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Recap: The Golden Knights shockingly got off to a quick start scoring two goals in the first 9:37 of the game. Chandler Stephenson started the scoring with his third of the season and Reilly Smith stretched the lead to 2-0 with a shorthanded goal. Robin Lehner was strong in net stopping all 10 Avalanche shots.

Vegas continued to frustrate Colorado for most of the middle period. The game changed when Colorado’s Jack Johnson upended Keegan Kolesar and the Avs defenseman was punished with a five-minute major and a game misconduct. Golden Knights forward Nic Roy also received a game misconduct and a two-minute instigator penalty for protecting his teammate by jumping Johnson. On the ensuing 4-on-4 play, Colorado slipped one by Lehner. Vegas held a 2-1 lead after 40 minutes of action.

The final period began with a continuation of the matching penalties but the score didn’t change. Vegas fought off several Colorado rushes down the stretch and Keegan Kolesar poked in an empty net insurance goal.

The Golden Knights record improves to 2-4-0 after their impressive 3-1 over the Avalanche. Vegas will get right back to work tomorrow night in Dallas. Puck drop against the Stars is scheduled for 5 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Looking to end a dreadful losing streak, and knowing goals were always going to be hard to come by, the Golden Knights brought their work boots to this one. They played a simple, smart game, and allowed the chances to come to them as they usually do against the Avalance. Once they got the lead, they started to play the way they can defensively and they earned themselves a much-needed victory. (Recap by Ken)

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Colorado Avalanche game at Ball Arena.

  • Trading for Eichel, is it really in the best interest of the franchise?

Ken’s Three VGK Stars

*** Evgenii Dadonov
** Robin Lehner
* Reilly Smith

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  1. Volt

    Fix the score boys!

  2. John W

    The ESPN coverage is soooo weak, compared to TNT. The announcers butcher names, miss plays, and are always behind. Sad.

    • Rick D

      …and ESPN runs away from the game within 30 seconds of the final buzzer right to a soccer game tonight and last time I watched an ESPN game they were in Sports Center talking about baseball with no post hockey game stuff. It’s as if they gave hockey their 2 1/2 hours now let’s get on to other sports. For a while they had the crowd sound drowning out the announcers. For some reason they don’t understand where the TV time outs are and have to interrupt them because they didn’t look at the clock and didn’t realize it was not an icing and it was the first stoppage after 14 10 or 6. And btw, I love the on ice power play clock TNT super imposes on the ice. I used to like it when VGK games were in National TV now I would much rather have our home guys than ESPN (where’s Gary Thorne when we need him?)

      • THE hockey GOD

        i thought there analysis of VGK issues were spot on, they were mimicking many of themes posted by THG

        and it was better than their game last week in which the announcer kept getting the teams wrong, and corrected herself by saying ‘i beg your partner, mean…”

        PS where’s cletus, billy jo bob, and jethro ? Still sleeping it off ?

  3. Coyote

    Just a friendly question – the second goal was credited to Karlsson, eventually, right?

  4. LVsc

    Good victory. they played the way they are supposed to, with defensive emphasis.

    that was the best that Krebs has played by far, and Miromanov looks good, he is a smooth, heads up player who makes good decisions.

    BUT, that damn PP is a joke that is costing this team momentum and confidence every game

    and Karlsson should be the 3rd star. His defensive play and PK work were important tonight vs McKinnon

    • Krebs is going to be good. Understand why they would not give him up in an Eichel deal.

      • Vlad

        Ba ha ha ha

        Good at what?

        Clearly it’s NOT scoring goals

        So what is it?

        If the team simply needs players who don’t score goals Pylon Krebs is your guy!

        In fact there are tens of thousands of hockey players who could contribute the very same as Pylon Krebs does…. Nothing

  5. Frank

    This is exactly the way the knights need to play absent Stone, Pacioretty, Rich etc etc. They need to get out to a lead and hold on defensively. They can do it. Just need to win the close ones and get better than average goaltending….

    • They got better than average goaltending this game in spite of what the Lehner bashers think/say.

      • Daryl

        RL played pretty good… He should buy Hague a steak for saving his tail though. And as THG would say about VGK offense, same can be said about COL last night as they hit about 4 posts and had the puck roll off their skates on 2 wide open nets

        • THE hockey GOD

          they only hit cross bar once

          don’t know what game you were watching, as usual.

          unless i missed something during the commercial breaks.

          • Daryl

            They hit the cross bar 3 times so maybe you should get your eyes checked… Or maybe you consider the post different than the cross bar.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ daryl
            its the nhl com site , stats, players skaters report. Sort by date or by game.

            for some reason this site will not allow me to copy and paste links

            you are welcome
            regards, here for you

          • Daryl

            I know for a fact that Maker hit the right post (left of RL) so that is at least 2 that hit the post/cross bar. I thought there was 1 or 2 more also but I don’t know who made the shot so I won’t say the site is wrong on those

        • THE hockey GOD

          sorry but wrong again

          replay review and nhl stats site for crossbar/posts hit
          show only one AV’s player

          sorry wrong again, only one player hit the post/cross bar

          Mikko Rantanen

          replay review, and NHL stats site, confirms this.

          Again, don’t know what game you were watching.

      • Richard Santomauro

        Agreed. The Walrus had an above average game.

        • He still gives up too many rebounds. Most of the goals he gives up are off rebounds.

          • Daryl

            You are exactly right which I have stated several times on here and told I was wrong… Yet even the announcers even commented on his lack of rebound control

  6. Galdom

    Hoping Laurent Brossoit has a strong game tomorrow. Keep the pressure on Lehner to perform.

  7. Richard Santomauro

    Hague’s saved Lehner twice now early in the season, so I guess I will forgive his penalties. The Walrus flopped late in the 3rd but got away with it!

    That’s the bad.

    The good, the team stepped it up defensively and against a stacked Colorado team (minus Grub of course). Thankfully we were facing Keumper and not Grub.

    I like Roy’s grittiness to jump in. Good penalty. Should be an interesting rematch down the road.

    We will likely see Brossoit in goal tomorrow!

  8. Tim

    I’ll say I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that we beat them in there barn. We still can’t score but our defense was relentless. Karlsson should have been one of the stars he played his ass off and did well on the face-offs.I don’t think Miromanov will be going down anytime soon the kid once he gets accustomed to the NHL he’ll be fine. I won’t go to the elephant in the room were all aware of that situation.

    • THE hockey GOD

      no 71 wore the A for first time in for VGK ! TIM !

      he played a great game ! I agree.

  9. Daryl

    I would replace RL with Hague or at least put Hague above RL as that is 3 games in a row he has saved RL from giving up a rebound or being out of position. RL maybe as 3rd star b/c he did make some good saves, but he also gave up that goal 4-on-4.

    Overall the team played well. That 5min major was pure BS but seeing how bad VGK PP is, it wasn’t a big deal. It should have been 2min for instigator and 5 for fighting (but they should do away with instigator penalties altogether) for #10 and the other should have gotten 2min for interference and 5 for fighting

    • THE hockey GOD

      it ended up being a three minute with no. 10’s penalty, and carry over in between periods which is always tough on struggling power play.

      20 years ago I would agree with you, but per current rules / regs the calls were per the book; like it or not. It was good to see no 10 stand up, but he probably should have done it in a way not to get instigator penalty. He got some good punches in on other player too , if you watch closely. Some under cuts WHAM POW BAM.

      Holy batman

      • Daryl

        10 got destroyed in that fight…… I still disagree on the 5min major and every analyst agrees. I don’t have a problem with the instigator, I just completely hate that Bettman rule. As I said, each guy gets 2 and each guy gets 5 for fighting and that’s it. As for splitting the PP, considering it was an extended PP with lost of the time coming in the next period and having fresh ice, it only should have helped VGK

        These BS calls makes me think I’m watching soccer some mights

        • THE hockey GOD

          just like the kicking motion post, you don’t understand the rule book; the refs were going by the rule book whether or not the “analysts” like it or not. The rule book is quite clear on the matter, in both matters by the way (the kicking puck in , from game one ) They checked with the Toronto center, even the retired ref. said the interfering player hit no. 55 in the head. And no 55 was injured on the play, so much so that he had to go through concussion protocol to return to the action.

          • THE hockey GOD

            i would hardly call messier and chelios “analysts”

          • Daryl

            Actually that ISN’T what he said, he said after the replay that it wasn’t a hit to the head but said the 5min major could have been called because of the injury, but it was a judgment all by the on ice officials.

            Whip lash, whether in football or hockey can out you in concussion protocol.

            As for the kick, the off ice official they used initially said it wasn’t a kicking motion but as soon as the showed the replay from the opposite able changed his stance.

            Nice try again but you have proven your lack of knowledge and lack of listening/hearing skills. But like every other comment you make, you have to be right and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says

          • Daryl

            So they aren’t analysts but you call the color Comme tatirs who can’t even say the names correctly analysts???

            I want to see more of HOGUE playing

  10. Pete Turner

    I know my last post was pretty hard on the coaching staff but tonight’s game has earned back my respect for them. I’m not sure if it was the “process” or it was adjustments made, but I definitely saw more coaching in this game. None more evident when they called for a time out during the 3 minute power play.

    Goals in the NHL are hard to come by. Goalies are getting bigger, stronger and more agile. They get a ton more training, more videos of opposing players and their tendencies and reflexes honed through many years of xboxing. To pot 2 goals past 6ft 5 Darcy Kuemper in one period is no easy task. First goal from Stephenson originated from McNabb who brilliantly made the same shot that took out Mark Stone in the season opener but this time it harmlessly bounced right to Stephenson who was at the right place at the right time. Sometimes it’s luck but more times then ever, you make your own luck by hanging around the goal area. Good job to both these veterans. The second goal is a classic shortie that we’ve seen before many times by the misfit line. Sheer effort and determination that paid off.

    The good news is our penalty kill is still pretty solid. The bad news is that our power play is now 0 for 14 this season so far, worst in the league. As usual, everyone passes the puck but nobody takes the shot coz’ they don’t have an angle, fear that they’ll miss or whiff or break a stick, too selfless, no confidence, too scared etc…etc..etc..Not sure if we need coaching or a sports psychiatrist to fix this. For coaching, we need to obviously practice passing the puck quicker and crisper. Coaches need to teach the guys to do the football equivalent of play action passing or pump fakes, dekes, no look pass, basically any kind of tricks in the bag to make the opponent guess wrongly what you plan to do next. To have a really good power play, we need to keep it simple but have a good set up, make the players know where their team mates are on the ice, use deception tricks to fool the other team, find the rhythm of the power play and suddenly break that rhythm by making a shot when they least expect it. It’s hard but just watch videos of teams that do it well like the Panthers, Penguins, Lightning etc..Not that scoring PP goals is the be all and end all but in this league, any kind of goals you can get is not nothing.

    Go Knights Go!

    • Richard Santomauro

      As far as the PP goes, there doesn’t seem any strategy to create defensive zone chaos and movement of the PK players. Passing around the perimeter looks great but the 4 defenders simply stay in their zones blocking shot lanes. When a lane opens up the goalie normally has an unobstructed view or the defenders are in the shot lanes to get the block.

      Sending one player in toward the crease isn’t working either. Sending skaters to crisscross in front of the crease could create that chaos but also could draw an interference call.


    • THE hockey GOD

      PT they just need more time, they have had the fewest chances of any team in NHL this season on PP, it takes awhile for new PP unit to come together. Remember they re tooled their PP due to many injuries (stone, tuch, patches, marty – all key PP unit members, all out)

      it is known.

      • Daryl

        What is known are the many excuses you use to defend PDB and this FO. One might think you are related to one of them as badly as you feel the need to defend them

        Keep the excuses coming to defend a team that is around 0-27 on the PP

        • THE hockey GOD

          you know nothing about PP unit and how they work, especially for some one who claims to have played hockey.

          VGK no 1 PP unit is GONE : patches, stone, stephenson, no. 7 and Marty. GONE. three out of five GONE.

          VGK has no PP unit, it takes GAME EXPERIENCE to develop a no. 1 PP unit !! You should know that. You played the game.

          You think wham, snap your fingers, and wa laaa. Here’s a new power play unit and it should work just fine. A few short games into new season, it’s gone. And you expect that PP unit will vaporize out of thin air. Let’s confure up a new PP unit, just like that, pull it out of magic bag of tricks.

          dumbest hockey fan base in the league.

          PP unit’s take time to develop and it requires ice time, and it requires opportunities.

          • Daryl

            Pens are missing 4 of their top 5 PP players and yet they can still score. VGK is 0-27 and they weren’t without those players for all 27 PPs. Still making excuses for them and PDB!!!

            The PP unit has been a mess for over a year… How long does it take for a PP unit to gel?

      • Pete Turner

        Normally I would agree with you, but we’ve been having PP issues since last season when we had a fully healthy team. It’s not that we have missing pieces in our PP, we have missing structure and set plays. PDB when he was coaching SJS had one of the better PPs in the league. True some of it is about the player’s strength and personality. VGK is really good at passing when we are skating forward but when we are standing still, somehow the passing seems to miss the mark. It’s as if they’re still adjusting their heads to predict where the puck receiver would be as if he was still skating forward. Also we need a guy with helluva shot. The Ovechkin of VGK. This used to be Patches or Martinez. Put it in their wheelhouse and we get a PPG. Or we need to crash the net and we need a guy with soft hands, great hand eye coordination to find the pucks amongst the stick fight and send it in the right direction. Or we need someone big to screen the goalie and have Theodore shoot from the blue line and sneak one past the goalie. These are your PP options and set plays. The trick to being successful about it is for everyone to be on the same page and throw in the element of surprise. VGK PP needs to sound like jazz rather than classical music. You gotta throw in the extra note here and there to keep the opponent guessing what you are trying to do. Non-verbal communication, some sort of signaling, calling out the plays like what the QB does is what we need to figure this out.

        In short, we need ideas here guys to help our team succeed. Dig into the recent past, all the NHL games you’ve watched, what makes a PP successful, what works, what doesn’t work, let’s throw it out here and see if that helps.

        Go Knights Go!

        • THE hockey GOD

          i already posted, yesterday , on what makes PP successful.

          In order for this team to get there, then need in game experience. Everything you mentioned does not happen instantaneously. It takes time, and right set of players with right skills and ability. Like I said with all recent injuries a new PP unit just doesn’t grow on trees.

          Montreal had the best PK unit in SC semi finals, a good PK unit in a mini series skews the stats. So I would throw out those stats in face of not being statistically sound and not a representative sample size.

          Fans need to be patient and let the PP units get more ice time. Eventually the goals will come. Barring further injuries.

          • Daryl

            And I’ll say again, the Pens have a functioning PP with 3 of their 5 players out… but that doesn’t matter does it?

  11. The effort this game supports the notion this team likes playing for DeBoer, a coach who imo is up there with the best in the NHL (in spite what his detractors say).

    • A shortie and that first PP looked pretty decent to me, a blocked Coghlan shot probably saved a goal.

    • THE hockey GOD

      even the TV bobbing heads from ESPN were giving accolades to VGK head coach.

      Nay sayers, Nattering nabobs of NEGATIVITY, andBandwagon jumpers heads are exploding this morning !

      • Richard Santomauro

        My head isn’t exploding. This team played well last night, period. Defensively they were strong. Lehner looked about the same. It was the players who made the difference in front of him. Once again Hague had to make a miracle save for the Walrus who cannot get from one side of the goal to another fast enough at this level. That’s going to cost this team in the long run.

        Oh, and let’s not get all liquored up over DeBoering. The scored 2 goals and got lucky on the road, not 3 goals as PDB himself states is needed for success. No, an empty net isn’t in that mix.

        The hill to climb is still steep.

        I am not sure why you want to call those of us who are critical as “Bandwagon jumpers”. We’re rooting for this team, but there are some of us who are not blindly worshipping at the altar of McCrimmon and PDB.

        • Pistol Pete

          Fwiw I for one am not “blindly worshipping at the altar of McCrimmon and PDB”. Things are rarely that easy!

          • Richard Santomauro

            DeBoering fixed what he is good at, the defense. The defense played a very good game.

            DeBoering is lacking on the offensive side of the ice. Until he solves the PP issues and lack of offensive strategy the “boring tag” will remain. There will be no Vegas Cup until he overcomes his mental block on the offensive game plan.

            No, it’s not just a lack of a single CENTER.

          • Daryl

            I habemt like PDB long before he ever went to the SJS. I just don’t think he is a very good coach. I habemt been impressed with him anywhere. I don’t think he makes needed mid game adjustments and very few game by game adjustments.

        • THE hockey GOD

          “my head isn’t exploding”

          your many past posts say otherwise, and certainly the few below are still full of hate and misery and grief and negativity.

          go read them, talking about rebuilding already !! COME ON , man.

          get a grip on.

          ENOUGH WITH THE NEGATIVE WAVES MORIARTY. Why don’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?

          Moriarty: ‘crap’.

          • Richard Santomauro

            You’re effing kidding me G. The 3rd and 4th lines have been totally rebuilt and we have a new starting goalie. Give me an effing break.

            REBUILDING IS WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW. You’re blind if you cannot see it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          my definition of “totally rebuilt a line” means to bring in completely new players, which they didn’t do. They still have janmark, roy, kolesar, carrier, etc. So the lines have not been ‘totally” re built in my opinion. Only partially re built, and in my opinion a partial rebuild is not a compete or
          “total” re build.

          Marginalizing and sensationalizing on your part have been exposed fully for the public to see and observe what is real, and what is not realty.

      • Daryl

        They were also talking about how bad VGK PP is and that something needs to be done about it.

        Some of you are funny and sad…. VGK played a good game against a good team. That doesn’t mean anything. They have a long way to go to fix their problems and NO I don’t think they will get them done under your beloved PDB.

        • Richard Santomauro

          I also was bewildered by the move to bring PDB in. He’s taken a very good playoff team back to the playoffs but has demonstrated zero offensive game strategy. He’s a good defensive coach – period. If he’s going to win me over it is going to be by solving the PP issue, and the lack of goal scoring while still maintaining good defense. He’s not as good a coach as Gallant until he does.

          • THE hockey GOD

            you realize half the team is on IR ? And new players were filling their roles? young players, many who have never played at this level before, and never played with these players before?
            you realize that team chemistry for new players fitting in on new team doesn’t just, snap your fingers, happen in an instance ??

            obviously you don’t realize any of this.

            Considering ALL of this, I think the coaching staff is doing a GREAT job to even be competitive against the BEST , and hottest, teams in the NHL at this point in time.

            Anyone who can’t see that , certainly has rocks for brains.

        • THE hockey GOD

          as usual not stating the full comments they made, they also said VGK had the fewest chances on PP in beginning of this year of all teams in NHL, not giving their PP must time to work on the ice.

          So tell the full story, next time, ok ?

          Everyone who has played the game knows that PP units just don’t come together over night. The best have been playing together for years. geezz, have patience and know the FACTS. Comparing this PP unit to one in playoffs is apples to oranges, the key PP players are hurt on IR. WAKE UP people.

          • Daryl

            You mean your version of what was said. That’s a common them with you. At no point during that intermission were they talking about how few chances VGK had. They simply stated the VGK was the onky team without a PP goal and in fact every other team had at least 2. They talked about that has been an issue for VGK for awhile now and that PDB needs to fix it and fix it soon. There was no mention of how few chances VGK had

            I believe Boston has had fewer PP chances so there goes that excuse. I think NJD have had 1 less chances and there are two teams with 2 less chance. You have any more excuses???

            And to say they haven’t had time to fix it is complete BS as it’s been an issues for 2 years now.

            Oh and how are teams like the Pens able to have a working PP possible when they are without 5 of 6bstarters including 4 on their top PP unit???

            Just more excuses from you!!!

    • Daryl

      Sorry but that makes absolutely no sense… B/c the team out together a good effort ever all and basically won 2-1 shows they like playing for PDB? What are you talking about

      • Richard Santomauro

        Who know if the players like playing for PDB? I don’t. I don’t see any locker room discontent anywhere. Whether they like him or not is a non-issue for me.

        • Daryl

          I agree… We are talking about professional athletes not college kids. There is a huge difference.

          My point was basically just b/c they played a good game doesn’t mean they like playing for PDB. It just means the played a good game. What I want to see from this team is consistency. You can’t play good 1 or 2 games then have a let down for a couple of games

          • THE hockey GOD

            unless we have a player posting cartoons of back stabbing another team member because they aren’t getting playing time !!
            dun dun
            dun dun dun

          • Daryl

            Or we have a FO and coach lying to it’s players and fans….

  12. knights fan in minny

    where is bitter vlad now

  13. Jake

    Might possibly end up being the most important game of the regular season as Vegas learns to “hold on” and grow without a full team. Could be a blessing in disguise.

    • Richard Santomauro

      Jake, agreed. Games like this are great team builders. I still am waiting for Krebs to reach that tipping point where he starts piling up points. It will come for him, sooner rather than later we hope.

      • THE hockey GOD

        being on road helps too

        now a chain saw coming up, with a hot dallas team

  14. Pistol Pete

    Miromanov: HSK 2G/3A/5 games—VGK 1A/+2/3 shots/2 games. Big and fast.

    • Richard Santomauro

      I agree. Miromanov brings size, speed, physicality and offense to this team. The naysayers on this forum were bashing him for his lack of defense.

      He’s just 24 years old, 6’4″ and 202

      In two games he has 19 on ice shifts for about 14:30 of TOI, about the same amount as Nick Hague. His +/- is +2.

      This Russian needs to be given a legitimate shot to stick. He’s much better IMO than #52 Coghlan.

      • Daryl

        II know Hague has saved RL 2 or 3 times but maybe switch him and Hague, especially when Martinez returns

        • Richard Santomauro

          Hague as emergency goalie! I like it.

        • THE hockey GOD

          no 14 also got beat wide several times, and to inside once, and had to scramble several times.

          refs seem to swallow their whistles on many cross checks, that they were previously calling in early games, too.

      • THE hockey GOD

        i thought 52 played his best game of season, he played better than 42 in my opinion. But the coaching staff didn’t think so, they gave 42 more ice time by five minutes or so.

        So maybe you are right, we shall see. no. 52 is only 23, and has less professional games under his belt than 42 who has played nearly 80 games in KHL.

        no 7 played 27 minutes, and no 29 played 25 minutes. Coaches went with three lines for most of the night. With back to back coming tonight, these heavy minutes may take a toll. Some of the subs and recent call ups will need to step up again.

  15. THE hockey GOD

    looks like PDB benched the fourth line in period three. I didn’t see janmark on the bench.

    Didn’t see 21 get a shift, and 15 maybe got one shift.

    With Roy tossed, the bench looked pretty thin in third period. I thought the
    blond “analyst” sitting in the ‘booth between benches’ was going to hop over
    to vegas bench when all that space opened up.

    After the game there was a sign on coaches door.
    Fourth liners need apply.

    PS although I thought they all played a decent game.

  16. Arnold Rothstein


    taking vegas tonight + 1 1/2 – WON that is seven and zero record on VGK
    games this season

    the over @ 5 1/2- > couldn’t fill it, the over was at 6, no play.

    good luck everyone , expecting a big game tonight.>>>>>and BIG GAME it was.

    After the lax efforts and close games last nite.

    Flames exposed rangers as pretenders.
    LA Kings lost another D man with injury, their hopes are fading.
    Crunch time for VGK now. Expecting a trade soon for rental player. Maybe
    get Bobby Ryan ?

    also like sharks LOST by empty netter, kraken= WON BIG, and canucks= Won on 1 1 1/2 goals, and flames WON BIG (flames are not now) tonight

    Arnold the ODDS BUSTER !!!

    • Richard Santomauro

      I do think that Krebs will develop into that #1 C. It’s not going to be this year, but he’s developing and will get stronger and tougher. I would hate to see VGK trade him at this point for a rental.

      Krebs is definitely a key piece of this team’s rebuild.

      • THE hockey GOD

        too soon to call it a “re build” when half the team is OUT on IR and only a hand full of games into new season.

        I would wait until February to make that call, not withstanding any more injuries, of the other shoe dropping.

      • Vlad

        Laughable. A #1 C is expected to score goals. That is not Pylon Krebs. Never has been and never will be.

        He is a secondary assist player. Not a key playmaker. He doesn’t score goals. He is and always has been a player who piles up minuses faster than any player on the team

        So exactly what is he “developing” into?

        An overhyped mcrimmon wet dream that wouldn’t be on any other teams roster

    • Richard Santomauro

      Yeah, I said it.


      Why? Smith will be UFA, that’s line 2. Line 3 and 4 are obviously being rebuilt right now. The goalie position is being tested and is the weakest part of this rebuild.

      • THE hockey GOD

        don’t know what games you have been watching, maybe midget or pee wee hockey on nickelodean channel because you must be only one on planet to feel VGK have a “goalie position being tested”. Even the TV announcers and Ken don’t feel it’s a “goalie position being tested”. RL has played well , especially in these last few games.

        I feel you are like the person who goes to the race track to see or bet on their favorite horse, and after spending all that money for parking and program and buying a ticket for a seat in the Turf Club you find that your horse is being scratched. Must be same feeling you get when you pay all that money for a season ticket to see all your favorite players and then they are all injured . Instead they are replaced with Vlad McMoron, or Daryl Hisotherbrother Daryl, or Doc DaDufus. You all should get a sky box and sit in your squalor together. Call it the Grumpy McGrumpers fun house.

        • Daryl

          You don’t know much at all do you THG… Before the season and even now broadcasters have talked about RL being tested and how he will handle the pressure of fully replacing MAF and how handles the fan base. While RL knows this is his team now and really nothing will be done about that, he is still being tested

          • THE hockey GOD

            TV announcers last night said that RL was playing well, and he has been.

            Ken even said that RL has played well in yesterday’s podcast, and goalie position isn’t an issue.

            try to keep up.
            case closed.

          • Daryl

            I also said that RL has played well so not sure what your point is

  17. THE hockey GOD

    “. There was no mention of how few chances VGK had”

    yes there was, I guess you were watching a different broadcast. I don’t pull quotes out of thin air. I never stated specifically when they said it. You couched your statement with during intermission. I never said if they said it during intermission or during a broadcast. So you are trying to marginalize by putting something in that wasn’t there in first place.

    They said and I quote” in all fairness to VGK PP they are one of the teams with fewest chances in league averaging at less than three power plays per game. You need to get your PP unit out there more often working together in order to get better at it”. That is what they said. IF you take exception with their opinion, bring it up with them.

    You can’t handle the truth it seems, I don’t make stuff up. If you think new P P units can just jell , snap your fingers, and there it is. Then you don’t know much about playing hockey. The best PP units are the ones that have been together for awhile. And when your key PP unit players keep getting hurt, it hurts your PP unit.

    • Daryl

      You really are very pathetic… I talked about a certain conversation the analysts had and you told me I needed to report everything they said. I called you out in that I said what they talked about…. Then you want to bring up a conversation between completely different individuals to try and defend your comment.

      Gavtbis, you were called out and you had to make another excuse and cover up what you said to me.

      You are nothing but full of excuses no matter what is being talked about

      • THE hockey GOD

        i think the mix up was that you were talking about zero power play goals for the year, and I was repeating that announcer “analyst”” had said that VGK had one of fewest pp opportunities in league so far this year . Whether you heard them say that or not, I don’t know.

        let’s leave it at that , fair enough ? I don’t make up excuses I back it up with what the “analysts” say on air , injury reports showing power play unit no.1 is decimated, and what league NHL “official” stats supposedly say. And you are correct that some teams have had less pp opportunities than VGK, but that is not what they said, as i noted above.

  18. THE hockey GOD


    I also said that RL has played well so not sure what your point is”

    yes you did, my reply was to RS, not you. Thanks for reply.

  19. Bad Vlad

    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally

    1 is not a trend

  20. Tim

    Not much talk about Petro but let me tell you he’s a difference maker. I like most thought it was a bad deal but I’ve changed my mind he’s the glue playing 28 minutes a game. Personally I’m thrilled were playing the young guys wasn’t thrilled with Kolesar’s game but he’s getting better each game but can’t find the net hopefully that changes. My man Miromanov is another surprise looking better every game. The fact is the defense overall is getting better each game. My only regret is we didn’t get Conner Garland instead of Dadanov but maybe he’ll come around. Lehner’s playing good the defense is good now if the offense can put the puck in the net we should weather the storm. We have to have a one game at a time mentality until the guys come back. Every 2 points is crucial.

    • Daryl

      Petra is a good offensive Dman but he cost us one game and almost cost us last night. He makes some horrible pass decisions and he takes too many risks in the offensive zone. And before a dumbass like THG says it’s because we are short on our star players, he did the same thing last year when we had all our players. He is worth the money for a year or 2 but he wasn’t needed and will only cost us in the end

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ daryl , i never said that about no.7. Do NOT put WORDS in my posts that are there. . If you go back to previous post on another day I said “no 7 was all over place”.

        He also played 27 minutes last night, and as much the game before. In a few years he will go the Fleury route. Like the all do, or most of them. As they stated on the Red Wing – Montreal broadcast players are not being paid like they were in the old days. Today they are paying them to deliver on “what is expected” , not on what realistically they can do. Players are being paid for future expectations, in other words, not on current value.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @ TIm,here here.

      boris badanov is not looking that bad, he even scored a pushy goal , he’s coming around. And would have been better on third line with a healthy full compliment out there.

  21. Vlad

    Shut down stone. Shut down pac. It’s game over.

    The old from the heart culture the team once had has been dumped down the shitter by mcrimmon

    Fan attendance and crowd noise are already very noticeable

  22. LVsc

    one thing is for sure an obvious problem on the PP…

    the point man on each unit, Theodore or Petro, both move the puck too slowly. they want to dust it off, overhandle it, and look around…iow, they HESITATE

    and we know what happens to he who hesitates

    no, if they would quickly make a one-timer pass to the guy in the right circle for a quick one timer shot…iow, the Martinez play, where he shoots and scores

    when they hesitate, it gives the PK opponents time to move over and block the lanes and the shots

    • THE hockey GOD

      it is known- LVsc, it is known.

      it is also known that tuch, patches, stone and marty are no longer on power play unit no. 1 (and no. 1 power play units just don’t suddenly vaporize out of thin air or fall out of trees (like some think where money comes from, mainly those leaning to far left on political spectrum- but that is another story for another time)).

      • LVsc

        that should not matter. no excuses. “next man up” is the hockey injury mantra.

        besides, they still have others who could one-time a shot from the right circle, and 7 and 27 are still playing, so there is no excuse to still be PP zeros

        • THE hockey GOD

          @LVsc , the mantra falls apart after “next man , next man , next man up.” There just are not enough men !! You run out of men !! Two and half men next ?? Next two and half men up ! Maybe we get some women, like that ESPN announcer. Let’s put some skates on her, and put her on the no. 1 pp unit.

          time for my yoga lesson of day, my mantra??

          oh man, i got head ache now.

  23. Big Bad Vlad

    Dump Krebs and dump him fast. Get something for him while you can who will help this team. Better to get a player who can help rather than a maybe, would have, should have, could have

    Hope is a bad strategy. It always disappoints

  24. Vlad

    Thank god Mcrimmon fixed what wasn’t broken and now we are left with an empty cupboard. Open the door and there’s just a few crumbs left.

    • THE hockey GOD

      they just called up another rookie d man, next next next next next etc
      man up

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