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Recap: The Golden Knights traveled to Edmonton for the last game of their three game road trip. The Oilers broke the seal late in the opening period to take a 1-0 advantage into the first intermission.

Vegas attacked early in the period outshooting Edmonton 7-2 but couldn’t even the score. Logan Thompson was sharp in net to keep his team within one goal.

Edmonton stretched their lead to 3-0 scoring two goals in the first five minutes of the final period. Late in frame the Oilers tapped in another goal to make it a four-goal affair.

The Golden Knights’ record drops to 41-30-5 falling 4-0 to the Oilers. Vegas failed to get any closer in the standings and return home with only three points in three games. The Golden Knights next face the New Jersey Devils on Monday night. Puck drop against the Devils is set for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas was strong defensively for most of the game, but they fell into a similar trap of not being able to get shots in close enough. They threw 39 shots at Mike Smith, but not nearly enough of them were dangerous and as the Oilers put a couple on the board, the defense started to lapse as well. Another frustrating loss as the Golden Knights just didn’t do enough. (Recap by Ken)

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  1. knights fan in minny

    are they closer to getting the clubs out after that wreck of a game

  2. Pistol Pete

    Objective: 97 pts
    Previous (remaining games goal): 5-2
    Current goal (remaining games) goal: 5-1

    An already tall order grew taller. Kings please match each of our losses with one of yours and we still have a shot.

  3. Galdom

    I hate to begin this on a negative note but they did lose so there’s gonna be some negativity here but this is what Tim posted today.

    “ Our 5 million dollar headache is now back in Las Vegas. Is it a coincidence that yesterday he canceled his twitter account because of fans were giving him a hard time and today he’s back in Vegas with family issues. I’ve tried to stay positive with Lehner but I’m sorry I think he’s just looney tunes and were stuck with him.”

    This is humanity at its finest. Tim you are a human piece of garbage. What a fucking piece of shit you are! You deserve a Will Smith bitch slap. Have some goddamn respect. The man went home because of a private family matter. He could have a sick parent on the verge of death or God forbid one of his children could be sick. Whatever it is it’s none of our business and I hope everything works out okay.

    • Galdom

      Humanity is indeed going to shit. A sane human being would probably be disappointed at the teams power play and inability to score rather than a human being that had absolutely nothing to do with today’s outcome who had to leave the team to deal with a private family matter.

      Have a good day everyone. Going out for a 10km run. Hopefully get some feel good endorphins released

    • THE hockey GOD

      RL actually canceled his account a few days ago

      had nothing to do with his trip back to Vegas.

      Just wanted to focus on hockey.

      • Galdom

        You are right The Hockey God but his made up story sounded better to himself and I think he was probably taking pride and feeling victorious that his mean-spirited comments may have contributed to him leaving both Twitter and the team.

    • Vegas Baby

      So your response is to promote violence? You don’t have any sense. You’re disgusting as well as long-winded.

      • Galdom

        Hi Vegas Baby, happy Easter to you and your family if you celebrate. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment on it to bring more attention to it. If you found my comment disgusting or offensive then I apologize to you for making you feel that way and I am glad that you have taken this forum to express that.

        However, the poster was calling Robin Lehner looney toons and making fun of him for his mental illness and also thinking that it is funny that he closed his social media account because of online abuse from fans and also making fun of him for leaving the team to tend to a private health matter to a family member. None of that seems to offend you but to each their own. I’m not going to tell people how they should feel so again I didn’t want to offend you.

        I am not a violent person and I did not say that I would bitch slap him. I don’t threaten people because I’m a law abiding citizen. However, if the person who did post those comments is a middle-aged man as I suspect then I stand by my comments and think that this person made idiomatic comments and if he did receive the proverbial “Will Smith signature bitch slap” from someone, not myself then I would not lose sleep over it. No middle aged man has ever died or gotten hurt by a slap, I don’t think anybody’s even missed a day of work because of a slap. I would say the same thing to someone who made racist comments. Racist comments would bother anybody unless they were racist themselves. I think making fun of someone’s mental illness and then taking a shot at them for leaving the team because they have a family member who has a health issue is an asshole. You didn’t comment on that or find any of that disgusting so it’s quite possible that you might be an asshole. But you probably are not an asshole and I don’t want to judge as the only thing you did was say that my comment was disgusting. Again, for that I am sorry if that made you upset or disgusted you as that was not my intention.

        I would like to say that to most of us and definitely for myself that family is the most important thing and more important than anything that takes place on a 200‘ x 85’ sheet of ice. I wish the best for Robin Lehner and his family and whatever the health issue is to his family member is resolved in a positive way. To everyone whether you celebrate Easter or not, Have a wonderful and healthy weekend with your loved ones.


        Go Knights Go!!!

        • Ulf

          Well said on all

        • Daryl

          I beg to differ on your comment about nobody getting hurt from a bitch slap… I’ve seen several soccer players roll around in pain for up to 5min after getting bitch slapped!!!!

        • Vegas Baby

          Certainly not offended, but not impressed with your arrogance in how you handled your reaction.

          Tim can say whatever he wants. Just like you, only he probably doesn’t have the same amount of time for this message board as you seem to have. He certainly didn’t wish any harm on anyone, that was all you.

          If you say you don’t want to tell people how to feel, then don’t. Seek first to understand before being understood. You could have asked Tim what he meant before delivering your punishment and condemnation. But your arrogance got in the way.

          It’s also interesting how you wish everyone a happy Easter, like you act Christian yet no problem telling someone they are a “human piece of garbage” or potentially labelling me an asshole in back to back posts. Doesn’t seem to be out of the same book, but I am sure you will justify it. Doesn’t keep me awake. Just interesting .

      • Galdom

        I agree with long winded. No doubt about that.

    • Tim

      Galdom and the rest of you living in La La Land to sugar coat Lehner’s life as a drug addict who made choices shall I say bad choices. Is he clean now who knows but to rely on a num nut like that to be responsible for carrying a team good luck. Sorry friends I’m old school and don’t need to hear all the bullshit excuses if you want to be politically correct good for you. Me I like to call a spade a spade. Bottom line he fucked his life up by choice and most of us with a brain didn’t so yes I wish him the best but I’m not shedding any tears.

      • Galdom

        Yes he fucked up his life big time. Terrible life. He has a beautiful wife and beautiful family and will earn an excess of $50,000,000 as a professional athlete. His job has allowed him to travel all over the world in international tournaments. In Canada, one out of 30,000 kids that play in organized hockey end up making the NHL and playing at least one NHL game. Can you imagine how infinitely more difficult that is to do as an NHL goaltender when each team only carries two of them? You probably can’t because you’re not very intelligent. I’m not going to try to explain this to you because you are an imbecile and you make yourself sound even dumber with each comment you make but he has a bipolar disorder which is not something that he did to himself. You could research but it’s not a personal choice to get bipolar disorder. But you won’t research it because you again are a moron. You’re probably going to respond to this and sound even dumber than you did after your past post and this time I will choose not to reply.

        What does being old school mean? Does that mean that you are an uninformed ignorant moron?

        • Tim

          Galdom, I hear you talk shit but have no idea how many of my friends didn’t live to see 20 and would have given anything for a chance to have a family. Your some punk kid from Toronto that sits back and talks shit but never has been in the shit. You think Lehner is a pillar of society that’s on you. You think he can lead this team to the promised land that’s also on you but for me he’s unstable and I’ll guarantee you management is figuring out how to dump him this summer. Time will tell.

          • Damn, this is way over the top man, and doesn’t belong in this forum. I don’t think Lehner’s prior off ice issues or his bipolar condition have been a factor in his performance here in Vegas. Apparently you think it has. Be critical of the performance where it is warranted. But, I have not seen any issues off ice at all. Really. Totally unwarranted (IMHO).

          • Galdom

            Thanks Richie Rich, TS and Ulf for answering for me.

      • ulf

        Dude – having bipolar disorder is in no way a ‘choice’. Whatever else he did or didn’t do I don’t know, but overall he’s had a very good career and dealt with the disorder at the same time.
        Incredibly uneducated thinking on your part.

        • Daryl

          One of my really good friends has bipolar. From what he’s told me, it is very easily controlled if you continue to take your medication. Problem is, you feel great and think you don’t need your meds so you stop taking them. Then things go really really bad for awhile until you get yourself back on your meds.

          As for someone who takes drugs (not talking about RL), I have no use for them. You CHOSE to take those drugs and got yourself addicted. I don’t feel bad for you at all. I have family who is addicted and have pretty much disowned them. Due to playing football/sports my entire life and some injuries I’ve received at work, I live every day in pain. Some days are extremely bad and I do take pain meds on those days, but at the same time, I know what can happen if I continue to take them so I don’t. It’s called will power.

          • Galdom

            Daryl, what you said in the first paragraph is literally exactly the same way it was explained to me by my friend whose wife is bipolar. You stumble a couple of times because you stop taking your meds but then hopefully eventually you stick to it.

        • Galdom

          Vegas Baby, You sound offended. Lol.

          I struggle with people saying things that are completely not true. Somebody I work with thinks the earth is flat and it annoyed me but I only took it so far. I don’t need to go any further here. Bipolar is not a choice. If you think it is you can use that wonderful tool we have called the Internet and other research tools available to us to prove otherwise. Several others have commented and reiterated the fact that bipolar is not a choice. It’s a gene thing and often hereditary . Ofcourse you don’t have to research anything. You can just choose to believe what you believe. I chose to call him out on saying non factual stuff. You’re on his side and have called me out. Oh well. It is what it is.

          I should have been more direct in my challenge of the non-factual statement rather than adding in the Will Smith bitch slap. That was said as a tongue in cheek humour thing. Some people got it. Darryl actually thought it was funny. I honestly did not think that anybody would take that seriously. Did you actually think that my intention was to get on an airplane and find out who Tim is and where he lives and slap him in the face. You took that far more seriously than I thought anyone would.

          I agree with you that anybody can say anything they want but to a certain extent. You can’t yell the word “bomb” if you are in an airplane 30,000 feet in the air because that is dangerous.

          I can only argue with somebody for so long that tells me the earth is flat but at the end of the day their belief although not based on any facts whatsoever is not hurtful or dangerous to anyone. If someone thinks that being bipolar is a choice and it is funny that they have to leave the team to go home to tend to the health of a family member, like the flat earther I believe the statement is made on stupidity and not fact-based but also a statement that is not a danger to anyone. I should have left it alone even though I thought it was a stupid mean-spirited comment that was factually untrue.

          This is a sports forum and it should stay that way. In spite of free speech I agree that politics and non-sports stuff is probably not best discussed here.

          The VGK just lost there most important game of the season and Tim posts a stupid statement non sports post about Robin Lehner who had nothing to do with the loss and was not even in the same city or country when it happened. But my bad, I took the bait and responded.

      • Tim, a LITTLE EMPATHY, instead of a LOT OF CONDEMNATION, would be the HUMAN thing to feel. We ALL have had our trials and challenges in life. Some are choices. But some are NOT. Mental issues are NOT.
        Question Lehner’s hockey skills. Okay. Many of us have done that. But, his personal struggles should be respected, NOT crucified for! SHOW SOME HUMANITY. GOD HELP YOU IF AND WHEN YOU FACE YOUR O-W-N STRUGGLES.

    • VGK Fan


      I don’t understand your hate for RL.

  4. Galdom

    I think they had a decent first 40 minutes of the game. If the game would have ended 1-0 after the second period I would not have much negative things to say however Edmonton did take the game over in the third period especially after Vegas failed to convert on any other power plays. They are 4 for 63 on their last 63 power plays on the road. I don’t even have a word to explain that. If they would’ve even converted on one of those power plays in the third period they could have mounted a comeback. I hope the kings lose to Columbus tonight and I still want to make the playoffs but there’s no way anything special is going to happen this season with that power-play. I can’t believe after one season that they have not improved the power play.

    I guess the only thing I can say is go Columbus. Beat those Kings!

  5. A former season ticket holder

    Dandy Don used to start singing, “The party’s over……” when all was about to be lost…. he is sitting next to the fat lady, who’d first chorus is, ” Their only consistency is their inconsistency”

    • THE hockey GOD

      he uses to sing “turn off the lights, the party is over …”

  6. PP – sad loss – it wasn’t the same team this afternoon that played Calgary Thursday evening. As I am sure you will recall I mentioned something to you about my concern regarding consistency unfortunately it turned out to be the case. Apparently thinking they might duplicate the effort two games in a row is wishful thinking at best and not realistic. As last year the lack of scoring with the man advantage was the death blow and unfortunately that could very well be the c ase again. As good as they were Thursday night they were equally as bad this afternoon. Interesting, a 40-year-old goalie back-to-back shutouts and Vegas figured a mid-thirty Vezina Hall of Fame guy was over the hill. LOL

    • Pistol Pete

      At the point you forecast a ZERO chance of making the postseason they have gone 7-2-1 and it’s
      not over yet. Can’t put back-to-back efforts together? If you say so and we’ll see.

      Nobody can argue the PP has been a thorn in their side going back to last season.

      Lehner did not work out. No argument there. No reason though to think they would have won the Cup with Fleury.

      500+ injury days was the big story this season. No team ever made the playoffs with 500+ injury days. Probably did not help the special teams any.

  7. The last remark concerning goalie performance in no way is a slap at Thompson.

    • Julie

      Hi, HD- it’s tough to watch what is happening to the team. It has been tough for awhile now. I suppose there is a still a snowball’s chance, but the melting has begun.

      Hope you are doing well. Happy Easter!

  8. Daryl

    Two numbers is all you need to know…. ZERO and 6%. Zero goals scored by VGK in this game and 6% PP in their last 40 road attempts. I’m not blaming Eichel or Petra but both guys were brought in to up the scoring, both at even strength and on the PP. So far, neither has done much of anything on the PP. And you can’t blame injuries as basically that starting PP Unit is healthy. Oh, they also gave up a short handed goal. Another goal was on a 2-on-1 breakaway.

    LT made some great saves in a game that easily could have been much worse

    • Daryl

      ALSO…. VGK has been shutout 7 times this season. They had a total of 12 shutouts combined in their previous seasons

    • Julie

      Hey, Daryl – I know you have better details on the situation, I just thought VGK had no juice. I can only imagine what that locker room is like now. They see it slipping and probably have no ability to stop the slide downward.

  9. During the post game, I think it was Shane who said that you aim right at Mike Smith’s mask and not try to be too precise because he rarely comes off the line. Had you told me that the VGK would shut out both McDavid and Draistl today, I would have guaranteed a Golden Knights victory. This was a missed opportunity.

    This was one of those games where the opposing goalie frustrated them and an early goal put them in a hole forcing them to chase. Still, there was hope going into the 3rd period down a goal. That quickly disappeared and the VGK never did recover.

    I thought the VGK needed 4 points on this road trip. They got 3 instead.

    We now have to hope that Columbus does us a solid tonight by beating the Queens.

    Mark Stone simply doesn’t appear to be his old self. I believe he may still be nursing that bad back. From a goalie perspective, Logan’s play was very similar to the unrewarded effort that Lehner put in against the Canucks. I thought Logan could have stopped 2 of those 4 goals, but in really didn’t matter did it?

    Root for Columbus!

    • Galdom

      Logan did the best he could to keep them in the game. Hopefully six hours from now Columbus wins and we are right back where we started this morning,

  10. The biggest lurking question now seems to be, whose heads will roll when this long, painful, inept effort of a season is over?

    (Yes, I know there are injuries)

    Some bad decisions are biting: Stone, Pacioretty, etc. trading away young talent, for injury prone, aging stars.

    We have an under-performing, aging, team, without a heart.

    Will probably have to run the table but good luck with that, every team they play is foaming at the mouth to knock off the upstart and once cocky Golden Knights.

    Now, they are a shell of what once was.

    • I am no fan of DeBoer, but he’s not going to be fired over the team’s performance this season. The injury excuse card is a valid one.

      He’s got to get the PP fixed though. It’s something he said was a priority and with the talent on this team you’d think they would have more than just 1 or 2 set ups.

      • Daryl

        I agree with you… IMO, PDB’s job was saved because of the injuries. Without the injuries, VGK makes the playoffs no doubt, but I don’t think they do anything at that point. Others can say what they want, but PDB is an average coach who doesn’t know how to make the necessary adjustments. He is loyal to his friends instead of running the team more business like. I think he gets one more season and if they can’t make it to at least the Cup, he gets fired

  11. Interesting stat, The last 3 games Logan Thompson lost the golden Knights have scored 0, 0, and 0 goals for him.
    Wild 3/14 3 – 0 (1 empty net)
    Jets 3/20 4-0
    Oilers 4/16 4-0
    Better yet his last 10 games he is 7-3. Apparently only loses when we are shut out.
    He is obviously our best goalie right now

    • I thought that it was a mistake to not bring Logan up to backup Robin. I could see the obvious skills and VGK would have saved quite a bit of CAP. But, he’s finally been able to showcase his ability and should be the back up going into next season behind a healthy Robin Lehner. One has to wonder just how serious Panda’s injuries are.

      I am still not sold on The Panda, but the reality is that he is on a long term contract and the team is simply going to have to close ranks behind him (along with the fans) and cover for the holes in his game. That means no breakaways or odd man rushes and a solid defense in front him, especially against the top tier teams in the league.

      The VGK can win with him, but we will have to wait and see how he reacts to these injuries and the over the top fan hatred he gets. No one deserves to be treated with such disdain. You can be critical of a player, and of the roster move – but that is not a license to do what they have been doing to him on Twitter. (I do not have a twitter account so I have not seen it). The guy with the Lehner Sucks We Deserve Better jacket should have been ejected from the venue.

    • THE hockey God

      Doc is that you ?
      are you back , resurrected on Easter Sunday ?

      say it isn’t so



    Not looking good.

  13. Galdom

    Los Angeles 2
    Columbus 0

    2nd period. Columbus only has three shots on net and are not competing.


  14. 2nd period, Kings 2, BlueJackets 1 now. 19 shots by the Kings to just 4 by the Bluejackets.

  15. Galdom

    Kings defeat Blue Jackets 2-1.

    • Daryl

      Unfortunately, the Kings will probably slide into the playoffs and with their injuries to key players they will get destroyed. At least if VGK slid in, they could make decent run, even if it’s just for the first round

  16. Daryl

    Unfortunately, the Kings will probably slide into the playoffs and with their injuries to key players they will get destroyed. At least if VGK slid in, they could make decent run, even if it’s just for the first round

  17. Pistol Pete

    Galdom, would not bother me in the least if the Leafs win the Cup assuming they don’t knock off the Knights to do it lol, in fact I’m rooting for them. It’s been a historical drought and it will be fun to see it end! I have a coworker from Toronto as well, a huge Leafs fan.

    My dad going back to the ‘60’s knew a guy in Montreal who held season tickets and he could always get a couple for us. We are from Burlington, VT, only about 90 min. away. We saw many games up there including at least one against each of the other five teams. Some may not realize TOR has won 14 Cups, always the second most dominant team to the Canadiens back in the day.

  18. For the more upbeat fans among us, pervasive negativity can be bothersome to read in a forum meant for VGK fans. I think most posters here are fans and not lurkers bashing the Knights because they don’t like the team although there could be a few, it’s impossible to say for sure. Usually message boards have lurking bashers it’s the nature of open intenet forums where anyone can come in. I have to believe a poster I call out for being negative first (a realist it’s claimed) and postitve second when they come back and claim they are a loyal fan. No problem I believe them. If a poster makes a negative prediction however, it’s human nature to want to be proven right and to be in the position of “I told you so”. That’s problematic because the prediction though it may have a basis in reality, lines up with an outcome which is the opposite of what the fans want. That can breed resentment. Most of the negative predictions are so freakin’ obvious anyways that most fans have already considered it making it all the more frustrating to read it repeated over and over again.

    Anyways, I guess it’s all good because after all we all are fans although the grievances are not always voiced in the best taste. The derogatory nicknames for the FO people is the most obvious. Again, email the organization with grievances if one feels comfortable doing so. Some likely would not. I emailed McCrimmon recently but it was not over a grievance.

    • PP – I hate to break your bubble and long-winded explanation about this and that, but I can assure you a loyal fan thru and thru can be a realist first and still be as loyal a fan as you suggest you are – the difference being a preference at looking at situations in a matter-of-fact manner versus thru rose-colored glasses. It’s not a case of “I told you so” at all – not sure where you get that idea. While being a realist doesn’t suggest in any way is necessarily the way you want things to turn out – it’s being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. Tell me how that makes anyone a less of a loyal fan. Not seeing eye to eye with your point of view doesn’t make any lifelong hockey less of a fan. IMHO

      • Hdbiker7851–

        “While being a realist doesn’t suggest in any way is necessarily the way you want things to turn out – it’s being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best. ”

        An important point.

        I am both upbeat and a realist. Upbeat because I love the team. A realist because I know enough about the NHL and hockey including having played it myself at a serious level.

        I’ll admit I don’t like reading bad news posts but I will continue reading the poster if I learn something from them almost anything at all. Most but not all negative posts cover what I have already considered and would rather not be reminded of. Strictly my problem as folks are free to post what they wish. This is where an ignore button comes in. An ignore for me would be constant negative posting of not just what I don’t want to hear but what I already know and would rather not be reminded of. Not saying you are an example just trying to help you understand it is not all “rose colored glasses” on my end. Hope that is fair enough.

        P. S.
        Hope this “rebuttal” was sufficiently shortwinded ie. succinct.

        • P. S. Hdbiker7851–

          I went back and saw you did do me an “I told you so”. LOL.

          “As I am sure you will recall I mentioned something to you about my concern regarding consistency unfortunately it turned out to be the case.”

          Apparently you indicated to me in a previous post you were concerned the team would not be able to put together two back-to-back great games and you came back and reminded me, sort of as the realist you contend I am not.

          Probably the first thing that popped into my mind following the CGY game is whether they would be able play as well vs. EDM followed by a dreading they would not.

          I hope you are getting the idea I’m actually as much a realist as you. We just project differently as fans. I keep my misgivings to myself. You don’t.

  19. That first PP, Eichel had an excellent look. I know he was trying to go upstairs but he just did not quite get that one up there high enough. Imo the PP looks better of late, more movement, just not scoring yet. The CGY game that goal just as the PP expired was for all intents and purposes a PP goal just not officially, meaning there was effectively two PP goals that game. Eichel has helped, just hasn’t finished geling. There is a also probably a coaching aspect to this maybe despite what Eichel said a couple months ago that it’s up to the players to figure out the PP.

    • Daryl

      They’ve had a couple PPs that have looked good, lots of movement and good chance, BUT the overall majority of them don’t look that good and some look absolutely horrible!!! They’ve had a couple PP with no shots on goal. Their PP have given up SH goals. and I think they only had 4 high danger chances in their last 6 PP where they did not score.

      I actually understand your optimism overall for VGK but I cannot understand any optimism anyone would have for our PP

      • It did pick up a while back in the early days of Eichel I thought and then went stale again. Overall, entries and puck control have improved with Eichel. The problem is creating passing lanes near the net.

  20. Pretty much, they did to us in the third what we did to the Flames in the second. What are you gonna do? This final stretch is like starting the postseason. Any win is a good win and they’re all hard.

  21. Pistol Pete

    As usual this team wore their heart on their sleeve and played hard . Yesterday’s outcome just was not to be.

    Faced with the prospect of missing the postseason for the first time in our history, fans could be at a crossroads. I implore you to remember what this organization has done for the town and to remain supportive through thick and thin in spite of whatever mistakes have been made.

    Remember, when things go badly it’s easy to criticize first and remain upbeat second, however it’s better for us as a group and city to remain positive and support the team.

  22. Pistol Pete

    Eichel (5) and Pacioretty (6) the best shots on the team had 11 between them with Janmark and Marchy up there with Eichel each adding another 4. There were some quality chances among them especially Eichel and Pacioretty but thanks in large part to Smith it was not to be.

    • PP, VEGAS is so lucky to have a truly ” home- grown” PRO team to support!! I’ve been here for 50 years, and have watched mediocre UNLV lose for years– the Champ Basketball team we cheered for decades ago is long gone. Vegas NEEDED this hockey team. We SO WANTED to cheer for a winner. A team to be PROUD OF. And the Hockey Gods gave us the VGK. At exactly the RIGHT time, when we were reeling from a mass killing on the strip. Fans have been treated to the BEST 4 years in sports that I can remember. (I became a HOCKEY FAN!! ) Yes, we got very spoiled, watching the WINS, the repeated playoff appearances. We EXPECTED SUCCESS. And when it stopped, the fans began to question the moves mgmt made. ( yes, me too) The MAF trade was the real controversial turned fans off. The spiral downward followed. But REAL FANS will STILL support the team. Win or lose, fans will be there to cheer, myself included! The others can go POUND SAND!#!

      • I agree. I’ve been a hockey fan for my entire life. Rangers and minor league teams around military bases across the country.

        Trenton Titan (ECHL)
        Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies (ECHL) – yes and what a fantastic name
        South Carolina Stingrays
        Hampton Roads Admirals
        Jacksonville Lizard Kings
        San Diego Gulls

        and now
        Vegas Golden Knights
        Henderson Silver Knights

        It’s too early to talk about the off season prospects. I’ll be summarizing my thoughts on this year, but the bottom line up front is that the injuries sustained by the VGK is the primary reason why they most likely won’t be in the playoffs. Sure, there are other factors as well, and we’ll be kicking those around in this forum for quite some time.

        So, just to be clear, it’s not over till it’s over!

      • TS thanks for sharing your thoughts. You covered that so completely I don’t have much to add other than my wife and I have been here since ’93. Flamingo stopped at Durango and you could only turn north. No beltways etc. A population nowhere near large enough to support a pro team and seemingly no chance any league would allow a team in Nevada with the gambling. Hockey was perfect for me as it’s my favorite sport and my how it has caught on here at the grassroots level with parents supporting their kids in it. Amazing! Come to think of there was at least two ECHL type teams here going back so there was some history. That may have helped Foley and his people sell those season tickets.

  23. Galdom

    This is why I think this season is over. I don’t think Vegas can go 6-0 or 5–1. I believe they will play their hearts out and I still don’t think they played that bad yesterday and will finish 4-1–1 and get 9 points. They just can’t fix the power-play and it’s not going to change in the next two weeks. That will cost them. If they get 9 points they finish the season with 96 points. Since they win a tie-breaking scenario with the Kings, they would need the kings to finish 3-2 or worse.

    The schedule is the problem. The Kings next four opponents, Anaheim (twice), Chicago and Seattle have a combined 7-18-5 record in their last 10 games.

    Anaheim 2-5-3
    Chicago 1-7-2
    Seattle 4-6-0

    Anaheim and Chicago in particular have been useless and are playing out the string. As an expansion team the Seattle players are looking to impress and playing for jobs next year. They could provide some pushback to the Kings. Then we get to the very last game of the season against Vancouver Canucks. I wish they were playing Vancouver first. The Canucks are on a six game winning streak but by the time we get to the last game of the season it will be meaningless and they will have nothing to play for. So I see the Kings going 4-1 and perhaps losing to the Kraken and finishing with 98 points.

    What’s abundantly clear is that they no longer have their fate in their own hands. Unless the Kings completely shit the bed the next two weeks are just going to be a slow painful burn.

    Money Puck odds have them at about a 29.8% chance to make the playoffs and I think that’s just about right.

    • Good summary Galdom. I think the magic number now for LA is 10pts. Any combination of Kings wins or Vegas losses that amount to 10 eliminates the Golden Knights from playoff contention. Right?

  24. The Kings have 90 points with 5 games remaining. If they win out they have 100 points and Vegas is eliminated.

    Kings 5-0, Vegas Eliminated
    Kings 4-1, 98 points, Vegas must go 6-0, or 5-0-1 (slim chance)
    Kings 3-2, 96 points, Vegas must go at least 4-1-1 (slim chance)
    Kings 2-3, 94 points, Vegas must go at least 3-2-1 (possible)
    Kings 1-4. 92 pointes, Vegas must go at least 2-3-1 (better yet)

    Kings Schedule
    19 Apr at ANA
    21 Apr CHI
    23 Apr ANA
    27 Apr at SEA
    28 Apr at VAN

    The Kings are going to be the favorite in every single one of these remaining games. We have to hope that ANA takes 1 of those, Seattle 1, and VAN wins on the 28th. That’s 2-3 with the Kings finishing with 94 points. VGK will have to go 3-2-1 in order to tie the Kings in points in order to take 3rd place in the Pacific and eliminate them.

  25. PP – Sorry Pete if you considered “unfortunately it turned out to be the case as “I told you so”, your idea of that phrase is different than mine apparently. We were discussing the success of the win and what could happen going forward which was a concern & unfortunately turned out to be the case. I guess trying to be on the same page as you as loyal fans is a waste of time if not viewed thru your optimistic rose-colored glasses. My mistake.

    • Hdbiker7851—

      It’s up to you to take my word for it that besides being upbeat I am like you a realist, and I do believe you are a loyal fan. What’s throwing you off is that I usually post positive like an enthusiastic always upbeat fan and as a result appear incapable of facing the facts and risks. I always post positive you generally the opposite. Neither of us are exactly as we appear but we’re both fans. Fair enough? It’s all good and not that complicated.

      Do we have other things in common besides being VGK fans? I sure hope you don’t support the Big Lie!

      • Hdbiker–

        Wanted to let you know I missed two of your responses following the CGY game. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate both. Thanks for the first and agree on the second.

        “PP – needle all you want – if they make it in l will be first to state l was wrong. A win like tonight is an indication what this team is capable of when they make up their mind to play 60 mi minutes of hockey. As l said l only hope it continues as their record in that category is far from outstanding. Consistency hasn’t been their strong suit in that regard – unless of course you want to include poor performance of RL. BIG WIN AGAIN SATURDAY – HAPPY EASTER. ”

        “PP – RL hasn’t been a 100% healthy since he got here – he came as damaged goods, one way or another, and nothing has changed. He is a player that other clubs he was with had no interest in keeping him apparently otherwise he would never have landed here in Vegas and got his retirement package. He’s the smart one, Vegas FO got taken to the cleaners and are just too stubborn to admit they screwed up. He is not a bad goalie, is far from elite and just isn’t worth 5 mill a year for 5 years performance wise. He is not the only one when it comes to ROI. Sorry, that’s the realist coming out.”

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