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Recap: The Wild took the first lead of the game 5:43 into the game. Vegas struggled to get shots on net and trailed 1-0 after the opening 20 minutes.

The Golden Knights had more chances in the middle frame but were unable to even the score. After 40 minutes Minnesota held a 1-0 advantage.

The Wild doubled their lead in the final period leading the Golden Knights to play more aggressively in the offensive zone. However, the home team defended well and tucked in an empty net goal to secure the victory. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 34-27-4 falling 3-0 in Minnesota. Vegas will try and get back on the winning track tomorrow night in Winnipeg. Puck drop against the Jets is set for 5 PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights were under siege for a good portion of the 1st period. They were able to generate a lot more zone time in the 2nd, but were really still reliant on shots off the rush for their most dangerous chances. In the end, it just wasn’t enough offensively as things dried up in the 3rd. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Minnesota Wild at Xcel Energy Center.

  • We’ve got to figure out what is going on with this Dadonov trade

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Jack Eichel
* Logan Thompson


2022 Trade Deadline Roundup


Twitter Space – Assigning Fault For Dadonov Trade Snafu – March 22nd, 2022


  1. Mike StG

    Strike Two! Try 3-0

  2. Galdom

    So the Evgenii Dadonov trade is now in dispute. Anaheim was on his 10 team no trade list.

    The issue with Dadonov: according to multiple sources, his contract indicates he cannot be traded without first being allowed to submit a 10-team no-trade list. It also says the list for this year must be submitted by July 1/21.

    Dadonov trade is now officially an NHL/NHLPA issue. Player is adamant no-trade list was filed on-time.

    What a nightmare!!!

    • Duckboy

      If the FO messed this deal up, they should be fired on the spot.

      They ditch players when they mess up in the playoffs like eakin and the fake penalty and fleury and his massive f up in Montreal series.

      If this deal falls through due to their incompetence and they stay in their jobs this franchise isn’t serious about winning.

      • THE hockey GOD

        no duckboy, the NHL approved the deal; they review all the contract and salary cap issues before approving it.

      • THE hockey GOD

        On Dadonov’s no-trade: apparently, it wasn’t officially submitted, thereby making him eligible to be moved anywhere. It’s infrequent, but it does happen. (Most-known recent case: Patrik Berglund.)= Elliott Freidmen

        Dadonov trade is now officially an NHL/NHLPA issue. Player is adamant no-trade list was filed on-time.

        This is NOT on VGK FO.

        • Daryl

          According to Granger, Dadonov submitted his paperwork to OTT on June 30 making it valid but OTT never se d the paperwork over to VGK or whomever they were suppose to

          • THE hockey GOD

            this is one CF

            everyone knows it is, NHL / players union to sort out this mess.

            VGK is screwed in meantime if it drags on due to SAL CAP reasons.

        • Duckboy

          So the FO fails to do due diligence and it’s not their fault?

          Did they not ask Ottawa ? Wouldn’t it be attached to the contract?

          What if your bank messed up the paperwork on a mortgage cause they failed to check something?

          It’s poor and sloppy and they need to go.

  3. Did Eichel pick up his -1 on the EN? I did not think you could get one that way.

    The bashers will call this an excuse but Eichel’s hand must be affecting his shot. I have not seen them yet but there were five. Ken tweeted VGK loed the most dangerous when he was on the ice.

  4. Galdom

    If the Dadonov trade is reversed we get our second round pick back. Sadly I’d rather lose the pick to get rid of Dadonov.

    17 games left in this nightmare season. Can’t emphasize how nice it would be to have that extra cap flexibility if Dadonov trade stands

    • Blitz

      I would mind the loss of the 2nd pick if we didn’t lose cap for Moore. To me a 2nd rounder for 5 million cap is rough to swallow, but ok. 3.3mil makes it not good and it could be down to 2.2mil if Moore plays. 2.2 mil cap relief for a 2nd rounder is shit. I don’t know anything about Moore though. Maybe his is an ok player when healthy. Somebody thought he should make 2.75mil a year.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ blitz “To me a 2nd rounder for 5 million cap is rough to swallow, but ok. 3.3mil makes it not good and it could be down to 2.2mil if Moore plays. 2.2 mil cap relief for a 2nd rounder is shit.” you are again leaving out of the equation the “cap relief” for who ?
        The ten million dollar man. You can’t have the trade without recognizing WHY it was done in first place. Well you can include no. 61, no. 67, no. 23, no 7 as contributing factors, but would they be if VGK didn’t have latest piece, no.9 ?

  5. Blitz

    Personally I don’t feel bad about this loss. I appreciate how hard this team fought. To me this was the one game out of all the recent losses that it was about missing talent. We had the heart, but just too many players out. The other losses I feel like the team was soft regardless of talent. The team tonight beats PHI etc. I thought LT was a beast and stopped a ton of solid chances.

    Ken’s stars are crap (more politely, I disagee). Here are mine:

    #1 for sure, 100%, no question, was Marchy, who played his guts out.
    #2 LT was a beast
    #3 really could go to Eichel, Petra, or Hutton all played well

    Really kudos to the HSK guys. Felt like all tried hard and did good things here and there.

    Invisible, to me anyway, Janmark, Roy, Kolesar.

    • Daryl

      Lt looked great for the first 2 periods (I didn’t see the 3rd}. The score easily could have been much worse for VGK. Overall, VGK didn’t play too bad, the loss sucks but it doesn’t hurt so bad

      Wild picking up ND was a good pickup for them. With Talbot playing a lot better lately it will be interesting to see how MAF plays in the mix.

      As for playing mix, with how well Lt has played the last two games, it will be interesting to see what PDB does with both goalies

    • Julie

      Blitz, I agree. I could see the effort from Petro and the look on his face, he was in it, all in. When the face-mask girl interviewed Eichel, he looked all in too. Karlsson may be a man of few words, but he looked frustrated. They had to bring up some AHL players, did I hear that right? Because of COVID restrictions?

      • Yep,
        Zach Whitecloud was out due to COVID protocol. Hayes and Pachal from the HSK were brought up. You also had Rondjberg and Lechyshyn in the lineup. A lot of AHL players, including Thompson. They did well considering …..

  6. Barney

    Eichel….. $10mm… hmm. Not lookin like a legit franchise player…

    Needed dadonov tonight. His scoring and offensive game were sorely missed

  7. VGKlay

    Coulda been 8-0 if not a great game for LT. The way our defense allows zone entry SO EASILY is extremely frustrating…..the 50/50 pucks where our guys just say “ah I’ll just defense rather than try to win it” it’s like the whole team minus a few guys are afraid to commit and make a mistake. And karlson and his inability to finish(not JUST him but he stands out tonight) is just getting more and more old. How do you have four scoring chances in a period and ONE shot on goal. My god ….five mil a year….I’ll go out there and fail to put any over the line….I can barely watch the game sometimes it’s so frustrating some of the SIMPLE and amateurish mistakes and passes and situations that they out them selves in ….I find myself SCREAMING at the TV more and more lately “clear the damn zone, REACH YOUR STICK OUT SO WE DON’T ICE IT REPEATEDLY!, “Crash the net!” SPREAD THE EFF OUT is my fav lately cause they look like junior hockey players chasing the puck sometimes literally like three guys in one area more than once it KILLS me

  8. Contact Tracer



  9. There were a few defensive breakdowns, but overall the defense played well and Thompson was solid in net.

    Once again, Deboer shows that he has zero clue on offense, none, nada, zilch!

    VGK backs are against the wall. They’re not getting into the playoffs until they get back some of the key players (Stone, Pacioretty, McNabb & Martinez).

    Medically, I think Lehner is a risk. If he’s 100% then fine, but he hasn’t been and the risk is too great right now. Thompson looks good. I have always thought that he should be playing as the backup. Athletic, and good hockey skills. It’s a bit late in the season for him to be getting experience (blame McIdiot). We did not need Brossoit and could have saved the 3.5 million in cap.

  10. Barney

    Does anyone even know where stone is?

    Maybe he just plain quit?

  11. Barney

    McCriminal and dumbore were so desperate to get rid of fleury it only took a few games from lehner in the bubble for them to take the bait. And they did.

    He skooled those 2 big time

    Downhill ever since

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ barney, i guessed you missed all the gaffes by Fleury when he was here, let me remind you of all them
      1- blew SJ game 7 , letting in three goals in waning minutes of game , losing the series
      2- whined about not playing when Lehner was getting all starts in playoffs
      3- whined so much his agent posted a back stabbing cartoon, showing he was / is not a team player
      4- gaffed in minnesota playoff game
      5- gaffed in montreal playoff game costing VGK the series at very critical momentum on the series
      6- botched VGK attempts to trade him when he knew he was going to be traded by purposely saying he was going to retire, knowing fully well he wasn’t, thereby lowering his trade value.

      MAF did this franchise and it’s fans no favors, no face of franchise. More like FARCE of FRANCHISE.

      • Lehner was bad move – period. That much we know now. I called it way back in September. The right move would have been a Fleury/Thompson goaltending tandem here. Go ahead and spew your hate-Fleury-sword-agent-bullshit. It’s got no legs to stand on anymore.

        Lehner’s a bust.

        • Julie

          Exactly right, RR. For the 6 perceived deal-breakers by Fleury, there were even more games he handled to keep his team in it when they had to rely on him. That’s what counts and that’s why he was and is so valuable as a goalie. Much to the chagrin of a few here.

        • RR, you are correct!

          The result of trading Fluery cost us a 3rd, 2nd round and Holden.
          With nothing to show in return.

      • Daryl

        How about you go back and note all the easy goals RL let in, how many times he fell down and couldn’t get back up, how many times he was out of position…. You won’t because you would rather bash MAF.

        Once you do that, how about note all the amazing saves MAF made, saves that were the reason VGK won games? Once again, you won’t do that because you would rather bash MAF

        As for your listed points, every one of them is a joke. Yes MAF made those mistakes but not a single mistake cost them a game or series. You are just too stupid to see it, and you are the only one on here who actually thinks that way.

        No matter your thoughts on MAF or RL, VGK signing RL was a huge mistake.

        • Galdom

          The point of my video is that I think it is hilarious!!! I didn’t think it was funny at the time as I wanted to throw my TV off the balcony but I think it’s hilarious now. Can’t take things too seriously. If anybody wants to post videos of Lehner flopping around I’m sure I’ll get a good laugh out of that as well. I’m assuming not everybody enjoyed my photo of Marc Andre Fleury kneeling, but I think some got a kick out of it.

        • Galdom

          How can you say that not one of Marc Andre Fleury‘s mistakes cost them anything?

          That game three mistake was a big turning point in the series. They had that game won. It was in their hands. He handed Montreal the game-tying goal on a silver platter and put the game in overtime.

          Marc Andre Fluery has done far more good things for the organization than bad. It’s not even close. He definitely is a franchise icon but let’s not say that he never made a mistake that cost him anything. That is simply not true.

          • Daryl

            I say it didn’t cost them anything like supporters of RL say it wasn’t his fault when he let in 2 questionable goals and VGK lost 2-1. Then you have the fact that the goal only ties the game and VGK had chances to win in OT which goes back to my first fact. And the most important piece is that VGK came back and won the next game. If VGK lost the next game then I would agree it was a critical turning point but the simple fact that vhk came out strong and won the next game drunks the theory that his mishap cost them the series. That’s like saying VGK never got over RL giving up 6 goals and the league title for wins when they lost to COL which is why they ultimately lost in the playoffs

      • THE hockey GOD

        To Galdom,

        look at all comments from real NHL hockey fans who know the “score”.

        9 months ago
        Make no mistake:
        The Habs beat the Knights AND the refs to win this game.

        9 months ago
        What a blunder of the year moment

        Fleury deserved an assist on that, 100%
        Mark Bertrand

        Refs did everything they could to hand this game to Vegas. Habs still win!
        Atlas Logan

        That is indeed a Dang-It!

        Smark Buster
        9 months ago
        Fleury secretly wanting the Habs to win lol
        Williame Mareschal

        9 months ago
        Lol NHL is giving Vegas the Juventus treatment its so obvious.
        9 months ago
        These refs should be in referee jail
        Marc-Armand Villeneuve

        9 months ago
        Honestly, not the first time he’s done something like this
        Mr. Haitian
        9 months ago
        the french announcers mentioned the 2004 wjc where he cleared the puck directly onto an u.s player’s stick. the americans won that game as the player scored the gwg

        9 months ago
        Major screwup by Fleury just cost him the game. Thanks Marc-Andre.

        9 Tails

        9 months ago
        If Montréal wins this game it could capitalize the entire series.

        Robert Henry
        The series winning turnover !

        Jorge Alonso

        Bone head mistake. Always look behind you and make sure there isn’t any opposing players skating towards u.

        Bob Strunt
        9 months ago
        I’ve laughed a thousand times watching this

        9 months ago
        i like how right after that the puck gets dumped in…and he plays it again

        Cael Fielding
        9 months ago
        Now that’s classic

        Shane Mann Ruff
        9 months ago
        I like the fact that NHL edited their video to start’ after the announcers just said, ““Fleury’s puck handling has made a difference,…” Ten seconds later they eat their words.

        9 months ago
        Dalton Hoeppner
        Dalton Hoeppner
        9 months ago
        Good puck handling all game until we needed it to be good.
        9 months ago
        Vintage Fleury

        and a WHOLE lot more. Galdom

        • Galdom

          The Hockey God, I actually don’t want to shit on Marc-André Fleury and don’t actually try to as some think I do. My comments on MAF Usually come when someone is unfairly saying non factual things about Robin Lehner.

          MAF and RL are both good goalies and that is a fact. The thing is, MAF is regarded as a god by some VGK fans and people who post on this so any actual criticism even if it is true doesn’t get received very well. It is 100% true that MAF although he is a good goalie is very bad at handling the puck and SEVERAL times has made some terrible backbreaking mistakes at critical times in his career by mishandling the puck. You’re not a bad guy for saying that and I’m not a bad guy for saying that because it is true.

          They both are very different goalies with different strengths and weaknesses who somehow at the end of the day post very similar numbers. It’s actually eerily strange how similar their numbers can be.

          The 2019-20 Robin Lehner playoff run was absolutely identical to the Marc Andre Fluery 2020-21 playoff run. Identical numbers.

          This season they have performed very similar as well for different teams but MAF has actually stayed healthy.

          Anyways, there’s nothing wrong with saying that Marc-André Fleury makes critical mistakes at critical times and is not a good puck handling goalie.

          There’s also nothing wrong with saying that Robin Lehner doesn’t move laterally as well as Fluery either because that is true.

          • THE hockey GOD

            wink wink, Galdom, I loved your video link. Seven million dollar down the drain.

            PS a wink is good as a nod, to a blind bat. Nudge nudge, know what I mean ?

          • Daryl

            Yep and look at that $5m we have swirling down the drain. At least at $7m we’d have a goalie than can stay on the ice

        • Daryl

          And all that amounts to a total pile of shit that means absolutely NOTHING!!!

          You are just upset because your complete defense of RL has been thrown out and everyone else is making fun of you over it

  12. Galdom

    William Karlsson has 22 points all season. 22 points in 50 games.

    Keegan Kolesar has 21 points this season. 21 points and 62 games.

    Kolesar is producing at what he should produce at given he is a bottom six forward, doesn’t play with Eichel, does not get the ice time that Karlsson does.

    For those of you who want to trade Karlsson for Forsberg which is beyond ridiculous, Filip Forsberg has 23 points in his last 13 games.

    In another game like so many others this year they lost because they couldn’t score. Injuries are definitely a thing. I thought they played a pretty good road game and the effort was there but they can’t score and Karlsson is paid 5.9 million and is producing like a fourth line forward.

    At what point do we say that this is the real Karlsson? This is literally his fifth straight year of decline. You don’t have to be a genius to recognize a pattern.

    • Daryl

      Is it Billy the kid or PDB that is causing some of these issues? I’m sure injuries have played a part as well

      • Galdom

        It is really hard to assess the coach while so many key players are injured. Every coach including the best ones of all time have a certain shelf life on each team before they get tuned out by the players. I don’t know if that’s happened here. The demise of Wild Bill has begun well before Peter DeBoer took the job.

        I really like Karlsson if he was making 2.5 million and he was the third line centre, killing penalties, shutting down opposing players and popped in 10-15 goals a year.

        Unfortunately he makes 5.9 million which is crippling because of what he provides. I think he’s one of the untradeable contracts in the league. The only thing you can do now is just hope that Stephenson continues to progress and can take that second line centre slot at his very reasonable salary. Hopefully Karlsson’s offence doesn’t drop even further.

  13. Galdom

    Kolesar makes $750,000
    Karlsson makes $5,900,000

    • Pistol Pete

      Galdom. I would like to see Forsberg for Karlsson as that would be the one last big piece to add ahead of developing prospects from within. Forsberg is only 27. Does anybody really think Brisson will be an impact top six player? Unfortunately the cap is probably too crowded for that move. I agree with Howard on the value of building from within, I just don’t think strictly that approach has been the right one for the immediate success history of the VGK. They were in real danger of falling off the map after the amazing inaugural run. The roster needed some quick upgrades.

      • Galdom

        I see. You believe that the Nashville Predators would be interested in trading Filip Forsberg for William Karlsson?

        • Forsberg isn’t coming to Vegas and Karlsson isn’t going anywhere.

        • Pistol Pete

          No, I had no clue there could have been a Karlsson/Forsberg deal. Not sure why NSH would ever consider that other than not to re-sign him, get draft picks and/or additional players. Doubt it. No longer matters because Forsberg is a free agent. As others have put it he’s another shining toy. I do think moving Karlsson and not re-signing Smith is possible. In that case Stephenson can replace Karlsson leaving the need for one other high end forward to complete the top six. Howard’s conservative approach to strictly building from within, no big name buying, is too slow for Foley and this team. They need to add to their core another big scorer for next season.

  14. Pistol Pete

    Attn: Howard:

    With respect to our discussion in the previous thread, I’ll try and get back later with a more detailed response after I research
    some team histories. For now, I have doubts an NHL franchise would have made it here in the desert with the long drawn out “grow from within” process you espouse. Are the Coyotes ever going to get it done and have they ever been impeded by attempting to “buy the Cup”? We needed a quick fix after Oct. 1, and we got it inspiring management to keep the run going in buying upgrades vs. the longer process of “growing” them. It’s going to take a lot of patience for the fans up there in Seattle. New franchises are in danger of never making it due to fans “not waiting around”. At least the VGK have avoided that pitfall so far.

    Another point I don’t get with your assertion that management has failed, that it has irreparably “mortgaged the future”, is that some obvious failed moves notwithstanding, a healthy VGK roster is regarded across the league as a contender. Injuries have been a major issue all season. If one accepts that management in spite of crowding the cap succeeded in building a Cup contender, the bulk of your criticism is moot. We can only prognosticate what the future holds as far as today’s cap constrained condition. It’s
    possible to navigate through it
    by way of creative ownership. Perhaps you feel Foley’s venture has developed into a complete failure or is on the verge of it?

    Btw depending on what the future brings, I would never be dead set against making changing in Management. We’ll see how it unfolds and what Foley does. So far he must be impressed his organization made it to the Finals the very first season, the Conference Finals twice in the first four seasons and built a contender for the fifth. In spite of this, armchair critics and prognosticators abound.

    • Pistol Pete

      Howard, in case you are interested I did post another response on the other thread.

  15. THE hockey GOD

    last nite’s game
    1- their goalie played better than our goalie
    2- their D played better than our D.
    3- More injuries/ Covid decimate the team, three team members down, one a coach.
    4- for all practical purposes the VGK are fielding a team consisting of AHL starters, including goalie, 1/ 3 rd or more defense crew, and 1/3 to 1/2 of forwards.
    5- not coach’s fault or FO fault, it is what it is.
    6- if they don’t win tonight’s game for all practical purposes it will take a major
    collapse of LA KINGS (who are having their own injury issues, and are in a mini funk) for VGK to make the top three in their division. Which is only way they can make the playoffs.

    • Pretty soon we will be talking about the draft, offseason moves and next year’s roster. The realization is settling in now…..

  16. THE hockey GOD

    Elliotte Friedman
    Where this is going: Dadonov was traded to Vegas on July 28. The claim is the paperwork was filed before that. So the questions are: is there documentation and was it disclosed on the July trade call?

  17. THE hockey GOD

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    Putin “Holy Man” Pushed for ‘Eradication’…
    Vlad quotes Jesus to justify invasion…
    Heads begin to roll in Moscow…

    • Tim

      THG thank you with your side job of war correspondent covering the Ukraine invasion.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Tim
        don’t mention it, glad to help. Rounds out the individual to be more than a one track pony

  18. Arnold Rothstein

    ARNOLD going all out today’s game
    We are up over 30 units on VGK wagers alone this year, with only two one unit losses for the whole season.
    We are taking HALF of the winnings and partitioning the wagers appropriately
    on tonights game
    VGK +155 )moneyline
    JETS (-1.5) +183 hedge
    UNDER and VGK
    Under -105 (six goals)
    and another hedge on jets with over /under at price and unit that balances out the entire wager

    Arnold the BRAIN going for broke (at least we’ll be up 15 units , with money in the bank, probably a lot more if VGK wins, or a little more if hedges come in

  19. Arnold Rothstein

    smashville vs la kings
    is going to be a barn buster of game tonight

    I will watch it
    after marty and rick lagina pull another “MAF” in moneypit dig and come up holding nothing but mud, dirt, and maybe a very old hockey stick from 1965 dig.

  20. Galdom

    Ken in the past has said that the team, players specifically may think that they are better than they are. I’m beginning to think that the front office may have an inflated opinion of themselves. I don’t believe I’ve said one critical thing of the front office ever. I hate Evgeni Dadonov and I think he is a waste of skin, he was horrible last year as well. This debacle where the trade might not go through is embarrassing. And why is the front office waiting until the very last minute to move Dadonov. Wouldn’t this be something you’d wanna do at least a few days before the deadline? It’s cocky and arrogant in how they think they can just make a transaction at the turn of a dime. They don’t ever have a plan. They just fly by the seat of their pants. To sign Pietrangelo they wanted to get rid of Marc Andre Fleury. That’s fine as that is actually a plan but they weren’t able to execute as they couldn’t find a taker for Fluery and they had to get rid of Nate Schmidt instead which was a shame.

    I don’t know what they were thinking this off-season. I’m not even 100% sold that they wanted to move Fluery this time as they were also shopping Lehner. I think they were just looking for a taker for one of the two. Not exactly a plan. Dadonov is a waste of skin but I didn’t mind the gamble at the time. But you only go after Dadonov if you have no chance for Eichel.

    Every move they seem to make seems to be about arrogance and thinking that they are better than they are. I think they thought that they could easily walk into a playoff spot without Mark Stone. Putting Mark Stone on LTIR was definitely on their mind when they acquired Eichel. Or who knows, maybe it wasn’t as they don’t seem to really have a plan anymore.

  21. Attn: Blitz re: LTIR pool:

    As you indicated Kesler’s salary does not count against the cap, however is it not included in the LTIR pool? If so that would create additional capacity to activate players against the LTIR pool. In that case the cap hit plus the LTIR pool exceeds the cap limit. That explains why teams sometimes trade for an LTIR player–it increases the LTIR pool without adding salary.

    When I read the news yesterday there was at least one account that indicated the VGK gain in terms of cap relief exceeded Dadonov minus Moore, however that may have been inaccurate.

  22. VGK not making the playoffs for the first time in their five year history would mean arriving at a little bit of a crossroads. I don’t really think it would be the first time given the challenges seen in season two and more than the first half of season three.

    As I see it an expansion team has to options at launch:

    1. Be aggressive as Foley chartered Craven, McPhee et. al. to be with the goal of building a contender quickly at any cost.

    2. Be conservative with the traditional not very aggressive approach of building from the ground up within, slowly accumulating draft picks, slowly developing prospects and not challenging the cap in the early going, e. g. the Kraken.

    Fwiw if one would like to cast the above options in political terms, option 1 could be considered progressive, option 2 conservative.

    My wife was on duty as a table games dealer at Mandalay Bay the night of the shooting. They managed to corale everyone out of the building and she ended walking a couple miles or more south on LV Blvd. to Sunset Rd. where the husband of a coworker picked up her and others and gave them rides home. I was not aware of the event until she called me before she got home. We along with so many others became a natural fit for the VGK. Not only did it bring the city together like nothing before but hockey in the desert was simply a good fit for Vegas–the town’s first pro team. Heck, I starting skating back east at around the age of six and became good enough to play hockey in high school so I even had a background in the sport to sweeten the pot. The team won right away and winning is fun–it was amazing for the town. The Kraken has not won right away and that is not fun.

    How much the tragedy drove the roster to perform above and beyond will never be known. One thing is clear—fans can’t have it both ways ie. winning right away because the owner was aggressive and built a good team immediately AND not suffer the mistakes and cosequences the aggressive approach inevitably bring.

    I don’t think this cap crunch and the mistakes of Fleury/Lehner, Brossoit, Dadonov or whatever else have doomed this team to a next few years of mediocrity. Foley and team will find a path forward.

  23. LVsc

    2 quite likely events=

    Vgk misses playoffs


    Dadonov trade is voided by NHL
    how many think that McCrimmon will still be GM if that happens?
    Spector’s Hockey @SpectorsHockey
    RT @JesseGranger_: I’ve had two sources tell me this morning they believe the Evgenii Dadonov trade to Anaheim will likely be voided. Nothing official, just what I’m hearing. Apparently Dadonov filed his NTC with Ottawa on June 30 (prior to July 1 deadline) & VGK never received it from Ottawa.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @LVsc, why would VGK be at fault if Ottawa screwed up ?

      And Dadonov should have re filed with VGK, since his contract with Ottawa is void. What do NHL rules say about filing a NTC after a player is traded ?

      NHL already approved the trade , did they not ? Or not ? How can they void something after they approved it ?

      This is a NHL/players union issue, not VGK FO issue. The only way it is a VGK FO issue is IF they have a NTC with Dadanov, and NHL missed it because they are supposed to review all contracts before approving a trade.

      JG is not friendly to VGK FO , his reporting on MAF , among others, proves it. A member of “media mob” .

  24. Barney

    McCriminal’s dealings are always shady just like he is. Hopefully he is held to task for trying to bully dadonov thru this one.

    Between investment banker foley and McStinky I’m not sure there is anyone else lower in the gutter for treating people poorly

  25. THE hockey GOD

    No Trade/Movement Clauses

    Players can have no trade or no movement protection in their contracts:

    No Trade Clause (NTC): A player cannot be traded without permission

    No Movement Clause (NMC): A player cannot be traded or placed on waivers without permission. Waivers are needed to send players to AHL.

    Modified No Trade or No Movement (M-NTC or M-NMC): Players submit a list of teams they can or cannot be traded to. Language & # of Teams varies by contract.


    Players are only eligible for No Trade or No Movement clauses in years when they meet the eligibility requirements for Unrestricted Free Agency.

    Clauses after Trades

    If a player is traded before a NTC or NMC starts, the clause is removed unless the acquiring team agrees to keep it, which is rare.

    If a player has a Modified NTC or NMC in effect, and a player is traded to a team that is permitted based on the list (no waiving of the clause is required), the clause remains in effect after the trade.

    If a player waives a clause for a trade, they generally agree to waive it only for the purposes of that specific trade, so the acquiring team agrees to put it back in place.

    Update in 2020 MOU: No-Trades & No-Moves travel with the Player when traded or waived. This means that if a player is traded before the clause goes into effect, the clause will no longer be removed with the new team. If players have already lost their clause due to being traded prior to it starting, they will not be re-instated.

    • Bottom line. Piss Poor Planning Produces Piss Poor Performance – The McIdiot Shit Show continues on…..

      • THE hockey GOD

        bottom line>>>>Latest on Dadonov: Somehow, on trade call from Ottawa to Vegas (a team Dadonov could not block), Golden Knights and NHL were led to believe protection had expired/not filed properly. But, there is correspondence proving no-trade paperwork filed correctly (and on-time) June 30.>>per Elliotte Friedman.

        question : who led VGK and NHL to believe that protection had expired/not filed properly? THat is million dollar question. NHL is holding the bag of pucks now.

  26. Barney

    Did VGK talk to dadonov’s agent prior? Highly unlikely
    Consequences to actions

    • THE hockey GOD

      maybe they did and the agent screwed up ?

      “question : who led VGK and NHL to believe that protection had expired/not filed properly?”

  27. I would like to see Thompson get this back-to-back as another step in his validation. Starting him over Brossoit is like DeBoer saying you suck. Gotta be tough being and NHL backup even if you ARE pulling down north of $2m.

    Yeah, Brossoit was a mistake, so was Dadonov and in hindsight Fleury should have been allowed to stay even if he did blow game 7, went into a slump when his dad passed and finally when he blew game 3 in MTL. These types of mistakes by management are the tradeoffs when a team gets off to quick start and tries to keep going after the Cup. The key here is Foley. Can he right the ship at these crossroads, crossroads btw we are not yet at until the postseason is missed? Stay tuned.

  28. LVsc

    David Schoen @DavidSchoenLVRJ
    RT @CapFriendly: In regards to the Vegas situation: If the trade isn’t approved, Dadonov’s cap remains on VGK. If their LTI players become healthy, they must activate them If they shed cap through a trade, the traded player isn’t eligible to play in any NHL games for the remainder of the season


    not a good situation for Vgk if this happens


    Thg—you need to ask those questions of Ottawa and Gary Bettman, not me.

  29. ulf

    I guess we’ll find out soon, but seriously doubt Vegas can blame Ottawa here. They’re the buyer of the contract in that original trade. They had plenty of time to read that contract and do due diligence if they saw anything missing, before they let him play 60 games (!) with their organization.

    Really seems like Vegas scrambling to cover up incompetence, whether or not Ottawa “failed to mention it” on a phone call last year when Dadonov was traded.

    • Pistol Pete

      What about the NTC? They approved the trade. Using a little common sense that probably absolves VGK of any liability, however ICBW. Anyways, listen to Ken, not me.

      • ulf

        Well if I’m Vegas FO and brokering a trade with another team, I’m getting the contract before finalizing to make sure I understand it – especially as Vegas is one of the ‘close to the cap’ teams out there. This is standard procedure for teams.
        The contract absolutely had to have a NTC listed in there.
        If there was no attached list, or Ottawa said “don’t worry about it, there isn’t one”, the onus is on Vegas to insist to see it.
        If Ottawa misrepresented that’s a separate issue. At this point we don’t know what happened but hopefully will soon.
        Buyer beware!

        • ulf

          This really smacks of Vegas FO trying to have their cake and eat it too – keep Dadonov for help until the last minute, then trade him for cap relief – if they were going to move him, they should have planned well in advance or at least been knowledgeable about the contract of a player who’s played for them for 60 games…

        • NTC approved the trade.

        • THE hockey GODv

          “The contract absolutely had to have a NTC listed in there.” it’s not part of contract according to puck pedia which I posted above. It says specifically “Update in 2020 MOU: No-Trades & No-Moves travel with the Player when traded or waived.” It travels, it refers to player not the contract and as I read it is a separate item, not part of contract. Somebody was deceived. Who and when ? Even NHL didn’t buy it.

          NHL is socialized, red tape, bureaucratic cluster fuck. That is what happens when you put libtardturds like BETTMAN in charge.

          • ulf

            Ah, Puck Pedia. Nice but not the greatest resource. OK for fantasy purposes but I prefer Fantrax for that stuff. Try NHL or even Sporting News for many rules clarifications.

            Also, why do they call No-Trade (and No-Move) Clauses, clauses?

            Because they are a clause in the contract.
            Sometimes the details are in the Appendices of the contract, but it’s in the contract all the same.

  30. Recalling the shrewd way the FO picked up Tuch and Theodore in exchange for acquiring Haula in the expansion draft form MIN and not acquiring Josh Manson from ANA in the expansion draft. Smart. Foley dictated to Craven and McPhee that the team waste no time in building a winning roster. Far more aggressive and exciting than the conservative boring approach up there in Seattle. It’s going to be one long haul for those fans. I would not want to be in their shoes.

    • Ah, Alex Tuch. If it wasn’t for him being injury prone. He’d still be here and they would have had to figure out another way to land Eichel the future Captain and face of the franchise.

      All then pissing and moaning about Theodore when he’s .61 pts/game this year way above average for a D. Just because he’s in a slump and he’s -3. Amazing how disgruntled fans can be and how quickly it flip flops when things go well. Talk about transparency.

      • Daryl

        I agree…. Another thing to think bout, Petra was brought in for offensive production. What’s his production compared to Theo?

        • Pistol Pete

          Theo may be a bit higher than Petro since Petro’s been here but Petro’s career is higher .59 (+96) vs. .55 (+39). Some think Petro is a mistake. I am not in that camp.

          • Daryl

            I think Petra was a mistake because he was a player that wasn’t needed when there were other needs more pressing. But the biggest reason I think he was a mistake is because of his contract. That was a great contract for him and congrats on it, but it was a horrible one for VGK, which will have an impact for several years to come

  31. Galdom

    The Hockey God. This is for you. This is not for anybody else so my intention is not for anybody else to watch it so don’t shit on me after. This is exclusively for The Hockey God. This helps support your opinion that Fluery makes horrible mistakes at the most critical times that has actually “indeed” cost his teams games. At the three minute mark there is the screwup in which he costs Team Canada a gold medal at the worlds junior championships. As a Canadian that was painful for me. This was the beginning of a pattern. There are dozens more horrible Fluery gaffes as he is a mere mortal human that makes mistakes and not the God whose presence and smile will make everyone else better. What this video has done is taken the exclusive mistakes which he makes in big games. These are all Stanley Cup Playoff clips.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ Galdom, and only Galdom, and no one else, including the hillbilly, or is it red neck from North Carolilna. I think hillbilly, but what do you know about retrograde culture of south ??

      Ô Canada!
      Terre de nos aïeux,
      Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!
      Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,
      Il sait porter la croix!
      Ton histoire est une épopée
      Des plus brillants exploits.
      Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
      Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.
      Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

      • Daryl

        That’s right old man… Tough guy behind a computer. Let the name calling continue because that just shows how pathetic you really are… In fact you are nothing more than a little bitch who thinks he knows so much but we all laugh at. I’m sure you wish Doc was still around so you don’t look at stupid as you do….

        Well I guess I will keep on stalking you old man. Come at me with something original besides hillbilly.

    • Daryl

      I love watching bloopers so if course I watched the videos. Unfortunately this wasn’t really a bloopers reel as it was giving up bad goals. I was a little disappointed

  32. Galdom

    The Hockey God, i’m not shitting on Fluery. I think someone can make a video of his brilliant game saving saves and the video could be 20 minutes long. I’m just providing perspective out there and another side of the coin. That video was made before his Vegas gaffe so the pattern continues and there is a pattern of Fluery screwing up at the most inopportune times. He has lost his starting goalie gig multiple times due to bad stretches of play. There is nothing wrong with anything I said in this paragraph since it is true. If anybody gets upset then that’s your problem. Suck it up buttercup. I don’t get upset if someone tells me that Lehner doesn’t have great lateral movement or that he has had a subpar season in regards to his standards. If someone tells me that Lehner is terrible and wants to replace him with a bunch of goalies that are far worse than him then I challenge that non factual statement. Have a good day everyone. 17 games left in a season to forget. Never thought I would watch the playoffs without Vegas in it.

    • Daryl

      Two things….

      MAF has only lost his starting job once to bad play. When he was in Burgh, he lost his job because he was injured and Murray was playing amazing. It was a matter of playing the hot goalie. When MAF came back he was still playing good but Murray was playing better. The other time was because he was playing bad.

      Then onto VGK… Did he lose the job because he was playing bad? His numbers were similar to RL so if you answer yes, that means RL was also playing bad.

      As for the link, have you ever read any of his articles? The guy is a joke and is made fun of all the time by other writers. He has written several negative articles about the Pens and he is well known for not liking them. He wrote an article about a certain Pens Dman and how he should be playing. He was called out by se eral experts so he came back and said he was only kidding but then took his article down. He dies t believe MAF belongs in the HoF if that tells you anything about him.

      And no, I’m not mad or upset about anything you have said about MAF. I am a fan but I know he has flaws

      • Galdom

        What you have said I believe is not factual in regards to MAF losing his job only once and due to injury. First of all if Murray was hot and playing better than Fleury that’s just a fancy way of not saying that he lost his job to Murray.

        In 2019-20 Fleury was playing like absolute garbage and had a .905 save percentage which is lower than what Lehner has this year and you guys can’t stand him. And this was when the world was beautiful, the VGK were a much better team and Fluery’s smile made us all feel so great about ourselves. They went out and got Lehner because they could not trust Fleury. In 2019-20, Robin Lehner playing for a sub par Chicago Blackhawks team and I know how you like to bring up how playing for A bad team brings down your numbers because it helps your argument for Fluery this year, Lehner had a .918 save percentage which not only is extraordinary but it’s actually right around his career average because he’s a good goalie. And in three games with Vegas he had a .940 save percentage.

        Peter DeBoer decided to make the move and put in Lehner for the playoff run which was the right move because he was the better goalie at the moment. Fleury lost his starting gig to Lehner. Combined Vegas and Chicago numbers he had a .920 save percentage and Fleury had a .905 save percentage playing for a better team all season.

        Stop being delusional. Yes Fluery’s dad died. He may have had some health issues not unlike what Lehner has this year. Bottom line is he lost his starting gig to Lehner and he eventually regained it the very next year.

        People, I don’t want to talk about Lehner or MAF but I have to if non factual things are said.

        How come I can admit that Lehner lost his starting gig to Fleury last year but you can’t admit that Fluery lost his starting gig to Lehner the year prior???

        • The biggest difference between The Walrus and The Flower is that Fleury has always found a home wherever he has been. No team has ever gotten rid of The Flower for any other reason than for cap or to go younger. Lehner on the other hand has been traded because of his many problems both on and off the ice at times. And now, once again, Lehner isn’t living up to expectations here in Vegas. Throw the stats around all you want. Fleury is a shoo-in Hall of Famer goaltender and the Walrus is not and never will be.

          • Galdom

            Richie Rich, I’m not disputing anything you just said. I’m not disputing which goalie is better. I’m not even arguing whether it was a mistake to bring Lenher to the team in the first place. Maybe looking at where we are now and him being hurt it possibly was a mistake. But again, Lehner was good in the playoffs in 2019-20 and Fleury was good as well the next year. Goaltending has not hurt their playoff runs. I just don’t want to deviate from my point which was the non-factual statement that Fleury has only lost his starting gig once in his career due to poor play. That’s basically it. I’m just trying to stick to truths and facts.

          • Daryl

            The biggest difference for me when comparing goalies is MAF will steal you a game where as RL will not. MAF will make that amazing save late in the game to secure a win. RL will make a good save early on but when you need him to bail out your defense late in the game he doesn’t do it

        • Daryl

          You can believe me or not I don’t care a single bit. Go back and look at the stats and more importantly watch those games. MAF was injured when Murray took over. Murray was playing great and I had no problem with him taking over for MAF, but MAF still played extremely well when he returned from injury. I was happy with either one playing goalie, but Murray starting over MAF wasn’t because MAF was playing bad, which is what I said.

          As for RL taking over for MAF, they were both playing very similar. Yes, MAF played bad after his dad died and that lasted awhile and I was not surprised that RL started playing more, but come playoff time, they were both playing similar games. So, if you want to say MAF lost his job to RL, then that’s fine but it was based off how he was playing during the regular season and not there at the end

        • Daryl

          And don’t get me wrong, VGK did the right thing by getting rid of MAF. A that point they really had no choice. I think UT was a huge mistake and a knee jerk reaction to bring in RL but once they did, one had to go and MAF made the most sense.

  33. Galdom

    Pierre Lebrun of TSN reporting that the NHL has not announced when they will have a resolution to the Dadonov trade but his sense is that the trade will be voided.

  34. Daryl

    Anyone see a floppin walrus??

    And this is the nutcase we have in net

  35. Galdom

    That was absolutely fantastic Darryl. Thank you. Brought back some old memories. Fighting doesn’t have the place in the game like it used to which I guess is a good thing but that was cool to see. I wonder if he got suspended for that. Two refs had to hold him back. Lehner is a pretty good fighter. I’ve seen some good tilts with him. Obviously fighting is a useless skill set especially if you are a goaltender but he has that regardless.

    • Daryl

      I miss the old days of fighting. And if you listen to all the greats, Mario and Gretzk among almost all the others, they think fighting is needed

  36. Galdom

    Hey Darryl as an MMA fan I’m sure you can appreciate this beautiful uppercut by Robin Lehner.

    • Daryl

      I saw that earlier… But I have a problem with his all the cheap shots RL does then tries to act tough as he hides behind players and officials. I have no respect for players like that. RL isn’t the only one obviously but he is who we are talking about right now.

    • Daryl

      You think RL could hang with the tough guys?

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