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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a rough start in Philadelphia. Robin Lehner struggled to find the puck allowing two goals in eight 1st period shots. After the opening 20 minutes the Flyers held a 2-0 advantage.

After going 0-2 on the power play in the 1st period the Golden Knights settled down on their third man-advantage. Evgenii Dadonov tallied his first goal in 17 games to cut the lead in half. Vegas trailed 2-1 heading into the 2nd intermission. 

The Golden Knights continued to fire shots on net in the final period. Vegas was awarded a late game power play but couldn’t score tying goal.

The Golden Knights record drops to 32-22-4 falling 2-1 to the Flyers. Vegas continues their road trip with a stop in Upstate New York on Thursday. Puck drop for Jack Eichel’s return to Buffalo is set for 4 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Well, we’ve seen this story before. Vegas plays against a team that plays simple compact hockey and refuses to give away transition chances and the Golden Knights can’t find a way to break them down. A single goal that came on the power play isn’t enough for a team that has this much offensive talent. (Recap by Ken)

Listen to our postgame Twitter Space vent session with plenty of “calls” from fans.

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  1. Galdom

    The games I hate the most are the ones where they appear to lack passion and effort. This wasn’t one of those. They played an outstanding road game and did most things right. The anaemic power-play is starting to look decent as the magic of Jack Eichel is making things happen. Although Carter Hart was very strong I still think the Vegas shooters made him look better than he was. Only two goals got by Lehner so the offence should have buried at least three with all the chances they had. The lack of finish hurt them yet again. However, although only two got by Lehner they were both weak goals.

    The journey continues……

    • The two soft goals in the first period allowed the Flyers to sit back and rope a dope the rest of the way. Another opposing goalie outplays The Walrus. #14 Kylo Ren played one of the worst games of his career.

  2. knights fan in minny

    42 shots 1 goal what the hell i dont think carter had a tough save all night

    • Julie

      KFIN, I think it was 48 shots for 1 goal. Isn’t that worse than 21 shots for 2 by the Flyers? You are right, nothing special or scary about the shots they made on the Flyers goalie. He survived the volume though.

  3. knights fan in minny

    slug in the blue paint on the second goal

  4. Bottom line. After many many many games and chances, I have finally come to the conclusion that this year’s edition of the VGK is not a serious playoff contender.

    3 Dogs of the Game:

    #3 Dog – 1 for 4 on the PP, the 3rd dog goes to Spott.
    #2 Dog – #14 Kylo Ren for totally screwing up and allowing the first goal
    #1 Dog – #90 The Walrus Himself for 2 soft goals Another goalie makes Lehner look like a rookie.

    Enough said.

    • Galdom

      I would have to agree with Richie Rich and come to the same conclusion that they are not a serious playoff contender this year. It would be nice if they play extremely well for the rest of the season and put it together as they still have time, but with the body of work we have seen to this point I don’t see it and I hope I am wrong.

    • Danny Gallivan

      weak friggin goaltending. 2 softies while Hart beats the Vgk for the second time this season.

      outplaying the opponent is not enough when you have mediocre netminding.

      playing well one night and then sucking the next is not acceptable.

      bye bye playoffs, unless major changes are made in the next couple weeks.

  5. Jim White

    Once again, all this high priced talent is like trying to rebuild a watch by cramming in these various sized cogs that just dont mesh to their teammates…said it weeks ago…VGK will need the Hub gods help to reach the last slot

  6. DL

    Dear Vegas Golden Knights,
    Perhaps you think you can just flip a switch and start playing playoff hockey anytime and at a later date. Oh wait, maybe you already have exemplified by your difficulty scoring despite taking 40+ mostly low quality shots and making the opposing goalies look like Vezina Trophy winnners.
    Sincerely concerned,
    Frustrated Fan(s)

  7. Softer than sodt

    Want to see textbook definition of a soft goal? Watch the 2 RL let in tonight.

    No chance of going deep with this goal tending, no chance. Oh and they can’t score either. Ughhhh

  8. Daryl


  9. George L.

    We’re not even remotely a team anymore.

    We’re a collection of players.

    We don’t remotely play transition hockey anymore.

    Oh well, there’s always next season.

  10. Tim

    Everyone can bitch all you want the problem is were just not good enough. Blame it on management, coaches, or players it doesn’t matter there all to blame. Overpaid and underperformed has been our model and now it’s caught up with us. For the last 4 years would you of rather had David Perron 4 million plays every night or Patch 7 million lots of injury time and lost Suzuki and a second round draft choice in that deal. Janmark cost us 2 second round picks is he better then Tomas Nosek who we already had under contract . Tomas Tatar cost us a first, second, and third and hardly played. How much stronger could our depth be with all the picks we gave away? On the plus side Stephenson for a fifth was a steal, Stone for Branson and draft picks was a good deal, Eichel should turn into a good deal, Petro didn’t cost us anything but money so if your happy with 9 million I guess that was OK. I like the Misfit Line not putting up great numbers anymore but know how to play as a unit. All other lines they just throw up against the wall and hope something sticks.Granted Stone, McNabb and Martinez will make a difference if they ever play this year which were really not sure of.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ TIM GG blew the Tatar trade, that is on him. One of reasons GG is long gone (along with his inability to know how to use a time out correctly)

  11. JW

    Nothing we haven’t already covered. Spending huge money for Dadonov and literally getting less than Stazny. Hague is a complete stiff. Gets abused on a flip in and gets owned rotating the puck out. Number 7 is again useless and hopes to keep it on the rails till he retires. KM needs to take the Brandon Wheat Kings and grow up. PDB isn’t at fault. Lehner is overpaid by at least $2mm. Try trading him and see his worth. I have watched every minute of every game since the start and have no words for this dumpster fire. Mark this. PDB, KM , and their staff are gone.

  12. DL

    Don’t look now but here come the Arizona Coyotes who have scored 17 (8+9) goals in their last 2 games.
    By way of comparison it took VGK the last 8 games to do the same. Just kidding, and just saying!!

  13. Vic

    Arnold Rothstein….We did it again! Another night of the underdogs. Last game, Lehner helped earn the two points, and tonight he lost the two points. Let’s be honest…it’s on him. Air came out of the balloon on the second goal, and you could see the frustration for the rest of the game. Need a wake up/shake up asap. If not we can say…..What do you call a bunch of millionaires on the golf course in May? The Vegas Golden Knights.

    • Arnold Rothstein

      @ViC HA HA

      Arnold still positive for the season, only two losses so far(t). The Buffalo game, and the Bruin game as I recall (have to check my notes.)

      Pens up next, don’t expect a miracle , two teams on down slide playing each other. Pens playing tougher teams though, it’s a coin toss.
      Brain. Don’t bet on coin tosses, only bet when the ODDS gods favor you (and stats).

  14. Pistol Pete

    My goodness Eichel 9 shots. Am I dreaming that maybe his sniping is not quite yet up to snuff? Pacioretty had 7 shots and Roy 2.

    Still want to see Dadonov given another shot with Eichel, this time he’d be on the right. He’s speedier than Roy, and while much smaller is way more of a finisher.

    Roy should be centering the fourth. Carrier 3LW. Rondbjerg 4LW.

    • Somebody indicated a while back that Dadonov’s 81 goals in three seasons with the Panthers was faciliated by his linemates. Probably, that is generally the case. You score more in the top six. And we have seen that here earlier in the season. DeBoer needs to put him back with Eichel and get some chemistry. Only thing I can see that’s holding him back is the belief he can make Roy into a top six winger which makes no sense when Stone comes back. When Stone comes back and assuming no moves at the TD and everyone is healthy, the third should be Dadonov/Stephenson/Janmark (even though Janmark really can’t score). Until Stone returns, put Dadonov up where he belongs–with Eichel.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Along with VGK, yesterday’s other upsets:

    NJD over COL 5-3
    OTT over STL 4-1
    WPG over TBL 7-4
    CHI over ANA 8-3


    WSH over CGY 5-4

  16. Pistol Pete

    Unfortunately Lehner not quite as stellar as vs. OTT especially on that wrap around. Ouch.

  17. Duckboy

    “What’s that? Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. Playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I just hope we can win a game!….another game.” – Jim mora

    This is where we are.

    This on the front office.
    Coaching style sucks.

    Queue the excuses for injuries.

    Amazing how we can go from miracle 1st season massive passion and good will with the fans to an unwatchable dispassionate team on the precipice of becoming an underachieving overpaid dumpster fire.

    These FO guys have to go.

    Get ready to free up your calendar in may.

  18. If I had a crystal ball it would show VGK vs. LAK in the first round. Get ready for Saturday the 19th!

    • DL

      Not sure about that matchup first round. But yes, the Kings play a fast hard hitting skilled passing shooting all around and all four lines 60 minute game, game after game. I’ve been watching both teams throughout this season and the styles do not compare. If they meet again in the playoffs, unlike the first season, it could be a sweep the other way this time.

  19. Pistol Pete

    Scary what NJD did to COL. Five unanswered from 0-3. 5-3 NJD.

    Vintage sniping by Pacioretty and Eichel could well have won yesterday by at least two goals. Both still rusty on the shooting. 16 shots between them. Tough loss basically.

  20. Pistol Pete

    Big moment coming up for Jack next stop up. His old stomping ground.

  21. Pistol Pete

    If anyone cares to join me I can be found most Mondays or Tuesdays at CNA open skate. Just picked up some pants, elbow pads and helmet which should allow me to be more aggressive to as far as potential consequences of falling as I strive to regain my hockey skating skills dormant for 51 years!

  22. THE hockey GODv

    (what’s the punch line ?)

    no finishers- (even I could have stopped all those shots, a washed up old goalie)


    wiggy biscuit in net (puking now).

    (in background Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard MORE COTTON )

  23. Danny Gallivan

    and we have some guys on here still defending the RL and daddy-no failures. just like the FO

    that is why McCrimmon is not held accountable for his blunders. He put together a roster full of perimeter players who can lead the league in shots but just don’t ask them to score goals, that would require some net front effort and grit.

    and a coaching staff devoid of ideas (1-3-1 trap? ha) and emotion. clueless robots behind the bench.

    the Vegas Golden Wheat Kings

    • THE hockey GOD

      wheat kings are just a short distance away from >>>>>>>REGINA PURPLE ()AGINAs here we come, wait for it.

      I don’t think they would have scored another goal if they had 100 shots on goal !

  24. Tim

    It’s looking more and more Knights vs Avalanche first series. Who would have thought this was possible but as I said a couple of weeks ago LA will take second and we’ll take third unless we really fall off a cliff and don’t finish in the top 8. Reading the above posts most people have got it we have a disconnected team that the passion from the fans is gone. Playing less them 500 hockey at home is not what we signed up for. This summer will be interesting to see how Bill Foley handles his dream gone south.

  25. Blitz

    Well we lost to the Central’s worst team and the Metro’s worst team all within a couple of weeks. That doesn’t say desperation hockey to me and it should be very desperate at this point. I though RL had an easy night overall, but both goals were bad. The wrap around was partially on Hague too as he is supposed to seal that side. He tried but was boxed out by a philly player. Big and not physical is a waste IMO. I thought Theo was a defensive liability that game too.

    I like some of the stuff I see. Marchy, Patches, and Eichel on the PP is a positive step to getting some productivity, but the second unit is very stale.

    Vegas has one more soft game (BUF) on this stretch and then starts a harder 8 game stretch. Tick tock.

    • Galdom

      I considered both of Lehner’s goals on the weak side but the offence has got to put in at least three of those 48 shots in.

      • Blitz

        100%. We didn’t lose that game because of RL or even the defense. They certainly didn’t help the situation. The offense is just lethargic. The only goal was on a PP play that hasn’t worked all season. Usually Dadonov is so buried with defenders they can’t make the play or he shoots it into the goalie. So good on them, Eichel and March set that up alot better than previously players, but I also think Philly just sucks and didn’t read the league memo on how to defend VGKs PP.

  26. b

    I think there is a locker room issue. Look at the replay of the celly when Amadio scored in ANA. He scored the goal and gets ignored by his linemates. Also look at the PP goal Dads scored in Philly. They don’t look happy, or excited. Looks to me like they are over-burdened and not particularly happy to be there.

    The VGK has 4 wins and 6 losses since Jack’s debut. Could he be the issue? Ego too big for that room? I don’t know, but it seems to me there is a slight chemistry issue behind the scenes that is affecting gameplay.

  27. Lehner completely missed a wrist shot from 55 feet away that he wasn’t screened on and wasn’t deflected. It was also the Flyers’ first shot of the game. The other Flyer goal was just as atrocious. Robin, who’s not quick on lateral movements, overcommitted on Oscar Lindblom, who went around the net. Robin was slow to react and it turned into an easy goal and a 2-0 lead that Vegas never recovered from.

    Take away these 2 goals that should have never been allowed and Dadonov’s goal would have been enough for the win and the important 2 points. The 2 points really work out to 4 points lost, because Calgary lost at home to the Washington Capitals.

  28. Pistol Pete

    Any thoughts comparing seasons 2 and 3 through game 58 with this season? Better, worse about the same etc.? Prospects for the postseason, roster, coaching and systems comparisons assuming VGK makes the playoffs? One thing is after DeBoer came in season 3 they went on a big run beginning game 59.

    This season: 32-22-4 (68 pts)

    Season 2: 31-23-4 (66 pts)

    Season 3: 28-22-8 (64 pts)

  29. DL

    This just in…

    NHL Buzz: Lehner sent to Vegas to be evaluated for lower-body injury
    Golden Knights also without forward Smith

    Robin Lehner will be evaluated for a lower-body injury and will not play for the Golden Knights at the Buffalo Sabres on Thursday (7 p.m. ET; ESPN+, HULU, NHL LIVE).

    “We sent him home for some tests,” Golden Knights coach Peter DeBoer said. “Not upper body. (It) was last time. This isn’t upper body.”
    Lehner made 19 saves in a 2-1 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday and had started four of the past five games for Vegas since returning from an upper-body injury that caused him to miss five games.

    Lehner is 21-15-1 with a 2.77 goals-against average, .909 save percentage and one shutout in 38 games this season.

    Laurent Brossoit will start against the Sabres and Logan Thomas will be the backup.

    Forward Reilly Smith will not play against the Sabres because of an undisclosed injury.

    …I smell trades in the works.

  30. Former season ticket holder

    Send RL on his way as well as PDB…put out this dumpster now…another loss or 2 and whatever confidence is left is gone as well as the season. I have to imagine the players are done with being talked to sleep…they all need to be shown first year videos on how we scored and won a game or two and cruised past 100 points..its the system…

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