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Recap:  Vegas was dominated early in Montreal. The Canadiens outshot the Golden Knights 20-1 in the first period and held a 2-0 advantage after the opening twenty minutes.

The game completely shifted in the second period. Alex Pietrangelo broke the power play drought to get Vegas within one and Jonathan Marchessault tied the game with his fifth of the season. The Golden Knights took advantage of another power play and Dylan Coghlan gave his team a one goal lead.

The Golden Knights defended well and received great goaltending down the stretch from Robin Lehner to hold the Canadiens to two goals. Chandler Stephenson and Brayden McNabb added an empty netters to secure a 5-2 road victory.

The Golden Knights record improves to 6-5-0 and jump above .500 since opening night. Vegas travels to Detroit for their last game of the road trip. Tomorrow’s game against the Red Wings is scheduled for 3 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: In what’s becoming quite the disturbing trend, the Golden Knights were an absolute train-wreck in the 1st period. However, the 2nd put an end to another disturbing trend, the power(less) play. VGK scored on back-to-back power plays to somehow manage to help them steal another game they really had no business winning. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Montreal Canadien game at Bell Centre.

  • Kevin Iole’s column on the Eichel trade

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Chandler Stephenson
** Robin Lehner
* Alex Pietrangelo


Golden Knights Continuing To Allow High-Danger Chances At Alarming Rate




  1. Pistol Pete

    I honestly felt like posting yesterday:

    Trust me on this, the PP is about to end.

    • Galdom

      I believe you. 10 games without a power-play goal sounds really bad especially when you take into account how weak it was in the playoffs last year. But, it was just 19 power plays.

    • Pistol Pete

      The PP drought I meant lol

  2. Galdom

    I don’t know how to access these games. It’s difficult with all the injuries. I suppose the first period was unacceptable even with the lineup they used tonight. The fourth line was definitely better against Ottawa than it was today. I guess I’ll state the obvious and say I’m ecstatic with the win. I just want to stay afloat until Christmas when some guys start coming back. Robin Lennar is going to have to be stellar virtually every night to give us a chance. We’re beating the lower tier teams which is what we are supposed to do but I wouldn’t be shocked to see a couple of blowout losses in the near future. Perhaps against Minnesota or Carolina. For tonight I will sleep well. Thank you Lehner.

  3. Pistol Pete

    Does anyone believe in the “Eichel effect”?

    • Galdom

      I don’t know about the Eichel affect. I think the players appreciate how driven management is

    • Daryl

      VGK is playing against sub 500 teams… Not sure what this Eichel effect is

  4. Pistol Pete

    For sure when you major
    Injuries and now there is a difference maker like Eichel waiting in the wings, it’s a motivator for everybody to step up.

    • You eichel dreamers are smoking some strange stuff. The eichel effect – surely your not serious. The effect is trouble down the road when reality has to be delt with concerning the cap. What are you going g to say when 3 months pass and me still isn’t ready. For his sake l hope that’s not the case but you never know about things like that. Who would have thought Stone would be out this long. Shot the puck and left the game

      • Pistol Pete

        Yeah but with important players injured including Eichel, means the whole roster is motivated to step up and in some cases earn a spot. They know 2 or 3 players will be moved to balance the cap. I think too with Eichel there is additional drive to go all the way, a motivator in and of itself. Adding an elite center man is a game changer, especially for a roster that has had scoring dry up at critical times in the postseason.

        • PP – the team has had a number of motivators mainly when they all had something to prove – all rejects from previous clubs. It was the entire team that was the motivators and it takes an entire team with the correct attitude to go all the way. They came very close and that has not been repeated. Many of the tweets mgt has done has done absolutely nothing to develop that winning attitude across the board and in some cases has accomplished the opposite. I am certain you realize, at least I hope so, one individual isn’t the be all that ends all – your remarks discount just how important the entire team is essential to make it all the way..

          • Pistol Pete

            I agree it’s about the whole but the roster knows they were lacking an elite #1 C and that is Eichel. I feel it’s a motivator for everybody to step up.

  5. PURE Genius

    Like I said before the game…

    guaranteed W I N !!

    No Krebs so no dead weight = WIN


  6. Pistol Pete

    Ken that is 12 points buddy!

  7. Richie-Rich-Knows

    My 3 Stars —

    #3 Star goes to #81 Marchy who leads the VGK in goals with 5 I think.
    #2 Star goes to Dylan Coghlan for the game winner
    #1 Star goes to Robin Lehner who played extremely well.

    Lehner still has serious flaws in his game but he played outstanding tonight. His ability to stop 1-0, 2-0 etc still sucks, but I have to give him credit. He’s played well recently and deserves a break tomorrow as Brossoit spots him on a back-2-back day versus Detroit.

    Pietrangelo said it straight up – keep it simple and get pucks on net. Kolesar’s screen was fantastic for the Coghlan game winner.

    Eichel effect? Whatever it is, you can rest assured that it has nothing to do with Krebs being traded. Period.

  8. pure GENIUS

    Amazing. Get rid of the teams WORST plus/minus player (Pylon) and the losses completely stop

    Soooo predictable

  9. Pistol Pete

    Hague is getting to be a pretty guy. I was worried we might lose him to an Eichel deal.

    • Pistol Pete

      Pretty BIG guy I meant lol. Second typo in four posts!

      • Richie-Rich

        Roy, Hague, Carrier and Kolesar provide some size and toughness out there for sure. I would like to see all 4 of these guys start racking up some big points.

        • Pistol Pete

          Hague has become a top four D. I like him with Petro. Big, tough, smart and currently the leading VGK S scorer with 6 points in 11 games. His skating has really improved!

    • Genius

      A “pretty guy”????

      Keep your homo comments to yourself creepy

      There are probably other places for your type to post

      • Pistol Pete

        I left the big out and corrected it He is getting to be a “pretty big guy” in terms of his value to the D corps and the team.

    • Yes, he is! I wondered when Hague would start using his large stature to ” press the issues” against opposing players!! He absolutely should show his strength and passion in games– until last night, he seemed the ” polite big man” on the roster-but he rose to the occasion in Montreal. Other teams NEED to know we aren’t gonna lay down and play passively. Knights need to FIGHT for every possession, every goal. Hague could be the spark we so desperately need right now!

      • Pistol Pete

        Per above by “big” I am referring to his stature on the roster his value.

  10. LVsc

    That game is living proof that the PP is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

    and it also proves that our justifiable constant disgust with Spott, Theodore etc was well founded.

    the first period was what happens when an undermanned team comes out uninspired and lazy. RL played very well, and he needs to continue to play that way every night.

    as long as Vgk keep winning to stay in the mix.

    Like goals, they don’t ask how, just how many.

  11. I think the main thing here is that this team responded, they regrouped after a horrible beginning. DeBoer can’t coach guys not to quit, either they have determination and grir or they don’t. Guys must have mixed emotions about losing Tuch and Krebs. It has to be tough, Tuch had to be universally liked. I loved Tuch, he was an exciting player, nobody has his speed and size. Marchy is as mentally as tough as they come. I think guys are scrambling to show what they got, they know when guys come back, spots will be tough to get, it’s now the time to shine. A motivated player, with his career on the line, is a dangerous thing, he’s hungry. This team has a chip on their shoulder, not the top guys but about half the team, they want to stick. Does anyone think the Canadians are as hungry as our team ? When we get 100% healthy, let’s say late January, we could be a player, we could be the team we all want.

  12. Vic

    Period 1 – Endless turnovers, the return of the Suzuki/Toffoli show, skating in cement, and RL saved the day. The next two periods were excellent. Refs horrible again…getting in the way and missing penalties. Then they call one on Roy that was ‘not a minor’, and it gave the Habs the lead. More stars in this game than three….90, 7, 52, 28, 81 and 20. Sorry but #27 looks lost.

    • Pistol Pete

      27 landed an assist and looked excellent vs. OTT.

      • Vic

        An assist is nice, but even #27 would tell you he isn’t himself. I saw a few horrible plays and turnovers by him last night, and checking is not part of his game. Hoping he gets back to form, but he’s not there yet.

    • THE hockey GOD

      yes the REFS were particularly bad, to be expected in home rink of everything hockey.

      it is known.

  13. Pistol Pete

    From 1-4 to 6-5. Five out of the last six. The LTIR Motivator compounded with the Eichel Motivator.

  14. Tim

    I’m impressed so many of you just call them by there number not there name. I never even think about there number I’d flunk that test big time. Has any team only have one shot on goal in a period or is another first for the Knights. Lehner, & Petro fill in the third stars. Not pretty but a win is a win.

  15. Although it’s still early, Hague looks more and more like a top four D. He’s a big, tough brainy fellow who looks like he’s figured out how to get the most out of his ability. Just curious, to anybody here, as Hague was developing in the minors and when he first came up, did he look like top four potential? I don’t really think he quite did to me.

    As I learn more about pro hockey (I started skating when I was five and played secondary school varsity hockey in a league that produced Division 1 NCAA players) I’m just now learning about the AHL and evaluating talent and observing who makes it the NHL and who does not. My next step is to attend some HSK games. Based on my “amateur” impressions I peg Korczak and Miromanov as NHL D men, not necessarily high impact but enough to make the league full time. For the forwards I am most keen of Dorofeyev however without even seeing him play I’m all the more sort of in the dark on how much ability he actually has. He’s added about 25 lb. to his 6’1′ frame and is off to a strong start this season (4 G/3 A…9 games). Last season he went 9 G/4 A in 23 games. He can score goals at the AHL level but does he have the strength and speed for the NHL? Or if not now, can he develop it?

    Any impressions on HSK talent would be appreciated. Dorofeyev of course is but one example on the HSK. I plan on trying to go to some games.

    • Richie-Rich

      HSK Zach Hayes is a huge frame and has a lot of upside potential for the future defense of the VGK.

      Another huge frame on HSK is Primeau at 6’6″.

      Jack Dugan, Logan Thompson, Dorofeyev and Cotter are also all very good. There are a few others as well like Korczak as you have mentioned.

      • Pistol Pete

        Thank you I did forget about Hayes. There are at least three D who are basically NHL ready.

  16. Lucas Elvenes got off to a huge start on the Wolves 2019-2020, cooled off some and still stands at a respectable 76 pts in 103 games (19 G/57 A). He’s more of an assists guy at this point and bulked his 6’1″ frame up maybe close to 20 lb. to 198. He’s trying hard but will he make it? 100 games is getting up there.

    Jack Dugan had a close to a point a game debut last season on the HSK but can he speed up a bit, play better defense and drive the net? He’s big enough for sure.

    21 year old Lyndem McCallum is just eight games into his AHL career with a respectable 1 G/3 A. Can he bulk up his 6’2″ 180 frame up to 195 or 200 and get faster and tougher?

    I think a number of players if they have the ability to make the AHL in the first place can elevate themselves to the NHL level within a 50-80 AHL game span. I think some can just coast initially and then surprise. Hopefully there are some on the HSK that fit that bill.

  17. Pistol Pete

    Leschyshyn and Rondbjerg:

    I’ve come to understand when the parent team has spots into fill in the roster for forwards, that prominent scoring prowess notwithstanding, the team chooses the AHL players who are assessed to be those with the lowest chance of giving up goals. Apparently that is currently Leschyshyn and Rondbjerg. Players like Elvenes, Dugan and Dorofeyev need to keep pushing their game to be able to defend at the NHL level.

    Thus far Leschyshyn is 0/0/-1 (9 games) and Rondbjerg is 0/1/+1 (4 games). That was a really freakin’ nice play Rondbjerg to set up Howden’s goal vs. OTT.

  18. Pistol Pete

    I meant to include their AHL stats.

    Leschyshyn: 20 pts/105 games
    Rondbjerg: 14 pts/41 games

    We can see neither has been a prolific scorer which is of extra concern for Leschyshyn who’s 105 games in. Less concerning for Rondbjerg and his 41 games including that for his only two HSK games this season he got a goal.

    The point here again is they were called up for their perceived ability to defend. I would have to favor Rondbjerg for having the most offensive potential. He’s big enough too…6’2” pushing 200.

    Very tough for HSK players to make this VGK roster.

    • THE hockey GOD

      probably destined to be role players. Funny thing the HABS analyst had this to say:

      – VGK is a very banged up team, so are the Canadians. Both teams are pushing the envelope by putting players in positions beyond their roles.
      – Lehner has played really well for the VGK, he’s kept them in many games. Especially early in games when the other team could easily run away with it. He was exceptional again in the first period.
      – Habs are very fragile after taking the lead and then giving up the first goal, they seem to fall apart.
      – VGK are a well coached team.

      Analysts were very , very down on the HABS but said they still played a good game. The final score was not indicative of the way they played.

      In my opinion there was an issue with ice or player skates, too many people were falling down. Especially no. 27, and a few on the Habs. Announcers said “ice and snow were building up along the team benches, they are going to have to clean that up”.

      Now on to play Detroit, I figure VGK will have a tougher time. Red wings are coming off come from behind win by Wings (so they may be prone to coming down off that win). They are a fast team, with a lot of young fast speed, skilled players.

      Toronto remains HOT, with win against tough Bruins team. The Panthers are clearly the leader of pack, shooting down a Hot Canes team. Even with Barkov their best player.

    • Bad Vlad

      Speaking of TERRIBLE stats have a look at Krebs. Have a puke bucket out first though

      And it continues in Rochester

      No goals, no assists, no shots and more minuses. Nothing ever changes

    • Richie-Rich

      Both these players are young and developing. Points will come, they just need good coaching and to grow into their frames. Leschyshyn is especially much further along than Rondbjerg (my opinion) and the on ice performance was better than Krebs (who I also liked).

  19. Pistol Pete

    For the time being I have the feeling with Hague that he’s got a better than 50/50 chance every game to score a goal or set one up. Seems excellent with Petro as he’s using his keen mind to make the most of the opportunity.

    • Pistol Pete

      And his rocket of a shot.


        • Richie-Rich

          Petro took a hard elbow to the upper body last night. I am sure that he is black and blue all around today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sat out tonight.

  20. Galdom

    Hey Ken are you privy to any injury update information. It’s hard to find. Mark Stone is a complete mystery.

    Is Pacioretty back in three weeks? I’m thinking Karlsson and Whitecloud are both about five weeks away. Similar timelines?

    Mark Stone and Nolan Patrick are the biggest mystery’s. I don’t even know what their injuries are. I think Patrick had a concussion???

    Can you kindly advise?

    • THE hockey GOD

      both are seeing specialists, Jesse said Stone’s was a related to back. HABS announcers listed Stone as day to day, and Patrick as week to week.

      No 52 had up/down game. Got a goal and ended up as a -1 for whole game. he let that forward get loose for breakaway goal, and he was on ice for the other goal. Someone here will probably find that it was Krebs fault, somehow, some way in their warped brain.

      • Big Bad Vlad

        Why so concerned about minuses now? Never heard a concern as Krebs tallied them up? Not a peep as Krebs became the teams leader with the WORST plus/minus

        What a hypocritical moronic ass clown you are hockey DONKEY

      • Richie-Rich

        I don’t see Coghlan as a long term answer at D for the VGK. There are a couple of prospects on the HSK roster who I like more.

  21. PURE Genius

    With all the injuries MTL has and their goalie out they never had a chance.

    Good thing mcrimmon dumped Krebs removing the 1000 lb gorilla off the team which is now suddenly without a loss

    • knights fan in minny

      KLM KLM KLM KLM KLM blah blah did you kick your dog today mr bitter

  22. LVsc

    Sun. 7 at Detroit Red Wings
    Tue. 9 vs. Seattle Kraken
    Thu. 11 vs. Minnesota Wild
    Sat. 13 vs. Vancouver Canucks
    Tue. 16 vs. Carolina Hurricanes
    Thu. 18 vs. Detroit Red Wings
    Sat. 20 vs. Columbus Blue Jackets
    Mon. 22 at St. Louis Blues
    Wed. 24 at Nashville Predators
    Sat. 27 vs. Edmonton Oiler

    There are at least 5 winnable games in there, and more if they can rise above the poor first period starts and get into the game from drop of puck.
    Right now they are just one point out of a playoff spot in their division

    • Richie-Rich

      Can they win 5 of the next 10? VGK is in a back-to-back tonight with the back up goalie in net. Brossoit is a back up for a reason. Team’s on the road and Petro took a hard upper body shot last night.

      Short turn around today.

      I am hopeful, but I would give the advantage to the Red Wings today.

      As for the rest of the 9 games:

      Kraken – W
      Wild – L
      Canucks – L
      Canes – L
      Red Wings – W
      Blue Jackets – W
      Blues – L
      Preds – L
      Oilers – L

      If we can get 6 points out of the next 10 with this roster that will be good. The Red Wings and the Predators are playing well and won’t be easy to beat either. Worst case is that we beat only the Kraken.

  23. Tim

    I’m a little disappointed in our defense with only Whitecloud out you would think they would be protecting Lehner a little better. Right now Lehner is saving our bacon but he needs more help. The offense you can see struggling with all the young guys and makeshift lines but surprisingly besides the first period yesterday they haven’t played that bad. Say what you want DeBoer with this makeshift team has won 4 of the last 5 games. It was encouraging when Marshie said the room is all in and on the same page and have a positive attitude which I was a little worried about. One game at a time mentality and today it’s Detroit so lets put this one in the win column and come home with a 3 and 1 road trip.

    • Daryl

      Was thinking the same thing…. We are only missing 1 Dman but our defense is not looking very good at all. Like I said on the other thread, maybe it’s because they are concentrating on offe se and taking too many chances, but when VGK actually plays a good team, they won’t be able to play that style

  24. Blitz

    I was really happy with the game last night overall. I had kind of written them off after 0-2 in the first AND they looked really bad doing it. Much different effort periods 2 and 3. I appreciate that this team is finding a way to win and over coming adversity. These opponents are not the cream of the crop, but that is a good thing. Get some wins and buy some time, not to mention build some different chemistry and see who is going to be the bottom 6. Here’s to a good game today. I hate time change, stupidest concept ever.

    War Knights!!!

  25. Daryl

    VGK scores on the PP and all of a sudden the PP is fixed!!!!

    • GENIUS

      You would think reading what idiots like the hockey DONKEY and the knights fan in mummy come up with

      It’s like a race to the crown of stupidity with those 2

      • knights fan in minny

        wont happen because a ass clown like you already won that race to stupid

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