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Recap:  The Golden Knights traveled to Motor City for a matchup with the Red Wings. Vegas’ Nic Roy opened the scoring a few minutes into the game with his second goal of the season. However, Vegas would take a couple of costly penalties allowing Detroit to tie and take the lead. The Red Wings would add a third taking a 3-1 lead into the first intermission.

The middle frame was quiet with only one goal in the period. The Red Wings stretched their lead to 4-1 after 40 minutes.

Jonathan Marchessault gave Vegas a chance with 15 minutes remaining, scoring his sixth goal of the season. Pete DeBoer pulled his goalie down the stretch but Vegas couldn’t take advantage and Detroit scored an empty net goal to hand Vegas a 5-2 loss to close out the road trip.

The Golden Knights record drops to 6-6-0 and split their four game road trip. Vegas travels back to Las Vegas for a six game home stand beginning on Tuesday. The Golden Knights welcome in the expansion Seattle Kraken for the second time this season. Puck drop in Montreal is scheduled for 7 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Special teams was the story of the night. Detroit’s power play ripped the VGK PK apart on their first two chances while the Golden Knights’ power play returned to its usual pathetic look. At even-strength Vegas actually outplayed the Wings, but they fell behind early and just couldn’t find a way back in. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Detroit Red Wings game at Little Caesars Arena.

  • Podcast (recording Monday or Tuesday)

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Alex Pietrangelo
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Nic Roy




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  1. Justin

    Wow Detroit’s power play looks good. Their second unit even looks better than our first unit, even with our regular great players. Their movement is excellent and crisp, and constantly opens up a guy right in front of our goalie who gets a super high danger pass through a lane that just opened up from the skillfully designed and executed movement ..

    Forget trading for any more players to “fix” our power play. Can’t we please for godsakes trade our power play coach for Detroit’s???

    • phantom major

      yep, total embarrassment on the comparison between the first Vgk PP and the Det. first PP

      and it was the disorganized confusion by the Vgk in their own zone that is so obvious….. it is that useless Spott who is the problem as far as the breakout is concerned, because it is his strategy.

      and if the players available can’t execute that breakout, then they need to SIMPLIFY…just chip it in and retrieve…. but no, that idiot Spott refuses to change a thing.

      Last night was the outlier, this game was the usual one as far as the PP is concerned.

  2. Richie-Rich

    A loss on a back-to-back vs the Red Wings on the road with many of the top players on the IR?

    I expected this loss.

    Marchy continues to impress me this year.

    Poor Kolesar continues to struggle when it comes to finding net.

    I actually was not disappointed with the effort on the ice. Not much else to talk about. I think we can win 3 of the next 9 games, but we might only be able to beat the Kraken on our ice in the next game.

    The rest of November could be a long long month for the VGK. Let’s just hope Eichel’s surgery goes well so that we at least have something to cheer about.

  3. Henderson One

    I thought Brossoit looked terrible. No energy and poor reflexes. Appeared to be somewhat disinterested and perhaps lazy. Smith is a goner either through a trade for rent-a-player or through free agency. Will not be resigned.
    We will go through this until Patches, Stone, Karlsson and Eichel return.

    • Alex

      Broissoit indeed was absolutely dreadful…this road trip is likely indicative of the season…we are a .500 team…the front office has destroyed this team

      • sb

        Nuts. The VGK are not destroyed. No one destroyed this team. Once the Stars come back, they’ll move right back to the top. Get over MAF. Move on.

        • Richie-Rich

          Again, you’re back on the MAF topic. Get off it and focus on what we currently have. You are obviously all in with the moves that have been made. Everything is going to be good and we’re going to challenge for a cup – this year? Right?

          Of course, if you have any common sense whatsoever you look at this situation for what it is. Here are the facts:

          1- The players that are out right now were outplayed in the playoff run last year by a Montreal team that wasn’t even supposed to get past round 1. Those players got stonewalled by a tough defense and the offense and power play went to shit.

          2- The coaching staff has been unable to figure out how to correct the issues on offense, and it is likely that what they are doing is impacting the defense. In other words, it’s a mess that is getting worse and not better.

          3- Robin Lehner is a good goalie. His stats are right on up there with the best, not the very best but certainly in the top 10-15 goalies in the league. With that said, he still has too many faults in his game. He’s lost weight and that has helped him some with his agility, but he’s still a massive Walrus in the net whose lateral movement is suspect. If he goes down to the ice and flops there is no doubt that he is the slowest in the league to regain his feet and positioning. Robin is already on the record that he isn’t very good at shootouts, which also translates to 1-0, 2-0 or worse. There is a reason why he has bounced around the league from team to team and I believe that these are the reasons. The VGK is going to need a better goalie in net if it is going to win a championship. That’s my opinion. Nothing anyone posts in this forum is going to change my mind on it. The only person that can is Robin Lehner himself. Fix the problems in your game on a consistent basis and I become a fan. If not, then I remain a critic. It’s really that simple.

          4- Tuch & Krebs for Eichel. I think it is way too early to start celebrating this transaction. Eichel will more than likely be back on the ice in 3 to 5 months. I am looking forward to it because this team and fan base has been screaming for a #1 center now for almost a year. If he comes back in late February he can help this team make a run for the playoffs (if were not already too far out of it). If he comes back in 5 months, late April, well the VGK can hope that it is positioned as a playoff seed. In either case, just getting back to the ice will be a win. Once he does, how long does it take for Jack to get back to 100% and as productive as he was? Or, does this surgery forever impact his ability to reach the same level of performance? Time will tell, and as a fan I am not going to be banking this transaction as a win for the Golden Knights until all of these questions are answered. The worst case is that Eichel never plays an NHL game again. The best case is he becomes that #1C and takes us to a Cup championship. Realistically, the answer likely lies somewhere in between.

          Eichel’s a Knight now and Lehner is our starting goalie. I root for both of them. I was pumped when Foley brought an NHL franchise to Vegas. I’ve been a hockey fan since 1975 and the VGK story has been a winning one so far. I hope Eichel fully recovers and Lehner becomes the guy in goal that we need for a championship.

          Stop talking about MAF. The story is no longer about him.

    • Richie-Rich

      I am actually disappointed in Smith. He’s definitely not playing up to expectations. He seems to have also lost a step. Several years ago he was the fastest player on the ice and had numerous short handed chances.

      #19 is a free agent at the end of this year. He’s not increasing the value of his resume, that is for sure.

      On the other hand Marchy and Wild Bill (until he was injured) were both playing extremely well.

      Goal tending remains a huge question mark for me. Once the team is back to health the flaws should be covered up, but it remains the biggest question as far as a deep run to a Stanley Cup goes.

      It is hard to grade the team on a back to back with so many injuries, but tonight definitely was one to forget.

      • Blitz

        Are you kidding? Smith was my 2nd star. He was all over the place tonight. He had several good chances including a shortie chance. He had a couple of noticeable defensive plays. This guy is doing everything. He is a real 200 ft player.

        • Richie-Rich

          Smith’s always been a good 2nd line winger. All I am saying is that he isn’t as good as he was in the first two years. Still good, but not as good. With that said, he’s a $5,000,000 cap hit and is an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.

          That’s the point.

          • Blitz

            Why has he dropped off? Deboer’s system? If he goes to say NYR is he a good goal scorer again? I don’t think another team will have a problem continuing his 5 mil dollar salary from free agency, but there is also a chance he takes a cut to stay in Vegas. If that was the case what is Smith worth to you Rich, if you were the GM? Sure he isn’t the goal scorer of yester year, but the guy does everything else and can score too. What’s that worth with Eichel coming in AND can you replace him with a 2 million dollar (or less) guy?

            We paid Janmark 2 mil this year and I am not sure the guy has done anything at all this year. Seriously unnoticeable. He could miss a night and I wouldn’t even notice, at this point. When (if) the team is healthy again, is he even on the team? To me, without improvement, no.

          • Richie-Rich

            Well Blitz. I doubt Smith will take a pay cut. That’s the first point. The question is whether or not he thinks he can shop himself around and get $1 or $2 million more. Put yourself in Smith’s shoes. He’s seen nearly all of the misfits dealt away. Why would he agree to stay in Vegas for the same pay? Maybe if he had a no move agreement?

            I am not sure that Smith will be a Knight for much longer. And yes, I do think that there was a major shift in offensive strategy under DeBoering.

          • Blitz

            @Rich, I agree with you. I am sure he is as good as gone. Maybe even this year at the deadline depending on what we look like then. Whether he takes a pay cut or not really depends on him and him alone. You or I probably wouldn’t leave money on the table, but others could be different. Fleury would have stayed for a significant pay cut, so it is not unheard of. Also remember taxes alone are worth something between LV and elsewhere.

            Anyway, my point with asking you was to hear in your words what would you be willing to pay to keep Smith (if you were GM)? Smith is probably the best 200 foot player on the team and maybe the best defensive forward. Losing him means something. You are not replacing him with an AHL guy, Janmark, or Dadonov for sure. Do you offer 4 mil? Can you (GM) afford it?

            See that is where Eichel/Stone/Patches/Petra are going to hurt this team. Top heavy. Who is going to fill out the rest of the lineup when you are forced to not even offer your best defensive forward any money? Dadonov 5 million dollars for his 1 real goal in 12 games. Ouch.

          • Richie-Rich


            I think if Smith is interested in remaining in Vegas you might be able to sway him with a 5 year deal at $6 million and a no trade rider of some sort. But, make no mistake VGK FO will be under a lot of pressure to get salaries down. From what I have seen Kelly isn’t interest in retaining misfit talent. Personally, if you ask me, I hope Smith ups his game and makes the decision a hard one to make.

        • Henderson One

          He will not be here next year. As you said he had several good chances. Unfortunately only goals and not chances count.

      • sb

        Lehner’s .920 SA is a big question mark for you? He’s been a Top 10 goaltender for the past five years. Try to get past MAF.

  4. Daryl

    But wait, I thought our PP was ready to produce????

    As the OP states, overall I thought VGK looked OK. I know it’s against a sub 500 Wings team but they still looked good and played hard (most of them).

    VGK lost last year in the playoffs because of the PP, despite who others would rather blame, and it will end up costing them again this year. At some point, the FO has to say enough is enough and just bring in another PP coach. The FO will spend and trade away everything to try and win the Cup but they won’t rid themselves of a bad PP coach???

    • Blitz

      The PP is awesome. I mean its only been one game since we scored on it. Nothing to see here. All fixed. 🙂

  5. Richie-Rich

    I’ve actually lost count. What are we like 2 for the last 40 or 45 PP?


  6. Tim

    Outplayed in every phase of the game. Not much else to say at the moment we’ve got about 7 players and the rest are just putting in ice time. It’s easier to name the players it’s a much shorter list. Marchy, Roy, Petro, Martinez, Stephenson, Reilly, Lehner after that it’s a reach. To bad Buffalo didn’t take Theadore instead of Tuch such a disappointment.

  7. Jake

    Jackson Hallum: The Savior – Green Bay Gamblers

  8. THE hockey GOD

    the two really , really , really bad penalties (no. 7 delay of game, and carrier’s o zone), pk was bad, and back up goalie was obviously rusty and let in two bad goals.

    on other hand VGK PP was not good, and VGK has by far the lowest number of PP in whole league. Drawing a penalty is as much as a concern as PP itself.

    But VGK still has heart, and did battle back. Maybe home will be good to them.

  9. THE hockey GOD

    will Beth kill Jamie Dutton ?

  10. Brossoit did not play his best game although I am not even sure if he had been brilliant it would have changed the outcome. He would have to erased at least one of PP goals and was Detroit goal #4 a soft? Yeah, maybe an A or A+ performance would have this one into OT.

    Before this game I had thought what if come a back-up start, scratch Brossoit and bring up Thompson. Brossoit would probably have to get really bad for this to happen, but if it did and Thompson did well, got more starts and held up, he could get the job and Brossoit is moved saving around $1.5m in cap? Probably a long shot and only $1.5m in cap savings but every little bit could help when it come stime to stay under the cap.

    • THE hockey GOD

      thompson isn’t off to the best of starts either, some would say HSK other goalie has played better

      • I saw that. Bottom line is the skills evaluation staff determined that Thompson is not yet qualified/experienced enough for the VGK back-up role, otherwise they would not have hired Brossoit who is an experienced NHL back-up. It will likely take a real Brossoit slump for them to try Thompson. It would not be a huge cap difference anyways…$2.3m vs. $760k?

    • PURE Genius

      Puck gets thru 3 forwards and 2 D before it gets to the goalie….. just sayin

      Yet goalies end up being whipping boy

      But yes, he too could have played better but us far from only one

      • knights fan in minny

        wow whats missing here

      • Richie-Rich

        The issue of poor play by forwards and defenseman is an entirely different discussion that Lehner’s issues in goal. It probably bears attention as well.

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