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Recap: The Golden Knights took the first lead of the game on Jonathan Marchessault’s 14th goal of the season. The Islanders responded with one of their own to even the score in the 1st period. 

The game tightened defensively and both goaltenders made some key stops holding the 1-1 lock after 40 minutes. 

Early in the final frame Shea Theodore broke the tie with a power play goal from the blue line. Later in the period the Islanders took advantage of a Golden Knights turnover to tie the game 2-2. New York scored the go ahead goal with under three minutes to go ahead 3-2 but Theodore wasn’t through yet. The Golden Knights defenseman lined up another shot by the Islanders goaltender to send the game to overtime. Theodore and Nic Roy clinched the game in shootouts 4-3.

The Golden Knights record improves to 20-11-0 sweeping their four game road trip. Vegas next plays on Tuesday night against the Tampa Bay Lightning at T-Mobile Arena. Puck drop against the Islanders is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Turnovers, turnovers, and more turnovers plagued the Golden Knights and led to them fighting to stay in the game the entire afternoon. However, they got enough goaltending, a bit of luck on an offside challenge, and a couple of bombs from Theodore in the high slot to drag the game to OT. Lehner wins another shootout and maybe that narrative needs to start shifting. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. New York Islanders game at UBS Arena.

  • Diving into VGK’s exit woes on this trip and how they were able to overcome them.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Karlsson
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Shea Theodore


VGK’s Eastern Conference Invasion


VGK Flying Home Happy, But Still Not Satisfied


  1. knights fan in minny

    good road trip sick move by roy i have a feeling the league will shut down monday teams only play 2 games this upcoming week

  2. THE hockey GOD

    islander TV announcers have to be the most whinny ones in league. Complaining about missed calls nearly the whole game.

  3. Galdom

    League might shut down. Pisses me off. They just officially said the cross-border games are now cancelled until after Christmas

    • Turk Broda

      That is totally ridiculous. as Detroit GM Steve Yzerman said, these players are not sick. Look at those Canadian sheep sitting there in half full stands and letting their national pastime go down the drain, especially their junior hockey. Those kids missed an entire season of hockey, of all ages.

      • Galdom

        I’m Canadian but I’m not offended by the sheep reference. I completely disagree with the over reaction of the Canadian government to this and a lot of Canadians feel the same. There is not much you can do when the leaders with the power make that decision.

        Oops. Got a little political there.

        Lehner had a great overtime and shootout. I still want Brossoit to play a little bit more. 65% Lehner, 35% Brossoit

  4. Mike StG

    This was an excellent games from both teams. “Turnovers” were mostly a result of good defense from both teams. This was exceptional hockey with both teams playing to their identity and both goalies on top of their game. It felt like we were watching two titans in an important playoff game. Would be great to see these two meet in a Cup final.

    As good as Shesterkin is for the NYR, Sorokin is going to be even better for the Isles.

    And to think they played this well without Stone. And Marty still out, and Jack yet to join the team. Barring some catastrophe or critical injuries this team could make it back to the Final.

    • Daryl

      NYI are in last place in the Metro…. I know it’s early in the season UT they have aong way to go before they worry about the Cup

      • TS

        I learned that New York is an island! Learning soooooo much about hockey, and again I love it when it goes to extra innings!

      • Mike StG

        Daryl – I said “a” Cup final, not this year’s. Trotz has them playing a great structure, and if not for the 13 games away to start the season, injuries and Covid they would likely be in a much better spot in the toughest division on the league. This is also the team that nearly beat the Bolts in the EC finals the last 2 years. I agree it’s unlikely they’ll make it to the playoffs, and I’m just saying I think they’d have a really good series if they did play. Their game earlier this year was also closely contested, which the Isles won 1-0.

  5. LVsc

    First place ! yes. Total sweep of the road trip.

    This game just shows that Theo needs to use his one timer slapper a lot more, and forget that weak soft wrister that he floats all the time. I remember the game vs Tampa in season 1 when he scored on a one time slapper from the right circle with just a couple seconds left in the game to beat the Lightning.

    It would also be nice to have Martinez back in those late game situations with a one goal lead to protect.

    • TheChosenOne

      I remember that one so well! The game they beat Tampa in the last second! I went nuts 😀

  6. John W

    My thoughts on the latest win by the FIRST PLACE VGK!

    Again, it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just win.

    There were some concerning turnovers, one of which led to the NYI go -ahead goal. This was an area that seemed under control, but has reared its ugly head on the otherwise successful Eastern swing.

    Lehner gave up one very soft goal, but redeemed himself during OT and shoot out in a very big way. The big guy still needs to put an entire game together. Giving up 3+ a game won’t work in May/June.

    Missing Stone on both ends of ice, and in transition.

    81 is a scoring machine this year. Awesome shot from a steep angle today.

    Nic Roy. Another timely goal for a game winner. Worth every penny of the RFA contract we will have to give him next year.

    Lastly, I have been very critical of 27 of late. He seems to be putting it together, and I give him huge credit for his play of late. IMO, he is playing his way off the danger list for a salary cap move (still possible, though).

    Hopefully Stoney is back for a big game hosting the Bolts Tuesday. Both teams near their best should be very entertaining!

  7. We won again today which was great – very successful road trip even pbetter , that said they were fortunate today, sloppy play way to often with their passing turnovers etc. Watching the walrus flop around is painful – more like a whale out of water. He survived and redeemed himself and was lucky with the off side call. Performance e observation nothing else. Hopefully string continues tuesday night.

  8. I’m done here. Had enough of Pauly/FAKE TS ‘harassment. If you all consider his bullshit acceptable behavior, I’m done. I CANNOT believe I put up with it THIS long.

    • Alex

      The dumbest fan base in sports has their granny panties in a bunch – size XXXL no doubt

      • knights fan in minny

        now your alex your still a dumb ass thug malt liquor drinking piece of shit loser welfare case nog do you want more

        • Daryl

          He comes on here with 3 or 4 different names as if we can’t figure out it’s the same person

    • TS

      Im going back to the LV Aces…those guys are so much fun!

    • knights fan in minny

      if you go the malt liquor drinking ass hole wins so stay

      • TS

        Hey I also like malt liquor! Helps stretch the budget when the Boones Farm isnt on sale at thr dollar store

        • knights fan in minny

          are you doing some thugging tonight nig nog

          • The Real TS

            No, I just got back from the free senior sack food event with my bag of old bread, moldy apples and off brand mac and cheese…

  9. Henderson One

    Great road trip. Need to do better at not getting penalties. PK takes so much out of a team and limits scoring opportunities even though we have gotten our share of shorties.

  10. Daryl

    The offsides replay is one of the worst replays the NHL implemented. I’m sorry, but having your “toe pick” (yes I know they are t on hockey skates) go affsides by less than an inch isn’t going to affect the play. Let the officials make the call on the ice and stick with it. If you can challenge/review that penalty why not do it the every penalty

  11. Shutting down some of the fittest, youngest athletes in the world ???? This is a national disgrace, just an embarrassment. These scum politicians make me puke. Their destroying our lives because they love the iron fist. Their not going to give up the big con for years to come. We are such be suckers tolerating dictates that the pricks won’t follow themselves. What a bunch of scum !!!

    • TS

      I bought a used mask at Savers on east Charlston today for 10 cents!

      Go LVGK!

      • knights fan in minny

        that mask is for robbing right stealing looting car jacking thugging all those things your people are good at

        • The Real TS

          Please stop making fun of me just becasue I left personal information about myself on this forum that allowed anyone to figure out how poor I am from my loser government job

          • knights fan in minny

            you started it all ass hole when you stop i will your disrespect for vegas hockey fans is pathetic your nothing but a piece of shit thug punk

  12. Tim

    4 on the road not bad. A couple of big games coming up Tampa and Colorado at home the Fortress should be rocking.

  13. 20 wins–just one team has as many (Leafs) and just one has more (Canes–21).

  14. Leading 2-1 with under 6 min. remaining I was hopeful/optimistic Lehner would save a 1 GA. Did not happen. I do agree with those who say Lehner’s GAA is currently to high to go all the way in the postseason, however that is not to say the performance can’t improve.

  15. Pistol Pete

    Sixteen days ago it was reported Eichel would be joining the VGK in three weeks. If so, we can expect to see him here sometime after Christmas or after New Year’s depending if he takes all the holidays with his family back East.

  16. the hockey God

    Jesse Granger
    “It’s so much more than hockey. They gave me back the love for hockey, and also me and my family the love for life again.”

    My story on Robin Lehner’s emotional return to Long Island, and the game his teammates made sure he won.

    • Blitz

      Just more attention for the kneeler. Please RL, tell me more about your struggles playing a game for a living making millions of dollars a year and how hard it is. My grandpa spent a couple of years of his life trying to stay alive while watching most of his friends die, having to fight guys hand to hand for his life, living is a soggy fox hole with decomposed enemy bodies, in the south pacific. He came back from hell to be a baker at Safeway making barley enough money to feed his family. That man never complained once about the shit in his head. So please, tell me after the high dollar therapy and drugs how it was the fans, of your old team, that really gave you the meaning of hockey. Ohh the struggle is so real you must tweet about it every day.

      • Daryl

        I’ve heard where RL has PTSD but nobody I’ve asked could tell me from what? And no, for those who read this, I’m not putting him down or anything else. I’m simply asking

  17. the hockey God

    nine red wings with “plague” shut down by nhl for “holiday” , all nine had arm jab. One player not with arm jab is not one of the nine. .

    what is going on here folks ??

    • knights fan in minny

      ask flip flop faucci he will tell you something different everyday

      • TS

        Is “Flip Flop Faucci” that young left winger with Henderson? Im trying to learn?

        • knights fan in minny

          its your father you know flip flop he flip flop to many diffrent women to have kids and then runs away how many sisters and brothers do you have from diff mothers you know the black way BOY

        • knights fan in minny

          your to stupid to learn

          • TS

            And I always thought it was “you’re “. Thanks for teaching me grammer and spelling and syntax too! And all your racial lessons are great too!

          • TS

            And it’s “to” and not “too”? Thanks! Great lessons!

  18. knights fan in minny

    shut it all done this week most teams would only miss 2 games

  19. Tim

    What’s the point in shutting it down until the new year will that change anything? This Covid portal call is bullshit as even stated by the NHL that there have been few Covid cases so a cough or the sniffles puts you in Covid portal call. First off Faucci wavers every day and has since the beginning. As we all basically agreed a while back this is just a cash cow for the hospitals and pharmacy companies. Some of you geeks I’d like to have you look up since January of 2020 until today how many Covid deaths in the US versus how many flu deaths. Then before Covid check 2019 and how many deaths were caused by the flu before Covid was even a word we new. That would be an interesting comparison.

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