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Recap: The Golden Knights fought off an early 1-0 deficit with a goal of their own almost two minutes later. Vegas defended the rest of the penalty being outshot 15-5, but the game remained tied 1-1 after the opening twenty minutes.

Dallas took the lead midway through the middle frame on a deflection by Vegas backup goaltender Laurent Brossoit. The Golden Knights had quality chances towards the end of the period but couldn’t cash in.

Trailing 2-1 the Golden Knights made a strong push in the final period. Vegas had several chances and finally the dam broke with a wicked shot from Jonathan Marchessault tying the game with about a minute to go. Moments later Brossoit came up with the save of the night to keep the game tied and sending it to overtime.

In OT, it was Evgenii Dadonov who stuck one past Khudobin and the Golden Knights steal not one, but two points on the road.

The Golden Knights record improves to 3-4-0 after winning back to back games in Colorado and Dallas. Vegas will next hit the ice on a Friday for a Nevada Day evening matchup against the Anaheim Ducks. Puck drop is scheduled for 5PM.(Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas came in playing the second-half of a back-to-back and the third game in four nights, plus they had travel problems, arriving in Dallas just a few hours before the game. They looked every bit of what you’d expect for a team in that situation for the first 35 minutes of the game. Somehow, they managed to stick around in the game until a pair of heroes emerged. They were Marchessault and Brossoit, and somehow, almost miraculously, the Golden Knights come back with four points in hand. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars game at American Airlines Center.

  • Alex Pietrangelo is headed for a career high in a stat VGK probably don’t want him hitting

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Evgenii Dadonov
** Jonathan Marchessault
* Lauren Brossoit


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  1. THE hockey GOD

    BORIS !!!!

  2. Richard Santomauro

    I would give 1/2 of the 1st Star to Nick Roy who dug that puck out and dished it off to Dadanov for the game winner.

    The offense is still struggling, but I am beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. The bottom 6 are beginning to come together. PP still sucks, guys just standing around while the defense sets up in their zone blocking shots. My other major concern is the Walrus. That late shot in the 3rd period, the one Brossoit made a miracle save on? That’s 100% a goal if the Walrus is in net and the Knights lose the game 3-2. He just isn’t mobile enough to be the starting goalie on this team, period. That will become more and more evident in the coming weeks. I can definitely see Brossoit taking over the #1 spot by mid-January if not sooner.

    The good news? VGK is on a 2 game winning streak. Misfit line, defense and Roy/Dadanov & Brossoit deserve a lot of credit.

    • sb

      Lehner? Could be worse. Vegas could have that netminder guy in Chicago being paid $7 mil with a .820 save average. There were a lot of tears shed in Vegas last summer. But even more tears now being shed in Chicago.

      • Daryl

        If you actually watched any of those games you might have a clue as to what you are talking about…. And before you say you have watched them I call BS.!!! He made another behead play behind his own net which cost them a goal but over half the gold he’s given up have been on odd man rushes

        I said on Twitter that VGK will somehow take this game. They were pretty much out played the entire game but the bounced went our way tonight. When you have injuries to certain players sometimes you need luck to be on your side

    • THE hockey GOD

      you realize that the game tying goal realistically is a PP type situation with 6 against 5 ?

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ RS
      “That late shot in the 3rd period, the one Brossoit made a miracle save on? That’s 100% a goal if the Walrus is in net””

      I beg to differ, Walrus would have been flopped face down in the blue crease, not off to the left outside the crease and it would have hit him while he was still on the ice. You know it. Say it.

      SAY IT !!

      PS you talking about the first thing or the second thing ? Just trying to bring some ‘levitation’ to the situation at hand.

  3. LVsc

    Brossoit was excellent, he needs to play a LOT more often.

    that goal by Marchy was a 6-on-5 man advantage, and just as I posted earlier, the one-timer from the circle is the way to score in man advantage situations.

    Great forecheck and pass by Roy that made the OT goal possible.

    Brossoit, Marchessault, and Roy—the French connection

  4. Very encouraging night, specifically I’m that my hope has been validated that we have a goalie of the future. LB looked really good – very solid fundamentally with high efficiency of movement, excellent angles, quiet, and very quick when needed, but didn’t overreact to put himself out of position for follow-up chances. He also didn’t fall down in scrambles and take forever to get back up. He faced two periods where Dallas was in his face with high, high danger chances everywhere. Nothing against RL, but let’s be honest Dallas would have probably put up 4-5 goals tonight against him given how much zone time Dallas had and the amont of close in dangerous chances. LB looks like an excellent goalie, and frankly a better goalie to me, although RL has played solid in last few games to be fair.

  5. Vic

    81 set the comeback tone with 2 huge hits. I could see it in his eyes that he was going to score. Shea looked like the Shea of old….not only the goal, but the skating, shooting and passing. 39 saved the day. Will be a tough few months, but these two games showed the guys have passion again. Great statement game to build on.

    • The coach has done a good job holding this team together, inspiring them to wok their butts off and make the most of their depth in the face of the injuries. DeBoer is highly regarded in the league and for good reason.

      Defense first. One game at a time.

      • Daryl

        You and this whole PDB motivating and inspiring these players is fat out hilarious. If he is doing as much as you say, why are we still having issues offensively and why is our PP still as pathetic as it is???

        • THE hockey GOD

          only thing hilarious is melt down and heads exploding of band wagon jumpers like you.

          • Daryl

            If you say so old man…. Exactly how is someone a bandwagon fan when he’s been here since day 1 and hasn’t ever left???

            I guess b/ci I don’t blindly believe everything the FO and our coach has to say, I must not be a real or true fan. I wish I could be as delusional as you, it would make my life so much easier!!!

  6. sb

    The writers of this blog are trying their best to create an issue that doesn’t exist. Take yesterday’s post – they continue to push a false narrative that the Vegas fanbase is very displeased and eroding, supposedly unhappy with the Owner and his managers. Ahhhh, I don’t see a shred of truth in their claim. If their claim is correct, why is T-Mobile packed to capacity the first four games? Why is their merchandise selling so well? Why are their practice sessions packed with fans? Here’s the truth about the so-called eroding fanbase – for 2021-22, 4 home games, 17,949 paid attendance each game, 103% of capacity. Three road games and those Arenas averaged 100% capacity and everywhere you looked there were VGK jerseys. Eroding fanbase? Unhappy VGK fans? Journalist should be honest and truthful and not trying to mislead the readers and do harm to the businessman giving us this wonderful entertainment.

    • Where there is winning there will be fans. Good fans hang with the team through tough stretches and get over the loss of favorite players as they are with Fleury. Hockey is here to stay in this town and players want come to Vegas and play for this team.

    • Sb – another Individual who has a deficiency where math is concerned – 103% of capacity. That’s why we get emails everyday about ticket available, buy now no fee etc. There are plenty of empty seats . Not sure where you got the 17000+ number unless you were referring to last year. There are true hockey fans a d just spectators – there is a huge difference between the two. Apparently surprising as you at times post intelligent stuff so l would think you know the difference. Attendance is eroding it’s a given fact so while you criticize the the the editors you yourself are peddling BS. Sad

      • Daryl

        You are exactly right. The 4 season ticket seats my friend gave up are still available. The 3 seats right behind his are still available. If we are at 103% why are there open seats still available to buy? I can go online right now at ticketmaster or ticket hub and get seats to any game I want

        • THE hockey GOD

          how do you know they are “still available to buy” and not people trying to re sell their seats ??

          • Daryl

            Because when my friend went to look at available season tickets after all the emails he received, he was able to guy his same seats I he wanted. Same for the guy that sat right behind him…. They became pretty good friends after 3 or so years

      • THE hockey GOD

        hdbiker, you realize that they have standing room only seats available that are considered above and beyond “capacity” which normally means actual seats ?

        it’s a simple concept, many rinks use this model.

        • THg – that wasn’t the point – there are plenty of empty available seats. Standing room only seats is rather opposite is it not – you can’t have it both ways.

    • Vlad

      Attendance is down this year. And has been below capacity this year so I’m thinking your stats are comin out of yur ass. Also a helluva lot quieter this year

      • THE hockey GOD

        you realize in game attendance is not the same as number of tickets sold ??

    • THE hockey GOD

      you are correct SB, fake news by shiiitee stirring media
      they did the same thing regarding GG
      and same thing regarding MAF situations.

      most clueless fan base in NHL

      • Daryl

        A fan base that you are apart of and a comment that pertains to you as well

        • THE hockey GOD

          my comment was to vlad , not you, so mind your bees wax

          mr buttinski

          • Daryl

            Awwww is someone butt hurt b/c he got called out on his own stupidity????

    • THE hockey GOD

      @SB you should couch your statement regarding 103% of capacity because the fan base here doesn’t know what that means, by their posts below they are obviously clueless.

      • Daryl

        Maybe you are the clueless one considering seats are still available for every home game this season and there are enty of open seats at every game.

        • THE hockey GOD

          my comment was to SB, not to you considering you don’t know the answer to my prior question nor can you answer how they came up with 103%. Nor do you know how VGK comes up with 103%. Nor do you know how many games are for sale, or for re sale.

          • THE hockey GOD

            *seats , not games

          • Daryl

            I know exactly how you can come up with a 103% in general but it’s a joke to say the arena is full when in fact it is not

          • Daryl

            Go to ticket hub or ticket master and it tells you if the tickets are resale or not…. Try again

    • B-Rad-Lee

      I have been to a couple of the games. Only 75% of butts were in the seats. Just cause you sell a ticket, doesn’t mean you have attendance.

  7. Jim

    Robin Lehner sums it up nicely—-

    “Brasser’s a really good goalie,” Lehner said when asked about his status as the team’s starting netminder. “He’s coming here to push me and I’m pushing him. It’s no different [from when] I got traded here and they started me, and I was the starter in the bubble (2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs). I started opening night last season. It was a little bit of a special season with no [training] camp, so we started splitting. Then I got injured and Fleury had a [heck] of a year. It was planned that I was going to play a lot more, but I got injured.

    “And that’s how it should be. At the end of the day, if I don’t play well and Brasser plays well, I expect him to play. It’s nothing different now than any of the other years I played with a lot of good goalies. If I don’t have a good year this year, it’s pretty likely I’m not on the team that next year. That’s what I love about this team. They do everything to win.”

  8. Vlad

    Goalie saved their bacon last night. End of story. Vegas had fewer shots. Lost way more face offs. Fewer hits. Fewer blocked shots and had more give aways. Goalie stole one….kudos for him

    ….and same old for Pylon Krebs. No goals. No assists. 2 give aways and another minus game for him. The cupboard must be bloody bare for this team

    • THE hockey GOD

      krebs was doing his job on the goal scored, boy learn to watch the game. The goal went in off a deflection on our own d man.

      another clueless post

      • Vlad

        Am I wrong? Look at how many goals he’s scored. Look at his accumulating minuses. Look at his give always.

        Yur head is so far up yur ass you can’t see the obvious facts.

        • THE hockey GOD

          reply was about last night’s game, take your spin out elsewhere as it will be called out every time.

          every game he’s getting better, he’s not not completely gassed after every shift when he returns to the bench; he’s using his energy more efficiently. Remember he’s only 20 years old.

          • Vlad

            He’s using his energy efficiently??? LOL. Did your mom come up with that one??

            Last I looked the team that scores the most goals wins.

            The team that gets scored on the most loses.

            And Pylon Krebs is always on the latter

            Dump him while ya can.

  9. Galdom

    Hey Vlad, Did Peyton Krebs bang your mom or something?

    • Vlad

      No but I think there are pictures with a sheep that keeps getting him put in the ice

  10. THE hockey GOD

    “If you say so old man…. Exactly how is someone a bandwagon fan when he’s been here since day 1 and hasn’t ever left???” being here from day 1 doesn’t make you a VGK fan.

    Your posts spew hate most of the time, misunderstanding of what his actually in the rule book, and your game watching comments are questionable in the very least.

    • Daryl

      And your posts spew blind following. You understanding of the rule book is a joke and so many who have played the game disagree with you, but what do they know compared to you. And my game comments would sound questionable to someone like yourself who really doesn’t understand the game but wants everyone else to think he knows everything… as your made up name implies

  11. Tim

    Bicker Bicker sometimes I think I’m back in the service with all the bitching. You are all spoiled I’m just so happy we have a team and as a bonus we’ve also got an NHL team with the prospects of getting a MLB team. Do you know when I came to Vegas back in the day we would have been put in a loony bin predicting what has come about. My wife’s been here since 1958 and I’ve been here since 1965 and that’s over 120 years and believe me were so lucky to have lived in small town Vegas to a major sports destination. I’m thrilled just having teams to cheer for and you including Ken it’s Stanley Cup or bust. You should be happy with two competitive teams but no just bitch about this guy that guy, the coach, management like my mother used to say be thankful for what you have not what you don’y have. It looks like Jack Eichel is on the horizon let’s just hope we don’t sell the farm on the come line.

    • THE hockey GOD

      was hoping for MLB team here, too. But this is not looking good per latest news:

      The Alameda County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted to keep the Oakland A’s plan for a new ballpark at the waterfront Howard Terminal site on track.

      Major League Baseball will likely see the action by supervisors as evidence of the region’s willingness to accommodate the A’s, who are seeking to move from their current Coliseum site in East Oakland and have said they are willing to move out of the city if the Howard Terminal proposal didn’t go through.

      The yes vote means hundreds of millions in county tax revenue will be allocated for the A’s ballpark project, specifically to help the team pay for affordable housing, parks and other infrastructure at the Howard Terminal site. The funds will be distributed over a 45-year period.

  12. THg – that wasn’t the point – there are plenty of empty available seats. Standing room only seats is rather opposite is it not – you can’t have it both ways.

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