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Recap: The Golden Knights continued their four-game road trip with a matchup in South Florida against the high-powered Panthers. Vegas took the opening lead after Zach Whitecloud scored his 6th goal of the season. Late in the period the Panthers disrupted a Golden Knights power play and tied the game with a shorthanded goal. 

Early in the middle frame the Panthers took the lead on a difficult bounce that skipped by Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner. Vegas had two 2nd period power play opportunities but couldn’t capitalize on either. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights trailed 2-1.

Vegas captain Mark Stone missed an open net for a chance to even the score midway through the final period. It ended up being the difference as the Golden Knights couldn’t match the score and Panthers added two empty-net goals in the final minute. 

The Golden Knights record drops to 25-16-2 falling 4-1 to the Panthers. Vegas will wrap up their road trip this Saturday in Tampa. Puck drop against the Lightning is set for 4 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: At even-strength, the Golden Knights hung in there against one of the best teams in the NHL. It was the power play that really killed the Golden Knights as not only were they unable to score on multiple key opportunities, but they allowed a shorthanded goal which was a backbreaker. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Florida Panthers game at FLA Live Arena.

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Nolan Patrick
** William Carrier
* Zach Whitecloud


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Enough With The Excuses


  1. Galdom

    Florida has scored four or more goals in 22 of 26 playoff games. Since two of them were empty netters, I would say that at least the Panthers didn’t put on a scoring clinic on Vegas. In spite of what was just a one goal game (not including empty netters) it sure feels like Vegas was out classed in every facet of the game, puck possession, physicality, special teams.

    I’m not sure what to think of this game. Should we be concerned or just concede that they are much better than us?

    • Daryl

      I felt the same…. It was a close game but it seemed like FLA was in control the entire game. I would love to see the comparison of offensive zone time.

  2. knights fan in minny

    tough loss panthers are a legit cup contender on to tampa

  3. Justin

    Agreed. Unfortunately RL did let in one softie/freebie which was the difference in the game, He played well the rest of the game in fairness. Against these good teams you just can’t allow a softie and that’s happened way too much this year, is the cause for a lot of 1 goal losses.

    Offensively the team will need some time to gel with players coming back after long layoffs.

    • Galdom

      That is true about the softy and I would add to that the empty net that Stone missed. No room for error against these guys

      • Howard

        Which is why VGK cannot win a cup with RL as your starter. He’s basically Pekka Rine Junior. RL can be great at times, and at others, loses concentration and lets in softies, like Pekka did.

    • WmFCoyote

      The Walrus has the tendency to let in soft goals anytime he is in net, This game is another case of “ya gota get 4 goals if you want to win. This does not include the EN goals.

    • Richie-Rich

      Ken saw that weak ass goal tending goal (2nd one) as an unfortunate “bad bounce”.

      I didn’t say it that way. It was a flub, pure and simple. Sponge Bob level goal tending. If anyone things different I will go back and take another look. If I’m wrong I will admit it.

      • Daryl

        I’ll go as far as saying the 1st goal off the TO was stoppable. I’m not blaming RL but it appeared as though he either somewhat lost his bearings and over skated or he thought the pass was going further toward the corner. If he was in better position I think he can make that save. Again, not blaming him since it was an odd man rush, but I do think he was out of position

  4. LVsc

    the top 6 forwards have really failed in the scoring dept on this road trip ……not one single goal by anyone but grinders and dmen.

    and the PP is a disgrace, it demoralizes the Vgk and lifts the emotional level of the opponent.

    they got outworked on the PP, and played the 6-on5 like amateurs. and Spott still has a job, which is a joke.

  5. Juan

    I hope you guys don’t think Vegas is a legitimate contender, Best days are over

    • Richie-Rich

      And Juan gets it. The Golden Knights teams of 2016 and 2017 were contenders. This edition of Stars is not.

      Who’s to blame?

      The McCriminal, that’s who. It all started downhill with the firing of Gallant.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i blame covid (well really the stupid NHL covid protocol rules ) and the many, many injuries (VGL lost man games is third on the list, while teams like pittsburg are well down on the list ) . One can say that FO got damaged goods or that players are getting old. I think it’s a combination of both. The team is five years older , players lost a step or two.

        that is sign of franchise in decline when your veterans spend more time in MASH unit than on the ice

        i expect one of the big veterans with a big contract to be MAF’d in off season, and I expect that FO will pull a TBL and bring back their 10 million dollar man for the playoffs. That is what I would do if I were running the show

        • Well, for once we agree! Patches and Stone should not be playing if they are injured. Put them on LTIR and let’s get a healthy Eichel on the ice. Bring up some future stars from the Silver Knights for the run up to the playoffs.

  6. Vic

    Excellent 1st period until the game changing power play, but can the VGK decline the power play next time? Make believe it’s the NFL. They play better 5 on 5. Top two lines made many bad passes and let this game slip away. They’ll come around I hope.

  7. Daryl

    I did not realize that FLA used their backup goalie for this game

    • Richie-Rich

      Yep, Spencer Knight is a 20 year old kid. He likely doesn’t even shave and is probably a virgin.

  8. Tim

    Has anyone else noticed Stone doesn’t look like Stone. He seems slow his passing has deteriorated he’s just not Stoney maybe it’s his back and maybe he shouldn’t even been playing. Like most said Florida seemed to have the upper hand most of the game but 2-1 with a minute eight to go not a bad showing. I thought Lehner played alright a softy but that happens to all goalies but giving up only 2 to Florida you can’t complain. The shorty was insulting a game changer. I’d like to know the definition of a penalty shot. Stone flat-out got mugged but hockey like football is so subjective they can call or not call something anytime they feel like it. On to Tampa

    • Daryl

      The reason it was t a pe alty shot is the foul (holding) was initiated as the players were side by side and Stone didn’t have a clear path to the net. In regular speed it looks like it should have been but the replay clearly shows him grabbing the stick and holding Stone as they were side by side

    • I think Stone was playing hurt early in the season even before he was put on Injuries…he was playing like it. He’s been hurt a majority if this 1st half…we really could use his leadership and full strength down the stretch, but he may be hurt again or WORN OUT by playoffs.

  9. Galdom

    Tim, Mark Stone has been my favourite player by far and it pains me to see the same thing that you are seeing. Skating has never been his strength but holy smokes does he ever look slow.

    • Richie-Rich

      Stone’s never been a speedster but his skating right now is awful. I think Sponge Bob could beat him in a race. His puck handling and passing has been great though. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is playing with a lower body injury (knee, hamstring or calf). I doubt if it is an ankle injury.

  10. Pistol Pete

    That’s a very good Florida team over there. Although I just saw the highlights thus far, this was a close game that could have gone either way. Again, VGK needs more sniping—just Pacioretty’s first game back from injury and as always Eichel stand as a wild card in terms of sniping and finishing—we shall get the first look I would say no later than Avs on the 16th.

    In spite of FLA’s impressive 22-3 home record, two of the losses were to two of the worst teams
    In the league (SEA 1-4 and OTT 2-8)—the other LAK (1-4). Just a reminder that things can go poorly for the best teams, especially OTT 2-8 at home.

    • Richie-Rich

      PP, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment with all this cheerleading for Eichel as the tipping point. I, for one, cannot wait for Eichel to take to the ice just so we can put the question to rest once and for all. It will be either I knew it or – well some other excuse as to why Eichel didn’t catapult the VGK to several years of back to back Stanley Cups (which, by the way, is what we are all hoping for).

      This game was one of those that further solidified the analysis that VGK has to have a 4 plus goal performance against the top tier teams. That means the PP has to start clicking. Let’s give Patches an excuse as it was his first game back (again after an injury).

      Anyone starting to see that these aging “stars” McCrimmon has brought on have not actually pushed the VGK to greater heights, or is it just me?

      This is a young man’s game. The top stars in this league, almost without exception have their best years when they are south of 30. There are exceptions like Ovichken…….and a few others. But we don’t have a 30 year plus player at that caliber on our team.

  11. Galdom

    This team is soft. Couple of weeks ago one of my friends who is a maple leafs fan said it would be a good test for his team to play Vegas because Vegas is a heavy team. I had to explain to him that it’s not the case anymore. Living in Toronto and watching every single game with my NHL TV package half the time I get the opponents live feed and they always incorrectly say the same thing that Vegas is a heavy team.

    I’m not saying we should’ve kept Ryan Reaves but this team seems to have lost some of their spine. I would say Alex Tuch was a heavy player, he wasn’t getting pushed around. I don’t know what this new version of Mark Stone is but he was heavy. I’m one of the few people that actually like Keegan Kolesar and what he can bring to the bottom six. He’s tough but I thought he would be much more intimidating.

    Tampa and Florida although very skilled are also tough. Thank God they play in the east. When the Minnesota wild would throw up big forwards at us like Jordan Greenway, Erikson Ek, Ryan Hartman and Marcus Foligno it would pose challenges but we could handle it. I don’t know if they can beat a Minnesota, St. Louis or Nashville in the first round.

    It’s going to be unique and exciting to bring in a talent like Jack Eichel but I think this team is in a bit of an identity crisis. I used to like and be proud of Vegas being that heavy team.

    Maybe we’re not in an identity crisis I just don’t like what our new identity is. We are still a fast team with defence that jump in to play. I don’t think that is what will be successful in the playoffs. And I can say the same thing for Colorado as great as they are in the regular season I don’t know if their style of play will take them to the promised land.

    Did Shea Theodore simply over skate that puck or was he intimidated hearing the strides of big Mason Marchment getting close to him?

    While it is true that if you have terrible goaltending you are going nowhere I don’t think that will be our issue. In spite of that second goal that was a bit soft Lehner for the most part he was competent and he is getting his game back and will have a strong second half. It will be an uncomfortable conversation on here when in four weeks he will have better numbers than Marc-André Fleury.

    What I think could be the ultimate downfall and I really hate to say this is Mark Stone. He must be hurt. The Mark Stone that we’ve had up to this year is one of the top 10 players in the entire world. This year‘s version is not even close.

    • Daryl

      VGK is a big team, they just don’t play like it. Besides McNabb and sometimes Whitecloud, none of the players throw their weight around like they have in the past. At first I was big on Kolesar and felt he would be a better version overall than Reavo. But he just hasn’t panned out. He’s not the tough I thought he would be and his offense hasn’t been there either.

      As for comparison of goalies none of us should be comparing RL and MAF. The Hawks are a horrible team and not a playoff team. VGK, by some accounts, is a Cup challenging team. There is no excuse for RL to have worse numbers than MAF by the end of the season

      • Galdom

        I am 100% in agreement with you in what you said about Kolesar.. I thought the same exact thing. A better overall version of Reaves. I think he is that, certainly a better skater but I thought he’d be getting 10-12 goals a year and be more physical. But with the salary cap restrictions it was very necessary and logical to keep the cheaper younger Kolesar. He is still young and developing so he could get better but if his ceiling ends up being William Carrier that’s not the end of the world either. You still need to fill out a roster and he is playing for the major league minimum at the moment.

        • Richie-Rich

          Is Cotter still a Silver Knight? I have to check, I think we lost him?

          • THE hockey GOD

            yes cotter still on AHL roster, missing games due to what is listed as covid

        • THE hockey GOD

          “it takes time for big power forwards to develop in NHL”


          PS look at that rookie big C for LA KINGS , byfield , even snoop dog , who somehow is a LA KINGS hockey fan coined a nick name for him

    • Richie-Rich

      Great analysis. I thought giving up Tuch was a mistake. Same with Reaves. Kolesar and Carrier work well together and never get out muscled out there (or very rarely). I am of the opinion that McCrimmon has made too many tweaks. He basically threw the baby out with the bath water. Only the misfit line really remains from the years when the VGK would tilt the ice upside down and shove the pucks down the throats of other teams. You rarely see that kind of tilt anymore. Florida has the players that can do that now. The VGK defense did a fantastic job of protecting Lehner in goal last night. There were few high danger chances.

      I will admit it. I have given up on Lehner. Sure, he’s played well on this road trip minus the one softie. But, if the VGK is going to be free to tilt the ice against top tier teams they need to be sure that they have the goalie behind them. Last night was a classic example of why VGK cannot win a Stanley Cup with this goalie. Hell, trade for the Spencer Knight kid! If Lehner turns it around in the 2nd half it will be a huge surprise to me.

      Let’s face it, Stone and Pacioretty are stars, but stars who are north of 30 and are in decline. If Stone is hurting the team would be better served to put him on LTIR and get him healthy for the playoffs. VGK can make the playoffs with Cotter, Lechy and Rondjberg. I would say the same for Martinez. If he’s hurt, LTIR is the answer. Test some of the top Silver Knight defensemen in the 2nd half. Is there are star in waiting there? We won’t know unless they give them a shot. Same can be said for Logan Thompson.

  12. Galdom

    Ask for Mark Stone getting shut down in that Montreal series, that kind of stuff happens. It’s happened to Sidney Crosby quite often in the first round lately. Good coaching and focussing on a particular player can do that. I’m not as bothered by that is others are. I’m just bothered from what I am seeing from Stone every night this season.

    But as I was saying during Lehner’s struggles I guess you could also apply that Stone in in which they have plenty of time to figure it out. I’m just a bit more concerned with Stone because it seems health related.

    I’m sure we are all pretty sick of the who gets traded who gets put on IR conversation when Eichel is ready, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Stone’s back “acts up” and needs to be put on IR towards the end of the season when Eichel is back so Stone can heal up for the playoffs

  13. Pistol Pete

    I agree Stone has been underwhelming since coming back from injury but still, but….

    26 pts (7 G/19 A) +7 (25 games)

    It is possible he’s got a bad back or something but hopefully he’s just flat.

  14. Richard Santomauro

    This was a great example of why I said it will on average take 4 or more goals for VGK to beat the top tier teams with this goal tending. But, let’s be honest and spread the blame around to where it is deserved.

    #1 The Power Play returned to its mediocrity. I believe VGK was 0-3?
    #2 Florida is one of the top 3 teams in the league and you have to give them credit, but anytime you give up a short handed goal … that’s just poor puck management – period.

    So – you can place about 1/3rd of the blame on special teams and coaching.

    Next up are the top snipers on this team. Neither Stone, Pacioretty or Marchy found net in this game and were actually pretty quiet in this game. Credit Florida coaching for eliminating their risk, and blame VGK coaching and these players for not figuring out a way to put your stars into a position to score. That’s another 1/3rd of the blame.

    Lastly, and of course you have to blame Lehner for that 2nd goal. Totally misplayed with complete visibility on it. Sponge Bob has only given up 1 bad goal in 3 games, but when he does you have to point it out.

    The bottom line is that despite picking up 3 points in 3 games, the VGK isn’t going to go past the 2nd round in the playoffs with this goal tending.

    If Eichel can produce and the VGK can figure out a way to put their very best on the ice in the playoffs then it is possible they could get to the Conference Final, but that’s a stretch and the Hockey Gods will have to look down kindly! (No, not you Hockey God).

    And, yes, I guess there is such a thing as “bad ice”, Pacioretty used it as an excuse for his shitty performance and the puck was definitely slowed by bad ice on that Theodore turnover.

    • THE hockey GODv

      “average of four goals”

      these last three games for VGK say otherwise since they were tight knitted, besides the average goals per game is nearing 7 a game.

      Stats don’t lie.

  15. Richard Santomauro

    Nolan Patrick with the 3rd Star! You gotta be freaking kidding me! The ONLY thing this guy does right is be in the right place. Did you see him completely miss the net on a breakaway? This guy is a major CHOKER. MAJOR! He won’t be in the NHL much longer. Let’s put him into a trade package deal for a pick. He’s good for a 3rd rounder. Bring up Cotter, Lechy or one of the other Silver Knight stars.

  16. THE hockey GOD

    my take on this current road trip
    – goal tending on this road trip has definitely NOT been an issue, Florida announcers in third period ” this has been a playoff type game, Florida has more energy, goal tending on both sides has been GREAT”.
    – VGK tightened up on defense, but still has issue with playing 60 minutes on D
    – VGK offense dried up. no 41, no 67, no 61 all missed glorious scoring opportunities. I blame 67 and 61 on coaches due to their extended time off , timing is not there.
    – in last two games coaching staff completely changed nearly a quarter of team line up in short order putting in no2, no19, no67, and no61. Sitting players who have been “clicking”. Particularly troubling is no 19 and no 61 were not effective. It appears that no 61 is playing hurt.
    – Florida sharp shooters and top players (Barkov, Bennett, huberbeau, etc.) completely schooled VGK top players (misfit line MIA again, 61, 67, 7 – >7 has been in a funk last month).

    Am I the only one who is sick of seeing no. 2 smashed into the boards in nearly every game, more than once ? I was not happy with hit from behind no 27. The hitting from behind has come up more than once on this road trip and officials have done nothing about it.

    TBL will be a tough sell, a very tough sell. But three points on road trip against toughest teams in NHL is still better than a kick in the head.

    • THE hockey GOD

      also need to add, having only two shots after nearly 2/3rds of third period is gone for VGK is not a way to win the game or change momentum around.

    • Richie-Rich

      Very good analysis.

      Yes, Lehner has played way over his head on this road trip. Can he sustain this level of play for the remainder of the season and the playoffs. I say “no he cannot”, but I know you disagree. We shall see. For me, now, it isn’t about keeping the wrong goalie but more about why VGK isn’t testing Logan Thompson or looking to trade for a young and upcoming star (Spencer Knight). Brossoit is a good back up and in my opinion Lehner is an above average back up and an average starter. Neither goalie is going to be a Stanley Cup champion starter – ever.

      I have already declared this road trip a success. I said that getting 3 of the 8 possible points against the top teams in this league should be considered a success. And here we are with a chance at getting 4 or even 5! Will that happen against a tough TBL team? With this cluster fuck of coaching and line up changes? Probably not. We will need at least 1, possibly 2 power play goals and give up none. We’d better win the battles along the boards and get in more hits too.

      VGK coaching has to shut down their #1 line and ensure they give Sponge Bob as much protection as they did in the Florida game. That means a low scoring contest, or VGK will need at least 5 or 6 to win this game. That means Stone, Patches and Marchy finding net along with one from Theodore and Petro. Time to step it up.

      • Richie-Rich

        The reason why VGK had only 2 shots on goal through 2/3rds of the 3rd period is because they were playing defense to protect Lehner and hoping they could hit a long pass. Gone are the days of 2016 and 2017 when the VGK could tilt the ice upside down and play 15+ minutes in the offensive zone.

        McCrimmon traded that team away and fired the coach who put that on the ice.

        • THE hockey GOD

          they weren’t “playing defense ” in third period. They spent a good amount of time in florida zone, but could not manage to get a shot on the net.

          don’t know what game you were watching, but they were trying to generate offense, and there was some back and forth. RL came up with some saves that kept them in game.

          The goal tending “problem” was resolved when the “farce” of franchise was let go.

          And both Goalies played on this road trip. The RL hate is blinding from the same old haters in this forum.

          Like I said before when goal tending is really an issue I will let you all know. So far it has not been.

          • Daryl

            And the blind RL faithful will very seldom admit when he isn’t playing well. The first goal was not on him but he over skated the play. The 2nd goal was all RL. And FLA dominated puck control

            You think because you played goalie in middle school you are the all knowing when it comes to the goalies but that just isn’t true. And your last statement says it all…

          • You know THg you are a pathetic soul unfortunately. You talk about the RL walrus haters but you just can’t leave the MAF situation rest. Seems to me you realize they got rid of the wrong goalie and to compensate for that have gone the other direction to justify the mistake they made and make yourself feel better. If that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t keep being it up. Sad

      • THE hockey GOD

        thank you for kind words RR

        • Darly he retired from midget hockey which was a first for sure and is under the impression he is an authority on goal keeping when he actually kdoesn’t known shit.

    • Daryl

      FLA announcers said multiple times that it was a playoff atmosphere and I agree. They also said RL came up big early on, which he did. On the first goal, after reviewing it, they commented on RL over playing his position. They also made several comments about RL being a big man in net and FLA needed to stop shooting the puck directly at him if they were going to score. On most of his saves, the shots hit him directly in the chest. Part of that is being in good position and part is bad shooting. He did have that one great toe save as he went from one side to the other after missing the poke check.

      What’s bad is, we played against a 20y/o backup and we had trouble scoring. Some of that was not getting shots at all but some of it was not getting shits on net

      • Galdom

        I feel like I am able to be objective but most aren’t. There is no question the second goal was weak. How anybody would disagree I can not understand but when only 2 goals get by him all game when Florida regularly scores 4 or more per game I would say that goaltending was not the issue. In 22 of 26 home games Florida has scored 4 goals or more not including empty netters. You are also blaming the first goal on him. So Darryl what you are saying is that the only acceptable outcome from Lehner should have been a shutout. You also agreed that Florida outplayed Vegas in an earlier post. Which is it? And you said that every other shot was straight at Lehner and he didn’t have to make a good save. Do you listen to yourself??

        So Florida who leads the entire league in goals by a country mile outplayed Vegas, scored 2 goals that should have been stopped and every single other shot was right at Lehner and he didn’t have to make any saves. So the only acceptable outcome for you was a shutout??? I respect you Darryl but I am not sure that I can take any opinion of yours on Lehner seriously anymore since you can’t stand him and be objective. I can admit when he lets in a bad one but you can’t admit that he made any good saves. So again, you are saying that the most offensively potent team in the NHL forgot how to shoot properly on wednesday and shot every single puck straight at him, Lehner made zero good saves and flubbed two of the shots.


        • I think I was much more objective. The only goal RL could have and should have stopped was the 2nd one. He gets 1/3rd the blame for this loss. He’s played extremely well on this road trip. I am not a fan of his but I give credit and discredit when it is due…..

        • But, this is one of those games that I say VGK needs to score 4 goals. So, Lehner played extremely well, even if this game. VGK could have won it with just 3 goals.

        • THE hockey GOD

          the Florida announcers also said their own goalie let in weak goal, so for those saying weak goals decided the game, I would say that is not the case. Not at all.

          The Florida goalie let the net wide open on more than one occasion. The difference in game was that Florida was able to compensate and shut down the VGK offensive players. While VGK only did it for less than 60 minutes in the game.

          • Galdom

            So this was a post after the Washington game by somebody that I copied and pasted. This what I mean. Literally gets no credit. Lehner was spectacular and at times faced a ton of difficult shots including on the 5 on 3 that was nearly two minutes. The team provided a total of ONE goal so there was literally zero room for error and this is this poster’s take on that……..

            For those jumping up and down about RL relax. He literally had no high danger chances against him. Pretty much every shot was right at his chest, and when there was a rebound the knights d cleared it immediately. The shutout is thanks to very high level d, leaner did not need to make tough saves. That’s the d the knights need with Lehrer in goal to have any chance against any team. It was lucky tonight that no shot was at a corner, or over his glove, or under his glove, or over his blocker, or at the 5 hole, or required any quick lateral movements. If we can talk every team into shooting like that there may be hope…

          • Daryl

            At no point did a single FLA announcer say that Whitecloud goal was weak. They said his shot was a sniper into the back of the net. Now you are just making things up and I am calling you out on iy

        • Daryl

          No, I am not blaming the first goal on him. I’m saying he over played the shot which left him no chance at making the save. I look at that goal like Whitecloud. It was a great shot where the goalie had a pretty clear picture. That doesn’t mean he should have stopped it. I’m also not blaming RL on losing the game, I never said that either.

          Blaming RL for this loss is similar to the morons who blame MAF for losing the MTL series. Very seldom will you ever see me blame any one person or the officials. This is a team sport and win or lose its done as a team.

          As for FLA shooting right at RL if you watched the game that’s exactly what happened. And I’m not the one who said it, it was the FLA announcers who made that comment. That doesn’t mean RL didn’t play well. As I said, most of the time that means RL was in the right position.

          Don’t start being like certain others who pick out some of my comments or parts of my comments to make it sound like I am saying something I’m not

        • Daryl

          I gave RL all the credit for the Caps game. Yes there were very few high danger shots but I don’t put much weight in high danger shots if you look at how they determine what’s a high danger shot. The defense also played the best they have all year which really helped but I didn’t take anything away from RL

      • Galdom

        Someone even gave him zero credit for shutting out Washington. I hope that wasn’t you, I will have to check. The second goal was weak but it wasn’t a back breaking Fluery gaffe with less then one minute to go in a playoff game. His teammates had 38:42 to score and tie up the game. In this results oriented business, Robin Lehner has stopped 62 of 64 shots on this road trip for a .969 save percentage. If I am told that Lehner will have a .969 save percentage in his next two games against Tampa and Buffalo I expect them to win both games.

        Come on people!!!!

  17. THE hockey GOD

    I am NOT a fan of “michigan’ goal AT ALL

    I think NHL should BAN it, and I think it is completely BUSH.


    • Anytime a player finds a new way to put the goal in net?

      Love it.

    • Daryl

      What we will see next is something similar but out in front… Player will pick up puck with stick and fling it toward the net

    • knights fan in minny

      aka the mike legg goal michigan wolverines scored on steve dubus minnesota gophers

  18. THE hockey GOD

    i love the michigan goal, i watch that zegras highlight 500 times now

  19. Tim

    Sometimes I wonder is pulling the goalie a good thing when your down one with two minutes to go. Let’s face it besides a little streak in December our PP has sucked since last years playoffs and beyond. To think with our track record on the PP is pulling the goalie our best option I’m beginning to think not. Just because everyone does it we have to I don’t like to follow I like to lead. Why don’t we take our best 6 forwards and 4 best D-Men and double shift them. Why in God’s name would we put our third and fourth line out there at that critical part of the game that I will never get. I’d like to see them try keeping the goalie in net and double shift our best players as an experiment. 2-1 with a minute eight seconds to go with a chance to tie the game and we give up two empty netters and the party’s over just doesn’t make sense.
    You other posters can chime in on your thoughts about this topic but that’s my opinion.

    • THE hockey GOD

      Tim , I definitely agree. I don’t think anyone should pull the goalie unless the puck is firmly in possession of the offensive team deep in offensive zone. And the right match up is on the ice. I have zero confidence when 7 , 81, and 19 are out there because they immediately give up the puck. 81 has been consistent in his aspect of game, not very good on puck possession. No .7 just make too many bad decisions with puck.

      • Tim

        Were on the same page the only difference I refer to someone by name you and other posters use there numbers. To be honest with you when team numbers are used I don’t have a clue who it is for the most part. I pay attention to the player for instance I like Janmark he’s like a nat in your face all the time but I have no clue what his number is. I do know Mark Stone is 61 and the only reason yesterday he played so bad I couldn’t help but see his number.

    • I don’t remember a SINGLE VGK GAME game when having a sixth man on ice resulted in a goal. Seems all it does is pad the opponent’s lead. Most teams do it, also with little success. A last- ditch move, too little, too late, in my view….

  20. LVsc

    IF Stone and Pacioretty don’t get their “A” game going again, then it won’t matter what Jack Eichel does.

    On this road trip, the bottom 6 forwards have played better than the top 6.

    Smith looks like Tradebait walking, has not scored in at least 20 games. The misfits looked slow compared to Florida. 81’s horrible PP giveaway turnover started the whole downward spiral in the game for the Vgk.

    67, 20, and 7 were all MINUS 3
    81, 61, Smith, and 27 were all MINUS 2

    old hockey saying= “your best players have to be your best players”

    and that ain’t happening now folks

  21. Pistol Pete

    That was a close game—could have gone either way. Panthers are beatable in a series. Regular season performance means little when the postseason begins.

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