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Recap: The Golden Knights needed points in Dallas to keep their season alive and showed their urgency late in the opening 20 minutes. William Carrier gave Vegas a 1-0 lead :49 seconds before the period expired.

Dallas evened the score after the midway point of the game but Vegas would regain their lead in the waning seconds of the middle frame. Chandler Stephenson put the Golden Knights ahead 2-1 with :04 seconds left in the 2nd period.

It didn’t take long for the home team to tie the game 2-2 in the final period. The game would head to overtime and eventually be settled in shootout. On the 13th shot in SO the Stars clinched the victory with the only successful attempt.

The Golden Knights record drops to 42-31-7 falling to the Stars 3-2 in shootouts. Vegas picks up only one point and trail Dallas by four points for the final Wild Card position. The Golden Knights travel to Chicago for their second to last game of the season. Puck drop against the Blackhawks is set for 5:30 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas did not play poorly by any stretch of the imagination in this game. They scored first, they unknotted a tie, and they pushed until the very last second in both regulation and shootout. In the end, the skills competition got them again but it goes so much deeper than that. VGK have won just two games of their last seven. They simply aren’t good enough to be in the playoffs and that hurts. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars at American Airlines Center.

  • Goalie Interference w/ Mike McKenna

Ken’s Three VGK Stars
*** William Carrier
** Shea Theodore
* Logan Thompson


Reliving The Previous Two Games Against The Dallas Stars This Season


Goalie Interference – Episode 27


  1. vgk21

    Vgk has the most overrated and overpaid forwards in the league.

    That is 2 games in a row, 10 shots in the shootouts, and they can’t score one single goal. absolutely pathetic.

    and that stumblebum McNabb was victimized for both goals against as usual.

    really poor leadership and veteran failure by many of them this season.

    just look at the difference in Karlsson between season 1 and this year. he can’t score even when they set him up 2 on 1.

    season over, let the housecleaning begin.

  2. Pistol Pete

    Previous objective: 96 pts
    Current objective: 95 pts

    Previous games remaining target: 3-0
    Current games remaining target: 2-0

    Still possible to better season two pts of 93

  3. In the final analysis, neither the Stars or the Knights are very good teams.

    TENMILL – once again did not deliver.

    DeBoering: “We still have a pulse, I’m proud of our guys.”

    WTF? Really? A pulse? It’s over Pete.


    TENMILL 0 for 2 on the shootouts.

  4. Galdom

    All together now…….

    They are healthy and they are not that good.

  5. Danny Gallivan

    current objective= dump PDB, KM, and RL.
    that’s a starting point.

  6. It is exactly games like this one that led McCrimmon to bring Eichel to Vegas. Jack the Ripper a.k.a. TENMILL was to thrive in moments like this. His level of talent was purchased in order to carry the team on his shoulders to victory.

    Nope, that return on investment has not yet been cashed.

    • There is no ROI where Eichel is concerned
      In fact if you factor in what went to acquire him its turning out to be a huge liability. Talk about a waste of 10 mill. If Foley isn’t preparing the pink slips then shame on him. I feel bad for Thompson as he played one hell of a game. All that’s necessary now is to.decide who to cheer for to win the Cup. Sad state of affairs but they probably wouldn’t have gone.far had they made it.

      • Henderson One

        The only star of the game for VGK was Logan Thompson. Too bad the team let him down.

        • Julie

          I agree. He deserved all the stars. Marchessault has heart but he seemed beaten last night.

    • Julie

      ROI is DOA

  7. My stars of the game not in any order:


    Once again, Carrier is proving that he deserves to move up to line 2.

  8. J Marchessault

    Ken is an idiot
    The hockey god is a fucking conspiracy theorist asshole
    That’s the message
    Knights suck.
    Management is incompetent

  9. Frank

    Thompson was an absolute stud in this game. Showing definite flashes of #1 play. RL is becoming expendable. Eichel again with the lack of effort, poor attitude and weak shootout attempt. Not worth the 10 mil. This is a better team than what they are currently showcasing on the ice. Better coaching and system are needed.

    • Brian Scro

      This team would be in the playoffs if we had
      Schmidt instead of Pietrangelo
      Suzuki instead of Pacioretty
      Tuch and Krebs instead of Eichel
      Reaves instead of Patrick
      And of course, Fleury instead of Lehner

      • And Gallant instead of DeBoering.

      • mcart

        not one of those guys except Reaves is in the playoffs, and he barely plays.

        remember Fleury was on the Hawks, and also missing the playoffs, until he got traded again.

        • Daryl

          Whether those players are in the playoffs or not isn’t the point… One player does a team not make. Nividy was taking Hawks to the playoffs. Tonise something like that as an example is just stupid

  10. Galdom


    1) Fix the front office’s reputation. When a player becomes an unrestricted free agent they almost always end up getting a raise, it’s usually a foregone conclusion, as the player becomes available to the entire league to bid on. Even if a UFA does not have the greatest season they almost inevitably get a raise. Unless…. they take a hometown discount and stay with their present team. The front office needs to stop trading away players that do the team a favor by foregoing unrestricted free agency and resign for a lower salary then their previous one. Basically, DON’T BE SCUMBAGS.

    Examples……. For example, Nick Holden was earning 2.2 million per year in 2019-20 and instead of electing to became a UFA he took a hometown discount to resign with Vegas for a 2 year deal at 1.7 million per year. He did the team a favor and was also a good soldier by sitting out all of those games in the bubble to keep the team cap compliant. He played great in the playoffs as well. They trade his ass out of town. SCUMBAGS!!!!

    I know that the creator of this website does not like Ryan Reaves but he also took a discount to remain with the team. He was earning 2.775 million per year and when he became a UFA he decided to forego unrestricted free agency and took a pay cut of over 1 million dollars to stay with the team. He signed a 2 year deal that would pay him 1.75 million per year. Then they traded his ass out of town. If a player is willing to take a hometown discount then don’t trade him. If you think you don’t want the player long term then don’t bother resigning them at a hometown discount. SCUMBAGS!!!!

    Riley Smith is about to become a UFA. If he is willing to take a hometown discount to stay then don’t trade him one year later. If he is not in the long term plans and he shouldn’t be then let him go to unrestricted free agency and move on.

    • I definitely agree. Holden, Reaves and now Smith is in this situation. Smith and Karlsson have not been performing offensively but have been very good on the PK. I say you keep Smith if he wants to stay for a discount.

      It’s too early to evaluate Eichel, so he’s going to be on the top line next year.

      William Carrier at $1.4 million is a bargain for the production. This guy will be deserving of a raise when his contract is up in 2023 if he continues to play like he is.

      Players expendable to get under the CAP: Dadanov, Janmark, Lehner (if he can be moved), and Brossoit.

      There will be some RFAs that need attention as well Kolesar Hague & Roy.

      It’s not going to be easy to keep Smith, and may be impossible depending on how the Kolesar, Hague & Roy negotiations go.

      Howden is also an RFA that we might not be able to keep.

      • Daryl

        I had an issue with the Holden signing from the start. I was OK with the Reaves deal simply b/c I wasn’t sold on Kolesar as his replacement. As for the Holden situation, if VGK wanted an insurance Dmen to take spot duties was hoping they would resign Engo at base. That would have saved VGK $1m and for the amount they used Holden it couldn’t have hurt.

        But II do agree with you…. If someone is willing to take a hometown deal you don’t treat that person like shit. It just doesn’t look very good

      • Carrier is a WARRIOR!! Really like him. Always battles for the puck, hard checking, tough on boards. He’s a KEEPER!

        • A former season ticket holder

          Yeah…from watching warm ups in the first year, I always was amazed at Carriers speed…I always prayed he took extra lessons in learning to hold on to the puck like Perron

        • knights fan in minny

          you are so right TS i enjoywatching the guys who work there butt off and do not get the ink

    • Galdom: Yup. Shoulda kept Reaves, for sure. He WAS our enforcer. Teams were wary of him. PDB couldn’t WAIT to trade him…bad blood between Reaves/ Kane/ Sharks. BAD MOVE. One of MANY.
      Positive: LT was really strong last night! GOOD MOVE.
      Positive: Theodore is BACK! Glad to see him contributing again. Attitude is everything.
      Positive: HEY, there’s ALWAYS NEXT SEASON….

      • Galdom

        I am not really saying that they should have necessarily kept Reaves, just saying that they shouldn’t have him take a hometown discount and then ship his ass out of town. If you don’t want him then just let him go. If he takes a discount then keep him. Don’t fuck him over after the hometown discount.

    • Gladom,

      I agree with your comments we should honor contracts for a couple of years.

      However, IMHO, Holden at 1.7 million is not a discount contract he is scheduled to make 1.3 million next season. Reaves at 1.75 million also is not a discount he was loved in this community and had a thriving business we could have kept him for 1.5 or less just my opinion. These contracts are the reason we should be upset with management.

      In my opinion we currently only have a handful of players playing above their contracts value I would include, #27, #20, #28, #22 and #36. This team really doesn’t have a lot of players on a discount.

      Not to be harsh and of course excluding injuries if players aren’t earning there keep that’s where the business side kicks in.

  11. Galdom



    Don’t give up assets to move a salary, it’s humiliating. If a proper Dadonov trade where you are not giving up a 2nd round pick is not available then don;t make the trade. He only has one more year of term anyways.

    That goes for Robin Lehner as well. Might as well keep him and let him get healthy as we have now have learned he was hurt. If he is healthy he could perfom closer to his career standard. Have a clear platoon of Lehner and Thompson playing the same amount of games. It’s pointless to try to move him at his lowest value which could cost a 1st round pick. That is both humiliating and bad asset management.

    • Frank

      Agreed on most all, but they can move Lehner anytime in my book.


        Lehner will retire due to career ending shoulder surgery. VGK will eat his salary for 3 years unless they can find a place to dump it (unlikely).

        • Daryl

          If he retires due to injury, doesn’t his salary go against LITR?

          • Blitz

            Cap-wise yes, LTIR. They still have to pay him actual money though.

      • Henderson One

        Lehner is toxic. Remember him kneeling for the National Anthem.

        • Blitz

          Yes, every time I see him. Same with Seguin from the stars and Reaves of course.

          • Daryl

            Yep which is why I was fine with Reavo going. And why I’m not upset with RL having a horrible season

        • VegasBorn1993

          Go back to your safe space!

        • DL

          ENOUGH! Some of you commenters are toxic! THG and many others! You know who you are. Instigators! Get a real argument or just butt out. Quit trying to make things worse, everything negative or insulting others. Didn’t your mom also always tell you that if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!!! So he knelt. So what! Big deal! Quit harping on it and move on. Like it has some everlasting life changing impact on you , others or the world. Get a grip, get a clue and most importantly get a life!!! Ask yourself, you don’t like Lehner, or anybody else, because the kneel? Really?!?!?!

          • Daryl

            Yes, I can’t stand anyone who kneels. Maybe you should get over it. I quit watching football years ago. I no longer watch basketball or baseball. I don’t give a shit if you have a problem with that or not. And I have no problem telling ANYONE, including Reavo that I have a problem with it.

      • Galdom

        If you are right then move him.

      • Daryl

        I don’t think anyone would take him right now…. That’s not to say once he is healed a team won’t, but until then he is staying in VGK

        • Daryl: you asked about other VGK sites. I found them on the official VGK site.( I’m not subscribed to these…) One was Sinbin Nation. The other, not sure. Check the VGK site.

  12. Big n Bad

    Ha ha ha PRICELESS

    the unravelling all started with??? Mccriminal

  13. Galdom

    I’m all for moving anyone but not giving up first or second round pick to do it. That’s just humiliating. And if you resign Riley Smith at a discount then for fucks sake‘s don’t disrespect him and trade him one year later.

    All of my suggestions here are with a new management team in place. Anybody who would resign at a discount with this current band of cocksucking liars would be an idiot

    • Henderson One

      This owner and management team has disrespected players for the last three years. They have squandered all of the good will that was built in the initial two years of this franchise and have developed a culture of disrespect, lies and deceit.

  14. Big n Bad

    Keep lehner??

    This just keeps getting better.. ba ha ha

    If one was to guess they would say based on the dismantling of this team by him, mccriminal is a mole planted to implode this team

    Who would ever believe that a never before GM would fail so miserably

    The utter hatred mccriminal had for gallant and that both mccriminal and petey had for fleury and reaves was the beginning of the end

  15. Galdom



    Again, I am not moving draft picks and sweetners to make a deal. It’s humiliating. Reilly Smith and Mattais Janmark are not resigned. Nic Roy is an RFA so he doesn’t have alot of leverage. I offer him a 2.000 million salary and he doesn’t accept he can sit out in a contract dispute. Kolesar, Hague and Howden are resigned easily to very small raises. I think Alec Martinez is contract that I am able to move. Just 2 years term left and he provides value to teams like Seattle or Ottawa who need to hit the cap floor. I am trying to be realistic and moving Martinez could be too ambitious especially since he has a modified no trade clause. If this is the case then move Dadonov which is moveable. A 20 goal scorer with only one year of term left.

    I’m not giving away Pacioretty for free to gain cap flexibilty. No more Fleury type deals. This is my cap compliant team to start next year and it is not pretty.

    The new management team will not be lying cocksuckers. Players are given a clean slate. Don’t tell a player he is not getting traded unless it is the truth. No lying to the fans about players injury status. DON’T BE LYING COCK SUCKERS!!!

    Jack Eichel 10.000
    Mark Stone 9.500
    Max Pacioretty 7.000
    William Karlsson 5.900
    Evgeni Dadonov 5.000
    Jon Marchessault 5.000
    Chandler Stephenson 2.750
    Nicolas Roy 2.000
    William Carrier 1.4000
    Brett Howden 1.2000
    Nolan Patrick 1.200
    Keegan Kolesar 0.950
    Michael Amadio 0.750

    TOTAL 52.65

    Alex Pietrangelo 8.800
    Shea Theodore 5.200
    Brayden MacNabb 2.850
    Zach Whitecloud 2.750
    Nic Hague 1.750
    Ben Hutton 0.850
    Dylan Coughlan 0.7625

    TOTAL 22.9625

    Robin Lehner 5.000
    Logan Thompson 0.7667

    TOTAL 5.7667

    TOTAL CAP 81.3792

    • Frank

      Get rid of RL and you got it! (Perhaps I’m biased cause I’m not a fan of his goaltending style and never have been. Simply not a fit for the vgk).

      • Galdom

        Hey Frank,

        I know everyone wants Lehner out of here but trading him at his lowest value is both very difficult and bad asset management. Perhaps the “new management” team should work with him, get him healthy, treat him like a man instead of piece of trash. Be honest with their intentions. Take him aside and actually be HONEST!!! Something like, “Hey Robin, I’m sorry about the way things went with the prior management but we want to do things differently. We respect your efforts and contributions to this franchise but we will be going in a different direction and do not see you in our long term plans. Let’s work together and get you healthy and playing well and we will do right by you and trade you to a team that will provide you a new opportunity.”

        If he is healthy and playing closer to his career standards then he can be moved. Opportunities will be there. A starting goalie on another team will get hurt at some point.

        • Galdom – Sometimes you just have to admit you fucked up. In Lehner’s case there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for 3 years. You can certainly try to play both Lehner & Thompson and lean more heavily on Thompson, but do you really eat this poor move the next 3 years or just eat the $ and dump him?

          I am not sure about how the waiver wire works, but put him out there to see if there’s any interest.

    • Duckboy

      This is like the knights team that played tonight only worse.

      But let me tell u, this is the most likely team we field next season .

      Might as well make vacation plans in may 2023 as well, which is what I have been saying.

      The only move I see is if the fo doesn’t change they scapegoat trade Karlsson for some ridiculous player next season. Just like eakin and fleury.

    • Couple of things:

      1. I believe the Cap is going to be 82.5M for next season.
      2. Trade Lehner even if we have to eat $1.5M of his salary. This frees up $3.5M
      3. Get a “senior” goalie for around $2.5M that can backup LT and also help mentor him. Someone that is not a sullen grouch and will perk up the locker room.

  16. Galdom

    I would love to move Karlsson but I don’t think it is possible with his term. A proven goal scorer like Pacioretty is very easy to trade especially since he only has one year term left. However, his value may be too low at the moment. If he stays healthy and performs he can be one of the top rentals available at next years trade deadline.

    Again, a new management team would be performing these transactions,

  17. Galdom

    I’m also done with being thankful for the franchise and the first four years. As fans that doesn’t entitle the front office cocksuckers to act the way they have been this year. Without the fans support they wouldn’t be around much longer either. Season ticket holders and fans buying merchandise and watching on tv have had enough.

    FYI….. none of my long winded posts have mentioned a single criticism of the players and their efforts. This is all about the front office.

    • Frank

      Yo. Most expansion teams spend YEARS trying to be competitive. We have had almost the ultimate success right out of the gate. This year was cursed with injuries, poor coaching and FO decisions and poor goaltending (outside of LTs last couple of months or so). We’re lucky and still continue to be. And with our core, our window for winning is not yet done. This year is actually a blessing in disguise if the needed changes are made.

      • Daryl

        The team is only getting older… and slower. They still have to move players to get Cap compliant.

    • ThG trigger alert!

      But, I agree – KM doesn’t believe in team chemistry, just statistics and worse he’s a knee jerk manager with zero patience. I’ve seen guys like this in my 30 years in the military and his ego must be enormous. He comes across as “all knowing” without any legacy to back it up.

      KM is probably the worst business decision Foley has ever made in his entire life.

  18. Mctavish

    Move them to Ottawa!!

  19. DL

    Year one affectionately known as the MISFITS

    Year five everything completely MISFIRES

    From management, coaching, players, injuries, lineups, power play, penalty kill, special teams, goaltending, overtimes, shootouts, front office, communication, offense, scoring, defense, leads, system, style of play, intensity, toughness, consistency, 60 minutes, and so on.

    It’s all been mostly MALFUNCTION and DYSFUNCTION

  20. Galdom

    I know everyone wants Lehner out of here but trading him at his lowest value is both very difficult and bad asset management. Perhaps the “new management” team should work with him, get him healthy, treat him like a man instead of piece of trash. Be honest with their intentions. Take him aside and actually be HONEST!!! Something like, “Hey Robin, I’m sorry about the way things went with the prior management but we want to do things differently. We respect your efforts and contributions to this franchise but we will be going in a different direction and do not see you in our long term plans. Let’s work together and get you healthy and playing well and we will do right by you and trade you to a team that will provide you a new opportunity.”

    If he is healthy and playing closer to his career standards then he can be moved. Opportunities will be there. A starting goalie on another team will get hurt at some point.

  21. LIttleSmiffyUKFan

    William P. Foley II will you please set the TNT at the top of this toxic ridden club. And blow it to pieces. So many wrongs need to be made right.

  22. I would also like everyone to take a look at this kid Isaah Saville just recently signed by the Silver Knights. Brisson #24 is also making his name known right away since joining them.

    People ridiculed me when I pointed out Logan’s potential to start. Well, after watching Saville, I can say that I’d like to see him in camp compete for the 2A role. Watch this guy in the Calder Cup playoffs. The AHLTV subscription will be worth it since the VGK is going to be golfing.

    • Daryl

      Some, like myself, really like LT and thought VGK should give him a chance. I’m glad injuries have him that chance otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten a chance to showcase his skills

  23. For Ken —-

    If the VGK are eliminated, please move the focus of this forum over to the Silver Knights and their run for the Calder Cup!


    • THE hockey GOD

      the HSK are no better off than VGK. They were lucky to be in playoffs !

      no. 81 needs a haircut, stop looking like a girly boy.

      Lots of conspiracy posts. The VGK players are mentally and physically worn out. Four straight years of deep playoff runs takes a strong toll on everyone. IT will be good to re charge batteries for long season.

      I see a few rookies from HSK making team next year. Cotter, the Russian kid, and no. 6 the d man.

      I see RL recovered from surgery and having a re bound year with LT as back up. I see their back up gone.

      I see Boris and Janmark and Kolesar GONE.

      I see Trump re instated by AUGUST.

      And I see pelosi and hillary indicted for treason, and Joe needing more help than ever in changing his big boy diaper poopy pants.

      I see Putin “going away” and peace finally coming to Ukraine.

      I see Russian players acting like pussies when it comes to the war, disgraceful cowards that they are.

      I see GG not running deep in playoffs. I see winner of SC coming from CANES/ PAnthers or Lightning. The west is up for grabs. Again, and everyone will say “hey the VGK could have made it if they were healthy all year”. And whoever said they are healthy now, obviously has marbles for brains- no. 67 crawling on ice, no 61 can’t skate, smith out, hague out, RL out, no. 23 sleep walking, and no 17 still sucks big time.

      • Daryl

        Can we hear more about these excuses on how injuries have killed the team the past week or so when they really needed wins???

        • Galdom

          i got nothing

        • THE hockey GOD

          what part of smith, hague, starting and back up goalie out, howden out, kolesar out and no. 61 / 67 / 23 playing hurt can’t your wrap your hillbilly gomer pyle brain around ? And team still didn’t crater like HABS did.

          Dumbest hyperventilating fan base in history of NHL, and perhaps sports also.

          • Seems to me YOU’RE the one Hyperventolating! Maybe less caffeine?

          • Daryl

            I get it now… We lost because we had Thompson in net!!!!

  24. Craig

    1st period looked great. Then ? Same fucking play every time they touch the puck. Ot wtf. Shootout are these guys asleep ? No energy on any shot. Guess deboring lives up to his name. These guys don’t want to play for him

  25. Big n Bad

    Almost every person in hockey knew about Lehner and his “issues” before mccriminal signed him and kicked fleury to the curb.

    Situation was made worse by Deboring’s obsession signing Lehner and dumping Fleury. .. along with Reaves… but that’s another story…

    While this whole latest episode with Lehner has been unfolding does it not seem odd mccriminal is nowhere to be found??

    Why is Deboring the front man who is stuck answering all the questions about personnel issues regarding a player who is a whacko and went MIA?

    Why is mccriminal in Winnipeg thru all of this and not in Vegas? YES he’s been in Winnipeg nowhere near vegas…..

    Why is the coach doubling as a GM??

    WTF is actually going on here??

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ bad
      MAF the farce of franchise only had himself to blame. He was given many chances and he fell flat on his face. Many times. Go back to Galdom and Doc’s and my prior posted. Become educated, don’t be a putz.

      • Daryl

        And look at what we are left with… A $5m backup who can’t stay healthy for a season. What a great decision you and the FO made

    • THE hockey GOD

      ^^^ conspiracy nut job post alert^^^^

  26. JJ

    I hope the Hawks crush us 1-0 (to not traumatize Logan) and we can get this over with already.

    Did not and does not matter if we make the playoffs or make it to the final. VGK would have not gotten past TBL the last two years and who ever comes out of the east this year is going to win the Cup. I’m kinda rooting for FLA and TBL x3.

    I enjoy all of your comments.

  27. Tim

    Everything today is speculation by Friday when the season is over we’ll see if any moves are made. It’s hard to believe that Foley as desperate he is for a Stanley Cup ( which in my view isn’t going to happen ) would have to come down with the hammer. Will it include George, Kelly and Pete who knows time will tell. Above posters are right to try to trade some of our dead weight and have to add a sweetener is crazy we’ve done enough of that. What scares me the most is the health of Stone and Patch we’ve got 16.5 million invested and there skills seem to have diminished which might be our biggest problem. Next problem is Karlsson lack of scoring and Lehner’s health and ability to come back cap hit on these two is 10.9 million. Next do you resign Smith and keep or trade Dadonov cap hit Dadonov 5 million Smith free agent. Everyone making 2 million or less let management sort out who should stay and who should go.

  28. have another donut

    very simple question for Foley….

    after losing millions$$ in playoff revenue this season

    are you gonna let the little fat man from Manitoba “Jack” you around any longer? or are you going to fire his ass and get a GM who will build a young hustling team of hard workers….more Carrier types, and fewer ego driven star players who care more about the paycheck than the bodycheck.

    iow, are you going back to the VGK roots, the misfit type team? or are you gonna keep searching for the new shiny toy, the marquee madness that brought down this team?

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ donut,

      FOLEY signed the checks, the grape stomper is one at fault here.

      BTW if it wasn’t for GMGM we wouldn’t have no. 20, or LT, and howden, or Amadio, and many others.

      Hyperventilating idiot fans, worst in NHL.

  29. Rick

    I think you folks have no idea what this team is up against for the near future. An aging roster that is breaking down physically, all the depth has been traded away and virtually no prospects are on the way. And most laughingly it seems like they might cast their lot with an un-drafted career USports/AHL goalie who is not at all what you’ve built him up as based on a handful of games. But you’re blinded to that due to the nuclear butthurt you all feel towards Lehner because he replaced your over romanticized man-god MAF.

    Maybe the biggest problem is that all the luster and veneer of winning/excellence has been stripped away and no one fears coming into Vegas anymore. That’s the biggest failing of the two idiot GM’s and that senile looking owner chasing after shiny toys.

    You want to fix the goalie situation (which, like most newer hockey fans, you spend way too much time obsessing about)? Let Lehner heal and hire Mitch Korn and/or Piero Greco away from the Islanders. That’s a place where Foley can spend his dollars without being capped. Then spend a whole bunch more to rehabilitate Quenneville to install a creative offensive scheme and championship culture as he did in Chicago and Florida.

    All of that might not be enough given the ludicrous roster construction but it’s the best shot they have.

    • Contact Tracer

      Fleury is sailing into the playoffs and possibly hoisting a cup yet again in 2022. And doing it along the way with a big smile, 3 Stanley Cups, a Vezina, and no kneeling in pocket.

      He brings infectious HOPE to the locker room. That is confirmed by the hundreds of players that experienced that.

      I worship NO man or woman, but I do admire the actions of MAF, one of the greatest NHL players of all time, off and on the ice.

      • Galdom

        Well he was traded to a playoff team. If he was still on Chicago he would not be sailing into the playoffs.

      • Rick

        Fleury sat on the bench with a baseball cap on for 2 of those 3 Cup wins and lost his net in the playoffs 2 of the past 3 seasons. He’s likely to not start the playoffs in net for MN and, as has already been mentioned, the team he spent the majority of the season with is mired in mediocrity as were his numbers with them. He looked completely cooked at the end of last year’s playoffs despite his career appreciation Vezina.

        At mid career (before he watched Matt Murray win 2 cups) he was considered to be the worst playoff goalie in the NHL and statistics backed that up. The obsession you people have with him is mind boggling.

        • Daryl

          thg is that you??? It’s easy to sit back and look at stats and think you know what you are taking about. That’s the problem with stats, they don’t tell the whole story. Do you even know why MAF wasn’t the starter for one of those 2 Cups he was on the bench? Hint, it wasn’t b/c of bad play. Here’s another tidbit, the Pens don’t even make the playoffs without the play of MAF.

          And guess what, VGK makes it to the playoffs every year without question when he was starting. Where is VGK now with RL?

          As for that appreciation trophy, spoken like a truly jealous hater. Just admit that you don’t like MAF so you don’t look so foolish when trying to trash talk him

          Just curious, where does he rank among wins???

          • Daryl,

            You need to ignore the MAF haters. I’ve been a Pen’s fan since the late 70’s and I remember the lean years.

            What all these MAF haters seem to ignore is the fact the Penguins have only won one playoff series since Fleury left. The haters in the world don’t like stats they just like to hate.

          • Daryl

            @VGK Fan,
            Funny thing is, I didn’t become a VGK fan gecause of MAF. I liked them because of Engelland so they can’t even use that against me

        • Daryl

          And let’s not forget that article was written back in 2012…and it was specifically talking about that playoffs and about the goalies still left in the playoffs. Nice try

      • Galdom×680/smart/
        Kneelers must be stopped


        • Daryl

          Couldn’t get the pic to come up… Did you post MAF kneeling again???

    • Galdom

      Hey Rick, fantastic!

    • Original 6

      Don’t forget to get Dale Tallon as GM. He built both those teams and Quenneville will right the ship. Hello Foley are u listening to the solution! you immediately Fix the GM & coach position. Leave it to tallon to dump Lehner. he will be able to do it

    • Daryl

      Sorry, but you really don’t have a clue. Most of us that aren’t fans of RL has absolutely NOTHING to do with MAF. That’s a stupid comment made by those who don’t understand much but wants to pretend like they do. Let RL heal? When was the last time he was able to finish an entire season? He worries so much about everything and everyone else instead of worrying about himself. As for Thompson, you must not have watched him play much. And who cares if he was undrafted. Did you not see the list out out last game of great players who were not drafted? Of course not because you are a troll who doesn’t even watch the games.

    • Contact Tracer

      “Let us not forget MAF beat VGK twice this year wearing 2 different jerseys.

      4 precious points that send VGK to the golf course for post season.”

      “Billy Buc Bad Ice”

  30. Contact Tracer

    Pete DeBoer, Joe Pavelski, and the San Jose Sharks yet again a thorn in the VGK side.

    Will the Canucks finish ahead of the the VGK this year?

  31. Big n Bad

    Not surprising some of the idiots on this board who have no clue really what is going on w management of this team.

    The group is in disarray

    Staring for hours at their “ I luv hillary” posters explains it

  32. Galdom

    Sorry. Being silly

    • Daryl

      Yeah I know… It’s all good. I just remember you posting that pic last time, which is why I was asking when I couldn’t get it to load

  33. Galdom

    Predict an awfully boring game tonight. Something in the range of a 2-0 Chicago win or perhaps a 2-1 Chicago win in overtime. Could go the other way where Vegas wins 2-1. Both teams don’t care. Chicago hasn’t had a lot to play for for a while. Vegas did have a lot to pay for but didn’t care regardless. With a a healthy roster to all of their core players they’ve only won two of their last seven.

    Basically a game between two horseshit teams.

    I could see Dallas beating up Arizona with ease. Probably putting that game away by middle of the second period.

  34. Blitz

    I think you make the most unexpected trade this summer, to be able to right this ship. I think you trade Eichel. You put your bib on and eat a giant horse shit pile of crow and you trade Eichel. You get back a 1st, a 3rd/4th, and a solid mid-cost (4-5mil) replacement. You trade Lehner and the 3rd/4th for a bucket of air (minus the bucket). You sign Smith to 4.5mil. LB backs up LT or LB goes away and you find a similar cost replacement (maybe that is Fleury ala Ken a couple of days ago, but that bridge is burnt I am sure). You need some muscle, finds some fucking muscle so this team isn’t so soft. Just spit balling, but a big change is needed. If you think this team is going to change by keeping the same players and system you are wrong. Maybe a system change is good enough, but I don’t think so. Oh speaking of which this starts with PDB being placed on a trebuchet and sent the fuck out of here. Spott gets sold to that Zed guy from pulp fiction, gimp replacement.

  35. JV

    JFC Pietrangelo, hit the bastard!Don’t stand there waving your stick while Raddysh takes 5 whacks at the puck while LT is trying to cover it. That’s what you get for 8.8 million a year.

  36. Galdom

    My prediction is bang on. Didn’t have to be the amazing Kreskin to make it though. Dallas is destroying Arizona. Apparently they’ve hit three gold posts as well. And of course, a healthy Vegas roster is life and death to be Chicago who is playing for absolutely nothing .

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