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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Pittsburgh to try and break their two-game losing streak. The Penguins took the first lead of the game late in the 1st period. After one Vegas trailed 1-0 in Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh added to their lead early in the middle frame giving them a 2-0 lead. Vegas wouldn’t stop fighting as two minutes later Jack Eichel cut the lead in half with his fourth as a Golden Knight. Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo tied the game 2-2 scoring his eighth goal of the season.

The game opened up in the 3rd period with the Penguins controlling play. Pittsburgh added a 5-on-5 goal, a power play goal and an empty net goal to seal the game. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 32-24-4 falling 5-2 to the Penguins. The Golden Knights drop another of their five game road trip and have lost three straight. Next, Vegas will face Columbus on Sunday. Puck drop is set for 4 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas looked somewhat like itself for a good portion of the 2nd period which gave some hope that the tide was turning. But losing another player to injury (Pacioretty) and seeing more points slip away due to a poor 3rd period leaves the feeling still the same as it has been. The Golden Knights must improve, and in a hurry, or things will get much worse. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Pittsburgh Penguins at PPG Paints Arena.

  • Is it seriously time to look at selling? Arguments for and against.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Chandler Stephenson
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Alex Pietrangelo



Twitter Space – March 10th, 2022


A Realistic Approach Is Required For VGK At Trade Deadline


  1. LVsc

    Bye Bye Playoffs

    and bye bye PDB

    • phantom major

      They should give De BORE a jersey with the number 1-3-1 on the back

      to signify his stupid system that has failed this team badly

    • Duckboy


      • The Rob Show

        PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS? Are you kidding me ? We’re just trying to win a game!

  2. DL

    This team is bleeding, profusely, and they may bleed out, of the playoffs.

  3. Henderson One

    PDB must go. He and his staff have lost this team. Tough to do at this time of year but team is unraveling fast. Patches is injury prone and is in the latter stages of his career. Foley needs a clean sweep of the Front Office.

  4. Former season ticket holder

    Oh no, china doll hurt again, will this tragedy ever end? Train wrecks galore

  5. Seems like Foley is hanging on to PDB. Last time the team was playing thus bad mid season the coach was history overnight. For the life of me I cannot understand how a group of professional athletes can literally just implode?

  6. Daryl

    They talked a lot about Tuch being injury prone… What can be said about the players on the team now???


    I am too tired of debating, diagnosing, analyzing and hoping. This edition of the VGK is too old, too injury prone, has no chemistry, no fire. What is worse is that poor Jack Eichel knows he’s landed in a shit hole. You can see the frustration on his face every time he looks for someone to be in position and they are not there, or they can’t control his passes.

    It’s a complete fucking mess.

    Just End The Season
    Yard Sale
    Fire the Coaching Staff & Front Office
    Rebuild, because we have a pretty good core of players still to bounce back next year.

  8. Galdom

    Knights Fan In Minny suggested that I don’t watch the game and enjoy a night out in the town. That was fantastic advice that I followed. Thank you for that.

  9. Kevin

    Reality check .. PLEASE

    Ken mentioned some of this after yesterday’s game, and I also mentioned it in a past a couple days back. We are playing short handed, and the people on the ice dont have chemistry.

    Chemistry isnt bought … it happens for two reasons:
    1) over time, where bonds and familiarity are allowed to build – or
    2) through a shared significant event that brings a team together. The Year 1 team did so well because they shared being castoffs together … the “why not us?” mentality. It’s also likely that the sad Oct 1 events also factored into it (go look up the 2013 Boston Red Sox after the Marathon bombing for another example of a team bonding post-tragedy).
    The LA Lakers are suffering from some of the same kind of lack of chemistry problem: lots of stars, a sub 500 record, and several games out of a playoff spot.

    Tonight, Eichel had Kolessar as a line-mate … how much ice time have those two ever had together? Do we expect a smooth top line with those circumstances? The injuries have compounded that … causing constant line changes and guys playing with line-mates they dont have a lot of time with. Trades/moves have also caused that, introducing new people and removing stability. I’m not going to argue that Schmidt is better than Pietrangelo, but we lost chemistry for the sake of talent 2 years ago. Look at which line is the most stable – the misfit line with YEARS of time together. None of them has the raw talent of the Eichel/Stone types, but they produce because they have familiarity. A few games ago there was a spectacular play where Marshy hit Karlsson who deflected it to Smith for a goal. That’s done after time to learn each other. Smith had two goals that night and the both cam from Karlsson/Marshy assists. In fact, when they’ve taken that line apart to experiment, it’s been horrible. Eichel is making great passes today, but guys like Dadonov aren’t ready for them. They just need time. Just imagine how awesome this team will be with time…I am all in on 2022-23 .

    What about this year though? With 25% of this year’s scoring missing, what can we really expect? There is just too much missing and when we field a far lesser team, we can’t expect to keep up. Look at all the speed we saw tonight … it was brutal.

    It’s a shame so many people have expectations as if we are running a top-notch squad out there, and want the coach gone because the results are missing. If these results came with us having Max and Martinez and Stone out there, and with Eichel, then the discussion would be entirely different. It isn’t PDB’s fault that we had a backup goalie playing back to back games, or PDB’s fault that Max P couldn’t finish the game tonight. We’re going into these games with a B+ team, and the fact is we cannot expect to have the same goal/game average as when we have our best players out there. Name a coach who takes a B+ team with inconsistent lines and can win a division. With the group we have out there, it’s a miracle if we do make the playoffs…we might even offer them congratulations. The only reason we are close is how we finished 2021.

    Just my 2 cents on being practical on our expectations…

    • THE hockey GOD

      I hear ya KEvin, LOUD AND CLEAR.

      MORE COTTON !!

    • DL

      Appreciate the reality check. Yes to all of that and there are 9 regulars out of the lineup. Agreed that has some major impact. But in all reality still fundamental hockey is not being played. There is no system. NO skating together, no support, no crisp passing, no tight forechecking, no hard hitting, no faster speed, no power play, no next man up, etc.
      Year one next man up had a huge positive impact and kept THOSE misfits in first place all season long to the Stanley Cup Final. So yes we have high expectations, as should the coaches and THESE players. I’m sure they do but they sure aren’t playing like it, and playing the right way that competes for a full 60+ minutes and wins more games.

  10. George L.

    The only reason we even have a shot at the playoffs is because we play in the dogshit Pacific.

    We don’t hit, we don’t hammer the opposing goalie in his office.

    What do we do? We chuck it from the cheap seats and glory in how many shots on goal we have.

    The heat map tells the story.

  11. Galdom

    This team is going absolutely nowhere this season. I don’t think they should have a yard sale but I do think that they should aggressively try to get rid of Dadonov so we don’t have to see him again next year. As for Reilly Smith if you could actually get something decent for him like a second round pick or a useful roster player with some term then I do it. But if you’re only going to get a mid round draft pick then I keep him for the playoffs. I think and hope they could still sneak in the playoffs. I would move Mattias Janmark even if you only got a mid round draft pick.

    Basically what I am saying is that they should be sellers but not aggressive sellers.

  12. Yup. I was not happy to see Tuch go. Yes, he was injured, but he’s a young, strong guy— he recovered well. But, mgmt traded him, anyway. ( while he was down, no less.) He was a strong asset, but now Buffalo enjoys his assets, along with Krebs. And we LOSE.
    Yet, “Top-tier” players like Patches or Stone get hurt, sit out half a season, reinjure again and again, with no real recovery in sight. No solution for those losses..
    Another bad trade: Reaves was our ” enforcer”. I cannot fathom why PDB traded him, other than bad blood between the two because of the Sharks/ Kane animosity before, Since Reaves left, we have had NO real muscle, except maybe Mcnabb ( Hurt, of course). Other teams out- check us 2-3 times as much! No muscle, NO RESPECT. Teams are kicking our asses. Even bottom-feeders. AT HOME, IN OUR HOUSE. MGMT HAS NO SOLUTION!!

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tuch was a choke, and remains such; until proven otherwise. All he had to do was lift the puck in finals against the CAPS, but no he pulls a Jim Pappin (a move forever known as in SC finals)

      • From what Ive seen, there are lots of players who are “choking”, including our ” best”! The entire organization is starting to “choke” under all the losing pressure.

        • THE hockey GOD

          none as big as Tuch in SC finals, and of course there is the farce of franchise, which some people think walks on water.

          I don’t see many missing wide open nets like Tuch did IN THE FINALS

          he never learned to elevate the puck.

          • DC

            Tuch also tends to fire pucks into the goalie’s chest. Not sure why he isn’t trying to snipe the corners.

          • Daryl

            Just like our amazingly talented PP unit that choked the entire playoffs????

      • Kevin

        And if you watched the Buffalo game, he had a semi-alone chance, 10 feet away and again, didnt lift it. I loved Tuch, but that’s his MO, and when it happened, it reminded me of the several times I’d seen it in the playoffs. It’s the same feeling I get about Los Angeles: I remember a lot of fun, but every time I go back, I remember why I left.

      • To be fair, Tuch was pretty green in the finals. I guess my real beef with trading sooo many players, is trading away the team that took them to the FINALS in YEAR ONE !!Why did mgmt think we were BROKEN and needed to be FIXED?
        Mess with a good thing, what do you get? Ya get NOW.

    • Daryl

      I was never a big fan of Reaves but I have no doubt the biggest reason he is gone is because of PDB. It seems as though PDB doesnt like the tough guys (Reaves, Engo) which made me question Kolesar…. But with hoe Kolesar plays, he really isn’t a tough guy

  13. Walt23

    You can’t score goals from 60 foot soft flip wristers. as long as the Vgk play fancy perimeter hockey, they will continue to allow every backup goalie and no-name netminder to pull a Demko on them, a Khudobin on them.

    It is so obvious that the Knights have gone from a hard forechecking team with 2 men deep and pinching Dmen, to a soft 1-3-1 neutral zone trap that de-Bores every fan and loses almost every game.

    it is also obvious that certain forwards are incapable of playing with anyone but their little buddies….iow, the misfits look like crap without each other, and fragile Pacioretty (when he plays)looks like crap without Stone on his line.

    The only way out is to jettison some of the high paid perimeter floaters and replace them with aggressive young forecheckers who go hard to the net and can score greasy goals. They don’t have that type in Henderson either, or in the prospect pipeline, so it will be a tough long road to recovery.

    Perfect health, and a new system and coach would help, and are a necessary step one, but the basic facts about a soft team with little chemistry or leadership remain a true obstacle.

    • THE hockey GOD

      and how would they do this with large salaries hanging over the team for next few years ?

      I don’t see it.

      They are waiting for players to get healthy then make a playoff run.

  14. Tim

    To be objective having 8 players out is a definite problem so how do we fix this. Dadonov 32 has to go, Patch 33 hurt again has to go, Martinez 33 has to go, Lehner 31 has to go. Dadonov hasn’t performed and Patch and Martinez have basically missed the whole year and Leaner injured again. . That’s 22 million shot in the ass. We’ve got to many over 30 players and we have to get younger. The problem is nobody wants these guys so were stuck with them until there contract runs out. Tell me how we can come close to being a contender with this dead cap we have to carry? George and Kelly have put this team in a bad spot and I don’t see anyway of getting out of it.

  15. Walt23

    that is why McCrimmon should be fired too. He created $7 mill in cap space last summer, then wasted almost all of it on a stupid trade for a washed up soft veteran floater, and it was widely known that he was a complete failure in Ottawa.
    instead of using that cap space for 3 aggressive young players, he wasted it on 63 and 26, 2 over the hill guys who personify the term SOFT.

  16. Blitz

    I took Pit -1.5 for +135. Sad, but easy money.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      smart money Blitz
      like taking candy from a baby


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