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Recap: The Golden Knights got off to a good start to the second half of the season up in Edmonton. Bottom six forward Brett Howden opened the scoring with his eighth of the season. Howden continues his hot stretch adding a goal in four consecutive games. Reilly Smith and William Karlsson connected for a shorthanded goal late in the period to give Vegas a 2-0 advantage.

Alex Pietrangelo tripled the Golden Knights lead early in the middle frame with his seventh of the season. Vegas goaltender Laurent Brossoit blocked all nine Edmonton shots carrying a 3-0 edge into the 2nd intermission.

It took Vegas only 14 seconds to extend their lead to 4-0 in the final twenty minutes. Smith picked up a second point of the night scoring his 13th goal of 2021-22. Brossoit was flawless in net earning his first shutout of the season.

The Golden Knights record improves to 28-16-2 defeating the Oilers 4-0. Vegas travels to Calgary and will faceoff against the Flames tomorrow night. Puck drop in Calgary is set for 6:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: A smash and grab is the best way to describe this one. The Golden Knights were essentially run out of the building in the 1st period, yet used a few opportunistic moments to take a 2-0 lead. From there, they settled in with the lead and coasted to victory. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Edmonton Oilers at Rogers Place.

  • Part 2 of the breakdown video of VGK’s penalty kill

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** William Karlsson
** Reilly Smith
* Laurent Brossoit

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  1. knights fan in minny

    great game to start the second half lb with the big fat goose egg keeping leon and connor off the score sheet well done patrick can pack his bags howden does a fine job centering the 4th line sweet shorty by wild bill and smitty beware flames

  2. Tim

    Shutting out Edmonton was no easy feat and they did have some bad puck luck but Brossoit played a great game. Hold two of the top three scorers in check had to frustrate them. Tomorrow Calgary hopefully we pick up another win and then home for a week. A lot of time to fine tune and one more week before Jacks back. The hammer may fall on someone in the next 7 days before the Colorado game. Who will it be? I’m starting to like this Brett Howden kid at 23 he’s got lots of time to improve. Looks like he’s beaten out Amadio and Patrick and tonights game didn’t hurt him any. I’d like to see Stone and Patch get going they’ve been either injured or in a funk for a while. You still have to love the Misfit line there just smooth.

    • Tim-your beginning to sound like PPete regarding Eichel starting in the line-up. It defies logic to start him any sooner than necessary which is playoff time. The risk versus benefit (reward if you may) just doesn’t equate when 10 mill is on the time. The team is chucking along and winning so why disrupt things. Jack’s a big boy and will get his chance to shine everyone just cool your jets. It’s time for all concerned to do what’s in the best interest of the team and set all emotions aside. The risk of starting home sooner than play off time far outweighs any immediate value. Remember it’s all about managing risk and ROI.

      • Tim

        The easiest solution I see are you listening Kelly is this. Trade Dadonov 5 million throw in a draft pick. You say why give up a draft pick here’s why. We’ve been lucky or good call it what you like but a draft pick takes 3 or 4 years to develop if they ever do. With the waiver wire we plucked Howden who someone else nursed and we may benefit. The jury is still out on Hutton and Amadio so at worse we release them and figure we hit on 1 out of 3 not bad in baseball hitting 333 will get the job done. Next Brossoit 2.5 million Logan Thompson becomes our backup. Last as much as I like Janmark’s hustle his 2.5 million completes the problem. We keep Martinez a warrior we activate Eichel and we sign Reilly Smith to a two year extension. Every fan should be happy with that scenario. So To Recap.
        Dadonov 5 million
        Brossiot 2.5 million
        Janmark 2.5 million
        Total 10 million
        I just don’t see the problem. First Reilly Smith is relieved to get an extension, Thompson would be adequate at goalie, Dadonov has underperformed no loss there. So The Lines Would Be
        Roy-Stephenson-Howden or?
        Amadio reserve
        Coghlan reserve
        Thanks Kelly that thought is free of charge the next one will cost you.

        • Galdom

          Can you explain or elaborate on how you believe that Logan Thompson would be adequate when he has a total of 68 minutes of NHL experience? Goaltending is probably the most important position. If Lehner goes down with either injury or under performance you would feel comfortable going with someone who has 68 total minutes of NHL experience when you have Brossoit who has several years and over 100 games of NHL experience and knowledge of opposing shooters?

          There have been probably hundreds of successful AHL goalies that don’t translate into NHL calibre goalies. Malcolm Subban was a first round pick and successful AHL goalie and I would not want that guy to be my back up in a Stanley Cup run.

          The cap cost savings of trading Brossoit and inserting Thompson is the type of move you make in the off-season, not before a vital playoff run. There’s just too much risk involved when you don’t have any idea what Thompson is in regards to an NHL calibre goalie. The only thing we do know is that management did not trust him enough to make him the back up this year.

          If you make this cost savings move in the off-season you have the first several months of next year’s regular season to monitor and assess Thompson. If he is adequate then the cost savings move is a success, if not then you have time to acquire a dependable back up for next year‘s playoff run.

          Brett Howden is gaining confidence and looking really good and he is starting to show us why he was drafted in the first round. But I must correct you as he was not plucked off waivers. If the Rangers placed him on waivers nearly every team would have selected him. The VGK traded a 4th round pick and a low prospect to acquire Brett Howden.

          What happened with Brett Howden was that the Rangers knew that they were going to lose him for nothing as the Seattle Kraken would have selected him in the expansion draft. So they decided to at least get something for him as the Vegas roster was exempt from having Seattle select players from it. In fact, the Howden trade was one of two trades that were influenced by the Seattle expansion draft. In spite of how mediocre Nolan Patrick has looked he also would have been selected from Seattle in the expansion draft so Philly did the same thing that the Rangers did which was try to get something for him rather than lose him for nothing to Seattle. So Philly got Cody Glass in a trade rather than lose Patrick for nothing. It may have seemed that the Nolan Patrick trade was a trade to give Patrick and Glass a new start with new organizations And that may have been a very small part of it but the Real motivation behind that trade was for Philly to get something rather than nothing for Nolan Patrick.

          • Galdom

            We can thank the Seattle expansion draft for us getting Nolan Patrick and Brett Howden. The Kraken wanted Howden but they had to settle for selecting Colin Blackwell from the Rangers instead. By trading Nolan Patrick, the Flyers were able to put James van Riemsdyk on the protected list. The Seattle Kraken had to settle for selecting Carsen Twarynski whoom I think is not even on Seattle anymore.

    • knights fan in minny

      i did not think much of howden at the start like you say starting to like him me to playing with carrier helps william was all over last night working his butt off as usual

  3. Daryl

    Didn’t get to watch the game but looks like a good win

  4. The guys made the most of the shots they took, as few shots as there were Usually they take a LOT of shots, and not always GOOD shots…quantity doesn’t always equate to quality. Perhaps fewer well-placed shots for points is better than dozens of rushed, errant misses. Shutouts are always satisfying for the guys!

  5. THE hockey GOD

    terrific all around TEAM effort (despite Oilers knocking the iron four times) against a team that was rounding into recent form !


    I say no, stick the business plan !

  6. THE hockey GOD

    Elliott Freidman and NHL VEGAS trade rumor mill are quiet, DEADER than a DOOR NAIL.

    Y’all know wat dat means ? Dunch ya ?

  7. Arnold Rothstein

    Arnold says another dichotomy from the odds board, and you all know what that means in a back to back game for VGK !

    SPREAD for VGK -220 (wow)
    moneyline for VGK +115

    Tread carefully.


  8. I didn’t tune in until early in the 3rd period, but they played great. 11 high danger chances in the 1st period? Incredible.

    Maybe both Lehner and Brossoit are beginning to step it up?

    We will see tonight as Lehner will be in goal vs the Flames.

    I will have to admit that the team is playing much better since mid-January. The Misfit line really produced last night and Howden continues to surprise!

    No let down tonight! Bring the A game for 60 minutes.

    • Daryl

      I think people put too munch in the term high danger shot. A high danger shot doesn’t mean a good scoring chance or a high percentage shot. It’s nothing more than a shot in close range. You can take shot from the blueline and another player whack at the rebound that works be a high danger shot even if it had no chance at all to go in.

      I didn’t get to see the game, I’m just making a blanket statement because I see so many talking about high danger shots

  9. Pistol Pete

    The run Howden is on might just be the best ever for a VGK 4C. He’s got speed, hands and is still only 23. Sure would be sweet if he can keep stay at a half a point a game and go higher (I don’t many VGK bottom six forwards have been able to accomplish that other than Tuch). It’s really important to get this kind of bottom six production and from the 4th line no less. When VGK can roll four lines equally it helps keep the forwards fresh and the team harder to beat.

    Howden might be one of those types of young players who take a few years to really get going but gets there. Marchy played over 300 games in the AHL.

    • Pistol Pete

      Howden played five AHL games at the age of 19 recording 4 pts (under age allowed because his WHL season had concluded). Next season he had to play WHL again due to his age (19). Had a big season got drafted in the first round and got called up to NYR next season (no AHL). It’s plausible when you are not an early NHL bloomer like Eichel and McDavid that a player with Howden’s talent can take longer to develop.

      Roy too is nearly half a point a game this season. Excellent bottom six production.

      • Galdom

        Pistol Pete, I had Brett Howden on my number one line in a post about a week ago in a scenario where they were trading away Dadonov and Janmark. I like to spread the talent around and have a strong defensive third line.

        Pacioretty – Eichel – Howden
        Marchessault – Stephenson – Stone
        Roy – Karlsson – Smith
        Carrier – Patrick – Kolesar

      • Daryl

        These are the guys who have helped VGK win when the first 2 lines couldn’t produce. If they didn’t step up like they have, VGK would be near the bottom half right now

  10. knights fan in minny

    Thay should trade Marchesault, Whitcloud and Hague to make rooms for Jack Eichle.

    • knights fan in minny

      your real funny alex the dumbshit imposter learn how to spell your 3rd grade education comes out again

  11. Galdom

    Many weeks ago I sent an email to Cap Friendly asking them if acquiring a player from LTIR would help in anyway for them to clear space for Jack Eichel. They finally responded. I knew it wouldn’t but I wanted to hear their response. I knew that trading for a guy like Johnny Boychuk would not help. here is their response………

    Hi, thanks for the question and sorry for the delay in response!

    No, your scenario does not help Vegas make room for Eichel. Trading for an LTIR player does not benefit the cap situation because they’d be both adding his cap hit, and adding him to their LTIR pool (which increases their ability to exceed the cap), so the net is zero. The only way this would help is if they traded away an active player because while getting the LTIR player is effectively no cap impact, they’d be clearing the player they traded.

    Thanks for the support!

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