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Recap: The opening 20 minutes in Los Angeles were wild. Both clubs looked sluggish to start but around the midway point of the period the game opened up. First Reilly Smith gave Vegas a 1-0 lead on the power play and Keegan Kolesar tipped in another :26 seconds later. LA immediately answered to cut the lead in half but Jonathan Marchessault regained Vegas’ two goal lead moments later. Altogether, the two teams combined for 4 goals in 1:16.

Vegas continued to pressure LA in the second period scoring twice to take a 5-1 advantage. LA would earn one back with a shorthanded goal to pull within three.

The Golden Knights took a 6-2 lead after Marchessault’s second goal of the game and 16th of the season. LA inched closer but never threatened Vegas’ advantage.

The Golden Knights record improves to 21-12-0 defeating the Kings 6-3 in LA. Vegas returns home for a six-game homestand beginning on Friday. The Golden Knights and Ducks will face off on New Year’s Eve. Puck drop is set for Noon. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The game was messy for about the first five minutes. Then the Golden Knight started scoring and never stopped. It wasn’t exactly the best hockey game in the world, but the Golden Knights were much better than the Kings. Like much much much better. (Recap by Ken)

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Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Karlsson
** Reilly Smith
* Jonathan Marchessault



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  1. Daryl

    I said VGK would win 4-2….but really 4 goals in a little over a minutes. That’s pathetic. I think the Kings are 5-5 in Devenber,, not very good. I tries to tell some on here that these teams who aren’t very good but started out strong will start to dwindle

    • The Kings had the best off season and I had predicted that they would win the division with Anaheim also being a strong contender. Both these teams have been erratic though.

      I have to admit, VGK has been a pleasant surprise other than goal tending.

      If we stay healthy, get Martinez back, I expect VGK will breeze to a #1 seed. No rush to bring Jack Eichel up at all. Let him heal and get his legs back under him and have him ready for the Cup run.

  2. We were not perfect, but good this game. Both teams we without some guys, but we have so much depth. I know that we, as fans, are the most worthless, the most moronic twits known in the history of sports, but we have a terrific team. Irrespective of the fake fans, the East Coast fakes that enlighten all of us mental midgets on this blog, we got a shot at the Cup. Marchy is terrific, a gutsy guy, he never stops trying, even as a hockey idiot, I can see this. If The NHL screws this season up, we all should not support this terrific sport. If our Government screws it up, stop supporting Sisolak, the cheese head. This is our 3rd year dealing with this flu. 20 to 35 year olds are not at risk, everyone needs to wake up .

  3. Pistol Pete

    Couple more PP goals. Knew that drought would eventually start to fade.

  4. Pistol Pete

    With Lehner out now is the time to try Thompson. I suppose 3 GA games happen to the best goaltenders, the three Vasilevskiy gave up in Vegas last week is an example, but it’s hard to get through the postseason giving up 3 to 4 and that is what the VGK have been doing. Defensive support is important by so is more than the token number of good saves a game…you need consistently strong goaltending.

    • Daryl

      I agree, I would love to see Thompson get a chance. Not sure what’s up with RL, but no reason you can’t play the backups backup for a game or 2 just to see how he does

  5. THE hockey GOD

    very sloppy game all around, to be expected; timing off.

    SJS 8

    The USA in World Juniors are having a heck of time, forfeited two games. This is not right, not right at all.

  6. A couple of thoughts.

    1. The team is in much better shape than I thought it would be by the end of December.

    2. The credit has to go to the offense and coach/players making significant improvements on the power play.

    3. Goal tending is the weak spot and my analysis that 4+ goals would be needed to beat the better teams is standing up to the test. It is becoming clear that Lehner can be an above average starter when at his very best, not great but good enough to beat the teams he’s supposed to and with 4 plus goals of offensive help he can win on most nights. Brossoit, a career back up, has stepped up to the plate lately in the absence of Lehner and has also played above his head. The offense continues to produce and is covering up the weaknesses is goal.

    4. I also need to give some credit to the defense, especially 5v5. The number of blocks they are making is ridiculous. I finally became a McNabb fan this year. Those devastating hip checks along the boards are like beautiful art work. Let’s go Brandon (McNabb!).

    5. Lastly, I would still like to see Logan Thompson get some serious minutes just to see what he might be able to bring to the table. The pieces are all mostly looking good for Forwards and Defense. Could Logan Thompson be the pearl that VGK is looking for in net? We won’t know unless they play him.

    6. Some serious decisions are going to have to be made when Eichel joins the roster. Where will he play and what will the FO have to do in order to get VGK under the CAP? At this point, is there any real rush to activate Jack given the success of this team? Maybe Jack stays on LTIR until the playoffs?

    • John W

      I thought this was a solid win, even considering the sloppy play from both teams. Thoughts as follows:

      – The offense is truly impressive, especially when you consider the firepower we have sitting injured…(Stone, Petro, Dadanov and Eichel). This team could be truly scary if the FO plays it right.

      – Misfits continue to make a case to be left together, and intact. Marchy on an impressive run… it just me, or is he really that much better this year?

      – The Theodore resurgence continues, on both ends of the ice. Great to see. With the continued development from Whitecloud and Hague, our Blue Line is looking better and better.

      – Not all positive…..Despite getting a gifted goal from Hutton, Kolesar continues to be outplayed by pretty much any forward on the team. Also, Coughlin seemed to give away all the progress he made on the last road trip…..he gets the dunce cap for being responsible for the Kings shortie.

      – Center depth will be a HUGE strength when Jack appears. Roy, Stephenson, and Karlsson all rolling.

      – Finally, I agree with the crowd here, that we need a test game or two for Logan T. This team has a chance to be truly great. Goaltending improvement would be necessary to get us there.

      Anybody, conspiracy theories with Martinez going LTIR?

      • Henderson Knights

        That was absolutely an inexcusable giveaway and lack of effort by Coghlan. First he just handed the puck with a soft backhand to the Kings player, then he just stood there and watched Moore skate by him and go for the puck. That shorthanded goal against was 100% on fringe dman Coghlan. He is the defensive version of 55.

        Big win, but the moon must have been full on a night when X marks the Spott gets a win as coach, his PP gets some goals(and gives up one too), and Kolesar tips in a goal almost inadvertently.

        • Blitz

          I don’t remember seeing Coghlan late in the 3rd and seems like his d partner, Hauge, was rolling in with others. Not sure if he was hurt or sat. Hopefully the later. Personally I am not a fan of Cogs play. He has some offensive upside, but not enough to make up for his defense. He’s young and maybe will get there.

          For the bottom of the d lineup I like Hutton. Been a fan since his first couple of games with VGK. He seems d responsible and has even had some offensive plays. Thought he had a nice goal last night, but Kolesar got himself in front of it for the credit. I really don’t care much that 55 got the goal, but I was hoping Hutton got some reward for his positive effort.

          Hague wasn’t great last night either. Maybe because he was paired with Cogs, but certainly had his share of blunders. Would like to see more out of him. Needs to work on his passing. The wings have to collect half of them in their skates while on the run.

      • John, I, too, see Marchy a better player this year. He is unrelenting, both fighting for the puck defensively, or fighting for those second/ third chance goals in front of the net. With so many injured this season, he has been a pretty sure bet to play every game at 120%.

  7. Tim

    First off nice win within the division lets continue Friday with another division win with Anaheim. My conspiracy theory may have some credence. I see they put Alex Martinez on long term IR the other day that means one of two things either his facial cut was deep and it caused nerve damage or there sandbagging him. Keeping him on ice until the playoffs and his 5 million cap hit allows them flexibility where they don’t have to trade Reilly Smith or Dadanov who were in the rumor mill. I believe there going for the cup this year and feel they need all the pieces and trading one of those two would weaken the team. If thats the case then they only have to shed about 2.5 million which would be easily doable. Right now our D-Men are good enough to overcome the loss of Martinez so it makes sense to me. On another note our goalie situation is a little scary Lehner is up and down and say what you want about Brossoit the fact is he’s a lifelong backup for a reason so before you get all star struck by him keep that in mind.

    • Daryl

      It’s not that easy to keep players on long term. The NHL keeps dabs on this and if it looks like a team is trying to work the system they will put a stop to it

      • Tim

        Daryl, Tampa worked the system last year and if we do it this year they will definitely put a stop to it next year. But for now there’s not much they can do if a doctor says there not fit to play. They can always get a doctor to say what they need him to say.

        • Daryl

          I understand what you are saying but the bhk does follow up on this. Unless something major happens during his recovery, VGK would be very hard press to show he needs to be out until the playoffs. I can see stretching his return a couple weeks but not a couple months

    • Henderson Knights

      Tim, Martinez also got a concussion from that skate to the face. it was not just the bad cut, but a concussion that keeps him out long term with the uncertainty of concussions.

      • Tim

        Henderson Knights. I agree how ever they can stall him returning is a benefit to our playoff chances. Like you said a concussion who can say when he’s well enough to play.

        • Daryl

          Again, this is nothing more than wishful thinking…. you aren’t going to keep someone out for months on a concussion just to have him return the day of the playoffs….

  8. George L.

    I’m just glad hockey is bank.

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