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Recap:  The Golden Knights and Kings faced off for their first of four matchups this season. Vegas struck first nine minutes into the opening period after Shea Theodore wristed his first goal of the season from the blue line. Los Angeles tied the game off a rebound and took the lead on a screened shot past goaltender Robin Lehner. After 20 minutes the Kings lead 2-1.

Los Angeles added to their lead three minutes into the middle frame. Newly signed Philip Danault stung the Golden Knights once again with his first goal as a King. Captain Anze Kopitar stretched LA’s lead to 4-1 with his second of the game.

Vegas coach Pete DeBoer replaced Lehner with backup Laurent Brossoit for the final period but it wouldn’t matter. Drew Doughty scored the Kings second power play goal of the night to end any shred of hope of a Vegas comeback.

The Golden Knights record drops to 1-1-0 after their 6-2 defeat in LA. Vegas will have a few days off to prepare for their next opponent on Wednesday night. Puck drop against the St. Louis Blues is scheduled for 7PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights did not look good from the drop of the puck on this night and despite taking a lead (thanks to a major goalie mishap) it never got better. The 2nd period could go down as one of the worst in a long time for the Golden Knights as they allowed two goals and lost Mark Stone to what looks like a serious injury. DeBoer pulled Lehner for the 3rd, and Brossoit allowed a goal on the very first shot he saw. If it could go wrong, it did. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Los Angeles Kings game at Staples Center.

  • Looking into my concerns about the penalty kill
  • The Eichel rumors keep coming
  • Podcast (Friday)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Peyton Krebs? Evgenii Dadonov?
** No one
* Definitely no one


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  1. goalie trade

    VGK look like shit. De Boer’s new neutral zone trap is killing them. they look befuddled as to where to go or who to cover.

    with Stone injured now, the team is really going to struggle .

    might as well call up more of the Henderson kids, including Thompson…. the kid line tonight is the only thing positive about this game.

  2. Coyote

    I thought Kolesar played ok tonight.

  3. Richard Santomauro

    As I predicted in the preseason, the LAK had the best offseason and they were actually on the rise at the end of last season.

    Dumping Fleury for the Walrus was all about getting more firepower 5on5 and on the PP. Result? Two games in 0-4 on PP chances. Stephenson has two miracle goals. But, overall nothing to cheer about. The Walrus was pulled after 2, why? Being down 3 goals isn’t a reason.

    And what about the Captain? He didn’t look bad coming off the ice, but he sure needed help getting back to the locker room.

    I enjoyed watching the rookie line out there. VGK could be entering a rebuilding phase. We shall see.

    Did I hear the announcer correctly? 46 shots on goal? That’s an ass whipping.

    My prediction that LAK will win the division got solidified this evening. Also solidified are my thoughts on both DeBoering and Lehner.

    I think the VGK needs this time off to do some thinking before they take on the Blues next week.

    If I hadn’t known it was going to be this bad it would have been an awful game to watch. Oh, I know — Carrier, Roy and Janmark are out! They would have made a huge difference! Okay … okay … okay…

    Let’s try to focus on the positive though…..

    Stephenson is a goal scoring zen master!

  4. Frank

    Hot take after preseason and first two games…. This team this year is objectively worse in ALL phases of the game than previous teams. Get ready for a bumpy ride this year VGK fans…..

  5. George L.

    Looks like the locker room is lost. Great job McMuffin boys

  6. Tim

    The curse is upon us. The Chicago Cubs had the curse of the Billy Goat didn’t win a @World Series for well over 100 years. The Boston Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino after they traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees again 100 years to win a World Series. Now we have the distinction of the curse of Marc Andre Fleury will it take us a hundred years to win a Stanley Cup. Karma’s a bitch and trading for Lehner and treating Fleury the way they did they’ve reaped what they sow. Lehner is done you might as well put a fork in him I said this before he gives up to many soft goals and with No and I emphasis No power play we are dead in the water. The heads will be rolling sooner then later. Last person out shut off the lights.

  7. Retribution has a way of coming around and mgt deserves the pain. They were lucky to win the opener and folded under real competition tonight. Be men mgt and stand up and admit you screwed up. I can think of a number of players laughing at your blunders.

  8. DC

    Looked like a repeat of Kings vs Golden Knights on Sep. 30, 2021 in SLC. No Bueno.

  9. Derek

    Due to loser mentality of PDB and moronic front office, VGK has lost it’s soul…get ready for a lackluster season and a one and done playoff run…interest will wane but at least seats will finally get cheaper

  10. Daryl

    The tram looked pretty good tonight…. A few adjustments and they had it

  11. THE hockey GOD

    Kings are back- for now,

    Iaofallo had an OUTSTANDING game. ( notice they have three above average centers; two of which they got in off season)

    Injuries and lack of depth (new franchises have little depth) are hurting VGK team right now. They now have only one line. Line no. 2.

    This loss was not on coach or on the goalie or on FO or on some made up fake ‘curse’ BS. The team was out manned, out played, out shot, out skated, out fought, out lined, just about every category except out hit.

    Wiggy biscuit is clueless, can’t figure out why he was pulled at start of period 3. Between him and billy buckner, VGK must have staffed the team with dumbest goalies in the league. Or maybe goalies, by nature due to too many pucks to the head, are dumbest position players in the game ??!! Oh my !

    Oh they “never give updates on injuries”. It was apparent that Stone had a soft tissue injury due to his convoluted action on his shot attempt (every time he shoots like that I cringe, it’s no wonder he isn’t hurt more often. Looks like a Picasso painting with body parts going in directions that they were not meant to go). Most likely a pulled muscle, probably groin. Groin pulls are very serious. He “locked up”. Well ‘unlocking” , and healing is troublesome. The bigger the muscle , the longer the healing time, and if not given enough time, it will repeat itself. Or never heal at all. This could be a season killer. On other hand it will likely free up cap space, a temporary solution. And on the other , other hand Boris Badanov gets to fill his shoes…err.. skates. Which isn’t a bad thing.

    On other notes>>>

    It was a fresh take listening in on the LA KINGS broadcast. Why ? They actually do the play by play on ice. Jimmie Fox is a great COLOR analyst. The in between period analysts are concise, funny, and not homers. Although they spend an extra ordinarily amount of extra time on their home time. I don’t down grade them for that. AS a visiting fan I would like to know more about the home team. A fresh change of pace, I am sure the VGK crew can learn a thing or two from them because they have been doing this for fifty some years. (Bob Miller was a great announcer, one of best in league. He was from Wisconsin, he retire a few years ago)

    Kraken are real deal, as I stated before, I wouldn’t be surprised if they finished ahead of VGK this year.

    Rumors have it that five times are in hunt for Sabres damaged goods, and are asking for four equivalent no. 1 picks (VGK do not have this ), and some state that VGK are one of five teams.

    Red Wings have some offense, but no defense.

    • Derek

      Dumbest fans in sports are back

    • Tim

      THG, I’ve told you many times chemistry is everything and we just don’t have it. Everything to you is fake news mark my words the MAF curse is upon us. Our most beloved player no doubt in franchise history was tossed out like garbage .MAF had ups and downs first year great job, second year blew a 3-1 lead to San Jose, third year handed the reigns to Lehner we couldn’t score against Dallas, forth year made the biggest blunder against Montreal the Billy Buckner special. Yes he had his moments but but if you think Lehner is better that’s your opinion. 10 years from now when you say VJK first name that will be thought of will be MAF with a smile on there face.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ tim, I never said Lehner is better, don’t put words in any of posts that aren’t there. I was one who coined the term “wiggy biscuit” !

        Ten years from now I IF MAF ever enters my brain it will be of his failure to bring SC to VEGAS despite making seven million a year, and his flub putting the puck into his own net.

        One loss against a re-tooled highly motivate opening night King’s team, and many injuries have nothing to do with “team chemistry”.

    • Mike

      Full disclosure, Kings fan here.

      I appreciate you commenting on the intermission team. Jarret Stoll and Derek Armstrong, as I’m sure you know, are former players and teammates of several of the Kings’ veterans, and they’re close enough with them where they don’t mind at all making fun of them or talking trash here and there, and it really humanizes everyone involved. It’s a treat to watch them each game.

  12. Arnold Rothstein

    update after two games from “da syndicate”

    kraken game – won
    kraken parley with kings- won
    kings game – won

    two games, up six units.

    Also, had dodgers beating giants, but never posted that one.

    PS happy gaming, where gaming is fun if you game responsibly. Never drive and game at the same time.

  13. Blitz

    What an absolute ass kicking! Deboer hockey at its finest. Could see it in preseason. Other teams full of kids looked crisp and we looked terrible. Game 1 was ok against a team that never played before, but wow things are really bad otherwise. What the hell happened or didn’t happen in the off season with our strategy/chemistry? Tough schedule coming up.

    There’s still 80 games left in the reg season.

    There’s still 80 games left in the reg season.

  14. goalie trade

    in hockey scoring is 1a, PREVENTING goals against is #1

    thus, DeBoer’s new system which has the Dmen running around out of position in all 3 zones, always scrambling to get back where they belong, and giving up constant 2-on-1’s and breakaways, is not compatible with success

    giving up 47 shots on goal, when you had an avg of only 27 per game allowed last season, is outlandishly bad.

    Vgk were #1 last season in fewest goals allowed, 2nd in save%, and 4th in shots allowed.

    that has all gone down the drain this season, but yet the d corps is the same. the only major changes are the SYSTEM, and the starting goalie.

    I watched the Seattle game vs Nashville last night, and the thing you notice is that the Kraken play a solid system, a SIMPLE system, that keeps their players in position, not running around too much, and thus they are competitive every night from day 1.

  15. Tim

    What do you think the Splash Brothers are thinking this morning. I’ve got a feeling there on speed dial to Buffalo. There jobs are now on the line and they need a diversion and what better diversion then Jack Eichel. The thinking and what they’ll sell us is by February one we’ll have Jack Eichel and Alex Tuch ready to make a push for the playoffs. If healthy that actually could be a good plan because this mix match of talent I don’t believe will work.
    We play St. Louis next Wednesday and I’m sorry to say in my heart I’ll be rooting for David Perron and James Neale a couple of Misfits.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ tim, stop living in the past.

      VGK don’t have the assets to meet Saber’s asking price, only a mad man would trade for him at this point in time. Panic is not mindset in VGK FO today. Only in brains of band wagon posters who live day to day like homeless dredges in the street. Now wipe that festering lathering like spittle off your mouth. Next time they win, you will change your tune again.

      Winning the SC is not easy, no one ever said it was. Get real.

      • Tim

        THG time will tell.

      • Daryl

        VGK FO has shown they will panic and make stupid moves… MAF is a prime example. Some people will never stop defending the BS moves this FO makes and you are their leader

  16. THE hockey GOD

    Peyton Krebs LW, Vegas Golden Knights
    Peyton Krebs was among three players assigned to Henderson of the AHL on Friday.

    Jake Leschyshyn and Jonas Rondbjerg were also sent to Vegas’ top minor-league affiliate. All three forwards played in Thursday’s loss to Los Angeles. Henderson opens their season tonight and Vegas is off until Wednesday, so Krebs, Leschyshyn and Rondbjerg could be back with the big club shortly.

  17. THE hockey GOD

    “You can say whatever you want about it but we just need to play better. It’s just one game but we need to learn from it.” -Reilly Smith

    sinbintwitter feed

  18. Julie

    Here is my question – and I’m not a big fan of Lehner, I agree with Mike McKenna that Lehner can’t move laterally and that when he’s square on the puck, he’s fine. Why did PDB pull Lehner at the end of the 2nd period? At that point, they were 4 in, but PDB has let that slide before and it was only 31 shots at that point . Was he just trying to shake things up for LA?

    • Julie

      In other predictions, I’m going with all the teams ending in K today – Ducks, Canucks and Blackhawks to win. We’ll see if my new system pays off.

    • Daryl

      PDB was trying to save RL from having a metal breakdown like he did after giving up 6 to COL among other times

    • Contact Tracer

      Play dough, puppies, and a color book were needed in a “safe room” or else he was going to hitch hike out of L.A. … go cross country again ….

  19. Blitz

    Canadian Olympic Hockey Coaches Meeting:

    Pete Deboer: What we really need to do is anticipate the puck carrier coming thru the neutral zone and attack him. This will turn over more pucks and lead to more scoring.

    Jon Cooper: Yeah, but this will lead to team confusion and ultimately lead to easier break thru by the other team, even real odd man chances and 1 on 1’s with our goalie. Real chaos!

    Pete Deboer: Errr…uhh…day to day…

    Jon Cooper: What? Ok, Pete how about getting us all another cup of coffee and go ahead and go clean the locker room again. Thought it was still pretty dirty after your earlier cleaning.

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