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Recap: The Golden Knights got some great news before their game in Nashville as Max Pacioretty hit the ice for the first time since mid-October. Linemate Chandler Stephenson scored his seventh goal of the season, giving Vegas a 1-0 lead with 48 seconds left in the opening period. 

Jonas Rondbjerg and Adam Brooks both had 2nd period goals to stretch the Golden Knights lead to 3-0 after 40 minutes of action. 

Nashville would get on the board twice in the final frame but Alex Pietrangelo and Mark Stone regained Vegas’ three goal lead.

The Golden Knights record improves to 12-8-0 with their 5-2 victory in Nashville. Vegas gets a short Thanksgiving break and will host the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday. Puck drop from The Fortress is scheduled for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas played a game straight out of the tool bag that had them tied for the most points in the NHL. They controlled the game by forechecking and keeping plays alive in the offensive zone and they used turnovers to generate quick strike chances. Defensively they were sound and they got excellent goaltending from Robin Lehner, and the penalty kill completely dominated the Predators. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Nashville Predators game at Bridgestone Arena.

  • Goalie Interference starts in a few minutes!
  • Video #1 of the VGK PK breakdown (full series coming over the next week or so)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Chandler Stephenson
** Mark Stone
* Jonas Rondbjerg


Goalie Interference – Episode 7


Vegas Is Becoming Alex Pietrangelo’s Team


  1. Once again a 1-on-0 breakaway and The Walrus is absolutely just dumbfounded as to how to defend. Not even an attempt to poke check that puck away. It’s best that he just skate away from the net because he’s simply no good on them. Oh, and if VGK goes to a shootout, you might as well put Hague or Petro in net. But yeah, pull the Walrus and put Brossoit in on all shootouts.

    Otherwise – a fantastic effort by the team as a whole. Clearly goalie interference on Lehner on the one goal.

    • Galdom

      Robin Lehner beat John Gibson in the shootout earlier this year. I’m glad that he tried to stop Anaheim that night because if he would’ve just skated away and not bothered we would have one less point in the standings.

      I thought it was a nice bounce back game. Stopped 26 of 28 shots and made a couple of saves when Nashville was on the power-play.

    • Mike StG

      Richie, breakaway comment about Lehner is way harsh. Consider:

      – It was Filip Forsberg, not some 4th liner or rookie, who scored on Lehner.
      – Saros has been terrific all year for the Preds. And Rondbjerg (a rookie) scored on him in a similar breakaway. So, does that make Saros less of a goalie?

      • Mike,

        Let’s talk about Lehner’s strength’s, not his weaknesses. He’s very big in net and is a very good goalie.

        He simply sucks on break aways, his lateral movement is, let’s say “questionable” at best, he tends to overskate out of the crease leaving his back side exposed (Hague, Petro and others have saved at least 3 or 4 open nets behind him), and if he is on his back he’s not getting up any time soon.

        I am not talking about just the Forsberg shot. Lehner is good in his crease, not out of it. He has absolutely zero poke checking skill.

        Let’s not try to defend this weakness, it is what it is. It means the defense has to be at the ready to ensure that there is at least one defensemen at the ready to provide an extra layer of protection when Lehner is in net.

  2. knights fan in minny

    solid effort by the squad chandler keeps racking up the points young guys playing well

  3. Daryl

    I could only watch the 1st period and part of the 3rd….The Preds look absolutely horrible. They were turning the puck over when there weren’t even VGK players around them.

    • Mike StG


      Well, Vegas had Kolesar doing the same thing, so that pretty much offsets that.

  4. Tim

    Another 2 points and the kids playing good what’s not to like. Lehner is doing OK but like another poster commented when there’s a breakaway Lehner is 50/50 at best. Happy Thanksgiving everyone nothing is more important then family.

  5. Pistol Pete

    Ducks lose so we’re now in 3rd place. With 12 wins only four teams have more—FLA, TOR, CAR and EDM (all have 14). VGK has done very well to stay in it with this injury depleted roster. Good coaching and great effort from the roster including the HSK guys.

    Kraken break the Hurricanes run. Any team can beat any team on any given day.

  6. Pistol Pete

    Marchy must be close to coming back from COVID, a possibility vs. EDM perhaps.

  7. Pistol Pete

    Beautiful goal by Rondbjerg making him look all the more like a keeper, him and Leschyshyn. Cotter as well as he’s done, I guess I put him just below those two.

    Assumes Smith is traded:

    Janmark/Stephenson/Howden or Patrick (not sure if works with shooting side)

    No Kolesar. Carrier could be replaced with Cotter.

    • Pistol Pete

      Assuming both Howden and Patrick are roster ready, whichever one is not on the 3rd could play the 4th. Assuming Carrier and Kolesar are traded that would leave a spot open on the Leschyshyn/Rondbjerg 4th. If DeBoer prefers keeping Carrier and Kolesar, and Howden and Patrick are active there would be no room for Leschyshyn and Rondbjerg.

      • Pistol Pete

        Dadinov is at his goal scoring best when he plays the top six. This is probably true for anybody, however his goal scoring best is way above average.

        • Pistol Pete

          Not sure how I forgot about Roy lol, but fine all the more depth.

          3rd: Janmark/Stephenson/Roy
          Roy and Stephenson might be interchangeable, however Stevie provides far better speed down the middle.

          Just a ton of depth for the 4th. Patrick, Howden, Carrier, Kolesar, Rondbjerg,, Leschysyhyn, Cotter.

          • Pistol Pete

            Summary lol:

            Carrier, Brooks, Amadio, Kolesar, Howden, Patrick, Rondbjerg, Leschyshyn, Cotter

          • I’ve seen enough of Kolesar now to know that he’s never going to be any good offensively. Big body, not bad around the boards but definitely not added value either offensively or defensively.

    • They are not trading Smith they will find others to go before him. He is probably one of the beat two way players the knights have and more valuable than most.

      • knights fan in minny

        i aGREE patrick and howden can go

        • knights fan in minny

          janmark to

        • Blitz357

          Its not enough to send little guys packing. Howden makes 885k. Patrick 1.2mil. Even if you sent them packing you have to replace them for around the same cost. You have to send someone valuable and maybe even 2.

          I would try and re-up smith now for same value and then deal Dadinov at the deadline. If no deal on smith he goes at deadline or lose him in the off-season.

          Another thought. Wild bill goes, Roy or Stephenson takes his line. Hate that but its a possibility.

          • Wild Bill’s $5.5million, Smith $5million I would dump Carrier, Kolesar, Dadanov, either Lehner or Brossoit (bring up Thompson). It will be difficult to keep both Wild Bill and Smith. Tuch’s gone, that helps. As far as I am concerned we can live with

            Patches, Eichel, Stone
            Smith, Karlsson, Marchy
            Roy, Stephenson, Janmark or Dadanov
            Leschyshyn, Cotter, Rondjberg

            Any other combo of D-men for the 3rd dline.


            Not sure where that puts us at as far as CAP. Note that I am still not a long term Lehner fan….. Goalies are currently costing us nearly $8 million (Lehner/Brossoit) combined. Brossoit and Thompson would cut that in half for next season. Brossoit is signed for next year at $2.35 million and we could bring up Thompson for less than that. Thompson is currently at $800K.

          • Daryl

            Not sure what Stephenson’s salary is but he will be a 3C shortly and his numbers will fall off, what about trading him at the deadline. For the record, I’m not in favor of this at all. Just looking for ways to save Cap space

        • Blitz

          @daryl Stephenson is about the best priced guy on the team at 2.7mil. He showed this stretch the he can play without stone and patches, but agree he will drop off as will anyone on L3/L4. Low minutes.

          THE cap site:

  8. Pistol Pete

    Martinez must be getting pretty close. Must have been one nasty gash from that skate blade…ugly!

  9. Pistol Pete

    Hope we don’t mind if I link this again. Posted at the bottom of the Blues game thread so it may have gone unnoticed. I am a daily smoothie guy so I can identify with that. Jack seems like a pretty discerning guy. Damn smart imo to research the ADR and go with it.

  10. Tim

    It looks like Janmark is on the trading block from what I’ve been reading. He’s has some injury and Covid issues which have contributed to him not having a good year although he seems to be playing better as of late. With Jonas R., Jake L, and Paul C, playing better I can see where trading Janmark is an easy decision. We gave Chicago a second and third for him a little steep for what he’s done. Hopefully Marchy and Martinez are back for the Edmonton game.

    • Blitz

      You look at the minutes alone last night. Jonas R. and Jake L (absolute two worst names to spell on the team) out minuted both Janmark and Kolesar. Kolesar is only a slight savings, but Janmark is a savings if he goes. So that would make sense at least financially to save a few coins. Its not enough though. Keep cutting…

  11. Pistol Pete

    Stone mentioned in the post game something to the effect that 81 is expected to be back vs. EDM on Saturday.

  12. I like the Leschsyshyn, Rondjberg and Cotter line. This line could go very far. Time to move on from Carrier and Kolesar.

    • knights fan in minny

      nice high energy line young and a lot to prove they look pretty good so far

  13. Pistol Pete

    Btw, Happy Thanksgiving y’all! Enjoy your Turkey with all the trimmings. I know I will mine!

  14. Pistol Pete

    Karly is listed as injured 16 days after Patches. Assuming their injury is similar or reasonably so, he could be back in around three weeks or less.

  15. knights fan in minny

    HAPPY T DAY TO ALL hockey back saturday cant wait

  16. Galdom

    If Dadonov isn’t scoring there is not a lot else to his game. I like him and I understand the acquisition because they didn’t know they were going to get Eichel at the time. Riley Smith can do everything. Great penalty killer as well. There’s no question that Dadonov is the guy you want to move if you are cutting salary. Unfortunately it could be a hard sell to other teams. I also think that his actual salary is structured as back loaded and he is actually making 6.25 million this year.

    When all is said and done management will work their magic and move Dadonov and Janmark to become salary compliant.

    • VGK must take into account that Reilly is in his final year of his contract and will likely be looking to be paid as a top 2nd liner with a long term deal. He’s currently at $5 million, which is good money for a 2nd liner that is productive. Finding room under the cap for him at the end of the season will be difficult. But, with Rondjberg, Lechy and Cotter – it wouldn’t be too painful to get something for him at the deadline.

      • knights fan in minny

        maybe he will take a hometown discount if he wants to stay lets hope

        • Daryl

          That would be a very difficult decision considering some of the contracts they’ve given other players

          • knights fan in minny

            you have a point there i guess we will see how much he loves vegas

  17. knights fan in minny

    you have a point there i guess we will see how much he loves vegas

  18. Pistol Pete

    I would agree to keep Smith and trade Dadonov. I have been pushing Smith out only because there seems to some behind the scenes consensus that Smith is the one who will be moved but actually I prefer him over Dadonov. Dadonov’s pts/game is a little higher and he is a bigger goal scorer but Smith is two years younger with a better two
    way game (+112 vs. -14 Dadonov).

    They did well, very very well to get Eichel, They’ll work the cap out.

  19. Mike StG

    Interesting comments on this post. My thoughts:

    1) Reilly won’t get traded. He is a team leader, the best all around player they’ve had, and breaking up the Misfit line would run counter to what they’ve done adding Jack. I can’t see them having a legit chance at the cup this year if Reilly is not on this team.

    2) Chandler won’t get traded either. He’s a great value, and the way he’s played WITHOUT either Stone or Patch on his line has made it apparent he is a truly legit top 6 forward. He’s got 19 points in 20 games, and most of that without his usual linemates.

    3) Keeping Reilly next season is not that much of a stretch. He’d likely sign for about the same or slightly more than his current salary – $5 to 5.5M. Dadonov makes $5M and when offseason comes around he would be more attractive since he’d still have a year term left on his contract. If Dadonov’s level of play continues and/or gets even better then he will be easy enough to trade. That assumes he’s not already gone at trade deadline.

    4) As much as I like Marty and supported the Kings trade when it happened, I think he’s the most likely other big trade piece in the offseason. The D corps has been improving without him, and with the play of the young Dmen and Hutton it’s probably the best way to clear cap space with the least damage to overall team construction. McNabb has been really good this season and no one delivers hits like he does. He’d cost a lot less to re-sign than keeping Marty, so it’s hard to see them letting Brayden walk. They won’t trade him at the deadline if they’re serious about a cup run this year.

    5) Don’t see them trading Karlsson either. They’ve built the center depth they need and it wouldn’t make much sense to undo that now by trading a legit 2C.

    6) Kolesar is a good 4th line forward, but last night’s game was a typical example of his utter lack of finishing ability. Brooks’ goal was a direct result of KK’s hands of stone. KK was standing IN THE BLUE PAINT directly behind Saros, and flubbed Janmark’s pass into the crease. The deflection went directly to Brooks’ who put it home. That was pretty hilarious. And now the addition of Adam Brooks makes KK even more expendable. Jonas, Jake and Paul all have shown much better offensive upside and the ability to play both sides of the puck well. Jonas actually stripped Roman Josi of the puck on his goal last night. And he was a complete pest to the Preds’ PP unit on the PK, so he’d be a good player to replace KK in that role . There are minimal if any cost savings in any changes involving KK, so if they can’t trade him for a pick then they should probably just waive him and risk him getting picked up by another team.

    7) And to Richard Sant – you need to let go of your animus toward Lehner. Your suggestions they trade him are pretty ridiculous. His play in goal is universally considered among hockey analysts as very good or even excellent this year. He has faced more high danger chances than any goalie in the league, is sporting a .913 save %, and has been ranging from 5th to 7th in GSAx most of the year. Allowing rebounds is not a deficiency – most goalies use active rebounds as a way to reduce follow-up chances in front of the goal. Goalie equipment has even changed to facilitate active rebounds. It’s the responsibility of the D corps to cover any potential shots that result from an active rebound away from play, and at times Vegas’ defense has failed to do so resulting in a goal against.

    • Mike StG

      Having said all of the above, if Vegas somehow takes the cup home this season then their options are wide open:

      1) Could buy out Patch’s last year – $7M. Savings $3.5M
      2) Could buy out Marty’s last 2 years – $5.25M. Savings $2.8M/yr.
      3) Obvious, but they’d let Janmark walk – $2M.

      In 2022-23 season those 3 moves alone would result in a cap reduction of $8.3M.

      I’d think the most important thing would be to keep the top 6 (or 7) together as the core for potential future cup runs. I’d think that having Eichel-Stone-the Misfit line-Patch (if not bought out)-Stevie would be really solid. On D you have Petro-Shea-Brayden (or Marty if not bought out) – Zach-Nic, which is 5 of 6 defensemen set for the foreseeable future

      Young forwards and d-men could get the chance to play and develop during the season on the VGK roster.

    • Blitz

      Good post Mike. I think any way you shake it, its gonna be someone with a higher price that goes. I think letting Reilly go is a huge mistake especially if you have the leg up on resigning him at or around 5 mil. Dadinov at the same salary is not worth nearly as much as Smith. Smith has almost double the points of Dadinov over 20 games and Dad is supposed to be the offensive guy, plus Smith is awesome on defense and PK. Anyway, I think it is absolutely possible to keep the misfits whole and still work in Eichel. In fact, this needs to happen.

      Janmark goes at the deadline this year or UFA next year for a $1.3mil savings. I think this happens no matter what, he won’t be back.

      It may be defense that takes the hit. I look at Hutton ($750k) who, to me, fits right into this defense and really could replace Marty ($5.2m) or McNabb ($2.5m). Not saying he is as good as them, just that the down grade in prices isn’t equal to the downgrade of play. He is a great value, IMO.

      Another thought, is Theo playing at his $5.2m hit? He has certainly declined in this PDB system after Petra came in. Can this team function without him? You have to pay Whitecloud $2m more next year. The defense is getting pretty heavy on the ol purse. Could be some movement here.

      Goalies – I don’t think they change this year unless VGK is struggling to make the playoffs then a trade deadline move maybe. Its a solid playoff tandem if we can get there. However, next year dropping the backup to a minimum could save 1.5mil. Its not nothing.

      • As far as D goes, dumping McNabb makes sense. Theodore or Martinez? Theodore is younger and Martinez is a lot longer in the tooth.

        #3 McNabb (age 30) $2.5 million UFA after this year
        #23 Martinez (age 34) $5.25 million signed through the 2024 season
        #27 Theodore (age 26) $5.2 million signed through the 2025 season
        #14 Hague (age 22) $725K is an RFA next year and will be looking to be paid.
        #52 Coghlan (age 23) is signed for another year at $762.5K

        There are 8 defense men available on the HSK roster. Probably Mironmanov and Hayes are the two best prospects.

        Martinez has been an absolute monster at blocking shots and contributing on offense. Theodore definitely has regressed as far as the offense goes. Maybe VGK should let them both go along with McNabb at the end of this year. Reason: CAP ROOM NEEDED

        SAVINGS $12.95 million

        • Daryl

          Prob with letting Martinez go is now having to worry about all those blocked shots now getting on net…. and then hoping the goalie can make the save or a rebound

      • Mike StG


        FYI – Janmark’s cap hit is $2M, not 1.3.

        Hutton has been a pleasant surprise and seems to fit well in the defensive structure. As much as I like Marty I think he’s probably traded in the off-season. Or bought out if they happen to win the cup this year. I think Alec wants to win another cup and probably would retire with the buyout. Although he could still play anywhere.

        It seems likely that either McNabb or Marty won’t be back next year. Dadonov and Janmark as well. That would probably be a cap savings between $10M – $12M. Given the projected $1M increase in cap next year, that’s should cover most of their issues.

    • Daryl

      I think if they trade Martinez, those high danger chances will continue to be near the top. For me, he is the best overall defenseman on the team, he plays both ays unlike most of the others.

      I’d hate to lose Stephenson, but think about it, he will our 3C, is getting paid $2.75m, and is only 27. He would be great trade bait.

      As I said, I wouldn’t trade either of them

      • Well, the bottom line is that VGK will have to shed more than $11 million in salary next season for 1 player. That doesn’t even begin to paint the picture of the roster problems facing the VGK front office.

        Certainly stacked with a ton of talent, but if they are keeping Eichel then get ready to lose 3 very good fan favorite players. There’s just no way around it.

        • Daryl

          Oh I agree…. If VGK can’t win it this year they will be hurting for years to come

        • Mike StG

          Richie, don’t see how you believe it’s such an insurmountable problem.

          Dadonov – $5M
          Janmark – $2M
          McNabb -$2.5M
          Kolesar $750K

          Cap goes up a million next year. That equals $11.25M. There will be some other deductions among the forwards that can offset the Whitecloud increase. If McNabb is re-signed and Marty is either traded or bought out then there’s more room to work with.

          • Mike,
            I agree that every name on that list is expendable given the depth this team has. I think resigning Smith is a priority. I like Roy on that 2nd line with Karlsson moving to line 3.

  20. Most complete game I’ve watched in awhile..Vegas played all 3 periods. Offense, defense, intensity, all there. With Patches, Stone and Carrier back, our boys are showing signs of the winning formula that has worked so well!

    • Blitz

      I think Marchy should be back this game, depending on his post-covid health, and Karlsson, maybe a week or so. That’s when we know if team is going to force its way back into top contention. You are right though, we looked good last game. Its a little hit or miss right now, but you can see the ceiling is pretty high when the team clicks. Just need to bring it every game with consistency. Its been a frustrating season, but has been entertaining to this point for sure.

  21. Galdom

    Why would anyone assume that Logan Thompson is an NHL calibre goalie. Could somebody explain that to me. He is a place holder in the AHL until younger goaltending prospects come along. What exactly has he done? Good for him for having some AHL success but that doesn’t make you an NHL goalie. He is in his mid 20’s and was undrafted so nobody else in the league knows who he is or cared enough to even draft him. Fluery was drafted first overall, Lehner in the 2nd round and he was a highly regarded prospect for Ottawa. Even Brossoit was drafted and made his NHL debut when he was 21 years old. Thompson is almost 25 years old. If the people (VGK management) that know him more then any of us do wouldn’t give him the back up goalie spot does that not tell you anything. If Thompson is NHL caliber you don’t sign Brossoit for 2.325 million, when Thompson could do it for $750,000. And you could bet that if Lehner or Brossoit were to have a serious injury the team would look elsewhere and make a trade to plug the hole.

    I hate to be an ass here because everyone is getting along and I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but this trading Lehner and promoting Thompson to save cap money is a ridiculous argument.

    I don’t get it. Please explain it to me. I will have an open mind. Marc Andre Fluery and Laurent Brossoit made their NHL debuts wen they were 21 years old, Lehner when he was 19 years old. What can they be possibly waiting for in a 25 year old Logan Thompson???

    I think they know what they got in Logan Thompson. If they even thought he was late bloomer they would not have brought in Brossoit for triple his salary.

    • Logan Thompson.

      First of all, let’s just start with the fact that Logan Thompson was the best goalie in the AHL in 2020. Thompson posted a 16-6-1 record last season, a league-best 1.96 GAA and .943 save percentage, was the Bastien Memorial Award winner.

      But, you’re right – prior to a 32 game stint with the ECHL’s South Carolina Stingrays he was with the Brandon Wheat Kings where he posted a 3.3 GAA and a save percentage of .905. The NHL passed on him and he wound up playing Canadian college hockey.

      Kelly McCrimmon, who coached Thompson in Brandon, had to have some hunch that the Calgary native would pan out. It seems to me that the timeline for player development isn’t always cookie cutter, and it certainly hasn’t been for Thompson.

      He went to Brock University for the 2018-19 season, which led him to fall “in love with the game again.” He put up a .934 save percentage and led the Badgers to a school record in wins.

      2021-22 stats (AHL): 6-4-2 in 12 games, .920 save percentage, 2.93 goals-against average.

      Lastly, I will leave you with this link of goalies and skaters who played at least 100 games in the NHL. Enjoy the lesson.

    • Mike StG

      Gal, agree 100% on the goalie comments. McKenna, who watched Thompson last season as a commentator on HSK games, said he needs improvement in his game and isn’t NHL ready. I trust his judgment as a well-traveled goalie and coach. Granger said the same about Logan.

      Mostly, if you’re a legit cup contender you don’t have an AHL goalie as the #2. There’s always a risk the #1 goes down with injury in the playoffs. Brossoit is a solid #2 and his salary is not out of line or exorbitant.

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