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Recap: The Golden Knights controlled the 1st period at Madison Square Garden against the NY Rangers. Brett Howden opened the scoring with his third of the season.

The Rangers tied the game :17 seconds into the middle frame on a tricky shot that Vegas goaltender Laurent Brossoit couldn’t handle. New York would eventually take the lead scoring on a power play opportunity. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights trailed 2-1.

Vegas fought back in the final 20 minutes but couldn’t muster up enough quality shots until late in the game. In back-to-back games defenseman Dylan Coghlan scored from the blue line tying the game 2-2. The game needed extra time to determine a winner. Jonathan Marchessault ended the contest scoring the only goal in shootout. 

The Golden Knights record improves to 19-11-0 beating Gerard Gallant and Ryan Reaves’ NY Rangers 3-2 in shootouts. Vegas’ road trip wraps up Sunday night against the NY Islanders. Puck drop against the Islanders is scheduled for 11 AM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: As good as the Golden Knights were in the 1st, they were that bad in the 2nd. A lot of it had to do with what the Rangers looked like, but Vegas struggled to deal with their push back in the 2nd. In a low-event 3rd the Golden Knights finally got a shot through and tied it up. A wild overtime couldn’t decide it and VGK extended their OT/SO winning streak to an insane NHL-record 15. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

  • Racking up the points on the East coast

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Jonathan Marchessault
** Dylan Coghlan
* Laurent Brossoit


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  1. knights fan in minny

    damm good ot

  2. Daryl

    I figured vhk would lose one of the last 2… But I don’t see them losing to the Islanders. They should be able to get the sweep.

    I was really worried about watching the 2nd but they hung in there and ended up getting the win!

  3. Galdom

    What an absolutely outstanding effort! Rangers had a bit more jump and controlled the play in the second period but they should’ve done far more at home against a team that played their third game in four nights. Brossoit was fantastic when they needed him. This was a road game reminiscent of what Vegas has done at times on the road in the playoffs. They went four lines deep without any player on the ice for less than 12 minutes. They will likely have to do the same on Sunday with the early start time in Long Island which would be four games in 5 1/2 days. Again I have to emphasize how impressed I am. Most teams usually don’t fare very well with the fourth game in three nights especially when they are all on the road. I guess Vegas isn’t most teams as they have a deeper roster.

  4. John W

    I think people (including Jason and Ken) on this excellent site need to be just a little more results oriented. Winning 3 in a row, in 4 days on the road is rarely going to be textbook pretty. Playing well enough to win on the road is great enough for me.

    NYR is a first place team, and were motivated to win for Turk. Finding a way to get the 2 points with a team effort is indicative of a team capable of great things.

    I have to eat some crow myself on Coughlin, as I have been dogging him hard of late. Clutch laser after a face off win by Howden.

    Speaking of Howden, looks like the FO might have found another usable player, for almost nothing. ( see Stephenson, Chandler) His smile after a 2 point game, against the team that gave up on him was PRICELESS!

    Regardless, huge comeback win, and a guaranteed successful road trip. Sunday is a big game for Panda. I am looking for a big effort from the big guy.

  5. LVsc

    Big road win over GG and RR
    Brossoit was outstanding in the OT and the shootout.
    A sweep on Sunday would be very nice

  6. Tim

    We didn’t play the greatest game but the Rangers are a good team and we hung in there. Looks like on any given night someone on the third and fourth line contributes.
    That’s what hockey is all about depth and we seem to have it.

  7. Galdom

    I’m with Tim and John W in their assessments. We beat a very good team on the road. That deserves a lot of praise. I think Ken is asking a lot sometimes. I too would like to see perfection and dominance over 60 minutes but the Rangers are very legit and they want to win too. Of course they’re going to have a good second period and some pushback. I absolutely enjoyed Ken‘s video on his assessment of the team. I see a little contradiction of one point. He criticizes the team for not changing their style and adapting when things aren’t going well against Vancouver, Minnesota or Montreal but then praises them for doing the same thing against Colorado after it wasn’t working in the first four periods of that series. I do use the word being negative and I do agree that constructive criticism is it better way to describe it. Ken acknowledges this is a top-five elite team and is also spot on that it is frustrating to get eliminated by inferior teams for two straight seasons. I think it’s very difficult for a team to adapt and change their system as quickly as Ken wants them to do, at the very moment they don’t have a period in which they are dominating. Again, loved the video and especially the constructive criticism part. We all want the parade on Las Vegas Blvd. The part about drawing penalties seems easily fixable by going to the danger areas. The defensive shortcomings are concerning, but let’s see if these continue while the team is healthy. It’s probably accurate that they have to clean these things up to win a cup but perfection is a very ambitious expectation in a hard salary cap era. It would be nice to add Eichel to this roster and not subtract anything from it which the hard salary cap forces us to do.

    Hmmmmm……. Did Tampa achieve perfection in the playoffs to win that cup last year? Or did having a $90 million payroll make the difference. If the Islanders would’ve had a couple of luckier overtime bounces they could’ve knocked Tampa out in six games. Islanders probably wished they would’ve been able to have a $90 million payroll. You guys all know what I am getting at. Somehow I am hoping that things fall into place (LTIR) and the VGK can play with a $90 million payroll in the postseason.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Galdom and you failed to mention it was back to back, which is a very difficult task to pull.

      Hockey is a game of milli meters.

  8. Pistol Pete

    Yeah Ken, 15 straight OT wins— thanks for pointing that out. ‘Tis astounding! A pure 8 games over 500.

    • Pistol Pete

      Was truly surprised Broissoit did not start NJ to give Lehner the day off for ostensibly the toughest game of the trip. Was this a calculated test for Broissoit possibly setting him up for a more even rotation…maybe more? I have not seen the game yet but I’m pretty sure this was an excellent one for Brossoit.

      • Pistol Pete

        Including the OT plus SO, right?

        Brossoit: 6-2 (2.54 GAA—.913 SV%)

      • THE hockey GOD

        he wasn’t on the bench during most of the NJD game, the NJD announcers kept bringing it up. When RL was tossed for slashing, and sticking up for his team mates, he “suddenly appeared on the bench”. Must have had issue, someone was saying the ‘flu bug’ was surfacing among several of the players.

        • Richie-Rich

          The Walrus stock went up in my book when he threw some punches in defense of his guys. Playing better against the top teams like he did the other night on a consistent basis will also make me a believer that Lehner has found a home here in Vegas.

          I love the toughness. Maybe he could smile a bit more too? Well, just keep up the good work RL and you’ll win the hearts of the VGK fans who haven’t yet signed on!

          • Daryl

            He didn’t throw a punch, he slashed a player from behind then hid behind the officials and other teammates. I actually lost more respect for him as a person. And someone mentioned him standing up for his teammates… Was that the teammates who went 2 on 1 with cheap shot punches?

          • THE hockey GOD

            yes, R n R, we both watch real TV. When that Devil player poked his helmet off, he took a punch at that player.

            And sinbin vegas tweet said he was standing up for Janmark “who isn’t a fighter”, which was another scrub going on there which people who live in area 51 single wide with poor reception would easily miss.

  9. Great finish! Shootouts are a HOOT! Marchy is the CALM in the STORM. He always seems to make the right play when the team is under pressure. Dependable, passionate, comes up with the right moves at the right time. …What a SHOT!!

    • TS

      I just love it when a hockey game goes into extra innings! Im learning sooooooo much!


        • knights fan in minny

          give him hell real ts

          • This clown has NO LIFE. NO JOB, EITHER. unless his JOB is harassing people who just want to express opinions on this game we love. Yes, I’m new to hockey, but he has attacked me for it. Thanks for defending my right to FREE SPEECH!!

        • Daryl

          Just ignore him. He’s a POS and will get tired of his stupid games if people just ignore him. He’s a loser who has never played a sport except for Xbox. He has yet to provide any insightful comments. He’s only here to get a rise out of some of you and you allow it

          • Allow it? Nope. I tried going silent for a week, and he attacked me,anyway. I’m tired of his personal attacks on me! Do I give up and Unsubscribe to the site? Ignoring him just inspires more of his harrassment…

        • TS

          Uh, according to Transparent Nevada, your loser govt job wasn’t much of a job at all…what’s for breakfast, off brand cat food? Turns out I make more in a month than you do all year…

          Talk about a loser – you post your true identity on line? So dumb, and fitting for the dumbest fan base in sports history

          • knights fan in minny

            is that the malt liquor talking or you just a ass hole or both let me guess both did you go out and steal last night so you can get momma xmas gift

          • Daryl

            If you know who the person is, then be a real man and show up in person instead of a keyboard warrior…. That’s all your kind know how to do, talk a lot of shit and never back it up

      • knights fan in minny

        3rd grade education showing again how was thugging last night pin head

    • TS

      Wow today’s game is against the New York Islanders! Im learning so much! Never knew New York was an island! How exciting!

  10. Arnold Rothstein

    Another win by team Arnold, the over on 5 1/2 did not trigger because it was o/u of 6 and no one was offering 5 1/2 , good thing for TEAM ARNOLD .

    With 1 1/2 points as underdog the Rangers win the unit bet !

    GO TEAM, so far undefeated for the season. With 8 and zero record on all positions including parleys.

    NExt one up, a statistical go to game, when team returns home after this reasonable long road trip.

    The boys in the back room are digging through the numbers.
    Same BAT TIMe. Well not. Bat Time subject to change.


  11. knights fan in minny

    check out the subban glove save from last night outstanding

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