear view mirror. We have players no one will want or will have to include a sweetener we can’t afford. Karlsson well like but at 5.9 million and very little production who would want him? Dadonov 5 million again who wants him? Patch 7 million injury prone who wants him? Lehner 5 million again who wants him? That’s 23 million unmoveable but if we would be able to move them like the Fleury trade we’d get nothing in return. Martinez at 5 million and if Stone has serious back problems at 9 million then what? I don’t want to be the doom and gloom guy but this roster and how it’s constructed and to trade guys with no return just to dump them is taking two steps back.
    In the real world in the Pacific you have to figure Calgary, Edmonton, LA, Anaheim, Vancouver, are all younger and have made progress so I figure at best we’ll be 6th with San Jose and Seattle pulling up the rear. I know your probably laughing but youth and speed kills and we have very little of that. They’ve all got younger and were the oldest team in the division so do the math.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim the only thing about a fan being predominately positive in looking forward is setting themselves up for a fall. I steer clear of that as I am aware enough of the problems and potential pitfalls. It comes with being knowledgeable enough about the game to be able to set reasonable goals even though in projecting optimism it may seem to more conservative fans that I am overreaching. The issues are obvious. Why dwell on them when I’m the end it’s all talk and no action? All we can do is email the FO to bring about change. Of course that is unlikely to produce results. I won’t say it’s folly to criticize the team but as a fan I’d rather just continue to root. It’s ok to analyze and discuss the problems however. It helps us better understand what it takes to make a team that can win a Cup. There are issues right now for sure.

  14. Lovin’ It

    If only the team had pylon Krebs in the line up. Would have been cup contenders. After all, of the 250 rookies this year pylon was 4th from the bottom on the plus minus and only a couple away from being the very worst. Surely a must have have for any cup contender. Well at least according to the hockey dog and some of the other bed wetters here

    • Galdom

      Ladies and Gentlemen, I agree with some of what Tim posted, specifically the part about having assets that other teams wouldn’t want and how youth and speed kills.

      Next season this already old team will be one year older and the Kings will be even better. Vancouver was horrible in the first half but had a great second season. I think Vegas makes the postseason so I think they are a little bit better than what Tim thinks because I could see some teams falling off like Dallas and believe it or not even Minnesota which will have big time cap issues next year.

      I don’t see this year as just a throwaway and that next year they will pick up right where they left off in 2021. I DO NOT THINK THIS TEAM IS A CONTENDER FOR THE STANLEY CUP.

      William Karlsson with that contract is untradeable but I think it’s time to slide him in as the third line centre as I think he would fit in very well there. There is no point in trading anybody unless you get a mid first round pick and it is really POINTLESS if you are dumping them for nothing (Fluery) or even giving up assets to move the player. That shit needs to stop.

      You might as well just keep Dadonov for one more year. What would be the point even if we got a 4th round pick for him. Just keep his 20 goals in the lineup next year and if shit really goes sideways move him at the trade deadline as a rental. Even though I think they make the postseason it’s not a foregone conclusion that they miss next year as they have looked like shit for the past 2 to 3 weeks with a relatively healthy lineup.

      I’m a big believer in doing the same thing twice and expecting a different result is insanity but I do think they should run it back again because I don’t see the point of getting rid of players and getting nothing in return.

      In a past post I said that they should move Martinez to a bottom feeding team that will need to reach the cap floor and would want a veteran presence. This is about the only asset that I think I would move as a salary dump with nothing in return. If this proves to challenging especially since Martinez has a modified no trade clause that I would move Dadonov.

      A couple of weeks ago I posted a cap compliant team for next season. Alec Martinez being gone, Nic Roy getting a 266% raise and modest raises for Kolesar and Hague who have to be re-signed.

      Marchessault – Eichel – Dadonov
      Pacioretty – Stephenson- Stone
      Amadio – Karlsson – Roy
      Carrier – Howden – Kolesar

      Pietrangelo – Hutton
      Theodore – McNabb
      Hague – Whitecloud


      There will be injuries and then we can see some guys like Brisson get a chance. I’ve toyed with the idea i’m having Brett Howden play up with Eichel. Howden seems like a breakout candidate to me.

      • Galdom

        Jack Eichel 10.000
        Mark Stone 9.500
        Max Pacioretty 7.000
        William Karlsson 5.900
        Evgeni Dadonov 5.000
        Jon Marchessault 5.000
        Chandler Stephenson 2.750
        Nicolas Roy 2.000
        William Carrier 1.4000
        Brett Howden 1.2000
        Nolan Patrick 1.200
        Keegan Kolesar 0.950
        Michael Amadio 0.750

        TOTAL 52.65

        Alex Pietrangelo 8.800
        Shea Theodore 5.200
        Brayden MacNabb 2.850
        Zach Whitecloud 2.750
        Nic Hague 1.750
        Ben Hutton 0.850
        Dylan Coughlan 0.7625

        TOTAL 22.9625

        Robin Lehner 5.000
        Logan Thompson 0.7667

        TOTAL 5.7667

        TOTAL CAP 81.379

        If heads roll and and a new front office is in place then everything I said is irrelevant as the new FO will have other players in mind.

        So I say roll it back and if shit goes sideways you trade expiring contracts at the trade deadline. If Pacioretty has 30 goals by next years deadline he would be a highly sought after rental on an expiring contract. Dadonov as well if he has 20 goals. You will get nothing for these players if you try to trade them this summer.

        This post is for realistic people not for people like Pistol Pete (no offence) who think nothing is wrong because they won a meaningless game against St. Louis. I absolutely trade Lehner if I can but I don’t see the interest from other teams with the injury issues.

        The transition truly begins for 2023-24 when Pacioretty and Dadonov will be off the books. That’s 12 million dollars. Lehner will have less term remaining on the contract and with better health will be more moveable.


        • Pistol Pete

          Galdom, with all due respect I did not state nothing is wrong. Of course there are issues. I am just happy that slide ended by soundly beating one of the better teams in the league. A good note to end the season on. You would rather we sucked in that game? That is a rhetorical question, obviously lol.

      • LittleSmiffyUKFan


        i’m having Brett Howden play up with Eichel. Howden seems like a breakout candidate to me.

        Totally Agree. Howden a true Misfit. Scouted buy tampa, couldn’t brake out through the killers they had. Went to the Rangers with a bruised ego didn’t work out there . When your a talent that hasn’t proved them self’s yet you can put on a VGK jersey and channel the Misfit Mentality. This is something that should of been installed in to the core of this club since year 1 not ripped apart. They should have a Misfit Hall of fame leading up the stairs to the war room LOL. We need to motivate the low paid players To out perform there contracts and then show them loyalty.

        • UK Fan,

          I totally agree with you on Howden! I thought he was one the bright spots on a season full of low spots. I look forward to watching him play a lot more next year.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ lovin it

      name one post of THG talking up the pylon ?

      ONCE !

      His sister has talent though. I can say it. There I said it.

      And for the record, I never wet the bed once. Well knowingly, without passing out first.

      so there. !!


    • Daryl

      Hey Alex… You got anything else but his +/- to talk about. You act like that is the only stat that ever matters

      • THE hockey GOD er Dog no GOD

        and it’s GOD
        not DOG
        dyslexis backwards key board puncher

        • Daryl

          No, it’s definitely DOG…. You are the furthest thing from the other

  15. knights fan in minny

    redwings coach out who will be next

  16. THE hockey GOD


    And with that, the worst season in Vegas Golden Knights history is over.

    There will be changes, the only question is how many and how soon.

    Mr Foley: You are on the clock.

    more lies being pushed by the mob media

    their second season was the worst season point wise

    2018–19 2018–19 Western Pacific 3rd 82 43 32 7 93pts Lost in First Round, 3–4 (Sharks) >>>beginning of end for GG and MAF.

    VGK had more points this year. And they wouldn’t have gotten to seven games with this injured depleted roster in any playoff series. The mob media is really pushing for significant change despite ignoring all factual evidence that due to SAL CAP and player clauses on trades limitations. is it highly complicated to do so.

    • Daryl

      Expectations were higher this year, talent was supposedly better so yeah, this ended up being the worst season in VGK short NHL career

      More lies coming from you to try and defend this piss poor managed FO and coach

      • THE hockey GOD

        points wise they had more this year, and “expectations” where just as high in their second season after making the Finals the year before.

        fake news , hyperbole, and false flags will not fly here

        not on my watch.

        • Daryl

          Maybe in your world but nobody else’s…. Keep living in your own mind

  17. knights fan in minny

    if foley pulls the plug on peter what do you think of adam oates as coach more of a offense coach and power play guru

  18. Pistol Pete

    PP last 5 games: 4/10 = 40%

    Interesting that not a difference maker, huh?

    • Pistol Pete

      Have we found a bonafide starter in Thompson? If so, salary is something of a difference maker cap wise. Trading Lehner will be a challenge.

      • Pistol Pete

        Thompson cheap the next three seasons

      • Galdom

        Thompson was excellent this year!

      • Yes, PP, I believe LT is our new #1!!
        BTW, I have enjoyed your positivity, even when the team had issues. It was a TOUGH YEAR for VGK, but true fans support the team, regardless. Better results next season!! ( I ALREADY miss practices!) Stay COOL this summer!

  19. Pistol Pete

    Nice playmaking to get the play in front of the net for the goal by Stone whose big body was parked out front.

    It was a nice win to end the season playing up to their potential. They were due. I know, I know where was it down the stretch?

    • knights fan in minny

      the look on stones face after the goal was anger

    • THE hockey GOD

      and it wasn’t like the VGK were completely blown out of water in their last few games, the blues also were battling for position in their last game. So it wasn’t so much a preseason game.

      NJD 3 VGK2
      VGK 4 Caps 2 (OT)
      SHS 5 vgk 4 (SO)
      DAL 4 VGK 3 (SO)
      CHI 4 VGK 3 (SO)

      and all those SO’s went deep into the bench. The VGK were “due” to lose a lot of those due to their earlier success and other teams poor performance. SOs and OT are a crap shoot. Everyone knows it’s basically a 50/50 proposition. They were winning them earlier on, and odds gods were due to turn table on them. Coach did not lose the locker room. The scores say otherwise,

      • Daryl

        That’s right, VGK didn’t get blown by teams like NJD and the Hawks…. That’s something to be proud of smh

        • THE hockey GOD

          go stalk someone else
          pens fan
          in hillbilly country

          • Daryl

            Nope, I like to follow this Cali poster… The one who says he doesn’t attack others but here you are.

  20. Pistol Pete

    Looking forward to the playoffs actually. No pressure either lol.

    Would be ok with the Leafs ending their drought just for the fun of it.

  21. Pistol Pete

    Blues first team since ‘92-‘93 Caps to have (9) 20 goal scorers.

    • Galdom

      WOW!!!! That is impressive!!

    • knights fan in minny

      but we have fluery we will see i think it will go 7 the wilds penalty kill is not the best after paranko the d can be a little suspect for the blues i think are 2 battle tested keepers can win it for the wild

  22. Daryl

    Ken’s last statement is completely accurate…. The game didn’t matter so who cares.

  23. THE hockey GOD

    Jesse Granger
    Good question. Vegas’ first round pick can potentially be the:

    6th overall (0.8% chance)
    7th overall (0.2%)
    16th overall (98.9%)

    So there’s a 98.9% chance the Sabres will get the pick.
    Quote Tweet
    Sandy Gardner
    · 7h

    news that mattered,

    IF VGK gets the pick, I can hear more whining from fans saying it was FIXED !!

  24. Blitz

    I am here for the firings. Anybody see any firings? Ok I will check back later.

    • Julie

      I had to laugh at that one, Blitz! I am curious as well for sure. Not so much about seeing some justice – getting let go sucks even if you deserve it, but something needs to happen here- but also curious who replaces them. I am ready for tomorrow!

  25. Original 6 ✅

    All your comments make sense or are valid points but the fact remains WILL Foley Fix this mess by Hire a head coach & GM. There’s only 2 that can do the job & have the resume to back it. That’s what everyone needs to be starting the comments with !

  26. Galdom

    Is it a forgone conclusion that they fire anybody in the front office. They might enjoy treating people like shit and lying to everybody. Maybe that’s just what they are.

    • Julie

      I think it’s a possibility. If the the lessons aren’t learned but they just want a scapegoat, things won’t be better.

    • THE hockey GOD

      more hyperventilating and conspiracies, VGK have a long way to go if turn over and trading people is related to ‘treating people like shit”. It’s not like these pampered multi million dollar paid athletes, living in million dollar homes, with trainers, wives with dog walkers, are getting LAID off and collecting unemployment or having to move themselves cross country in broken down van. Looking for job in cities where everyone else is looking for job. Living in car or in street.

      STOP WITH THE BULL SHIT. IF that is the case then the rest of these teams ahead of VGK in turn over list must really be SATAN, the devil reincarnated.

      Hyperbole, rabies, and hyper ventilating by some posters here. No wonder Kevin says the fan base is here zzzzzip over the top.

      The number at end is turn over rate percentage. For last five years, with rolling average for last year.

      2 Ottawa 93
      3 Buffalo 92
      4 Detroit 90
      NY Rangers 90
      6 Vancouver 89
      7 New Jersey 88
      8 Arizona 87
      Chicago 87
      Montreal 87
      11 Minnesota 86
      12 Toronto r 85
      13 Los Angeles 84
      14 Carolina 81
      St. Louis 80
      16 Calgary 80

      BTW the average turn over rate is 80% , the NHL must be “treating people like shit” hell. According to some posters here.

      • Daryl

        So, if you have money that means you can’t get treated like shit from your bosses??? That’s good to know

  27. I’d just like to say to all the Sinbin followers, all of whom know WAY more than me….THANKS FOR ENLIGHTENING ME!!

  28. I see R-R referred to it near the top of the thread but I did not realize STL was incentivized to win to get home ice over MIN. It’s true by the end of the second as R-R said it appeared MIN would win but the fact still remains STL was not good enough that night to beat LT and our VGK even if they might have thrown it in the third. As I said, for me anyways, a rewarding way to exit the season under the circumstances.

  29. I did a little analysis on skater performance, goalie analysis and team overall health. Find the data in the link below. I leave it to you all to sift through it. If you have questions as to how I compiled let me know. The data and grading is pretty self explanatory if you look at it.

    The data for the offense rankings is based on per game average performance. It shows that Eichel is still a work in progress, but definitely a good addition to the team. The concern going forward for next season is health as a priority. The starters lost 28% of the games this season. That’s going to be used as an excuse, valid or not, as to the GM and Coaching Staff being retained. Personally, I still think that the GM treats the players like garbage and the HC has numerous issues. The bottom line, is that I don’t think that the VGK can ever win a cup with them.

    In addition to the health issues, a hard look needs to be given to the bottom performers on the team. Obviously Coghlan did not have a great season. Many of you complained about Theodore throughout the year, but he turned out to be the best offensive defenseman on the team.

    At some point, I will be looking at the roster, the CAP and looking at what some possible options might be.

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