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Recap:  It was a busy day for the Golden Knights in Ottawa, announcing the franchise-changing acquisition of center Jack Eichel followed up by a date with Senators.

Robin Lehner shut down several rushes in the opening period to keep the game scoreless. The Golden Knights offense woke up in the 2nd period scoring three times against the Senators. Ottawa would get one back but Vegas held a 3-1 advantage after 40 minutes.

The Golden Knights struggled again to score on the power play but defenseman Alex Pietrangelo stretched Vegas’ lead, wristing in his first of the season. Jonathan Marchessault iced the game late in the period with his second of the game.

The Golden Knights record improves to 5-5-0 after their commanding 5-1 victory in Ottawa. Vegas will travel to Montreal for a meeting with the Canadiens on Saturday. Puck drop in Montreal is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: It was a fairly even game for the first two periods, but a wacky bounce and a couple defensive breakdowns helped Vegas get some much-needed scoring. Then, in the 3rd, we finally saw the defensive effort we’ve grown used to in the Pete DeBoer era. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Ottawa Senators game at Canadian Tire Centre.

  • A look at the absurd number of high-danger chances the Golden Knights are allowing. (Note: They finally stopped the bleeding in the 3rd period, so maybe it’s improving)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Nic Roy
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Robin Lehner


Boehlke: My Thoughts On The Jack Eichel Trade


Golden Knights Continuing To Allow High-Danger Chances At Alarming Rate


  1. Richie-Rich

    For the first time this season all I have are positive comments. Best game of the season for Robin Lehner and other than failing to score on the power play this was an overall great effort and 2 points.

    Howden says “FINALLY” “FINALLY” after he scores. Carrier looked very good as did Leschyshyn.

    Overall great game. Maybe it was the Eichel effect?

    Who knows.

    Can VGK continue to deliver?

    • Daryl

      Carrier gets a goal possibly off his skate as he whiffed on his shot. I think Howden get’s his goal off his knee has he completely whiffed on his shot. RL falls down and OTT misses a wide open net. RL made some great saves, like diving back for the puck along the crease. He was also in the right place as a shot hits him in the mask and several others dead in his chest.

      I think the 3rd period was a great effort by everyone on VGK. I also liked the play of Leschyshyn. Howden had several chances just couldn’t get the others past the goalie. Overall this was a very good game by VGK. Now, I want to see that same effort against an actually good team, not a team that loses to the Hawks.

      • LVsc

        you are wrong on Howden’s shot. He made a nice re-direction with the blade of his stick. He choked up down the shaft because the pass was in his feet. he scored that goal beautifully.

        • Richie-Rich

          I agree, that was a perfect shot by Howden. Carrier got lucky.

        • Daryl

          I was going off what the announcers said after the game…. I asked in chat and others thought it was off his knee as well. But that’s why I said “I think” in my post above as I wasn’t sure

  2. LVsc

    big win ! it was the best RL has played this season. THAT is the guy who needs to show up every night.

    the 4th line HSK guys were very good tonight.

    if they can just simplify even more and stop the fancy no-look blind pass turnovers, they will be able to stay around the .500 mark

    the PP is just a bad joke. those 2 blind giveaway back passes by 7 and 81 were just outrageously stupid. Just decline the penalty 🙂

  3. Daryl

    I predicted VGK would win 3-1… so I was close. If it wasn’t for that horrible blueline shot that never should have gone in from Petra and the empty net, I would have been dead on.

    And as I stated before, this game is against OTT, the only team to lose to the Hawks. If VGK lost this game, I may have stopped watching hockey for awhile. With that being said, these are the games VGK MUST win in order to stay in the playoff race until their star players return.

  4. Pure Genius

    What was different this game?

    No Pylon Krebs

    Opened line up for someone else

    Others were not anchored by having to carry krebs

    Stephenson probably felt like a ball and chain was cut off his leg

    Sure don’t miss all the minuses that Krebs piled up

    Hopefully the door hit him on the way out as he was immediately demoted to the AHL by the sabres

    • Richie-Rich

      Krebs hater. Just hope he doesn’t come back to make you eat your hate.

  5. Big, Bad and Vlad

    And the main difference in tonight’s game compared to previous ones?

    • Rob S.

      Can you please now just shut the actual f–k up about Krebs? He’s gone. You win. Enough. Find someone else on the roster to pick on since you can’t make any coherent comments about the team. And, btw, if he turns out to be another Suzuki, you’re going to hear about it.

      P.S.–All you hockey “geniuses” who think +/- actually matters are about 20 years behind the times.

      • THE hockey GOD

        he blamed krebs for first Sens goal, now he will turn his attention to another VGK player. Maybe no. 15 who has no points and -2 . This guy is an evil, drunken sod of a bag of useless DNA molecules glued together by vodka and dog doo doo.

        • Richie-Rich

          Don’t agree with GOD very often, but he is 100% spot on about the Krebs hater!

          • PURE Genius

            From Vegas to
            Sabres line 1? Nope
            Sabres line 2? Nope
            Sabres line 3? Nope
            Sabres line 4? Nope
            Straight to Rochester prior to ECHL

            One of the worst teams and they ship Pylon straight to the AHL. Sounds like franchise player!

        • Daryl

          @Krebs hater…..

          How old is Krebs? Most of us on here felt Krebs needed another year in the AHL but VGK really didn’t have much choice. I would have loved to see him play a couple games alongside Stone and Patches. I don’t know if he makes it to 1C material but he will definately be a 2C

        • knights fan in minny

          thats a heck of a combo thg

  6. THE hockey GOD

    Let’s hear what the Ottawa English and French analysts had to say during last nite’s game, they were much nicer to VGK than arrogant Toronto folks:

    – ” Boy Robin Lehner really gave it to his team after the Toronto game”
    – “hey he called them out big time, for lack of effort. Said it was worst
    game VGK played ever while he was member of team.”
    – ” Robin Lehner has been playing well all season long for the knights”
    – ” he’s a leader in the dressing room, it’s his team now.”
    – ” He’s playing an excellent game tonight”
    – “This game turned around on Robin Lehner’s save on that break away in second period; Sens were all over them in first period. Robin kept them in the game. It took awhile for Vegas to get their legs. Then SENS had a few bad line changes and missed assignments. The back door has been there all night for VEGAS. Sens need to clean that up. That’s on the coaching staff.”
    – “VGK are well coached team, no bad line changes or as many missed assignments.”
    – “their power play is zero for forever”
    – ” Well over 50% of their power play scorers are out of the line up. You can’t replace that over night. Plus they haven’t had many power play opportunities”
    – “yeah, well we all know they are all banged up, a banged up team. They had stretch of seven games in which a player got injured in each one of them games.

    Telling it like it is, Canadian hockey analysts. They are getting it right.

    • Richie-Rich

      Ugghhhh, sorry but one excellent game doesn’t make this Lehner’s team. He’s still got a lot of weaknesses in his game. If he is going to be the goalie then he is going to need a much better defense in front of him.

      • sb

        Lehner has been a very good goaltender for the past 5 years. The stats and advanced stats don’t lie.

        • Daryl

          You can’t go off stats alone… just look at last year. He won 1 game against a team with a winning record and for the most part didn’t play against the top tier teams. There is a lot more than just stats. You have to look at timeliness of stats, who the stats were against, the circumstances around those stats. Injuries play a major role in what stats look like. Who else is on the ice from both teams.

          Some backup goalies only play against weaker teams so their stats looks better than others who might play no matter the competition. Things like that

        • Richie-Rich-Knows

          sb, I never said Lehner wasn’t a good goal tender. He’s serviceable. Is he the long term answer in goal for the VGK? He hasn’t proven that to me, not yet. I don’t believe he has the skills to take a team to a championship.

          I have consistently said that I will form my final opinion by mid-January 2022. Played a great game against Ottawa, but his performance has been spotty since game 1 of the preseason.

    • PURE Genius

      The same analysts that were saying Krebs won’t be more than a bottom 6 at best….

      Telling it like it is, Canadian hockey analysts. They are getting it right.

    • Daryl

      So, basically RL is God, PDB is amazing and the PP is only bad due to injuries…. Got it.

      Why didn’t you post the comment about RL being flat on his back and rolling around when SEN missed that wide open net? They made several other comments as well

      • Richie-Rich-Knows

        That is one of The Walruses major problems in his game. He is already lacking in lateral mobility, but once he is on his back he’s slow to recover.

        I really don’t want to slam RL for his play last night. He played an excellent game, but I am not going to sit back and ignore all of the problems in his game. The only way to resolve those is to have much better defense in front of him. That likely means less offense. There is a ripple effect to the Walruses weaknesses.

        • Daryl

          I like RL and think he is a good goalie, just not a very good goalie. I expect him to have good games and he did last night. He will need to play that way every night for VGK to win and I just don’t think he will, especially against fast teams. RL would probably have been a great goalie back in the days of goon lines. Now, even your checking lines are smaller and faster. Speed is a killer for RL, his side – to-side movement isn’t there and once he goes down he isn’t getting back up. And that isn’t trash talking him, those are facts. If someone said to me I would get my ass handed to me in an NHL game, that works be a fact, it’s not trashing me

          • Richie-Rich-Knows

            Making it even harder for a goalie like Lehner is the new cross-checking rule. Makes it harder on all goalies, but even more so for those challenged laterally like Robin.

          • THE hockey GOD

            funny thing Daryl, the canadian analysts said RL had good speed going side to side, so if you listened to them, as you stated above you would have heard them say that. Evidently you missed that, or you were listening to lame Vegas broadcasters.

          • sb

            What’s it really all about? Nothing really to do with Lehner. For you and others, it all comes down to MGT trading MAF. That’s the real problem. Lehner has nothing to do with it. This is a business and the goal is to win the Stanley Cup. The Owner and MGT understand this. This billion dollar investment is not a social club to soothe MAF’s feelings.

          • Daryl

            @THG…. You are right, I must have missed it. I’ve never heard anyone say RL has good side to side mobility. I have heard, time and time again, that his mobility is an issue though

          • Daryl

            @SB…. That might be true for some but not for all of us. I for one felt like VGK had no other choice but to trade MAF. I thought it was a mistake bringing in RL, but as soon as they did, it was even a bigger mistake to keep both and they could get more for MAF. As I’ve said multiple times, I think RL is a good goalie. I don’t think he is as good as MAF and I don’t think he is good enough to help this team win a Cup

          • Richie-Rich-Knows

            Being critical of The Walrus has nothing at all to do with MAF. He’s gone, the focus is now on #90. Let’s not continue the debate about MAF. That ship has sailed and it is useless to talk about it any longer.

            The jury is out on #90. He hasn’t succeeded anywhere in the NHL in terms of sticking to a team. His play has been great at times, but his flaws are readily apparent. He has dropped some weight and that has definitely helped him cover those flaws up somewhat.

            Focus on #90, not #29. The only reason to bring up #29 now is to deflect from the topic.

          • Daryl

            @Richtie… You will learn real quick on here that if you say anything against RL its only because you are a MAF fan and you blame RL for MAF being traded. It can’t be b/c the things you say about RL are actually true… of cours enot

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Daryl, bring your complaints to the Canadian analysts.

        • Daryl

          They also made other statements, you just chose to ignore or not post those…

      • Blitz

        Right? Nothing to see here. It’s injuries.

        RL, on his belly, spread eagle, face in the net, legs pointed at the blue line, almost took a puck in the poop shoot. Luckily the guy missed the wide open net (and RL’s back door).

        I thought RL was fine to good last night. He got lucky on a few high danger chances. Lost his stick and blocker during a play. Had a great Fleury-like dive save.

  7. THE hockey GOD

    leafs = lightning game had a lot of highlight reels last nite. Leafs are one of hottest teams right now.

    caps- panther game was a good one too. Florida is hotter than you know what, on hot pavement.

    • PURE Genius

      Leafs one of the hottest teams? Ba ha ha ha

      Is this the first year mommy let you watch hockey

  8. THE hockey GOD

    well on the other, other side of cap salary spectrum

    “The trade helps the Islanders, too — and not just via nebulous “future considerations.”

    Cap Friendly notes that the Islanders have about $2M in cap space after trading Boychuk’s contract. By the 2022 NHL Trade Deadline, the Islanders could accrue the equivalent of about $10M in cap space. Could come in handy for a team that’s been aggressive during recent trade deadlines.

    A sensible trade for both sides. It’s not clear if one can say the same about the Sabres’ takeaway from the Eichel trade. Ultimately, it may boil down to how well the Sabres move on, ideally making this rebuild better than the last one.” source NBC sN

    • Daryl

      Buffalo has a lot of really good, young players. They could be a force in 3-4 years

      • THE hockey GOD

        100 % on that, but they have been in this boat before. Maybe this time they get it right.

  9. Pistol Pete

    Decent depth showed up. Hopefully can continue against tougher opponents. MTL owns a big record vs. VGK.

    • Pistol Pete

      VGK win 3 of 12:

      VGK vs. MTL (regular season): 3-7-2

      • Pistol Pete


        3-7-2 includes last season’s playoffs, therefore regular season should be:

        1-3-2 (VGK win 1 of 6)

        Whatever the exact number VGK has not fared well vs. MTL even when MTL is not contending. This will change tomorrow!!!!

        • PURE Genius

          Sure will. Lehner saving teams ass. And without pylon Krebs the entire team dynamic has changed. Like a 1000 lb gorilla lifted from the team. Opportunities for real talent to jump in line up. Lines not having to carry the dead weight. And when Eichel shows up it’s a rocket to the moon!!!

          • Daryl

            So, if VGK lays an egg next game who will you blame???

          • Richie-Rich-Knows

            LMFAO – “rocket to the moon”…..

            Wow, take the hook, line and sinker out of your mouth…..

          • THE hockey GOD

            a fourth liner with limited minutes leaves, not playing on special teams, and entire team dynamic is changed ROFLMAO

            dumbest post of the week,

  10. Tim

    2 Points is 2 points whether it’s off a skate, stick. or head it’s a Win . How can people be critical of how we scored a goal it’s just bitching for the sake of bitching.
    On the Jack Eichel trade I was against it but what we finally gave up to get him I’m fine. Krebs has good vision but can’t put the puck in the net, Tuch has a lot of potential but has been hurt off and on. The two draft picks we gave doesn’t bother me at all so overall I think we did ok.
    We’ve just got to play 500 hockey until everyone comes back. Right now Lehner is getting good vibes from you posters for the Ottawa game let me clue you in if he didn’t play as well as he did against Toronto it could have been 10 nothing. Our goalie tandem may not be the best but there pretty darn good.

    • Richie-Rich

      I agree in principle with you Tim – IF and that is a BIG IF Eichel actually gets back to 100% and produces. So, on the trade … at least for me … the jury is out.

      Krebs has gotten a lot of negative press here on the SinBin, but he has a handful of games under his belt. The haters on this group expected Krebs to fit right on in on the 1st line and to deliver a point per game at 20 years old.

      Dumbest fans in the NHL.

      • PURE Genius

        Delusional. Pylon Krebs was made out to be by mcriminal and pdb to be the next coming of Christ. Top 6 they said. #1C. PP master. Nope nope and nope. Way over promoted. Hats off to Titan Sports Management for the promotion of their client. They could sell sand to arabs. And unfortunately the junior hockey coach nhl gm took the bait. Without Krebs in the line up yesterday it was like a new team. His ZERO goals, nearly zero shots and all those minuses won’t be missed

        • THE hockey GOD

          only poster delusional here is you and your re invented, multiple personality disorder VLAD, seek therapy lots of it. You are lost like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas!

          • PURE Genius

            Speaking of cages… mommy let you out if yours again???

    • Daryl

      You miss understood my point…. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good especially at times like this. And like I said, if VGK is going to survive and make the playoffs, these are the games they have to win

  11. PURE Genius

    They don’t don’t ask “how”. Just “how many”

    • knights fan in minny

      vlad pure bull shit what ever your name is did you eat paint chips as a kid

  12. THE hockey GOD

    what’s my line- who is this ?

    – Signed entry-level contract with Vegas on 11/16/19

    – Captain of WHL Kootenay/Winnipeg Ice 2018-2021

    – Made NHL Debut on 5/3/21 at MIN

    – Named WHL Player of the Year in 2020-21

    – Led WHL in assists and points in 2020-21

    – Silver Medal with Team Canada at 2021 World Juniors

    – 2019-20 Named to WHL (East) Second All-Star Team

    – Named Top 3 Player for Canada at 2019 U-18 WJC

    – 2017-18 Led WHL in rookie scoring

    • Jason Gregory

      Who ever it was didn’t have Deboer as a coach. 🙂

    • PURE Genius

      And with Vegas sucked shit….but how can that be???

      Maybe because you have no f’n clue what you are talking about.

      League leader in WORST plus minus -50

      Nhl… no goals… barely any shots… worst plus minus in team.

      You must wet your diapers watching your BFF shit the bed each and every game

  13. Lehner was the goalie we paid for! He was more quick and agile than I’ve seen before– comment was he had lost weight, and it showed.
    The team played more organized play. Controlled the puck better. Had that confidence we are more accustomed to. The more veteran players rose to the occasion and 5 goals was a great result. Imagine how strong our team will be when we’re whole again!!

  14. Tim

    While the Knights management flexes it’s muscle I don’t think there done yet. I haven’t heard this anywhere but don’t be surprised if we don’t trade for Phil Kessell. I think there looking for another sniper.

    • Richie-Rich

      Why not ship Reilly Smith out at this point? No sense in keeping any line intact. The less misfits the better. Get rid of them all so we can move on to whatever dream McCrimmon has in his head.

      Let’s move Reilly Smith, Shea Theodore an HSK prospect and a pick or two for Phil Kessel! I am all in.

    • Daryl

      Some don’t like him but I think he would be a HUGE pickup for VGK

  15. PURE Genius

    No Pylon Krebs is liberating for the team.

    Hands down win in MTL!!

    The hockey DONKEY will be wetting his pants faster than his mommy can change his diapers

  16. SIMPLE QUESTION – Is there any knowledgeable hockey talk on here other than tons of BS. It seems to have gotten worse and declining at a rapid rate. There is definitely a lack of understanding of the game of hockey from most posts and very little constructive criticism. Yes l know everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it just like everyone has an a– hole but put some facts behind the thoughts it would make for much better reading. Team is in trouble one way or another, chemistry is missing and overall attitude isn’t exactly positive. It’s difficult to play to your potential when you don’t know when another hair brain idea is going to come along and another foot to drop. l hope for the team’s sake the Eichel trade turns out as positive as many hope but spinal issues are a weird thing.

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